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Attend the Sunday School Convention here September 17, 1898.
No Eye Witnesses to the Tragedy
io an Uptown StoreDavis'
Slayer Well Known in
the State.
Lookout for
STORE, Whitwell.
.1. G. Cisco yesterday morning took
the life of Hubert Davis, a well-known
young man, to avenge an alleged wrong
done his daughter iterthor.
Davis is about years old and is em
ployed as a clerk in the wholesale dry
goods store of Lyles. Davis, Goodall &
Co., 106 and 10s Public Square.
It was there at about 9:8(1 about yet
terdao morning that the meeting be
tween the father and the young man
who ho believed had brought disgrace
upon bim and his family took place. It
was the second time in his life, Mr.
Cisco says, that he had ever seen Davis,
and at the conclusion of a brief consul
tation with the young man he stabbed
him below the heart with a knife.
Davis was taken to the City Hospital
and died there yesterday afternoon at
5:45 o'clock. His father and mother,
Mr. and Mrs. Knox Davis, of Dickson,
were with him at the last and young
Davis remained in full consciousness up
to about five minutos proceeding his
Davis was young and very popular,
and his parents and friends sinceroly
believe the accusation for which he
answered with his life-was cruelly un
just. Cisco, his slayer, is an old man
the father of eight children, almost all
grown. He is an ex-confederate soldier
and says that for 300 years there has
not been a taint upon his family. Not
until yestirJay morning at 4 o'clock did
he awaken to the overwhelming con
sciousness that the blow had been re
served for his grey hairs.
Mr. Cisco formerly lived at Jackson,
where for twenty years he was a prom
inent and wealthy book dealer and sta
tioner and and later edited the Forked
Deer Blade, Four years ago bis wife
died, leaving him the care of the child
ren, not then grown. For a while long
er he lived in Jackson and then sent his
four youngest children, two girls and
two tooys, to Dickson to board, he him
self coming to Nashville to work.
Mr. Cisco is 54 years old and is rather
feeble. He has been for many years
prominent in business and newspaper
circles. He was Consul to Mexico dur
ing Cleveland's first administration, and
was editor-in-chief of the Memphis
Herald during the Carmack-Patterson
campaign two years ago.
About five months ago he removed bis
family to this city and to a homo out
On Fatherland St. Cisco is employed
in the office of Dickinson tfc Waller, at
torneys for the Louisville &. Nashville
Railroad, and his duties require him to
travel a good deal over the State. In
this way he did not spond much time at
Wttme. The care of the house de
voved upon the second daughter, Miss
Berth a, the eldest being married and
living in Chattanooga. Bosides the
second daughter there are three child
ren in the household, one girl and two
boys, the youngest about 10 years of
age. The oldest of Mr. Cisco's sons lives
in Chicago and another, about 19 years
of ago, is enlisted in one of the Florida
regime uts. Tuesday's American.
Prof .T II Latimer left last week for
Henbrouk, Texas, where he goes to tako
charge- of a school. He hay been princi
pal of the college here for some time, is
a gentleman of li itrh moral character
and pleasant manners and courteous
bearing. His course was such while
here that bis friends wish bim success
in his ne1 tU'd of labor. Stevenson
. have moved to our new store opposite present location, and propose to do a
V V bigger business than ever. Our business is growing. The people have
found us honest in our dealing, have patronized us liberally, and promise to trade more
with us in the future. Hence we move into new quarters and add to our already large
stock. We carry a large line of all varieties of General Merchandise at prices that suit
everybody. Here are a few
Arbueklo Coffee, 10c per package.
Oatmeal, 8c, iter package.
Sola, 4c per package.
Celluloid Starcli, 4c per package.
I'earline, 4c per package.
Electric Soap, 4c; 7 bars 25c.
Shoe Hlackiiig. 4c.
Lamp Chimneys, Nos 1 and 2, 4c.
1-lb can Double Strength lakinr
Powder, lc.
1-lb can Tip Top Baking Powder, Uc.
Pie peaches per can, 10c
Black Draught, 15.
.Matches, (5 boxes 5c; 13 boxes 10c.
Fine Salmon, per can 11c.
Oysters, per can, !)c.
Lemons, o for 5c; oOo per dozen.
Sardines, 4c per box.
Granulated Sugar, 17 lbs. for $1.00.
Light lirown Sugar, 18 lbs for 1.00.
Ilest .Meat, Sc per lb.
Lard, So per lb.
liest Orade Flour, 03c per 24-lb sack.
'2nd Grade Flour, 58o per 24 lb sack.
Machine Thread, 4c a spool.
Zinc Wash Tubs, lage size, Ooe.
Zinc Wash Tubs, small size, 55c.
