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'I ' V ' ' , U 1
Perpetuating the Good Qualities of the
, Much Better Than
It has become an axiom, with some
dairy men, that the best results are
obtainable only with the best breeds
of animals. But success with such
animals Implies also the best manage
ment; and not every beginner is capa
ble of the skillful handling necessary
with high-bred cows. The higher we
go In the scale of animal life the
more delicate the animal mechanism
becomes, and the greater the need of
wisdom in the human agency which
controls Its movements. It is a long
time before a baby can care for itself
as well as can a bronco colt at one
day old. A bronco colt can stand
more simple hardship and abuse than
can a colt of a standard high-bred trot
ting mare or a high-clas draft ani
mal; but the bronco will never have
the great speed, at the trot, of the
standard-bred, nor will It grow large
drafter. The scrubby native cow can
stand more hardship and abuse than
a highly-developed dairy cow capable
of doing great work, and the latter
loses her superior commercial value In
unfavorable surroundings and under
unfavorable treatment.
It Is found, therefore, that success
in dairying depends as much on the
kind of care and management be
stowed on the herd, as upon the
breed. Care and management are, for
this reason, given the first considera
tion here. These should Include a
much greater degree of attention to
the ' comfort of the animals than Is
ordinarily bestowed. In fact, it can
be demonstrated that the nearer we
come to applying the Golden Rule
to the treatment of the dairy herd,
and treating its members as we would
like to be treated, the larger will be
the satisfaction and rewards of dairy
ing. These are the touchstones of suc
cess. When the cow is comfortable
and contented, she responds with a
flow of milk far In excess of that
which she gives when she has been
uncomfortable and irritated.
i Everybody knows that In June
weather cows give a larger amount of
milk than in cold and wintry weather.
If we aim to produce, all the rest of
the year, in stall and barn, conditions
as nearly as possible like those of June
in warmth, light, freedom from
flies, etc., with succulent food In the
Trouble Due Frequently by Ani
mal Standing in Filthy Stall
and too Dry Floors. "
(By M. H. REYNOLDS. Veterinarian,
University Farm, St. Paui, V!nn.)
This trouble Is due quite frequently
to standing in manure or other filth,
which alters the condition of the horn
and may be accompanied or followed
by infection. Long continued stand
ing on very dry floors may lead di
rectly to this trouble. In some cases
thrush seems to be associated with
contraction. The frogs in horses' feet
need exercise Just the same as any
other part of the body. When a horse
is shod with high heel and toe calks.
or me wan J o uiuncu vu hivn uvr
very long and the horse Btands on a
board floor without getting frog pres
sure, the condition of the frog is im
paired and it eaeily becomes subject
to Infection and d sease.
Such cases need ft clean, dry stall.
The hoof should be properly trimmed;
the diseased parts removed as thor
oughly as possible; and a strong dis
infectant used over the sole of the
foot Any of the coal-tar disinfectants
may be used in full strength, or even
pure rarbolic acid, care being taken
that the disinfectant does not run
down the heel and burn the skin.
After this first strong disinfectant
calomel Is a very satisfactory treat
ment for ordlnarv cases. The calomel
can be dusted over the diseased sur
face and then some thick cljiy applied
over the entire sole of the foot.
Vegetables Absorb Iron.
The Vienna agricultural experiment
Station, in connection with tests of the
effect on the human body of food
plants containing iron, has succeeded
in making several vegetables absorb
more iron from the soil than normaLVy
Test Germltatlng Qualities.
For testing the germinating quali
ties of seeds quickly an Iowa man has
patented a cabinet something like an
Incubator, warm moisture rising
through tha walls and dropping on
seed trays.
Tested Mothers, Making a Herd
You Can Buy. ' .
form of silage and roots to replace tha
June grasses who shall say 'that
Bossy will not make ample returns in
the milk pail?
