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VOL. 3.
NO. 2
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(J '1 V
Tim rti.a vf n
Secondary School.
In compliance with a call issued
some day previous, a meeting of the
citterns of Sequachee and vicinity was
held at the School house, Saturday,
July 13, 1895, at 10:00 a. m.
Mr. S. M, Lofty, Chairman, and
Mr. Mark Martin, Clerk of the
School Directors of the 7th district
were present.
The meeting was called to order
by Mr. Wm. Owen, and Mr. Martin
was chosen chairman of the meeting
which he declined, and Mr. Wm. O
wen was chosen Chairman of the
meeting, and Mr. Thomas H. Hill, of
the. News, was chosen secretary.
Mr. Owen on taking the chair stat
ed the object of the meeting to be
looking to higher education, and to
request thedirectors, to establish a
secondary school in the district. It
seemed a hardship to many who had
children who had passed the primary
stage to be obliged to send their chil
dren a long distance and at great ex
pense to get tecondary tuition. Our
object should be to advance educa
tion by all the means in our power
and give the children and teachers
every reasonable facility.
Establish a secondary scuool here,
and it-would be an inducement for
people to send their children and ev
en to come themselves to live in Sc
quaehee. It might bo said that the
education that the' were getting
' was equal to that obtained by their
parents and grandparents, but that
had nothing to d with it. The con
dition of things have changed, and we
must be abreast of the needs of the
times. The question for the meeting
to decide now wasr Do you want
better education and a secondary
school, and he hoped the matter
would be thoroughly discussed.
Mr? L. W. Gabel spoke strongly
in favor of establishing a secondary
school. .
Mr. John T. Boyd said he appreci
ated the condition of things and de
sired that the principles of the Con -
stitution of the United States guaran -
teeing every citizen equal rights and
privileges be not lost sight of. He
had in his possession a document and m?intain therein one or more sec
showing his ability to teach and in.ondary schools. Every secondary
his long course of teaching he had al
ways taught branches m excess of
those required by the public school
law. The patrons of the school are
responsible for the success or failure
of any school, lie was in favor of
the highest order of education and
would teach children by precept and
example. He had always .tried to do
his duty, but felt that this meeting
. . ' ii
was a reflection on him, ana ne
thought that it was called too late and
would injure the interests of the;
Mr. Owen answering Mr. Boyd dis
claimed any reflection on the charac
ter of Mr. Boyd as a citizen, a., neigh-
bor and a teacher, but said the object
of the meeting was, Do we want a
secondary school'?.
Mr. Gabel said to ensure better
school tuition he was willing to con
tribute to extend the school funds a-
Mr. Hill, being called upon, paid
that, he endorsed what Mr. Boyd
had said as to the duty of parents.
No "matter how accomplished the
teacher, if the attendance was irreg
ular and uncertain, no good results
could bo secured. He believed it to
be the duty of every citizen to stand
by the public school, and the high
er the education that could be
obtained, the greater the honor to the
town, county and state. He was in
favor of compulsory attendance as a
protection to teachers. If the pro
rata stood at 2.25 nei capita, as he
understood it, the funds available for
the district, for the' balance of the
1891 tax would be some &123.53 and
urged tho.ie present to stand by the
schools and school directors.
Mr. Martin and Mr. Lofty being
called upon spoke briefly.
Mr. Chris. Wagner moved, That
the directors be requested .to estab
lish a secondary "school and that vote
be taken by ballot.
Seconded by Mr. Gabel.
Mr. W. A. Pry or and Mr. A. Burn
ett with the Secretary was .appointed
a committee to take the vote and re
ported; Yes. 13.
No. 2.
Acceding to a request, the Chair
m:m read tne law relating to the es-
! tabllslimento 8CC011(lary schools, viz:
1 llTlie T)ilTco,s of oaeh school dis.
trict, whenever the interests of the
district shall require it, may establish
school shall consist of a Principal, and
when necessary, an assistant or assis
tants may be employed. In every
secondary school shall be taught the
following branches: Orthography,
Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, Gram
mar, Geography History of Tennes
see, History of the United States, con
taining the Constitution of the Uni
ted States, Elementary Geology of
Tennessee, Elementary Principles of
Agriculture, Elements of Algebra,
Elements ot Plane Geometry, Ele
ments of Natural Philosophy, Book
keeping, Elementary Physiology and
Hygiene, Elements of Civil Govern
ment, and Rhetoric or Higher En
glish. Practise shall be given m El
ocution, or the art of public speaking.
Vocal Music may be tanght, and no
other branches shall be introduced
except those incluaed in the 4th. A-
Mi, T. B. Harris moved seconded
by Mr. M. Burnett, That the Direct
ors be respectfully .requested to take
action on the application of the citi
zens at this meeting as soon as possi
ble. Mr. Lofty, Chairman of th School
Directors, announced that as soon as
a meeting of Directors could be call
ed, action would be taken.
On, motion, the meeting then ad
journed. LOCAL-
Mr. George Alder was in town,
1 1 P .
Mr. jwson selling truit trees vis
ited us this week.
Mr. Carlyle of Chattanooga was in
Sequachee Thursday night.
Go to Davidson's it vou want Ma
son's fruit jars at $1.00 per dozen.
H. J. Brown is now hauling lum
ber to Sequachee out of Indian cove.
Mr. John W, Johnson of Hector,
Texas, has been added to our sub
scription list.
Dallas Dixon recently sent us
some :is fine leltiirp ;is vi nvp.r s.iw.
for whih we thank him. N
Theflrst sweet coin of the season
was gathered by Mrs JVm. Owen,
July. 3rd. We made our first at
tack Sunday, July 14th.
We learn that Miss Tennie Owen
has accepted a position as teacher in
one of the public schools near Fort
Worth, Texas.
We purpose next Sunday to visit
the Sequachee Sunday School in ses
sion, a report of which visit will ap
pear in the News.
We are gratified to know that all
the applicants for examination at the
late Teachers' Institute boarding the
train at Sequachee' received certifi
cates above the per centage required.
Mr. Matthew Henbridge formerly
of Sequachee is now in Boston in the
employ of Wright & Willis. Mr.
Henbridge worked for this firm a
number of years before f he came
Austin Coppinger is responsible
for the statement that previous to
Democratic supremacy he could get
&1 50 for a carload of bark, now he
can get only $50 dollars but let
that pass.
Sarcopsylla penetrans and Pulex
irritans, both n tive productions now
abound in great profusion. From
personal experiences we are moved
to say with servant David: "Why do
the heathen rage?"
For public convenience Mr. Maik
Martin keeps his school accounts at
this office which are open for public
inspection, but not to be loaned to
anyone indefinitely. This also ap
plies to our copy of the school laws.
By and by we are going to ask the
people to help make the driveway
and complete the laying out of the
grounds in front and side of the
church. What has been done has
paid for doing. We feel sure the
people will not fail to complete the
People wlu go fishing and return
with lurid stories of their catch must
always produce the fish. We like
'em, so also with fruit and vegetables
Jf you have anything phcuomiual,
bring 'em along that we may inter
view them.
Mr. J. 1. Johnson has made a nice-
j effect in painting the church, as he
I did with Mr. Pearson's house close
by. The bright and cheerful look of
these newly painted buddings sug
gest to us what all the
buildings in
town might be with re'urning pros
perity. In the trimming of these
buildings, Mr. Johnson has, displayed
jood taste. Now let the Deu chiian
monument on the top of the church
be re-modeled and a lattice put in the
apertures underneath, and it will be
neat and cite.

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