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Savannah Cornier,.
F BID AY, OCT. 20, 1000.
C L HEFNER Editors
Jennie Helfner Proprietors
-Uflir. 115 Willimua Ulnbk
Devotee to the interest of the
COURIER and its Patrons
Advertising Kates
inch pet annum reading - - - - - J5.00
" " " display .... - 3.00
Reading notices, first insertion, per line, .oy
For eacn subsequent insertion, " " .03
Obituaries or card of thanks. " " .03
fK are authorized to announce ( , v.
TURN EH, af lluuiplnvyn county,
who is thu rt'L'ular Dt'imxrittic
noniinco for Ktnto Senator Tor tlie'J4tli
Kcimtorial District, composed of tho
counties of Humphreys, Benton, lo
cartu and Hardin.
The Republicans are making
preparations for their ralley next
Monday, which is expected to
be largely attended.
.,. . - I AIM........ n t
1 1
Montgomery last week presentod
Lieutenant Uobsou 'villi a loving
cup in commemoration of bis dur
ing 1 ct at Santiago.
ti v. Roosevelt closed bis
gei. ral campaign nt Baltimore
last SatnrJay. He made nearly
flvt '..undred speeches and travel
ed liineteen hundred miles.
I!...ister Congre at Pekin has
full it Uhority from the- Slate De
partment to enter into peace
negotiations with China, acting
conjointly with the other powers.
There is a prospect for the
erection of a telephone line be
tween Savanuah and Florence.
The investment it) such a line
would nav well and we bone to
seo it built.
The recent lynchiug of a negro
in Lake county has caused many
olored people to leave the coun
:y. Farmers aro very much
xorcised over the exodus as it
leaves cotton pickers scarce.
Tho Fau-American Exposition
lobe held at Buffalo will be a
grand affair but we do not expect
Tennessee to be represented as
f State. She had no exhibit at
;:her Chicago, Atlanta or Omaha.
The extra session of the Ken
i..jkey Legislature, after a ses
t-ton of six weeks passed a sub
Mitute for the Geoble election
I nr, but it does not take effect
in time for the November elec
tion. Henry E. Youtscy was fouud
e, :'.lty at Georgetown, Ky., Gatur
ti y of complicity in the Geoble
nnrder and given a sentence of
l-i'u imprisonment. During the
iter flays of the trial Youtsey
.ioko down and he will have a
ti ll to ascertain the condition of
,i s mind.
The many expressions we heard
iu favor of a tiew courthouse dur
,ng the past two weeks leads us
t.) believe that everybody wants
be County Court to bring up the
question at once. If Hardin
county needs unythinfr it is a
modem house iu which to deal
out iustice between trail and
v -
A bill was prepared to be filed
in the Chancery Court at this
place seeking to enjoin the Com
missioners of this county from
holding the November election
under the statute of 1809, which
redistrictcd the county and
changed the number from seven
teen to eight civil districts. The
bill was i.rgucd before Chancel
lor Abernathy at Jlohenwald
Tuesday ou a motion for a tem
porary injunction.
Hou. John Sherman, former
Representative in the House for
a long term, member ot the
Senate and twice holding Cabinet
positions, died at his home in
Washington City at 7 o'clock the
morning of the 22d in the seven
tieth eight year of his age. The
immediate cause of death wh de
scribed hb brain exhaustion. In
private life Mr. Sherman was
known is a ohrewd business
man, whose liab'ts of industry,
thrilt and economy h.ul built up
n large fortune and fo him the
r.iition's IlimiMM'N were fine' iir
Mythical ami tho Ileal.
If we only do what it pleases
us to do, or what is easy to ac
complish, what reward have wo.
And should I write, it is not be
cause it ia an easy task, but be
caaso you ask mo, and should I
pencil only idle, thoughtless
words, the golden moments that
bav been given me are wasted
and jour precious time wasted
also ."should you peruso them.