In nothing have most farmers so
sinned against their herds, probably,
as in the Inadequate shelter pro
vided them against . winter's cold
and the hot sun of summer. Warm,
well-lighted and ventilated stables ar
essential to a high rate of production
A sanitary barn should have from foui
to six square foet of window space foi
each cow kept. Where cows are kept
in the stalls much,of the time, it is
not unreasonable to say that the barn
should be light enough for one to read
in. Good ventilation is essential; but
it should be so arranged that the cows
shall not be exposed to a draught
"While warmth without ventilation is
conductive to disease, ventilation with
out heat is a consumer of feed." Tha
rage of temperature in the barn
should be kept between 40 and 60 de
grees F. In summer, the shades
should be pulled down, lest the well
lighted barn become too warm. They
will also keep out the flies. It is well
to have gunny sacks hung in the door
way, so that, as the cow forces her
way through, the flies will be brushed
off her back. , .
Nowhere on the farm is cleanliness
more desirable than in the dairy barb.
Stalls and calf-pens should be kept
free from filth and moisture. Plenty
of bedding should be used at all times,
and the pens cleaned out frequently.
If the calf pen is not a large one, it
should be cleaned out every day. In
the gutters, it is well to use common
slacked lime, or wood ashes, as an ab
sorbent. '
Cows should not be kept in "an ice
house, a hog pen or a dungeon." A
dark, damp and dirty place Is very
favorable to the growth of bacteria;
which may attack the health of th
animals. Plenty of sunlight keeps the
place dry, purifies the air, and kills
When kept in the barn, cows should
be brushed daily, not only to keep the
dirt and hair from falling into the
milk pail, but to keep the pores of the
skin open. This makes the cow more
comfortable, and it cannot be too often
repeated that anything done to add to
the comfort of the cow adds to her
Interesting Tests Made at Ne
braska , Experiment Station
in Cattle' Feeding
(By H. R. SMITH. Animal Huabnndman,
University Farm, St. Paul. Minn.)
, While at the Nebraska experiment
station the rvriter conducted tests to
determine the relative value of silage
and shredded corn stover (stalks) for
cattle feeding. In order to determine
the amount of stover fed each steer, it
was necessary to husk the corn from
the stalk, and as the cattle were kept
in the barn, shredded stover was more
convenient although more expensive.
The use of bundle corn, however,
would greatly reduce the cost as it
can he harvested and shocked as eas
ily as the ears' alone can be husked
from the sta'lk and cribbed. During
the fall and early winter the use of
bundle-corn containing ears might
even prove more profitable than the
use of silage.
The further fact that this experi
ment was conducted during the sum
mer months without the use of grass
pasture, is evidence that calves can
make very satisfactory gains by using
corn silage and alfalfa as a substitute
for grass.
In sections where enough grass can
not be grown fo carry the number of
cattle wanted through the yea, but
where a large tonnage of corn can be
grown on a relatively small acreage,
the silo will become an important fac
tor for use in summer as well as in
For Shipping Eggs.
Corrugated strawboard containers
which fit closely all around their con
tents have been Invented for shipping
single eggs by parcel post
Test Farm Machinery.
The governments of Germany and
Hungary maintain bureaus for testing
farm machinery.
Wine Grape Cultivation.
More than 11,000,000 acres df' land
in Italy are devoted to wine graps
Was Built in the Early Days of Eng
lish Settlement, in Virginia and
l Still Worked.
Richmond, Va. In all probability
the mill shown In the illustration is
the oldest in commission in America.
It is a tidal mill on East river, an
armof Mobjack bay in Virginia. It
was built in the early days of English
settlement in Virginia and is still in
commercial operation with power de
rived from the ebb and flow of the
tides. ,
The early Virginia settlers harness
ed the tides to the mill wheel to
grind their corn, later on ' adding ma
chinery and other apparatus for mak
ing flour. They found a place where
the tides ran with more than usual
force, where the water was forced
H 'T
3 --
Old Grist Mill on Seashore.
through a narrow inlet into a large
inland pond or lake. - As the tide rose
and fell, something like three feet
this interior body of water would be
filled and emptied twice each 24 hours.
A dam was thrown across this inlet,
leaving a narrow space for a raceway,
and in this space the large old wheel
was hung. ...
