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Tho Kind You llave Always Bought, and which has been
ia uso for over 30 years, has borne the signature of
17 - and has been niado under his per- -
&jCj(ffl-f--fjt, sonal supervision since Its infancy
wary, 41CW. Allow no one to deceive you in this. !
All Counterfeits, Imitations and "Just-as-good" are but
Experiments that trifle with and endanger tho health of
Infants and Children Experience against Experiment.
What is CASTOR I A
Castoria Is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Pare
goric, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is Pleasant. It
contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic
eubstaucc. Its age is its guarantee. It destroys Worms
and allays Fcverishness. It cures Diarrhoea and Wind
Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation
and Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates the
Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep.
Tho Children's Panacea The Mother's Friend.
Bears the Signature of
The KM You Have Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years.
Violins and
"What some of the Finest Artists
Say A.bout
New Yerk City, March 10, 1900.
Dear Sirs: The guitar came in per
fect condition and to say that I am sat
isfied is putting it mildly, In depth,
richness and resonance of tone I have
never heard its equal. In point of fin
ish I consider it superior in every way.
To me It seems a perfect instrument for
solo, quartette or other work requiring
a guitar. Most sincerely yours,
- B. Floyd Caiipknter.
Dayton, Ohio, March 31, 1893
Gentlemen We received on the 13th
the Regal Guitar, style 105 O. C, and
must say that during our twelve years
experience as teacher and soloist, we
have notbibg in other makes that will
equal the Regal. We will soon send or
der for Regal Mandolin.
Frankik & Stkinkh.
(Published by request.)
Life is like a mountain railroad with
an engine that is brave,
You will roll up grades of trial; you
will cross the bridge of strife;
You will often find obstructions; look
for storms of wind and rain.
As you roll across the trestle spanning
Jordan's swelling tide.
We must make the run successful
from the cradle to the grave;
See that Christ is your conductor on
this lightning train of lift;
On a fill or ourvo or trestle they will
almost ditch your train;
You behold the union depot into
which your train would glide.
Watch the curves, the fill and tunnels;
never falter never quail,
Always mindfull of obstructions, do
yourduty, never fail;
Put your trust alone in Jesus; never
falter; never fail,
There you'll meet the Superintendent;
God the Father, God the Son.
Keep your hand upon the throttle and
your eye upon the rail.
Keep your hand upon the throttle and
youreye upon the rail,
Keep your band upon the throttle and
your hand upon tho rail,
With the hearty, joyous plaudit
'Weary pligriir, welcome borne "
Blessed Savior, thou wilt guido us
till we reach that blisnful shore.
Where the angels wait to join us in thy
praise forever more.
TbeBt Prescription for Malaria
rhill and Feer is a bottle of G
iron and qu:nm
Hi Cur. 'o t'J-
To.Mi . li in si 111 pi y
in a t-i..;es form.
Price iOo.
Mexico Citv. April 29, 1899.
Gentlemen: After giving the Regal
Mandolin a very careful examination I
am harmv to state that I find itsuperior
to any other Mandolin that I have hand
led before. 1 am so well pleased wltn
it that I have come to the conclusion to
use it for concert work even in prefer
ence to the "Vinaceia."
Yours respectfully,
Caklos Cukti.
New York, N. Y., Nov. 29, 1900.
Gentlemen: It gives me pleasure to
state that the Uogal Mandolin ordered
has the perfection of tone and scale I
find necessary for. success in my concert
work. I use it exclusively.
Very truly,
Samuel Sieoel.
Special to the News.
Arch Simmons' home has
blessed with a big boy .
"Loving Baby" should quit nurs1-
ing as we think he is too old
John Kell had on his stripped
shirt Sunday.
v, jo nn sou gays tne girls on
Walden's Ridge can read the News
if they will just him to him
Miss L.oujse- ivetner is paying
her sister, Mrs. C. A. Coffelt, on the
east side of Walden's Ridge a visit.
The peach crop is not hurt in
this section.
inengniin Hickory urove is
not shining bright these moonlight
nights, but we think it will do bet
ter when the nights get dark.
Love to All
He Kept Hi Leg.
Twelve years ago J. W. Sullivan, of
Hartford, Cond., scratched bis leg with
a rusty wire. Inflammation and blood
poisoning set in. For two years be auf-
ierea intensely, iben the best doctors
urged airputation, "but, be writes. "I
used one bottle of Electric Bitters and
used 1 12 boxes of Bucklen's Arnica
Salve od my leg was sound and well aa
ever. ror truptions, bcr.ema. Tetter,
isalt Kueum, Sores and all blood diser-
uers cieomc miters nas no rival on
earth. Try theui. Whitwell Drug
! Store will guarantee satisfaction or re
fund money, Only 50 cents.
