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5:11. p. m.
8:22 a. m.
Owen Church preaching 2nd. Sun
day in each month. Sunday School
every Sunday at 9:30 a. m.
Post 53, G. A. It., meets regularly
Uhe 2nd Saturday in (ach month, at
2: 7 p. m.
M. E. Church, colored, meetings
every Sunday.
Camp No. 7, Sons of Veterans, U.
S. A., meets 2nd Saturday at 1. p. tn.
Sequachoo Valley News.
Published every Thursday.
'I will not take 'no'
For an answer," he cried.
"I ollige when I can, sir,
The maiden replied,
"And so as a 'no'
Would offend your young ears
That shall not be your answer,
So quiet your fears."
tk()li! then you'll be mine!"
And the youth's face was lit
With the passion divine,
But she coldly said, "Nit."
Smith "Who is your family doc
Brown. "His name is Drake."
Smith Mur htv bad name tor a
IJrown. "I should like to know
Smith "Because it
Tennessee Turnips.
J. B. Luna is somewhat of a
turnip producer himself, and car
ries oil' the premium so fur this
season. He brought in a load of
turnips last wek and among the
Jot was one weighing eight pounds
and measuring thirty inches in cii
.cu inference. Petersburg lnteis
Frank Trimble had in his oflice
yesterday turnips that weigt ed lGf
pounds each. He bought them out
of a wngon load of the same kind
that had been grown on Mr. - Mon
aban's farm, north of this city. A
few days ago Mr. Trimble had a
big yam potato grown on Mr. liars
risfarm. in the eastern part of She!
by County, that weighed 17 pounds
and 10 ounces. Memphis Com
mercial Apptal,
Our friend, M. Keathley, is a
sure winner in the matter of rais
ing fine gardens and largi- tumps.
lie has had on exhibition in iront
ot- our office this week a white
lirlobe turniu that weighed 5i
Fayette kinnev informs us that a
colored nun brought a turnip to
his store a lew days ago that weigh
ed 54 pounds, I his county is a
light in the raising of all kinds of
vetabits. as well as Of grains,
grasses. cotton and fruit Turnips
and potatoes are now bringing our
in the market Covington Leader.
Sombodv bring us a turnip o' i
mammoth size and we will endeav- J
or to tell a yarn that will
all the above turnipiana.
-r mmmm mmmm mmm
h?; ,ism m itwri ts
"J- t'N'T'JL Ii '!(: :. Htr"-" ' 1. ..I"1- 1 IL.i.. v.
p1 .: s
4ac. ' i
Mvs. Martha J. Spears, nee Pitts
died at .lasner. Nov. 3. 1890, acred
50 years. Sh ;i was the daughter ot
:Ulen L. Pitts, of Bledsoe (Jo., and
sister of A. L. Pitts. C erk and Mas
ter of Chancery Court. Was mai
suggests ned to Col. A. L. Spears in 1873 and
in 1874 they moved to Jasper where
they have since resided
Mrs. Spears has highly esteemed
and the sympathy ot the entire com-
i . . ...
V.Hit.h Scions Tunner savs that, munity, which went out to her while
when a sensitive, imaginative man or living for her heroic endurance dur-
woman kisses the person he or she ing her long illness, is now extendea
loves most, in that ineffable moment to her husband and three children
oil thn WntJful ninw. that was ever who survive ner, ana we are giaa an
written, all the glorious songs that other good woman, with all it means
wi-o nn(. nil t.hfi art and Doetrv ot has readied ner rest. ine iiineiai
",v l . TIT 1 3. l.-lA
iw. nnm unp nni rap,h ner- services on v eanesaay conuuuteu
f,t,r, " bv Itev. o. h. Uatron, were attenueu
t;; ovMonttkt. nm onp by a large concourse ot tnends and
1 .. . .i ii.. nfidiV)nis. and the interment was
has been kissing iwuin, anu eauauy ;0
1 ... . . 1 J morn at tho nnr ( U ftiiflwnrtH 1 PPTT1P.
pv dent that she iked it. .v v ,
tery near jasper.
A Valuable Book.
TTip TCtcws it in r?reint of the
"Proceedings in Congress -upon the There is more honesty and virtue
accentance of the . Statues ot John contained in a uotue or baivauon un,
fQi-lf and Daniel Webster nresented than in any other liniment known.
by the State of New Hampshire," "Mrs. A. Fiedler, 28G4 Palethorp St.,
Honesty and Virtue.
pnt, to us bv Hon. 11. 31. baker
It is a book which would be a valua
... i
hip Addition 'tn anv library and we
are irlad to iret it.
