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SAVANNAH COURIER. Itfterm biUerfi-1,u T,,u prepred
' the wuy for attack upon the larger
. i
vi. aj. much mi, rroprietor.
Devuted to the Interests of the
Courier and its Patrons.
THURSDAY, NOV. 19, 1885.
Three ImUiiii jialicies have prevail
ed in this country. If-the future is
to be judged ly the past the Indian
is restricted in his selcct'on of a pol
ley to choice between a swift, mere!
ful and easy wy to the happy hunt
ing grounds and a thorny path.
Frmn Massachusetts to Oregon
ai d from Virginia to Texas the red
man has been robbed and killed by
the saage pioneers of advancing
civilization. The only, or at least
the chief, modification of this plan
was the Penn plan by which merci
ful swindling was substituted for
robbery and murder. So far as their
primal right of occupancy was con
cerned it made very little difleience
to the red races whether they were
killed off, driven off, or persuaded off
by a shrewd Quaker with a lot of old
rubbish, such as beads and ribbons
A few other apparent exceptions
to the robbery and murder jjolicy
will be found in North Carolina and
New England aud New York, where
it was found easier to give lands to
obstinate odds and ends of tribes
who were peacctul. -
The lattr policy of treaty reserva
tiou and starvation, interspersed
with war is from the Indian con
tractor, Indian trader, and Indian
agent's stand points, in improve
ment on both the older policies. It
preserves the Indian and ekes him
out. He has indeed actually fatten
ed and increased on it. Fiom the
idle soldier's stand point it is an im
provoment There is more of him
to kill. After all it gorily postpones
the day aud in no way iaterrupts
the process. It has hardly made a
fair beginning of improving the In
Meantime the rude pioneer pusliys
into the West. He is the savage
avsnt courier of civilization. Uii
notion about pale fa -e and red skin
rights is just what it was when the
first settlements were first planted
on the Atlantic. Nothing yet de
vised is going to stay or restrain
him. He will alwoys secure the
sympathies of all the authorities he
cares anything about. Masses of
him can be held back. His stealing
into green pastures beside still wa
ters out West nobody can stay. And
yet the authorities say a change will
hurt the Indian. Avalanche.
Atlanta is now in the throes ot a
most exciting agitation over the lo
cal option question, and the city is
full of prohibition, and antf prohibi
tion advocates, who respectively ad
dress enthusiastic crowds every
night. The issue is distinctly drawu
and the fight is as to whether the
sale of liquor in Atlanta shall be
prohibited. The advocates of pro
hibition, re-enforced by eloquent
speakers from other parts of the
country, are making earnest appeals
to the people, while tfreJanti-prohi-
tionists, represented by equally elo
quent advocates, are urging opposi
tion to what they term a fanatical
movement and advising a high li
cense law as a remedy for existing
For several years the prohibition
movement has been making steady
progress in Georgia. The ixovemcnt
began quietly, and was based upon
the four-mile law, which was accept
ed as a rood law by the great mass
of the people. Schools were judi
ciously located throughout the coun
ties to increase the territory includ
ed by the four mile law, and then, as
a further step, beginning with le
niote and comparatively unimportant
counties to vote on the question of
local option. One by one the coun
ties which prohibited the sale of li
quor by popular vote increased, until
in 1883 it was fmnd that total pro
hibition prevailed over two thirds of
the territory of the State. In conse
queuce thereof the liquor business is
alleged to h .veTalien off 50 per cent
iu the State.
To circumvent this prohibition of
the traffic the expedient was adopted
ol shipping liquor in ''little brown
jugs," which found their way through
out the forbidden territory. This
caused renewed efforts upon the part
of the prohibitionists, and the rtsult
hu been that in only 22 counties out
of 137 Is the sale of liquor unrestrict
ed. The temperance people nisde a
strong eflort to secure the passage
of a general local option bill by the
Iu t i.-gislulure atd at lust succeakd
towns and cities, and a petition hav
ing been signed by nearly 3,000 cit
izens of Atlanta, the per cent of pop
ulalion required by law, an order
was issued for an election in that
city to decide the question whethei
the ale of intoxicating liquors
should be allowed. In the contest
now being waved party and color
lines and fecial distinctions are lost
sight of, and each side is working
election methods for all they are
The arguments presented pro and
con ate able, interesting and far
reaching in their scope, and the ar
gument is by no means all on one
side. The interosts involved, moral
and material, are thoroughly dis
cussed. It will be interesting to
watt h the progress of the fight, and
if the prohibi ionisls should win, to
note the effects of local option upon
the business and g'owth of Atlanta.
