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Sequsxhee, Marion Ciauty, Tern.
Kv;-:i:y t:i t'tt-!a .
Subscription Price, EOc a Vcr.r in Aiivmoc.
CP v'ews ai. i aJ vori i ?. to sc.
euro insertion mm !n. tt ti-i 1 in !,
IS o'clock eaeh V.-ileeff'.iy, or it. way lx
too late for publi'.Mtin-.i.
TlIK Ni'.ws will ni't b" rrK;i..nsibl. for
the opinions of lis ci-respondentR, nor
for signed cuminiiiii'-atiou'., mid nothing
will bo considered or pi.biiiMtion which
is not uccompanit 1 v the ronl name of
the writer not for ki ! i i,-u '.ion, but as
an evidence of jrooii iaiih.
!av -i 11)03
f;..: :. .
Speciul to the. N
Bicycle riding i.s t ',t
Rov. Nicholson, c f S
preached an interi'htin
M. E. Church Sunday.
Dr. John Kell sew. t
There must be. 8o i.!
r f V:.:' d;,y.
rtiixn I!i.!;,')t,-j.
; ia) on ;.t the
1 at J.
M. Brown's. I.-i it tin '
ter or sistor-in-law?
Miss Lillie Luslc an. I
attended church it
:,.:wvor"a ;
Mr. and Mrs. T. J. i-.ariinan ht'vo re
turned to Cliattanm jrt.
If Prof. John Sim mum, cf
called on Mi ss Cera C-kom
n-.cn vnvv,
Lonnin .Tones V. ,.; , w c I.
Sunday low.; !;(: I.;-: r :
Misses Jtauel '! Li:ii!y liio.vn s;.M,t
Friday with the s Ji L n o,
Miss Carrie Connor rf-et.t Lv.'.uidity it
Miss Jossio V'o;..l;.'-: d rcL.
tives at Red Y ink i'ui.i v.
Mia Ora Brown w: a pi! str.iUa Hon
day. Miss Allie L'rown i.-i fc'f.-vaU.i:' a fa a
days with ber sister in Chattanooga.
Hilton Ilooser of Chatianoo.ra, spent
Sunday on tbo rid,;o.
Tho happiest moments cf Val John
son's life arcs when ho i", rijir.i' his
wheel. Last Saturday t'.vr plusf
one of the tirrs bo atar!;d f r ;v ride,
but he didn't go v-ry far until tbe plrp:
flew out arid from tho nolao it, m. do Val
thought that souio cue 1
with a double-barrel i d sli
us. Alter
.id ci'.cov-
finding that he wot n't 1:
ering what the tr-ouMc v
up an old hootle;:, r.:.d p
Val says that malres the
in the world and will va
Rev. Coich will p.'3p.
Church next Sunday.
Miss Willio Connor
with home folks. -
a, he hurt;. i
.-h 'A tho t;re
--' ri'eha
pt nil he can
spent Sunday
Miss Emily Brown looked v:ry sad
the other day bscausd a lettor failed to
There will be an ice crpm supper at
the school hoiu.o Saturday niht, Juno
6th. EveryLody id invited. SorLj'hutn
Special to the IZi-v;.
T. B. Lpss. tor and fa-nlly
T. R. Harrin Sunday.
Miles RotKMavui an G
and Misses Keppio l.Ttc:
vldted v,.
jrgo Moore
HT.1 Ver'-ie
Wells were cut walking Sundiy.
Jim Turner and family vkito.'
Vv. G.
Spangler Sunday.
Jim Lasator of Tracy City, visited B.
B. andT. B. Lasati r Saturday and Sun
day. Mrs. Mary Alder visit d L. L. Lasa
ter Tuesday and Wednesday.
C. C. Alder and son' Uli;;!:, wont to
mountain Tuesday.
Misses Jennie and Lou II:.rris and
Mr. Alvis Brown attended tho wedding
of Mr. Mark Brown a:. i Ifi3.s Sarah
Abies Sunday night.
Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Las;: ter vis' ted C.
C. Alder Sunday.
Mrs. W. G. Sparl..r
, visited Sam Dennett c.a
VV. A. Alder called r.t
W G Spanfrler's Mcndu .
Mrs Long call id on M
gler's Sunday.
. Hugh Alder r.i.d (' ..
tended churc'1 at, C.v.e-1
r'si an 1
; C
r .n;.
o .) ,:
' u: 1
day night. Asl: them
if f.
it ;
W O Spat.;
You Know What You A;
When vou takj Gr v..-'.-
Ta-t-i -
Chill Tonic because tho forn
plainly printed on i-Ve-y l ottio
Ing that that, it is siw.dy Iron
nine in a tasteless fori., No Cm
Pay. !50c
The ;;r -c .-V p.
held on .Djp. 1 ;.
