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; i
(Continued from I'age 1) !
Home sort of a reply to a certain letter i
and that a reply was being awaited
from him. ' He stated that no mall
had been forwarded to him from Nash
ville, and that all the mail he had re
ceived had come direct to Newport
during the last few days. He aays
that when the letter is called to his at
tention that it will receive the consid
eration lo which it is entitled and will
be given a courteous answer. He said
that i fSpeaker Baxter, John I. Cox and
a few other of that bunchwould come
out into the mountains and join him
in fishing for horney headed suckers
that he believed that the present con
troversy couid be settled amicably.
The peaceful and quiet way in which
he is living,he said, would have a sooth
ing effect on overwrought political
nerves. Governor Hooper does not
know how long lie will remain at the
Hprings, but will probably be here for
two or three wek unless he is called
away on urgent business.
Asthma and Catarrh
Expert Medical Science Announce Startling
Results Obtained by Sepine.
New York: Thousands are taking
advantage of the generous offer made
by The Wood worth Co. Dept. O, 116
Broadway, New Yolk City, requesting
an experimental package of Sepine,
'the great discovery for Asthma, Hay
Fever, Bronchitis and Catarrh, which
is mailed free of charge to all who
write for it. It is curing thousands of
the most stubborn cases. It makes no
difference how long you have been
suffering or how severe the climatic
conditions areVhere you live, Sepine
will cure you.
If you haveexperimented with other
treatments and have failed to find a
euredonot be discouraged but send
for a trial of this wonderful truly mer
itorious remedy which is a scientific
compound discovered by a Professor
of Vienna University, and is being
recommended by thousands.
Not long ago thcpiayor of a French
city married a couple, who immediate
ly departed for an original honeymoon
tri j. The husband was a well-known
aeronaut, and he decided that the wed
ding journey should be strictly in
character. Instead of the usual motor
a balloon garlanded with flowers was
waiting for the newly wedded couple.
Amid the good wishes of their fi lends
they got into the car, and at the com
mand "let .go," they soared to the
clouds with their happiness. In three
hours they alighted at a little village.
and the bride declared that she was
enchanted with such an opening.to her
wedded life, and also with her aero
Get a nice juicy steak at IL M. Taylor's
Grocery Store.
There's a World of Satisfaction
In Drinking Whiskey That is Just Right
As bread is the staff of life, it is as clear and as manifest as the
nose on a man's face that an ardent distilled .spirit which is pure is a
wonderful medicinal help, a splendid appetizer and is conducive of
good-fellowship. '
We sell only Ture Whiskies no concoctions and at very reas
onable prices. We have been making and selling Pure Whiskies for
- years. We merit your business and will appreciate vour orders.
These Prices Will Interest You
Express Collect
Per Gallon Per Gallon
R.H.C.Ulub n 7C Pure Apple Brandy yl A A
. Nothing better $).fO No.l ..ri.UU
Freestone fcQ CH Apple Brandy ".' . ' Q Cfl
7 Year Old Tennessee . . .pO.DU , No. 2 JJ.DU
I'ate's "88" ' o C A Apple Brandy C9 Cft
. , APerfect Whiskey,. ..iV..DU No.8t... .$.UU
XXXXRye ) AA Pure California ' CC fift,
The Best for the Money . .p.UU , Peach Brandy .pJUU
Grassy Valley Corn' . o Apricot fc9 fift
The Best Ever..V Brandy p.UU
House Mountain Torn (fcO A A Blackberry A A
Sure to Please p.UU , Brandy p.UU
Juniper Gin . tO Cft Peach and ODD
A Straight Gin ... p.)U Honey ............. ...... $.UU
H. Gate's Son
Distiller sod Wholesale Liquor Dealer, Middlesborp, Ky,
Make your money ordei payable to It. H. Cate's Son and not U. II. Cate
& Co., as Vhey are no'longer In Middlesboro. .
Lament of .the Poppy Doll.
I'm only a pPPy dolly.
And, alas, I've had my day,
For the. little girl that made me.
Has gone away to play!
She went Into the garden
And chose me, a poppy red. -
Eyes, nose and mouth ah pricked
Right In my. poppy head. ' ,
She folded back my petals
With a each of grass bright green.
With twigs she made my arms.
The strnlghtest ever seen
A little bell-like flower
Made mo a pretty hat.
A nasturtium leaf my sunshade.
