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Poor clothes cafinot make
you look old. Even pale
cheeks won't do it.
Your household care may
be, heavy and disappoint
ments may b deep, but
they cannot make you look
One thins does it and
never tails.
It Is Impossible t3 look
young with the color of
seventy years in your hair.
In ancient titm-s & man up" a sprco
Bond on tlm citv street sang "Sweet
The sound annoyed the king and thus
ii spake:
"Bring fortli the drunken
thus doll) break
M lwn and those of harmony us well.
run mi.uklv uoiioani uj was bade
Whereloro his jag was of so Urge a s
And why bo vexed the people witti h s
1 Rheumatism
wretch that
permanently postpones t!ie
tell-tale sir.ns cf tr.e. Used
according to directions it
gradually brines back t'.ie
color of youth. At fifty your
hair may look as it C.i ft
fifteen. It thickens the hair
also; stops it from falling
out; and cleanses the scalp
from dandruff. Shall wc
send you our book on the
Hair and its Diseases?
The Beet Adrfoe fa.
It Ttm do not olitHln ll liio hTio
fltt jnu existed from too one of
h vlCr. writs tlia doctor about it.
frobablr there la tome difficulty
"with yonr renornl nyitem wl ica
mar be omlly r"moved Aildrrsa,
1B- J. C. AYU, Lowell, Mass.
"I drank," replied tbo culprit bowing
To kiss tho mighty king's superior toe,
To quench a tuiit that sorel v did op
press; Then samr with joy at my supeib s Ul
"Ah!" cried tho king, "This earth wore
heaven indeed
Did worthy ell.ji t always thus succeed,
But, rascal, know you not that 1 have
'Look not upon the wino when it U red''.'''
"Oil yes, Your Royal Kibbs," was hi
"I caught that chunk of wisdom on the
But know, Most Sapient One, I'm color
And can't toll rod wino from tbo other
For nie it bath no color in the ci p,
And 1 iiroooed serenely to tank u
And know not, care not, one coid copper
Whether my booso be red or all the col
ova bleu l,''
"I see your point, it's tolling foroo 1
Benlitd lue monarch in a kindly tone,
"So for jour drunk I grant you pardon
But give you ninety days for singing
'ftweet Mario'.
-Oru DiA'iL.
Results from a
Bad Liver
and can
be Cured l?y
Cut oliiu?
I Dr. J. H.MclEAN'S!
Liver and
r -a irv - 1
liianey isaimi
A Certain Remedy for
Diseases of the Liver, Kid- $
I neys and Urinary Organs. $
raici, $1.00 fer bottll
protracted meeting nt I
i;m conducleu nv M'V, inuii
Whitwll. closed last Saturday
with only one conversion.
Mr. and Mrs. Monroe (JrifTith wero
visiting at L. C. Browning's, of Kin n z
er last Sunday.
Miss Nellie Birlow, of .lasprr, was
visiting at Mr. Meado Uogers' last Sat
urday. Janios Mosior, of Victoria, attndid
siujjiug at the Chapel last Sunday even
ing. Tames and DoWitt Sharpo, of Whit
well, wore in our vicinity last Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. I). 1). Lwis wore visit
ing at V. C. Mooro's last Sunday.
Next Sunday etenlng is ISro. Connor's
regular appointment at tbe Chapel.
Sam Billingsley and family wore vis
ing at Lee l'onloy's last Sunday.
Wiley Spangler and wifo wera visit
ing near libemzir last Saturday anu
Two of James l'itman's children bavo
becu very tick tho pust week.
Pea picking is tbe order of tbe day in
this vicinity.
Let's all turn out to tbe Convention
next Saturday.
"Knibureel I'lliel clsobt nn
j. l. scnuirz.
Under reasonable
jonrtilions ....
Free tuition. U'e give one or more free schol
arships in every comity iu the U. S. Write us.
