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VOL. 4.
NO. 6
"Wanted More Vine yards.
Mr. W. L. Melcher writing from
Laconia, N H., says; "The grapes
arrived in good shape and I have
distributed them. We are encour
aged that we have found something
to yield a profit, I think the ro
stilt is good for the first year and
an unfavorable season at that.
More vineyards must be set out.
It makes me more anxious than
ever for the mountain road. I ex
pect to succeed in accomplishing
this soon notwithstanding the hard
These are a few words but right
to ihe point for which we thank
Mr. Melcher. It shows his busis
sagacity. They a r a success and we now ask a reperusal and earn
ed are gone and people everywhere estly recommend the lnends of Ses
like Oliver a wist are asking for quachee to stand by it and by help
more. We are' sorry we hare no jng themselves heip tne town and
more to give them but the unstint VrIIv
ed praise of our grapes gratifies us
very much Said one person to us
Why I never 6aw anything like it.
Another' '1 never saw such fine
fruit," A gentleman from Chatta
nooga whose
Opinion we esteem
says unqualifiedly 'They are the employment helps to -build a piace
finest g apes ever eem m Chatta- The road up the mountain will
nooga;' aud a dealer xMr. Muxen open 8ucn a vast territory for this
makes the statement that they are and kindred uses that it cannot be
superior in eyery way to anything made too soon. We know theie
ever sent here and the city has are many wh0 will be glad so avail
been flooded with grapes from Tal themselves of the chance to get ev
lapoosa ann elsewhere And all fcn verv 61Iia1 plots but the gieater
this means that Sequachee grapes the variety of fruits the better for
will have a steady local market the pbtct.
next year Talking with a farmer Enlarge the vineyards and bring
the other day we remarked that them down the mountain side to
one wagon load of grapes had yield MaBSachusetts or Vermont Avenue,
ed S2b.00 cash ast Thursday. He Form' an association and buy the
answered- Yes and to realize that priSent vineyards of the Compauy.
amount of money fronv anything To set out more grapes ought to
else one would have to haul three Illean the location ot a basket lact
or f(ur big wag;) loads. ory here and that would perhaps
Mr. Melcher s idea as to the ex- suggest othtr enterprises, but by
tenwou ot the vineyards is the right all mean8 keep the Dall movirig.
thing and we fully endorse it. lhe; The News favors enterprise. We
company s vineyards ought to be do not want anyone to take bold
increased to fifty acres if not more wno believes inlI can't' but those
this season ana we long to see I ne
whole mountain side back of the!
town cleared and its value enhan
ced since it is proved that their a
daptibility for fruit growing is not
to be questioned. Now how to get
at it and to set about the work. , of the U. S. Department of Agri
With one half crop the profit on culture. It is a collection of short
these grapes is safely $40 per acre articles treating of the farm, field
more than could be raised for corn aud garden, forestry, fruits, irriga
or other crops on the choicest val- tion, road construction, everything
ley lands in four years taking late in fact calculated to attract the at
years as a basis which proves our tention of the farmer or fruit grower,
position that fruit raising is and There is one article in particular
jyillbe a paying business right which we shall publish when we fin
We. Take a case right as fc aps feh our present series of artices on
pies. There are not inanypples Tennessee Apples. It is the "Princi
this year-last year there were too e r f 1 linci
many. We know one man on the ft ntl? woi 4 , B(, y
mountain who has 500 bushels of J1?0 t 7 llufated fo
late fruit which will mean to him woodcuts whichre would be on-
fim hMtfir than anv corn cron.
" 1 , X
Last December a circular
PlilV,n,ifl hnsan averafre yield
mailed calling attention to grape fuuS ru8 on e iwo Florida
culture as an investment in which te Hemp Culture, Pruning
these figures were civen: and Care of VYoody Trees, Pine
of 1 77 tons pr acre at an average State, Small Fruit Culture for Mar
price of 817 66 per ton yielding the kcf Cure and Prevention of Pear
owner 829.80 to the acre. In New Blight and like articles. It is a
York the yield was 1.75 tons per
acre at an average price oi u per
ton yielding the owner 8122 50 per
flf-re. in unio me yieiu wna re-
ported at 1.80 tons to the acre at!
nn average price of 857 per ton
yielding au average
$102.60 per acre.
Tl,o Piitiro rnst of the land
paring planting tredising and car-
ing lor the vines until the end of
the third year when they begin to minutes start. The distance id 'a lit
be a source of profit will not exceed tie less than four miles and he won a
3100 aa acre whicli expense will be dollar ou the trip.
distributed throught the three
The income the third year frcm
setting can safely by estimated per
acre as follow 680 vims five pounds
each at threo cents per pound
3102 80 which is a vtry modnte
estimate but sufficient to cover
tne entire outlay. After the third
year the annual income. should a
verage not lees than 8100 an acre.
