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S$67&8 SHOES f
are actually demanded year after
year by more people than any other
Bitot) in me worm
MOUSE: iSfta
worapausiiip they are un-
Protsttion against unreason. KiJ
tbe .price stamped on every
pair, i
Yenrtof satisfactory lerrloe
have ilveu them confidence
In the shoos nd in the pro.
tmtim afforded by lb Wi
Douglas Trade Mark.
Into all of our 110 stores at
factory oost. We do sot make
one cent of profit until the
hoes are told to you. It ti
Borr tuoK
4.ou fe sa.su
worth dollars for you to
S member that when you
ay ihoee at our stores
Nomatterwhereyou live shoe
dealers ean supply you with
W.L.Douglas shoes Theyoost
no mora In San Francisco
W. L bouaUu name
and portrait u Ms!
bett tnovn Ihoii
Trait Mart in tut,
ttarld. It Mtandttor
tlut niohest ttandard.
of quality at tht lov-
at pombu
poutbltcott. 2he
name an
na prtcw w
itamptd on
than they do In .New England.
tbt tote.
rnMDIOr our IT and It It Ht hr uk
vymt n.iiu. (UOM wltau. fH M cats.
10 or 113 shoes made. at V .
haltr in your (ou handla f i'OirW9-'
W.L.Douglat $hoe writ to- FraHdtni v
4ay for txeltuiv riohtt to WJt.ltouglat ghatOtt,
handle tnit quick taMaf, 10 SparH StrMf
(aw tnm-anr Una, Mraokttm, Matt,
American Manner Different.
The Englishman, the Frenchman and
the American all think each other ex
tremely bad mannered. The French
man resents the manners of the Eng
lishman and tolerates the crudities of
the American. The Englishman has a
contempt for the manners of both the
French and the American, and the
American comes to Europe humbly
thinking that his manners are prob
ably the worst and willing to learn,
only to find that they are as good as
the French or English manners, but
very different. Milwaukee Journal.
Suspenders and Garten
Unequllwl for Comfort and lone
wear. jum tvmw m khuu
Htrwfcoa uuutnttea.
Thotumndk ct two and thi
nm weir. Bupsnder, o.
Uftrten, dw.
Aak Yon Dealer- -It
he- bun'. mam, ma
dirAAt stlvlns dealor'a
name. Look for "NU WAY" om
buck lea. Aooept bo aubatltutea.
fat ..&,. fiMk fteiaina.atlaM fTj
Now smoked
by a million
men who love
a superior
15 for 10c
Help Trtrif"-bt
UMw-cttcri mora fur.
Inrnt M. M 1' Wii. ll.H.llM.ll
for irannfc
tyea. pink
; Araidpowat
' danceroua
.uct tfa mum mr or
lI adel fcalr to orlf
Fit. lrjkl oolor, doa't nee
ia dye ll dofr
aa Oet a twUleet
Q-Vaa Balr fMor K
apply ana waica rvn
flk,rlreo froat BSStH
all ooa rui(p
I IFE Isn't worth
. wek and run d j
king if you're to
drat yourself i
If the rich red hf
d, full of health
g through your
Njld come back
, Vpto-Mangan
; thousands
t Vou. Taka
h how your
and vuror, were i
veins, the joy of
soon enough!
has worked thin
it will do tht
it for a short
health and sts
ve. lour
druggist has
you prefer.
tablet, at
Tonic and I , Wc,g7.
l J .s. - - f i
mm mm wmmm
pvom (caa faav
Open Child's; Bowels with
"California Fig Syrup"
Even a sick child loves- the "fruity"
taste of "California Fig Syrup. If the
llttlo tongue Is coated, or If your child
.3 listless, cross, feverish, full of cold,
or has colic, give a teaspoonful to
cleanse the liver and bowels. In a few
hours you can see for yourself how
thoroughly It works all the constipa
tion poison, sour bile and waste out of
the bowels, and you have a well, play
fill child again.
