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h EH O B 8 Hr, W
V '
VOL. 5.
NO. 22
We are autliori.eil to announce
(. V. Brewer as candidate for nom
ination for the ofiicc of Register of
Deeds for Marion County.
Mr. Win. Owen killed Iioga Mon
day. The melancholy
for ome of the li
days have come
Mr. Sherman spent Thanksgiving
day in South Pittsburg.
Henry Kent has finished Mr. Pen
ley's addition to his house.
The Toledo Weekly Wade and the
Nkws, 41 per year, cash in advance.
Mr. M. Martin, of Cedar Springs,
and his son James were in town Sun
day. Newton Fnlts has been lately af
flicted with troublesome boils on his
Just try a 10c. box of Casearets,
the finest liver and bowel regulator
ever made.
Geo. W. Brewer, of Jasper, deliv
ered a good load of meat in town,
Blank Deeds. Mortgage Deeds
and Chattel Mortgage Deeds for sale
at this office. tf
Miss Laura Turner ai d Mr. Fobo,
of Tullahoma, were married Sunday
at Victoria.
Mr. A. L. Pitts, Clei & Mas
ter of Chancery Court, Jasper, was
in town Friday.
W. S. Pryor"s school attendance
continues quite satisfactory. lie has
now 80 pupils enrolled.
Chris Wagner, hiving got. his
wheat all planted, now gives h s at
tention to gathering corn.
C. If. Davidson has been making
preparation to keep his sweet pota
toes for seed next spring. ' j
Miss Nettie Rogers, of ,Taper, j
was visiting her sister, Miss Myrtle
Kogers, Saturday and Sunday. j
Do not forget we furnish good en
velopes printed with adjrwii for re
turn for 35o per single hundred.
Mr. and Mrs John Kilgore are
happy in the advent of a new baoy at
their house, a girl, born last week.
The "Outcast of a Great City" is
the title of a drama to he presented
at South Pittsburg Friday and Sat
urday night.
We regret to hear that Miss Min
rie Ilaynes is atHicted with a felon or
rising on her hand which has been
very painful.
The Nkwi is not only ttie best,
the very best paper in the Valley, all
home print, and our office does the
best job printing.
Among the visiting attorneys at
the circuit court held at Dunlap last
week, from this county were Col. A.
L. Spears tmd Judge Pope of Jasper.
Tom Henry left yesterday morn
ing for Indian Territory. He will
spend the winter there, and if he
likes it may locate there permanent-
Lee Turner has put in 40 acres of
wheat and says everyone in his sect
ion it putting in wheat, which makes
the necessity for a flour mill in Se
quachee more urgent.
We are again obliged to our good
friend, Mr. J. b. Price, of New Jer
sey, for the New York Journal,
Convng on tbe eve of Thanksgiving
with the musical supplement, it help
ed out our Thanksgiving greatly.
We will allow fifty cents a bushel
for good corn to any of our subscrib
er who want to pay for their paper
in that way. Won't some of our
delinquents pay up in that way. De
liver the corn at this office.
WE V CASH each wkkk
to men all over l S. to sell Stark
trees cheapest, hkst. Outfit free
takes no money to tisv the work. -Vino
want run makkkh get their
trees free. Drop us postal; name
references. Stark Nuisery, Louisi
ana, Mo., or UockjHirt, III.
Mr. Chas. Hancock has moved his j
family to the Myers place, pur- Jiased ,
by him of the New England Invest- j
nient Co., and will make many im- I
provements on the place. Mr. Ilan
coek is a practical farmer and just
the kiu I of rnan we want. i
Services were conducted at Owen
Church on Sunday by Mr. Ourey, of
Jasper, who has a harness shop in
connection with Ilavron Bros.' hard
w are store.
The repairs and additions to the
Foundry at the Valve Works are
still under way and from the outside
makes quite an addition to the plant
and the work of casting still goes on.
The News found the Valve
Works force busily i ng iged in cast
ing coolers Thursday last. The
present capacity of the foundry is
three times as great as it has leen,
and a very business like appearance
is made.
. While not like the Statesman call
ed upon to le thankful for having
the smallest list of delinquent sub
scribers in the Valley, we feel sure
our readers all f ay for our paper be
cause they want it, and only have to
be reminded that their subscription is
unpaid to promptly attend to the
matter, which is what we like.
