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Jasper Brevities.
And Electric Railroad From
Here to Nashville
Rights of Way Are Being Secured The
New Company Has Heavy Capital.
There has been much interest
manifested here in the reported
project to build an electric railroad
Chattanooga to Nashville, an
nouncement ot which was original
ly made in the Chattanooga
Inquiry as to the status of the
project was made by The Chatta
nooga Times of parties in Detroit
who are in a position to know. In
regard to the matter the following
information was received from I)e
"The Cumberland Coal and Tim
ber company, which proposed to
develop 4,000 acres of land in Vxr
ren and adjoining counties in Ten
nessee and to build an electric line
from Chattanooga to Nashville, has
been merged into the Tennessee
Company, of Cleveland, a concern
capitalized at $5,000,000, and hold
ing about 40,000 acres of coal and
timber land in the district where
the property of the Cumberland
company is located The Detroit
people interested have exchanged
their stock in the Cumberland
company for securities of ihe Ten
nessee company and the concern
will be run piincipally by the of
ficers of the latter company.
"Ralph E. Aldrich, of Detroit,
who was president of the Cumber
land Coal and Timber company,
said in an interview. 'We conclud
ed to agree to a merging, because
the Tennessee company was ready
to begin work, while it would be
some time before we could be pre
pared to develop pur plans The
Tennessee company had so much
more land than we that it was in
a position to do business on a larg
er scale. That company will build
the proposed electric line from
Nashville to Chattanooga; in fact
there are two men down there now
getting rights of way. They are
Frank B. Trout, of Detroit, who
was one of the officers of the Cum
berland company, and Mr. Drake,
ot the Cleveland firm of Drake,
Barnes & Co., which handled the
deal by which our company was
taken into the Cleveland concern."
Chattanooga Times.
Their Secret Is Out.
All Sadieville. Kv.. was curious to
. learn the cause ot the vast improve
ment in the health of Mrs. S. P. Whit
taker, who had for a long time endured
untold suffering from a chronic bronchi
al trouble. "It's all due to Dr. King's
New Discovery," writes her husband
It completely cured her and also cured
our little prand-daughter of a severe at'
tack of Whooping Cough." It positive
ly cures Coughs, Colds, La Grippe, Bron
chitis, all Throat and Lung I roubles.
Guaranteed bottles 50c and Sl.oo. Trial
bottles free at V. A. Turner's, Victoria,
and Whitwell Drug Co., Wbitwell.
Rumored That the Victoria Ovens Will Be
Used by the Douglass CoaJ Company.
Victoria, Aug. 3. Special. 1 It is
currently reported here that the Doug
lass Coal & Coke Company, now open
ing mines at Dunlap, will use the ovens
hers in the manufacture of coke, leas
ine them from the T. C, UK. K. Co.
the present owners. If so it will cause
ireneral revival of business in this
WANTED Trustworthy men and wo
men to travel and advertise for old es
tablished house of aolin financial
standing. Salary, $70 a year and ex
nani'ea. all navable in cash. No can
vassing required. Give references and
i,-1.vhm nrlf-aildressed envelope. Ad
dress Manager, S"5 C'axton lUdg., Chicago.
Fifteen families of Jasper, are now
at Bluffton.
Hon. John A. Moon, M. C, was in
Jasper Tuesday. I
The Handle Works at this place '
is now running steadily.
S. T. Simpson, of Alabama, is
here vhiting his brother.
W. K. ISankin of Bergen Green,
was on our streets Tuesday.
Many were disappointed that cir
cuit court adjourned so suddenly.
Major Hill of the Sequaehee Val
ley News, was in town Tuesday.
Dr. John Simpson, who was taken
suddenly ill last week is much better.
The will of the late Mrs. Jackson
Yyor was offered for probate Tues
J. G. Lankester, who is on a pro-
onged bridge tour, is expected home
L. P. Daniel of Cedar Spring,
Road Commissioner, was here on of
ficial business Thursday.
Atty. W. B. Stewart has returned
from a several day's stay with rela
tives in Marion county. Dunlap
Word comes from the Admiral,
Oscar Bill Spears, that he is at Port-
and, Me., and in good health and
spirits, wallowing in pie and other
good things.
Mr. and Mrs. Foster V. Brown
gave an elegant luncheon Saturday
night at their beautiful summer cot
tage at Monteagle in honor of Judge
Beard and wife of Memphis and
Judge McAhster and wife of Nash
The people of this place are very
fortunate in getting .coal from the
Chan Bolton mines below Battle
Creek in Sweedens' Cove. The coal
is very fine, comes in clean, large
lumps and is delivered in Jasper by
wagon at 11c per bu.
