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Nervous trostration, Sleepless
ness and Weakness. 3
West Euouohton, Quebec, Oct. 1, '90.
The Tastor Kuenig's Nerve Tonic I ordered wu
for a young lady of my household who was al
most u.sel! to herself and others, owing to ner
vous prostration, blcepleKsness.weakness, Ac.,&c.
To-day there is quite a change. The young per
son is much, better, stronger and leas nervous.
She will i'1-ntinue to use your mlicine. I think
it Is.very good. P. SARVIE, Catholic Priest.
St. VrscENT'B Hospital,
Toledo, Ohio, JuneO, 1890. (
We CHed Pastor Koenig's Nerve Tonic for epl
leptiu fita In the case of a Mra. Gorman, and it
stopped the fits from too time she commenced
taking it. Wishing you an extensive sale for
this boueflcent remedy,
EISTKR BRADY, Secretary.
F W A Valuable Cook on Nervous DI
K $4 eime and a eamplo bottle to any ad
f K dreha.Ijor patients alo get the meil-
niuritKifiv hasbcenrrenaredbythe Rev. Father
Koenif?, ot l ort Wayne, Lud., aince 1870, andia uow
imdur his direction by the
KCEH1C LIED. CO., Chicago, 111.
So!l by Drug-slat at Si per Kottlo. Ofior C5-r.nr-?e
SUe. 81.75. C Bottles for S3.
Baker and Gnim.
Messrs T. II. Baker. Jr.. and J. H.
Gunn, Candidates for state Senator,
met at the school house Friday night
in joint discussion. Maj. Thos. II.
Hill, as chairman of the meeting, in
troduced the speakers, leading off
with Mr. Baker, who gave the peo
ple the hardest kind of common
sense. He gave vivid description
of the various evils which beset the
State, and summed up "Old Pete"
and his ring of blood sucking polit-
. . . .. I Ail
t km miis in tneir irue colors, umur
speakers have tried to palliate their
offences, but Mr. Baker handled
them without gloves, and the people
rejoiced thereat mightily. Mr. Ba
ker has an excellent way of taking
up things in succession and dispos
ing of them in the briefest ard most
forcible way that is possible. It is a
part ot his newspaper training and
serves him m good stead now. High
f aluting oratory is not what the peo
ple want now, and the fewer words a
candidate makes in explaining his
views the better the people will ap
preciate it.
Mr. Baker presented his case iu
first class shape, and shows that if
he is a young man he can also think.
Chairman Hill then introduced
Mr. Gunn who spoke on State issues
also. He related his experience in
reforming Grundv County, and Mr.
Gunn is evidently a man of much
experience and common sense, but
when he closed, his platform was in
a doubtful shape beyond the fact
that he was a Democrat.
Mr. Gunn did not interest his au
dience as much as Mr. Baker did,
and it was a very fair and impartial
crowd, but perhaps his failure was
due to sickness as he has been down
with the fever.
When Mr. Gunn closed, several
questions were propounded the can
didates and after they were answer
ed to the satisfaction of the people,
it was moved and seconded to adjourn.
Brownsville. j
G. M. Brown is still in the Val
ley at his old home.
Isah Lane wa9 on business in
the valley Saturday.
W. M. Houts wus in the valley
on business last week.
Henry Rutherlord is still work
ing on the mountain.
James Skiles attended the speak-.
ing one night last week.
Geo. Slatton attended the speak
ing at Whitwell last week.
Pat Morrison is still quite a fay
i t
orite utnong the lirownsville gins.
Alvis Brown was at Victoria on
business the lore part of the week.
Miss Emma Bailey was calling
on the family of W. M. Houts Sun
day. Alex. Dixon, of Sequach.ee, was
calling on lriends and relatives this
Mrs. Minnie Stevenson, of Se
quachee, is visiting her mother,
Mrs. M. M. Mauzy, this week.
Lucius and Riley Abies, of Ses
quachee, were calling on James
Skiles and iamily last bunuay.
Those mentioned in last week's
items as being on the sick list have
recovered sufficiency to be out and
transacting business again.
Alvis Brown has had his mill
overhauled and put in shape for
running which will be as soon as
it rains and he can get water, then
he wiil be ready for business.
John Presnell is the biggest man
in Brownsville. He is now called
nana, and it is a blue-eyed and
black-haired girl. He says it is the
prettiest ever born on the moun
Dixie Notes.
Hiram Faith killed a wild cat
near St. Stevens. Ala., a few davs
, ,
ago which was two feet ten inches
from tip to tip and two feet high.
Says the Stevenson, Ala., Chron
icle: "The bicycle craze has struck
Stevenson at last, there being eight
new wheels bought in the last
Remember . . .
