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IT- -.1
I Stratir 1 :MI;
Chas. W. DeLaney, Proprietor "
Knoxville's leading hotel. In the heart oi
the business section, Wall avenue, one block fron?
Gay street. Has HO outside room, 60 .with pri
vate baths, all furnished with brass- beds, lull
felt mattresses and the famous Ideal Springs.
j Ul VVIIU IUVI VUUUUI tutiv yfcrf.ww huh ymvv .. arwj m
ooocr , c -) loop
j McWichol's Art Shop j
Headquarters for Wedding Presents
Graduating Presents, in fact every
thing in artistic, inexpensive goods.
"The Shop of Quality and Low Prices"
n Corner of Gay and Church Streets, Knoxville, Tenn.
1 The Merchants
Planters Bank
Newport, Tenn.
Capital and Surplus
'.''' Solicits Your Business : ' -
4 Per Cent
Paid on Time Certificates of Deposit
The hobble skirt and consequent al
most general 'abolitlop of underskirts
is now adjudged ' responsible for the
recent slump iti ..the manufactoring,
spinning and dyeing business.'
Many factories in various manufac
turing districts lately have, been com
pelled to curtail their operations, Willi
the. result" that the chambers lit oom
meice have taken the mat ter in hand
with a view to making the goverment
exercise prendre, upon those I'aris es
tablishments which are considered vas
the arbiters of elegence to Induce theni
to create new models requiring a great
er quantity of material. : . ;. ; j
It is stated that, whereas a.. while
ago some fifteen yards was necessary
for the average gown, only five yards
now are required. ; . ' '
In the elaborate report ' which the
chambers submit to the goverment it
is pointed ott that women were con
sidered none the less charming when
wearing mora substantial apparal.
Public opinion, however, seems skep
tical as to the final sucoe-s of govern
mental intervenrion.
It Is generally thought that, although
the cabinet may successfully wade
through the" dangerous waters of
foreign politics, it may meet insur
mountable obstacles when attempting
to control the whims of Dame Fash
ion. -Paris Cablegram to New York
Times. "' 'v " ' '
Every Progressive Farmer
I hminir uir tluhne service installed, that he mir instantly communicate
with the merchant, the physician, and in fact very one of importance. He
" 'nfl VOUUfV UUUJT TT i w trlf I. Mm mill i -t -j-- - m,i. f aw vii w
-wf pkMme to ctbtv inamlwr f afec Imw WiVI it keeps every one perfectly
contented. Call or write our nearest Manager for information regarding
. Farmers' Telephone Service. Interesting literature will also be sent.
East Tennessee Telephone Company, Inc.
f Poplar Pul
Specifications for the Champion Fibre Co.
' : CANTON, N. C.
I KiniMI his classification includes Poplar, Lynn7 and Cucum
ber, but specifically excludes Buckeye, which will not be accepted.
2 . 8izk No wood measuring under . five (5) Inches at the small
end will be accepted. -Wood up to twelve (12) inches in diameter must
be left in the round and must not be split. Larger sizes may be left In
the round, or may be so split as to permit the pieces to pass through a,
twelve inch ring,'but the pieces so split must not show less than a ten
inch face. S Lkngth All sticks must measure Ave (o) feet and,
must be sawed, not chopped to length. 4 Bark Must .be removed,,
including all shreds of inner bark. Wood from which bark has beep,
chopped with an axe, after peeling season has closed, will not be ac
cepted. 5 v Knots Must be trimmed off close to the slick. - Poorly
trimmed wood, or wood cut from the extreme tops of trees and con
taining nn excessive number of knots will not be accepted. 6 Crook
ed Wood Reasonably straight wood is required under these specillca
lions. JJadly crdoked' sticks will be rejected. 7 JU'RXT AND Doty
Wood Will not be accepted. 8 . Loading After the car has been
cleaned of dirt, wood must be placed in cars in even, well packed ranks
so as to obtain full carrying capacity of the car. 9 Freight On un
derloaded cars, and on rejected wood rreight will be charged back,
ltf Cord One hundred and sixty (100) cubic feet constitute a cord.
utnampion nore tympany, asnsvme, iv u
'V. ' Shipments and bills lading to Champion Fibre Co., Canton, N. C. - J.
Rhiamatisra Relieved in 6 Hours.
matibji usually relieves severest cases
in a few hours. Its action upon the
system is remarkable and effective. It
removes the cause and the disease
quickly disappears. First dose beneH
fits. 75c and $1.00. riold by Smith's
Corner Drug Store, Main Street. , -
: Knoxville, Tenn., September. 27.J.