Would you have thought of thatt
And now that she has left me
I'm sure that I won't last.
If you should see her anywhere
Tell her I'm fading fast"
Youth's Companion,
' Something to Show.
Kilby 1 innde enough money in
stocks Inst week to buy a touring car.
Dane You didn't buy It. did yon?
Kilby (gloomily) No, but 1 wish I
had now. Boston Transcript.
, By Ear. '
"1 never wear a stuffed bird on my
hat nowadays,'' said Mrs. Lapsllng.
"While I am not a member of the
Audible society, I am in full sympa
thy with It'-Ctalcngo Tribune.
Such as Paying the Bill.
Knicker Books tell you what to do
before the doctor comes.
Rocker But none tells you what to
io after he comes. Judge.
Patent of Nobility In Pawn.
The Neue Frele Presse of Budapest
recently published the following com
munication: "The original pntent of
nobility granted by Maria Theresa in
1741 to George Bitter von Frendl Is
now in the possession of Dr. Joseph
Llndenmayr, regimental surgeon at
Presburg. The document was given to
one of his ancestors as security for a
loan. This announcement is made for
the information of possibly existent
descendants of Bitter von Frendl."
Queer. -
"That's queer," said the conductor.
"What Is?"
"When I told that woman her trans
fer was no good she didn't tell me
that she'd just that minute got off the
other car." Detroit Free Press.
Wonderful Praise Accorded
Perunathe Household Remedy
Mrs. Maria GoerU, Orienta, Okla
homa, writes:
"My husband, children and myself
have used your medicines, and we al
ways keep them in the house in case of
necessity. I was restored to health by
this medicine, and Dr. Hartman's In
valuable advice and books. People ask
about me from different places, and are
surprised that I can do all of my house
work alone, and that I was cared by the
doctor of chronic catarrh. My husband
was cured of asthma, my daughter of
earache and catarrh of the stomach, and
my son of catarrh of the throat. When
I was sick I weighed 100 pounds ; now I
weigh 140.
"I have regained my health again, and
I cannot thank you enough for your
advice. May God give you a long life
and bless your work."
' - .
Insure Your Dwellings
Barns and Stock with
Geo. F. Smith
Newport, Tenn. :
Eep resents the oldest Fire
Ttcii i-o trk fAmno nir in fit a
TJ 8. Capital stock W. 000.000
Offlce Smith's Drug Store.
Encouraging , Enterprise. :
Harry Laughlln. the billiard 'expert,
(old at an exhibition game in Toledo
a billiard story.
"Once when I bad my own" parlor In
Columbus," he said. "I was a good deal
disturbed by the loss of chalk. Chalk
disappeared nt a tremendous rate, and
I said to my helper:
x "'Keep a, better eye on the chalk,
Jim. I'm no millionaire.' : ' " V it
"I know the gents wot pockets the.
chalk. Mr. Laughlln.' Jim said, 'but
they're regular customers. I guess you
wouldn't want to offend them, would
" 'Well, no,' said 1. 'I wouldn't. You
might give them a gentle hint, though.
Use your diplomacy.'
"Jim, I found out later, used his di
plomacy that night. He walked up to
one of my best patrons that had just
pocketed a piece of chalk and said:
'''You're in the milk business, ain't
you, sir?' 4
" 'Yes. Why?' the patron replied.
" 'I thought so,' said Jim, 'from the
amount of chalk you carry away. The
boss likes enterprise, and he told me
to tell you that if you want a bucket
of water now and then, you can have
one and welcome.' "Cleveland Leader.
Needy Man Makes an Appeal
That Was Heeded.
"Big Bill" Edwards. New York's Im
posing and popular street cleaning
commissioner, received a letter writ
ten on Mills hotel stationery the other
day. The writer said he had been
handicapped for many years by the
fact that nature had set him up in the
mold of a millionaire and given him
Fifth avenue tastes, but, with one of
its usual ironies, had handed him at
the same time an Avenue A ability to
live up to the part he looked.
But he really wanted to say that he
was fat and big. He enumerated his
proportions and compared them to
tbos of the commissioner and called
attention to the fact that there were
really very few like them, and. Inas
much ns he, the writer, was in need
of clothes, would he. the reader, be
good enough to come across with any
loose garments he might be able to do
without, for if there wasn't something
doing in the clothes way soon he, the
writer, would have to stay In the
Did Bill Bend him some clothes? He
not only sent him some clothes, but
took him to a dinner and got him a
Job. .