Will accept notes tor tuuinu
orcaadeposit money in bank
until position is secured. Car
fare paid. No vacation. Kn
teralanytime. Open JorbuUt
H'xes. Cheap board. Sjrulfor
- i'rej tltu5trated catalogue.
.Address J. F. Olaoouos, Pres't, at cither place.
Draughon'a -f7
Business tjMLc),
Bonkkeepint, ihorthand. Typewriting, etc.
The most lliamtgh, practical and progressive
.lu-hnols of the kiud iu Ute vrorUt, onl the best
t,atronizedow a the South. Indorsed by b.mk
rs, merchants, minLsteni and others, l our
-weeks in tookkeepinc witli us are epnl to
-twelve weeks !v the old plait. . K. Drauchnn,
l'resideiit, is author ot Drauhon's new system
of bookkeeping, "IXwlile Entry Mnde Kasy."
Hnn.A ..w1 W haw nrrtnred for home
Study, Ixjoksoahookkeciiinjt. pcnrjanslitp and
ailiorthand. Write for price li "linineKtuny."
Extract. PKOP. Pbaucuos I lcnrneil b.-ik-kecpinR
at home from lirotir booVA while holding
at poitio as nii?M teTitrniph operator." C iv
1.Ki'FiNGWn.t, Bookkecier for r.erber & Kicks,
Vholcsa1e O.roctrs, South Cliicnv Til.
Wyliu Park.r was in town Saturday.
'J ho watermelon season is about over.
The O. A. li. was largely In evidence
J icph Green, of Victoria, wns liere
Cant. John Frater, of V.ctoria, was in
town Monday.
James Campbell from tho mountain,
was Oo vu Wednesday.
K -v. It. S. Uinberg(r preachod at Vic
toria Sunday morning.
Hilev W. Presley and Isham Quarlcs
of Kimball, were in town Saturday.
A Quarter Well ipent.
Nr(t tor houve lk Van. H t
r,IW .ilk IW.tfl o-r" - "-""'Z1"' w
-.T,mM: f..r l.-.Mi lnr.: VI.W W"'.,
k 72. AMERICAN HOMES PUB. CO., Knoimlle. Ijsnn.
i Caveats, and Trade-Marlci obtained and all Pat-
Jentbusinesaconductedfor Mooehktc Fees.
iand wecanae' ura puiu la woa w -'-
rremrac ir..... n - . . ,,.-,
iinrl tntKlrl. nraWinifW r
t on. we auvise, - i
ccharce. lur ice e- ,,
. ir;. How to Otrtain ratents," with
St of ZIZc in U U. S. oad iorsnja coautnc
! si: nt free. Address,
5- a ef.lftMIA r.fl
JVlHlWUV V w we'
rublisliers' Notice-
A largo number of subscriptions aro
now due, and our friends are requested
t,. come forwitb the amounts, which
though small to each particular one, are
: n.n urirrniiitii for us. e will
,. It a favor if our friends will lav
.win this matter, and savo us the
task of sending out slatHineuts.
Uespet tfu'.l v.
ALWAYS on lianJ. Stl nol
will brgin siwn and tlie cliiKl
ron will tablet. Call on up.
Jol.n Slatton was down from tbe
Mountain abote Whitwell Saturday.
Services wero conducted ;it Owen
Church Sunday alternoon by H)V. 11. S.
C uibt.-rgur.
Mr. h. W. Gabel went to Bridgeport
and Chattanooga Thursday last return
ing Saturday.
Subscriotiou n-ceived from J. B. Wo-
mack, chief lightning sliuger at V.ctor
ia, last i nutsday.
Mr. K. Burke, Superintendent of the
Mineral Sorinirs Sundav school, was
hero Monday to g- t badges.
L. W. tiabel bas an order for Pike
villo for building material and several
orders for up the Valley points.
Mrs. E. 11- Anderson, of Victoria, vis
ited friends and relatives in the elty
this weik, says the Tribune, Dunlap,
Sheilmound Sundny school is prepar
mg to go to Seiina' tr o on inu ui,n.