The school directors of the 7th
district have established a secondary
school as well as the primary here
to-fore held here, and the fall term
will open Monday Sept. 2nd at Sam
Houston Academy in charge of Mr.
Harry Simpson as principal, and
Misses Zora Walsh and Miss Etta
Rankin as assistants.
Prof. W. C. Williams has return
ed and reports the prospects for the
fall term at Pry or Institute as en
couraging, and expects his school to
be much larger than that ot last
year. Mr, illiams is very anxious
to make his school popular and . use
ful and to that end has engaged a
faculty of talented men and women
as his assistants that the school may
be second to none.
Widening the Tnnnel.
The tunnel through Raccoon Moun
tain, twelve miles from Chattanooga,
on the Nashville, Chattanooga and St. (
Louis Railway, is being widened. A
large force of men is at work pn the
tunnel and the work is being rapidly
pushed. Heretofore tbo tunnel has not
been large enough for the passage of
some of the large furniture cars, and ;
the road has been compelled to send
some of this class of cars around by a
circuitous route When the work is
completed the tunnrl will be large
enough for the passage of the largest
To Save Her Child.
From frightful disfigurement Mrs.
Nannie Galleger, of La Grange, Ga., ap
plied Iiucklen's Arnica Salve to great
sores on her head and face, and writes
its quick cure exceeded all her hopes.
It works wonders in Sores, liruisea,
Skin Eruptions, Cuts, Hums, Scalds
and Tiles. 'Joe, Cure guaranteed by
W. A. Turner, V.ctoria, and Whitwell
Drug Co., Whitwell.
J. J. MeCoikle, of Carter county,
raised a Held of sapling clover four
j and a half feet hijjli.
Editors News:
I desire to extend through iho col
umns of the Sequachce Valley News
my heartfelt thanks and my gratitude
to the directors of the publle school for
bestowing upon mo the honor of Sam
Houston Academy prinelpalship, to the
trustees for the use of the building, and
to the many friends who have given
me the hand of sincerity and congratu
lation. To say that I am grateful for
the honor thus bestowed would be to
lightly express the appreciation felt,
and in return for such kindnoss intend
to put forth ray host endeavors to teach
a number one school. But let mo im
press upon the minds of my patrons
that a great deal will depend upon the
spirit in which they permit their child
ren to enter. Should you entertain
the slightest doubt about my teach
ing a first-class, school I bog of you
for the good of your children to let no
such-conversation take place in their
presence, and above all things impress
upon their minds the all importance of
obedience and rospect. I do not claim
infallibility, consequently should your
children tell you of mistreatment, come
to me and I assure you it will be ar
ranged to the satisfaction of all con
cerned, but do not insinuate to your
child that he has been mistreated.
I am well cognizant of the fact that a
teacher should have in mind more
things than book learning. Pedagogy
in Its simplest meaning is, the science
and art of teaching books, but it em
braces far more than that. It is to
skillfully teach and wisely train child
ren that they may attain the purest
and best types of manhood and woman
hood. The word educate is derived
from two Latin words which moan to
lead or to draw out, and hence it is
leading a child out into the fields of
physical culture, mental culture and
moral culture.
Realizing that co-operation is essen
tial to sucoms I intend to bo in con
stant touch with the directors and others
who would prove efficient advisers.
As the trustees have kindly consent
ed to address the school the niornin? of
the opening. I kindly request the pat-
rons to send their children that
morning so that they can receive the
benefits of their remarks.
Again thanking those who have been
instrumental in placing me in charge
of Sam Houston Academy and the peo
ple who expressed their satisfaction
with the selection of the directors, I
beg to sign myseif,
Sincnrely yours,
Circuit Court.
The regular session of the Circuit
Court was opened at Jasper Monday,
Judge Estill presiding. The Grand
Jury was empanelled and charged
only in relation to bound over cases,
and after reporting on them were
discharged. A petite jury was em
pannelled and submitted cases were
heard. In the case State of Tennes
see vs. Lee Hooper and John Turn
er for liquor selling they were ac
quitted. The court adjourned.
The whole state is taking an interest
in the big horse show which will be
held in Nashville in October. The
premium list just issued shows that the
prizes offered aggregate about 7,000,
and that the horses exhibited will em
brace almost every class of fine horses.
