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Sequachee Valley News.
Published at Sequachee, Tcna.
Subscription, 50 Cents perYear.
Entered in the PostoH'ice st Setuachee j
ss tvcond LlassMan matter.
Tim News is not responsible for the J
opinions of its correspondents, nor ,
c, . : -I , i i
lur miicu communicauons, unci
notning Will 00 COnsiUCreu tor pub- ;
licatlOU which is not accompanied i
. 1 'Til 1 1 ,
by the rent name of the writer, not j
tor publication but as an evidence
of good faith.
(Cr'Xews and advertising matter to
secure insertion must be handed in
before 1'J.bU o'clock Wednesday
noon, otherwise it may be too late.
THURSDAY, NOV. 5, 189b
What the Souih requires now
is development and that will nev-jhd
er be attained by howling around
by howli
jn the wake of a candidate.
The ST.. C. St. L. R. R. is
doing a lot ot work for the sake
ot improving tner' country adja
cent to its lines. It is a worthy
Talk up the development of
your town and not only do that
but show it by your factions. It
you are a public spirited citizen,
people will believe every word
you say.
In building country roads, get
rid of heavy grades either by
cutting or locating. The steep
est grade determines the load to
be hauled. The road should
never keep to the alignment of
the property to the sacrifice of
good grade, and to avoid expense
do not make the road way too
wide. Exchange.
Tiie South is not a place of
vernal showers, ripening oranges
and red, red watermelons all the
time. People have to work here
just as much as elsewhere and re
sults are just as hard to obtain
but it is a pleasant land to live
in is very true. The extremes
are so modified that many diaad
vantages are not apparent.
Good roads are a necessity,
and as the movement has been
started to have them, let all be
come interested in the matter
and start the wheel arolllng to
bring something about that will
benefit each locality. If your
neighbor is lukewarm, juet take
time to converse with him and
you will not require much time
to convince him of his error. Try
it. It will do no harm. Ex
change! We have from good authority
the statement that '"improved
highways will add from $5 to
$50 per acre to the value of all
farm land situated along such
highways." This fact, together
with the case ot getting to and
from market with larger loads,
and the relief from isolation
which would practically trans
form tho whole character of ru
ral life, flhould be sufficient to
mako the question of good roads
of utmost importance to tho farm,
er. The Panama Herald, of
Rhodo Island, says very forcibly,
it is to hia advautago to work
early and late to bring about the
the ''good roads millcniuiu."
When you t;iko Hood's Pills. The hig, old-fashioned,
sugar-coated pills, which tear you all to
pieces, are not in it with Hood's. Easy to take
and easy to operate, is true
01 1100,1 s 1 llls' wmcn are
up to data in every respect.
it,;, u
druggists. 25c. C. I. Hood & Co., Lowell, Mass.
The only Tills to take with Hood's Sarsaparilla.
Col. Killebrew is respectfully
invited to consider the Sequa
chee Valley as a location tor a
America's Apple Crop.
New York, Oct. 'J!). Throughout
the States of chief commercial pro
duction, including New England
and New York, the crop ol winter
apples is large, according to the spec
report in the New Englaud Home
!tead, which places the aggregate
yield at a shade under 59 million bar
rels for all ot the United States a
gainst 00,500,000 barrels in 1805 and
57,000,000 barrels two years ago. J
This authority says the crop in New
England. New York, Michigan and
Tinrt.s of a fruv other states is nhen- ,
ominal. .New Upland and Aew
York alone have over 10 million bar
rels against a little more than 7 mil
lion a year ago, while Michigan is
harvesting the greatest cron of fine
fruit ever secured in that State. The
renort covering the Central West.1
however, shows that in many in
stances the crop is insufficient to sup
ply the home requirements. The
Canada crop is among the largest on
record. Exports from the Atlantic
coast arc already ore million barrels
or a third more than all of last seas
on. Deafness Cannot bo Cured
bv local applications as they can
not reach the diseased portion of
the ear. There is only o e way to
cure deafness and that is by con
stitutional remedits. Deafness is
caused by an inflamed condition
of the mucous lining of the Eus
tachian Tube. When this tube is
inflamed you have a rumbling
sund or imperfect hearing, and
when it is entirely closed, Deafness
is the result, and unless the in
flammation can be taken out and
this tube restoied to its normal
condition, hearing will be destroy
ed forever, nine cases out of ten are
caused by Catarrh, which is noth
ing but an inflamed condition of
mucous surfaces
We will give One Hundred Dol
lars for any case of Deafness (caus
ed by catarrh) i hat cannot be cur
ed by Hall's Catarrh Cure. Send
for circulars; Iree.
