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Sequachee Valley News.
Published at Sequacbee, Tcnn.
-Editors & Publishkrs.-
gubacriplion, 50 Cents per Year
Entered in the PostoftVe &t Sequachee
as S.'.oud Clat-aMail matter
The News is not responsible for the
opinions of its correspondents, nor
for signed communications, and
nothing will be considered for pub
lication "which is not accompanied
by the real name of the writer, not
for publication but as an evidence
of good faith.
Lower ills
Like biliousness, dyspepsia, headache, .consti
pation, sour stomach, indigestion are promptly
cured by Hood's Tills. They do their work
easily and thoroughly.
T 1 A. I . .IT . rvflli.
.nest luitn umiici ym.i. f,?
25 cents. All druacists. u
Prepared by C. I. Hood & Co., Lowell, Mass.
The only Till to take with Hood's Sarsaparilla.
y y tj w
dfNews and advertising matter to
secure insertion must be handed in
before 12.00 o'clock Wednesday
noon, otherwise it may be too late.
We think Marion County
frtf A
01 WjU q
should have m exhibit in the ex
position at Nashville either in
unijunction vvitn Sequatchie and
Bledsoe comities icpresehting
the Sequachee Valley, or alone.
There may be objections to
the county being in line with
other counties iu the State, there
may be a prejudice tht the ex
liibition will nelp Davids n coun
ty more than any other, but we
cannot see any valid reason why
Marion County bo full ol natural
gifts and so repleta with mineial
wealth should hesitate to show
to the world what she has with,
in her limits.
We shall never be fouud in
the rauks of those who discour
age enterprise, nor shall we ques
tion the purposes of the J ustices
ot the Peace who hesitated to ap
propriate the peoples' money lor
the purposes of an exhibit and
we hope that the iuieiveuiug
time since their meeting iu Jan
uary and the next Court to be
holden will have afforded them a
chance to carefully consider
wnat etteet au exhibit would
have and whether ic is necessary
for the welfare ot the County to
it mi v thin to show it in its
Tirof fir liifht. and therefore we
expect that they will be iu better
condition to consider when the
matter comes again betore them
Tn th mean time the Commis
M W , .
ftioim wuo we understand still
hold their appointments, thouid
be preparing plaus so mat wiusu
called upon, they can give tangi
ble and logical information,
A small appropriation from
iho, f !nnnr.v wan the private en
terprises aud subscription which
. t ..ui.. l
we believe can ue uuiiucu,
Id we believe, prepare an ex
hibit of which we would all feel
proud, but it the county nas
none, who can apoiogc ui n.
Tiie News wants an exhibit
and its columns are open for the
intelligent understanding of the
matter. If anyone objects, let
us know why. Or, if any plan is
ready, let the people kuow it.
The p'an of the American
Newspaper Directory in rega-d
to elapsing papers of le8 than
Kof) circulation per week aR
i ".TKL" seems to us a very good
I idea. The dv person it could
! injure would be th foreign wd
jvertiser, wh( mihtlose thereby,
in his h-iRto o tret papers ot over
1000 circulation, a paper of from
f00 to 900, which w)n'd ha bet
ter for Ins purposes. The scheme
cannot harm the paperfl of small
circulation at any rate, as foreign
advertiser that patronizo them
are scarcer than hen's teeth any
way, barring the advertising
cCTlVVO SUSPICIOUS looking characters wearing masks and carrying dark Ian-
items paused in front of DAVIDSON'S STORE one dark night last week and
began trying to fit a key to the door. While thus engaged a slip of paper
attracted the attention of oneof them and he picked it up and studied it a moment; by the light of his
lantern. Then with an exclamation of surprise, he passed it to his companion who examined it eagerly
for a timo and then threw it down,
That settles it, Bill," said he. "We won't crack this crib. WHEN A MAN SELLS AT
And abandoning their task, they disappeared in the darkness.
Here is a List of the Prices that Saved them from Becoming Thieves.
Lawns per y'd
Best Indigo Calico
Good Calico
Cotton Checks
Yard wide Domestic
Best Oil Table Cloth
Ladies Hose
Large Bos Ball Thread 10c a d z
Full line Men's Underwear from
'toe to 90c.