Tbe giour .-- ..:
are Ideal in ew-i--.-picnis
pre u d. 'J'
pointed to . iv. :
every ph' -e v. ' i
ed on S.-o j.:c. e t
J irablo a"i " :
year tbo ; e i v .
grander s-.- iie i ... -ing
will be .. : l--.
thJdavs i .' .;,
in char,' J l.a s . r
ble in arrar-.r.j
make the diV o; e
Cbattanoua i-
Wo rnje t u
M l! W'l 0! 1 ' 1
V. G Spit , .. r.
Impaired Digestion
May not be all that la nva'ht by dynjur"'
now, but it w ill be if neglected.
The uma.'iiness after eating, tV. cf nerv
ous headache, sourness of tho stomach, and
ilisntfreenble beUili",' may not be very bad
n .at, but t!i"y v.i.i bo i" the Etoruuch Is
Siifu -red to grow weaker.
LiyVt'tnia is r.ioh a miserable disease
that tiic tendency to !t should be elver.
e..rly r.' .'.alijn. Thii U comiditely over
came by
Hood's Sarsapanlla
l W.h strcnstheiis thewhole digestive sy item
$:j:.?:r.'3 '
A to tho Now a.
The old and j oun g fjlka uiot nt the
SMturday ard had a picnic which
wm very iuucU enjoyed.
r. MP 1,1 ;s. 1'. IS. Alder visited at
M .I-u'.. Ilichaid'ji Sunday.
M'.'i? Exr.-.a llryon visited relatives
and C.-i.inda at '.Vuif.v-'U last w.iok.
Aunt Mary' Dii':y, Mrs. Caarlio Duke
and M;.-,s Mattio Duito are visiting in
our vicinity th.s wei'k.
MoH.jrs. Will Stuith, Fred Raulston,
Richard Deko, Oiiver Duff, liennett
Clias-,ain ard Lector Shirley, of Whit-
well, attesded the picnic Saturday.
Marshal Harris, of Atpontly, visited
home folk3 from Friday until Monday.
Ira JJrlJjjua. of L'janey's Crook, at
tended the picnic Saturday.
Misses Sial ililiiardand liettie Long
visited at Mrs. M. J. Carlton's Thurs
iir. r.r.d !.!:!. G. li. liraltu gave the
tiio youD:' folks a party Saturday night
v, !i;ch was- ii'tftii enjoyed. Oak Grove
Wtliwull and Ltiur. -"'s Crock wcro well
rjpi oseiiteu.
Dr. Thompson and wi", of Victoria,
visited Mr. and Mru. Crurlio Harris
iisaes Lena and Ecisia Smith wait
ed M.ss Lula Grant Sunday.
l;r. Richard Shelton and sister, Miss
Dora, attended ths foot-waahing at Ce
dir Spring Sunday. i
Ask Richard Drown, Fred Raulston
and Sherd Harris how they enjoyed
their boatrido Saturday .ovoning.
Missus Dolla and Stella Carlton and
Kittie- Richards visit-id Misses May and
Lula Grant Sunday evening.
Sherd Harris and Leonard Richards
attended foot-washing at Cedar Spring
Srea'-uaan Drown, cf Coattanooga,
visited in our vicinity last weok.
Ilr. i:v 11. C. Grayson visited
Mr. raid Mrs. R. C. Richarda Sunday.
Messrs. Jr.3. fr-.d Arthur Harris and
Vi'ill 'ireitb. &nd Misses Etta, Amanda,
Kratca ar.d liettio Harris went sarvis
hunting Sunday.
Mr. r.nd Sri. 1'. II. Ealy visited M. J
Ci-rlton Sunday ovoning.
The Sunday School at Looney'
Creek contemplates having a plonioin
the near future. Hilly
How's This?
We offer Ono Hundred Dollars Reward
for any c ase of Catarrh that cannot be
cured bv Hall s Catarrh Lure.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Drops.,
Toledo, Ohio.
We, tho undersigned, have known
,T. Cheney for the lest lifteen years, and
believe bim perfectly honorable in all
business transactions, and financially
able to carry out any obligation made
by their firm.
Wkst & Tiiuax, Wholosalo Druggists,
Toledo, Ohio.
Wai.dicn, Rinnan & Makvin, Whole
sale druggists, Toledo, Ohio.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internal
ly, acting directly upon the blood and
mucous surfaces of the system. Ptice
75c per bottlo. Sold by all druggists.
Testimonials free.
Hall's Family Dills are the best
Special to tho Nows.
Dry and hot weather is the order of
Mi3s Anr.io V.'cddle was all smiles
Ask Lo Smith if bo ever heard wed
ding bolls and how his horse liked it.
JSill Teagtie passed through here Sun
day in search of an old white mule.
