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Sequachee Valley News.
Published at Sequachee, Tonn.
Editors & Publishers.
Subscription, 50 Cents per Year.
Entered in the i'osloffire .t Sequachee
as St!ond Cla8 Mail matter
Tiik News is not responsible for the
opinions of its correspondents, nor
for signed communications, and
nothing will be considered for pub
lication which is not accompanied
by the real name of the writer, not
for publication but as an evidence
of good faith.
fr'News and advertising matter to
secure insertion must be handed in
before 12.00 o'clock Wednesday
noon, otherwise it may be too late.
THURSDAY, D EC." 3. 1896"
Tf comparisons are odious,
surely the coudition of N. Pa
cot a and Montana ia of the most
odious kind at the present time,
Head the reportH. :
Montana In North Dakota.
Butte, Mont., Nov. 25. A bliz
zard has been raging here all day.
The thermometer has dropped from
30 above to 10 below zero.
Bismarck, N. D., Nov. 25. Two
feet of snow on the level and still
snowing is the condition that is mak
ing men in this section desperate to
dav. With thousands ot cattle on
the ranges without food or shelter
the situation is more critical and
heavy losses are expected. There
lias not been as much snow on the
ground before at this season of the
year as now.
Helena, Mont., Nov. 25-The
worst snow storm that has visited
Montana for years is raging here and
has been for the past thirty hours
and shows no signs of abatement.
Over a foot of snow has fallen, tying
up all street car lines in Helena
The storm is general throughout the
Northwest and snows so deep that
railroad traffic is seriously interfered
with. Cold extreme, mercury rang
ing from 5 to 30 degrees below zero.
We don't have anything of the
kind here m the embrace ot the
grand old Cumberland mountain
but warm suu shine, everyone
working out of doors and a south
wind blowiDg, aua granger stu
this condition exists eleven
months out of the twelve moDths
in everv year and there is no oc
casion for eu forced idleness. We
are not advocating any land sale,
but it seems strange to us when
writing this, bow people cau
Htand the hard winters when
there is a country' like this wait
iner to receive good, honest, hard
working people where they can
live on less than m any portion
of the United States. Come on
aud see for yourselves.
It is all riut enough to be
lievo that business confidence is
improving,but the actual reality
is quite auother thiug. It ia easy
for some meu to "believe." We
'believe," for instance, that we
are as rich as Crocus when we
bave a halt dollar in our posses
siou a half u dollar that wo do
not owe to the next man we may
The mysterious couple who
were dicing a mysterious hole
in the ground at Howling Green,
Ky., were probably only paying
an electiou bet. Kentucky is
liable to do anything.
N.T.Thompson, nf Johnson,
a,, writing to the Manufactur
ers' Record on how the South
can attract capital, population
and manufactures pays: '.'Hie
Sequachee Valley and the Ten
nessee Valley around Chittta
noogo, Tenn., are almost tern
ncognita to travelers and inves
ors, and yet for salubrity of cli
mate, fertility of soil and richness
of forest and minerals, tney
would be difficult to match anys
where. -
What has the great Sequachee
Valley done to be called this
nrd name? In the face of per
sistent advertising it h terra in
cognita. Either its resources are
boundless r the advertising has
beeu of no value. However, the
the Sequachee Valley News,
with it circulation in sixteen
States, is doing all it cau to rem
edy that defect.
If there is fraud in this S'ate
in the matter of electionp, and if
both sides claim the other guilty.
what's the; use oi investigating.
Settle the matter by devoting the
time which is spent in quarreling
over the election to the consider
tion of how to amend those laws
hich give an opportunity for dls ributed
,i " f- quently met w
Whoever lives in a place
where a newspaper is published
vv nnd its columns the cheap
est medium through which to ad
dress the public. Printer's Ink.
An, that turkey (in imagina
tion) was good, bin next time we
want the real article, with lots of
nxin's. "
Cum is ptill struggling, and
Cnhu Libre may yet be engraved
upon the records of time.
A good road
community. ,
means a good
St ate. of Ohio City of Toledo )
. , t I . r- bp;
, Frank J. Cheney makes oath
that he ib the senior partner of the
firm of F. J. Cheney & Co., doir;
business in the Citv of Toledo,
County and State as aforesaid, and
that said firm will pay the sura of
each and every case of Catarrh
that cannot he cured by the use of
Hall's Catarrh Cure. -
Sworn to before me and sub
scribed in my" presence, this Gth
day of December, A. D. 1886.
' v ') Notary Public.
iiail 8 uatarrn Lure is taken in
ternally and acts dirctlv upon the
blood and mucous surfaces of the
system. Send for testimonials
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo,
Sold by Druggists, 75c.
Hall's Family. Pills are the best.
VJanted-fln Idea
Who can think
of some simple
thiug to patent?
Protect your Ideas; thr may bring you wealth.
Beys. Wmhinftton. D. C, for their ti.BuO prlne oiler
ana list or two nun area ingenuous wftnteu,
RIpans Tabules.
, Ripan3 Tabules cure nausea.
Itipans Tabules: at druggists.
Ripana Tabules cure dizziness.
Ripans Tabules cure headache.
Ripans Tabulee cure flatulence.
Ripans Tabules cure dyspepsia.
Ripans Tabules assist digestion.