It has passed through at least five
great wars. It has been . destroyed
once by cavalry raid, and was grinding
corn when the French and Indian wars
were being waged. It ground corn for
Washington's army when it was be
sieging' the English army at Yorktown,
only a few miles away. In the evolu
tion of the grist mill first. came the In
dian mortar, followed by crude mill
stones of small size propelled by hand
power; then larger ones run by horse
power. ' Windmills were next and then
came tidal mills, and the other water
mills, where the flow of water has
been dammed. Steam has revolution
ized the milling processes, bdt there
is still work for the tidal mill. The
old time millers were restricted to one
sixth of the grist for toll, in case of
corn, and one-eighth in case of wheat
but always had fat hogs, no matter
what the legal rate of toll, and nearly
all millers became wealthy. For more
than -225 years Virginia led the whole
country in the production of both
wheat and corn. It may never lead
again in these crops; but it is rapidly
getting in shape to line up with thr
London Borough Council Has Scheme
' to Supply Factory With
Its Fuel.
London. Hammersmith Borough
council, which has a municipal elec
tricity undertaking and has to arrange
for the storage and delivery of large
quantities of coal, reports in favor of
a scheme to bring the coal from the
wharf to the electricity works by
blowing It through a pipe. To enable
the coal to pass through the pipe
water' would also have to be blown
through and the report declares that
the mixture of coal and water could
be forced through at a velocity of
about seven feet per second, about
five miles an hour. 1
Upon delivery at the electricity
works the coal would be allowed to
settle down in the tanks, when the
surplus water would be drawn off
and returned to the river. The cost
of the scheme is estimated at $50,000.
Oriental Slippers Go With Soft, Filmy,
Silk "Rest Suit," Is Fashion
" Dictum.
London. Fashion in male wear is,
we are told, in a transition Btate.
The gaudy sock, the spat, white or col
ored; the broad shoe lace, are as
though they never were. They are
taboo. We now revel in unobtrusive
socks and our shoes are spatless and
fastened with stringlike laces.
The latest craze is the rest suit, to
be worn on a quiet evening after din
ner, or for bachelor tea parties. . Here
Is a full description of one, worn, it
is fcatd, ty a well known peer. It is of
dark green watered silk, with revero
of old gold, the coat being edged with
olive green silk braid. The suit ia
loosely cut with wide trousers and is
worn with a colored silk shirt, soft
turn down silk collar and bow lie,
socks of silk and gorgeous Oriental
Discovery of Bronze , Age Beauty's
. Body Puzzles Scientists In
v Switzerland. .
Geneva. An interesting archaeolog
ical discovery is puzzjing Swiss scien
tists, who Intend to consult American
and English experts about it.
While excavating ' the foundations
for a large hospital at Neuchatel work
men found a bronze coffin at a depth
of ten feet. Within the coffin were the
bones and skin of what was evidently
the mummified body of a young wom
an. On one of her wrists were four
bronze bracelets and two of a sub
stance which resembles lignite. By her
side lay a little bronze bell.
Swiss . scientists have traced the'
grave to 600 B. C, but believe it to be
older. They cannot account for "a
fashionable beauty of the' bronze age"
finding her list resting place at Neu
chatel. . v -
And Found Health in Lydia
E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Windom, Kansas. "I had a displace
ment which caused bladder trouble and
I was so miserable
I didn't know what
to do, I suffered
from bearing down
pains, my eyes hurt
me, I was nervous,
dizzy and irregular
and bad female
weakness. I spent
money on doctors
but got worse all
the time.
"A friend told ma
about tha Pinkham remedies and I took
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound and was cured. I cannot praise
your remedies enough for I know I never
would have been well if I had not taken
it" Miss Mart A. Horner, Route
No. 2, Box 41, Windom, Kansas.
Consider Well This Advice.
No woman Buffering from any form
of female troubles should lose hope un
til she has given Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound a fair trial.
This famous remedy, the medicinal in
gredients of which are derived from
native roots and herbs, has for nearly
forty years proved to be a most valua
ble tonic and invigorator of the fe
male organism. Women everywhere
bear willing testimony to the wonderful
virtue of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegeta
ble Compound.
If yon want special advice write to
Lydia E. Pinkham Medicine Co. (confi
dential) Lynn, Mass. Yonr letter will
be opened, read and answered by a
Woman and held In strict confidence
Somersault by Aeroplane.