This Horse Show will be a powerful
factor in reviving tbo lovo for fine
stock in the state, and will bring out
not only the splendid horses belonging
to Tennesseans, out iancy Dorses troui
every section of the country.
All parties concerned in the clean
ing up and fencing of the graveyard on
the Hurton Lasatcr farm are called on
to meet there early next Saturday
morning, liring tools and dinner. Al
so it is understood that money is want
ed that day to buy the fencing, so
please come prepared.
Heavy shipments of peanuts are
l'inv made from Middle Tennessee,
How A re Your EMiirp t
Pr Itobh' Sirirn Pt'tciirrll i1nT 111. Sm-
pl fr. Ada cuf uutf ueo.uuj lw. i Qicao ur n. i
7 rVW'S
i2 u
Yes, and it's the centre of attention, of course.
Because it's filled with New, Fresh Goods Nice, Eatable
Groceries; Nice, Wearable Clothing; and Furnishings; Nice
Durable Hardware and Farmers' Supplies; Nice, Tasty
Everything Nice, Fresh and Good.
Of course you will come.
Because you naturally want the Best your Money will
buy, and because you will find it here.
We courteously invite you to call.
If you don't buy, it will be all right.
If you do buy you will be more than pleased and will
come again. Try us and see.
Mine Workers of District 19 Meet atKnox
ville To-Morrow.
The regular meeting pf- the miners of
District 11), Union Mino Workers of Am
erica, meets at Knoxvillc, to-morrow
and will be in session for several days.
About seventy-five delegates will he in
The district officers are J. W. Howe,
president; J. A. McCracken, Secretary,
and J. A. Trice, . I. F. Bowmen 'and Ii.
T. Vaughn, executive committee.
What A Tale It Tells.
If that mirror of yoursshows a wretch
ed, sallow complexion, a jaundiced look
with moth patches and blotches on the
skin, it's liver trouble; but Dr. King's
New Life Tills regulate the liver, puri
fy the blood, give clear skin, rosy
cheeks, rich complexion. Only 25c at
W. A. Turner's, Victoria, and Whitwell
Drug Store, Whitwell.
In the Forehead and Her Life Despaired of
by Her Friends.
Victoria, July 5. A twelve year old
daughter of Dave Layne near this place
was kicked by a horse in the forehead
Thursday, and her life is despaired of.
She was close to the animal's heels
when it kicked her inflicting a terrible
Buy and Try a Box Tonight.
While you think of it, go buy and
try a box of Cascarets Candy Ca
thartic, ideal laxative, tonight. You'll
never regret it. Genuine tablets
stamped C. C. C. Never sold in
bulk. All druggists, ioc.
A party was given by Miss Ilessie
Hammock Saturday night at Mr. Isham
Hammock's in honor of Miss Lina
Horned, of Jasper, which was well at -
tended. Games were indulged in un-
til a lata hour, "smp being playrd
with tho usual exuberant enthusiasm.
Sit. (Ot. Iittlll -!'' UnciiiU.
Genuine stamped C C C Never sold In bulk.
Beware of the dealer who tries (o sell
"something just as good."
No. 1 Timothy and (Ira II ay
90c per hundred. Apply to
Y. O. HoiiK.nsoN,
;,,,.,,., f
and Works Off the Cold. j
Laxative UromHJuinin Table's cur... a,
r..ld in one dav. No Cure. No l'nv.
l'rice L'5 cents.
Max S. Witt, whose "First Violin"
waltzes, dedicated to Richard Mansfield
had such unprecedented success, has
just written a new waltz in Spanish
rythm called "The Belle of Granada."
It is already a favorite with orchestra
"Don't Wear Your Heart On Your
Sleeve" is the significant title of a new
ballad by the authors of "The
"The Little Lost Child." 11 is a
song which appeals to everyone's sym
pathies. "Miizie, My Dusky Daisy" is the lat
est craze in coon songs. It has a liulo
touch of Spanish melody and r.ytbin in
it and a chorus that every ono catches
on to the melody.
"The Hugvillo Urigadn" is an odd
characteristic piece for the piano by
Nick lirown. Everyone lilies this odd
kind of a solo piocc, which while easy
of performance, is at onco easy and ef
fective. Williams & Walker have got leally a
"crackerjaek" hit in thoir show this
season. It is called when "Zaeharias
Leads The Hand," and it has a very
catchy melody indeed.