-WILL SELL you foods as
-ClIEAl' as you can iiUi.
-them in the VALLEY". . . .
A lift.! a dnnorhtm f Rod Mnttnx.
of Lamar County. Ala., was snioth j
l x j.-ii. . .. il .
ereu to ueaiu in some eouuu csceu
a few days ago by falling into a
hole whicn she had made in the
Rev. Asa Routh, of Sullivan
county, who is one of the oldest
ministers in East Tennessee, has,
since he was ordained, witnessed
5.000 conversions, baptized 3,000
persons, married 1,000 couples and
preached more than OOU memorial
S. ft. Kirk pair ck breaks the re
cord for raising gourds even that
, i t i r- rx 11 II. ..
! one nejd nv uige arrou. ne ex-
hibited one on the street last wee
that measured Jorty-nine inches
long, is several inches longer than
finv erourd we have ever seen.
! Jonesboro, Tenn, Herald and Trib
i une.
-WE have jnst received a
-Large Stock of Shoes
-and we ask you to come
-and see them. . .
tiTl ASK the people of Sequachee and vicinity to call and see me.
J asper, - - Term.
f? R can furnish you letter heads,
bill heads, statements, circulars,
invitations and catds.
There is a rumor that another
wedding will take place on the
mountain before long. It is one
of Brown's men and a fair girl of
Brownsville. They attend cnurcn
quite regularly now.
Miss Moore, of Cedar Springs,
Miss Raulston, of Battle Creek,
Misses Lula Gray, Rita Raulston,
Ida Asburn, Eiida Aude.s and
Messes Kelly and Moore, of Re i
Hill, and Baker Baker, of Whits
well, were in our city one day last
wt-ek to enjoy the pure air of the
mountain, and were delighted
with the pure water which flows
from the Fountain, They were
much pleased with their trip and
returned with nanny hearts after
enjoying the hospitality of the cit
izens ot our town, whicn is always
extended to those who call on us.
1 hey are talking of returning next
Sundav and taking a trip to the
" V A
chimney at the head of the pocket.
A rirmincham News renortf-r is
informed that the T. C. I. & R. R.
Co., sold during the past week just
about the output ot Jts nine lurna
ces now in blast. Each of these
furnaces on an averaga produces
about 175 tons of pig iron a day,
the total being, therefore, in the
neighborhood of 1,600 tons. There
are four other furnaces in the dis
trict in blast with about the same
average output a-piece, making a
bout 700 tons per day more. The
total output of the district, accord
ing to these figures, must be in the
neighborhood orZ 6W tens ot pig
iron per day which is by no means
a small matter in these times, ino
roubles of any consequence mens
ace a trreat increase In the output
and sales as soon as the country
gets down to business again.
A Dandy Thing to Sell.
T havn been doiner so well this
summer selling combination dip
pers that I think it is my duty to
tell others about it. 1 have not
made as much money as some I
read about, but I never make less
tlmn P3 and often ?5 a day: the
dipper can be used as a fruit jar
tiller, a piain uippe, a. uuc cuaup
er; a funnel; a strainer funnel; a
sick room warming pan, and a
pint measure. These eight difler
ent uses makes the dipper such a
necessary article tnat it sens at
nearly every house, as it is so cheap
You can get a sample by sending,
as I did, 18 two-cent stamps to pay
postage, etc , to W. II. Baird & Co.,
Station A, Pittsburg, Pa., and they
will mail you a dipper, and y.u
can go right' to work. Any one
wuii make $3 M a day anywhere
A Reader. Sep. oTot
A Money Maker in Hard Times.
I have for the five past years had
a pretty hard struggle to make a
living, but about there months ago
I hey:an seliinz self heating flat in
rons and have made from four to
five dol'ars every day, which I
think is pretty good tor an inexpe
rienced woman, rav brother is now
sfdlm? irrn3and makes more than
I ao but be has sold other things
and is more experienced, The iron
is sell heating, so it is the proper
heat all the time; and you can iron
in half the time you commonly do
and have the clothes much nicer,
you can iron out under a tree or in
any cool place and one cent's worth
of Benzoine will do an ordinary i
roning, so you save the price of the
iron in fuel in a few weeks. By
addressing W. II. Baird & Co.,
Station A., f'ttsburg, l'a you can
get full paiticulars, and I kLOw
any one can do tplendidly any
where. We sell at nearly every
house arid any woman that i
rons once with a self heating iron
will have i. ne, as it saves so much
labor and dots so much better
Mr?. M.B. vSep3 135,
Merchant's Hotel.
Comer 8th and CheKtnnt ,Smet8. Heap
ant Location.
One block from Union Depot.
One block from Electric Card.
Forty Front Rooms.
