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Chas. W. DeLaney, Proprietor
' Knoxville's leading hotel. In, the heart of
the business section,' Wall avenue, one block froir
Gay street. Has 140 outside room, 60 with pri
vate baths, all lurnished with ' brass beds, lull
felt mattresses' and the farapua Ideal Springs.
i Special Merchants' Hate $2.00 and $2.50 Per Day
s Art S
1 1
Headquarters for Wedding Presents
Graduating Presents, in fact every
thing in artistic, inexpensive goods.
"The Shoo of Quality and Low Prices'
n Corner o! Gay and Church Streets, Knoxville, Tenn;
The Merchants &
Planters Bank
Newport, Tenn.
Gapital and Surplus
Solicits Your Business
4 Per Cent
Paid on Tima Certificates of Deposit
Every Progressive Farmer
Is having our telephone service installed, that he may instantly communicate
with the merchant, the physician, and in fact every one of importance.' He
rife!! mnrtpt hunt Qtiona. Tplnhonft Kervtae on the farm is a fiouiv.fi
' VHIl WVV Ml V ut a u v w jwwwwaMWMM . w -
of pleasure to every member of the household it keeps every one perfectly
contented. Call or write our nearest Manager for Information regarding
Farmers' Telephone Service. Interesting literature will also be sent.
East Tennessee Telephone Company, Inc.
V: Poplar Pulp Wood
Specifications for the Champion Fibre Co.
; CANTON, N. C. - 5 '
'-.; - . -
I Kind This classification includes Poplar, Lynn and Cucum
ber,. but specifically excludes Buckeye, which will not be accepted.
2 Sizfe No wood measuring under live (5) inches at the small
end will be accepted. Wood up to twelve (12) inches in diameter must
be lefff In the round and must not be spHt.' Larger sizes may be left in
the round; or may be so split as to permit the pieces to pass through a
twelve Inch ring, but the pieces so split must not show less than a ten
Inch face. 3 Length All sticks must measure five (5) feet and,
must be sawed, not chopped to length. 4 Bark Must be removed,
including all shreds of inner bark. Wood from which bark has been
chopped with an axe, after peeling season has closed, will not be ac
cepted, fl Knots Must be trimmed off close to the stick. Poorly
trimmed wood, or wood cut from the extreme tops' of trees and con
taining an excessive number of knots will not be accepted. 6 Crook
ed Wood Reasonably straight wood is required under these specifica
tion). Badly crooked sticks will be rejected. 7 Burnt and Doty
Wood Will not be accepted. 8 Loading After' the car has been
cleaned of dirt, wood must be placed in cars in even, well packed ranks
so as to obtain full carrying capacity of the car. 9 Freight On un
derloaded cars, and on rejected wood freight will be charged back.
10 Cord One hundred and sixty (160) cubic feet constitute, a cord.
Champion Fibre Company, Asheville, N. C.
Shipments and bills lading to Champion mre Vo.t canton, jn . u.
Sara Beaumont Kennedy has select
ed 14 Cicly". us the title far her story,
which in fact is a tale of the Georgia
march. The author has not selected a
new plot for her war time story but
she has told in a dat ing hold manner of
the outrage suffered by those people of
Georgia during the famous march of
Sherman to the sea. She pictures the
march to the sea for what it was, a
useless show of arms to a people already
crushed, war against women and chil
dren. It is a truthful narrative of the
great event which has been made the
subject of much history writing. The
burning of Atlanta and the sacking of
Savunah are pictured and the suffer
ings of the women a'ud children . is re
counted in exactness. '
The romantic love story upon which
the story is strung is filled with adven
ture and Clcly, the heorine is of the
type which was not uncommon in
those dark days, for she was loyal to
her cause to the core, but she did not
prove loyal to the young lover who
had won his promotion on the field of
battle, merely for her sake, but the
young Yankee captain who fell under
her care when wounded captured her
heart, and the author has done a pret
ty piece of work in weaving the net
around the young Confederate, so that
he too, looses his heart to another, and
Anally admits as much to. Clcly, who,
does not have to make the sacrifice of
heart, which she was planning to do
as long as she felt bound to the young
ofiicer.-T-Published by Doubleday , Page
& Co., New York. . Price $1.20.
