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San Elzeario, Tex., June 12,'OHO
Two years ago you were kind enough to sena
Bm ome of Pastor Koenis's Nerve Tonic, which
1 rare to two poor girla who were suffering from
faMing sickness, and they got well after using
your excellent remedy. My parish is poor to the
utmost, but yor charity will be your crown, foi
your remedy so generously given to ine poor.
ana so excellent, cannot but be an e
eternal r
Streator, IH., Oct. 2fi, "9L
Pastor KoerJp's Nerve Tonic Is the only medi
cine that ever helped one of our sisters who wu
suffering from nervousness and sleeplessness for
ten years, we also recommended It to many
others and it always had the desired effect. A
lady in Ohio was suffering from epileptic fits for
severa! years and found no relief, until she used
Pastor Koenig's Nerve Tonic; three bottles cured
ker entirely. SISTIUIS OF ST. FRANCIS.
A Valuable Book on Nervous Dis
eases and a sample bottle to any ad
dress. J'oor putients also get tho mod"
ioinn frn.
Hiiv haw i)fpn nrpriaredbvtha Rev. Father
Kocniir. ol Fort Wayne. Ind.. since 1876. and is now
under his direction by the
K0OJ1C MED. CO., Chicago, III.
Sold by Druggists at SI per DotUo. 6 for SJJ.
I.finro Size. $1.75. 6 Dottles for SO.
r : ;
From Pleasant Hill.
Happiness and prosperity to
you all, my friends. I hope my
first letter will be enjoyed by all
the readers of the Stquachee VaU
lev News.
Mr. D. V. Dame visited at Jas
per Saturday.
Rev. Quarles, of Shellmound,
preached at Pleasant Hill last Sun
day. Mr. James Bible, of Jasper,
Eeems to fancy this part of the coin
munitv, wonder why?
Mr. Craig Rollins has been en
gaged guarding the striped boys at
In man.
Mr. Jack Quarles, ofShellmound
is visiting relatives in this com
munitv. Mr. Scott Pavne, of Cedar Point
made a flying trip up the country
last week.
Mr. James Thornton, of Seqna
chee, visited in this place last Sat
urday and Sunday.
Mr. R. S. Pryor sold and hauled
150 bushels of oats to Whit well
last week.
Several weddings are expected in
this vicinity on or before Christ
mas. William Quarles, of Sequachee,
visited here Saturday and Sunday.
Misses Lena, Hattie and Tempy
Quarles, of Shellmound, visited
here last Saturday and Sunday.
Ye correspondent received a true
statement, from Grapevine, Texas,
that there was a certain negro
there who had two hogs that would
weigh 800 pounds a-piece.
Christmas will soon be here, We
wieh all a happy and joyful time
as they celebrate the birthday of
our Lord Jesus Christ, who died
for us.
Wonder what's the matter with
Mr. Laurence Cordell. Ii is re
ported that he has to cut wood
while here courting his best girl.
That's all right though, we cons
gratulate him upon his choice.
Mr. J. W. Brown, of Victoria,
was visiting relatives in Rankin's
Cove last Sundav.
The Box Supper at Pleasant Hill
last Saturday night proved a sues
cess. Twenty four of our most fas
cinating ladies brought boxes that
went like hot cakes at 25c a-piece,
netting 86 to help pay for the ex
tension of the church.
Toll Burnett was down from Trac
y City Monday. He wears a bruise
on the fide of his face, the result of
slate falling upon hirn while at work
in the mines.
Wonderful are the cures accomplished by
Hood's Sarsaparilla and yet it is only because
Hood's Sarsaparilla, the one true blood purifier,
makes pure, rich, healthy, life-giving blood.
Hood's Pills for the liver and bowela, act
easily, yet promptly and eEciently. 25c.
Washiiiton Letter
From Our Special Onrrpspordent.
Washington, D. C , Dec 4, 1890.
Senatois and Repmeniatives who
are interested in public building
hills are not plea-ed with the an
nouncement of Chairman Cannon,
ot the House Appropriation com
mittee, that no new expenditures
will be authorized by that commit
tee as long as the government rev
enues are lens than itsexpenditnres.
There is considerable grumbling
and there wiil be more, but Mr.
Cannon's word will, as it is known
to be backed by Speaker Reed,
and the proposed new public build
ings will hava to wait, although
ihe friends of some of them may
he shrewd enough to cet them
provided for in amendments by a
majority vote of the House, in de
fiance of the committee.
A verv interesting rumor, said
to have original d from a few
wordp dropped by a Senator known
to enjoy the confidence of Secreta
ry Olr.ey, pays that about a mouth
ago Secretary Olnev acting under
the direction of Prdsident Cleve
land notified Spain that ninetv
days more would be allowed the
Spaniards to put down the Cuban
revolution, and that if at the end
of that time no progress has been
made towards that end the United
States would feel called upon in
the interest of humanitv and of
commerce to interfere, forcibly if
neccesary, to bring about peace.
