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Attend the Sunday School
Washington Letter.
Special to the Nkwb
Tbe politicians of all parties are a
fraid of the Philippine Islands question.
That has been made plain by the de
clinations to accept the highly honor
able position of P. -ace Commissioner
which the President hasroceived. Evi
dently the biff politians think the
chance of the treaty not meeting the
popular approval outweigbts tbe honor
of serving as one of the commissioners
to negotiate the treaty. Secretary Day
who will closo bis public career as one
of tbe Peace Commissioners, bad no such
fear, because be is not politician and
does not expect to become one, and nev
er would have held office except to
oblige his personal friend, President
McKlnley. In choosing Ambassador
Hay as Secretary Day's successor, the
President has taken another Secretary
of State who is not a politician, but
whose experience in the diplomatic line
has been wide wide, ranging from Se
cretary of an American legation and As
sistant Secretary of State to Ambassa
dor to Great Britain. Tbe President
had no trouble la selecting men for tbe
Cuban and Porto Kican Commissions,
because, being strictly military, no po
litical question was involved; be only
had to issue orders to bave them obeyed.
The officers chosen were, for Cuba, Gen.
Wade, Admiral Sampson, and Oen. But
ler; for Porto Ktcu, Gen. Brooke, Admir
al Schley, and Oen. Gordon. Tbe
Peace Commission is not to meet, at i
Paris, until October 1, but tbe President
will auuounoe the three American Com
missioners who are to act with Mr. Day
and Senator Luis, who have already
been chosen, as soon as be can get en
of sufficient prominence to accept tbe
Consular reports show that tbe exam
ple of tbe U. S. and England, in em
ploying women in tbe public service, is
being followed in Germany and in Nor
way to a considerable extent. In Ger
many the employment of women is so
far confined to the postal service clerks
and postmasters at the smaller offices.
Tbe highest Salaries paid women post
masters in Gurmany is 8285 a year, with
an allowance of Sliy a year for rent. In
Norway women are employed in postal
and railway service. They act as rail
road station supervisors, government
telegraph operators, and in some instan
ces even do tbe work of luggage men.
Although nothing official has been
said on tbe subject, it is known that the
Preaident is vury glad that Dewey and
Merritt captured Manila before tbe
news of the cessation of hostilities
reached them. It la generally believed
in Washington that our possession of
Manila and tbe Island of Luzou, of
wbicb it is the Capital, will be perman
ent, notwithstanding tbe official state
meut of tbe Spanish government that it
expects to regain control of tbe Pbilip
p.ne Islands. Inasmuch as Admiral
Dewey and Gen Merritt captured Man
ila the day after the peace agreement
was signed, many supposed at first that
it would not count, but tbe military ex
perls promptly brought out the articles
of war, which provide that no armistice
or even a treaty of peace is biudiug upon
officials in command of armed torces un
til an olfiial notice of the same has heeu
sent to them. It must have bum at
leant tbree days after the capture of
Manila before tbe official notification
of the signing of the temporary agree
ment of peace, by Spain and the U. S.,
at Washington, could possibly have
reached Drwey and Merritt. So that
not only w ill the capture of Manila
count but so will all tbe captures made
by the ships of Dewey's fleet which
were sent u raise tbe American flag up
on other islanls of tbe Philippine
group, and inc. dentally to capture a few
Spanisn gunboats known to be bid in
obure harbors.
U bav.ng been decided to muster out
of service as rapidly a it can bo done
at least 100,IM) of the voluuteer, pres
sure is being brought u. on the war de
partment by those who do not fancy
soldiering wuen there is no fighting to
be done 1 1 gft certain regiments mus
tered out.
J. A. Clouse, of Shellmound was in
town Wednesday night.
Tbe 3-year-old child of Frank Camp
bell died Thursday morning.
B. B. Rogers is having a neat resi
dence built in tbe north part of town.
J. M. Byers went to Chattanooga lasi
Capt. John Frater, of Victoria, was ii
town Thursday.
D. R. Deakins of Looney's Creek, w
in tbe city Tuursday last.
