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Two Stories of Grant
5:11. p. in
22 n. m.
Frora tho N. Y. Dbps-tch.
When the r.ows of Gemral Le
onidas Polk's tli-ath win received
bv General Grant, tint funeral
sd: "Then the most perfect gen-
Owen Church nreaehinor 'n,i Snn- i t.ii-inM.n T fnr im t is troue." Geii-
1 , - - n
day in each month. Sunday
every Sunday at 9:30 a. m.
Post 53, (J. A. ?!, meets regularly
the 2nd Saturday m each month, at
2:00 j). in.
M. E. Church, colored, meetings
every Sunday.
Published every Thursday
Nine whiskey 'sours
Within two hours
And a cocktail by the way;
A wild old night,
A bar room tight,
And sixty days in the "quay."
Brownsville's Parson can't get bail,
So he languishes in jail
Deary me!-
Satan different bait doth try
For the different kinds of "fry,"'
As you see.
Long ago he cast his line
For this great and good divine
All in vain.
Till a shote for bait he took
Then the Parson bit the hook
Moral's plain
Two or three of Sequauhee's most,
promising amateur, prevaricators sat
in the corner store the other day
swapping fish stories until they be
came weary and then the truthful
man took an innings. .
' About the biggest fish I ever
ketched in these yer parts," said he,
"was over on the lenncssee river
nigh two year ago. I was a-fishin'
from a boat an' was about half a
sleep, for I hadn't had nary bite for
two hours, when all of a suddint sun
thin give my line seek a yank that
it come powerful nigh puUin' me out
er the boat. I knowed Pd hitched
onto sun thin' big an' I braced myself
an' hung on ter the line with both
hands. By gum, it was nigh abtui
the hardest work I ever did. Ei'f
vou'll believe it, gentlemen, that yer
lish jest towed me eight miles up the
river afore ho got tired out, an' then
e'ittook me an hour an' a half ter git
liim inter the boat. An' 'twait no
wonder he put up a right smart fight
neither for when I come ter weigh
him he tipped the scales at one hun
dred an' eighty-seven pounds.''
"What kind of a line did you
have?" asked someone. "Jest a com
mon homemade line made it myseif
outer cotton yarn," was the reply.
"Wal," remarked the quiet man,
"if that yer yarn had n't held tcrgcth
er better'n some o' yourn you'd 'a'
lost yer fish."
The truthful man got very red in
lu face and everyone thought he
vas!n)ini? to say something sown,
but he rest mined himself and took a
chew of tobacco about ths size of n
biscuit. Then he arose, stumbled
over his dog which was lying at his
feet, kicked' the animal sixteen feet
and went down to the other end of
the store to price a pair of red suspenders.
1 1' as a woman in ins manner it
stomal an unspeakable olI'eme to
utter an oath or a coarse expression
it. hi.s presence. Hi men never
forgot this ard the general's dismay
niy well be imagined when one
day he came across two privates
hiving a little scrapping match be
side the load, One of the combat-
nts being still sober enough to
jcoffiiize the officer Itll back but
the other turned and stared into
lently at the handsome old man
on his horse. Sergeant ! Herman t
come and put this man in irons"
called the general. And the fellow
shouted: Who in h 1 are you
old mule ear? Gil oil" that horse
and I'll lick you for a 'en ctnt
stami !" It ws too union. Gen
eral Polk turned and (led Philasj
del phi a 1 imes.
It I were asked to express in one
word the most, dominant charachr-
ot General Grant 1 should say loy
alty. He was loyal to his country
loyal to his cause loyal to his fami
ly and loyal to his frb-nd . This
trait was in him so wed develop d
that he could not understand the
lack of it in others. Th re svnv
two class s of men for v. honi he
had the most supreme contempt
and three were ha is ami cowards.
Magnanimity was amiost as strong
a feature iu the character of G uer
al Grant a? loyalty ;id tins was
shown in many little things. Thus
after the sunemle-r at Fori Donald
son he calied General Backner a
sice and said to him: 1 General 1
do not know in what condition
the fortunes of war have left you;
but" handing his pocketbook to his
'.ale adversary 1 I hope you will ac
cept this."-Gen. Horee Porter.
. t.'.r'V. ':: ,'-'"t '-" '
S 1 1 . J
rn - PA'- - J-'!