F. J. CHENEY & CO , Toledo, O.
Sold by druggists, 75c,
Hall's family Pills are the best
A Chance to Make Money.
I have made 81,640 clear money
in 87 days and attended to my
household duties besides, and I
think this is doing splendid for a
woman inexperienced in business.
A lit.
Anyone can sell wnat everyone
wants to buy, and every family
wants a Dish Washer. I don't
canvass at all; people como or send
for the washer, and every washer
that goes out sells two or three
more, as they do the work to per
fection. ou can wash and dry
the dishes in two minutes. I am
going to devote my whole time to
this business now and I am sure I
can clear $5,000 a year. My sister
and brother have started in the
business and are doing splendid.
You can get complete instructions
and hundreds ot testimonials by
addressing the Iron City Dish
Washer Co., Station A; Pittsburg,
Pa., and if you don't make lots of
money it's your own fault.
Mrs. W. H. SepS.lSt
M U Vs5 VKi
ElOTSSVyo SUSPICIOUS looking characters wearing masks and carrying dark lan
( terns paused in front of DAVIDSON'S STORE one dark night last week and
0 began trying to lit a key to the door. While thus engaged a slip of paper
attracted the attention of one of them and he picked it up and studied it a moment by the light of his
lantern. Then with an exclamation of surprise, he passed it to his companion who examined it eagerly
for a time and then threw it down,
"That settles it, Bill," said he. "We won't crack this crib. WHEN A MAN SELLS AT
And abandoning their task, they disappeared in iho darkness.
Here is a List of the
ZDrsr G-ood.
Lawns per v'd
Best Indigo Calico 5c
Good Calico 4ic
Cotton Checks 4c to Co
Yord wide Domestic 4c to 6c
Gingham'3 4c
Best Oil Table Cloth ISa
Ladies Hose 4c
Large Boss Ball Thread 10c a ch-z.
Full' line Men's Underwear from
5c to 90c.
A good cheviot shirt
A better shirt worth 75c
for only ..
A wool shirt worth 31 00
Fine shirts marked
down from
75c and 81.25 to only 50c and 90c.
Best fine Negligee thirts only 80c
Mens' Jeans pants 75c, $1 00
1.25. Would be cheap anywhere
SI, 1.25, 1,50
Good Jeans (? only 12c per y'd
Wool Jeans 25c; would cost you
35c anywhere.
A fine assortment Jof suspenders
all made from the best webbing
in price as lollows:
10c, 15c, 20c, 25, and 40c.
I have the very best of these
goods 10c.
Sequachee, Tenn., Oct. 20, '96.
What A Woman Can Do.
Last week I cleared after paying
all expenses, $36b 85, the month
previous S360 and havo at the
same time attended to other duties.
I believe any energetic person can
do enuallv as well, as I have had
very Uttle experience. 1 ne msu
Washer is just lovely and every
family wants one which makes
selling very easy. I do no canvas
sing. People iiear about the Dish
Yfasber and come or send for one.
It is strange that a good cheap
Dish Washerhas never been put
on the market before. The Mound
City Dish Washer fills this bill.
With it you can wash and dry the
dishes for a family of teu without
wetting your hands. As soon as
people seo the Dish Washer they
want one You can make more
monev and make it quicker than
with any household article on the
market. I feel convinced that any
lady or gentleman can make from
810 to S14 per day around home.