Frank White, slate revenue age.it for
the ajkstTn district of Tennessee, has
tendered his resignation to Comptroller
Frank Dibrell, to take effect October 1.
It ia understood that J. Pjtrks Worley,
representative from Sullivan county,
will succeed Mr. White.' When asked
in regard to a recent rumor Friday Mr.
White aid: ?v "l am not an applicant
for reappointment, but, in fact, I have
sent my resignation to Mr. Dibrell to
take eiiect October 1. My commission
Will not expire until December 1."
Asthoia and Catarrh
Knoxville, Tenn., Sept. 27. In his
address here Thursday Speaker Champ
Clark " said that he had always had a
warm place in his heart for Tennessee
for it was from this state that, the
largesi numlcr of early pioneers of
Missouri came. He discussed the rich
ness of the Appalachians and, then
spoke of the general progress of the nr
tion. lie spoke in favor of a universal
peace doctrine, but denounced the im
perialistic policy of holding the Phil
ippines, saying that he hoped the Fili
pinos would never be considered Amer
ican citizens. He, believed,, he said,
in maintaining the Monroe doctrine at
alUlmes.; Discussing present day cor
ruption. int politics he expressed the
hope that it would soon dlsappeai for
ever,, for it was his belief that every
tendency now was toward puriiication.
Though declining to refer in any way
to his own c!:ances of nomination as
his party's standard bearer, Mr. Clark:
freely predicted democratic success iii
and In a voice tremulous with deep
feeling he exclaimed: ;.
'Thank heaven, the luck's changed
at last!' "Philadelphia Press.
Women loves a clear, rosy complex
ion. Burdocks Bl:od Bitters purifies
theblood, clears the skin, restores rud
dy sound health. ' ,
. , Tun of the fide
George F. Karly, the Philadelphia
financier,' was talking in Washington
about high overhigh or rank iinancs
"Here's a certain type of financier,"
said Mr; Earle, "who in his greed for
wealth loses his humanity. . He be
eomes, in fact, a facsimile of Peter
Brown. . ' ,
"Peter Brown was a Conshohpcken
grocer 1 He was delivering some grocer
ies in his wagon one morning when lie
ran down and badly crippled an old
lady.' The old lady sued him and got
big damages. ' '
"Well, a few months later Brown
was on his rounds again, when lie ran
down and crippled an old gentleman.
The old gentleman also sued, and so
large were the damages awarded him
by a generous jury that poor Brown
found 1 imself actually on the verg:
of ruin. ,
"One morning about this time
Brown's young son rushed into Hie
store ii great excitement. 1
"Father!" he cried; "Father! Moth
er's been run over by old Gnbsa Golde's
90-horsepower touring car." ,
"The grow r's eyes filled wilh tears,
Signal.Triamph Of Dr. Wiley
Dr. Harvey W. ' Wiley, chief of the
bureau of chemistry of the Department
of Agriculture, has gone through the
tiery furnaucc and has come out in his
true person pure gohl,
It was designed to destroy him be
cause lie stood firmly and unyieldingly
for the public health as against the in
terest of the adulteration of foods.
' The big bugs who stood in with the
adulterators endeavor.-d to drive Dr.
Wiley from the public st rvioc because
he stood in their way and prevented
them from perpetrating fraud upon the
people in glaring violations of the Fed
eral pure food and drugs statutes.
Dr. Wiley luv proven himself to be
not only a skillful chemist eminently
efficient in the performance of the duti
es of his ofllra, but he hss proved him
self to be a high-cjass man who is de
termined that, no official corruption
shall taint his garments.
There was a powe;f.il comhinalm
Since the Ingredient Entering Pernna groves
arravwl Acninct. ' this man. ni for '
Itime it seemed thnt he would be crusftr-
ed,but he defended himself and hia
course in such an able and fearless; way
that, the press of the country and tho
public generally, concluding Ihal h
was right, came to his defense, and
finally his, vindication, wa mado com
plete when President Tajf( susUinedi
him In his attitude and' contenlfons.