41 Mother Carey's Chickens "
It has remained for Kale Douglas
Wiggin to produce the ideal Mother,
and in her new story, "Mother Carey's
Chickens" she has given us a womon
to be loved, a woman she, herself de
scribes "That is the sort of mother I
would have made had I been Nature
and given a free hand! I would have
put a label on Mrs. Carey, saying:
"This is what I meant a woman to
be!" 'Mother Carey's Chickens' is the
story of a period in the life of a naval'
officer's family, the officer having the
misfortune to diei without leaving them
sufficient means to live as they had
been accustomed: Without even a
word of regret the little mother plans
for the future, severs this tie and that,
and finally come to reside in a home in
a small village, where the generous
land lord, declines rent because his
property is being so well taken care of.
There are four children, two boys and
a girl and the eldest is about 16 when
the story is told, and yet these spoiled
children, under the magnetic care of
their mother never fret because of the
change in their surroundings. She
leads her children to adapt themselves
to the changed conditions and they do
it with enthusiasm. It is a story in
which the reader becomes an interest
ed spectator of the trials and joys of
the little family, and rejoices with
them in their ultimate good fortune.
Published by Houghton-Mifflin Co.,
Boston. Piice $1.2 net.
Asthma and Catarrh
Expert Medical Science Announce Startling
Results Obtained by Sepine.
New York: Thousands are taking
advantage of the generous offer made
by The Wood worth Co. Dept . O, 116
Broadway, New Yolk City, requesting
an experimental package of Sepine,
the great discovery for Asthma, Hay
Fever, Bronchitis and Catarrh, which
is mailed free of charge to all who
write for it. It is curing thousands, of
the most stubborn cases. It makes no
difference how long you have been
suffering or how severe the climatic
conditions are where you live, Sepine
will cure you. - ' -If
you have experimented with other
treatments and have failed to find a
eure do not be discouraged but send
for a trial cf this wonderful truly mer
itorious remedy which is a scientific
compound discovered by a Professor
of 'Vienna University, and is being
recommended by thousands.
" The Boss of Wind Riser "
A big hearted, determined boy, just
Out of college, finds himself heir to
his father's heavily involved dumber
business. There are many mortgages
but the business is sol vent, If the head
of the firm' has the nerve and wisdom
to carry it on. There' are numerous
competitors who are anxious to bring
attout a failure oh the part of the com
pany in order that they may profit by
it and inasmuch as the lumber bus
iuess at its best is rough work, there
are many opportunities for a good story
and this is what A. M. Chishohri has
woven about young Joe Kent, 4The
Boss of Wind River." V
The right to control the river in get
ting the logs to market brings up the
plot and it gives the author ample op
portunity to test the metal of young
Kent before he, finally besomes the
boss. Although the characters as a
whole are rough men, a young out
door girl, tne daughter of an oldifriend
of his father's plays an important part
iii the story and it is her inspiration
which brings out the best in young
Kent. Published by Doubleday, Page
&Co., New York. Price$1.20 net.
tune coming to the stricken family
and he takes it upon himself to see
that they receive the money.
With new wealth, Melindy , does
society, although it was not ac
complished without much work, and
she does gjod whenever possible.
She buys back the old family work
horse, a horse which had good blood in
her veins and she makes a race horse
out of her. The old nag is a rank out
and Melindy decides that the horse
could run better with & little backing
so she tieconies a plunger and makes a
bet. In the first heat her horse does
not do well and she declares that he
needs more encouragement and he
wins the race. -.
The reader would rather have seen
the old horse make a good sho jvlng in
her first race than to have won, but
luck was with Melindy .and she had
gambled for her first and (last time,
but only because she thought Old Sol
needed encouragement., ' 1 '
. There are two pretty love stories in
41 Down Our Way," and itleaigood
story, well told. Published by Dodd
Mead & Co., New York. Price $1,25
('J Down Our Way")
It is a joy to meet Melindy Miller,
the heroine of Leila Hall Smith's
novel, " Down Onr Way. 14
Melindy is a character to gain the
love of the reader. In poverty we
like her, but in the enjoyment of her
wealth she is lovable.