South Side Cor. S Pittsburg S'.at' sman.
U. W. Watley wns in town Saturday
morning to meet his tl nun-tiler at me
train. lieu only just recovering trom
a Bevi re sickness anu snows 11.
Mr. Lewis snd Miss Helen Oott., of
luman, the Conimittoo from Oak drove
Sun. lay school, came hero Monday and
obtained badges for tbeir school.
V. V. Smith, of (iruetli, carao in to
attend Post meeting Saturday. Gruetli
is 25 miles from here ;.nd Mr. Smith
walked it. Krnlav. h tboUL'h 04 years old.
OH MUST lisive pure blood for
tjood liealth. Hood's Biirsapurilla
purilies tbe blood. Take Hood s bar-
sapaiilla if you would BE WELL.
Says tbe Pikevillo Banner: Vernon
Bros, have a bog three years old that
will weigh over 000 pounds and they
think bo will tip tbe beam at K) pounds
at killing lime.
Miss Laura Levan, of Sequachee, who
has beon spending a few days with
friends and relatives here, returned to
her home Monday. Kimball Cor. Soulh
Pittsburg Ilpublican.
L. N. Snears' school at Beech Grovs
was out Friday. Mr. Spears has taught
an excellent school and has given entire
8:aisf e t on in every particular. Sou th
Pittsburg U 'puonean.
Ci.pt. .lames Itoberson, of Sequachee,
attended Chancery Court this week.
Capt. loberson has many warm friends
in tins couiilv who are always irliid to
see hitn Pikevillo Banner. I
Tbe It. . S. is gaining rapidly in
strength and popularity in this section.
It now numbers in lis ranks many oi tne
leading men of the community. The
conclave t Bridgeport just elected K.
C, to fill tho vacancy caused by the de
cease of 1) W. Joy ner. South Pitts
burg Republican.
Mr. U. K. Maxwell, of Whitwell, was
in town Tuesday, lie is an old acquain
tance whom we knew in Jasper. He
with his son has started a bakery in
Whitwell and is ready to furnish good
bread, cake, Ac, at short notice. See
their ad in another column.
Blood and Nerves ore very close
ly related. Keep tbe blood rich, pure
, .,'...1 I til.v with Hood's Su rt-;i pal ilia
and voa will have no nervousness.
We were Hud to tret somo r.ico fresh
lir,.!,l fi..i, 11 lv Mmwnll it Son. of
WMtunll Wnilneulav. See 'wheir !ld
and send them your orders.
If vou want bananas, fine candies, or
ansres. cheese, salmon, oysters, cakes,
and a n u to lx-r n f other eatables, go to
the Post O dice building north of the do-
Col. A. L. Spears, W. D. Spiars By
Bvron Tatum wero tho
ut l.en.-linir nl turnrvs fi'O'll M:ll ioil Colin-
iv at tho recent' session of Chancery
Court at Dunlap.
R. v. P. Flannagan, of Winchester,
arr.ved here Pridiy and went to Whit
well returning hero same evening. II"
ekbrated Muss Saturday morning anu
ifterwards left for South PHtsnurg.
R. H. Fitzgerald, of South Pittsburg,
.uir.mce agent, w ui in town Friday to
eljimt loss of Morris liollsn uesu-oyeu
by lire Sept. 7. Tlie insnranco on mo
building destroyod was Sr)0;). Henry
Kent, was c-alled IU as an eXUCl't 10 UX
The K. of P.. band are practicing daily
for the S. S. convention nt Sequacliee.
They have a most entertaining program
prepared and are capable, ot cxecuuug
it in fine sbapo. South PHUtv.irg ite-
publ lean.
Rev. J. A. Darrwasin town Tuesday
looking to the details for tho Conven
tion Saturday. He has had a great deal
to do personally and ou'.sido ot tho as-
sislanco of the local committee has had
to im it alone, buthe says the conven
tion will bo a success.