Capt. Aubry of the French army is
said to have accomplished a complete
somerBault while aboard an aeroplane
high above the earth. "I was return
ing after a thirty-five minute flight,"
the captain says, "facing a wind, of
about twenty-two miles per hour. My
altitude was about 2,500 feet At the
moment of descent a series of violent
gusts struck the machine. As I dipped
the nose of the machine a couple of
quick gusts struck the top of the main
planes and placed me in a vertical
position. While endeavoring to ma
nipulate the elevator, I found the ma
chine had taken me in a perfectly ver
tical chute to less than 1,500 feet It
here adopted a horizontal attitude up
side down and proceeded to effect a
tall first volplane." Continuing, he
says: -"The machine then gradually
took up the vertical position again, de
scribing a gigantic 'S' while doing so.
Flattening out I flew to a spot about
two miles distant"
Frankllnton, La. "About four years
ago my face broke out in little red
pimples. At first the eczema did not
bother, but finally the pimples began
Itching and burning and then there
came little raised places. I suffered
untold misery. I scratched them un
til they bled and I could not sleep at
night. I was. ashamed of my face
and I could not bear to touch it.
"I tried different remedies without
result until I tried Cuticura Soap and
Ointment and in six weeks they com
pletely cured my face. That was
nine months ago, and no sign has ap
peared since." (Signed) Mrs. Leola
Stennett, Dec. 14, 1912.
Cuticura Soap and Ointment sold
throughout the world. Sample of each
free, with 32-p. Skin Book. Address post
card "Cuticura, Dept. L, Boston." Adv.
. ;
Right-Handed Plants.
. That there are right-handed plants
and left-handed plants has been re
ported to the Cambridge (England)
Philosophical society bt R. 1.. Comp
ton. In ah examination of eight va
rieties of two-rowed barley the first
leaf was found to twist to the left in
58 per cent of more than 12,000 seed
lings, and an excess of left-handed
growth was found also in millet and in
oats. In corn there seemed to be no
marked tendency either way. No evi
dence of hereditary peculiarity ap
pears to have been obtained and no
special significance of the results is
pointed out ' - - "
-Has Made His Own Way. .
William C. Redfleld, the nev secre
tary of commerce, began making his
way in the world at fifteen. At. that
age he was employed as a clerk in the
Pittsfield (Mass.) postofflce at three
dollars a week. His next step was as
salesman for a paper company. From
Pittsfield he went to New York, secur
ing a similar place with a paper
house. Some time later he became an
accountant for a tool manufacturing
company, rose to the presidency of the
concern, and , after thirty years as a
manufacturer resigned, having befen
elected to congress. ,
How to Handle Obstacles.
'Uncle Joe" Cannon was encourag
ing a young advertising man of Dan
ville who had failed to land a national
advertisement contract
"Don't take it so to heart" said
Uncle Joe, patting the young man on
the shoulder.
"This is an obstacle in your upward
climb. Well, there is only one way
to treat an obstacle.
"Treat it as a stepping-stone."
T Tnra Tender and Rerrdinc flam
Apply the wonderful, oia reliable DR. POR
TER'S antiseptm: hkalinc oil. 6o,
tc u.ao. r
Too Much Ball.
"Why did you move away from
"The doctor advised my husband to
move to ' some town with only one
team to worry about
If Your is fl uttering or
Presence of Policeman Took the At
tention of the. Congregation From
the Words of the Pastor.
On a recent Sunday the pastor of a
Nnw Vork church preached a sermon
which he had hoped would be particu
larly effective. Shortly after launching
upon his theme fie found that the au
dience, while not creating any real
disturbance, was by no means atten
tive. All of his hearers kept turning
their heads every little while and
glancing furtively toward the rear of
the church. Finally the pastor cast a
penetrating glance of his own into
that vague region. He discerned a
policeman sitting in a pew near the
door. "I knew then," he said, when
speaking of the incident afterward,
"that the prize sermon was done for,
so far as its hold on my congregation
was concerned. .The policeman had
their attention until the end of the
service. It is a curious fact that no
where does a policeman create such a
sensation as in a church. He may go
into a theater, a lecture room or a po
litical meeting and nobody except the
obstreperously inclined pays any at
tention to him; but just let him step
Inside a church, and he causes a real
commotion. I don't know why. Cer
tainly nobody expects to be arrested
during the service."
Author Realizes That He Missed Much
of Life by Failure to Be His
Natural Self.
