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St. JCHx'a asti.cm, I
Kkkton, Ky., Oct. 9, 18'JJ.
In out orphan asylum here there Is a 15-year
iSld child that had been BufiforiEg for yy&is from
liervouaneB to euoh an extent that she ofttiruea
In the night get up, and with fear depicted on
every feature and in a delirious condition,
would eeok protection among the older people
from an imaginary pursuer and could only with
Croat difficulty he again put to bed. Last year
leather Koeniij while on a visit here happened
to obBerve tho child and advised the use of
Jioenig's Nerve Tonic and kindly furnished us
tovaral bottles of it. The first bottle showed a
marked iinprovemont and after using the sec
pnd bottlo and up to the present time the child
is a happy and contented being. All those Buf
fering from nervousness should Book refuge ia
lather Koimln'e Nerve Tonic.
A Valuable Hook on Nervous Dis
eases and a saraplo bottle to any ad
arena. I'oorpatieuts also get themed
Roenig, of Fort Wayne, Ind., since IB iC, and is uovy
tuder his direction by tho
KOSHIC f?ED.CO.( Chicago, III.
gold by Druggists at 61 per Bottle. OforSC.
T-arse Size, 881.75. 6 Bottles for $9.
Tliia rrii..ir hR hrf-n nrpTiarptl bv rhe Itev. lather
Kelley"s Ferry,
Rev, Milligan delivered a most
eloquent sermon at Itock Church
The young people of this place
have organized a debatirg society
which meets every Thursday night
Lum Houts passed through here
en route for Chattanooga Saturday.
T. J. Mason made a business
trip to Monteaglo last week.
John and Nathan Ellis went to
Chattanooga Saturday. .
W. H. F- Smith, ofEtna, was
down on the river Sunday.
Mrs. Clark and daughters of Jas
per, were visi'ing their many
friends at this place last week.
The infant daughter of Mrs. J.
Ellis Jr., died Monday,
Bill Newsome, ol Etna, was do-,
ing the river Sunday,
A certain young man, of Gate's
Island who mysteriously disap
peared some time ago has returned
a weaker but a wiser young man
About two months ago this young
man gathered all his things togeth
er and one night when all thefam
By were asleep betook hisjourney
far up into Ohio, and there wasted
his substance in riotous living.
And when he had spent all he be
name in great -want. And he hired
himself to a citizen of that country
who sent him to the field to feed
the cow. And when he came to
himself he said: -'I will arise and
go to my father-" and straightway
he left all and started. And on
Jhursday morning about dawn
He safely reached home,
Never, neyer more to roam.
He is now going to school and
feasting on the fatted calf. Sadie.
Prnf. Hunter, of the Pryor Insti
tute pasted up through here Mon
rlav lookinor after the interests of
j - w
his school. .
Mr. and Mrs. B, F. Bndgeman
and little daughter Ethel spent
Sunday in Jasper a3 guests of I rot.
The'colored 'bretheren' who have
been holding a week's meeting
t Monday night.
Mr. A. W. Lewis says that all he
aA ohnnt that rocking- he got
last Saturday night was that the
boys didn't give him time to brush
ut wKpn it fell oil.
Mr. J. B. Womack says if the
much of him alt
Ke i they Uid he. .here
in buy- he would
i ho in the push,
qi4 vvph,tprian Literary Society
will meet next Saturday night and
.uo nnrat on. Resolved,
Tha rth. United States should
iivo the free and "lm'eJ o?
age of silver at the rauo of 10 to 1,
Wrr:: ' J. C. Gross.
J. c.
U. 1. I'd)
A. W. Lewis,
J. II. Harris.
T r T Tl.irria
HkaLaur, Turner mU read.
$W UNLOADS of NEW GOODS just arrived at the Peoples' Store,
y r n a Zx n r r n
Greenback?, and cold, and any other
than any other House
Brown sugar, 20 ibs for $1,00
Granulated sugar, 18 lbs for $1 .00.
Arbuckle coffee, 20c per lb.
Green coffee the best grade 5
lbs for $1.00, We guarantee this
coffee to be as good as coffee you
get at other stores at 4 lbs for the 1.
Bulk meat, all vou want, at be per
Lard, Gc per lb.
Best Bice, 5c per lb.
Best flour, 50c per 2t-lb sack; per
barrel, $3.90.
"Water ground meal, 40c per bu.