Minions of mothers keep "California
Fig Syrup" handy. They know a tea
spoonful today saves a sick child to
morrow. Ask your druggist for genuine
"California Fig Syrup," which has di
rections for babies and children of all
ages printed on bottle. Mother I You
must say "California" or you may get
an Imitation fig syrup. Advertisement
A Hint to the Hens.
Abble, the little girl of the family,
was seated at the breakfast table one
morning. As usual eggs were served.
Either she was not hungry or she
had grown tired of the bill of fare, for
very earnestly and soberly she re
marked: "I do wish hens would lay some
thing besides eggs." Progressive
Say "Bayer" and Insist!
Unless you see the name "F-yer" on
package or on tablets you ire not get
ting the genuine Bay?- product pre-,
scribed by physicians over twenty-two
years and proved safe by millions for
Colds Headache
Toothache Lumbago
Earache Rheumatism
Neuralgia Pain, Pain
Accept "Bayer Tablets of Aspirin"
only. Each unbroken package contains
proper directions. Handy boxes of
twelve tablets cost few cents. Drug
gists also sell bottles of 24 and 100.
Asperln is the trade mark of Bayer
Manufacture of Monoacetlcacldester of
Sallcylicacid. Advertisement
Art's Monopoly.
"You men of political Influence do
not give art sufficient consideration."
"That's where you are wrong," an
swered Senator Sorghum, "In a caji
paign out our way you don't dare
spend money for anything except brass
flair Ends Dandruff!
Delightful Tonic
85 cents bays a bottle of "Danderine"
at any drug store. After one applica
tion of this delightful tonic you -cannot
find a particle of dandruff or a falling
hair. Besides, every hair shows new
life, vigor, brightness, more color and
abundance, Advertisement
Big Growth In Standards.
In 1900 there were less than ten
automobile standards; in 1021 there
were more than 300 In actual use by
automobile manufacturers.
To Have a Clear Sweet 8kln
Touch pimples, redness, roughness
or itching. If any, with Cuticura Oint
ment then bathe with Cuticura Soap
and fint water. Rinse, dry gently and
dust on a little Cuticura Talcum to
leave a fascinating fragrance on skin.
Everywhere tcn. Advertisement
Pint or Quart?
Customer Td Uke something for
my couifh," Absent-Minded Droj
Clerk "What site, slrr
Happenings over the
State condensed for
our busy readers
Verner Jones, aged about 20, came
hear losing': his life in an accident
while working 111 the gin of .Hurdle-
Woods Cotton Company of Trezevant.
Young Jones was working around the
press when In some mysterious way
he became overbalanced and his head
was caught In the press as it was be
ing lowered by steam power Into the
press pit. Jones' body was carried
to the bottom of the press, and while
he was lifted out It was feared that
he was seriously If not fatally in.
Jured ' After examination, however,
it was found that his injuries were
only flesh wounds. . N ''
How over 1300,000 worth of platlum
was stolen from the Old Hickory pow
der plant, by the substitution of lead
shavings tor the valuable metal was
told by H. H. Brown, former employe
of the plant in the trial of Joe Welt
er of New York on a charge of con
spiracy in the case. Brown was con
victed last year for complicity in
the theft and has seirea a short pris
on term. He declared that the idea
of making the substitution of lead
for the platinum was suggested by H.
B. Crone, former chemist at the plant
who has also been convicted.
Preparations are being made for a
community fair to be held at Clarks
burg, on Oct. 27 and 28. In the agri
cultural department plans are being
made to have a great display of the
choicest of corn, cotton, Irish pota
toes, sweet potatoes and all kinds of
fruits, and in the home-making de
partment there will 'be canned goods,
cooking and sewing, which will make
up the main exhibits In this depart
ment. In each department of the fair
ribbons will be given the winners and
many choloe premiums offered.
The cotton crop Jn Madison county
to date has brought nearly $1,500,000
b the five banks of Jackson, accord
ing to statements by cashiers. The
Madison crop was considerably larg
er than in any year since, 1916, and
the - price has been around 20 cents.
The crop is about one-half marketed.
Indication's are that it will be worth
about ?3,000,000 this year.