David Grayson, writing a new Ad
venture in Contentment in the Ameri
can Magazine, says:
"It's a great thing to wear shabby
clothes and an old hat! Some of the
best things I have ever known, like
those experiences of the streets, have
resulted from coming up to life from
underneath; of being taken for less
than 1 am, rather' than for more than
1 am.
."I did not always b ;licve in this doc
trine For many years the years be
torn I was rightly born irto this allur
ing world I tried quite the opposite
course. I was constantly attempting to
come down to life from above. Instead
of being content to carry through life
a sufficiently wonderful being named
David Grayson, I tried desperately to
set up and support a sort of dummy
creature which so clad, so housed, so
fen, should appear to be what I thought
David Grayson ought to appear in the
eyfis of the world. Oh, I spent quite a
lifetime trying to satisfy other peo
ple!" For Nerves.
A case of "nerves" is like a bad
habit, easily acquired and hard ' to
get rid of. Nervousness affects, the
digestion, dulls the eyes, giving a
strained took to the muscles of the
face, and, if allowed its course, will
even make the hair thin. So the wo
man who wants to be beautiful must
keep an eye on the state of her
The best cure for nervousness is
rest. Resting is an art known' to few
women. '
The oniy way a. woman may re
pose and relax the body and nerves
is by actual will power.
Carrots are prescribed by physi
cians and beauty doctors alike as a
cure for nervous indigestion. You are
told to eat them three times a day,
either cooked or raw.
Toung onions or scullions are ex
cellent eaten With plenty of salt; also
lettuce with salt and plenty of olive
oil, but no vinegar and red pepper.
Sleeplessness Is the greatest men
ace that tired or overwrought nerves
have for beauty and health.
Sleep may be induced by ' warm
milk; sipped slowly, or, if this is in
effective, by long draughts of cool
water and a cold bandage around the
London 'Bus Vanishing.
In view of the Inquiry now in prog
ress in London in connection with the
city's motor traffic, including the ques
tion of the motor 'bus, it is of inter
est to note that while in 1903 there
were 3,500 horse 'busses plying the
Btreets of the metropolis this number
has now been reduced to 100, and it is
expected that by the beginning of 1914
the. horse 'bus will have finally van
ished. Richard Tilling, whose well
known firm started the famous Till
ing 'busses in the year of the great
exhibition with a single one-horse om
nibus, recently stated that "there will
not be a single omnibus horse seen in
London by the end of this year." Old
horse 'busses are now used as bunga
lows and .cricket pavilions, and though
the average original cost of each was
$700, they are now sold for about f 15
a piece. 1 -
Important to Mothers
Examine carefully every bottle of
CASTORIA, a safe and sure remedy for
infants and children, and see that it
TAfira til a
Signature of G&yfffl&M
In use For Over 30 Tears.
Children Cry for Fletcher's Castoria
Arnold a Lenient Examiner.
' When Matthew Arnold was a school
examiner a fellow inspector of a class
of girl pupil-teachers asked Arnold to
examine for him. Arnold gae each
of the young women the "excellent"
mark. "But," said the other inspec
tor, "surely they are not all as good
as they can be; some must be better
than others." "Perhaps that is so." re
plied Arnold; "but then, you see, they
are all such very nice glrlB."
Hard Job.
A rural subscriber in central Kan
sas took his telephone to the central
office for repair.
"When you get it fixed call up my
residence," he Instructed the work
man. "All right" replied the electrician,
and the countryman was gone before
the situation dawned upon either of
them. Kansas City Star.
weak. u RENOVINE." Made by
Here's Walter Johnson
Washington "Nationals" (Ameri
can League) one of the speediest pitchers
of either of the big leagues he
Ride a hobby if you will, but remem
ber you are not the only Jockey in the
Mean Intimation.
"What is this hard, round object
which has Just rolled to my feet?"
"I don't know whether It's a golf
ball or one of my wife's biscuits."
Baltimore American.
Will cure your Rheumatism and all
kinds of aches and pains Neuralgia,
Cramps, Colic, Sprains, Bruises, Cuts,
Old Sores, Burns, etc. Antiseptic
Anodyne. Price 25c. Adv.
Laws of Physics.
Caustic Calkins dropped his watch
on the sidewalk. "Did it stop?" in
queried Solicitous Jones. "As the flag
ging is four inches thick," replied
Calkins, "it did. But I think, if I get
a heavier watch it may go through
next time."