H. Clay Harris, of Mt. Harnassus. wa
in town last Thursday.
All tbe boys that want soda pop are
requested to call on or write to William
Baily or Jim Price, this city.
Anderson Grayson moved to Jasper
last week to send his children to school
and to keep a boarding-house.
Adolpbus Lamb moved to bis house
near the depot last Thursday.
D. T. Layne, of Victoria, our new
deputy sher.ff, was in town Friday. He
will move to Whitweli in tbe near fu
ture. A small child of Simp Milligan's died
Friday and was buried Friday at Cbeek
ville cemetery.
Mr. and Mrs. Tobe Tipton's baby died
Saturday and was buried Sunday at the
'league cemetery.
Mrs. Joe Davidson, who has been sick
for several months with consumption
died Saturday and was buried Sunday ai
tne 'league graveyard.
A small child of Mr. aud Mrs. Henson
died Sunday uioibing.
There seems to be an epidemic among
tbe children in Whitweli.
Miss Georgia Ann Lewis and Miss
Biddy Moran, of Tracy O.ty are visiting
in this city the guests of Mrs. B. J.
Mr. McDowell, deputy U. S. marshal,
of Tracy City, was in town last Friday
on official business.
Mr. and Mrs. Nelson S.uith and
dauguter, of Walker Co., tuorgia, aie
visiting their brother M. U. Smith.
Will Barber went to Jasper Monday
to take charge of the Marion County
Democrat as editor and proprietor.
Dr. J. A. Walker went to Jasper Mon
day to attend Chancery Court.
Monroe Conclave, No. SO, White
Shields, now has the pleasure of meet
ing in their new hall that is about com
pleted. The Conclave here numbers
nearly 100 members now, and tbe order
still grows. The ball is feet wide,
40 feet long and o feet high, and is
uicely finished off. The lower part for
a school room is equal in ev ry respect
to that of the hall part. The cost of
the building is just K20, and is just
about p iid for. Some time in the near
future tb Order intends to have a good
entertainment and try to interest all
w bo come out.
Last Saturday about twenty-five of
Wbitwvll's younir people went to Victo
ria to a picnic It w. s an enjoyable af
fair at Brown's Spring in a pleasant
grove where once muuntaindew was dis
tilled and the song t f the Bachnaliau
could be beard, but on this occasion the
(Sunday school songs were heard, ltd by
Mrs. Callie Gross and about laenty se
lected s. tigers. Rev. Conner, M. L.
Harris, Alvis Brown, aud W. 8. Pryor,
made speeches. Enough dinner was on
the tables for as many more. All re
turned in the evening pleased and glad
thai they went to Jasper last Saturday.
Whereas on the 10th Sleep, Sturgeon
Moon, G. S. D., 40tt, Bro. Chants Marsh
met with a Sad and fearful accident
which resulted in his death, being call
ed to thu Hunting Grounds of our fath
eta by the Great Spirit.
Therefore, be it resolved by the Pow
halten Tribe, No. 14, Improved Order of
Red Man that we feel the loss of our
brother and chief, aud exceedingly re
grel that he should bave been cut off in
in the flower of bis age after so short
career in tbe forest of life.
2nd, That he was an intelligent, earn
est and faithful Red Man and possess
ed such qualifications and principles of
mind and heart that made him a true
Brother and a warm friend.
3rd, That these Resolutons be spread
ou the records of our Trib-, that a copy
e sent to the bereaved and gr.ef-strick-en
parents of our departed Brother,
that copies b'j sent to the pros of our
town for publication.
Jor. Vaskv. 1
Wai.tkb Ncnn, V Committee.
JoH Cahi.von, )
Ladies' Hats!
Tall and Winter Styles
THE best and most unique
stock ever opened and
ffered for sale in the Sequa
chee Valley. They are bean
ies. Come and see them.
The prices are right that is why our
rade iu other goods is daily increasing.
The Peoples' Store,
Sunday Schools.
The following are tbe Sunday schools
included in the Marion County Associa
tion, which meets at Sequachee, Satur
day, Sept. 17, 1SUS.