Uev. Jacob Houts and Kons are
busy men. They have sown 30
acres of wheat with their Hoosier
diill, besides putt ng in wheat for
Mr. Win. Owen. They used fertili
zer freely and believe in it. Now
they are building a new barn in place
of the one which was burned July 5,
and that is not all. Mr. Houts has
had some apple trees from the
celebrated Stark Hros. Nurseries ami
is highly pleased with them and says
they are just splindid.
UIHhli WntNt Ail RSt UIL3.
Boat Cough Syrup. Taate Good.
In Vme. Sold hv (IntstKtAM.
A-l h F-yi Mllhftilfii h .ft, Ji
Ail Work
Agent for...
s - TENN.
To sell State's
Dast and Fiy Proof
Dining Table.
No Flies on your Food.
No Flies ou your Table.
All Peace while you Eat.
Tub'e is very simple in con
struction, and when, you sea
it you wuut it, hence it is u
ready seller. Agents wanted.
A Quarter Well 5pcnt.
Not tor a hotiv Ilk lhi for
liHtini 'oxii ' h "tm- nx n inn.
mrtt. AMERICAN HOMES PUB. CO., KnsKilic, Tcnn.
BE SURE get what you want
when you ak tor Hood' arapa
rill i. I'nequailed in Merit. Sales. C'nres.
TliciV no tutisUtut tw HOOD'S.
cm N
Wraps l
moDCRn instances.
The New Villain.
The villain used to lie in wait
To nab some gentle maid,
What time the hero walked into
The trap that had been laid;
But now, the villain merely takes
A piece of pointed wire
And, while the maiden wrings her
He jabs the hero's tire.
Bangor News.
Cheese 'Most Too Fur Gone.
The old Virginia darkey who has
been from the time he was 10 years
of age the dining room servant it
one of our aristocratic families is no
ted tor nis unesterneiaian manners.
And as for a waiter, cleaner, and
everything else for which a house
servant is wanted he is not equalled
by his latter-day brethren, whose
mam oceunation. if he has been to'l
sjliool and can read a little, is that of
a hotel waiter or a Pullman car por
ter. Having some company to tea one
night I remembered that two of my
friends were fond of Limherger
cheese. I bought a pound package
and took it home with me. On ar
rival old Uncle Isaac met me as us
ual with his accustomed salutation of
4-G ood tvenin", toss " I said to him:
"Uncle Isaac, you will find among
other things in that box a package of
cheese, and I want it on the table to
night." "All right, boss, I'll have
it." "Don't you forget it.' said I.
"Oh, no, suh; I ain't groi' fergit it. I
'II have it. sho'."
Now, Uncle Isaac had seen erery
kind of cheese in his life, but this was
his first experience with the limber
ger. W hen I took my company into the
dining room the old fellow was
st -Hiding near the table, with a long,
white apron on, and a waiter tucked
under his arm, ready to jump if any-
one looked toward him. Not seeing
the cheese I said to him quietly: "Un
cle Isaac, w here's the cheese?" With
a look of great disappointment, he
turned to my wife, a3 if to say,
"Please, marm, come to my rescue!''
but my wife only smiled. I repeated
my question then with more emphas
is. "Uncle Isaac, whare's the cheese?'
He came shulHinsr up to me side-
ways, and being too ponte to let the
. , 1.1 i,i t.
guests hear what he had to say,
whimpered softly in my ear, "Boss, it
was mos' too fur gone, an' I tiung it
away." Washirgton Post.
Inman. Nov. 30. -M. H. Gam
mon, who has been visiting relatives
at Johnson City, has returned to In
man. W. II. Foster, who has been sick
for several days is ab'.e to resume
his duties again as Steward of the
prison at this plate.
Dr. Taylor was on the sick list but
is now convalescent.
Dr. K. Shelton passed through
r . . . . . ,
town the other day with his bride.
Juo Dickson, of Uidgedale, was
on our stieets to-day.
Mr. J. S. Kiltiore and two
c 1
children has been sick but are
prosing M this writing. j
Uev. Ashlev . .11 ;.iw:i bvday. '
It is rumored tint Inus F. Dix
on is inteu ling to move t Inman.