Ibe eleventh annual meeting of the
jfate Mother's Congress of Tennes
see at Johnson City closed with a pro
gramme of educational addresses and
music. The closing day was featured
by adoption of resolutions which fav
ored elimination of the words "for
the purpose of sale" from prohibition
laws and unqualified support for the
present laws and officials charged
with enforcement
Rev. Mr. Brown, an Invalid preach
er, living in Obion was burned fatally
in 'his home when the dwelling was
destroyed by fire. He died shortly
after being rescued. He Is survived
by his widow and several children
The fire is believed to have origina
ted in a clothes closet, where Mrs.
Brown went with a match to get out
some quilts. , :K
Sheriff R. D. Estes of, Gibson coun
ty has appointed Jesse T. White of
Medina as deputy of district No. 1.
Urging taboo of silk stockings and
powder puffs tor school girls, the
State Mothers' Congress, in session
at Johnson City, chose Tennessee
University at Knoxville as their next
meeting place.
' The Grand Lodge of Tennessee,
Odd Fellows at Knoxville closed, one
of the biggest conventions ever held
in the history of the order in this
state. Officers for the ensuing year
were elected and Chattanooga was
chosen as the next convention city,
after a fight against Nashville, Leb
anon and Trenton, v
Col. Tom W. NealJ nestor 'of the
Tennessee press, and the oldest edi
tor of the state, died at his home in
Dyeraburg following a stroke of par
alysis. Col. Neal was 87 years of age
and was the editor of the State Gaz
ette for 87 years, retiring from active
newspaper work IS years ago.
Arthur A. Hanna, contractor, was
acquitted of the charge of murder
ing his wife by a Jury in criminal
court at Lexington. Hanna shot his
wife by mistake, saying he thought
she was a burglar. He is prominently
Wlliam Fillmore Arnold, lawyer
and Republican leader of West Ten
nessee has been notified of his ap
pointment as temporary postmaster
at Jackson, succeeding Oliver Benton,
Demorcrat who has held the office
eight years and who recentljrtender
edlhls resignation.
John W. Willis. 77. resident of Ful
ton, Ky.. was found dead in bed at
the noma of his daughter, Mrs. J. A.
Harpole.in Jackson. He was on a
visit and had been complaining of
his heart
While under the nynotic spell of
hyoeclne, a powerful drug, Wilson B.
Walker, 77. a painter, cllmed'to the
roof of a three-story building in Mem
phis, tripped along' the cornice and
then plunged to the pavement 40
feet below,
The women of southern Methodism,
through the woman's missionary so
clf.es, are laying plans to establish
the Bennett Foundation as a memo
rial' to Miss Belle W. Bennett of the
Woman's Missionary Council, who
died July 18,. 2t , ... .
Is Possible to Extend Many Benefits
to Patients. Farm Yield is targe.
Bolivar. Not many Tennesseans
know what every Tennessean should
know about their stated institutions.
Such rapid strides have been made In
the last four years that the Western
Hospital for the Insane, located at
Bolivar, has rapidly forged to the
front as one of the 'best and most
smoothly conducted Institutions In the
entire state. , , '
The hospital dairy now yields 100
gallons of milk daily. Nearly 4,000
bushels of sweet potatoes were dryed
and stored lust season.' In a little
while the poultry yard will yield
enough chickens to supply . the hos
pital, t. v . s '
For the last four years the hospital
has been in 'charge of . Dr. Edwin
Cocke. In 1918 there was an indebted
ness of 1,600. In bis biennlel report
June 30 to the state board of admin
istration Dr. Cocke showed a balance
of $70,000. c :
Dr. Cocke is one of the youngest
superintendents of such an institution
in the south. 4
The three boiler plants bare been
consolidated Into one efficient central
plant, thereby proving a great saving
in fuel. The plant has been completely
refitted and overhauled and two new
dynamos added. New heating, lighting
and water systems have been install
ed throughout the Institution.
Three additional deep wells have
been bored and equipped with steam
and electric pumps.
A high pressure water system for
fire protection, consisting of an un
derwriter's 6,000-gallon per minute
fire pump, and a large concrete reser
voir, the water from which will be
utilized only in case of fire, has been
installed. ,
The entire sewerage system has
been rebuilt.