5 c
4c to Go
4c to 6c
TFPomeofth se who are in
debted to he News would pay
up, we would feel much happier.
Grapes, and Peaches
Around Hamlet (says the Char
lotte, N. C, Democrat) the country
ist not very invitinr. It is fiat and
swampy, thour;u backed at a good
'distance hr .rst-class farming lands.
but boarding a train tor southern
Pines, you may prep-ire yourself to
see the prettiest farming in the south.
On the right and on the left, the
broad, level sandv fields extend into
space beyond where the eye can
see. Ten years ago the barren lands
or sand hills, as they were called,
were a sore on the progress of JNorth
Carolina. But to-day it is not true.
.lucre is wircic ilUllil vmuiimt a
making most rapid progress. J
The first field of interest is a large
vineyard. As far as the eye can see
a 1
vines are twining around vertical
posts. The posts are nothing more
than short fence rails driven into the
ground. They are about eight feet
apart each way. Y hen the vine is
small and tender, it is trained to cir
cle around the post and is aided by a
string which is tied to the top and
then around the post. To look at
the vines one would think some bad
boy had been in there with his hatch
et; but, no, it is the work of the prim
er. He cuts about one-fourth of the
vines off each year keeps it trimmed
back. That makes the fruit grow
A good cheviot shirt 40!J
A better shirt worth 75c Rftji
for only VUU.
A wool shirt worth $1 00 f7Cp
only IM.
Fine shirts marked down from
75c ai $1.25 to only 50c and 9(K
Best fine Negligee'thirts oniy 80c
Mens' Jeans pants 75c, 81 00
1.25. Would be cheap anywhere
$1, 1.25, 1,50
Ladies' fine Pongola button shoes
$1.40 to 81.85.
Ladies' Glove and Pebble Grain
shoes 1.05 to 1.50.
Children' and Misses shoes sizs
ranging fiom 5 to 8, 90c; 9 to 12,
$1.00- 13-2, $1.15.
Mens' full stock shoes at only 81.
Kip Ties. 81.15 and 1,25.
Best Kin Ties. 81.50.
Mens' Calf hand-sewed shoes
$1.50, 1.65, and l.&.
Regular 83 shoes 2 25
Bovs dIow shoes , 81.1o,
Boys' calf, sewed shoes, 1 25, 1.50.
Shoe nails only 5c a paper.
Half soles, 10c and 15c.
Best shoe brushes 25c.
Good Jeans only 12c per y'd
Wool Je.ms 25c; would cost you
35c anywhere.
A fine assortment of suspenders
all made from the best webbing
in vrice as follows:
10c, 15c, 20c, 25, and 40c.
Ovr bears constantly of new
colonies being started through
out the South. It there are bo
mauy, wThy canuot one be started
iu this section. We have the
resources but they are undevel
oped. Tue South needs the money
ot good, honest, welUmeanmg
men, and not that ol speculators.
Marion County must have an
exhibit or else take a back seat
vmou- the counties of Teuncdsee,
Deafness Cannot bo Cured
bv local amplications as thev can
A A.
not reach the diseased portion of
the ear. There is only one way to
cure deatness and that is by con?
etitutional remedies. Deafness is
caused by an inflamed condition
of the mucous lining of the Eus
tachian Tube. When this tube is
inflamed vou have a rumbling
'sound or imperfect hearing,, and
- T-v M
when it is entirely closed, JJeatness
is the result, and unless the in
flammation can be taken out and
this tube restored to its normal
condition, hearing will be destroy
ed forever, nine cases out of ten are
caused by Catarrh, which is noth
ing but an inlhimed condition of
mu con;? surfaces
We will give One Hundred Dol
lars tor any case of Deafness (caus
ed by catarrh) that cannot be cur
ed by Hall's Catarrh Cure. Send
for circulars; tree.
F. J. CIIENi: V & CO , Toledo, O.
old bv druggists, 75c,
Halls family P.ilb are the best
I have the very best of these
goods 10c.