Our able contemporaries, on the
west side of the river, are agitating
the questio 1 of the imperfection of
the mail line connecting this place
with Bethel Springs.
Savannah is dissatisfied with her
present mail facilities and will make
a strong effort to secure a change in
the near future. The change desir
ed is to connect with the railroads at
Corinth instead of Bethl Springs;
the road in that direction being bet
tcr and less liable to overflow.
A mail leaving this place and Cor
inth every rooming and lapping at
Hamburgh, would give us our mails a
day sooner than we get them by the
present route.
Should this matter be presented to
the Postmaster general in the proper
light it would, no doubt, bo readily
Dr. Barbee, of McKendree Church
in Nashville, offers $10,000 for a
hopeless case of sickness cured by
faith. There is no doubt io the
world that many cases have been
cured by faith, but not by divine in
tervention. It docs not follow that
if a person can work himself up to a
state of mind wheu he can, and does
believe that he will be cured by an
invisible power, and a change takes
place in his condition, that it was
through a divine agency. The cuie
no doubt, is worked through the op
erations of the mind on the body,
and is none the less a cure by faith
but faith alone. Whig.
The reports as to the state of the
trade is very encouraging. There is
no perceptible dimunition in indus
trial activity. Confidence in the
future is strong. From enquiries
over this section we find the country
supplied with an abundance of the
necessaries of life, but money scarce.
This is co bad condition, tor while
we have nn abundance of the neces
saries of life we do not need much
money. There is no disputing the
fact that our county, State, and
Nation is in amoie prosperous con
dition than at any time since the
In speaking of Hon. Thos. II.
Paine, the Lawrence Democrat says
that he is "the Democrat's candidate
above all others tor the next Gov
ernor of tne volunteer State, and we
are confident that the just merits of
this distinguished gentleman will
not be overlooked when ever the Gu
bernatorial limber is overhauled for
the next campaign.
The report of the National Fx-
change on the cotton crop estimates
that the crop will reach 6.650,265
bales, an increase over that of last
year of 914,000 bales. 17,714.400
acres were devoted to its production,
the average being less than a third
of a bale to the ncre.
The tide of emigration from the
cold States is gradually turning to
ward the South. Two large parties
from the North are at preseut looking
over the resources and lands ol
lue correspondents wno were
with the Northern excursionists in
the recent tour of West Tennessee,
are giving the Northern people com
plimentary pictures of our State.
An attempt was made last week to
blow np the monument, in New York.
erected by Cyrus W. Field to the
memory of Major Andre, of re vol u
lionary fame.
The British Government has de
clared war against Burnish, which
is fated to become a British posses
The American has dubbed the
Independents, Side track Democracy.
Fortv-two moonshiners were con-
victed at the rerpnt term of the
viw,ea at me recenl terra Ol tne
Gen. Cheatham says be is glad to
trot. n.. . ftl. f?.,l I- nf r..-.. r .,
"wv, uu"
iuto the Nashville uost otBce. .
Dr. J. L. McGhee, of Humboldt,
commuted suicide by shooting him-
self with a navy pistol. He was re-
garded as insane.
The recent rise in the Tennessee
river did much damage to the crops
on the bottom lands about Chatta
nooga and above that polut.
A livery btaple, barber shop and a
music store were burned at Man
ehesttr the 10th. The fire originat
ed in the stable. Loss $1,800.
Riley File, an illicit distiller who
slew Commissioner McDonald last
summer in Fentress County, was
captured at Albauy, Ky., last week.
Burglars entered the offljes ol the
county trustee, clerk and master aud
Walker & Barnwell, and the resi
dence of H. H. Huddleston, iu Ceu-
treville. No valuables takeu.
A romantic marriage occurred at
Springfield last week, between Mr.
T O Tl. . T - f a-
1. o. uuca ami sua u. u Jitng.
The romance was included in the
run away part of the marriage.
Forty persons became sick from
drinking water from a;.well near the
cotton factory in Chattanooga la9t
week. It is believed that a quantity
of "Rough on Rats" had been poured
into the well.
Ed Shadrock,' anj ex-convict of
Barbour County, has sued Comer &
McCurdy mining con vict contractors!
for $18,000 damages for keeping him
employed at hard labor 18 months
over his time.
Deputy Sheriff J. B. Hicks and H.
A. McAlpin brought up from Ramer
Thursday, a negro by the name of
Johnson, who, with two others, are
charged wuh breaking in and steal
ing about $300 north of goods from
Mr. McAlpin s store. The robbery
was committed we believe on Mon
day night. Some of the goods were
recovered. Johnson is in jail here.