Then what shall 1 write! I can
not, like Jules Verne or Rider
lluggard, bring the imagination:
into play, for it is not the myth
ical but tho real in life that takes
hold ou 'my mind. It is true the
study of mythology had quite a
facination for me; in my school
days, but I sometimes wish there
had never been any myths, for
even now that I have reached the
I fnrluilli rnilml in 1hi blddpr of
years, the mythical and real
in history become contused in my
mind, and I wonder, should it ever
be my good fortune to sail the
billowy deep, if I would not find
myself peeping out of tho port
hole expecting to see old Xeptune,
ti real live god of the sea with
his trident in his hand presiding
over the waters. Hut were there
no such thing as mythology,
Poesy would lose one of its great
est charms. But it id not myths
but the real things that come un
der my observation of which I
propose to write.'
And I am reminded of a little
incident that came to me curing
my recent visit in Fvansville
which bears on the idea that
what we possess does not belong
to us but to God. A bright little
boy of four summers went to eeo
bis little friend, and in the course
of the evening said to his host
"whose house is this," and of
course tho reply was, "its my
house." "So," mM the little
questioner, "it is not your house,
it belongs to Cod and ho has
just loaned it to you to live in
awhile. '
A great many people get the
idea into their heads that all good
thingB no matter how sweet ou
the out side aro bitter within.
They will not enter heartily iuto a
day's enjoyment, fearful they will
have to pay for it ou the morrow.
While reading a tew eveniugs
past the following paragraph
came nuder my .view, and which
1 think is worth reprinting: ''A
reverent quiet manner should be
observed when in a church. It
us not good form to talk or
to introduce people while there
Nothing is more inappropriate to
occasion or place than talking,
whispering, giggling or exchang
ing greetings when walking down
a church aisle after service on
Sunday. It is proper to wait
for all conversation until outside
of the building. One should re
member that church-goiug is not
for social purposes."
A great many theoriea or idens
are advanced about Heaven, what
it is or how we will enjoy it. Uut
the predominant thought with me
always is that supreme love will
abound there. There will bo no
restraining of the feelings, but
love to the fullest, widest, deep
est extent of the word. Here re
pulses aud frigidity of manner are
so often met with that one longs
for a clime of perpetual love and
As Allhallowtide approaches
merry chestnutting parties are
scampering through the woods
bursting tho bristling burs aud
and rolling out the plump and
bouncing chestnut to bo roasted
on the night of the 31st. On this
night, it, is believed bv the super
stitious, that witches and hobgob
lins are out for a frolic and though
our young folk are not supcrstii
ous, yet they enjoy a little diver
sion, iu which the wierd and un
canny is a predominant feature,
and no dcubt next Wednesday
night many a merry party will in
dulge in a midnight seance, with
lights turned low and an ominous
silence pervading, peering into
tho mystic future, tempting the
Fates to spin life's threads of
brightest gold and silvery sheen,
and to long withhold the knife that
cuts the slender thread.
Dr. W, II. Lewis, Lawrence
ville, Va., writes: "I am using
Kodol Dyspepsia Cure in my
p ractic and find it an admirable
remedy." Many hundreds of
physicians depend upon the use
of Kodol Dyspepsia Cure in
Stomach troubles. It digests
what yon eat and allows you to
cat all the good food you need
provided you do not over load
your stomach. Gives instant re
lief aud a permanent cure. J. K.
Mias Victory Kelly who lias
been in bed for live years died
Wednesday night near Economy.
t.-v i : ' I
'; oofit aii va no i'i;uir. o other.
V-'buu yourbaby 1,4 i.-o'.f'il,
V!k yon will
For sale by J. K.
Big Talk!
Thoro is bis talk in town and
it is till about first-class grocer
ies just received
At Shull's
A big lot of kraut, half bbl ,
5 pral kK !'0c, all fresh.
Sorghum 40c. a jxal.
A few barrels of Ohio river
salt for $1.D0
Mt- noiues iieiies juc.
first ixvivh colTeo 8 lbs $1.00
Best iiro jwoot' oil 15c gallon .