Sequachee, Tenn., Oct. 29, '9G.
S5rThese shoes are all bought
direct from the factory.
Granulated sugar 18 lbs for 81.00
Extra Common sugar 19 lbs lor
Coffee 12c $ lb
Good Green Coffee 18c tt
Best' Green Coffee 25c e$ lb
McLaughlin's XXXX package
coffee far ahead of Arbuckles only
25c; 5 packages for 81.
2 bars ot good soap for 5c.
3 large packages oatmeal 25c
Soda, 4c per package.
1 pound can baking powder 10c
Sardines only 5c a box.
3 lb cans Tomatoes 10c
Salmon onlv 15c. (
Corn beef, 15c; 2 for 25c
Raisins 6c $ lb,
Mason'a Blacking, 4c and 8c
Carpet f neks, 3 papers for 5c.
Merry Nioku Lve 5c a box
Sulphur 5c $ lb; iOlbs 40c.
Salts, 60,$ lb.
Quinine 5c $ bottle.
School Crayons 3 boxes for 25c
Starch 4a
Sand paper, i) sheets for 5c.
Lead pencils 10c per dozen.
Wash boards 17c to 35c.
French harps 10c
Pocket knile, 10c
Scrub brushes, 10c
Axle grease 5c a box
A lew Mason's 2-quart jars
Go d Broom 18c
Tablets, 4c
Fine lot of harness leather 29o
by the Hide.
Nutme&G rater,
Pint Cups,
Pie Pans,
Milk Strainer,
gal buckets-
1 ual covered buckets
H-ira' coveivd buckets
2-gal covered buckets
Dish pans
Wash pans
Milk pans
Cake pans
Laree bread spoon
Stove piping, 2 joints for 25c
Elbows only 15c.
Best No. 1 axe and handle 75c
Horse shoes, 5c each.
Strap hinges from 10c to 18c.
Best wire nails only 4e lb
22c and 28
5c and 10c
5c to 10c
and the vine cease? its most luxuri
ant growth.
It is interesting to see how these
vines are cultivated. As in an im
mense corn field a plowman with
horse and plow e.-in be seen plowing
between the rows, lie plows witn
m a short distance say two feet, ot
the vine, first plowing ons way and j
then across, just like plowing corn
that is in hills. Not a weed nor
much grass can be seen in the field.
The vineyard is worked as if it were
cotton. The soil is a deep sandy
soil, that is, real loose and soft.
There is no- clay subsoil to hinder the
roots in their spreadiosx.
Back of Southern Pines the pesch
qrchards extend for miles. The
trees are about five feet high and
umbrella shaped. They are small,
but larsro at the top, as if the prun
ing knife had stopped the upward
crowth and caused the tree to spread.
The trees are placed about twelve
feet ap;irt in both directions and are
in rows like the crape vines, so that
they can be plowed easily. No
weeds or grass are to te seen, just a
field of glowing peach tiees loaded
in the season with peaches. The soil
is the same as that of the grape field.
The field is a solid block of treee, no
space being vacant in which a tree
should be. Sahnaguudu
The "Rossmore,
The Busineps CenPe.
Electric Cars to and from the Depots
and all Points of Interest pass
this Hotel.
Fine Front Rooms: wide Halls:
practically fire proof.
Polite, Prompt Attention.
Lookout Mountain in full view from
Hotel Veranda.
Rates $2.00 per day.
Abxkk L. Ross, Proprietor.
Horace Bayless. J. T. Stewart
Merchant's Hotel.
Corner 8th and Chestnut Streets. Pleas
ant iOcmin.
One block from Union Depot.
One block from Electric Cars.
Forty Front Rooms.
Electric Lights and Bells in every
Room. Polite attention.
Information about Battlefields ancB
Points of Historic Interest
freely furnished.
Kates-$100 to $2 per day
Special by the week.
Abxer L. Ross, Proprietor.
Frank Hoigkins. M. V. Owens..
"Special attention and information to tourists and Ladies traveling alone..
HEcan furnish you letter heads,
" bill heads, statements, circulars,,
invitations and ctuds.
ii ifiiiij u irij-

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