The main building and colored 'an
nex have been completely overhauled,
both inside and out. The Interior and
all outside woodwork, towers, down
pipes, screen wire to windows, and
roof of both buildings have been re
painted. New floors have been laid on all
wards, and all wards have been receil
ed wiht metal celing. All electric
wires have been placed in conduits
and concealed under metal ceiling, and
neat electric fixtures have been In
stalled. ; j-
All wooden beds have been replaced
by modern hospital beds and new pic
tures, rocking chairs, linoleum run
ners, rugs, and phonographs have been
added to the wards.
Fire Destroys Barn.
Trezevant. Fire destroyed a large
feed and tobacco barn ' belonging to
Walter Cazort and Ben Cates. Some
$1,500 or $2,000 worth of tobacco and
some hay and wheat was destroyed.
. . .
Injured Man Improved.
Milan. Walter Tate, a barber of
Bradford, Gibson county, is Improving,
according to reports. He was sent to
the Baptist Memorial Hospital at
Memphis following serious injuries re
ceived in a difficulty.
Parent-Teachers Organized.
Trezevant A parent-teachei asso
ciation was recently organized by the
people of Leach, this county. The
patrons of t,he school decided that
the organization would help their
school and they called a meeting for
perfecting this organization. ' B. C.
Foster was elected president.
Covington to Hold Election.
Covington. The municipal primary
election In Covington will be held Oct.
21, at which time officials for the of
fices of mayor, recorder, marshal, as
sistant marshal and a. board of mayor
and alderman will be nominated,
which is equivalent to election in Cov
ington. A committee from Memphis mem
bers of the Shelby County Medical as
sociation has been appointed to erect
a suitable memorial to those members
of Abe local body who gave their lives
in the great World War. The park
commissioners . will be petitioned for
permission to erect a tablet in Confed
erate park. ' ' : ': V;
James and Hanson 8peat4
Covington. Geo. R. James, presi
dent of the.Wm. R. Moore Dry Goods
company, and C. C. Hanson, propriet
or of the Churchill compress, of Mem
phis are speaking at various places in
Tipton county this week in the Inter
est of dairy farming.
Encourage Poultry Raising.
Jackson. An auction sale of 1,500
pure-bred pullets will be held at the
fair grounds Nov. 4 under the auspices
of the Peoples Bank.
Loses Finger In Accident
Huntingdon. Joe Bates, of Hunting
don, Injured his right hand so badly
while working at a sorgum mill that
the index finger had to be amputated.
. Potato Crop Being Gathered.
Gleason. Sweet potato growers of
this section are digging and housing
their crops, and from reports thous
ands of bushels will be ready for the
market soon. Gleason is one among
the biggest sweet potato markets is,
the state.
, Burns Prove Fatal.
Knoxville. Mrs. Ada Harriet Mc
Daniel, aged 30, died from the effects
of burns received when bet- clothes
be came ignited when she was pass
ing a range in her home.
Work on. Highway Links.
Trezevant. Surveyors are working
on the Reelfoot Lake highway, be
tween Huntingdon and McKenzie.
this county. This link In the great
highway that connects, Nashville and
Reelfoot Lake. ' , -
Couple Suicide.
Chattanooga. James Fairclotfe died
In a hospital here as a result of a gun
shot wound in his head, said to have
beer! self-inflicted. His wife took her
lire la a similar manner two weeks
ago. '
Has Never Felt
! Better in All
Her Life
. Thousands of frail, nervous people
and convalescents everywhere have
testified to the remarkable power of
Tanlac In bringing back their health,
strength, and working efficiency. It
seems to quickly invigorate the con
stitution and Is a powerful foe of
weakness. Mrs. Mary Choklat, 1415
N. , Broadway, Xos Angeles, Calif.,
says: "'
'Before I took Tanlac, I was so
weak I had to be helped from .one
room to another. My nerves were
shattered and my digestion so poor I
was almost afraid to eat anything,
but now I am in perfect health and
will always be grateful to Tanlac."