Subsequent events have proved
that these figures and the circular
Wfi8 a fair and contervati ;e eslim
ate. We endowed the proposition
then and we reiterate our endorse
ment now aud although the invito
tiou to those interested here fed
tlH.fcu.tthr t.imtt nf its tmhliratimi
Apart from this consideration
we shall encourage the planting ot
vineyards and orchards as the very
best and safest investment anyone
can make but their existence means
cnniH ftrnninvmrnit. and what, crivps
ouJy wno Fay .j wi!1 and 6nall
A Valuable Book.
We acknowledge from Foster V.
Brown the receipt of the Year Book
iV. T iau w leprouuce n were
: within our means. There are inter-
Apple Industry in the United
valuable book.
Beat the Train.
, ncsi vaiKer, tne ooy who sells
fhe News at Whitwell, started on his
A 1 IT 11 . 1
qI uavLic iur ictoria jusi as me pas
senger trai n pulled into AVhitwell,
.. i . ....
inorumg last weeK ana beat it to
As the tram does Borne
Ulpian Furguson was in town
About everyone went to the polls
Matthew Pryor was in Tracy City
John Poe, of Inman, was in town
Maj. Thos. II. Hill went to Jas
per Monday.
JoTm Turner, of Whitwell, was in
town Saturday.
Riley and Lucius Abies were in
town Saturday.
Miss Eflie Haynes is
Kimball this week.
G. W. Watley from the mountain
was in town Saturday.
S. P. Pryor spent Satirday and
Sunday at Oak Grove.
The Institute at Jasper Saturday
was fairly well attended.
Miss Janie Francis attended the
Institute at Jasper Saturday.
Mrs. R. J. Brown and family were
visiting at Whitwell Sunday.
I. Hammock and family returned
Tuesday from a trip into Georgia.
Mrs. C. II. Davidson has been vis-
ng Esq. Watley
Volley Lasater is now able to get
around but his foot is still very sore.
J. R. Ilouts. of Whitwell. was vis.
itiner hia brother C. C. Ilouts. Sun -
j y
Win. Thornton, of Jasper, was up
Saturday to attend Grand Army
R. J. Kilgore of Whitwell, is now
numbered; among the followers of
the News.
Airs. Josie Cox and ch lid, of Chat
tanooga are visiting Mr. Haynes fami
ly this week.
Job work that can be relied on a3
being neat and nice done promptly
at this office. v-
Sam Houston Academy has sus
pended its opening indefinitely until
cooler weather.
Who was the young girl that made
two blushing attempts ot mail one
letter last Saturday.
The mysterious camera seems to
be the centre of attraction now at
the cave on Sundays.
Joe Green, of Victoria, was in
town Saturday and remembered us
in a substantial way.
Austin Coppinger won an 180 fil
ly off of Breck Turner on S. B. Raul
ston's election for Trustee. .
Mrs. Halo from Chattanooga was
in the city Wednesday selling medi
cine, a sure cure for most everything.
School opens here next Monday.
Send your child to school and see
that it studies. This is your duty
and you should attend to it. .
Joe Hicks of Whitwell was in
town Saturday to attend Sons of Vet
erans meeting. He also subscribed
for the neat and newsy News.
3 i? "I
uur menu vusun Voppmger says j
of the bequaehee grapes, ,kl ney are
a derned sight better than musca
dines," which is true every tine.
lung ner paienis ror tne past weeK. mere have been quite a number of The vote for Judges of Chancery
R.J. Kilgore, wife and children of ' fara,lies .from lh Korth located in 'Court was as follows: Republicans,
. - - i
Advertised Sequachee Property.
The following are property owners
whose names appear in the Delin
quent Tax Sales. Space prevents
us from giving the list complete, oth
erwise we should give a complete
description of the property. Read it
over and Bee if your name appears in
W. A. Brown, G. A. Brown, Ben
nett & Pike, Burroughs & Peavy, G.
"W. Bodett, Chattanooga B. & L. As
sociation, J. 11. Clancy, W. II. M.
CateH, J. P. Ensworth,' L. N Farley,
Lizzie E. George, Sequachee MTg
: Co., E. A. Gross, J. M. Ilardaway, i
! Shade Lofty, N. E. Investment Co.,
A. I. Nute, G. W. O'Neal, Mrs. Jas.
Owen, B. W. Rogers, S. B. Russell,
Sequachee I own & Improvement
Co., E. E. Smart, Lizzie Sherburn.
A Fruit Growers Association.
