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Pat't'View of It -
Alt; DobWelKti' tries to keep id foucb
Villi tb pfokrew of modern thought
by a ' ccarfooil cnat with ! Wa hired
hub. rat Pat is a fresh faced, blue
, (Continued from .Page 1) , r eyed aon of the Emerald Isle, wDO is
moil nf Prl.tav artA this nnnh still ! fflithfilt i all thiOffM ftild doe a lot
ituniMiigi .. ' ,f "... -i.
Charley Walker, night agent at the
depot, noticed some suspicious charac
ters hanging arouud the depot through
out the night, and was so uneasy that
he had his brother, Frank, ccme
down aud stay withhim. They heard
the explosion, which they say occurred
shortly before 2 o'clock. '''
, The exact figures showing the plun
der of the robbers is as follows: : -Honey
belonging to post office, 106.94
Money belonging to Mrs. Lee, . 76.00
Ring belonging to Mrs. Lee, '.' 800.00
Stamps . .... . . . . 295.50
.. Total, . . . , . . . $777.44
The ring Mrs. Lee lost was given
lier by her husband, the late II. O.
Lee, and its loss is deeply felt by the
Specially Interesting to Women
Few women are physically perfect
and in fact, medical records go to show
Jhut perhaps, the great majority of
women suffer from some more or less
serious ailment peculiar to her sex.
To place a reliable treatment witnin
Vie reach of such persons rne that
did not contain anything injurious to
the system Rexall Vegetable Com
pound was first offered for sale.
Practical deni'.'nstrations have since
proven that this preparation, having
for its basis the formula used by a re
liable physician who made a specialty
of such cases, is all that has' been
claimed for it, and. we offer you Rex
all Vegetable Compound with the as
surance that it will prove benelicial in
the treatment of such cases, or we
will promptly refund any, money you
way have paid us for it.
Rexall Vegetable Compound can. be
btained only at our store The Rexall
Drug Btore. Price, $1.00 per bottle
Smith's r Corner , Drug Store. The ,
Rexall Store. .
strictly his own, and more than once
Dobbleigh has found considerable en
Hchtcnmeat In difficult problems by
listening to his views. So the other
morning. wfcetrTat cam into the li
brary with an arafnt of logs to re
plenish the wood (Ire. Dobbleigh. wbo
had been reading a rather acrimonious
editorial in the morning paper oti the
subject of the suffragettes, ventured to
ask pat's opinion on the subject. '
"Do you think women ought to be
allowed to vote. Patr he queried. 4
"Sure 01 do,t was the Instant re
sponse. "We need 'era."
"We need them, eh?" smiled Mr.
Dobblelgh.. "That's a novel Idea. What
ha brought you to that conclusion T
"Oi've watched the sitnaytlou." re
turned Tat.' ."'nad ivery year since
Ol've been In this counthry the com
plaint has been the name. There ain't
enough votes; there ain't enough votes;
there ain't enough votes."
Mr. , Dobblelgh laughed and Tubbed
his chin in perplexity -
"Not enough votes, eh?" he repeated.
"Nnw. sorr." returned Pat. "Whin I
worruked for Mr. Hawkins. who. run
for mayor here folve years ago. he was
licked, and whin 01 asht him wtaoy he
says. 'Not enough t votes.' Whin Mr.
Bryan was licked free tolmes for pris
ident. what was th" reason? The same
not enough votes. 'And so on In lvery
campaign we've lver had. sorr. it's
the same ould complaint not enough
votes. So 01 says let the wlmmen vote
and maybe we'll hov enough for.wanst
to ilict lverybody.M-Harpers Weekly.
In Du Courts'.
Champ Clark, at a dinner In Wash
ington,, pleaded Indulgence for a some
what rambling speaker.
"He'll arrive." said the Democratic
leader. "If you'll only give him time.
He is like Dr. Thirdly. . .
"Dr. Thirdly was dividing up h!s ser
mon Into 'Its appropriate" headtf one
Sunday morning when a member of
the congregation shouted Irascibly:
"Meat, man! Give us meat!'
