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Mcnairy uoiiniy independent
4. W. PUKVIANCK, Kdltor.
Puhlisiieit every Friday at Selnier.Tnn.
One rear, In advance $1.00
Six Montba '.50
iri4 at the PiUiHir at Hclmer. Tenn., i
eoood eiutt matter.
Selmer. TenK , Aug. 7, 1914.
We are authorized to announce J. P.
Sipes a candidate for representative in
the lower house of the Tennessee legis
lature sulijet to the will of the repub
lican party,
We are authorized to announce A. O.
McKINZIE a candidate for the Legis
lature, subject to the choice of the dem
ocratic party. i
We are authorized to announce GEO.
A. PRATHER a candidate for the
Legislature, subject to the choice of
, the democratic party.
J. F. Wilimn, of the McNairy sec
tion, was hero Monday.
A J. Garner was among Monday's
Selmer vifitora.
All oar slippers will be sold at cost.
' E. F. Hendrix & Sons.
J. B. Ilugfcins, from the Gravelhill
section, was a pleasant caller Monday.
J. R. Stovall, of Bethel Springs,
apent Monthy in Selmer.
A. C. William?, of the Second Dis
trict, was a town visitor Saturday.'
Tillman Henry, after several years
at Bemis, has removed to his old Mc
Nairy county beat.
J. T. TVmpleton, of Stantonville,
was here Monday and made us a few
minutes call.
selling all of our slippers at cost. E
F. Hendrix & Sons.
. D. E. Marshall, of Purdy, one of
the most energetic young farmers of
the county, enlisted as a delegate to
J. L. Littlefield was a business v1s
itor to Selmer, looking after matters
connected with the Snake Creek
Drainage enterprise, Saturday.
Miles T. Inman and R. M. McCann
entered their names as delegates to
the Jackson Institute. Only a few
. more are needed to make our quota.
Stant Ferguson was in Monday and
,. said he had been borrowing the In(b
pendent, and we fixed him with one of
his own.
Mrs. Varnell, of Jackson, and
x preacher son made us a brief call
Monday. Rev. Varnell began a meet
, ing at the Sbiloh Baptist church Sun
day. .
Gen. B. J. Howard was the king
bee in Monday's throng. .He is a
. good mixer and lenows how to touch
t live cord. He seems perfectly san
guine of hi? success in the primary.
FOR SALE The Wilson residence
on Fifth street; terms if desired
1 Call at McNairy Co. Bank tf
Mrs. A. C. Lea. of Shreveport, La.,
is spending a while with Selmer rela
tives and friends. Everyone is glad
. to see her enjoying such good health
She Bays "Al" will be here at the big
barbecue. ' i
All are pained to learn, of the ill
ness of Ex-Chancellor E. L. Bullock
at a sanitarium in East Tennessee
His weakness developed rapid tuber-
culosis, and his physicians hold out
but little hope of recovery or of liv
ing but a short time.
J. R. Gooch, of Gravelhill, was a
business caller Wednesday. He and
family will move to Birmingham, Ala ,
in two weeks. The county is a large
loser by his removal.
This weak f ppears the announce
ment of Geo. l'rather as a candidate
forjhe lower house of the Tenmsset
Legislature, eutg -ct to the actiun ot
the democratic party. Mr. Prathei
U chairman of the county court, hav
ing been fleeted last January. Ht
has tilled this responsible p sitinr
with ability and given, so far as we
know, universal satisfaction, lie ha
been pt in comprehending the dutie
of the oince, thereby showing a wel.
matured mind and clear head. Il
would make a representative that no
fitu d could b ashamed of. He is
htri. tly sober and of Rood moral
character, and would look ufier the
. people's interests.
. TobiCco and C gar Salesmen wanted
to Advertise. $1U0 monthly and Trav
liu ( L'xwiwa. Aiiver io .Smokii.g
"Clwwihg Tobacco, Cigarette", Cuara
Sfiid 2c stamp for full particulars.
U diet Tobacco Co., New York, N.
y. .. , . ,;. is.
Mrs. Allen and daughter, of Union
City, are the guests of Mrs. E. F.
D. P. Holland and wife, of Halls, are
visiting his father, W.- C. Holland, of
Selmer. Mr. Holland says McNairy
has much better crops than in Dyer
or any intervening counties, as he
came through by land and closely ex
amined the crops.
