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The Herport Plain Talk
. ' ' ) v Newport, Tennessee
Entered at the Post Office at Newport,
-Tenn as Second Class Mall Matter.
Advertising Kates on Application.
Published Every Thursday.
Subscription Rates
.Onh Year .......$1.00
Six Months ... .60
Editor and Publisher
Thursday, September 7, 1911
Morristowu fair is in full blast
this week and next week comes
the Appalachian.
The editors ot Tennessee will
gather at Knoxville, September 15
as the guests of the exposition
The exhibitior who fails to get a
prize can always find superior
in the winners.
Bob Taylor was just as enjoyable
as ever and his presence here pre
vented the fair association stock
holders' from getting stuck for
even more coin.
Of course, there possibly was no
significence in Judge McIIender
son's speech here last Thursday
but there were those on the ground
who could feel thit the Judge was
running for something, from the
expression on his face.
It will always be a matter of
much pride to the young lady who
wins the piano being given away
by The Plain Talk and if you
have a friend who is a contestant
booost her standing by giving her
your subscription or your renewal.
Senator Taylor tells the country
boy to stick to that dear old farm,
and that while he has handled a
good many golden eagles and won
some glory, he has always regretted
the day when 'he took his feet
from his old homestead at Happy
Valley. . -
Bill Montgomery winked his eye
and smiled when some one asKeu
him if the speech of Judge McIIen
derson did not mean that the
judge was a candidate for congress.
Bill ought to know for he is doing
sterling pres3 agent work for the
judge at this time.
Contestants ; are busy hustling
for votes in the great piano contest
now on.. The prizes are here and
will become the property of the
one receiving the highest number
of votes. This will be determined
by the amount of work done by a
candidate and by a candidate's
John Isaac Cox is now mentioned
as a possible candidate for repre
sentative. John Isaac is bound to
run for somethiug ' and it is cer
tainly hoped that the people of his
district will have enough decency
about them, to get rid of him once
and for ever the next time he
makes a race.
We note that J. Harry Swan Jr.,
has been named back tax collector
for East Tennessee. Harry cer
tainly made his trip to the legisla
ture pay him well. He seems to
have picked up se eral soft snaps
besides living in luxury while at
tending the long session. It's a
wise man- who puts ' the proper
ralue on his services to the public.
If Bill Montgomery, don't stop
his kidding he will get us all
puffed up. This thing of knocking
Congressman Sells in one para
graph, praising Judge McIIender
boq in another and. rapping on us
inithe next, is getting on our nerves.
Congressman Sells, is. drawing
$7500 per year and . can afford' to
take- the knocks, Judge Mellend
erson it is said has. eyes on that
saine "87500 and "is glad to receive
the boosts; but j nst where "we are
t come in-, our friend from
'Sevierville will have to explain." .
The bell of the Newport v High
school has sounded again.-' The
enrollment is already a large one.
and hundreds of boys and girls are
given the opportunity ' to gain
knowledge, in order that their
usefulness of the , future may be
increased. No boy. or ;, girl can
complain these days of the lack of
opportunity to gain an education.
The street in front of" the post
office, Sunday looked like some
unkept alley, a place for the piling
of trash, as there was a litter .of
paper, watermelon rind and water
melon seeds scattered about. The
municipal authorities should cer
tainly make some efforts to keep
the streets clean, especially for
Sunday. -
Judge Mcllenderson-, although a
Republican, was telling his friends
here duriug the fair that he be
lieved that the farmers were en
titled to better things. "'He said
he was in favor of paying the farm
help five dollars a day instead of
paying thfe machinist that sum,
as he believed that the high
wage should be paid to the man
who produced necessities instead
of the man who produced luxuries.
Cocke county will be within two
miles of the great state highway,
if the lower route through Greene
county is selected and the road
passes through Birds Hill, Dulaney
and other points on a direct line
between Morristown and Greeue
ville. There are two routes in dis
pute in Greene county aud the
Bruner's Grove people are pulling
hard for the selection of the lower
Hawkins county people, over
whelmingly voted against a $200,
000 bond issue for good roads, and
the Eogersville Star says that this
action was not taken because the
citizens did not want good roads,
but because they did not believe
the money would be honestly
expended and the grafters would
get . the best portion of it. It is
too bad that Hawkins has delayed
the improvement of her highways
because of her general distrust in
mankind. Although the bitterest
kind of a fight was waged in Cocke
county, there has never been a hint
that the people were not getting
the value of their money iu the
construction of the roads here,
and Hawkins county could have
assured the voters of the proper
expenditure of the money by put
ting responsible citizens in charge
of the fund.