Back, Then, to the Farm.
Richard Croker during his visit to
New York last month discussed with a
reporter the high cost of living.
"The farmers are all right." said Mr.
Croker. "It Is the people who Insist on
living In the towns who find every
thing too dear. In the towns, you.see,
the expenses are at bothersome as the
"A little boy in a tiny flat looked tip
from bis drum one day and said:
"'Mother. Adam and Eve lived in
Paradise. What was it like there?
"'Like what it Is here his mother
answered, 'when you eight children are
all at school.' "
They'd Come In Handy.
Senator Elihu Root was talking
about a tactless political move.
"It lost them the election." he said,
"and it deserved to on account of its
"In fact, in this regard it reminded
me of the rich man who in a wedding
breakfast speech where the bride and
groom would be very poor concluded
with these words:
"'And now, dear friends, one last
remark. . Don't throw any rice or old
shoes at them. nd all your rice and
old shoes to them after they get set
tled."' '
J :
A Medicine that Does Not Cost
Anything Unless It '
The active medicinal ingredients of
liexall Orderlies,' which is odorless,
tasteless and colorless, is an entirely
new discovery. Combined with other
extremely valuable ingredients, it
forms a perfect bowel regulator, intes
tinal invlgoralor and strengthener-.
Rexall Orderlies are eaten like candy
and are notable for their agrecableness
10 the palate and gentleness of action.
They do not cause griping or any
disagreeable effect or inconvenience.
' Unlike other preparations for a like
purpose, they do not create a habit,
but instead they overcome the cause'of
Jiabit acquired through the use of ordi
nary laxatives, catharics and hangh
physic, and permanently remove the
cause of constipation or irregular bowel
We will refund your money without
argument if they do not do as we say
they will. - '
Two sizes, 23c. and 10c. Sold only
at our store The Rexall Store
omUh's Corner Drug Co.
Dissolution Notice
I desire to announce that I am no
longer connected with the firm of
Llndsey, Jenkins & Co.,' manufactur
ers of vehicle materials with factory
located on the Oldtown road- All per
sons indebted to said firm of Lindsey,
Jenkins & Co., will make payments
to D. M. Llndsey who will a!so pay all
outstanding accountsiof said company.
Blaise Jenkins.
The. Tobaceo Trust decision is char
acterized by Attorney-General Wicker-
sharh as a most comprehensive and
sweeping victory for the Government.
The trust is held to be a combination
in restraint of trade a monopoly in
violation of law.
The decision affects 65 American cor
porations, 2 English corporations and
29 individual defendants.
An opportunity is given the trust' to
disintergate and recreate a condition of
transacting business not repugnant to
law. If at the end of six to eight
months the corporations fail to bring
themselves within the law a receiver
ship and disolution by Court decree
will follow.
The trust is held to have been guilty
of intimidation and clearly to have
shown a purpose to stifle competition.
Chief Jusi ice White announced the
decision, which was practically unan
imous, although Justice Harlan dis
sented on several points.
, As in the Standard Oil case, Justice
Harlan resents the application of the
"ruleof reasons" to the Sherman an
ti-trust law.
The Court having held the defendant
corporations guilty of conscious wrong
doing, Justice Harlan "is not at all
anxious" to perpetuate any new com
bination growing out of them.
C. W. Jones of Del Rio was in town
"I Am Well"
writes Mrs, L R. Barker,
of Bud, Ky., "and can do
all my housework. For
years I suffered with such
pains, I could scarcely
stand on my .feet After
three different doctors had
failed to help me, I gave
Cardui a trial Now, I feel
like a new woman."
Mr n O
The Woman's Tonic
A woman'3 4iealth de
pends so'much upon her
delicate organs, that the
least trouble there affects
her whole system. It is
the little things that count,
in a, woman's life and
health. If you suffer from
any of the aches and
pains, due to womanly
weakness, take Cardui at
once, and avoid more seri
ous troubles. We urge
you to try it Begin today;
iruu ii
ffi 9'
mm I
If yon want the best and purest whiskies, etc., you would
naturally send to some reliable wholesale dealer forsame. Ouh
house is the only Exclusivk "Wholesale Mail Obdeb
House in Middlesboko, Kentucky. 'We do not juu 'ft
saloon. We do not consider the so-called mail order saloons
our competitors. You know when these so-called mail order
saloons finish adulterating whiskey, which they are compelled
to do in order to meet legitimate wholesale prices, it endangers
the health of the consumer.
