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VOL. 3.
Public School.
The Public Schools, primary and
secondary open next Monday at 8 o'
clock a. ra.
Now we want everybody to send
their children every day unless there
is some urgent cause for their ab
sence. We want tie children to take hold
and make a reputation for Sequa
chee second to none in the county.
We want every parent and guard,
ian to be present (if possible at the o
pening of the school.
The teachers are strangers, let us
give them a good send off, and show
them and the children that we be
lieve in good education!
And not only then, "but let the pa
rents make a little effort to encour
age both teachers and children by
calling at the school house.
Try it fathers, mothers, guardians:
It will do you good to have perform
ed your duty to your children.
Sequachee Musical Society.
A musical organization was effect
ed Saturday evening by the signing
of an agreement, adoption of .By
Laws, and election of officers aud
the venture may be said to be lairly
started. The object is good and
should be made a real pleasure to its
members and the community. The
rehearsals will be conducted in a bus
iness way, and only those who desire
to improve themselves and study
music are allowed to be present.
The members will be divided up
into groups and all given something
to learn. The. meetings will be held
every Saturday evening at 6:45 p. m.
The officers are, President, Thom
as II. Hill; Secretary, Mrs. J, W.
Graham; Director, William C. Hill.
Good Flour.
We believe in home rule, also in
the faithful support of home indus
tries, which leads us to remark that
the brand of flour known as the
"Pride of Sequacliee" is a fine, high
grade of flour, and good enough for
anyone. We know what we are
talking about. We are using the
flour from the Jasper mill right a
long and like it very much.
The News is delighted to receive
bv every mail from Woburn, papers
reporting the celebration of the fit" i
eth anniversary of the ordination of
our kind friend, Rev. John. Qualey,
of that place. The good people
honored themselves by showing
their respect for him wr.o has served
them so faithfully ior thirty-two
buy your tablets at this office. A
nice one for only 4cts. Only a few
on hand so come quick U-fore they go.
The penalty on taxes begins Yeb
Mr. I. N. Knox, of Inman, was in
town Saturday.
Attention is called to the "ad"
relative to potatoes in this issue.
After some dreary days the sun
came out again on Tuesday.
We have a claim against the Mel
rose Manufacturing Co., which we
will sell cheap.
Miss Bell Francis, after a week's
sojourn with her sister at Bridgeport
returned Monday.
Did you know our job work was
the best and most for the mouey?
Try us and see.
We hear from Dayton, Tenn.,
that the family of Henry Kent will
shortly return here.
The man who sent The News a
brand new pipe is a gentleman and
a scholar, and his name is Henry
Mr. Wm. Owen went to South
Pittsburg, Tuesday, Mr. C. II. Dav
icson acting as Deputy P. M. in his
Mr. B, L. Francis, in his own
words, arrived at Atoka, '-right side
up," and will now devote his atten
tion to instructing the Indians.
F. J. Cheney and & Co., have
concluded it would be a wise thing
to advertise in The News. They
know a go id thing when they see it.
The work of preparation for busi
is still going on at the saw and plan
ing mill. We expect Messrw. Gabel
and Brown will be ready in the next
paper to advertise, their business.
Mr. J. M. Curnutt called on us
Tuesday. He has left Rising Fawn
owing to the shutting down of the
furnace and now contemplates a trip
to Arizona.
Thanks to Mr. C. II. Davidson, we
got some coal. A friend in need is
a friend indeed. As it was this she
bang was about ready to shut up
shop for the want of a lire. ,And
still these mountains are full of coal.
We are glad to kn ow that Gabej &
Brown have arranged to get timber
from the Town Co., on and near the
town site, for manufacture here.
Now we hope they will push work
so as to get their product on the
market and do the place some good.
Mr. 11. tt. late, who assumes
charge of our schools next Monday,
was in towu Tuesday. He rnpes
and expect a good attendance and
good support. Last week he sup
plied th place ot primary teacher in
the South Pittsburg school for Mrs.
T. II. Baker, Jr., whose absence wa3
caused by the death of her little &on.
chestnut. We do
job printing.
Mr. Volley Lasater is on the sick
list this week.