Wo still h ave a lot of those floe lare
pencil tablets at the old prico, 5c each.
Also pencils and fooUcap paper. if
IUai the News anl be ha
Special to the News.
The mines ran only four days
week as Saturday was payday.
John Ilamlck left for Nashvlllo Sun
day where he will spend afewda.yswith
bis son who is train dispatcher there.
Miss Mary Mason and Mre. Melton
Jones went to Chattanooga Saturday.
Mrs. James Foster, of McNabb Mines,
is on the mountain this week.
Misses Nellie Ilartman, of Kclley's
Ferry and Hannah Cummins, of Look
out are spending the week with rela
tives near Chattanooga.
Wesley Hicks says be will be a mar
ried man in less than three weeks.
Miss Lizzie O'Neal was the guest of
Mrs. Board McNabb Sunday.
I wondor if Tommie McNabb likes to
see his birthday come. How many
strokesdid you get, Tom.
If you want to see Torn Sexton frown
ask bim who he loves tho best.
Ask Tommie McNabb if she is pretty
and see him laugh.
If vou want to hear Wes Itix snort
ask him what she said.
Bill Craeging and Bob Smith went
turkey bunting Friday night but did
not find any.
Tom Hamrlck and wife of Antiocb,
Tenn., were visiting relatives at this
place a few days ago. ' 1
Ask MIks Umma Lagging It she ever
trot a letter and who it was from and
who gave it to ber.
Miss Lizzie O.Neal looked happy
Sunday after being so sad' all day
Some one came that evening and cheer
od her up. I think it was tbo Dr.
It has got pretty woll noised around
toe worm mat . American women are
more interesting than others. This
statement Is not made boastfully but
simply as a market quotation as one
would say. . They are; sought for; they
rule high; they know how to bo fascinat
ing and agreeable; they unite freedom
of manner with modesty of behavior;
they are apt to have beauty and if they
haven't they know how to make others
think that they have. Probably the
Greek girls in their highest develop'
ment were not so attractive as the A
merican girls of this period, and if we
bad a Phidias who could put their
charms In marble, all the antique gal
leries would close up and go out of busi
ness. It can be said that everybody is
interesting to a certain degree. Some
are intereting for five minutes, some
for ten, some for an hour, some are not
exhausted in a whole day and some are
permanently entertaining, The trou
ble of this world is that there are not
more people who are entertaiulng aom
rades. Day in and day out for a life'
lime our women have a national dis
"What follies?" you ask. . Here are a
few of tbetn. Rushing into business,
scocial ambitions, unhealthy literature,
bad thinking, over eating and unwise
eating, (insufficient rest, lack of fresh
air and want of exercise. Our women
young and old have a mania for rush
ing into business of one kind and anoth
er. Women are not intended for bust
ness. It is a disgrace to our civiliza'
tlon that women should jostle and el
bow at the door of public office. Not
that her mind is not equal to master
ing details, on the contrary she can
learn Choctaw and master mathema
tical problems, .but that is not ber
place. I do not refer to the exception
ai woman wnere nature has shown a
strong bias in favor of one distinct line
of work. It would be absurd to let the
mailer or sex interiere witn tne ac
complishment of a special mission, but
the crowd of wretched, anaemic type
writers, clerks and saleswomen fighting
always a moral battle because of inade-
1uat. wages, physical unsoundness
and contiguous temptations. It a mel
ancholy sight, it is a condition that I
nope in tne luture rational social cus
tom will get right. Women need exer
cise and pushing around a bargain
counter or thumping a typewriter is
not exercise. Wear a pedometer dur-
a day (pent in this war and see hov
many miles you have gone for the re
sult pf your weariness.
If you want to hear a certain girl
sing just get W. H. to ba present.
Special to tne News.
Rev. Wolf tilled his appoint
ment here Sunday before a large
crowd. He announced that the
revival would begin April 20th
a i
a numoer ot yuyng peopip en
joyed a pleasant irip to Mission
Ridge and Sherman Hill Sunday
afternnou. '
Charley Foister was all smiles
Sunday. , Guess he saw his girl.