Wholesale Prices
1 gal Silver Mist Corn, express collect .-..$2.00
1 gal Silver Mist Crrn, express prepaid $2.45
2 gal Silver Mist Corn, express collect $4.00
2 gal Silver Mist Corn, express prepaid ,$4.55
1 gal Mountain Maid Corn, express collect $2.50
1 gal Mountain Maid Corn, express prepaid ..$3.00
2 gal Mountain Maid Corn, express collect ... $5.00
2 gal Mountain Maid Corn, express prepaid... $5 .55,
4 qts Kentucky Star, bottled in bond, 4yrs old, collect ...$4.C0
4 qts Kentucky Star, bottled in bond, 4 yrs old, prepaid. $4.50
4 qts W & P Bourbon, bottled in lond, collect.. ,...$4.00
4 qts W & P Lourbon, bottled in bond, prepaid .$4.50
4 qts lark's Pure Ilye,-express prepaid .....$5.00
4 qts Sunny Brook Bourbon, express prepaid... $5. 00
4 qts Old Patterson, 8 yrs old, bottled in bond, prepaid..$6.00
Case Prices, Express Paid
By You
12 qtl Kentucky Star, bottled in bond ..$9.00
24 pts Kentucky Star, vbottied in bond ..$9.50
12 qts W & P Bourbon, bottled in bond $9.00
24 pts W & P Bourbon, bottled in bond $9.50
12 qts Mayflower, bottled in bond... .$9 .00
24 pfs Mayflower, bottled in bond - .$9.50
If you prefer we pay the express on the above case goods; add
85 cents to the above prices. We carry a complete line of imported and
domestic goods. Write for complete price list. Bend in your order to
day and get the best and purest goods.
W. B. Whitlow &Co,
Wholesale Liquors
fitmhprlnnd Avphiip
Hemlock Wood
All hemlock wood must be SAWED, (not chopped), to lengths.
Round wood to be not less than 6 inches diameter nt email end,
and up to 10 inches diameter, NOT SPLIT. Large diameters to be so
split as to show not less than 8 inches face on the piece. Wood to be
sound, (except worm holes) , and not charred or blackened by fire.
Knots and limbs must be trimmed oil" close poorly trimmed and
excessively knotty wood will le rejected.
Trees from which the bark has been peeled can be awed to
lengths of H feet, 4 feet or 5 feet, and split to above . sizes. All
sap rot and doty places, must be removed down to the sound wood.
Notify us of the length you decide to adopt in your cutting, as these
lengths must not be mixed together in looding. One hundred and
sixty, (1(50), cnbio feet constitute a cord. Freight will be charged
back on under loaded cars and upon rejected wood.
For further particulars address The Champion Fibre Company,
Wood Department, Asheville, N. C. P. O. Box 135.
Champion Fibre Company, Asheville, N. C.
All shipments and bills lading to
farmers Telephones
If interested call on our manager and have him explain the
Special Farmers' Liue Rate. You Mill le surprised to find how
cheaply you can get reliable telephone service.
East Tennessee Telephone Company, Inc.
Wt will tiidlr epea tcceaati whk pullet who bit Mercantile Ritlnri, ftira
the If baak of Uercaaat with whoa thy o buiscn (aaruu Ikeif accaaM.
Use a bottle tnd if WOODLAND ii not tttMactorr. the belt 40a htrt errr ated, return at ear ex
acaie, onerwill be tefonded. Capital, $200,000.00. Established 1873. Guarantee avcrlliing.
Write lor Piice Lift oi other foods.
m tank or tunem h. ritjtcr x
Mirfrifphnrn. Kpnturkv
Champion Fibre Co., Canton, N. C.i
Woodland Whiskey
Shipped Direct to Consumer lo PlalmPackages Express Prepaid
Four (4) Full Quarts for - $3.25
Per Gallon.ii html cum DimijotM win BtUtiwWt ladia $3.00
Hospital Purpose, and it usad by more Institution, Sanitarium,
etc, rrquirinf Pure WhUkejr than any ether Brand. Ouaracte4
by Crizler & Crigler under National Pure Food Law, Serial Na. 4642.
rigicr, ucpu Jacksonville, fla.
. 1

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