All kinds of fancy candy and
Don't fail to get a package ot
gum and hear a good tune ov
the grapha phono, all for 5c.
L. E. Shull's
is tho place. 4t
by the Quart.
Every bottle you talis ot Johnston'
Sarsaparllls means better health,
and evory bottle contains a lull
quart. It makes better blood purer
blood. For thirty years this famous
remedy has been creating and main
taining good health.
builds up tba system, tones the
nerves, and strengthens the muscles
moro promptly and effectually than
any other remedy known. The pallor of the
check disappears, energy takes the place of
languor, and tho rich color of health flows to
the checks. Unequalled for all disorders of the
stomach and liver, and for nil weakonlng com
plaints of men, women and children.
Bolt ttrirasr. Prlt, f 1. 00 .r fall aart bIU..
MICI1IQAN DRUQ CO., Detroit, filch.
Directors ami Teachers.
. To tho School Directors and
Teachers of Hardin County:
I will be in my office in Savan
nah on Saturdays for the pur
pose of attending to any busi
ness which is required of me,
pertaining to tho schools of,, the
Z.J. Thompson
Supt. Hardin County'
McGee's Female Tonic and
Combined Treatment
Something new. For weak, delicate
women. A tablet for local ase la con
nection with Tonic. Prico 1.00. - .
For sale by J. K. Barlow-
Alas! How soon Forgottonl
is an aciie or a pain or trouble of
any kind when oue is well rid of
it and if it happens to be Head,
ache or stomach trouble that bo
thers you, tak Dr Caldwell's Syr
up Pepsin and yon will not forget
you overbad it, but will know that
ou are not liable to have it again.
0110 doseis small and it is plcasanfC
to take. For sale by J. K. Harlow
Tortured A Vltness.
Inti'tiHu KiifTurine was endured lir witnesn
T, L. Murtin, of Dixit1. Ky., before lie biivo
tills evidence: "I coughed every nlifht until
my throHt ) nearly raw; then tried Pr.
King's New Discovery which gitve instant
ellef. I have usucl lt'ln my family for four
years mid recommend it as the (rreutest rem
edy for Coiifflis, Colds and all 1 lirout, Chest
and Lung troubles. It will stop the worst
coturh. mid not only prevents but absolutely
cures Consumption. Price fid ami $1.00. Evo
ry bottle guaranteed. Trial bottle free iitj.
K. Harlow's drug store.
Dyspepsia Cure
Digests what you eat.
It artificially digests the food and aids
JNaturo In 6trengtnening ana recon
structinz tho exhausted dlaostlve or
gans. Ib Is the latest discovereddlgest
ant and tonic. No other preparation
can aoDroach it in efficiency. It in
stantly relieves and permanently cures
Dyspepsia, indigestion, neariDurn,
Flatulence, bour Stomach, Kausea,
Sick Headache, Gastralgla.Cramptand
all other results ot Imperfect digestion.
PrlcoWc. anfl (1. Lurfre slr.o contain 2M timet
mall size. Book all about dyspepsia mulledfrc
Prepared by E. C OeWITT A CO., Cbleago-
J K Barlow
Clifton High School
SEPTEMBER 3, 1900,
and, continue NINE
I ut ructions Thorough iu nil Depart
nionts. TUlTION:-lHt, 'Jnd, and :tnl Itomlcr
trrades per month $ 1.2.".
4th and 5th Reader grades... $ 1.50.
Toaclicrs' Courso for Prima
ry Schools, pur iiiojUIjj $ 2.00.
Teacher' Course forSccondnry Schools
per month . . $ 2.2.'i to $2.50.