There Is not a single portion of the
body that is not benefited by the
helpful action of Tanlac. It enables
the stomach to turn the food Into
healthy blood, bone and muscle, puri
fies the 3ystem and helps you back
to normal weight. Get a bottle today
at any good druggist. Advertisement
Hunger is better than a French
Fpr Colds, Croup and Pains.
Use Vacher-Balm ; It relieves at
once. Avoid Imitations. Ask your
druggist. E. W. Vacher, Inc., New
Orleans. La. Advertisement
: They who seek only for faults see
nothing else.
1 Silts
Referred to the Anatomists.
, New Tors Church Bulletin The La
dles' Aid society has been the proverb
ial backbone of the church and as
such is more and more coming to the
front. Boston Transcript.
For many years druggists have watched
with much interest the remarkable record
maintained by Dr. Kilmer Swamp-Root,
die great kidney, liver and bladder medi
cine, t
It is a physician's prescription.
Swamp-Root is a strengthening medi
cine. It helps the kidneys, liver and blad
der do the work nature intended they
should do.
Swamp-Root has stood the test of years.
It is sold by all druggists on its merit and
it should help you. No other kidney medi
cine has so many friends.
Be sure to get Swamp-Root and start
treatment at once.
However, if you wish first to test this
great preparartion aend ten cents' to Dr.
Kilmer & Co., Binghamton, N. Y., for
ample bottle. When writing be sure and
mention this paper. Advertisement.
Truly, the Female of the Species Is
More Fortunate Than the
inferior Male.
Two cases In Judge Chesebro's court
First the graceless male arrested
for speeding after having imbibed two
glasses of claret $250 or 180 days in
Jail. . "
Second the graceful maiden who
drove her limousine Into a man, failed
to stop and render assistance, bumped
Into a cab and hit a flivver. And all
without a drop of claret. Ten days
In Jail suspended.
Tim graceless male might have done
a lot of damage, of course, but actual
ly his guilt was confined to "reckless
The graceful female did do a lot of
damage. But, of course, she never
meant to, and she couldn't help It and
she was nervous, and there were tears
in her eyes Instead of claret on her
breath, so there you are! ,
Votes for women. The ladles, bless
'em I Los Angeles Times.
Suitable for Guarding Chjckens.
Hill I have a fine poultry yard, but
the rats kill the young chickens, and
I want to buy a dog to protect them.
What kind should I buy?
Dell The best kind of a dog for a
poultry yard is a setter. London An
swers. ., .'
When you have time to loaf you
find most of the people whose com
pany is worth while are busy.
1 '
PrZ" 1 ZZ
Eotry gtnainm
packat hatm
tha eratt trndl
cfrce arinteef
in red.
. Instead ofKalsomine or Wall Paper
Insures Fresh Charm to Old Shawls
PUTNAM FADELESS DYES dyes or tints as you wish
Hospital Transported PIck-a-Back.
Dr. A. L. Piper, who for five years
has conducted a grass hut hospital
among the Alunda tribes of Africa, re
cently bought, a large stock of medi-.
cines, test tubes and laboratory equip
ment In America. These must be con
veyed on the backs of natives for 17
days, under a scorching sun, before
reaching their destination. Scientific
Why buy many bottlea of other Vermi
fuges, when one bottle ot Dr. Peery's "Dead
Shot" will act surely and promptly? It
costs only (0 cents and If it (alls we refund
your money. 171 Pearl St., New Tork City.
Introductions Not Absolutely Demand
ed When Gentlemen Engage; In
Game of Craps.
Abe Jockson (colored) was Indicted
for stealing money from the station
agent of a railroad. As the railroads
were then under the control of the
government, the trial was In a United
States court .
The station agent, who was white,
testified that he did not know Jackson
and had never seen blm before the day
of the theft. 1
Jackson's defense was ingenious. He
did not deny that he got the money
from the agent, but claimed that be
won It'
The presiding Judge seemed astound
ed at the defense, and asked: "Do you
mean to tell me that you won this
money from the agent shooting craps?"