Heat Lightning.
Heat lightning is ascribed to distant
lightning flashes which are below the
horizon, but illuminate the higher
strata of clouds so that their bright
ness is visible at great distances; they
produce no sound, probably in conse
quence of the fact of their being so far
off that the rolling of thunder cannot
reach the ear of the observer.
How It Really Happened. ,
Once man ground grain between
two flat stones to procure meal.
Christian Science Monitor.
Never! Woman did ltj while friend
man sat around and told the boys
about the big one that got away.
Detroit News-Tribune.
Altogether Too Successful.
Qulzzer "What's the matter, old
man? You look worried." Slzzer
"I have cause to. I hired a man to
trace my pedigree. Qulzzer "Well,
what's the trouble? Hasn't he been
successful?" Slzzer "Successful! I
should say he has! I'm paying him
hush-money." Judge.
He's got the head, the arm, the W
IP fe.'!!'":vf"5) K'nSer snd the endurance. Coca- Jjj B V
III jSJ C0' didn't give him them; but he ay & a
Ti WSsff it's the one best beverage for the athlete In '-"I Jl
lIpf The Successful Thirst-Quencher JY L-
H I'ww. For Ball Player end YOU sf f
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- 1 Enriches the Blood and Builds up the Whole System.
It is a combination of QUININE and IRON in a tasteless form that wonderfully
strengthens and fortifies the system to withstand the depressing effect of the hot summer.
GROVE'S TASTELESS chili TONIC has no equal for Malaria, Chills and Fever.
Weakness, general debility and loss of appetite.' Gives life and vigor to Nursing
Mothers and Pale, Sickly Children. Removes Biliousness without purging. . Relieves
nervous depression and low spirits. Arouses the liver to action and purines the blood
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Baughn's Pellagra
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Bos 902, LabaaM, Taaa, Cadarcrolt Saaltariaa
A toilet preparation of mr1k
Help to eradicate dandruff.
For Raatarina Color and
Beauty to Cray or FaoW Hair.
aw. ana i.w at iTuinrmta
DROPSY TBBATHI). Glva quick ra
afliwrel lief, uiaally ramora awel
ling and abort breath In a tew dara and
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there should be a typewriter. We aell Standard)
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umns should insist upon having what they
ask for.ref using all substitutes or imi tatiom
All cotrmerelal brarjehea; ahorthand typewrit
ting, buaineaa correspondence, bookkeeping,
penma-nahip and Civil Service preparation.
Personal and Individual attention irlven each
student. Our graduatea are in great demand.
Writ at once for catalogue and terms.
Memphis Directory
I.AX-ASA, 'lore Chill Killer. " IIK-LiI, besttonla
known for liver and headaches without calomeL
Dr. IHafU wiu Tsi. for Wmm fresh and strong. Sola
by ail druggiata. Trl-fta Una M.tieMrr..,aasfcl.,Tfa.
FXOYD'S FAMOt'S CANDIK8 In attractive
one to five pound boxea delivered to, any ad
dress by parcel post. 60c per pound. Tour
card In box if desired. Remit with order.
FLOYD'S, Memphis, Tenn.
W. N.U, MEMPHIS, NO. 33-1913.
Bar Mind Afferted Dorters
Conldn't Help Her Cured la
SO Days By My Bemedy.
Ftate of Alabama.
Walker County:
Before me. J. Frank Baker, a
Notary Public In and (or said state
and county, personally appeared
Mrs. Viola Baker, who being duly
sworn, deposes and says that on or
about the first day o( July, 1911,
she went to Dr. P , of Carbon
Hill for treatment for Pellagra and
used his treatment for two weeks,
growing continually worse until she
had almost entirely lost her mind.
he then began using Dr. O. P.
HauKhan's treatment, showed de
cided Improvement after three days
and was entirely cured after M
Sworn to and subscribed befeta
me this the lDth day of February.
1911. J. FRANK BAKER, N. P.
We guarantee this Remedy, If
used according to directions,
to curs Pellagra, or refund all
you've paid ua, with 8 per
annum interest for the time
we've had your money. Tbs
Central Bank and Trust Co.,
of Jasper. Ala., guarantees
this guarantee
Jatper.Ala. v
v" 1

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