Higher branches not exoemlimr $ 2.75
For other iiiforiimtion call on or ad
dress, ,
H. J. COX, Principal,
Clifton. Tennessee.
iUl'OlV J.Url V5JL iXwlfr1
Youikt Women
i lie entry into womanhood b a
critical tin,e for . girl. Little meu
strual disorders started at that time soon
grow into fatal complications. That
female troubles arc tilling graveyards
proves this. Vine of Cardui estab
lishes a painless and natural menstrual
flow. When once this Important func
tion Is started right, a healthy life will
usually follow. Many women, young
and old, owe their lives to Wine of
Cardui. There is nothing like it to
give women freedom from pain and to
fit young women for every duty of life.
$1.00 bottles at druggltts.
Miss Delia M. Strsyer, Tully, Ksn-i I
hive suffered untold pain at mcnstrutl pe
riods for a lon3 time, was nervous, had no
appetite, and lo;l Interest In everything,
In fact was miserable. I have taken four
bottles of Wine of Cardui, with Thedford's
Black-Draught, when needed, and to-day
1 am entirely cured. I cannot express the
thanks I feel fur what you have done
for mt."
For RrtTlre In enn requlrta upoelal fllraf
lions, ttrittrpRS, iftvltiy symptoms, the J,adllv
Advisory Department, 1 lie (.'hatt-aoiioga Meu
Icloe Coupauy, I'hatluiioova, Tuim.
For Teething Babies,
Diarrhoea, Summer
Complaints, Etc.
PRICE, 25c. and 50c.
Ouarantead to Contain
no Opium.
T!' W:i)(!Ht! Mt-'l-.lri Co., Incorporated,
MUv.ir.r. i" , tin rr. lou... Mo.
For sale bv J. K. Barlow.
i Cares "Colds" In any pari of body, b
Dr. Fenner's Gough Honsy
Whnro o'htT medicine falU tbls will brlntr
a Cunt. Taken beforu exponiir. prevent
r!, "ColiU." HheiwiaU.iu, Croup, etc.
CulifUtiit'll'ill, AHUimJt,iiluiicl4tli,ualurlu,
Innuenca. Whoopinir Coutru. Hy Dealers.
Irjo ww. sua b mail Wc Freduula, M. Y.
Petersburg, 111., Oct., 13, 1899
Pepsin Syrup Co., Monticillo, III.
Gentlemen: our baby Esther
Las never tasted a drop of medi
cine other thau Dr Caldwell's Sy
rup Pepsin for more than a vear.
It entirely cured her of constipa
tion. She is a lovely child since 1
gave her your tnedicino she has
been perfectly healthy, altho' she
had not been well and strong uu
til we began using it. We know
of others using it with equally
good results. Wishing you success
Gratefully yours
Mrs. C. A. True muller.
Sold by J. K. Barlow
For Sale or Rent.
My houso and lot in .Northwest
Savannah, Teun., the house has
8 rooms in good lepair; a tenant
hou8e that always rente; good
garden, Hue grape arbor, good
young orchard jnst beginning; to
bear fruit, good bam with four
stalls 7 3 4 acres in lot, all under
fence, in two lots spring water
in each lot for stock, tine pasture
beautiful forest grove for shade.
I want a farm. Cull on W. P.
Story, Savannah, Tcnn.
Alone in Mid Ocean.
or on the train in the house or
while at your officeduties, you are
subject to disagreeable results
from irregular or excessive (Met.
Dr. Caldwell,s Syrup Pepsin cures
posiiivly Constipation, Judigesti.
on, Sick headache and stomach
trouble. Sold by J. K. Barlow,
TEETH . ...
The week commencing with the
3rd Monday of each month I will
spend at Sultillo and Clifton, the
remainder of my time at Savannah.
F. O. Williams. Dentist.
Akron. O..Jan.t. 1W.
Dr. M. M. FENNER, KruUoliia, H. .
Vitus' jiaiU'Ot-pwIIU', "1 every cam hun
lii i n cured tiy It. It ha pruvcil a hle
W. hv mild many rtun'ns ofyonrRt
by J Iv Barlow
A Book Club.