You can get lull particulars by ad
dressing The Mound. City Dish
Wafiiku Co , St. Louis, Mo, They
help you to get started, then you
make money awful fast. A. L. C.
Job printing of the neatest and
best kind promptly donu at thb office.
eried I
Prices that Saved them
Ladies' fine Dongola button shoes
81.40 to 81.85.
Ladies' Glove and Pebble Grain
shoes 03 L05 to 1.50.
Children's' and Misses shoes si zhk
ranging fiom 5 to 8, 90c; 9 to 12,
$1.00- 132, SI. 15.
Mens" full stock shoes at only $1.
Kip Ties, 81.15 and 1,25.
Best Kip Ties, 81.50.
Mens' Calf hand-sewed shoes
$1.50, 1.65, and 1.85.
Regular $3 shoes 2.25
Boys' plow shoes Oh 61.15,
Boys' calf, sewed shoes, 1 25, 1.50.
Shoe nails only 5c a paper.
Half soles, 10c and 15c.
Best shoe brushes 25c.
JBSTThese shoes are all bought
direct from the factory.
Granulated sugar 18 lbs for S1.00
Extra Common sugar 19 lbs for
Coffee 12c $ lb
Good Green Coffee I8c $ lb
Best Green Coffee 25c lb
McLaughlin's XXXX package
coffee far ahead of Arbuckles only
25c; 5 packages for SI.
2 bars of good soap for 5c,
3 large packages oatmeal 25c
Soda, 4c per package.
1 pound can baking powder 10c
Sardines only 5c a box.
3 lb cans Tomatoes 10c
Salmon only 15c.
Corn beef, 15c; 2 for 25c.
Raisins 6c $ lb,
The "Rossmore,"
The Eusiness Centre.
Electric Cars to and from the Depots
and all Points of Interest pass
this Hotel.
Fine Front Rooms: wide Halls:
practically fire proof.
Polite, Prompt Attention.
Lookout Mountain in full view from
Hotel Veranda.
Hates $2.00 per day.
Alneu L. Ross, PitoriiiETon.
Horace Bayless. J. T. Stewart.
03Special attention and information to tourists and ladies traveling alone,
ii ii
from Becoming Thieves.
Mason's Blocking, 4c and So
Carpet Tacks, 3 papers for 5c.
Merry Nick In Lyo 5c a box
Sulphur 5c f lb; lOibs 40c.
Salts, 6c $ lb.
Quinine 5c $ bottle.
School Crayons 3 boxes for 25o
Starch 4a
Sand paper, 6 sheets for 5c.
Lead pencils 10c per dozen.
Wash boards 17c to 35c.
French harps 10c
Pocket knife, 10c
Scrub brushes, 10c
Axle grease 5c a box
A lew Mason's 2-quart jars
Good Broom 18c
Tablets, 4c
Fine lot of harness leather 29c
by the side.
Nutmeg Grater,
Pint Cups,
Pie Pans,
Milk Strainer,
--gal buckets
1 gal covered buckets
l-gal covered buckets
2-gal covered buckets
Dish pans
Wash pans
Milk pans
22c and 28o.
5c and 10c
5c to 10c
Cake pans
Large bread spoon
Stove piping, 2 joints for 25c
Elbows only 15c.
Best No. 1 axe and handle 75c
Horse shoes, 5c each.
Strap hinges from 10c to 18c
' Best wire nails only 4c lb
Merchant's Hotel.
Corner 8th and Chestnut Streets. Pleas
ant Location.
One block from Union Depot.
One block from Electric Cars.
Forty Front Rooms.
Electric Lights and Bells ijsvery-
Room. Polite attentions
Information about Battlefields and
Points of Historic Interest
freely furnished.
Kates $1.50 to $2 per day
Special by the week.
Abner L. Ross, Proprietor.
Frank Hodgkins. M. V. Owens.
THE can furnish you letter heads,
" billheads, statements, circular,
invitations and caids.
V. w
i 1

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