We doubt w hether he can leave the
Kidges or not as he is very bashful.
Several of our farmers killed hoc
during the pabt week.
Win. Tate was on our .iioets t"
day. lI Tri.K 1 1 L VD.
Don't Tiiicco Sr.t ai t... - ic" I-ra Aw.y.
IT vou want M quit Uiba CO lisinir w i.y
ri il foivver. hrni.'uie wcil.hii" tit. iiiucueuc,
fua ft m- :fend vifor, U.I;o o-li-Uiic,
tue tvund. r-v omt r, til-it n.u,.. wfnknen
nuvnir. Manveaiot- r-'-.i-is la U-o ila.vs.
lver 4. .(Hif'iivd. jiuy No To-ha. of ycur
rirjf.-t. uim'''i maraii'ee to curv, &x- or
! mi. ..xki't U:.d aani uiai'.i ! f "W. Ad.
t-wi.iog liu.udyl.'.,CuK-Mi)crNw lot.
"Will "bo Oinr E-Q--TT IvCcntlsI
ISJaw' flfCcl Q. a kinds are pouring in. Our large house is brimfnll
liCW VJUUU5 of the newest styles. We have placed an entirely new line
of ladies' capes of the latest patterns. We mean what we say to give REST bargains of
any house, anywhere, for November and December. Best prices paid for corn and peas.
Look carefully over our prices, they will satisfy the most crafty.
ZETor 1 cent.
1 Cake Toilet Soap,
1 Package of Chewing Gum,
1 Pen Staff and Point,
4 Pen Points,
1 Box Washing Blue,
2 Cedar Lead Pencils,
Dozen Black Pants Buttons
1 Pencil Tablet.
2 Glass Headed Bonnet Pins.
5 Darning Needles, any s ze,
1 Card of Darning Cotton,
1 Package of Hair Pins,
" I'aper of Invisible Hair
P" of T'e.t ,l'ns'
1 Aluminum Thimble,
For 8 Cents.
1 Pair of Ladies Dress Shields,
1 Scrubbing Brush,
I Extra Large Bottle Vasalin,
I School Satchel,
1 Pint Bottle of Ammonia,
1 Box of Bachelor Buttons,
1 Bottle of Cement Glue,
1 Pair of Seamless Hose,
1 Pair of cuff holders,
1 Pair of men's garters,
1 Package of long kid hair curlers, 8c
, 1 Iair of fancy sido corabs'
1 1 t . r r J. l. o..
Hat DBDartment.
ur stock ot men s ana
boys' hats excel any-
thing ever brought to this City,
We have a small lot of mens' fur
hat8 at 37c. This is only, a job lot
and will soon be swept out to be re-
placed no more but we quote below
No. 241 k nice fur crush, worth in
any market tl.25, only 73c.
No. 6430, a fine handmade fur,
,,i k..:... nnA n.nu..n mmMnttmn
silk lined broad sweat band, a well
made, high-grade hat, worth we
only ask $1.10 for it.
No 6488 worth iU.oU tor $1.40
x0-1295 med brim and crown,
No. 5864 " " raw edge,
u raw edge, U8c
o.04J4 " "
No. 6002 broad brim low crown, 1.40
Q ,,)(.
Nq U13 fine w00, hatj 53o
334 niixed wool crush, 65c
J30vs hats 20c, 25, 35c, to 47c.
I We have a large line of other hats lllin'r u-kets, 21c; wash
: to mention here, but it will pay you boards, 15c, J'Jc 21c; 1-gal coffee pot,
to look through our stock before you l4c! H'al t,(,ff,,e l'"1' l0lVJt pots, c;
buy as we have 11,000 dollars invest
ed in mens' and boys hats.
Dry Goods Dep't.
Enlarged to meet our grow
ing trade in this direction.
Best standard prints, what others ask
5Jcto 7c for, oui price 5c.
Cotton plaids,4c, 4Jc, 5c, 5Jc.
Domestic, 4c per yard.
Canton flannel, 4J to 10c.
All wool filled cashmere, 12c.
Lace window curtains 42c a pair.
ill I '.. 1.1.. I. C. 111. 1.1. 1 I.
kuiuh 01 vowcis, uc, 1, i-tc,
loc, 18o, 'JUe, aoc, 4 so per pair.
jyw W()0i hose 25j to 40c a pair.