Tlaus are on foot for tho organ
ization of a book club in Savan
uah. Auy person iu Savannah
who cares to become a member of
the club is eligible to member
Every person joining mnst
contribute one dollar and a half.
Each persou paying this member
ship can select auy book which
be desitea and the treasurer of
the organization will order the
same for him. Having contribut
ed one book he is allowed to read
all of tho books which the other
members of the club select. In
this way a member of the club
will Becure the privilege of read
ing twenty books for the cost of
one. When all tho members
have read a book it becomes tho
property of the person who
bought it. . A Meeting will be
held on Friday after uoou at four
o'clock with Mrs. Dau Broylos.
At this time the club will bo for
mally organized aud tho books
selected. Let every one who
cares to bo included m the mem
bership be present at that time.
Peal estate has changed bands
as follows since our last report:
J. T. Austin and wife to E. W.
ltoss, 'J. M. Wilkins and L..J.
Newell to 1). L. Jones, John
Speer to J. S. Holland, Vester
Hughes to W. II. Newell, C. O
Gammill and wife to J. L. Baker
Mrs. V. A. Sandera and others to
Green Wood, Dr. J D. Yeiser and
wile to John Smith, D. A. Ad
kiuson and wife to A. U. Walk
To Cure a Cold iu One Day
Take Laxative Drouio Quinine
Tablets. All druggists refund
the money if it fails to cure. E.
W. Grove's signature is on each
box. L'ji.
Marriage license have been
issued) for L. B. II in ton to Mat
tie JFarris, 'Sol Wade to Ko6e
Martin, Col., Henry M. Clay to
Mrs. Amelia Keller, Ira Mc
Donald to Aunio Yarbrough, Leo
Hardin to Hulda Ilortou. Jim
Linch to Vianna Wade, Milford
Gill to Defelcier Liles.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the
Signature of
Will have one of their Elegant
Steamers leave St. Louis every
Wediiesday and Saturday at 5
o'clock p. in., for all points ou Ten
nesseo liiver to Sheffield and Flor
ence, Ala. Every Tuesday and
Friday at S p. m., for all points on
Mississippi River to Helena, Ark.
One of their Steamers will leave
Paducah, Ky., for Florence, Ala.,
and all way landings every Wed
nesday and Saturday at 5 p. in,,
and the U. S.Mail
will leave Danvillo, Tenn., for Sa
vannah, Tenn., aud all way land
ing every Tuesday, Thursday and
Saturday Mornings. Freight and
Passengers handled for all points
in the United States and through
Bills of Laden Issued from River
'Landings' to all points North,
South, East and W'cst. Prompt
and rflloient attention guaranteed.
For farther information please
call m or address
T. S. HUGHES, Gen. Agt., Clifton,
S. K. HALE, D. P. A.,Paducah, Ky.
S. T. KAVANAUGH, D. P. A., Mem
phis, Tenn.
Mgr., St. Louis, Mo.
Cures IJlood and Skin
Is your blood pure! Are you
sure of it? Do cnts or scratches
heal slowly? Does your skin
itch or burn? Have you Pimples?
Eruption. Aching bones or back
Eczema! Old Sores? Boils?
Scrofula! Rheumatism! F o u I
Rreatb! Catarrh? Are you pale?
Then B. B. B. (Botanic Blood
Balm") will purity your blood,
heal every eore and give a clear,
smooth, healthy skin. Deep-seated
soihh like ulcers, cancers eat
ing sorer, painful swelling blood
poison are quickly cured by Bot
uuic Blood B.ilni. Cures when
al else fails. Thoroughly tested
for 30 years. Drug stores il per
large bottle. Trial iieatinent iree
by writing Blood Balm Co. At-
lama. On. Describe trouble-
free medical-advice given, Over
IDIKI loliinlarv letil'mouiali of
' cures by U. B. B.
! mifi l
ilmilntli t&ttialandllcguft-'
ling the Stomachs ondDowcb of
sets ,
Promotes Dirtcslion.Ckcrful
ncss andRcsf.Contalns neither
Opium.MorpWne norMiftcnd.
