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What does your mirror say?
Does it tell you of some little
tresis of gray? Are you
pleased? Do your friends of
the sine age show this loss
of power also?
Just remember that gray
,1 ne!ef becomes darker
without help, while dark hair
rapidly becomes btv hm
ones toe coange begins.
will bring back to your hair
the color of youth. It never
fails. It is just as sure as
that heat melts snow, or that
water quenches Ore.
It cleanses the scalp also
and prevents the formation of
dandruff. It feeds and nour
ishes the bulbs of the hair
making them produce a luxu
riant growth. It stops the
hair from falling out and gives
a fine soft finish to the hair
as well.
We hr a koh OS the ITnlr and
Scalp which yon soar obtain rw
upon r4uiit.
It jrou do not obtain all t lie bandits
ynu sspscua from tu ue of the
Vigor, writ the Dix-tir lioiit It.
AiiarcM, un. J. t A I f,K
Lowell, nlass.
Pro tuition. We give one or more free schol
arships in every county iu the U. S. Write us.
Vnder reasonable
conditions ....
Will accept nolea for tuition
orcf1ino4!t money in nnnk
until poattion ia secured. Car
tare paid. No VHcatiou. Kil
ter at any time. Opeu for both
sexes. Cneap board. Send for
Ira Illustrated catalotrus.
Address J. V. Dkacohon, frea't, at either place.
Dual neaa mm
fJookkecptnf, Shorthand, Typewriting;, etc.
The most thorovgk, practical and progressive
achoola of the kind In the world, and the test
patronized one in the South. Indorsed by bunk
era, merchants, mlnlatera and others. Four
weeks in bookkeeping with us are equl to
twelve week by the old plan. J. K, Draughou,
'resident, is author of Draughon's new system
of hookkeepluj, "Double Entry Made Easv."
tlofna study. We hare prepared for "home
study, hooks oa bookkeeping; penmanship and
shorthand. Write for price list "Home Btitdy."
Extract. "Paor. Drauuhok I learned book
keeping at home from your books, while holding
at position as night telegraph operator." C E.
I.KFFtnowBi.t, Bookkeeper for Gerber & Ficki,
Wholesale Grocers, South Chicago, 111.
(Mention this paper when writing.)
A Quarter Well Spent.
Not for a house Ukt this, but for a
rtIM with fUartf1 Mpl fat Hmtim ; Pn fr ml
lrmw4t i fW lsc9rtiktff lwrl ; J.Ma ripfUi.
flH A TK4R. arww will mI H I MONT Hit fOft Stl'MiS.
on AMERICAN HOMES PUB. CO., Knoxvilto, Term.
wf I 1 1 I 1 . . l J 1 1 I"l I
j I Sweats, ana inracKiaTa uuuiucuwki iu ru-'
ent businessoondacted for Mootaari Fees.
JoonOrnettsOFVoeiTijUjjB. PaTtiiTOrrier
remote irom n asmuuai.
Send model, drawing or photo. With descrip
tion. We ad tim. if patentable or not, free oi
caarga. Our fee not due tiil patent is secured.
a aiamawLIT. " How to Obtain Patents," with
coat of aame in the V. S. and foreign countnet
II il In m
J Op. Patct Omoc. Wminoton. D. C.
tinm i -- mm-
:bietary influence.
Spain's haughty sons did not pet fat
On roastod borse and such as tbat,
And yet H seems horsefiush for food
lias done a world of irood.
For now th hungry Dons commenre
To show a little good horse senile.
Or it I)EVir
Publishers Notice.
A large number of subscriptions are
now due, and our friends are requested
to come for with the amounts, v.bic-h
though small to each particular one, are
large in tbe aggregate for us. We aill
esteem it a favor if our frieuds will fav
or us In tbia matter, and save us tbs
task of sending out statements.
tub Sews.
Pencil TaDIets
ALWAYS on hand. School
will bruin poon aul the chill
ren will tablet. Call on ua.
II Bast ."'
ia Bj rp. Tanaa i
i I aa,-. 4
Scottsboro, Ala., bas a now flour mill.
W. E. M oyer s, of Jasper, was in town
Mr. L. W. Gabel went to Bridgeport
M. C. Campbell visited South Pitts
burg Thursday.
Mr. O. W. Alder, of Victoria, was in
town Thursday.
V. C. Hill and Henry Kent went to
Wbitwell Monday.