.Tnlin Parker, a leadinir farmer, of
Sun t li Pi unhurt, attended Post meet
ing here Saturday and incidentally nub
scribed for the News-Banner. Mr.
Parker has had about (ii) acres of coin
ruined by tho recent high water down
W'e were plcas"d to meet Mr. Burke,
of Mineral Swings on Monday.
Burn in Ireland h" served in tin) Eng
lish Army in Ihe'.lo'li R'gunent (Man-
cUrster) in India an I other places, ami
on his discharge camo to this country
and established Ins homo.
Fourth Quarterly Meeting of tho M.
E. Church South, Jasper Circuit, win
embrace next Sunday at Sulphur Spring.
L. M. Carlwright, presiding elder, is
f.v-ine.t,ii(l. .The services will commence
Saturday night witn preauuuig, n-K"""
quarterly meeting Sunday and confer
ence session Monday
W. A. Turner, of Victoria, was down
Saturday morning with badges to be
printed for the Sardis Sunday school.
Ho had soino printed that wero unique
dark blue ribbon with orango chrome
lettering. Mr. Turner has recently re
turned from Chickamanga. whbie be
, , i ....i, ;l
managed to orean cvou, iuumj.
Just Paid for the Statements.
On August 10 tli and again on August
:0 tit tne Nows-Uazulio sent out state
ments to each d.'.inquentsubs. riijor no
tifying thorn of tho date to which Iheir
subscription was paid and requesting
tin; in to send all or a parloi lue amount
duo. Uptodatowo have received nut
Now there are over lour hundred
others who owe us equal sums, or more.
and wu want Ihe money. Wo Uavu wall
ed long enough. Day ton News-Gazette
i!es' Nervine
Effects of Tobacco.
I cm
liiKUl i Cjush bus $10, bur micicls '.shore rmel
i wc nt linn uin lib cjuns eolirt unfisuwl
The original of the above, written
with a pen, when deciphered was seen
to be only an order for a typewriter. It
reads: "Enclosed find draft on M-w
York for S-. for which please send me
at once one of your latest improved
tvno writers."
I In U nurc.tiRHinrr a machine none too
noon. on rav. now ab.:ut voru
SELF? Voii may not write so poorly as
ho does, and vour loiters mity not be il
legible, but a type-written communica
tion lias ft husiness-liko appearance
which a pen written one has not,
YOU should use a typewriter, lhat it
does the same work as tho so-called
"Standard" machines, costs but SrfO.UO.
and is giving satisfaction toi'i.ooo users
is Why
Send for a catalogue and sampb) of its
358-204 Doarborn St., Chicago, 111.
New MusicLiberal Offer.
To introduce our new monthly
publication, American Popular
r .... t.-.i ..H...;r, i;k-
MUSIC, Wt' I1I.IKC IIIO lOlionuig iio-
eral offer: Send us the names o(
three or more performers on the
piano or organ, and 1" cents in
miiiiev nr iiitnae. and we will
.j ' . .. i
mail you sixteen pajes ol ne ia"-
test popular Bongs, two steps, etc..
lull sheet uiuhip arranged for piano
or org in, and Aintricau Popular
Music for thv e months.
Address Pop i' la it Mpsir Co,
Indianapolis, Ind.
I rarwiWrmr,T"'i
an Origin:
Indorsed by leading Arils'
ot Aniinca.
Ev.ry J-istntrca.t Wy giurit-fa'
seven years.
... undlK-acrloliva A '
Ei'.tlishtr '
Two Papers for Price of One
A Valuable Book 1'rou to Su ....
Keep posted about Southern I v
ment. . . , . .. v
Wo bavo arranged to sen u jm
and tho Southern Messenger, .. .