Ur1 SmJ'
Anin Smt
1 1 CjrijnatSoJa
Him See J
Clonfied Amir
hkttxyrmx Harer.
A perfect Remedy for Constipa
tion, Sour Stomach.Diarrhoca
Worms .Convulsions .Fevcrish
qess and LOSS OF SLEEP. -
Tac Simile Signature of
i 'it'.
of the
Read This
per cent less than they advertise.
regular price, In tho following
you will find Bargains that might
be called Bargains : I have 500
pairs Shoes for cost, 100 launder
ed Shirts for just what they cost,
30 Bridles, both riding and blind,
at cost, 5 cooking Stoves at $1.00
less than they can bo bought for
today, 25 suits Clothing for child
ren from 4 to 10 years of age.
D I 1 4" -.nil
l. uui i iwl Jiiiy tucoc guuu ucu g
(Oi'mp f - i- nts Uno v-v- -. v- w --v- --vr - r
UlllO IKJl I1C 1 1 CIO UlCUajr- 11IUU1 C CIO
his stock is made up of genuine
'Phono 30
cDonald & Nolan
Drummers' will be
HACKS' to meet all boats, day or night.
Election Notce.i
On Tuesday, ifov. Gth, next we
will open aud hold an election at
the proper poling places in each
civil district of Hardin County in
the State of Tennessee for tho
purpose of electing Presidential
Electors, Member of Congress,
Governor, Railroad Commission
ers, and members ot the Geneial
C. L. Smith,
J. II. Maddox,
J. F. Lassiter.
Commissioners of Election.
L. L. MARKS, Prop.
Coats and Pants Cleaned, Pressed
and Dyed, All work guaranteed.
carTSouttt Side Public Square.
Baanffc. 4 Von Havs Aiways Bought
For Infants and Childx-en.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
"When you arc in town and want
to find BARGAINS and
cheap goods remember that I still
sell them and when you read those
long advertisements of soma in
town stop and think- Whyf Bo
cause they could advertise 500 art
icles for GREAT BARG
AINS and you could find those
same articles in my stock at 1C
'At tho same time that is my
So Remember
is the place
For Bargains
-r-Unon rrrr D vt-v
South Side of Square.
First-class Saddle and Driving
Horses to hire at moderate rates
Give us a call, and you will be
our customer when you want to
furnished the btfst of
Lend Sale.
W. A. Hardin, etals vs Martha Jane C tit
tendon. In Chancery Court Jof Hardin
county Tennesssc.
lly virtue of A decree of the County
Court in the above staled case. I will at
the court house door in Savannah, Tenn.,
sell on Saturday the 3rd day of November
1900 sell to the highest bidder at public
outcry for 1-3 cash and balance on a credit
of twelve months a tract of land belogninu
tc the estate ol Jamai A. Harrison contain,
ing about 155 acres, ,'lyinL' in the old 71I1
district of Hardin county i'enn.
A. A. Watson Clerk.
Nonresident Notice.
A. N. Ulount vs. Long Knight Luvnber Co.
In this cause it appearing from affidavit
that defendent, Loni Knight Lumber Com
pany, is a Non Resident of the State of Ten
nessee, so that the ordinary process of law
cannot be be served on him ,and that the
properly of said defendent has been attached
it is therefore ordered that publication be
made in the Savannah Courier, a news pa
per published in Savannah, Tenn., for four
cunseculive weeks requiring said defendent
Long Knight Lumber Company to appear
at the court house in Savunnah on the 31
dnyof October iqoo and make defense to
said cause or the same will be proccded
with exparte. This September 24 1900.
John "T. IIaki.im J. r.
I Bears the
L P In
iv For Over
Thirty Years
Thix Mirnntnro I on n-.ry box of tba gonulnt
laxative BronioQuiniae Tbiet,
tto rea-edy tbut rnr 11 roltl in one eaj

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