J as. llavron, of Jasper, was in town
Sunday on bis wheel.
Mr. Ciiibe'i made a business trip to
Chattanooga Monday.
The road workers were out on the
roads Friday and Saturday.
A. J. Bed well jr and family have mov
ed into one of the Spears' houses.
W. C. Hill male a businoss trip to
South Pittsburg and Bridgeport Thurs-.
llenry Kont iroos to Whitwoll Mon
day to do carpenter work for U. P. Hol
lo way.
Mr. C. F. Schofield, wife and daught
er, bavo been staying at the Hotel Ma
rion this week.
The coal mines of J. R. Rice & Co. at
Kimball are shut down temporarily to
make improyoments.
Misses Rboda Walker and E'lla Boyd,
of Jasper, were la town visiting Miss
Emma Gabel Sunday.
Misses Leila and Lola Eillian, of
Jatfpor, spemt the evening at Mr.
8. C. Brown's Sunday.
Messrs. John Lay and Turley Rankin
and Miss Sarab Lay, of Rankin's Cove,
visited the league Sunday.
11. E. Tate, of Jasper, was in
Friday. Ho will commence the
lie school in Jasper Sept. 5.
Jamrs C. Abies and family came down
from Dunlay Saturday to attend the
uieiuqrial services Sunday.
Mr. T. M. Eukin of Whitwell, made
us a call on his way home from the re
publican meeting at Jasper.
Miss Nannie Donaldson, daughter of
CapU Donaldson, Jasper, wus visiting
Mrs. J. W. Oraham, Sunday.
Mrs. C. Gabel, of Athens, Tonn., and
children and sister, arrivod on a visit to
Mr. and Mrs. L. V. Uabel, Saturday.
On Thursday last Mr. J. L. ScbulU
bought out thu stock of Brown & Gra
ham and took possession of tbo store.
Vi. J. J. lloge, of near Jsspor, called
In on us Saturday. Ho is now hauling
lo?s from his place to Gabol's mill this
The demand for grapes from the Vine
yards of Scquachce has increased daily.
Will the vineyards bo enlarged this
Austin Coppingor took a load of Irish
potatoes to South Pittsburg which he
readily disposed of at OOo ahd 70c a
Services were hold at the Owen
Church Saturday and Sunday ovening,
Kevs. U. L. Killian and U. II. Oury in
Henry Kent is now out of a job, the
work on tbo hotel being discjnlinuod
(or a whilo until more funds are raised
to finish it with.
Dallas Dixon was down Saturday to
Post meeting. We are glad to know
that Mrs. Dixon although not well is
ahlo to be about.
The demand for Seqnachee grapes
this year is constant. We wish the
whole of the mountain could be cleared
and put into vineyards this fall.
Mrs. Dyer, of Whitwell, and Mrs. Ma
ry Brown, of Soquachee, wore the guests
of Mrs. W. A. Moore, at the Moore
House, last week. Dunlap Tribune.
Mr. II. G. Blansett had the misfor
tune to slip and fail while out on the
mountain side Friday, injuring himself
somewhat besides getting a Bhaking up.
Richard Parka and Andrew Harris, of
Victoria, attended Post meeting Satur
day. M. K. Shumake, of Inuian, was
in town Saturday to attend mooting of
Mr. A. V. Crockett, formerly of Whit
well but now of Sallisaw. Indian Terri
tory, sends for the News to be sent to
him out there. He is reported as doing
well and prospering.
What is tbe matter with our Viotoria
correspondents? A year agj wo had
four of them tboro and they usod to
deluge us with news, now we can't get
any news from them at all.
Mr. J. L. Eldridge, of Cleveland,
Tenn., was In town lust Thursday. He
is a brother of J. B. EldrWg.i and form
erly a business partner ol Mr. J. L.
Schultz, who is locating here.
Mr. C. F. Schofield, editor of the Re
publican, So. Pittsburg, spent Wednes
day night of last week hero. He made
the News a pleasant call ana we were
glad to make his acquaintance.
THINK about your health. Do not
ullow scrofula taints to develop in
vour blood. Take Hood's Snrsapa-
rilla now and keep yourself WELL.
Horace F. Smith is the new goneral
trallio manager of the N., C. St. I R.
R., and it is believed that tbe road un
der his management will establish a
verv liberal Dolicv to shippers as re
gards freight rates.