The ignorance of Melindy and her
daughter, Nancy, is overdrawn in the
opening chapter, when we first became
acquainted with them in the ,big lail
road station at St. Louis, but the
character work of the author soon
overdraws the first few chapters and
we know Melindy for. what . she is, a
true, unselfish woman, where spirits
qannot be drowned by adversity.
While in the need of want, with
her children gathering coal from the!
railroad and their cow starving to
death, a good deed in the shape of a
wealthy friend appears and In order to
help the stricken family along, pavs
$100 for an old chest an heirloom and
in one of the pigeonholes he finds J
papers which show that there is a for- j
Doan's Regulator cure constipation,
tone the stomach, stimulate the liver,
promotes digeston and appetlie and
easy passage of the bdwels.
Ask your druggist for them. 25 cents
a box. -
' ''''
mil. JTT-itn
11 ft
The original ol4-luL-toned
kind made fa
North Carolina beforo
that Stat want dry.
Recommeaded fet me
dicinal and family oaca.
Guaranteed to pleaae or
money refunded. MCE
point on Adam and
Souther Espreaa Linee.
J I CaLJus $2.83
JS JCal.Ka. 7.SO
ga 4 Full Ota. 3.29
S " " 6.25
12 " " ft.00
Remit Poetal or Es-
Kreea Money Order,
ecutared Latter or
Certified Chock.
..Complete Prieo Liet
Mailed oa Request,
onorm to-oay from
In Central America many natives are
gathering the seeds of this plant, Cedroq
Seed, a rare medicine that baa valuable
curative powers. But few drug stores
carry this seed, owing to the high cost
of the article. ,
This country is a large consumer of
this costly seed because it enters into
the famous catarrh remedy, Peruna,
old the world over.
One farm, one mile from Concord'
56 1-2 acres with good buildings and 2
good springs, creek running through
farm. Price ?2,500.
80 acres on an island. Will produce
80 to 100 bushels of corn per acre. Near
good market,two schools and churches. '
240 acres good red land, 75 acres In
timber, balance In high state of cuitl- ..
vat ion. Good house,, barn and out-
houses. J
One fine dairy Mnd stock fara of
1,200 acres, one mile along river bot-'
torn, &55,000. 1
Any kind of a small farm or good
stock farm that a man should want.
Call for me. I am prepared to board
and keep all customers free of charge, ,
free conveyance.
Houses and lots in Concord.
Tenn. Old Phone 37
6-29 12m - f -
Torturing eczema spreads Its burn-
ing area every day. . Doan's Ointment
quickly stops, its spreading, instantly
relieves the itching, cures it permanent
ly. At any drug store. 1
Death Of Child
A two-year,old girl of Isaac Holt of
near Bybee died Sunday night Irom a
spinal complaint.
n n
Unlike Any
One secret of Monarch super
iority lies in the wonderful respon
siveness of its key action. In no
other typewriter in the world do the
keys so readily yield to the slightest
touch of the finger.
That is why the Monarch is
easier to operate than any other
writing machine.
I irfhf
11 Touch
That is why it wards off fatigue and saves nerve strain on the part of the sten
ographer. In consequence, her work is more accurate, greater iri quantity than it
is possible to obtain with any other writing machine.
Send for Monarch Literature
Learn the reasons for Monarch superiority. Then try the Monarch, to the end that you
'may know that Monarch merit rests in the machine itself, not merely in what we tell you
-about it. - . ,f y . .. 1
The Marble City Typewriter Co.
617- Prince Street Knoxville, Tenn.'
I ItMcnuiiltU
mJ''Pdi. e c o.
Free Premium Coupon
With each gallon of Mountain Maid at $2.50
per gallon, we will enclose absolutely free one of these
valuable coupons, five of which will entitle you to a
. purse worth $1,'" as illustrated. When you have
accumulated five, mail them to us and we will place
purse in your package. ' 1
: W;
, ; "Oldest and Largest" ' "('.,. '
Middlesboro, Kentucky
La"-:"" -t p . .
Worth $1

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