" 'Well,' said Dr. Thirdly , promptly,
hold on. then, till I'm done carving.' "
Pittsburg Gazette-Times.
Grocery Store.
8tlf Defense.
;- : p. - J "Are you going "to have a garden this
Get a nice juicy tleak at H. M. Taylor's year. Mr. Subbubsr
r xes; i ve got iar m iwug as u
a garden i can make It an excuse for
not taking my automobile out of the
' garage and piling up Mpensesfor. new
tires and things-'VCblcigo Kecoru
Herald. 4 .;
" a2to matter where ' you meet Miss
Clymer., there Is always such a dls
greeable smell of gasoline about her"
"She puts 6me on her' handkerchief
to make people think she, bfls Just
been in an automobile." Baltimore
American.. . . , ,
y jspenatnrirts ure not increasing m
Netv York city. Its savings banks
have 13,790 more depositors than they
had a year ago.
Dissolution Notice
9 4 . ' I. . T .
longer connected with the firm of
Lindsey, Jenkins & Co., manufactur
ers of vehicle materials with factory
: located on the Oldtown road. All per
j sons indebted to said firm of Lindsey,
- Jenkins & Co., will make payments
to D. M. Lindsey who will also pay all
' outstanding accounts of said company.
Blaine Jenkins.
Fine Job Department.
- The job department of The Newport
Plain Talk Is up-to-date" in every par-
ticular. Skilled workmanship er,bles
us to ' give you exceptionglly , jod
work. 'See us for your letter .leads,
note heads, envelopes, bill heads.state
mcnts, programs, circulars and folders
of all kinds. Bring or mail us your
orders. ' , ' J
The average ) umber of acres to the
farm m North Dakota jtn 1910 was 888,
- compared with 843 in 1900. '
Insure Your Dwellings
Barns and Stock with
Geo. F; Smith
Newport, Tenx. '
Represents the. oldest Fire
Insurance Company in the'
TJ 8., CaDitalstock 4.000.000
' Office Smith's Drug Store. ,; . 2
s os-4
In Drinking Whiskey That is Just Right
v As bread is the staff of life, it is as clear and as" manifest" as the
nose on a man's" face that an ardent distilled spirit which is pure is a
' 'wonderful mediciual help, a splendid appetizer and is conducive of
; good feildwshipv " T
: sell, only Pare Whiskies no concoctions and at very reas
r onablepr&es4 We have been making and selling Pure Whiskies for
years. We mcrityour business and will appreciate vour orders. .
Thcse Rriceo Will I nte rest You
Express Collect '.':
Per Gallon
R. H. C. Ciub . '
Nothing better .........
. 7 Year Old Tennessee . .
Cate's "88"
A Perfect Whiskey
The Best for the Money .
Grassy Valley Corn
' The Best Ever ....... :7,
House Mountain orn
. Sure to Please
Juniper Gin
Straight Gin.
Pure Apple Brandy
Apple Brandy
No. 2
Apple Brandy .
No. 3 .....
Pure California .' :
Peach Brandy
Brandy .....
Peach and
Honey ;'.
Per Gallon
R. H. Cate's Son
Distiller and VlioIesala Liquor Dealer, Middlesboro, Ky.
; -
Make four money order payable to1 It. H. Cate's Son and not R. H. Cate
it Co., as they are no longer in Middlesboio.
.- ''n-;-:A:vW:' ' , y;: ,
lIelfcouroe. Australia, has only four
electric light signs. .
; The canal on : aooa will have its
first electric railroad. ;
A' Russian electrician baa invented
an Insulating material . made tram
milk.' ' ''..-';".-'". ';;. , '
.Tobacco forma Ibe sixth Item In im
portance oa. the list o? Brazilian ex
ports. ' ' " '
The chief industrial ptirsalts of Low
er California are mining and pearl
fishing. - ,
t Maiden lane (London) Jewelry stores
are quoting platinuiiFut 43 an ounce,
a record price.
The motor of a new motorcycle is
carried within the rear wheel Instead
of on the frame.. , i.