1. Kel ley's Ferry, Rock Church.
John Sexton, Jr.
2. Shellmound, Mel) uuel's Chapel,
G. W. Moore.
3. Shellmound, Macedonia, L. B.
4. Kimball, Union, Miss Jane Allen.
5. Dove, Union, S(iencr Anderson.
6. Ketcliall, Havner Chapel, John L.
7. Lodge, Union, G. W. Payne.
8. Monteagle, Union, S. M. Young,
y. Whiteside, M. K. South, J. W.
10. Whiteside. Etna Mountain, John
11 Whiteside, M. E., John Girdly.
12. Whitweli, H-d Hill, R J. Moore.
l.i. Whitw. l., C. P., H A. A-bburn.
14. Whitweli, Union, J as. Colston Jr.
13. Soulb Pittsburg, Episcopal, Jos
eph Loilire.
16. South Pittsburg, Baptist, W
17. South Pittsburg, C. P.. J. J. Ingle.
IS. South Pitlnburg, Christian, J. .1.
lit. South Pittsburg, M. E. South, J.
P. Armstrong.
-.'0. South P.ttsburg, M. L, G. W.
21. Victoria, M. E. South, J. Frater.
i'i. lnniau, C. P., J. S. Richmond.
iX Inman, M. E., G. W. Moore.
'24. Inman, I'n on, S. II. Bennett.
2A. Inman, M. E. South, A. P. Mitch
ell. 26. Jasper, Christian, John T. Boyd.
'.'7. Pb-i.sant Grovp, John W. Dame.
as. Jasper, Wesley Chapel. Joi.n Lay. '
Lock. '
30. Jasper, Baptist Hill, Chas. Quarles (
M. Jasper, SI. E. South, A. L. Pills.
33. Jasper, C. P., T. A. Havron.
34. Jasper, M. E., W. .1. Johnston.
35. Sequachee, U-ven, C. J. Guntafson.
3t. Saruis, W. A. Itrown.
37. Shirley ton, J. A. Worley.
38. Whitweli, J. D. S n.th. '
311. O k Gr.ve, E. K. Hamilton.
4(1. CeJar Springs, Elijah lUrker.
41. D ptford, S. M. Suerrill.
E. W. rrlgmore, one of Inman's best
cittzons, was In South ntishurjr last
Wednesday visiting his brother, J. G.
Prigmor, who has been so low with
rever. souin I ltisuurg aiaiesman.
Once more the death angel has visit
ed our community and taken from oui
midst one of our fellow townsmen, L'-i1-
ter Richmond. Some time ago he join
ed the 3rd Tennessee Infantry an I con
tracted the dreadful disease, ivpbniu
f-ver. May God bless and comfort bis
bereaved parent.
Dr. Thompson, of Victoria, passed
through town one day recently.
Tennessee Inrentors.
T. Dagley, Agee, Means for trans
mitting power.
J. R. K-lley, Reel foot, hoe.
A. M. Yere, Nashville, shirt bosom
Granted this week and reported by C.
A. Snow A, Co., Washington, I). C.
Monday oveninu Mr. and Mrs. Tolley
Burnett were serenaded. Appreciating
the compliment, they invited the sera
naders in, and regaled them with cake,
,tc, and all had a good time.
W, Span.'ler and C. Alder were in
town Tuesday with a load of watermel
ons some w.-ighing 50 lb. This make
the fifteenth wagon lo:id they have
old this year and proves that growing
melons pys a good profit.
By some mistake or other the article
on tne B.pt. Rt Convention at Dnnlap
was not credited to the Tribune as It
should b.e been. Th mam sheet
wh printed
before tbe omission w as
. I .
here September 17, 1898.
First Annual Convention
Che Itlaricn County
Sunday School Association,
..To bt Hild at..
Beginning at 9:00 a. nv. Ooemg at 4:00 p. m.
All th Sunday Schooli in tht County Solicited to attend.