The other negroes arc still at large.
McNairy Independent.
Th Crust of the Earth.
The German government, to solve
certain terrestrial problems, is drill
ing a hole in the earth at Schladblacb
to test the temperature at different
depths. The bore has penetrated
31,1)2 metres, where the temperature
is found to be 120 degrees Fahr.
At this rate the boiling-point of wa
ter, 212 degrees, will be reached ai
3,000 metres, and at 75 kilometres
platinum, the most infusible of met
als, will melt. From these observa
, , . ,
ed that the crust Ot
tions it is Infer
thp fliirth U onlv nna ninotipth of its
the eartn is on y one ninetieth ot its
radlU8. In Other words, the vast
mnau nf rhn interior nf niir udnhp in
ti . , , .
a sea 01 mouen m.nera. suosiaoces,
and we live and move and have our
being on a very t! in crust compared
ith the mass of thn trlnhp.
J! NUI OB tne iaD19.
In a State like Tennessee, where
almost every variety of truit may be
produced, and where land is cheap
and easily obtained, it is remarkable
that farmers Bhould pay so little at
tention to truit growing and a fruit
diet There is not one farmer in
twenty that has fruit throughout the
year. With proper management one
may have Tennessee grown fruit up
on Lis table every day In the ye-T,
and ye truit as a diet is not in gen
eral use. Beginning with strawber
riea early in the season, one might
have in succession raspberries, black
berries, peaches, pears, grapes, ap
plei. The latter, by a judicious se
lection of varieties, could be made
to last until strawberries cine
A liberal part of every meal should
consist of truit. It is more healthful
and agreeable to taste and stomach
than salted meats and bread, upon
which a large majority of our farm
ers subsist. The people in lb coun
try, with every advantage of grow
ing fruit well, give more attention to
a few hogs or a cornfield than to the
fruit orchard. They are disappoint
ed it the apple and peach trees they
o'ant do not grow and flourish and
yield fiuit bounteously without any
attention on their part.
A good orchard requires at much
care as a cornfield. It should be
worked with regularity, and manured
annually. The worms and insects
which prey upon the trees and fruits
should be sedulously hunted for,
and destroyed as unremittingly as
the tobacco planter searches for and
destroys worms.
There is nothing in nature that is
more beautilul or salisiying man an
... . . . .i I
orchard well kept, and IE full bear-
r onA
lug. me uiumi.ng ycvio -
piiiI.1v innbi ami Inir-v prunes SU?-
aoal ' ' ' . . ftblindftnce. Thev
nniift the nofitiual and the Dractical
..r . , ..'. ia tua
crowning ornament of the farm, and
every farmer who deserves the name
should provide one of choice fruit
and have fruit uuoa his table every
daY iu lhe year. .ffx.
Faded Leaves.
The hills are bright with maples yet
But down the level land
The beach leaves rustle in the wind
Ai"3ry and brown as sand.
The clouds in bars of rusty red
Along the hill-tops grow,
As- in the still sharp air the frost .
Is like a dream of snow.
The berries of the briar-rose
Have lost their rounded pride,
The hitter-sweet, crysanthemums
Are drooping, heavy-eyed.
The cricket grows more friendly now,
The dormouse sly and wise,
Hiding away in the disgrace
Of nature from men's eyes.
The pigons in black wavering lines
Are swinging toward the sun:
And all the wide and withered fields
Proclaim the summer done.
His store of nuts and acorns now
The squirrel hasts to gain,
And sets his house in order for
The winter's dreary reign.
'Tis time to light the evening fire,
To read good books, to sing
The low and lovely songs that breathe
Of the eternal soring.
Alice Cary.
Pearls are made by oysters chiefly
in the Persian Gulf and Gulf of Cey-
but also in South America and
Australia. When a grain of sand
gets between the oyster's shtlls it
irritates the tender creature, and
since he can neither eat nor expel it
he bravely covers it with the sub
stance with which he lines his little
house, un.l thus makes the send pearl.
The mollusk abominates the pearl,
and would rid himself of it if he
could. Thirty to forty lives are lost
annually in the pearl fisheries, prin
cipally from sharks. The Chinese
tempt the oyster to open his shell,
and then thrust in a bead of sand.
The patient animal at once goes to
work fr the crulYv niiinamnn. and
covers it so he can Bell it for a solid
pearl. Ancients believed that pearls
dropped from heaven and were swal
lowe(1 n3' oysters, They thought it
impossible for such grovelling creat
ures to make beautiful gems.-'x.
A World's Fair in 1892.