The Chinese in Hongkong have es
tablished a society for cutting off their
cues, but not chauging their dress.
A plant for . the manufacture of
bricks from lava Is being erected at
Honolulu by a Sun Francisco man. v .
; A rubber stamp to be worn on a
finger so thnt when an egg Is picked
up the date will be imprinted on the
shell is a recent invention.
The Budapest police are enforcing
the anti-long hatpin ordinance in that
city, not by arrests or tines, but by
confiscation of offending plus.
Besides shipping several "knocked
down", steamboats to South America,
a Pittsburg firm has sent one to the
Kongo and another to the river Nile.
Fresh apple exports from the United
States last year were very large
I.G7O.000 barrels, valued at $5.45(1.450.
or almost double those of the year
Because of objection to the word
"heathen" the Woman's Union Mis
How to Tell H Your Hair is Dis-
; . eased. :..
"Even if yju have, a luxuriant head
of hair, you may want to, know
whether H is in a healthy condition or
not.' 98 of the people need a hair
tonic. ' -'.'': ,";
? Pull a hair out of your bead, if the
bulb at the end of the root Is white
.and shrunkod, It proves that the hair
is diseased, and requires prompt treat
ment if Us loss would be avoided. If
the bulb is pink and full, the hair is
( healthy. ' f; , .
' We want everyone whose hair re
quires treatment to try Rexall "93"
Hair Tonic. We promise that it shall
not cost anything , if it does not give
satisfactory results. t It Is designed to
overcome dandri:fT, relieve scalp Irrita
tion, to stimulate the hair roots, tighten
the hair already la the head, grow
hair and cure baldness.
It Is because of what Rexall "93"
Hair. Tonic has done and aur sincere
faith In its goodness that we want
you to try it at our risk. Two .sizes,
50c. and $1.00. oold only at, our store
The Rexall Store. Smith's Corner
Drug Stors.
Virginia Health Proverbs
. In a few simple, one-sentence ser
mjiis. as true as gospel . the Slate
I Health Depaitment gives to the citi
zens of Virginia more direct informa-
tion on the preservation of health and
happiness than ever before since the
sionary Society of America for heathen department was established, and Corn-
lands has dropped the last three words
of Its name.
Sugar production In Formosa under
improved modern methods has reach
ed a point where the profitable dis
posal of the crop is becoming a se
rious problem.
Chilean forests contain Immense
quantities of timber suitable for wood
pulp, .for the possession of which
French. German and American firms
are now competing.
Many letters are being received in
mlssioner Ennion Williams and his
able assistants are to be congratulated
on their work.
Here are some of the health proverbs
which should be pasted in the hat:
"The man who says he had rather
have the smallpox than be vaccinat
ed never had the smallpox."
An open window is better than an
open grave."
Ipdia from the United States beariug Warn rooms have killed more peonle
I A 4... 1.. ... V. II. .LI. I .
uuiy s leuuf iu inminge. nunc iiua mre
applies only to the British Isles, Cana
da and Newfoundland.
The value of products taken by the
fisheries of the Atlantic coast is nearly
double that of all the rest of the coun
try combined, being CO per cent of the
total of the United States.
. Turkey breeders who have been trou
bled by their charges straying are rec
oni mended by the London Agricultural
gazette to put "a bell ou a few of the
leadVrs. old hens by preference. ' ,
. HundelebRiiTfrsichwrnngsgesellschaft
is the name of a new business con
cern In Frankfort-on-the-Maln. It
means in commercial English the
Company For the Insurance of Dogs'
After iong investigation three Euro
pean scientists bare decided that trees,
through their foliage, extract free ni
trogen from the atmosphere, something
thnt men only recently discovered how
to do mechaulcally. '
Iteindeer in Alaska increased from
4.975 In 1902 to over '.2(1.000 In 1910.
The civilising effect of the reindeer In
dustry upon the Eskimos, who are nat
urally a' people t ready Intelligence
and adaptablllT. In remarkable.