U. E Barnes, about 4 miles south
of Selmer, has quite a lot of Elberta
peaches. He brought a load to town
Monday and they went like hot cakes-
He says he has 50 bushels and
brought to our office a half dozen
Tuesday. The six weighed exactly 3
lbs. lacking 3oz. Two of them
weighed Jib. each. He will have
them here for sale as fast as they
Among the list? of announcements
in this issue is that of A. C. McKinzie,
who is a candidate for the legislature.
subject to the will of the democratic
party. Mr. McKinzie is a McNairian,
bred and raised in the Tenth district
on a farm. He has ' never held any
office of importance, but is a man of
information and good intelligence.
He knows" what are the needs of the
common people, and will direct his
efforts, if elected, to serve the entire
people of the county. There is not a
question about his democracy, and
will be in line with the parly on all
great issues. ,
Marriage Licenses
S. V. Potts to Sallie Lock.
Thurman L. Harris to Bonnie Ca-
Norman Crum to Roxie Willbanks.
Alvin Jaggers to Lizzie Moore.
0, L. Sheffield to Martha Henry.
G. F. Teague to Minnie Floyd.
Doug Birminglum to Cora Harwell.
Bites of poisonous insects that
cause the flesh to swell must be treat
ed with a healing antiseptic that
will counteract the poison and heal
the wound.' Ballard's Snow Liniment
answers every requirement in such cas
es. Price 25c, 50c and $100 per bot
tie. Sold by B. L. Browder exclusive
ly, adv
(Land Transfers
G. L. Anderson to Mrs. Georgia
Anderson: 2 lots, $500. .
J. B. Kerby and wife to Ulyses
Alexander: 130J acres, $000.
G. C. McCullar and wife to Lee
Richards: 10 acres, $75.
W. B. Johnston and wife to Lee
Richards: 17 acres, $165.
J. H. Howell and wife to W. C.
Sweat: 237 acres, $1,500.
No acres appearing in the deeds is
the reason of many transfers not in
our reports.
Stepping on a rusty nail has been
the cause of many cases of lockjaw.
The nail was not so much the fault as
neglect of the wound. If such wounds
were promptly- cleansed and Ballard's
Snow Liniment applied there would be
no lockjaw, as the antiseptic proper
ties of the liniment would counteract
the poison and the wound would heal
quickly. Price 25c, 50c and $1.00
per bottle. . Sold by B. L. Browder
exclusively' adv
6 Percent., MONEY 6 Percent
Loans may be obtained for any pur
pose on acceptable Real Estate secur
ity; liberal privileges; correspondence
solicited. A. C. Agency Company,
767 Gas, Electric Bldg., Denver, Colo.
446 Pierce Bldg., St. Louis.
5 or 6 doses 666 will break any
case of Fever or Chills. Price, 25
Public Sale of Valuable Property
Bv virtue of the power and authority
vested in me as Keceiver of the liank of
Finger, I will, at the time and place,
and on the terms all as stated below,
offer for sale to the highest bidder, at
public out-cry, the real estate, furniture
and fixtures belonging to said Hank.
The real estate consists of one lot 25
feet wide by 120 feet deep, on the
North side of Main Street in the town
Finger, McNairy County. Tennessee,
fronting on said street, and with a com
paratively new, well arranged, com
modious two-story brick banking house
The futures com i )t of modern cak,
frosted glass and grill work as good
and attractive as may be found in any
small 1'ft'ik; an up-U-iate Moslers -rtw-doorsLf:
adung rr.a hint?; typewriter;
desks;, tibles; inair; s xk1s; and num
erous other small olti.e articles.
- The real estate and personalty willb
offered both separately and, all together,
and the bid or bi-is yielding the greater
aggregate sum will prevail.
The right to reject all bids and re
advertise will be reserved, to insure
against a sale of the property at less
than its reasonable and fair value.
PLACE OF SALE: Bank of Kinger
Building, Finger, McNairy County,
TIMiS OF SALE: Saturday, August
15, 1914, 1 o'clock P.M.
This July 10, 15)14.
- Receiver.