Fine grade Lamps, 24c.
Dinner Buckets, 4-qt, 23c.
Tin Buckets, 'J-qt, 15c.
Tin Buckets, IS-qt, 13c.
Dry Goods.
Fine Shoes.
&c, &c.
Tin Buckets, 4-)t, 11c.
Large Coffee Pots, lie.
Large Dippers, good ones, y;.
Dippers, another style, 4c.
Teaspoons, plated, 24c per set.
Table Spoons, Plated, HOu per set.
.Milk Cans, 0c.
Brass Shoe Nail, 4c per box.
Iron Shoe Nails, 4c per box.
Shirts, fancy laundered, 55c, and "0c
Fine White Laundered Shirts, 55c
Good heavy Shirts, 45c.
Good Work Shirts, 35c.
Calicos low prices, good quality, 5c
Bleaching, 5c.
Mason's Fruit Jars, -gal, (J3c. a do..
Mason's Fmit J arts, 1-qt, 70s a doz.
Rubbers for Fruit .Jars, 4c per doz.
Woolen Pants, 1. 85, 1 .'.), $2, 2.50,
and 2.y5.
Best all-wool pants, 3, ami 3.50.
Jeans pants, (iOc, l)0c.
All- wool Jeans Pants, 1.25.
Good Black Ink, 4c.
Axle Grease. 4c.
Stockings. 5c, 8c,
Men's Socks, 8C.
Knives and Forks, low prices.
Laces, He, 2c, 3c, 4c, 5c per y'd.
Knibroidery, large sizes, 10c per ,d.
Embroidery, small size, 4c per y'd.
COUPONS IO Per Cent. Di SCOUllt.
Everybody invited to call and see if we
can suit you. Respectfully,
Arl Dull is sick with fev. r
A gnat many wmt to (' mrt Monday.
A. L. Roberson, f Jasper, w.is in
town last Thursday.
li. li. Rogers is alck. not l.einir tii.le n
be at his store tor a week.
Mrs. 11. J. (iitdlV Is in tow n visiting
her brother li-u. V. Lewis.
Lam Houts and family, of Sen iiaclu-c.
era in town Monday tnorn i iijt.
Sheriff Rogers came up Friday ocn.
ittg finishing up his ottlcial business !or
l'rof. (iolden,
leaching music,
of Florida, is
the guitar In
ltill Shirley, Sam Condra and Rett
Franklin are jurors from this part of
the county.
A kind of traveling menagerie and
-how struck this place last Namrday
and stayed till Tueseay.
A child of Lturancfl Lavne iHed lust.
Thursday night and was buried Friday
at Choekville cemetery. (
Joseph Hros. will move Into their
in w store this week. See their big ad
vertisement elsewhere in thin paper.
Kelley and Grayson fg building a '.'tlx
5 foot addition to their business house.
I. II. Prvor contracting for the sam.
Frank Price is mechanic.
Hon. J. .T. Dykes, I! .1. Holey. M. ('.
I'ryor and .lee Kelley left 'Tii-mIh y
morning for Nashville'to.utlend (inli.-r.
.Tutorial Convention.
C. C. Shirley is doing a spleinl d 'bus
iness now. lie had to remodel his .
noro to accommodate it and enjoys a
nourishing trade. See his ad in tin'.-, W
sue. The child of Mr. and Mrs. John Ealy
that was mentioned in the N i:vs List
week as being very low died Sourda"
mght and was buried at the VVulk' r
cemetery Sunday.
Whitwell is on a boom in the way of
building houses. Ketner's drugstore is
nearing completion, Dr. Will McRee is
bnilding a neat olllce. and E. IS. liull is
building a largo addition to his store
house. A sad accident occured on the Moun
tain near here last Thursday- Two of
Charles Layne'g boys were out him ting
and while trifvoling a path one in front
of the other the gun o. the one in ih-
rear discharged bitting the one in front
in the back inflicting a wound of wui. h
he died in a short lime.
We are pained to note the accident I
killing last Wednesday morning uf
Cli as. March while at work in the miti.-i-t
iiy slate falling on him and crushing
him to death instantly. lie was
years old and highly respected being a
member of the Knights of Pythias and
he Independent Order of 'lied Mi n.
lioth the above orders performed the,
several rites at the church and grave ori
Thursday at Mt Olivet where he was
buried. In token of respect the miri'S
were closed from the timu be was kill- d
till after he was iutern-e.
Caroline Chapel Notes.
D. F. Chaudoin and wife were visiting
at Soquachee Sunday.
John Dixon's baby is seriously ill.
Miss Mattie Jordan was visiting Miss
Ollio Vinzant last Sunday .