8 bars "Wash Tub soap, 25c.
A big drive in calicos at 5c per y'd.
Yard wide heavy domestic, 5c per
bood wool jeans, strictly all wool,
Sa V or it VI
A new line of
Henriettas, of the
flannels, tricots,
latest styles and
the best grades, ranging from 12?,c
to 25e per y'd.
Best Indigo Blues, 5c per yard,
worsteds and alpacas, dress goods in
blue, biack, red, brown, and most any
color you want, all wool, at 9c per
Is Judas Lost?
I contend there ia no evidence
of the final damnation of Judas
I contend there ia much evidence
ot his final salvation, it was fore
ordained that Judas should betray
Christ. Peter says, this Scripture
must needs be fulfilled concerning
Judas. Ought Judas be made for
ever miserable for fulfilling the
Scrintures. On the principles of
Calvinism it is impossible for Ju
das to be forever lost for be was
one of the elect. Can one of God's
chosen ones be eternally miserable?
No.. Then why eav that Judas, a
chosen one has gone or will go to
an endless hell? On the principles
of Arminianjsm Judas will be sav
ed. For Matthew declares that Ju
das repented, and do Arrainians
believe God will forever damn a re
pented prodigal? Judas gave evi
dence f his repenting, while Peter
at this very time was denying and
cursing his Master." If Judas can
not be saved who can. for accord
ing to Cat van is tn he was a chosen
one; on the other nana he win oe
saved on the ground of his repent
ancc. I hope it will not displease
the humane reader to have Judas
saved. No. the salvation of Judas
did not displesse the humane Jes
us for ho prayed for the forgive
ne-s of all his offenders, bo the
nal salvation of Judas can displease
noue except two classes, demons
vuii -3
kind of money being so scarce, they will
liht'AUhh we buy very caret ully, pay cash, and buy only the best.. Another
reason is that we never sell on credit, and consequently have no bad debts.
WE give you a few of our leading prices, but have not space enough to eive
ONE-HALF the prices on our-
aper pins
Best brass pens,
2 papers best needles,
Dress stays,
Hair curling irons
oc per uoz.
" , .
K . j
oc per pair.
Side combs,
TMiW ami rlnlrlW ffltt. 1
I OiliAJ T n f T" 1 1 1 n A I" linn a " tknin
hoso, 5c per pair.
Brown drilling, 8c per yard.
Fancy table oil cloth, 20c per y'd.
Heavy cheviot for shirting, 8c per
Boss ball thread, lc; 0 for 5c.
Ladies' corsets, 25c, 50c, and 75c.
A lot of corsets, small sizes, worth
75c we will close out at 25o.
In shoes we are knocking them all
all out.
We sell a man's heavy brogan for
81.00. .
The best woman's shoe in the
world for 81 .00.
Our man's Hubgore, Congress for
$1.25 can't be beat.
We also have children' and boy's
shoes: also line shoes for gentle-
and ladies at higher prices
which we guarantee to give satisfact
and those who are heard to say, if
all are going to Heaven we don't
want to go there. To such the
salvation of Judas will be very dis
J. T. Byrum.
No Rowdyism.
The half-grown boys of Sequa
chee evidently look upon ice cream
as the devil's invention, especially
when not having any money them
selves they see with dismay a
stranger inviting the little girls oi
the towu to eat ice cream with
him forgetting that the capacity of
girls and women to eat any a-
mount of cream on such occasions
... i . t i it
is a religious auty wnicu iuey
faithfully perform to the delight
of the managers. But no matter
how terribly the besoms of the
boys may have been charged with
envy and ancer, when they go to
work and wavlav and assault the
stranger, they disgrace the town
and ltd people and render them
selves liable to indictment by the
crand iury very properly. It was
mean and cowaidly and must not
occur again.
Blood and Nerves are very closely ro
laUJ. Keep the blood rich, vure and beaKby
with Hood's S.irs3paril!a and you T.l have co
trouble Irotn penousne. Cei only Hood s.
UnnH'n DIS! are the best a!ter-dlnner Pills
1 w w ""
Victoria, Tennessee.jp Jp JH
be gold at prices Cheaper
m&a Sit" SiimT ntJiiTiii j
We handle fifteen of the best lead
i ing brands
i , "
cigarette books.