At the annual meeting, November
14tb, of the oflieers and stockholders
of the Chicago Exposition Company
the proposition to have a world's fair
in America in 1892, in commemora
tion ol the lauding of Columbus, was
I favorably received, and its discussion
, , .
v....-6 .vv,....
n(lople(1 .
Jiesolved, that 11 18 tne sense Ol
this mectino; that a K'eat world's fair
be ho,(, ,B Chj ,n lh(J m.
the four hundred anniversary of the
landing ot Cohiinmis in America, xt
was the belief of ihose most in favor
I It . I . . . . . . tt . L. . I
01 1110 ji-ojhci iu:ti Lite ravorauie lo
cation of diHtairii nnil t.lifi piit.criiriMP
Of its citizens well adaoted it to
xboulder the principal responsibility
of a world's fair, and that the nature
of thu event which it would commem
orate would inspire the entire people
of the tinted States with a determi
nation to make it fully worthy of its
Any man or woman makhg less
than $10 weekly should try our easy
money-making business. We want
Agents tor our celebrated Madame
Deau Spinal Supporting Corse's;
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Brace, aud Abdominal Protector
Combined ("for .Men aud B vs). No
experience required, four order
per day give the Agent $150 month
ly. Our Agents ieMrt four totwen
ty sales daily. $3 outfit free. Send
at once for lull particulars. State sex.
Lewis Schiele & Co.,
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m 1 a fumm
An aduiidance of valuable
reading: for little money.
Market Keports a Special
Feature, Changed regularly.
AH Administrators, Executors and Guar-
Alans. HflO nave nui maiicaciliciiicui mm me
. . of nar.lin County within twelve months
prior t- this date, and all Guardians who
have not renewed their bonds within two
years prior to this date, are requested to
come forward at once, make settlement and
renew their bonds. Also .11 Merchanu
W'oes im P'i
same at once. This Oct. Ktn. ISS5.
J- C. Mitchu, Clerk,
Th3 Savannah Courier,
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ire hereby notified to file the same Dronerlv
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ty Court, on or before the 51b day of April,
I6M), or they will be torever narmi, cotri in
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1SS5 Kilsy 1 ATTER50N, Administrator.
11:.:: n:;:::;::t.:::
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formation he rejo:re. line lor him who wi it
inrestone lmivlml thousand doiarainad
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reapow.iti.et. 149 edition have born lned.
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Write to GEO. P. KOWEIX A tO
UaapraoeSkFrlnUogUoairaSq.). w Xork.
Tj i he mn-t nnn-.i
N. 2nd Street,
Lscust Street,
II. T. WOOD, Principal.
Couch, Cth. Chjlwa Mribwi. jbot Wjrenla
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book b.v mail free.
In various Sty'.eg rf Einding.
I. "Hi ". --
BuiipIi.O tt a .mull oxtra rt with DENISOTTS
"The crcT.tPst Imprnvement in hook-making thai
lia beon made la a hundred years." vv
The TTnahrMgod litis 3l00 more Wonln In Ita
yocatiulary than arn found in any other Am. Diot'y
and nearly 3 timns the nnmlior of Engravings.
Ita oondenaod Illographlfal Dlctiouary (uearly
10,000 nHnit'H) in a vnluaMe fuature.
ot authority In
The GoTonunsnt Printing Office,
and with the
TJtl'.cd Stato3 Scpremo Court
Uocommrnded by the
Eta9 Sup3. Echcoh la 38 States,
and by
Cver FIP.7 Colleso Presitlonts.
Ybt fcuj plying School,'
Evory Stata ParcSasa
hrj" boon cf V.'ohstcr.
Tdz Lais Is to i cf cQor Scriea
-f Ptetl'jnai'lea.
The Locdon Ttaies, ci England,
Bays: It is t'no best Dictionary of the l.armuage.
Hon. George Bancroft, the Elstorlan,
6ay: It is superior to allothers.
Toronto Globe, Canada,
Says: Its placo is In the very highest rank.
8Imilar testimonials have been Riven by hun.
drods of the best American and European
It Is an Invaluable companion In every School
and at every Fireside.
E.4C KEHR1AM 4 CO., Pub'rs, Springfield, Mass,
The Leading agricultural hpu f the South.
Only $1.00 per year. Premium u Every Subacriber
Rural Record with a Clock, delivered, 11.80.
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machine! 8 9
0fed 6 rents In Stamp fr Sample Copy and
Praniaim Liftt,
CbialiaBouira, Teas.
Mia w auiu. ibii paper.
. 'Jl if. n
Geo. E. Brown & Co.-
AVBO&4, nx.
iBfletea and ExraMr
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