Ruben Warren, of Jasper, was in town
Friday collecting taxes. Ho did not
collect any from us as by a great efTort
managed to pay our taxes last Janu
ary, but be paid us a subscription in
stead, and It was very acceptable.
Tbe quality of the blood depends
much vinon eood or bad di?PHtion and
assimilation. To mak the blood rich
in life and strength giving constituents
uo Dr. J. II. Mi lan s Mronthening
Cordial and Blood Purifier; it will nour
ish the properties of the blood from
which the elennnts of vitality are
drawn. Price l'c and SU a bottle.
p Liver
Jg and
I: Ji Kidney
Diseases are manifested by
Loss of Appetite,
Foul Tongue
and Weakness
Dr, J. El. McLEflll'S
Is the remedy you need, of equal
service in mild or chronic cases.
Sickness has provallod in the David
son homo this week, Mr. and Mrs. Dav
idson having both been under tbe care
of Dr. Schultz.
Mr. G. W. Lewis, of Whitwoll, was in
town Tuesday, shipping the effects of
Mr. J. 1). Martin to Chuttanooga, who
bus gone there to work at bis trado sad
dle and harness maker.
It is proposed to hold a service in
Rock Church in tbe settlement where
Rev. Jacob Houts lived and labored for
over thirty yoars as a memorial to his
memory some time in September. The
date is not yet fixed.
Mr. C. F. Schofield left here Wednes
day morning en route to Nashville,
While there bo proposes to see Gov.
Taylor personally and get from him if
possible the assurance of the Governor
being here at the Sunday School Con
vention Sept. 17. 18:8.
From a delegate wo get the informa
tion that at the mass meeting of repub
licans held at Jasper on Saturday, dele
gates were chosen to the various con
ventions and without restrictions. The
meeting was well attended and the bus
inoss was trauaauved promptly.
We are glad to acknowledge by tbe
hand of Mr. Sherman a subscription
from our comrado Col. C. H. Carpenter,
of Dunlap, and wo shall bo glad at the
Camp Fire and Rounion of the Union
Soldiers to be held at Dunlap in Octo
ber to take him by tbe hand. "We
drank from the same canteen."
In our last issue we stated in connect
ion with the donation of grapes from
the Vineyards of Soquaoheo to the 1st
N. H. Rogiment, that Mr. Melcher don
ated them for himself and associates.
We have learned since that it was Mr.
Melcbcr's offering and at bis own ex
ponse, which was a liberal and a grace
ful act to do.
Mr. M. W. Anderson, Supt. of Sequa
cheo Valley Branch, N. C. & St. L. R.
R., fully approciates the importance of
Sequaubee grapes and to help the rapid
transportation has arranged tbat a car
loaded with grapos goes in on the ev
ening froight, thus getting in tho day's
pioking bore to Chattanooga fresh and
nico for the day following. Got more
grapes and other fruits and the trans
portation will bo all right.
At Four Score.
Restores Health.
Dr. Miles' Nervine
In man.
A. 0. Kelley's horse died at Chatta
nooga the other day.
Goo. l'rather and wifo passed through
town this week.
Lester Richmond is very low with ty
phoid fevor.
Albert Pitman, of Ridgedale, was in
the city yosturday.
NCLE EZEKIEL 01SEAR, assessor and
tax collector, lieverly, ftlasa., who bas
passed the 80th life mile stooe, says:
"Dr. Miles' Restorative Nervine has done a
great deal of good. I suf rred for year from
sleeplessness and nervous heart trouble.
Would feel weary and used up lu the morn.
In;, had no ambition and c.y work svemed a
burden. A friend recommended Vr. Miles'
Nervine, and I purchased a bottle under
piot est as I had trkd so many romedics un
successfully. I thought It no use. Out It
gare me restful sleep, a good appetite and
restored mo to energetic health. It is a
grand gocd medicine, and I will gladly write
anyone inquiring, full particulars of mf sat
isfactory evperlence." r "Ti"
lr. lines Kcineaies
or. '
are sold bf all drus;
fUErct-e, erst bottle (SrVinO
benefits or money re- S ftastOTM
funded. Bock on dls- t ,, w. ,
jenf the heart and
ervra free. Address,
DR. MILLS XEDICAL CO.. Uabart. lod.
Mens' Ming
m cl
It SSS' uni k
Boys' ClotliiDg!
At Prices Warranted to Please.