SEQdACHEE, U.e seat of tl.e
First Annual Sumlny Srliool Con
vention of Marion County, is kUuhUiu
near the centre of the County, three
miles north of Jasper, and on the
Sequachee Valley Pi vision of the
N., C. & St. L. H. Ii
The management felt that a more
convenient and suitable place could
not Ihj found anywhere than Sequa
chee, as it is beautiful in situation,
surrounded as it is by magnificent
scenery, and abounds in excellent
juire water furnished "by one of the
best springs in this valley.
There is convenient to the depot a
beautiful lawn, nhalel by stately for
est trco, with a natural location
a ar Hpbl.thriUer for seating the
neat, and
The tow n is clean aud
filled with handsome
tuirrounded by attractive
Che People.
THERE' no town in the Se
quachee Valley which oan boast of a
le tter citizenship than Sequachee
loyal to the cause of right, cultured,
, .i,,,,,,,!,!,, i:.. ... vfirv ;..,,..
est for the promotion of moral and
intellectual refinement. For the sue
cess of this great Convention they
are bending every energy, ami if
they have the co-operation of the
Sund.iy School loving people of this
county, success is assured.
tbe Preparations.
THF Committee on Arrange
incuts is preparing to erect J plat- j
form capable of seating five hundred
people, as a choir of four or five hun
dred voices is expected to lead the
singing Seats will be prepared in
an ainphi-thcater shape to seat at least
seven thousand people, hence all will
be made comfortable.
Cbe Sunday Schools.
y is expccU'd that those appoint
ed by the State Sunday School
Association to mnnnge this affair,
that all the Sun lay schools of the
County heartily co-operate with the
1 Committees in making this a success,
atlll that thev attend in a body
! do their dut v in every t articular. It
is expected that each Superintendent
organize his school, and Appoint
such committees as are necessary t
attend to all the details of the the day.
the music.
THE musi will be furnished by a
trained choir from all the schools of
the County, and perhaps a band will
le employed for the occasion.
IT' is suggested that each Superin
tendent have badges printed for his
school, giving name, &c.
coe speaKcrs.
ly is expected that there will l e
four or five of the best platform
speakers of the State present and ad
dress the Convention, among whom
will be Hon. H. L Taylor, Dr. S. A.
Steele, and others.
TW0 special trams will be run
on that day, one from Pikeville and
one from Whiteside, Tenn., and the
rate will be reasonable.
Private Conveyances.
THQSE C()"img private eon
veyances will finds nice grove. in
which to kitch their stock.
POlilTE, curgetic marshals
will bts appointed to manage the
crowd, and no one will be over
Sunday School Committee,
Sequachee, tenn.
Kennedy & Kelly,
JulMr, Tenn.
C3TDELI VERY made in Sequachee
everv hatunUy. L-ave your orders at
the. PoitUiftice.
Caroline Chapel Nolee.
Bro. Connor preached i.n excellent
sermon to quite a respectable crowd
here last Sunday evening.
Quite a number from our vicinity at
tended the picnic at Victoria, last Sat
urday. Miss Julia Knox of Whitweli, attend' d
church here last Sunday.
D. II. Lewis went to South Pittsburg
last Monday.
D witt Sbarpe and William T.ite, of
Whitweli w. re visiting oil trlnnds and
relatives in this vicinity, last Sunday.
C. C. Alder and family went to Vicio
rla, last Saturday.
Bro. Connor reorga n i z 'd oitr Sabb.ith
Scool here last Sunday; we hope the
people will turn out aga n, an 1 t:k an
interest In a good Sthbat:i S;Uoj1
here as we have heretofore h;id.
Mr. and Mrs. D. F. Cbaudoin was vi
siting at T. S. Brackens' last week.
The infant of Mr. and Mrs. John D x
on died lat Tu sday and was buried
Wednesday evening.
John K Igore, father of Abraham
Kilgore d ed at bis son's residence,
Victoria, Tenn., Tuesday, An.'. 23, 18..M.
lie was a n.embrr of Post s:i. G. A. R ,
and the funeral was hell under t'i'
ausp ces of the Post Wednesday aft' r
noon ani was the oldest member of ihit
organixatt'in. Obituary notico will ap
pear next wei-k.

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