Whiteville. Aug. 6. Last Satur
day was organized a Fruit Growers'
Association the object of uhich is to
encourage tie farmers to raise some -
thing for market besides cotton. T.
C. Stewart a member of tl e Tennes
see & Kentucky Land Immigration
Company was made Chairman of a
committee to confer with the railroad
company in regard to the freight
rates. 1 he
Immigration Comnanv
has recently established an office here
through which they will distribute
paper published at Memphis.
Sons of Veterans
1 Varans. TT s A n.vicmn f u
1 and Tfinn . waq instil nt Safnlflv
------ 7 vv Ktvu4 vt j
i i j fn
last and officers elected as follows:
Captain, R. J. Kilgors: 1st L;eu-
tenant, J. R. Abl as; 2nd Lieutenant,
1 Joseph Ilicks; 1st Serg't., W. C. Hill;
O. M. Snm'L W S Prvnr- Offi,
nf tl1R fi TamM J sfc,
were The p
' meet the 2nd Saturday at 1:00 p. m.
At next meeting balance of officers
will be chosen and organization com
pleted. Austin's Latest.
Austin Coppinger always has a
story suited to the . occasion and as
the republicans have had a walk ov
er in this county, Austin is at his
best as he believes it presages victory
in November. His latest effusion
is something like this:
Silver Man. -I hear that the
streets of Heaven are paved with
gold. Is that so?"
Gold Bug. "Yes, old boy, the
Bible says "the streets are paved with
gold'." .
Silver Man. Well, by gum, I
don't want to go there. I don't want
any gold in mine and I ain't even
taking the gold cure,"
Mr. M. W. Anderson, of Jasner.
mm seuuuii uirougn mis company. . jluoo: uemocrais 1UU. Jepublican
relates to us a strange experience. Courts fail to show any report of set
The birds attacked the black grapes dement since Sept. 7, 1874, when A.
in his garden but do not touch the 1 A.
X7: itt, . ..
We are not sufficiently
acquainted with bird physiology to
say they think thera not ripe and so
let them alone. Mr. Sherman has
had the same experience in the com
pany's vineyards.
Mrs. Mary J. Brown of Sequachee
and Mrs. Elizebeth Dyer, of Whit-
well, are the guests of Mrs. W. A.
Moore, at the Moore House. Dun-
lap Tribune.
County Election.
The coumy election passed ofF
very quietly. The republicai s
were out in full force and very eu
thusiastic and they carried the day
The democrats did not vote theirs
straight but scratched it consider
ably. The republicans claim that
a good many democrats voted the
straight republican ticket but . this
is au error. The democrats voted
for the best man irrespective of
party because they wanted good
men. The republicans are jubilant
and declare they will get a gieater
imijuniy in lNoveniDer cjuih is not
: possible. It may be much less.
The official vote in the 7th Dis
trict is as follows; .
Supreme Judges.
Rep 243 Dem....
Rep 265 Dem...,
Ren 538 Dem....
R 228 , Dem m
, i.i,., '
Warren (r) 247
Bamett (r).T 262
toclirayer (d). 187
School Directors.
Ball (r) 224
Lasater (r) ...239
Dmv fiv ioo
Rogers (d) ...... "..181
Martin (d) '.'.."..il'.'.'l'.ilSO
Carter (r. col) 164
majority 508
Rogers for Sheriff received 1635
votes against Sexton's 1026. Res
publican majority 609.
. "aulston republican
trustee received 1643 votfs
against 10J0 for Hoge. Republic
can majority 633.
vve would give the figures for all
" UUUIUy UUl a8
? . aut1 1Z not 'et ut
complete tab1
ZJanuf 'g Property Advertised.
5 lots returned to the Sequachee
MTg Co. in Sequachee City. For
full description see Book I, pages
622-3 Register's office at Jasper.
5 lots bounded north by Blocks,
south A D, east and west Bid and
Machinery, assessed to Sequachee
MTg Co.
This latter paragraph is given
exactly as published in the Jasper
Democrat. It is a pretty hard case
to make out but we will let it pass.
Sam Houston Academy.
The board of Trustees met at Jas
per Monday. All present
The records ot previous meeting
were read and approved. Secretary
reported that Treasurer had duly fil
ed his bond and had requested Treas
urer of former board to .transfer rec
ords and aocnunts
Examination nf Tennis nf f!mmfw
s J t r
to the amount of $5,595.61.
The meeting then adjourned;
A certain young man in Sequa
chee thinks churning is a pleasant
! task as he asked his sister Sunday
I morning to let him churn, but to
his sorrow an accident happened to
the churn and spoiled all his pleasure.
j -
Newton Fultz had a brand new boy
arrive at his houe Saturday night.

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