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Issued Every Thursday
Entered u Second Clasi Mail Matter at the CookeviDe Post Office
Subscription Price .25 Cents a Yeajr in Advance
; ' ; WIRT & SON, Publishers
Southwest Corner Public Square ,'.
Gainesboro Phone No. 64 Home Phone No. 74
, Residence: Gainf sboro No. 103
. - '
,' EASH We are authorized to announce R. L. Rash
as a candidate for Sheriff, subject to the Democrat
ic primary election to be held Dec. 2, 1911.
HUGHES We are authorized to announce H. M.
Hughes as a candidate for Sheriff, subject to the Dem
ocratic primary election to be held Dec. 2, 1911.
WELCH We are authorized to announce J. M,
Welch as a candidate for Sheriff. ubjeCt to the Dem
ocratic primary election to be neld Dec z, lail.
GENTRY We are-authorized to announce W. C.
Gentrv as a candidate for Trustee, subject to the
. Democratic primary election to be held Dec. 2, 1911.
intensive campaign crowded in' the three
short weeks. Then too,, it is a chance' for
the poorest to contribute to the fight.
If tuberclosis js doing so much", damage
and yet is preventable, why not let us pre
vent? Join the Red Cross Christmas Sea
Campaign by co-operation in the wortc ana
personally purchasing seals. They are for
sale in your town.
.JS.-' t
Jj i JTf
SLAGLE We are authoriz
ed to announce D. E. Siagie of all other nations.
If there is a people any where who should
appreciate, more than all others, the many
blessings of Divine Providence, it is our own
American people. They are a people of in
telligence, a people of enlightenment, aeople
of opportunity, a generous people, an enter
pnsmg people, a progressive people, an en
thusiatic people, a philanthopic. people, an
educated people and a religious people. We
live in the greatest country under heaven.
A country of fertile soil, a country of almost
inexhaustible forests, a country whose mines
are rich with coal, iron, silver and gold,
hence, we arejoeculiartyblest so that, if nec-
essary, we can live comiorioaiy independent
as a candidate for Trustee,
, subject to the Democratic pri
mary election to be held on
Saturday, Dec. 2, 1911.
DRAPER We ar authorized to announce O. N.
Draper as a candidate for re-election as Trustee, sub-
Dec. 2, 1911. - ' ;
;:.T, ' TAX ASSESSOR .;:
MCCORMICK We are authorized to announce
W. M. McCormick as a candidate for Tax Assessor,
subject to the Democratic primary election to be
held Dec. 2, 1911.;-,;: y v ; y
CORN WELL We are authorized to announce John
H. Cornwell as a candidate for re-election as Tax As
sessor, subject to the Democratic primary election
to be held Dec. 2, 1911. s . . , ,
COUNTISS We are authorized to announce Chas.
R. Ceuntiss as a candidate for Tax Assessor, subject
to the Democratic Primary Election to be held D
2, 1911. .. H , .
FERRELL We are authorized to announce J. C.
Ferrell as candidate for Tax Assessor, subject to the
Democratic primary election to be held Dec. 2, 1911.
Our country is at peace with all mankind,
. Mat ' . ,i
and. in spite oi tne pessimistic, we can see
that it is growing better. -
Uur greatest statsmen, oacKea by our
greatest philanthropists, are formulating
plans for the establishment1 of permanent
and'Universal peaces
So when we count all the blessings by
which we are, surrounded, we appreciate
more fully the fact that- there is a Supreme
Ruler, who watches over our destinies, and
who is entitled to all glory and honor and
thansgiving of all his subjects. '
Realizing all the facts I therefore designate
and set apart,; .Thursday, the thirtieth day of
November, 1911, as a day of prayer and
thanksgiving and would ask that all . places
of business be closed, and that the citizens
of Cookeville meet together at eleven o'clock
a. m. at some place or places of worship in
said town and spend an hour in prayer and
thanksgiving. .''
This the twenty-second day of November,
in the year oi uur Lora one thousand nine
The greatest problem of the day is that
which has reached every community and
found victims in nearly every home, namely hundred and eleven, and the one hundred
I - I 1 A I J I ' A k T- J
tuberclosis. It Has long been thought that ailu wmty mui VL rxuiC41v;rt" AUUCC"
?f was an inherited disease, but we now denpe. v JNO. r. DOW, Mayor.
'Protection", said a famous statesman,
many; the rich at the expense or tne poor."