L. W. Gabel loaded a car of lum
ber Wednesday.
Mr. A. K. Pryor of Victoria was
in town Sunday.
Tolley Burnett was in town Wed
nesday from Whitwell.
Miss Kate Haynes has a severe at
tack of cold this week.
F.M. Eakm from the mountain
was in town Saturday.
Miss Annie Richards who lives
near Jasper is very sick.
Speaking of weddings there is a
little danger as this is Leap Year.
A sign of prosperity the yelling of
the bull-drivers on the mountain side.
Gabel & Brown expect to circulate
their saw this week that is, saw
Mr. J. H. Vinzant has one of the
Gusta'son valves in operation on his
steam saw mill.
The Valve works have something
over two hundred valves on hand,
nearly completed for shipment.
Mr. Lum Houts and family and
Mrs. Isabelle Norris visited Rev. Ja
cob Houts of Kelley's Ferry last
The game of snap is allright but it
isn't a snap to play it. See the point
This is an alleged joke and is marked
Miss Lula Lasater entertained
quite a number of her friends at her
lome Saturday evening. Music was
1 .M I j. - I
in oruer unui a laie nour.
Mr. Will Harris was in Sequachee
Sunday and lingered quite a while at
the gate, and it so cold that Mr.
Haynes may look out soon.
Maj. Thomas II Hill of The
News staff invested in a life insur
ance policy and weat to South Pitts
burg Wednesday in the bright light
Our 'Little Buttercup," Mr. Chris.
Gabel is now engaged in overhauling
the big planer at the saw miil. Three
set screws in the shifting attachment
were broken off, necessitating a long
and tedious job.
Mi. M. C. Campbell would like to
see the policy outlined in the News
of last week, in the editorial on Re
form, carried out. We are confident
that other thinkers like him will ad
mit the truth of what we said.
Austin Coppinger the mighty hun
ter got five coons one night last
week and it wasn't an extra night for
coons either.
We object, however, to his keep
ing our friend and comrade out of
his bed till thirteen and fourteen o'
This is not a
J. V. Lasater went to Jasper Thurs
day. M. Martin went to Whitwell Sat
urday. A Mr. Wright was in town selling
fruiv trees Monday.
Patronize a job office where your
interests are looked after.
If any of our subscribers will
bring us some apples, they can.
Miss Hattie Walker is now visiting
her sister Mrs. Kilgore of this city.
Three more cars of walnut lumber
went through here Monday from the
upper Valley.
The Valve Works last Saturday
cast repairs for the big 5-inch valve
belonging to the Roane Iron Co.,
Rockwood, Tenn.
We thought ourselv es secure for
some coal from Whitwell by team,
but it is hardly likely that the roads
will permit any hauling before May.
The postmaster and one of bis farm
hands was busy Friday last con
structing a crossing through the sea
of mud- which surrounds the post
office. There is quite a movement in wal
nut lumber now and parties are in
quiring for it in this section. Two
car loads were shipped from Let,
Bledson Co., last weQk, to Liverpool,
Eng., by way of Port Royal.
Mr. Jess Coppinger is again under
the weather, we hear. This time it
is not rheumatism. He heard of a
trade in cattle and ccrn the other
day, and rolled ovor the ground in
such terrific convulsions of laughter,
that up to the present tima it has tak
en one half bairel of salve to make
him feel comfortable. We sympa
thize with him very much and wish
his speedy recovery, but at the same
time counsel him not to laugh that
way again.
Valves Shipped.
Gustafson Bros., shipped on this
morning's express, 1-4 dozen 1 inch
Balauced Plain Eccentric-Lever Val
ves to the Roane Iron Co., Rock
wood, Tenn. This is thw same firm
to whom the large casting for the 5
inch Throttle-valve was sent a few
days ago. This Throttle-valve has
now been in use a little ovei a year
and a half in the most exacting ser
vice where all other valves previously
used failed to give satisfaction.
The additional fact that more or
less new valves are being ordered,
when once introduced, speak well for
the merits of the Gustafson Bros.'
They claim that none others will
be used wherever the new balanced
Quick action valve has been given a
trial, as they possess superior merits
that cannot fail to be appreciated by
practical engineers.

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