Gent's wool hose 20 to 30 pair.
Children's wool hose 10c pair.
Cotton hose for men, women and
children, all kinds, all sizes,
all prues. We can suit you in
size, shape, color, quality, hiid
Do you need any nice laces in black,
white or cream? If you do and want
the Iwst and prettiest in the mar-
ket come and buy ours, we hav
tl.tm. II indkerciiiefs, 2c, 3c-, 4c,
5c, ('., 7e, 8c, 9c, 10c,; all linen, 12c. '
Son e nice edect in ladies' dress
Dm k, 10c ier yard. j
W:;u' --of in all the standard colors
.id f: very ln -t grade, 5ic yanl
.!iu,i..i !'.iied cheviot for men and
i. y . i.. thing, for 4!c per yard.
- Ladies' Capes.
We are opening up this week a
line of lidies capes at a barg.iin, you
can buy one for le-s than you 111
m keit. We quote a-. ( li i:l 75,
2.10,2 50, 25. 3.!'., 3.5u, 3J.
Call early and see them.
,Por 2 cennLts-
I Corn Cob Pipe, complete
1 Box of Shoe Blacking
1 eike Turkish bath soap,
1 spool white basting cotton,
1 sp'l Turkish red embroid'y cotton
1 package of full count pins,
1 yard of pillow case lace,
1 yard of Valenciennes lace,
1 do.'Mi veil pins,
1 fancy bone crochet hook,
1 do, pearl agate buttons,
1 box ot mourning pins,
1 fancy bordered handkerchief,
For 4 Cents.
1 bottle machine oil,
1 spool of crochet cotton,
1 bottle petroleum jelly,
1 dozen pearl buttons,
I large bottle of ink,
1 large bottle of mucilage,
1 box colored shoo paste,
1 roll ot worsted skirt braid,
1 horn dressing comb,
1 roll of worsted skirt braid,
1 horn dressing comb,
1 large tooth brush,
1 box of black dressing pins,
4c i
1 ladies twist comb.
1 mens white or red handkerchief 4c
c , i pair men's wire sleeve noiaers, -4c
i ... .11 i
Granulated sugar, 1 8 lbs, $1; nice I
brown sugar, 20 lbs, $1; Ai buckle
coffel'v 12ic Pkage, lfiO-lbsaek salt
75t'; R0(!(J grce" ,'off,'(' lbs '
',a's ' owin, ' a'k soal' l'c- "y
oaP' J ,,ars n? bjU''.",H';
ville tobacco, 0 plugs, 2fc; salmon
1Uu a ca W01lh nhncs 1 box-
M 25c; Hon Bon baking powder,
1 1 lb, 8ic; black berries, 84c a can,
worth 18c! smoking tobacco, good as
V vinan and looks like it, only nc a
package, 4 oz box Bruton's snuff, 10c;
meat, 7ic, 8c, 8ic, 10c; best lard,
White Frost or Silver Leaf, 7ic or
1-4 off by can; brown mining paper,
2Jc; best water proof paper, 6c;
crackers. 6c; better, 8c; good cedar
3-hoop water pail, 24c; 2 hoop, 21c
will last a life-time almost; well-buckets,
30c; better quality, H5c, none
better; feed basket. 30c; small shovels
pudding pans, 7c; oil cans, A-gal, 10c;
hand saws. 35c; breast eh.iins, 23c,
wash pans, 4c, 5c. 8c, 10c; dippers.
4e, 5c, 8c, 10c; pint cups, 3 for 5c;
curry combs, 3c, 4c, 5c and 10c; a
long handled manure shovel, 50c, a
bareaiir. nails by ker, 2d 1 .1)0, lOd
o o- it 1 .. 1 1.1 o 111 t,,, ...,i.,;i 01..
brooms 10c. 15c, 20c, 2 strin-s,
strings: cooeras. 2 lbs. 5c: coal hod.
lint v am auu t v . ' 1 1111 uuimi.,
18c; coal shovels for mining, 75c; cof -
t ;ii.. .....,.! .,.. 1.. .... . .,l
III 1 11 1 1 1. it i'u 1 w uy. H v . im " U'li
vanied tubs 75c, 8()c, 85c; bridle
bits, 5c. pair horse shoes and nails
included, 5c; dish pans, lflc.
