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August Clearance Sales
Are Running with the Briskness of November
1 1 i
ml1 ' - Memphis ; V : 11 111 r
SEPTEMBER 22-27, 1913
Features for Your Education and Amusement
The supremacy of the Tri-State Fair- in
Live Stock Exhibits will again be demon
strated. -
Special premiums by the National Reg
ister Associations, special classification
and prizes for Southern-owned stock, in
addition to the biggest display of pure
bred animals that will be seen in the
South this year.
The agricultural building has been re
arranged and a new system of labeling
adopted that will add greatly to the at
tractiveness and educational value of
these exhibits.
The three-acre demonstration farm, con
ducted by government experts, is a most
important feature and a revelation of the
agricultural possibilities of our section.
This important feature has been given
especial attention free act vaudeville
program, including ten of the most sensa
tional acts that have ever been shown.
Perry's Victory on Lake. Erie will be
pictured in flame as a part of the fire
works program, the most gorgeous display
ever seen in the South.
Tri-Statc Poultry Show. Agricultural Implements. Women's Department.
Boys' and Girls' Demonstration Work. Special Racing and Other Big Features.
A Misplaced Light on Shore
has led-to many a shipwreck. It is equally fatal to a storekeeper if
his advertising kindles a light that misleads. It is impossible to con
ceal the false light from those who know. The store's salesmen are
not naturally fools or frauds and they are conscious of the hardship
of bolstering up misrepresentations. In the course of time people find
out the facts and become embittered at being taken advantage of.
This 16-year-old store is not here for nothing. It is a watch
tower observing the lights along the shore and trimming its own
light day by day that none may lose their way nor regret that they
followed its clear shining along the path of its daily work. The
August Clearance Sales are progressing finely. CHAS. II. GISH.
The showers finally reached us
Tuesday at noon, and a fine rain
fell in this vicinity. The crops
were needing it badly, and this
with more to be hoped for will
do both corn and cotton untold
good. Much, cotton shedding
badly, and that damage cannot
be repaired. Late corn will be
greatly benefitted, and all grass
The impeachment of Gov. Sul
zerof New York by Tammany
who he so long trained with, and
who selected him, shows that
there is but little honor among
thieves. When the governor
tried to correct some of the
abuses of Tammany they found
in him an enemy. When he
ceased to do their bidding they
in a corrupt and high handed
manner compass his downfall
and propose to kick him out of
the gove-nor.s chair through the
impeachment route.
Monday morning papers in the
profligate use of bold headlines
heralded to the world that Harry
Thaw had escaped from the in
sane asylum. He simply slipped
out beside the milk wagon while
the guard held open the gate.
He was instantly in an automo
bile and cutting for the tall tim
ber of Connecticut at a 90-mile
clip. Comment: We hope he
will keep away and never be
caught. He is not insane and
never was) though he played the
trick. His success in doing so is
entitled to some consideration by
a people who believe in reward
ing great feats.
North, South, East and West. Call
on Agents for full particulars. a29
Tuesday's advices from Mex
ico show that Pres. .Huerta has
diplomatically kicked Gov. Lind
out of his country as an undesir
able foreigner meddling in Mexi
can affairs. He also gave our
acting embassador his passports.
It is up to Uncle Sam, to recog
nize Huerta or take up the cudg
. el. A war is inevitable unless
something unforeseen occurs at
once. If we need s;me territory
to lap us on the south, it's ours
for the asking. Bristling bayo
nettes and booming cannon will
goon be heard. If war only will
do them let them have it strong
and hard, We would prefer to
let them kill themselves, rather
than for us to do the job. The
choice is up to them.
Summer Tourist rates M. & 0. Rail
road now on sale at principal stations
i all the leading Summer ResorU,
The Biggest Crowd Ever
The gathering Saturday at the Fair
Grounds of people from every section
and quarter of not only this county
but others, made a living ma3s of
humanity estimated conservatively at
3,000, while 'many-claimed four or
five thousand.
The occasion was partly by the W.
(T. W. and by the people generally
who wanted to visit Selmer, and see
what their county sea was doing. It
was probably the first time that hun
dreds ever were here. It was the
universal remark that the crowd was
largely made up of boys, young men
and lassies as well as children. The
father and many of the mothers
stayed at home and allowed the young
people to have a gala day.
Hundreds of wagons loaded with
the boys and girls and a big lunch
box .began to arrive early. The hot
dry weather seemed to have no ter
rors for the enthusiastic youngsters.
The fair ground was filled with ve
hicles and people. - The grandstand
was early pre-empted by the maidens
and matrons, which they found very
comfortable. A south freeze made it
quite pleasant.
There Was no castiron program
carried out during the day," but at
times something was on tap to amuse
and instruct.
At eleven o'clock ' Hon. A. G.
Mathews of Memphis delivered an ad
dress on fraternalism. He is one of
Tennessee's greatest orators. On this
occasion that fact was strongly em
phasized. ' The address was not only
interesting but instructive. Previous
to his address the old fiddlers' contest
was not pulled off but W. C. Holland,
Ikq Moore, Young Holland, Ike Plunk
and perhaps others gave the crowd
music at intervals. .
The contest for the ugliest man re
sulted in Will Kirkpatrick easily car
rying off the much sought honor;
In the afternoon a ball game be
tween Masseyville and Stumphville re
sulted in the former laying it on the
latter in good shape.
There was a singing contest by Mt
Giliad, Lawton and Pleasant Grove
classes. The contest was on the sing
ing of one song, "ThatMs where I
want to go." The award was to
Pleasant Grove.