The eighth annual meeting of
the Appalachian fair has been
held. Throughout the three days
there was a spirit of resignment
shown and it was frequently stated
by those vitally interested, that
this eighth show would sound taps
to the association. '
Many Cocke county people look
forward each year to the fair as
the big picnic occasion of the year.
These will hope that things are
not as bad as as they look and that
some means will be found to con
tinue the meetings in the future.
There are others who have pre
dicted the downfall of the associa
tion, claiming that the fair manage
ment during the past few years
has been in the hands of a certain
few, and that the great mass of
common people were being treated
as though their only part in the
fair was to contribute their little
mite at the gate.
The lack of interest in 19Q9
One of Kentucky's Oldest and
Most Popular Brands.
Case of 12 full quarts, Spring 1903, Bot-
tied in Bond, 8 Years Old
Per Case Express Prepaid.
Uk& Guaranteed to Please You', .gjr"
, Mall . tot order to
-Old Dexter Distilling Co., Covington, Kentucky
caused the directors . to
raise , the
price of admission and t his? too,
has been resented by the people of
the country districts, it is, these
people who make or break a fair.
Of course there were many in
terested in the fair tiho had uo
selfish motives, men and women
who were anxious to see the fair
live, for the advertisement it gives
the couuty. The majority of the
stockholders had this feeling but
these were., not in active charge
and the ultimate financial failure
has often been predicted, it 'being
said that it was but a matter of a
few years, until those in charge
would run it into the ground.
The next meeting of the direc
tors will be awaited with interest
and there are many who will hope
that the cloud of the presence,
will have a silver lining in the
The last issue of Bill Montgom
ery's Vindicator was a classy one.
He must have been ingood "spirits"
when he emitted the following,
but the first paragraph possible
evplains those following:
"We invite the attention of our
readers to the advertisement of The
Tennessee Beverage Company, We
don't get any money tor this ad., but
are to take a car load of beer."
"The editor of Plain Talk denies
he received a telegram announcing the
appointment by Congressman Sells of
a postmaster at Nailon. We expect
that the night of the next primary,
like Peter the night Christ was be
trayed, he will denv that heever heard
of Sam Sells."
'The manufacturer of governors and
the perpftuator of Sam Sells, and Gen
eral Bultram, wonders what kind of
stuff we havs been drinking. It was
not purchased from a bootlegger, oper
ating under protection of General But
tram and the anti-saloon league, but
from a licensed dealer at Middlesboro."
' "Many of the close friends of Con
gressman Brownlow supported Sam
l. Sells for Congress in 1910, thinking
his election would tend to bring
about harmony in the republican
ranks in the lirst district, but all
Brownlow people are reminded of the
story of the man who had pity on the
frozen reptile "and warmed it to life,
only to receive in return for his kind
ness a charge of its deadly poison into
his system. The people of the first
district blundered and they feel it.
"We had expected that editor Susong
of The Newport Plain Talk would
be appointed postmaster at Newport
a. soon as Congressman Sells can suc
ceed in displacing the widow woman
whom -Congressman Brownlow ap
pointed and who has filled the office
acceptably, but we understand Con
gressman Sells and Senator Lea have
him slated for editor of the Congress
ional Record. Then when Sells makes
a speech the word "applause" will ap
pear quite frequently." .
'.'Birmingham, Ala., voted last
Thursday, Aug. 24th to re-instate the
salooon, When Sam Sells and the
prohibition wing of the legislature go
to that city in 1918, they will not have
to depend on the bootleggers for their
booze." .
"Judge Henderson may not be a
candidate for congress, but if he de
clines to stand it will be because he
prefers to serve the people as Judge
rather than go to congress and not be
bause he is afraid of the popularity of
Mr. Sells or the "Inflooence" of his
prospective postmasters."