"Yes, sun."
"Why, the agent doesn't know you
never saw you before that day I" .
" "'Deed, Jedge, you don't have to
know folks tuh shoot craps-wif 'em!"
Judge. vv .... . .. y
Shelley Manuscript In Prize Bag.
A copy of a rare pamphlet by Shel
ley was sold the other day at Soth
eby's, London, England, for $8,000.
Nothing was said In the sale cata
logue of the copy, and that forms one
of the little romances of the sale room.
It belonged to the late Baroness Eur-dett-Coutts,
and got bidden and unrec
ognized In a bundle of music and other
things in one of the sales last spring
of the baroness' literary property." This
bundle was knocked down to a London
bookseller for less than $5, and -was
then passed on, apparently without
proper examination, to another book
seller, for about $50. It was this sec
ond owner of the bundle who found
that he had Indeed drawn a prize ,
I Every base occupation makes one
feliarp in its practice and dull In every
other. 1
Begin In time to finish without hurry.
SLEEPLESS nights and daytime irritation, when
caused by coffee drinking, often require a call on the
grocer to avoid a later call on the doctor. .
"Postum, instead of coffee, has brought restful nights
and brighter days for thousands, of people together with
complete satisfaction to taste.
You will enjoy the full, rich flavor and aroma of
Postum, and nerves will be free from any possibility of
irritation from coffee's drug, caffeine. You can begin tha
test today with an order to your grocer. . , ' ,
Postum comes In two forms: Instant Postum (in tins) prepared ;
instantly In the cup by the addition of boiling water. Postum .
Cereal (in packages, for those who prefer to make the drink
While the meal is being prepared)made by boiling fully 20 minutes,
- . ' i ' , ' I
. Postum for Health
"There's a Reason "
. Made try Poena Cereal Co, lac Battle Creek, Mich.
Do your decorating with '
the nationally accepted
wall tint in beautiful
nature colors artistic,
uanitary, economical,
and durable.
HaradeM. rely MfelaMe, Uuta sad
CUUna'i ReiaUter, leraala ea ency Ukal
Cearaatee aes-ureaSc, aea-akeaelaw
Taa Uaatt' ue CaiUrea's Banister
Children grow healthy and free
eonstlnation and other trouble if I
fives it at teetninr time.
Safe, pleasant always brine's re
markable ana Kiatvyu results.
a a a
100 genuine PBOORifWvi or 8trran -liver-Bearing
Plants delivered to your
door at the proper planting time for
only 76c. Wrft for a oopy of our four
oolor folder describing nor than M
varieties of plants. ,
O.C. WALLER S BROS., Judtooia, SriL.
o an 0
Durability of the Metal Has Made It
Almost Indispensable for Variety
of Purposes, ,
The many uses of copper may be"
imagined from the siBe of-theontput
It Is said that if the United States'
were to cease producing, either all ther
trolley cars or all the armies of the
world would cease operating, for out
side of Michigan and Montana there Is
not enough copper In existence to sup
ply both.
, In the building trade copper is in
great demand on account of its dura
bility. At first glance the amount of
copper seems to be negligible in com
parison with Iron and steel. It Is used
for such things as roofing, flashings,
cornices, gutters, drain pipes, leaders
and ventilators. These are nearly all .
copper in the large office buildings. In
the Woolworth building, in New York,
Which is today the world's tallest sky
scraper, there is approximately a mil
lion pounds of copper used for roof
ings, elevators and interior decoration.
His Limit ' . .
"I can get along tollable well with
the White Caps down thls-a-way," ad-
mltted Gap Johnson of Rumpus, Ridge,
"Some feller taking a shot at me from
the brush now and again don't pester
me no great. I'm sorter used to feuda,
and so on. But If I lived up there in
Kay See amongst them there bank
bandits,; highjackers and all such; I'll
b-hung If I wouldn't be afeared to go
out after dark to shut up the chick
ens." Kansas City Star. .
The Little Dipper.
Tom (at " bathing beach)-What
caused that splash?" Joe "Oh,
mere slip of a glrl." '
c 1

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