Ripans Tabules cure bad breath.
Ripans Tabules cure biliousness.
Ripans Tabules: one gives relief.
Ripans Tabules cure indigestion
Ripans Tabules cure torpid liver.
Ripans Tabules: gentle cathartic
Ripans Tabule3 cure constipation.
Ripans Tabules: for sour stomach.
Causes fully half the sickness in the world. It
retains the digested food too long In the bowels
and produces biliousness, torpid liver, indi-
3 Ll
gC3tion, bad taste, coated
tongue, sick headache, in
somnia, etc. Hood's Pills
cure constipation and all Its
results, easily and thoroughly, 25c. All druggists.
Prepared by C. I. Hood St Co., Lowell, Mass.
The only Pill3 to take with Hood's Sarsaparilla.
Hawk Moths and Cut Worms.
The larva) of upward of 50 moths
feed on the . foliage of the grape.
Many of these are rare, yet many
others are occasionally destructive.
Aside from the leaf-folder already
discussed, perhaps the leaf feeding
caterpillars oftenest J-he cause of
important damage are the largt
green or brownish, usually horned,
sphingid larva; -and certain cut,
The larva) of some ten species of
hawk moths or sphingids occur on
i the grape, and neany all are wide-
The one mot ire
quently met witu is trie Acneraon
sphinx The sphinx lara; strip a
branch of a time completely, and
are therefore, easily noted. They
are not. very often abundant and
tne injury is not very great, except
in the ca-e of young vines, which
may be entirely stripped and kibed
by a sing e larva. Hand picking
is ordinarily the simplest and most
satisfactory remedy.
The climbing cut worms have at
times proved very destructive to
the buds and foliage of vines, and
in northern New York, and partic
ularly in the raisin district ot Fres
no County, Cab, as much damage
has been done by them as by any
other insect enemy.
Or the several species which in
different localities have been troub
lesome, the worst record may be
issignd to the dark-sided cut
worm and the variegated cutworni
both occurring through the Uni
ted Slates, and the ones chiefly no
ted in California. Cutworms re
main concealed in the ground dur
ing the day and climb up and strip
thp vines at night. They may be
eaily destroyed by the use of a
poisoned bait of bran, arsenic (or
pans green), and water, preferably
sweetened with a little sugar It
should be distributed about the
base of each vine in the form of a
mash, a handful or so in a place.
Agricultural Department.
(To be continued.)
A Flag of Warning,
Beware of the dry, tickling, hacking,
morning cough, for it warns you that
consumption lurks near. The famous
Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup will, cure it.
"I had a very had cough. One doctor
pronounced it consumption. I used
Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup and was com
pletely cured ; the cough left me and
has never come back. Simon Smasal,
375 31st Street, Chicago, Ills." Dr.
Bull's Cough Syrup costs but 25 cents.
Ask for Bull's, take only Bull's.
Between Whitwell and Sequachee
on 18th of Nov., a -inch log chain,
short links, about 14 ft. long, hook on
eah end.
Finder will he rewarded by re
turninr it to A. J. Dykes & Sox,
Whitwell, Ten a.
Wanted An Idea
Who can think
of tomu ilmiiki
tbiDK to r'''itf
Protiet Tour Ms: thT ttiht brlnir viu wralm.
VriU JOHN WtbDEKUt'RN CO.. FaU-nt AtMr
Bpyt, V tjhlagtin, D. Ofur their 41.KJU prtM offer
mad Ut vt two buBiixd lueniloii w killed.
r hub i aim
S. H. Alexander is still selling goods as CHEAP as you will find them
sold in the Valley
WE have a large stock ot
Dry Goods, Notions,
Boots & Shoes,
Clothing and Groceries.
Parties coming from
writing, or using 'Phone or
The "Rossmore,"
, The Business Cent e. ,
Electric Cars to and from the Depots
and all Points of Interest pass
this Hotel.
Fine Front Hooms: . wide Halls:
practically fire proof.
Polite, Prompt Attention!
Lookout Mountain in full view from
Hotel Veranda.
Rates $2.00 per day. .
Akner L. Ross, Proprietor.
Horace Bayless. J. T. Stewart.
OjpSpecial attention and information
Office: Marion House;
Residents of Sequachee have all the privileges in con
nection wiih Water Service; equal to any iirat class city The
supply is taken from Cumberland Mountain from springs
350 feet elevation. Three miles of -pipe are now laid. -
Notary Public: Certificate of Appointment
filed in U.S. Pension Offices.
CORRESPONDENCE BolicVted trom persons de
siring to purchase land for residence or farmiutr rjur
poses. TITLES examined. 6 K
ubscribe for
Jasper, Term.
the North will confer a favor by
Merchant's Hotel.
Corner 8th nod Chestnut Stneis, Pleas
ant Locnti n.
One hlock from Union Depot.
One hlock from Electric Cars.
Forty Front Rooms.
Electric Lights and Bells in every
Room. Polite attention.
Information about Battlefields and
Points of Historic Interest
freely furnished.
Kates $1.00 to $2 per day.
Special by the week.
Abker L. Ross, Proprietor.
Frank Hodgkins. M. V. Owens.
to tourists and ladies traveling alone.
TITE can furnish you letter head?,
bill heads, statements, circulars,
invitations and caidis.

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