Twelve entries for prettiest baby.
Award went to Mrs. W. F. Sparks.
The races followed the other exer
cises. There were two pacing match
es. The contest between Clem Lea
and A. J. Maness, with their noted
horses, resulted in Clem Lea getting
under the string first. There was a
8econd pacing race with different
horses, in which A. J. Maness won.
. In the trotting race A. J. Maness
won the purse.
The track exercises closed with a
mule race. The neck to neck race
of 2 in 3, between the noted Gilchrist
and McCullar mules was captured by
the Gilchrist mule. These two mules
never flicker and run for all that is in
There were other attractions, such
as trapese, tumbling and other stunt3
for a professional and as he said the
"greatest stunt next would be pass
ing the hat," which was liberally re
sponded to.
Tli9 hungry were fed by a barbecue
of 12 carcasses of the best of the
land. The cold drink stands all went
dry before the crowd left and many
left for town earlier thanthey would
on account of that element which the
crops so much needed.
Never perhaps did as large a crowd
pssemble in any county where not a
semblance of intoxication was seen
nor a word said nor an act done out
of harmony with a Sunday School.
To not only the managers but to the
entire people should -we rejoice at
such a splendid occasion in which no
accident -or inci'dent marred the
pleasure of all.
(Written last week)
Protracted meeting began at Clear
Creek church last Sunday.
The present efforts of Miss Bessye
Snrratt are indicative of a successful
school here.
Miss Artye Hagy and Mr. Eddie
Wilbanks launched their bark upon
the matrimonial sea last Sunday. The
ethereal canopy beneath which Rev.
Fowler pronounced the sacred rites
depicted for the pair a bright, happy
life. We wish for them a long and
prosperous journey through life.
Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Hurley returned
home Tuesday from the bedside of
! Mr. and Mrs A. H. Kendrick of Sa
vannah, who has been ill with typhoid
Those boys who take more pride- in
being coupled to the back end of a
cigarette; who revel in beauteous silk
neckwear and peg top trousers, their
mind centered exclusively on a cork
ing good time; rather like being
teased about some rosy cheeked las
sie at a protracted meeting than go
ing to school and absorbing an educa
tion, are paving the way to some
almshouse. A continuation of such
practice, with an occasional indulg
ence in fire water, invariably leads to
Pleasure and Protection
"One of the best reasons why I would not be
without telephone service," writes a Georgia far
mer, "is the pleasure it gives my wife and the
knowledge that while I am away, she has the pro
tection that the telephone gives."
On the farm the telephone dispels loneliness '
and is the means of bringing help in any emer
gency that may arise.
if you haven't a telephone on your farm" see
the nearest Bell Telephone Manager or write for
our free booklet and learn how little this service
Cumberland Telephone
and Telegraph Company
that end. Boys, get educated and be
useful to the world.
K. W. Luttrell returned Monday
from an extended visit in Arkansas.
He reports fine crop prospects, and a
splendid time. Ciscoe Walker.
Local Druggist Who Sells Dodson's Liver
Tone Guarantees It to Take the
Place of Calomel
If your liver is not working just
right, you do not need to take a
chance on getting knocked all out by
a dose of calomel. Go to B. L.
Browder, Who sells Dodson's Liver
Tone, and pay 50 cents for a large
bottle. You will get a harmless veg
etable remedy that will start your
liver without violence, and if it does
not give complete satisfaction the
druggist will refund your money with
a smile.
" If you buy a bottlo of Dodson's
Liver Tone for yourself or your chil
dren, you have insured you family
relief from attacks of constipation,
biliousness, lazy liver .and headache.
It is as beneficial and safe for chil
dren as for adults." A bottle of Dod
son's Liver Tone is something every
manor woman should keep in the
house. Your money is Fafe because
you can return"the bottle if it fails to
satisfy. adv
Earliest Autumn Fashions Havp a hnuind
- - - m v v M mTIIVSTTII 9
See them in the new glass cabinets for Women's and Children's
Apparel. New Tailor-made Suits, New Fall Coats, New Dresses and
Shirt Waists, New Kimonos, New Dresses for Misses and Children.
More than 800 New Garments for Women, Misses and Children for
Fall and Winter, 1913, are ready for your inspection all such things
the woman who is interested in fashion will want to see.
Men's Suit Prices Take Another Fall
Big, Sweeping August Clearance
Another cut in our smartest suits that make them possitively irre.
sistible to the man who wants stylish, perfect fitting, durable clothes
that give endless joy and satisfaction. Newest weaves, colors and
patterns. We guarantee every one. Men's "Bench-made" Suits
Young Men's Fitform Suits. Just read these prices!
$18 and $20 Suits $25 & $30 Suits
On the East Balcony men can select from regular $15 and $18 Suits
at $8 50; $12.50 Suits at $6.45. While at $4.98 we still have about
90 $8 and $10 Suits that give good service to the wearer.
You can't dodge the malarial genii
when your liver is torpid. It makes
you an easy mark for the disease.
Ilerbine is the best protection. It puts
the liver in sound, healthy condition
and purifies the stomach and bowels.
Price 50c. Sold by B. L. Browder ex
clusively. a(jy
n n I J
Jackson to MEMPHIS
Over N. C. & St.LRy.
Thursday, Aug'. 28
I Train Leaves Jackson at 12:38 p.m.
W. LUCKMAN, Agent N.C. & St.L Ry.
Jackson :-: :-: :-: :-: Tenn.
; f
I ?
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