"As. Sam Sells has to attend the
sessions of the legislature and also look
after the post office department at
Washington, and as it has become cus
tomary for one branch of the Legisla
ture to hold its session outside the
States, we suggest that the legislature
of 1913 hold its session in Washington
to save Mr. Sells bo much worry and
"Anyone who promised to ccntrib
ute to the slush fund of Congressman
Sells and has failed to do so, should
cough up at once. Sells wants to get
"Judge Henderson is real proud that
the lawyers of the second judicial cir
cuit who would like to be judge, did
not discover two years ago that he was
as weak as the Sells leaders now claim
he is." " . . ,
"The Sells leaders are beginning to
realize that Judge McHendersdti is not
so weak as ..they thought he -was.
After the election they will wonder
why they ever supported so weak a
candidate as Mr. Sells." .
. The above are but a few, of the
Vindicator's eruptions They are
a fair sample "of the Vindicator's
weekly denunciations of the;; first
distiiot congressman . He -gets
slightly mixed some times in his
dope, but that : is to be expected.
Fpr instance he speaks of the dis
placing of the postmaster at New
port by Congressman Sells, where
it is a matter of common knowl
edge that no effort has been made
w would be made here, to make a
change as the present postmis
tress has filled the" office
to the satisfaction of the
postal authorities, aud there is no
possibility of a . change until the
incumbent's four years has ex
pired. Fine Lot Of Chickens :
Herbert Haun of Mohawk certainly
had a fine lot of chickens on exhibition
at the fair ground. His entries helped
to make that part of the shown success
H. E. Holland and son of Greene
ville were here for the fair.
The original old-fuh.
ioncd kind made in
North Carolina before
that State went dry.
Recommended for me
dicinal and family use.
Guaranteed to please or
money refunded. WE
point en Adam and
Southern Exprea Line.
Id. Jug $2.85
2 " " 5.00
3 Ca!. Ket- T JO
4 Full rt a
U 12 " " loo
Remit Poetal Or Ex-
preae Money Order.
Rerietered Letter r
Certified Check.
..Complete Price Liat
Mailed on Requeat.
owm to-dav mow
Becoming Eye Glasses H
Many iauies put off wearing
glasses ond suffer discomfort
under the impression that
they make one laok old. We
take special pains to make
our rimless eyeglasses give a
distingvished as well as
youthful look to the wearer.
We are optical experts and
know how. Let us test and
fit your eyes in our uptodate
optical departmont.
Send for illustrated
H. J. Cook Co.
The Popular Jewelers
and Opticians
H 400 Gay St. Knoxville, Tenn. j
headache, biliousness, in
digestion, rheumatism,
pimples, blotches, yellow
complexion, etc, are all
signs of poisons in your
blood. These poisons
should be driven out, or
serious illness may, result
To get rid of them, use
the old, reliable, purely
vegetable, liver medicine.
Mrs. J." H. Easier, , of
Spartanburg, S. C, says:
" I had sick headache, for
years. I felt bad most of
the time,' I tried Thed
ford's Black-Draught,, and
now I" feel better than
when I was 16 years old."
Your druggist sells it, in
25 cent packages.
. Insist on Thedford's
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Newport, Tenn
and You Travel Over the
Equally low rates from your home town. ,
There is no climate to contend with nature
works for you, not against you, out in California
or the Pacific Northwest. There are no severe
winters, no hot summers.' Cattle feed in the open
the year round. "
Population compared with area is very small
There is freedom, health, happiness for every
man who will go and work for it. '
Wonderful crops, eager markets nearby, good living
conditions, established towns, good schools, numerous churches
of every denomination,' are only a few of the inducements
which this country offers to you today.
We have booklets, free for you, on the Apple Industry
Poultry Dairy and Stock Raising the Ten-Acre Farm and
Climatic Conditions. '
Standard Road of the West
is the national highway over which for two generations the
East has gone West and the West has gone East.
Every inch is protected by electric block signals. The track -.
is bellasted with dustless . Sherman gravel. The dining cars are
excellent. Meals are served at reasonable prices, and you pay
only for vhat you eat.
Fall S
We have bought carefully, so that
now everything we offer for sale is
I pnnn. c lean new
1 We sell school
your patronage.
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years ago in Tennes,sece.

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