Monday's crowd looked like old
times, but many of the old faces
are supplanted by the new gener
ation... This section fs blessed
with showers and good crops not
accorded even some" sections of
this county We did not know
any more about the election from
the crowd Monday than we knew
before. Our readers will know
more about it after they read
the Independent than they do at
this writing. The results will be
known by ten o'clock Thursday
night... The little scrap in
Mexico does not get any position
in the headlines We will try
to get the tabulated vote for our
readers in next isue We
have no space for any dead mat
ter or ads, so you will have fresh
ads as well as other matter, and
the ads are just as valueable
reading and often more so a3
pure reading matter The
picnics and barbecues will now
go into winter quarters The
greatest war the world ever
knew looks inevitable,, and is
really on The watermelon
crop was consumed Monday, from
the piles of rubbage in every
alleys The world's war will
be a death knell to cotton, and
a lowering of prices on every
thing else we raise in excss of
home consumption We trust
the results of the election will
show that the use of red liquor
does not carry McNairy elections.
.......That work on double-tracking
the M. & 0. has not gotten
under headway yet. Every
one must expect a general stag
nation of business while the wars
rage. We ought to be thankful
that the big waters may keep
them off our toes In air bat
tles so far no hospitab are need
ed. Baskets for the fragments
only are' needed The Ger
mans are the best trained sol
diers in the world. Five millions
seems invincible Unless the
government valorizes cotton and
stores it, issuing certificates for
same, it will not bring 5 cts. in
the open market ..Now we
see whether we need a merchant
marine. The American flag would
be exempt from capture, while
we are neutral and at peace....
American tourists across the big
pond are trying to get back, but
all are stranded for money and
vehicles to come back on. Let
ters of credit and sich do not go
in times of war We can use
our battleships to send gold
across and bring back Qur tour
ists. We have no other crafts
floating our flag.
Here is a vegetable tonic that is
far better for you to take than the
dangerous drug and poison called cal
omel. You never can tell when calo
mel is going to "get you." That's the
worst thing about taking so uncertain
and dangerous a drug for constipation
and liver trouble. Calomel is liable
to salivate you or4 "knock you out"
for at least a day the very next time
you take it.
B. L. Browder has the mild vegeta
ble remedy . that successfully takes
the place of calomel. This remedy is
Dodson's Liver.Tone, a very p'easant
tasting liqu'd that gives quick but
gentle relief from constipation, torpid
or "lazy" liver.
D )dson's Liver Tone is fully guar
anteed, and if you buv a large bottle
fo fifty cent an ! it doe not mtirety
fatisfy you, the drug store where yr.u
bough-, it will promptly give you your
m n v back wi'h a smile
DodsWs is fine for bo h children
and grown people. adv
A car of Red Cypress Shingles just
.ccwvcU. AlbU riUUtlug, dciliiig,
Siding, Casings, Moldings, Doors,
'ash, Columns, Brackets, etc , con
tantly kept on hand at bottom
prices. i
Selmer, Tenn.
FIELD DAY-Fair Grounds
Selmer, Tenn., August 15, 1914
Singing, Speaking, Racing, W. 0, W. Feature
Summer Constipation Dangerous
Constipation in Summertime is
more dangerous than in the fall, win
ter or cpring. The food you eat
is often contaminated and is more
likely to ferment in your stomach.
Then you are apt to drink much coid
water during hot weather, thus injur
ing your stomach. Colic, Fever.
Ptomaine Poisoning and other ills are
natural results. Po-Do-Lax wiil keep
you well, as it increases the Bile, the
natural laxative, which rids the bow
els of the congested poisonous waste.
PDo-Lax will make you feel better.
Pleasant and effective. Take a dose
to-night. 50c at your Druggist, adv.
Easy to Darken Gray Hair
When your hair turns gray, streaked
with gray, white, faded, brittle, fall
ing out. itching scalp or dandruff, try
trie following: On retiring rub Q Ban
like a shampoo on hair and scalp. By
morning the gray has disappeared
and another application or two of
Q-Ban the hair is beautifully darkened
and becomes fluffy, glossy and luxuri
ant with real hair health. Itching
and dandruff have stopped. Q-Ban
stops falling hair and promotes its
growth. Q-Ban is not sticky and
messy, nnd cannot injure the hair or
scalp. Delightful to use and sure to
darken hair so evenly and naturally
no one can tell. 50c for a $1 bottle.
B. L. Browder, Selmer, Tenn. adr
Malaria or Chills & Fever
Prescription No. 6C6 b prepared especially
Five or six dofet will break any caie, and
if taken then ai a tonic the Fever will not
return. It acta on the liver better than
Calomel and doe not f ripe or tickea. 25c
Low round trip fares from Union City, Tenn., Cit
ronelle, Ala., and intermediate agency' stations.