Electric Lights and Bells, in every
Room. Polite attention.
Information about BattletiehU and
Points of Historic Interest
freely furnished.
Kates $1 50 to $2 per day
Special by the week.
Abnek L. Ross, Proprietor.
Frank Hodokins. M. V. Owens-.
(Special attention and information to tourists and ladies traveling alone.
UUA1 1 Al WUA, I1L.J.MX.
The "Rossmore,"
The Business Cent e.
Electric Cars to and from the Depots
and all Points of Interest pass
this Hotel.
Fine Front Rooms: wide Halls:
practically fire proof.
Polite, Prompt Attention.
Lookout Mountain in full view from
Hotel Veranda.
Rates-$2.00 per day.
Acxer L. Ross, Proprietor.
Horace Bay less J. T. Stewart.
Subscribe for the .
3 t
The death in Cordele. Ga , of Mra
Joseph E Bivins. wife of the Presi-
dent ot the First JNationai I3anu,
recalls a sensation as ghastly as it
was realistic. Mrs. liivens was
formerly an old maid in Atlanta,
Ga.. where she had some little
nronertv. Dr. Marvin, a specialist
from Omaha. JNeh.. came to Atlan
ta, wooed the mature maiden and
made her his wife. He engaged in
some real estate speculations which
malcH him worth half a million
He then removed to this city and
rented a magnificent home. The
happy couple lived in this palace
but a few weeks when the doctor
sickened and died. Mrs. Maiviu
refused Lo be comforted. She for
hade a funeral and telegraphed to
New Orleans for au expert ems
balmer. The body was kept in the
house where the widow could see
it. Hailv.
After about a year of this kind
of enjoyment the widow conciuaea
to give her hand and heart to Jos
eph E. Bivins. who had become her
business manager. Alter her mars
riage she escorted him to her home
and than it was that she gained
the remarkable distinciion ot hav
ing two husbands iu her house at
the same time one alive and the
other dead, She carried Mr. Biv
ins to look upon the body of her
drad husband in the parlor, and u
was only after urgent solicita'ion
on his part that she consented to
the remains being sent to Macon
and buried in Rose Hill cemetery.
Wonderful are the cures accomplished by
Ilood-s Sarsaparllla and yet it Is only because
Flood's Barsaparilla, the one true Uood purifier,
makes pure, rich, healthy, life-gltlng blooi
Hood's PiH3 for the liver and bowels, act
easily, yctr-roautiy and cEclccUy. 3Sc.
Etna Mountain.
Dr. O. F. McNabb visited a cer
tain young lady Saturday.
T R Flli a Rnent. ftn.tnrrt.iv at
the picnic with his sweetheart.
We had a good Sunday School
picnic at the Ferry Saturday.
The speakers were Messrs T J.
Mason. J. R. Ellis. Clay Lone. A.
W. Kelley, Geo. Rogers and Win.
We are glad to see the people are
taking 6uch au interest in the im
provement of the mountain road
Good roads and good schools will
make a country prosper in frpite
of croakers.
Young Rambler.
A Life Saved.
Marvelous cures of tlroat and lung
affections are made daily by Dr. Bull's
Cough Syrup. Miss Annie Swan,
Petersburg, Va., writes : "My brother
was attacked by a bad cough and cold,
and it was thought he had consump
tion. Dr. Ball's Cough Syrup was
used, and to our great surprise it inado
him well and hearty. There is no
better cure in the world than this
Syrup. Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup- is.
gold everywhere for 5 cents.
The candidates for examination
for county Superintendent of School
who appeared before the Committee
last week were, II. It. Gilliam, of
Jasper, 1). A. Tate, of So. Pittsburg,
John Raulston.
XitUBttmq jo s
-pire;s uaspoui aqj.
Ilipans Tabules.
Ripans Tabules cure nausea..
Ripans Tabules: at druggists.
Ripans Tabules cure dizziness.
Ripans Tabules cure headache.
Ripans Tabules cure flatulence.
Ripans Tabules cure dyspepsia.
Ripans Tabules assist digestion..
Ripans Tabules cure bad breath.
Ripans Tabules cure biliousness..
Ripans Tabules: one gives relief.
Ripans Tabule3 cure indigestion
Ripans Tabules cure torpid liver,
Ripans Tabules: gentle cathartic.
Ripans Tabules cure constipation..
' Ripans Tabules: for sour stomachs
Ripp.nsTibules: pleasant laxative
Ripans tabules cure liver troubles.
We are convinced that we never
published more reliable testimonials
than thM for Pastor Koenig's Nerve
Tjnie. i bis remedy deserves pnee
vA if. -:, i id end at ion, beeauo it U
giv --n ft' c to the p-jr.
' ubscribe.

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