A perusal is quite refreshing after
the trash we have had to wallow
through for the past ix months. We
are really sorry, however, to have an
historic idol swept avray. We al
ways appreciated the remark of Gen
eral Stark before the engagement at
r.pnninc-ton as to the DOSsibilitV of
Mrs Stark being a widow, but that is
exploded as Senator Gallinger .tells
us Mrs. Stark's name was Elizabeth,
bo there couldn't be any Molly. Too
Now for Christinas.
what are you going to give
girl whose eyes sparkle
brighter than diamonds. -
to that
for - you
I I Rest l oatih Symp. Tastes GooJ. Use 1
l intm Sold dniff7lt t'
lilpans Tabuloa cure liver troubles.
Ripaas Tabules: ileasant laxative.
Philadelphia, Pa., confirms this truth:
She found Salvation Oil to be an ex
cellent remedy for rheumatism, stiff
ioints. bruises, etc.. and thinks it
v '
should always ho kept in the house.
Don't listen to the dealer's arguments
in favor of a substitute. Insist on get
ting Salvation Oil, it costs only 25 cts.
Turkey Shoot.
Last Wednesday week our local
marksman held a turkey shoot on
the ball crround. Eleven birds were
shot for resulting as follows: J. C.
Wagner, three; J- W. Graham, two;
Andy Pryor, 1; Will Lee, two; C. II.
Davidson, one. The turkeys were
put up at sixty cents each. It is
proposed to have another one dur
ing Christmas week when Mr. O.
wen's turkeys will be shot for. Why
cannot s an arrangement be made
with the expert shots of the neighbor
ing towns to have a contest in marks-
' manship? It would add life to the
cvet and be the source of much fun.
Adwrtise in the Ntws.
GREAT SALES prove the great
merit of Hood's Sarsaparilla.
Hood's Sarsaparilla sells because if
accomplishes GREAT CURES.
1 : "
Harvest Time in the Cloak Stock and
We are reaping - amt
careful thought and selection. Fix firmly on your mind tUs garment
section of ours when on buying bent.
Not a garment leaves this department but has sterlingvatue to it.
It is worth something for you to know. this.
All ready for another week of grand cloak selling.
Plush capes, $3.98, 5.00, 8.50 and 11.00 each. Cloth capes, stylish
ly finished, $1.25, 2 50, S.00, 3.50, 4.00, $5, $7 and 8.25 each. Poucle
capes, rough effects, $3, $5, 6.50, $7, 8.50 and $10 each. Plain Beav
er Jackets, latest styles, $3.50, 4.50, 7.50 and 8.50.
Dress Goods.
BELLEVUF SUITINGS-28-inch small plaid effects 121c.
PLAID NOVELTES-34dnch, new fall shades, very desirable, price
25c a yard.
NOVELTY SUITING3-34 inches wide extra value choice color
combinations price 25c a yard.
DRESS FLANNELS-AU wool 28-inch plain, colors red, blue, gray .
nnd black price only 20c a yard.
DRESS FLANNELS, better grade all woo' 36 inch, plain extra
value; colors red, blue, gray, brown, navy, black; price 25c a y'd.
BROAD CLOTH, 53-inch all wool, colors dark red, black, new
blue, light tan; price 60c a yard.
HENNRItTTA Dress Goods, wool filling 33-inch colors, red, blue
brown, gray and black; price loc a yard.
LORRAINE CASHMERE, 36 inch, wool filling, all colors, price 20c a y'd
DRESS SERGE, 36-inch all wool extra value; colors blue,
brown, black, red and green price 25c a yard.
DRESS SERGE 45 inch all wool fine quality colors, blue, brown
and black; price 4c a vara.
Heavy weight black serge 45 inch at 50c a yard.
"GOLD MEDAL" BLACK SERGE very fine goods all pure wool
and a bargain at ouc a yard.
GOLD MEDAL" BLACK STORM 50-inch all pure wool fine
nnalitv: nrice 75c a yard.
"GOLD MEDAL" BLACK HENRIETTA all pure wool-special
'GOLD MEDAL" creamWhite Henrietta very fine quality all
pure wool; price ooc a yard:
"Gold Medal" Black Silk Warp Henriettas very fine quality price
a 1 t- i i or . l
61.10 ana l a yam.
Millinery Department.
This department is supplying elegant, tasteful, stylish bats. Can
onrM-iltr rmi tn vnnr libinfr
No charge for trimming during the entire senson. Our large mirror
7 ft. and 4 in. high and 8 ft. wide, will aid you in Meeting a suitable
pattern. Style guaranteed. We do not clargy faucy or unreasonable
Every lady is invited to visit this department before purchasing
a n r n
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