Dr. Wiley's Abdication' in tbH
matter is a signal triumph of integrity,"
honesty and eflicleney over the scheme
of cheat.? and faauds, and he and the
people of this country are to be con
gratulated on such a victory .,-Nasb
ville Tpnnpssnn. ,'
! ''' . i " f 'U -
' Florida bad fakes -
Board of trade and commercial bod- ,
ies in tlij Florida cities and towns, am
making every effoi t tq check tbeiopeimr
Lions of dw honest boomers who ; are
fnitttllicr 1 an rid urlitfkfft u ra vtr4 I w
worthless upon rionresldent; buyer
i.iirniiirii i H i ma ranrnBanrniiAiia -
Uncle 8am has also taken a hand In
the movement to protect the puWie
against advertised lands which are not
as represented. r, ,;
"A case recently .tried in Chica
brought forth testimony to the effect
that the defendant company had soJJ
swamp land und land wholly sul
merirel throuiTIi udvertUin? which
. ' o j .
represented the property to be " deslr-
ame ior vegeiaoie garaens anu orange-,
Axe Known, Its Power as a Catarrh.
Semedy and Tonio is
tive ingredients entering the most
popular, household remedy In the
world have been made known to
the public. This means a new era'
- in the advertising of popular Yarn
. ily medicines Peruna leads. .
' Peruna contains among other
, things, golden seal, powerful in its
' effect . upon , the mucous mem-
branes. ' Cedron seed, a rare
medicine and unsurpassed tonic
Cubebs, valuable in nasal catarrh
and affections of , the kidneys and
. bladder, v Stone root, valuable for
. .. the nerves, mucous membranes
, as well as In dropsy and lndi
- gestion. '' -: . 1 1
i d .. , ". . .'
Maiy of the belter eras'! advertising j
agencies have declined to accept further -advertising
from Florida land promo-.
tionofmany of the wildcat scheriies
foisted upon the public. F : ' - .
Ida have issued a general warning lo
the public aginst the grafting concents
which have been doing the State much)
harm, and Fioridians have advise!
that nomisioents should not buy prop
ertyiwitbout making ajpeisonal ijospee
tion. Nashville Tennesseani y
voan s iteguiaior cure consiipftuon
. 1. A . 1. ... 1 ' 1 . . . " . 1 It.L
promotes digeston and appettie ami
easy passage of the bowels.
' Ask your druggist for them. 25 cents
a bjx.,
Expert Medical Science Announce Startling
Results Obtained by Sepine.
New York: Thousands are taking
advantage of the generous I' offer made
by The Wood worth Co. Dept. O, 116
Broad way,. New Yolk City, requesting
an experimental package of Sep'.ne,
the great discovery for Asthma, flay
Fever, Bronchitis and Catarrh, which
is mailed free of . charge lo all who
write for it. ; It is curing thousands of
the most stubborn cases. It makes no
difference how long you have been I
suffering or how severe the, climatic
conditions are where you live, Sepine
will cure you.
If you have experimented with other
treatments and have failed to find a
eure do not be discouraged but send
for a trial of this wonderful truly mer
itorious remedy which is a, scientific
compound discovered by a Professor
of yienna University, and is being
recommended by thousands. ';' ,
Torturing eczema spreads , its burn
ing area every day.- Doan's Ointment
quickly, stops its spreading, instantly
relieves the itching, cures it permanent
ly. At any drug store.
WANTED, Good Housekeeping
Maoazink requires the servicas of a
represdntative in . Newport and Cocke
county to look after subscription n
newals' and 10 extend circulation by
speeUtU tnethods which have proved
unusually successful. Salary and com
inissiou. Whole time or spare time.
Address, with references, J. F. Fair
banks, Good Housekeeping Magazine,
.81 Fourth Ave., New York City.
r;:; ''Monarch
' ' '
III t I ' -
One secret of Monarch super- ';
iori'ty lies in the wonderful respon
siveness of its key action. In no
other t)'pewriter in the world , do the
keys so readily yield to the slightest
touch of the finger. , J
That is why the Monarch , is
easier to operate than any other ;
writing machine. ;T
- That is why it wards off fatigue and saves nerve strain on the part of the sten
ographer. In consequence, her work is more accurate, greater in quantity than it '
is possible to i obtain with any other writing machine.
Send for Monarch Literature
Learn the reasons for Monarch superiority. Then try the Monarch, to the end that ymi
may know that Monarch merit rests in the machine itself, not merely in what we teB you
abotitit. v r . . - ' - - -.S
617. Prince Street ' Knoxville, Tenn
' PI
r l
r .
4 With each gallon of Mountain Maid at $2.50
per gallon, we will enclose absolutely free one of these
valuable coupons, five of which will entitle you to a
purse worth $1,. as illustrated. When you have
accumulated five, mail them to us and we will place
purse in your package. '
..j.Bv-Wrilldw & Company
: "Oldest and Largest"
Middlesboro, .- Kentucky
') 1
Woi th $1

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