Those who accept the rumor as
tme that about the time that this
alleged ultimatum was pent that
extraordinary naval preparations
both in Spain and the United
S-ates began.
The one thing which the newlv
arrived Congressmen phow not the
slightest interest is the contents of
of the President's forthcoming
annual message to Congress. Or
dinarily it is just the contrary with
them, but this year everybody
eeius to think that it will not
make the slightest difference what
Mr. Cleveland may'say. He is a
r resident without a party practic
ally, as the (our Senators and the
little handUil of Representatives
who are stil; known as Cleveland
democrats cankhardly be calleda
The lawyer who is n't as jealouR
of the hot. or of his profession as he
is of his own good name is un
worthy of the profession and un
fitted to be trusted with the busi
ness interests of others. It is this
jealously of the honor cf their pro
fession that is causing the better
class of patent lowyers to agitate in
favor of the organization of a pat
ent Bar, with rules stringent e
nough to stop some of the practices
which are degrading the profes
sion, especially the get-rich-while-
you wait promises which are scaN
tered broadcast by certain firms as
bait tr.get advance fees from inven
tors and men who have ideas they
imagine to be inventions, and the
lottery competitions which are de
moralizing those who are induced
to pay for the privilege of entering
them. These tricks of unscrupul
ous patent solicitors, although of
doubtful legality and some danger
ously near to obtaining money
under false pretenses, cannot be
reached by the authority of the
Commissioner of Patents, but they
could be by rules made by an as
sociation of patent lawyers.
Senator Peffer says the populists
will do nothing to prevent the car
rying out of the proposal for anoth
er international monetary comrais
sion except to state their belief in
the utter uselessnessof such a com
mission. He added that there nev
er had been any international mon
ey and that he didn't believe there
ever would be any. Strange to say
the extreme gold standard men
take about the same view of the
matter that Senator Petfrr does.
Representative Apsley, of Mass ,
who ought to be authority un the
I subject, says the reason the wool
I manufacturers Hre striving so hard
to get the Dingley bill put through
Krpayyo SUSPICIOUS looking characters wearing
attracted the attention of one of them and he picked it up and studied it a moment by the light of his
lantern. Then with an exclamation of surprise, he passed it to his companion who examined it eagerly
for a time and then threw it down,
"That settles it, Bill," said he. "We won't crack this crib. WHEN A MAN SELLS AT
And abandoning their task, they disappeared in the darkness.
Here is a List of the Prices that Sayed them from Becoming Thieves.
3Dr3r G-oods.
Lawns per y'd 3-c
Best Indigo Calico ' 5c
Good Calico 4k;
Cotton Checks 4c to Co
Yard wide Domestic 4c to Co
Gingham? 4c
Best Oil Table Cloth 18c
Lad its Hose 4c
Large Boss Ball Thread 10c a dz
Full line Men's Underwear from
525o to 90c.
A good cheviot shirt 40c
A better shirt worth 75c Rftp
for only UU0.
A wool shirt worth SI 00
Fine shirts marked down from
75c and $1.25 to only 50o and 90o.
Best fine Negligee thirts only 80c
Mens' Jeans pants 7oc, 81 00
125. Would be cheap anywhere
$1, 1.25, 1.50
Good Jeans only 12c per y'd
Wool Jemis 25c; would cost you
35c anywhere.
A fine assortment of suspenders
all made from the best webbing
in nrice as follows:
10c, 15c, 20c, 25, and 40c.
I have the very best of these
goods 10c.
Sequachee, Tenn., Oct. 29, '90.
the Senate at this session is, ''Be
cause the passage of the Dingley
bill would have the immediate ef
fect of raising the duty on the wool
en manufactures some 15 percent1,
while the duty on the raw material
would be only at about 6 cents per
pound. Consequently the mantii
facturers would have the best o.
the legislation, being able to get
the raw material at comparatively
little advance in cost, while being
protected as to the manufactured
article." Mr. Apsley strongly fav
ors an i xtra tariff session and a
mong other reasons for his belief
said. UI am not in favor of enact
ing any measure which is not fair
to all interests. If we should at
lempt to do anything this session,
we wuild be sure to make serious
blunders and have the work to go
over again next session. I am in
favor of an extra session, with a
careful examination inU all the
schedules, and the result will be a
symetrical tarifl bill that would be
satisfactory to the country."
Speaker Reed's friends only
smile when s me imaginative news
paper man organizes, on naner. a
! new opposition to his re election as
bpe iker of the next House. They
can afford to smile. They know
that Mr. Reed's re-elecl'on is aU
readv as eood as assured and that
not even the influence of President
elect McKiniey could prevent it,
Averted !
terns paused in front of DAVIDSON'S STORE one dark night last week and
began trying to fit a key to tho door. While thus engiged a slip of paper
Ladies' fine Dongola button shoes
81.40 to $1.85.
Ladies' Glove and Pebble Grain
shoes 1.05 to 1.50.
Childrens' and Misses shoes siz-s
ranging fiom 5 to 8, 90c; 9 to 12,
$1.00- 132, $1.15.