-Furnilure Dep't.-
Full size In'd springs worth 2.50
. ...ii ..11 t-nti n-'iitt 'it 41 lit r-.wli
A hue cane-lioltom cu tie-back
nicely finished rocker, 41.75.
high-arm, wood-bottom, hard-wood-
tiimmcd rocker only 42.25. Bed-
s.eads complete 42.25,2.05, 2.75,3.15,
4.72, 4 'Mi .
Chairs, t'0c, C:?c, 1.
A nice bureau for 14.10.
Solid oak bureau, a beauty, with
French plate mirror, fur only '4.37.
A fine olid oak wash stand; 3.48
A fine rattan rockor worth 45.00,
our price only 42 25.
Safes, 42.2.), 2.4.), 4.31).
Mattresses, 4 1,73, 2. 10, 2.40.
b h e M W ft
Por 3 Cents.
1 pack of "Jo envelopes,
1 fancy ink tablet,
1 large line coinh,
1 bordered handkerchief,
1 ball of knitting cottn.
1 ball of darning cotton,
1 box assorted hair pins,
1 sitool black silk thread.
1 card patent hooks and eves,
1 1 . . . ..... r
i uo.e'i p'ueni smei y pins,
1 paper 2t) line needles,
1 leather money purse,
1 yard gai ter elastic,
For 10 Cents.
1 Hair brush,
1 Blacking brush,
1 Pair of men s suspenders,
1 Clothes brush,
pair of lour side combs,
box of sllTie polish,
1 long fancy dressing comb
1 oacbage of mending tissue
1 gross of school crayons,
1 b'x of glveerine toilet soap,
1 checked gingham apron
1 fancy celluloid hair ornament,
1 long double men s purse,
Su0e Department.
stock to select
the best line of
winter goods we have ever
seen. We have always tried
to get shoes that wear well,
fit well,and give our custom
ers the best of service.
A tine up-to-date shoe for the ba
by, latest style, 84c
A neat baby shoe for 25o
A better jji aile for H2c.
1 Children s shoes, size 2 to 12, lit 25c,
32c, 70c, 82c, 84c 78c, 8Jc, $1.10,
sizes 13 to 2, !)Jc, 1.15, 1.30.
Ladies' shoes !8c, 1.05, 1.10, 1.15,
1.20,1.25,1.49, 1.50, 1.65, 1.75,
1.80 l.'JO many styles ami prices.
Wre have a nice variety of mens'
shoes ll!)c, fcl.05, 1.25, 1.35, 1.40,
1.50, 1-54, 1.75, 1.116, 2.10, 2.25-
Clothing Department.
No. PnifK.
701 Men's Cheviot suit, 3.15
706 " ' 2.80
7U6 ' very line Cheviot suit, 3.50
" very tine " " 7.00
y bssaa u itiU VI
745 extra heavy navy blue 7.75
(This goods' well' worth $12.00.)
A fine French worsted, 11.211
Extra fine " 14.00
(Worth at least 18.00.)
Extra heavy cheeked cashmere, 8.40
3 : Boys l oavy W eight, 0 to 14,
,".vs tlm' navJ'
- . k J 1 .. ." I. .IT
' fancy - 4 to 8, 1,..
7(5 youth s heavy worsted, 3.50
- .
1 00 youin s r lencn worsiea, fl. ui
(Qs'This is the finest thing in boy's
goods ever sold in this country .J
747 youth's extra heavv navy
r j . .11.. I .1 . . t ,x
lil ue, C.30
8183c do tine cheviot,
For 5 Cents.
1 box of writing paper,
1 scalloped end handkerchief,
1 pair of fancy side combs,
1 dozen horn hair pins,
2 frpools of machine thread,
I 5-hook corset,
1 pongee silk handkerchief,
1 do. 8 or 1 inch horn bones,
1 yard of frilled ehiMir,
1 large school (.late,
1 pair of scissors,
I laney hair pin,
1 Imix of knitting needles,
1 rubber drefsiini comb,
1 spool of linen thread,
5 c,
5 c

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