K-v- v.,!1 . i.-i!f----'tM. ,1 fc- L- 7? &'-'( I r.-:
t -f- ; ;a UP 1-
wins as we no from tor
GtPtCAPb 1TV ClOf 111
i. I' -it .J-,. w f
of the !arg
New York and pay In
no mariura
d lately on receipt of gooas, we at
10 give you. we uer vaiues lai
ever b
CASH imme
ine than
f I T
Trustee's Sale
By virtue of f, Deed of Trust exe
cuted to me by W. A. Turner and
wife, Delia f inner, on the 'ind d iy
of May, 1804, to secure debt due
Bates, Kingsbury & Co., which deed
of trust is registered in the register's
otlice of Marion County, Tenn., in
book "A A", page 450, I, as trustee,
will on the
1 1th d;iv 'of July, 189(5,
on the premises, at Sequachee, in
Marion Comity, offer for sale to the
highest bidder for cash, in bar of the
equity of redemption, the following
house and lot in the town of Sequa
chee, Marion County, Tenn., being
lots oT and 82, and 0 teet ot lot o3,
as shown in the plat of the Owen
addition to the town of Sequachee,
registered in the register's office, of
Marion County, Teim, in Book 'W,"
page 1P. all in the 7th civil district
of said .Marion County, lenn.
Said sate made to satisfy said deed
of trust.
This June 8, 1WG.
Men's Medium weh'ht suits,
nicely made, latest styles at S2.50
Men,s lb own cheviot cloth suits,
eil unide, sat'een lined,
Latest style at
Men's Black suits, scjian
Boys' Suits. Long Pants.
Boy's suits, Round or Square Cut. Age 12 to 19, $2.50, 3.35, 4 55
4.75 up to 80 00.
Cut, well made, sattecn
Lined, at
Men's suits, Round cut or
Square cut, all size?, nt $2. 98,
3 50, 4.75 5.50 and G.00 per suit.
Men's Blue suits, special at 4 70
Men's light colored summer
Suits, either round ( r
Square cuts, latest styles, at 7.25,
7.50 and $8 00.
Lot No. 3392. Me i's square cut,
all wool, small black and white
check suits, extra well made,
Uov's Suits. -Knee rants.
7092 Boy's small check all wool suits,
7097 Boy's Home spun
7148 Bov s Dark Grav
9330 Boy's AH woofruits
223G B y's Dark check all wool suits
2077 Boy's Dark Brown mix all wool suits
2074 Boy's ''New Brown" all wool suits
2000 Boy's Navy Blue all wool suits
5051 Boy's 'New Homespun" all wool suits
5045 Boy's "New Homespun" all wool suits
P23 Boy's Duck Suits
140 Boy's Duck Suits
3 98
2 50
In Self Defuse.
Monteagle July 4. A tragedy
which will probably have a fatal
termination occured here to day
about noon. Frank Dodge shot
Frank Wooten in self defense it is
claimed. Sheriff Roberts arrested
Dodsre. but released him on trie
teitioinnv of m:inv witnesses of
the deed.
We make a specialty of Bh-ick
Worsted Suits, and we guarantee
satisfaction iu every particular.
Lots number Price per suit.
901G, Men's Bound Cut Sack, $8.00
9017 " Square Cut Sack, 8 00
8350, u Bound Cut Sack, 10 00
1151, ,l Square Cut Sick, 30.00
G700, ' Round Cut Sack, 13.50
0701, Men's Hound Cut Frock 13 50
G702 Men s Square Cut Sack 13 o0
9048 Men's Prince Albert
Double breasted. 15-00
Miss Sarah Abies returned to Dun-
lav Mondav cvenincr. She will
teach the fall term here.
innnFRFML arc the cures; bv
Hood's isirsaparilla, find yet they
are simple and natur.d. Hood's S:u :i
O parilla cukes pUFi E BLOOD.
. : : '.'.' J .
V't AIL tut
Hct Couxh fryrua. To.-tes
In tin'r. S iM Vt ilriit'v'
t,oKi. Tse L
Junior Suits Age 3 to G.
G18 All wool nicely braided
017 All wool nicely braided
010 All wool Serge
50S0 All wool Imported Worsted
We carry a large and complete Hue of men's fine pants at all
Prim si 98 2.00: 2.25 and 2.50 per pair.
Tailor made pants; perfect fitting; nice new patterns at $2.75;
2.95; 3.00; 3.50, 4.00 and 5.00 per pair.
5 V:
1 s. t
13 i m
a 6 si ii. i (UVii
f'J if h
i iiioyyi ?

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