Mens' full stock shoes at only $1.
Kip Ties, 81.15 and 1,25.
Best Kip Ties, $1.50.
Mens' Calf hand-sewed shoes
$1.50, 1.G5, and 1.85.
Regular $3 shoes 2 25
Boys' plow shoes (4 $1.15,
Boys' calf, sewed shoes, 1.25, 1.50.
Shoe nails only 5c a paper.
Half soles, 10c and 15c.
Best shoe brushes 25c.
EThese shoes are all bought
direct from the factory.
Granulated sugar 18 lbs for $1.00
Extra Common sugar 19 lbs for
Coffee 12c $ lb
Good Green Coffee I8c $ lb
Beet Greer. Cofi'ee 25c c$ lb
McLaughlin's XXXX package
coffee far ahead of Arbuckles only
25c; 5 packages for $1.
2 bars ol good soap for 5c.
3 large packages oatmeal 25c
Soda, 4c per package.
1 pound can baking powder 10c
Sardines only 5c a box.
3 lb cans Tomatoes 10c
Salmon only 15c.
Corn beef, 15c; 2 for 25c.
, Raisins 6c $ lb,
even if Mr. McKiniey were oppose
ed to the re-election ot Speaker
Reed, which no welUinformed per
son believes him t, be
Stated in a nutshell the opinion
of a majoritv of the Senators and
Representatives now in Washing
ton may be rendered thusly: The
short session of Congress will be
devoted to passing the regular ap
propriation bills, the unloading of
a few personal grievances and the
payment of a few political debts by
means of speeches, and some
wrangling. There will be an ex
tra session of Congress early in the
spring to pass a tarifl bill.
Jasper Notes.
Robt. Kennedy has now charge
of one of the meat markets.
101 hogs were slaughtered in
Jasper last week. This with the
exidtence of two butcher shops
would intimate that the people of
this place are a trifle carnivorous.
The Pryor Institute and the Pub
lie School at Sara Houston Acad
emv are both being well attended
and doing good work.
The new cemetery at Jasper is to
be incorporated. This is a itep in
the right direction and we ara glad
to know that people are waking up
to their duty. The disgraceful
condition of burial grounds in Ma
riou Count) is tad,
masks and carrying dark lan
Mason's Blacking, 4c and 8c
Carpet Packs, 3 papers for 5c.
Merry Nickle Lve 5c a box
Sulphur 5c $ lb; iOlbs 40c
Salts, be f lb.
Quinine 5c $ bottle.
School Crayons 3 boxes for 25c
Starch 4c
Sand paper, 6 sheets for 5c.
Lead pencil 10c per dozen.
Wash boards 17c to 35c.
.French harps 10c
v Pocket knife, 10c
Scrub brushes, 10c
Axle grease 5c a box
A tew Mason's 2 quart jars
Good Bfnom 18c
Tablets, 4c
Fine lot of harness leather & 29c
by the side.
Nutmeg Grater,
Pint Cups,
Pie Pans,
Milk Strainer,
Vgal buckets
1 gal covered buckets
1-ga1 covered buckets
2-gal covered buckets
Dish pans 22c and 28c
Vsh pans 5c and 10c
Milk pans 5c to 10c
Cake pans 18c
Large bre?d spoon 5c
Stove piping, 2 joints for 25c
Elbows only loc.
Best No. 1 axe and handle 75c
Horse shoes, 5c each.
Strap hinges from 10c to 18c.
Best wire nails only 4c $ lb
$150.00 every month given away to tny one who ap
plies through us for the roost meritorious patent during
the month preceding.
We secure the best patents for out client,
and the object of this offer is to encourage inventors to
keep track of their bright ideas. At the same time w
wish to impress upon the public the (act that
uch as the "car-window" which can be easily slid m
and down without breaking the passenger's back,
"sauce-pan," "collar-button," "nutlock," "bottle
stopper," and a thousand other little things that most
any one can find a way of improving: andthese simple
invention are the ones that bring largest returns to the
author. Try to think of something to invent
Patents ten cut through us receive special notice in.
fte " Natu ! Recorder,7' published at Washington,
V. C, which is the test newspaper published in America
in the interests of inventors. We furnish a year's sub-
I ,i , u tun, iviiidur clients.
We also advertise, free of cost, the invention each month
wu11.11 wins uur 150 pnze, na nunarecs ot thousands,
cf copies of the "National Recorder," containing a
sketch cf the winner, and a description ofbis invention,
will be scattered throughout the United States among
capitalists and manufacturers, thus bringing to their
attention the merits of the invention.
All communications regarded strictly confidential.
Solicitors of American and Foreign Patents.
618 F Street, N.W.,
Box 385. Washington, D. C.
LbT Rtfirtnet editor tfthU fater. WriU Jt
Jo.eamAltt, FREE,
Next week we will publish a rery
interesting account of the Fisher
Typewriter, which is now bein
made at Athens Tenn. 3Ir. Ja.?.
Degnan, formerly of this ,hc U
low employed m making thfcra.

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