Virginia has placed a memorial to
Patrick Henry, orator, patriot and the
commpnwenlth's first governor, in his
toric St. John's church. Richmond. It
is a bronze tablet paid for with an
appropriation granted by . the legists.
tre v ' V:';' .;;JT J ':
The new Japanese gardens of Bue
nos" Aires were opened on Feb, 2. They
are on the bank of the river Plate
and are the only outdoor amusement
resort -pf the city. They are the near
est approach to such public resorts as
Coney Island, etc.." In Argentina.
In the Sixty-second congress the total
number of seuntorjt is ninety-two, rep
resentatives. 391. .The salaries of both
senators and representatives are $7,500
per annum. Jio extra salary for extra
session, but they receive mileage, at
the rate of 20 cents a mile each way. '
There Is a general movement through
out the Russian empire to Improve the
peasants' cottages and to put up fire
proof model dwellings on the model
farms ' established in many rural dis
tricts. This movement Is due In part
to the great destruction of houses and
whole Tillages by fire. ' -
,. Captain Butt and James Sloan. Jr.,
of the secret service, the president's
always present protectors, have proba
bly been photographed more than any
two men in the country. They have
been with both Mr Taft and Colonel
Boosevelt. ' Sometimes fifty cameras
have been snapped at their party in
five minutes.
According to a recent report by Dr.
Conrad Blesalskl of Berlin, there are
73,000 cripples in the German empire
out of k population of 60.500.000. Over
50.000 of the cripples are In need of
proper treatment. Dr. Blesalskl states
that in 13 per cent of the cripples ex
amined their deformity was due to tu
berculosis of the bones and joints. '
The old conflict In Germany between
the supporters of the Latin and the
Gothic character in writing has again
broken out with great fury. The Im
mediate cause of the outbreak Is the
acceptance by the petition committee
of the relchstag of a petition signed by
many Influential persons begging thatj
the Latin character be the only one
used la the first three yean of school
lastrncUon. 7
tn an ever froze to death.
"If you let the child have measles
when he is young you may save a doc
tor's bill later on, but you may have
to yay the undertaker now."
"A good iron pump costs less than a
case of typhoid."
If your milkman brings you warm
milk make It hot for him. ,r r
."Wire screens In the windows may
keep crupe from the door." '
"A fly In the milk often means a
member of the family in the grave."
"If some people were as much
afraid ol flies as they are of bad water
there would be less typhoid.".
"When you see a child looking like
an angel do not kiss it; you might mafee
a real angel out of it."
"Scarlutina may not sound so dan
gerous as scarlet fever, but ask the
Get a nice juicy steak at H. IH. Taylor's
Grccery Store.
"Generally debilitated for years.
Had sick headaches, Jacked ambit ion,
and was worn-out and all run-down.
Burdock Blood Bitters made me a well
woman.'' Mrs. Chas. Freitoy, Moh
sup, Conn. ...
Pale Faces
Pale-faced, weak, and
shaky womenwho suffer
every day with womanly
weakness need the help
of a gentle - tonic, with
a building action on toe
womanly system. If you are
weak you ' need Cardui,
the woman's tonic, because
Cardui will act directly on
the cause of your trouble.
Cardui has a record of
more than . 50 years of
success. It must be good.
Tho Woman's Tonic
Mrs. - Effie Graham, of
Willard, Kyv says: "I
was so weak. 1 could
hardly go. I suffered,
nearly every month, for 3
years. When I began to
take Cardui, my back hurt
awfully. I only weighed
09 pounds. Not long after.
1 weighed 115. Now, I
do all my work, and am
In good health." Begin
taking Cardui, today.
V fteif
W, trill tttdlr ! icnnn trHh tank wSa fcii M.tcintiis Knian, ttr
kk M Mnclunt with wkam Ikef butsMi (nutsiM tbir tccMM. .
in L '' I inn
i r m mjk m mm. mm mm , iu
Shipped Direct toCnwwlw PUtmPckacEfc rwW
Four U) Full Quarts for ' - .- 035
Per Gallon, h hM oi ftmiju wit tichtw iwu $3.C0
HoapHal Purpose , ind Ii uiwl by mor biitltutlont, lanltarlum
etc., requiting Purs WhUkey than any other Brand, (luaraato
; by Crigler & Crisfior mitt National Pura Fowl Law. UtUl Na, 4642.