Dr. Deakins nd wife and Misses
Zay and Winuie Gould yisited
Misses-' Flora and Lassie Brooks
Mr. and Mrs. w'al-er Foister
visiting Mr. and Mrs. Allins
week,' . i '. ' . , ;
Everybody is preparing for the
May Festival and expect a nice
time. Lilac
TU uj to Feci Good.
n . l . . . v
lugniinsi iQouanas nave found a
blessing to the body in Dr. King's New
l,iij rum, woiro uottui vtti r cure con
stipation, .Sick Headache. Dllnea
Jaundice, AUUria, Fever and Atfu aud
uiur aim siutnarn troubles. 1 ur-
ly vec-eulile; nttvtr etiim or unkan.
I Outy at l bilftell Ucug bur.
Special to the News.
Some of our furtnerd are pluming
corn lias wetk.
Mtst-m James Brvson and R. E.
aiimon went to w hit well l ui-
The party at A. C. Grayeon's
Saturday night was very enjoy
Miss EtU lloee spent Saturday
night with Miss Emmt Bryeon.
Quite a number from tlirn place
attended church at Oak Grove
Grove Sunday. ,
Ask Meert Joe Davis and Leon
ard Ricliunltj how they like- to eat
Minn Dorcas Richards spent Sun
day with Mifs Lulu Tague of
Looney s Creek.
Mr. James went to Whitwell
bunday. v hat tune did he get
n. r. irv8on ana uicn nrown
T n n , ii i
made a biihiiuss trip to Chattanoo
ga htpt week.
Miss Tula Grayson of Red Hid,
visited her sister, Mm G. W Hry
son last week.
Misses Etta Hi ge and Dora Shel
ton went to Whitwell Saturday.
Miss Dora Slie toti spent Satur
day night with her cousin, Mi6s
Sallie Brown.
W. J, Sheltou took dinner with
his uncle, B F Bryson, Monday.
Vrs. Anuie Grayson visited at
G. W. Bryson's Tuesday.
B 13. Alder went to Whitwell
mih ot the lioys are looking
very sad since a certain girl let'.
Mr. Georte Smith and familyld
Whitwell visited Mrs. Carlton Sun
Misses Etta Hoge and Dora Shel
ton spent Sunday night with Mrs
11 C. Grayson.
Miss Emma Bryson spent Thurs
day night with her cousin Miss
Dorcos Richards.
G. D: Smith went to Whitwell
JUr. bpearman JJrown went to
Victoria Thursday.
Mrs. H. C. Grayson visited Mrs.
B. F. Bryson Wednesday.
Misses Stella and Delia Carlton
visited Mrs. Ethel Anderson Tues
day. Bluebell.
lor Cough ap d Colds in Children.
"I have not the slightest hesitancy in
recommending Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy to all who are suffering from
coughs or colds," says Chaa. M. Cramer,
Esq., a welllfnown watch maker, of Co
luhibo, Celon. "It has been some two
years since the City Dispensary first
called my attention to this medicine and
I have repeatedly used it and it nan al
ways been beneficial, It has cured me
quickly of all chest colds. It is especi
ally effective for children and seldom
takes more than one bottle to cure them
of hoarseness. I have persuaded many
to try this valuable medicine, and.they
are all as well pleased as myself over
the results." For sale by Coldwell &
Chaudoin, Sequacheo; Whitwell Drug
Store, Whitwell. .
)VrrW . i .
,;jt ..':(,, .
Ml- I-1 in 1"" "' - V
No Time to Lose
You cannot afford to disregard
the; warnings of a weak and
diseased heart and put off tak
ing thp prescription of the
world's greatest authority pn
heart and nervous disorders
Maes Heart Cure.
If your heart palpitates, flutters,
or you are short of breath, have
smothering spells, pain in left
side, shoulder or arm, you have
heart trouble and are liable to
drop' (lead any moment.
Major J. W. Woodcock, cpe of the
best known oil operators In the' coun
try dropped dend fnn'i hrnrt disease
recent ly, t hU home In Portland, Intl.,
while mowing his lr. n. 77k I'ttu.
Mrs. M. A. i'.lrc'.fnll, Watkins, N. Y,
whoe portrait heaiis this advertise
ment, says: "I write this through jrat
itude for benefits 1 received from Dr.
Miles' Heart Cure. had palpitation
of the heart, severf pains under the
left shoulder, and my peneral health
was miserable, A few bottles of )r.
Miles'ileart Cure cured me entirely.
Sold by all CruzsUta.
Dr. Mile Medical Co., Elkhart, Ind.