Tho Mosseuirer is devoted to un
building of Southern interests, in
as furnishing desiranio nimiuiK
familv: Stories, tidies
ions. Hints to Pai niers,
nartment, Poultry
1 W'f'fJI " ..31 -J.V
Bead tho News-Banner.
l el I
f,e- II I
News, I s
llumorou- i
,te. Its coin in t
will be open to all subscribers who
information of value to report to i r
fellow readers. Besides tho two j.-. j
for the above named sum, wo will s l
as a premium to all old subser
...i in .. .i r. t.liev are du i'el
wno win it.y i'
a! v mnni.tis in advance, B"Ireallsi
the Horse and His 1) snases" Th -lmok
of fllty illustrations, and
prove of great value to farmers,
subscribers nay ing for one year
tho papers and premiums
i I
TIIE excessive use of tobacco, especially
by young men is always Injurious and
..flrt.il.tdllrt nlinrfpiia H fo. malerl fill V.
Mr. Ed. C. Ebson, compositor on the Contra
Costa News, Martinez, Cal., writes; "I have
used Dr. Miles' Bcstorativo Nervine and re
ceived much benelit from It. I was troublod
with nervousness, dizzy spills and sleepless
ness, caused by tlie use of tobacco and stim
ulants. I took Dr. Miles' Nervine with mar
velously good results, allayingthodizziness,
quieting the nerves, and enabling mo to
sleep and rest, proving In my caso a very
beneficial remedy." Dr. Miles' uestorauvtj
Nervine Is especially adapted to restoring
the nervous system to its normal condition
under such cireuiiiiituuee.s. It soothes, heals
and strengthens. F,
Dr. Miles' Remedies lAiAV ft.
- riv --I
lie sold by all drug- fi p(?ita V 1
klSia Uliutir u. puaiuivv
guarantee, first bottlo
benefits or money re
funded. Book on dis
eases of the heart and
nerves free. Address,
DR. MILES MEDICAL CO.. Elkhart. Ind.
Health ,
v- i 1
1 et CK" NO
TSED hy all tho
Kipials any
Work, and
rm I
hi j;li priced
Speed and Quality of
Excells them fill in convenience!
ct tbe Hdvantagcs arc-.
-ft'- :." - m T.ow Pricel Writing in S gbt! Host
'' ' -:'1'V.VW Manifolder! Interchangeable Typo-
.. L'.. .ij'w ..,i,nioi lormnBiit. Alitrnment! b.is-
,A ,.CV- u.-. ,.A.
.v';5a;Y inHt. ijearneui raasieau v
6, e LBS.
State Agt., HILL
The "BLIC1C" is rapidly out-root
ing tho big, old-style, bigb-pricod typo-writers.
& SON, Special Agts.,
Skquachek, Tknn.
(.Successor to Oabel & Brown.)
ooo ooo
The Sequachee Valley News,
The Twice a-Week .
Detroit Fkee Pkess.
FOR ONL $1.00.
Rough and
1 looping,
Dressed Lumber.
Aiwnvs in the Market for Rough
ESTIMATES for buildings furnished on application.
it a world-wide reputntion. in snort it
is one of the cleanest brightest and
best family papers published. No pains
or expense will bo spared in keeping up
its present high standard.
Remember, that by taking advantage
of this combination, you get 5) copies of
Tun Nnw8 and 104 copies of the Free
Pres, 156 papors, for only S1.00.
borill HUM ," -r-
Best I null fynip. 1 -' "
Hnnd's Pills are bc.-t
pills.aid digestion, iireveiiteoutipatio
Overwork, either physical or mental.
will produco weakness and loss ot ener
gy, 'loo many business or family cares
ovenvoru in mo narvesi ue.u, .i e.n -
of em in's work and worry, will nro
duco months ot misery. To prevent
this the exhausted system should be re
int.ircvl in u-.ediatelv. lr. J. II. Mr-
I ,.un- .SiienL'tUeninir l oid-al and
Blood Punfi'T is an propriite ren.e
, .1 v I'ri. e Vie and il.OU bolllO. 1 it
Albert Lewis brought down tho rib
iw... ,.! tim C P. Sun lav school, W bit-
well, Saturday on ins wtieei. ai inn The Twice-a-VoeK lieiroit u reo i ress
Jones place about a mile and a half needs no introduction. Its many spec
aliove here he had a puncture and the i i& articles hv noted writers has given
want of jack knife obliged mm 10 pusn
his wheel the rest of tbo way. liowev- (
er, be repaired all right at tho News-;
Banner otlico and went merrily on to
jasper where bo took in tbu Republi
can convention.