Tickets on sale for all trains on Sundays, to and
including September 27, and for r.ll trains leaving
Meridian, Misa., Citronelle, Ala., and intermediate
stations before 12.00 o'clock noon Mondays following
Sundays in above period. Good for return to original
starting point the 7th or 10th d.-xy from date of Bale,
according to faro at which sold.
FTN2 FiSHINC; salt water batnlng; boating and
driving. Ample Hotel Accommodation. For illus
trated and descriptive pamphlet, showing exact
tares, names or. Hotels, tc, apply to A
Ticket Agents, Mobile & Ohio Railroad,
17 a r i r-M n:.,i.:..D..,.... 9k '
Agent, Jackson, Tenn., G. A. GRIFFIN.
Traveling Pasbenger Agent, Meridian,
Miss., HARVEY E.JONES, Jr., Gen
eral Agent Passenger Department,
Mobile, Ala.
Pee Gee RE-NU-LAC is a Stain and Varnish
combined. Comes In 11 Natural Wood colors.
White, Cold and Silver SnanteL All sizes.
Kuhuf.:cli:rcr S
v, , . : --.-.rc.,
3 Equals -
A startling statement but a true one in this case.
One teaspoonul cf medicine and two pounds of
your own ground feed (cost about 3 cents' equal,
in" what they do for your animals and fowls, two
pounds of any ready-made stock or poultry tonic
(price 23 cents). There you are I if you don't
believe it, try it out 1 Buy, today, a can of
Cbaft lui hit tnle BUfcw k rmh-prtAidaf.,
fi or 6 doses GfiG will break any
ease of Fever or Chills. Price, 25
Sallo complexion comes from bil
ious impurities of the blood and the
fault lies with the liver and bocls:
they are torpid. The medicine that
gives results in such cases is Herbine.
It is a fine liver stimulant and bowel
regulator. Price 50c. Sold by B. L
Browder exclusively. ' , adv
iou can i uouge me maianai germ
when your liver is torpid. It miike
you an easy mark for the disease.
Herbine is the best protection. It puts
the liver in sound, healthy condition
and purifies the stomach and bowels
Price 50c. Sold by B. L. Browder ex
clusively, adv
V 1. .IJ. I i
Will cure Rheumatism, Neu
ralgia, Headaches, Cramps, Colic
Sprains, Bruises, Cuts, Burns, Old
Sores, Tetter, Ring; Worm, Ec
zema, etc. Antiseptic Anodyne,
used internally or externally. 25c
Make Your
Old Furniture
Look Like New
IT's an easy end inexpensive .matter.
Simpiy apply a coat of Pee Gee
RE-NU-LAC and you'll be delighted with
its fine results and your own work.
Fee Gee RE-NU-LAC makes old furniture,
worn floors end voodwork look like new
again. Try it.
CO., Incorporated
Louisville, Ky.
. vlM,LMWM,mrmu-j3
Write lor trUl nck.it
ol rkeDee STOCK A
also our 32 page, Uluitra
tcd book, fully exouuniog
id uuv Address :
Dec Dee Stock Mcillcio
Goltanoogj. Tenn.
35C 50c ut4 $U per caa.
At jour dealer's.
On Wednesday i Only j of each week the
Chas. H. Gish Store will pay your Full Fare
Both Ways when your purchases at this store
amount to $10.00 or more. Remember
the day, Wednesdays only, cf each week.
Oorintli, VX1k
Fire and Tornado Insurance
None but reliable coiiiinnles represented. All elates ot
Insurable property written, at the lowest rate obtainable.
Special low raies on resiliences, and rIho have very desira
ble contract on farm property. All Inquiries will receive
ALBERT GILLESPIE, Agent Selmer, Tenn
,AE Have in stock at a 11 times long leaf kiln-
dried Flff., Clff., Siding and Finish. Also
CRATES and TILE, in fact, everything that is needed in your building
1 Let Us Make You Prices
Long Distance Service for
Mississippi, Tennesse & Alabama Points
Sun Telephone & Telegraph Go.
Summer Tourist Rates
Mobile & Ohio Railroad Company
Now on sale to the principal summer tourist -resorts.
Please call on your nearest local ,
Agent for full particulars, or write
District Pas. Agent ' Jackson, Tenn.
It is free it tells how you can have
local and long distance telephone ser
vice in your home at very small cost.
Send for it today. Write nearest Bell Tele
phone Manager, or
Cumberland Telephone
and Telegraph Company
Lumber Co,
: MISS. s
"Always Selling Lumber"

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