The above publications are issued
IIIUII1U UJf , 11 ,V VU., Ill II
"House of Hits" who are also ngents
for the celebrated Il-iwkes Sonorous
Hand Instruments and Uo-ir Stringed
Instruments. They will bo ploas-d to
send their illustrated catalogue free,
upon application to their main offices,
34 K. 21st Street, New York.
A Srliaibter's Good Work.
"I had a severe attack of bilious col
ic, got a bottle of Chamberlain's folic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Kenedy, took
two doses and was entirely cured," says
Rev. A. A. Power, of Emporia, Kan.
"My neighbor across the street, was sick
for over a week, had tvro buttles of nieJ-
icino from
doclor. He used them
, three or four days without relief, th mi
''C;illed in another doctor who treated
J him for some days and gave him im re-
j So discharged him
to see him next uiorniii '
I w nt over
He s.i id bis
bowels were in a t"rribl" fix, that th '.y
had been running o!T so long that it. w .is
almost biooly flux. I asked him if he
bad tried Chamberlain's Co'.h', (.';),",. r i
and Diarrhoea It-medy and In sa d 'No.'
I went home and brought Mm my bot
tle and gave ban one do-e: tol l !,:m to i
take another dose in fifteen or tueniy
mi mi Us if he ded im tiled relief, butn.
took no more and w:.s ei.aio'e;' ! y ' .if
ed." For sale by Cold Aeil A l'ii;ue!ien
t "
! in the Gcverr.n.mt Loitery for land At tl
Reno, Ckla.
til-tun, of .1. i-.pi r
i j i,
w aa aim.!!
the fortunate h
gl v,'rn"" "l ,"tt"ry
I 1st ' U Il.nini i
;v bind in tt.i
I !; Ken... 1 '; la .
' i .is 11, ' a n 1 t. e
rets KJ acres iu the Lia'.hi '.i.lct-
v f f !?
11 MM W,$ & &2
Victoria lirlcfs.
Special to the News.
Mrs. Ed Anderson, alter a few
day's visit to her parents, returned
this morning to her home at Victor
ia. Dunlap Tribune.
iMiss Maud Stewart lias accepted
the assistant's place in the school at
Victoria again this year. Dunlap
Kelly I'ryor visited Whitwell Sat
urday. ,
Dr. J. U. (4olt was in town Satur
day. J'rof. J. II. Wells was in town
Saturday after a trip to Whitwell.
Home-grown watermelons are on
the market. Andy Harris brought
in some fine ones Saturday.
'Squire Merrilt was in town Satur
day. "Throueh the months of June and
July our hahy was teething and look a
running off at the bowels and sickness
of the Rt.m acli," sa.ys O. I'. M. Holli
day of D'tiiing, Ind. "lis bowels
woul! move from live to eight times a
day. 1 iiad a houlo of C'h.imberlaiu's
Colic, Cholera and Di.i.'rhoea Remedy
in the huuso an 1 g ivo oim four drops in
v leasp lonful of water and he got bet-
ter at one." Sol. I
by Cold well &
Farming, Timbered or Mineral
Lands, or Water Powers
for Sale.
The N.isbville, Chattanooga. & St.
Lou ,s R.ti i way proposes to use its best
! iforls to induce a good class of immi
i grants to S 'tl'e in territory contiguous
! us liD,,s, ari't attention ol capitalists
' ' ,nn" M.wufa-tur:r,j S tes or Mining
I'fop rty. It therefore solicits tho sup
P' t't, the co-operation and the assistance
of i he pci..ie of i very county through
which its Ueis p .-s. l ie management
arm ta'.y i; qu"st- ti.-t all p rsons who
i.av- I i i'li.-. h4l- or ie .S' , ihosu who
1! .1 Ve I 1 utlilC t"l 1 : Ie ,s
til i re i' . 1 1 i eel , Mr , .
ter powers or
i 1 s- nd a brief
lee railroad
ng the prices
' pri es i?. liit
1 il-ed of lo
ll n do 's not
.li'I to i'l'UK-
; ecu U ti ve pri-
,t ii
ii i -
Mi t
; II ic
il in m i . ; ;,'
1 Li tan t or
gr..n' at ex
ci s.
1. -i '. r.e
IS H.. Itll'.l
f r I'oiun ii.it '.on,
''V prio are i M-i.,il y s.un'cd.
.i. i;. ki ixi.:;:a;v,
l:el i, i.nj In u ; 'm;i . -n nt.
i . -'iit:!.
Tr.:Uo M .linger.
Xamu h i i , Tl.n.n.

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