T!nv. Cairon. of Jasper, camo up Sun
day and filled the appointment recently
published for him. Ho talked along de
nominational lines nd was accorded
tho best attention throughout both tho
morning and evening discourses Our
church-goers were fully convinced that
he believes in Methodism and is ever
....ndu tosavso. no matter who differs
with him. 1 be local congregation win
bo glad to know when be can vihit Duu-
lup again. liiouue.
While traveling over part of our
county we were glad to see our farmers
in. iking their lanas iniruiy uiuuui.o
by using commercial fertilizers on the
thin soils of their farms which wero a
few yenrs ago considered unlit for the
cultivation of wheat. ino yieia on
most of tho farms rarely reached ten
bushels per acre. Now on tbu same
i.ho vield is in many places l"i to
'-, hiihhels an acre. No better illustra
tion of this fact can lie given man me
be iu-tits which are now beiug derived
from the application of commercial fer
t lizeru upon tlie thin soils of this coun
ty ! Pikevillo Banner.
Tbe following are the s ngers premis
ed so far: Sequachee, 10; Bock Church,
v Mi.llmound. Macedonia, 10; Kimball,
i... v.it,.i,le. M. E Soutli. 10, White-
Side, M. E., 10; Whitwell, Red ll.il, 10;
Whitwell, Lnion, in; &oum rittsuurg,
C. P., If; Victoria, iieiuei, iu; utiurm,
Sardis, 10; lnman, Mineral springs, iu.
nnln Shi ot). IU rieasani virovc, i",
Jasrer. M. K. Souili. !; Jasper, m. l, i
Id; Jasper, boeneer, m, "un.,.
(.rove, S; Soulh Pittsburg, Christian, 10:
dasper, Ilavron's Chapel, ID; South
P.ttsburg. M. E. S , lo; Deptford, St.
Andrew's Mi-nion, 10; Whitwell. Ml.
i. v.. lo: Whitwell, Looney's thajml.
The Freo Press Yoar Book and Ency
clopedia for 18118. Correct, Concise.
Complete. Over -JO.000 copies of lsii"
book were sold at 25 cents each. An
accurate and superior book of Reference j
that tells you all you want lo Know.
Tbero will not be a useless page in it.
A Practical Educator and liand Book of
Information on subjects Statistical, OHi
cial. Historical. Political and Agricul
tural; likewiso a book of Religious fact,
and general Practical Directions on ev
ery day allairs of Otlico, Homo and
A copy of this book will ba sent to all
subscribing immediately and sending
15 cents additional for mailing expenses
making fl. 15 in all.
. Do not dolav, but take advantage oi
this remarkable otlor which we make
for a limited timo only, by special ar
rangements with the publishers. Re
member we send both papers a full year
for ft. 00, and you can have a copy of the
book by sending 15 conts additional.
Senuaclioe, Tenn.
HFPTH. POL JElL. W VI? W the musical ear.
One make of Piano may have one, anotner two, anomer m"
of these properties. j J"
Hbtano. Lli
Has them all in Larmonioua combination. Agents in most all rities. K none In
yours, write us. Establkiied 25 years. JJ
Ft Wayne Organ GoM. Ft Wayne, Ind.
& mm V A T
I V mm I ww.
docs Job Work
Better and Cht;ier
TLan Any of thetn.
Try os
Fn.e I'rintintr.
ir K i i -.ull! I..L I
Our Goods Are The 3t3T
in: bltwuil, Su.pUJr iiui3,
tai - lo-
Id. l'o-
S-lacribe lor tie? News-Biuner
RF an
sa.e by J. I. S-chulu.

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