Miss ltelle Knox, of Whitwell, was
visiting relatives here last week.
Quite a number from this place
attended 2ourt at Jasper last Monday.
W. C. Moore and family were visiting
at W. (J, Spangler's last Sunday.
Miss Nellie Barlew, of Jasper, is vis
iting her brother Mr. Jeff Jiarlew this
Ollie Vinzant and Mis M attic
Jordan were visiting at C. C. Alder's
last Sunday evening.
Next Sunday is Bro, Conner's regular
appointment at the Chapel. Wo hope
the people will come out to church at
3 p. m.
C. II. Davidson and A. (J. Chaudoin of
Soquachee, was at V. U. Spangler's last
Sunday and carried off some of the
Prize-Taker melons, some of which
weighed 43 pounds.
There was a box supper here last Sat
urday night. Pleastnt Hill and Hav
ron's Chapel singing classes furnished
the singing, and the Ebenezer instru
mental class furnished music for the
The school at Pleasant lirove is in a
flourishing condition. Mr. Cameron is
an excellent teacher. His new methods
are the very best and we congratulate
hi m on his choice of schools and good
Charles Wood in of the Smith Pitts
burg ltanuer. wis in tinvn Wednesday
return. ng Thursday morning.
From Pleasant Hill.
Sam Quarles has retimed from Coal
City, Ua.
R"v. J. H. Connor preached at this
place Sunday.
Since the election the people in this
thriving community have resumed busi
ness. Win. Kelley sowed 7 bushels of wheat
and roaped 107. '
Those awful words 'No Sir" has made
many of our gallant youths blush late
ly, but not your correspondent.
Rev. John Hurnett, of (Ja., preached
at Pleasant Hill, last Sunday.
Rev. Quarles, of Shollmound, who
has been very sick, is almost recovered
we are glad to say.
Zachariah Ualdwin is reported to be
very HI at this writing.
We have been having soveral sing
ing schools taught in this vicinity late
ly, by Prof. Loach. Mr. Loach is an
exeeiietn teacoer ana nas our youngs- . Anglo-American alliance is annland
ters tun. d up nicely. to the echo. Mr. IW.-hman will ,
We are sorry to see one of our most ; cupy his pulpit on next Sunday. Am
tjoaimiui ana acorn pi istied young la-jerican.
so iri.aem-u wun sorrows as sue - Mr l!i.;h-nan is State Secretary fot
appears ui ue. we deeply sympathize
Rev. Geo. O. Bachman.
Rev. George O. Hae.hman, pastor of the
Arrington-street Cumberland Presby
terian Church, returned from his trip to
Europe yesterday. He attended the
World's Sunday-school Oonntion in
London, England, July 11-lti, and spent
two weeks morn visiting various pari
of England, lie reports a most protit
aVilo trip and says there is the best of
feelings in England for an American.
The Span sii-American war, read
through an Englishman's eve is very
helpful to an American. Everywhere
Whitwell, Aug. 18, 1C1IH.
Whereas it has pleased Cod In his in
finite wisdom to enter our Castle H.t.l
and take from our midst our beloved
friend and ifrother. Charles Marsh, wh-
had only been with us one month.
Whereas, in the spirit of the I'vihu'i
fraternity we deem it just and must ra
ting that this Lodge bear its testimony
of his worth and excellence, theefi,f. ,
llo it losolved l?t by Laurel Lodge,
No. '.18, Knights of Pythias, that wli'iH
wo are humbly submissive to the w.ll
of (iod which removed from us our be
loved friend and brotlier, we are not tint
less sensible of our great loss.
ana. mat in the death or Hro. Oia.
Marsh, this Ljdge laments the loss i f
one of most worthy members, a man
who was everready'to exemplify in bit
daily life the great principles of Fn. n i
ship, Charity, and Henevolence, wtncli
aie the fundamental principles of ou
Hrd. That tbo heart-felt sympathy of
this Lodge he extended to the fauiil
in their afflction.
4lh. That these Resolutions be spread
upon the records of the Lodge and it
copy thereof be transmitted to the fam
ily of our deceased Urother.
Kospectfully suhmitu-1,
IT! P. Di n,
Committee. - E. A. A-iiih i:n-.
( It. L. A IH.i im: !;.
with her in her
posing tliat her fellow is on hit way
t'orto kico.
iiii"ssno 0f the International I'nion
of Sunday achools, an 1 is execu- l a"
Sequachco September IT, 1 .).
The Tenn essee River has been out of
its banks in Alabama Uam-tcing tti
torn crop somewhat.
Wo have a trade in view a hie
think will frently benefit our a.lv
rs. Watch out for it next wei-',.
( al. Atkins, of Wbitweii
i in tow

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