A half century of the operation of the pro-
know postively that it is not; it is infectious
and. therefore, preventable. We have for
so long in Tennessee paid so little attention !
to fighting the disease that it has gained ra
pidly, until now this state iurnishes more
deaths trom tuoerciosis tnan any state in tne tecti ve poicy in .the United States illustrates
Ti t - J.I -A. 1 I . -
union, icis a sname wai.we nave omy one its effects. Of all the factors that have con
tuberclosis hospital in tne state, wnicn nas tributed to the colony of mushroom million
recently been opened in Davidson county. aireg in this country, nothing has played
There should be. provisions in every county such an important part as the protective
for the care ot tne tuberculous sick, ana n tariff. A majority of the magnates who live
Va roa rlnna wo ivniil1 Yitt Tomtwintr f Via I . i tti?jii J j
buio v m v, - m mansioni aiong mm avenue, ana wnose
sources of re-infection and thus, ma meas- sons make life a joy for the sensational new-
ure, stamp out the disease., papers by marrying chorus ladies, got their
We can only hope, however, to seer me wealth through the Republican-given privi
disease stamped out when every individual iege 0f pidking the pockets of the people
nas ueen einiKw"cu iu ww 6Ciit iu.uw.. through favoring tariff rates. The masses
edge o f tuberclosis. " Oneof the best means are poorer to the extent that the magnates
of reaching the largest number of people is havft hpen mkde over ricfc v K r
through, the Red Cross Christmas Seal Cam
paign. - Through this particular effort large Any farmer in Putnam county who wants
Waterloo Mills and Farm. Fine water-power o
100 acres of land. Only $5000.
Howard Grirosley, Farm; 8 acres, well im--
proved, close in, all in cultivation; fine water. O
Only $2000. . - . 1 , J
I. W. McCluen, 7-room House and Lot; well
improved, fine water, near depot A bargain X
and on easy, terms. $1250. n
Mary Hinds, House and Lot near Public J j
Square. House has 5 rooms, grates. . Fine o
water. $1250. , - - v. Jj
Dollie Lankford, House and Lot North De- O
pot St. Fine water. Only $450. . J?
Norman Massa, House and' Lot. All spot O
new, good batn. fine water. Close in. $1500.
S. Hayden Young, House and four Lots o
Sparta pike. Well improved, a beauty, terms J
easy. Only $5000. j
Big new 10-room Houpe, with broad porches J
halls, and 7 acres of land, al fenced and in k
cultivation, fine water, street on all sides, n
close to square. An extra bargain. $3000. J
I have a number of nice vacant lots for sale O
$100. to $1500. All parts of city. '
List your property with me and let me help O
you sell. See me if you want to buy. See me i
for insurance. tl
Cookeville, Term. - jj
D. E. Slagle has made a vigorous cam--
paign upon his merits ana nas won the es
teem of the people at large. ' ;
It is generally believed that he will receive
the nomination for trustee by a handsome
majority. In fact, he will hardly loose a dis
trict in the county.
Dow is deserving of the position he as
pires to, for there never was a more con
stant, energetic worker for the Democratic
party in Putnam county, ever ready with his
shoulder at the wheel, trying to roll the par
ty to victory. ., ,.
The chaim of friendship he has linked to
gether throughout the county means that
should, he win the nomination, which is a
foregone conclusion,' that he will no doubt
lead the party to victory in August : .r
Atrorney General M. N. VVhi taker of Chat
tanooga was a milicant state-wide . advocate
but ess awakened to the fact that -no law
can be successfully enforced in a community
argeiy opposed to n.
In other words, he has concluddd that the
state-wide law is a failure.
In a recently published interview Gen.
Whitaker said: 1 '
"I confess the present law to my disappoint
ment has been a failure and I think this is
argeiy due, however, to the manner of its
passage, being passed oy tne union or un
natural, political forces, and that I do not be-
ieve this present law can ever be made effi-
The Herald has purchased a copy of the
Webster's New Interriatidnal Dictionary, the
atest edition, just issued. In all candor we
mu3t say that it is an ideal reference work,
containing many new features and much new
matter.' It is the best r dictionary ever pub
lished, -in ; our judgment, and should be
placed in every school' and all homes where
a complete dictionary is needed. The pub
lishers, the G. & C. Merriam Co., are to be
numbers of people are v reached:, ! congratulated upon the perfection :6f their
t mugh tha direct purchase of the stamps; i vlle on Dec. 5, 6Nand 7 can get a pass to the l t Wpktor ... ,
1. - XC.
oy tne large numoer co-operating in
n'i'id -tht-enta Jiiasai -created' by. the
at the State Capitol, NashWlle, Tenn. i
Don't lorj.t Ui imary ct xt Saturday, a.-d vct

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