We are handling a new snuff
v - i n e a
? e ml lf 110t . tistactory
JNIerriweather Snuff: 15c
10c size, 5c; 5c size, 3c.
We handle all other snuffs.
New line of clqthirig just arrived
from the manufacturer.1 Bought for
cash and cut to . fit, and will be sold
at extremely low prices.
In men s suits prices from $3.75
to $15.00. '
In boy s and youth s DOc up to
it win pay you to examine our
stock before buying.
Horse shoes with nails, 5c a-piece.
Nails by the keg, we sell $3.75.
retail at 4c anl 5c per lb.
Hood's Sarsaparilla, 80c
Castona, 30e
Black Draught, 15c
Simmon's Liver Medicine, 15o
Circuit Court.
Court adjourned Wednesday af
ternoon. In the Knight murder
case defendant failed to make the
$3000 bond as required and remains
in jail till next court: Fourteen
cases were disposed of by a verdict
of not guilty and sixteen were dis
Preacher Morrison and Bill Hig
don got eleven months apiece in
tho work house for helping them
selves to another man's hog. The
number of true bills returned by
the grand jury were thirteen.
Song Service.
A service of song was held at Os
wen Church Sunday afternoon led
by Mr, McGill of Kimball assisted
by Mr Carlock of Sequachee. Mr.
McGill has a strong voice, its tones
being almost trumpet tones be
side which the strongest efforts of
our local singers were only a faint
refrain. Mr. McGill likes to sing
and sings with all nis might and
so clearly and distinctly that we
jvere able to identify most of the
tunes as we were sitting on our
Mr. J. B Womack, of Victoria,
and a party of friends enjoyed the
plav ana the accompanying ice
cream hugely;
Ladies' and Gentlemen's Bicycles
your Price and Ceim
Any of the leading makes furnish
ed you upon easy payments at cata
logue prices as follows: "Wheels cost
ing $50.00 and under will be deliv
ered to you for $10.00 cash and $2.00
per month. Wheels costing over
$50.00 for $15.00 cash and $3.00 per
Wheels Guaranteed to be NEW
and riRST-class in All Respects
or Money will be Refunded.
Decide upon make of wheel you
desire and order by number from
catalogue of that manufacturer. Caii
also furnish any thing in the cycle
line. Address,
Harrison St. & Blue Island Avenue y
Chicago, 111.
The modern stand
ard Family Medi
cine : Cures the
common every-day
ills of humanity.
VJanted-An Idea I
VrnUtct vnur Ideon: thev may brine
Who can think-
some simpia
thlDrf to patent?
they may bring you wealth.
Writ JOHN WED0EKBORN & CO.. Patent Attor
neY8, Washington, D. C, for their $1,800 prl6 offer
aud list ot two hundred licentious wanted.
Ripans Tabules.
Ripans Tabules cure nausea.
Ripans Tabules: at druggists.
Ripans Tabules cure dizziness..
Ripans Tabules cure headache..
Ripans Tabules cure flatulence.
Ripans Tabules cure dyspepsia.
Ripans Tabules assist digestion..
Ripans Tabules cure bad breath..
Ripans Tabules cure biliousness..
Ripans Tabules: one givesTelief.
Ripans Tabules cure indigestion.
Ripans Tabules cure torpid liver..
Ripans Tabules: gentle cathartic.
Ripans Tabules cure constipation.
Ripans Tabules: for sour stomach.
Ripans Tabules: pleasant laxative.
Ripans Tabules cure liver troubles.
Will Burnett and Miss Isabelle-
llagsdale were married Thursday
evening at the home of the
of the bride over on the Ridge. The-
ceremony was performed by the Rev..
Jacob Houts. A wedding dinner
was given at the residence of Mao
Burnett this city Friday. The
News extends congratulations ui(I
wish the happy couple success ir&
The will be preaching at the
Blowing Spring Columbus Park
Sunday 3Qih, inst. at 3:00. o'clock.
in the evening, bubject, lhey
shall go away into everlasting
punishment" and also on the rich
man and Lazarus. AH invited ta
attend. J. T Byrum.
As evidence of how thoroughly
the Mews is read, the presence of - -people
from Victoria, Whitwell
and other places at the rendition
of "Better than Gold" was abunds
ant testimony.
The public school has now a
hundred echolars and the extra,
room is wanted. Now let the di
rectors get together and start it.
SCHOOL TABLETS for sale al
this cilice,

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