An ounce rf Clionine Gum we nurarlvr " in
niountine o.ooe nwiMiier clippinffs a d iv, ntik-
qu.trt of the cleanest mucilage by merely Kak ng
in aif. Plopped into th mucilage P"l
r.ir at fa tin.. ' the rontrtits ot a t otinre hox
would tv tin nxri of tf ivrjgt houvtmU of
r.. I ( a vear. I)or5 no 4i.ilii)f. IlY trail l-o.
hn io rents: rot how. K centv THE PBrV
tLirFl pi gUC. 64 lTalr bU Vwtva.
lltmemU r tbe Kc job rooms when
you want anything that U nat and
nioe in job work d.na ia tbu promptest
2 K.
Mexican Mustang Liniment
is ju3t the thing for Harness aud Saddle Sores oa horses,
Try Hexican Hustang Liniment
for Lumbago,
Lame Back,
Stiff Joints, etc.,
and you will find that you never in
all your life used anything that so
successfully fought aches and pains.
To gtt the full txwieflt you should
rub it in most thoroughly.
Mexican Mustang Liniment
is a positive cure for Roup or Swelled Head ia poultry.
Oar New Clubbing Offer.
"We will send for
The Knoxville Weekly Journal
And Sequachee Valley News one year, 50
Both for only U 00
Payable only in advance.
This is a clubbing offer you cannot afford to overlook, if you
want two of East Tennessee's best weekly papers at lowest price
Special tp the New,
Mike AUison, of South Pittsburg,
waslntbu Cove. COme again, Mike,
we'll try to bave the stump out of the
road next time. .
Mrs. J. W. Brown was visiting Mrs.
J. M. LI ay n es last week.
Lee Turner was in our neighborhood
last week on business.
D. D. Rogers and son, Clarence, are
hauling logs out of the cove for Mr.
When I see Wild Rose I am going to
tell her to save me the first blossom
that opens.
Hurrah for the Pryor Cove boys.
They know how to stand in with the
Lookont girls, I am coming with one
sock next Sunday. I guess that is what '
Is the matter with Bachelor. He wears
two socks.
Say, Cold Wave I wjah you vquld
stay at your own plaoe for the fruit Is
dropping off .now.
. T. L. Haynes has got a dandy little
flee and said if be sold It he was going
to get him another If Mr. O. Brown did
not shoot him.
I was at South Pittsburg and Mr. J.
Paul told me that he was going to Tex
as to see his brother, Tom. We will
hear from Texas when he gets back.
I am going to see my girl Sunday if 1
don't fall and If I do fall I mean to fall
that way.
Tbe writer was atUlover's Hill Satur
day night and saw a fellow by the name
The people are all trying to name
Mrs. Kllgore's baby so I am going to
sends name. Mr. Penny Kilgore, one
kiss as good as any.
W. D. Ssadrick was at church Sunday
night and was all smiles. Wonder who
be saw. . .
The writer paased Farris Switch Sun
day and tbo boys and girls peeped a-
around tbe door and hollered "Who is
that?" J U11 them H was I.
1 saw a letter that a young man wrote
to his sweetheart and I'll tell you a tew
words that were in it. Hello, sweet
heart, sweet pettie. Bill.
A Raging, Roaring flood.
Washed down a tcleirranh linn hh
Chaa. C. Ellis, ot Lisbon, la., bad to re
pair, "isiandieir waist deep in icy wa
ter," be writes, ' gave me a terrible cold
anacougn. it grew worse dally. Fin
ally tbe best doctors in Oakland, Neb.,
nioux city and Omaha said 1 had con
sumption and could not live. Then 1
beean using Dr. Kings' New Discovery
and was wholly cured b six bot.tl.n-"
Positively guaranteed for Coughs, Colds
ana ail lbroat and Luag Troubles by
i nuwew urug store. I'rioe 5Uc and 1.
Bcw m trl Hat 'sas Ec:
and Tribune, one year,
State Warrants, ,
Execution Sales,
Warrantee Deeds,
Detainer Action and Bond,
Oil and (Jus Leases,
Affidavit and Proof of Debt, i
Attach raents,
Magistrate's Warrants,
gtate Tarrantjj
Heplevius, . 5
Options i
Always on hand at reasonable
Sequachee, Tenn. ' ;
Scotch Gall Cure
L!f B), Wlr BurM ewi 0".
film. Old 8ora or any klo of ilaaaMt,
Notltlof better mada for Craokwd BaaAs.
5ure-Pop Lice Killer
w.ia.t.ire Hlfnuol Poultr IUnr4r
head the News the richest, rci
t st paper in tba cuuntrj ,nly SOo
in adf aoo.
SOt rH 1

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