$4.00 to $14.50.
BOYS' Splits.
$1 aid Upwards.
Fall and Winter Goods.
:j2re now in stock,
as we do not wait to the last moment to
buy them, and our ready money buys
the goods at any time.
Large Stock of
Dry Goods, t0 select (rom
New and Nice!
Hign Grade Footwear.
YY E believe we have the DC$t DltC of
Shoes in town, considering
wearing qualities. We buy nothing of the
shoddy make, but all good, first-class ma
terial at prices to please.
Grocery Department
is always Fresh and Clean.
SSkSWe do a big business in baiter and can handle more of it. Bring on your chick
ens, eggs, produce, &c., and trade them with us.
Memorial Service.
As previously announced services
were held Sunday morning- at Owen
Church in recognition of the late Jacob
Uouts, and we were gratified to see the
ohurch well filled with his relatives,
friends, and neighbors, many coming
from a great distance.
Tho servicoh wore opened by singing
of several selections by thu choir.
Then Rov. R. L. Killian rend selections
from Paul's 1st Eoistle to the Corinthi
ans touching tho resurreotion of the
dead, and alBO from the Psalms of ba
vid. Then another selection by the
choir. Then prayer was offorod and an
other selection by the choir. Then fol
lowed the sermon of Mr. Killian from
2nd Timothy 4th Chap. 7th and 8th ver
ses which was a fine eulogy of Mr.
Houts in his variod relations as a min
ister, citizen, neighbor, and friend, and
introducing many instanoes showing
the earnestness and benevolence of his
nature. Mr. Killian was followed by
Rev. R. H. Oury, who testified to the
grand character of Mr. Uouts, and quot
ed many Bpeclal instanoes of his desire
to do good. Mr. Oury closed with a well
worded eulogy. After prayer by Mr.
Mason, the services terminated. To
what was said at tho publio expression
of respect and esteem we add the lines
of Whittier:
"Thanks for the good man's beautiful
Who in tbe vilest taw
Some sacred crypt or altar of a temple
(Still vooal with God's law.
"Men failed, betrayed him but his seal
seemed nourishe d
Hy failure and by fa 11,
Still a large faith iu all mankind he
And in God's love for all.
But round his grave are quietude and
And the sweet heaven above.
The fitting symbols of a life of duty
Transfigured into love.
(Successor to Uabel & Rrown.)
Rough and Dressed Lumber.
Flooring, Coiling, Siding.
Always in the Market for Rough Lumber.
jlESTI MATES for buildings furnished on application.
Mew Amphitheater.
Monteagle, Aug. 10. The trustees of
the Monteagle Assembly appointed un
der tbe recent reorganization met this
,li.pnnAii &nri AlActAd ntrlnfira as follows:
General Manager and Treasurer. W. R.
Payne; Superintendent ot riatiorm ana
Schools, frof. A. V. Bourland; Resident
Physician, Dr. K. W. Drake, Chattanoo
ga; Resident burgeon, Dr. A. Hudson,
Nashville; Resident Dentist; Dr. W. 11.
Richards, Knoiville.
Dr. J. I. D. llines, of Lebanon, form
erly Superintendent of Platform, de
clined to stand for re-election.
The trustees also decided to build a
now and handsome amphi-thoatre at a
cost of 13. 000. R. E. Hunt, of Chatta
nooga, bas been selected as the archi
tect, and at the meeting this afternoon
be submitted plans which met with the
approval of the trustees. The plaos
call for a modern and very haudsome
-i. ,n wiit. atone walls. The site
will be the one on which the present
amphitheatre stands.
Great Cures proved by thousands
of toMiinonials kIiow that Hood's Sar
sapsrill jiofSHOkos K)wer to purify,
vitalize and imi h the blood.
Hood' PiH are the only pills to
b Uktn with Hood's SarsapaxiiU.
QUALITY, RESOIIAIIGE, arethepfortiof
One make of Piano may have one, another two, another three
ot these properties, j j" j
i ' f - '
Has them all in harmonious combination. Agents lu most all cities. Ii none in
yours, write us. Established 25 years.
Ft riaync Organ Co., Ft Wayne, Ind.
LcestahoHostCompletlSuccyIactoryoIlartii Write for
Prices ano
- . i
v. '
Ou Coons Ape Thf Dest
Our? Price the Lowest
1 lor tale by Brown A Graham. ,

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