UN a Douie in fi WWULANU it not iintetofif, the sen yoa lira aret rotum m aaraa.
Prm, Montr will be refunded. Cipitil, ,200.000.00. titUDIUnM 1874. U uaraot aa vtrytBtajr.
Write lot Pitce Litt of other goods. $
l!Tff!! -Stt1?:' Crlalcr & Crtaler. DeDt WHMSSXt&t
Hemlock Wood
All hemlock wood must be SA'WED, (not chopped), to lengths.
Itountl wood to be not less than 6 inches diameter ut small end,
and up to 10 inches diameter, NOT SPLIT. Large diameters to be so
split as to show not less than 8 inches face on the piece. Wooi to be
sound, (except worm holes) , and not charred or blackened by lire.
Knots and limbs must be trimmed off close poorly trimmed and
excessively knotty wood will be rejected. v;'.
Trees from "which the bark has been peeled can bo rawed' to
lengths of 3 feet, 4 feet or 5 feet, and" split to above sizes. AH
sap rot and doty places, must be removed down to the sound wood.
Notify us of the length you decide to adopt In your cutting, as these
lengths must not be mixed together in looding. One hundred and
sixty, (160), cubic feet constitute a oord. Freight will be charged
back on under loaded cars and upon rejected wood. v
For further particulars address The Champion Fibre Company,
Wood Department, Asheville, N.C. P. O. Box 135. ; .
Champion fibre Company, AsheviHe, N. C.
All shipments and bills lading to Champion Fibre Co., Canton,' N. C
i van
McMichol s Art Shop
Headquarters for Wedding Presents
Graduating Presents, in fact every
thing in artistic, inexpensive goods.
The Shop of Quality and Low Prices'
i r.
tfnrnor nf Rav arm P.hnrp.h Stroot rnnyvi p Tenn
Are You Going to the
The ATLANTIC HOTEL at Morehead Cly, N.
,'. '.C, .offers- superior attractions, unexcelled ac
commodations, the largest variety of amusements :
and guests here enjoy the most invigorating and .
healthful climate on the Pacific Coast. '':',
Ideal Surf Bathing Reach Finest Fishing in the Worid Safe
Bailing on Inland Waters or the Ailan'io Ocean Largest Ball
Boom in the South Convention Hall Tennis Courts Bowling
Alleys Pool Billiards.
Southern Cooking a Specialty.
The Bummer Home for Mother and Baby Cool Hea Air the Best
Tonic. Special Rates for Families. Low Rate Season Excur
sion Fares via
, , . HoteRates, $1? 50 to ?21.0C per week.
T ALEX BAXTER. Manager, Morehead City, N. C,
Formerly Manager of Greenbrier White Sulphur Springs, W.Va
Why so many East Tenncsseans buy their Whiskies
and Brandies from Samuel $ Co. The best qualities
honest measure, prompt shipments is their reason-
Note these prices by express prepaid on 4 quarts and over:
4 qts
Old Benson, bottled in bond, Bourbon, 8 years old. . . .?4.o0
Esco, bottled in bond, 6 years old 4.00
Old McBraer, bottled In bond 4.00
Big Stone, rich and mellow 4.00
Green Springs, our old reliable 3.00
Elkton Club, our new brand of straight whiskey 3.00
Four Star Club, the best for the money 2.65
Callard's Malt Whiskey, the tonic stimulant 3.20
Famous 70" Corn Whiskey, always the same-.. ; 2.65
Old "10" Brand Apple Brandy. 3.50
Al's Apple Brandy 2.65
Old South Corn, Town Talk Whiskey, and Trigg Brandy t2.00 per gallon,
express collect.
8 qts .
12 qts
; $12.X
11.00 '
Formerly of Knoxville, Tenn.
Cincinnati. O. No. 20 Mlddlesboro Ky. No. 07

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