Toui Andes makes his regular trips
up here.
John Mosgrove's little sonanddaugh
U r '.i'-'.ted James Ridge and f mily
i .-.1 ,.y and tbo old lady was lonesome.
"I.'.,. Gantry i"- oa the sick list this
ee-'. :.:id Mrs. O'Neal liltcwiso.
l.e.ri a young lady sa.y if so.ne young
. i n -.vould say yes sbo would buy tbe
i'c -;:s.
'Mii!.i Liilio ilambrick was all smiles
.undiy. Wonder who she saw.
Mi-.-s lll'..a liaxbrick is visiting Mrs.
'i'o:r' II luibr'u-k t' - i y.
I.' you win!-, t j soe .Mrs Mosurove grin
ivauh a- r uin that : atent ch urn.
Old Black Jo.
Carts VheE Doctors Fail.
Mrs. l'rs.nk Chiasson, Patterson, La.,
ft rit-s June Stn, l'.i;il: "I bad malaria
fuver in very bad form, was under treat
ment by li-jclurs, butat noon as I 8top-..-.l
t .. i, i -i tii-ir iiK'dicini', the fever
hum Id n !m. i vised n snrriple bottlo
if llerbine, fjund it belp'-d mo. Tbfn
l-o'.i;: lit l a.j b;)ituM, wb'i-h completely
curia li, -. I Ii'.-l trateful to jou for
', rml,;r.- si:rh a SfN-ndi-J n:uicine,
i an li,."';t'.y v."'mMs'nd it to thotfl
s . ..Vr,:: ; :,u '-.rui, .H it will surely
riir.- ; ii-;... ' 1 ; . t l,i n", .V..c bottle at S-qu.icV-.'i
').-;-p'.y i'ro.
- ;.i t!-
a year.
U hit
'- J Hos
i -" - h r t li ' i it i i ifc t tt i
ItitWfU gtpattmcnt. &
GEO. W. LEWIS Aecnt.
Miss Nannie Smith, of New Hope,
was in the city Saturday.
W. L. Barber made a business trip
to Bradley County last week.
Capt. James Roberson, of Jasper,
was in the city last week taking de
positions. V. II. White was in the city last
Thursday and brought an eel with
him about 4 ft. lonq
Lookout for and come to the Ma
sonic Celebration here on St. John's
Jay, the 24th of June.
Miss Mona Phelps, 'of Sulphur
Spring, was in tho city last week vis
iting Mrs. A. P. Lamb.
All friends and relatives of those
buried in the Lewis graveyard will
please be there June 6th.
There will be a celebration at Se-
quachee July 4th, and the News in
vites everybody to attend.
Mr. and Mrs. VV. R. Sartain, of
South Pittsburg, were in the city a
few days last week visiting friends.
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Smith, of Tra
cy City, were in the city Saturday
visiting Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Ashburn.
Alex. Vanhoosier brought a cat
fish to town Saturday that he caught
at the company mill that weighed 32
A little girl, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Walter Nunn, died Friday and
was buried Saturday at Mt. Olive
cemetery, Rev. L. D. Coggin con
ducting the funeral services.
Last Sunday night at 8:15, at the
C. P. church, in the presence of per
haps the largest congregation that
ever assembled in that church, Geo.
Mark Brown of Sequachee, and Miss
Sarah Abies were married, Rev. S.
P. Angel performing the ceremony.
At the appointed time the bridal
party entered the church. In front
was Mr. Chas. Price and Miss Eva
Abies, Mr. Lon McCullougli and
Miss Lora Smith. Then came the
contracting parties, Mr. George Mark
Brown and Miss Sarah Abies and on
arriving at tho altar the. ceremony
was performed by Rev. S. P. Angel.
The Wedding March was furnished
by Miss Grayson.
While driving on Main St. last
Thursday Dr. Janeway's horse be
came frightened in front of the
Whitwell Drug Co.'s place of busi
ness, and ran across the street and
took to the sidewalk, and went up
the sidewalk in front of Ealey's store
and the Bank, dashing the buggy
over culverts and plows and against
trees. Finally the buggy wheel
struck the steps in front of Arledge's
store, completely demolishing the
buggy. The doctor was thrown with
terrific force to the ground, his head
striking a large rock, which caused a
very serious wound in his face. Many
people rushed to the scene and car
ried the doctor to Dr. McN abb's of
fice where the injuries were skillful
ly dressed. The wound has healed
nicely, and Dr. Janaway will be out
in a few days.
ttHJiut'jS fd'Jn iotc pews.
A Glance at a Shoe
that comes from our stock
is suflle'ent to show that our goods lire
stylish and well made. We do not he
l'evn in carrying a cheap article. It
would nut piv us to sell it it would
not pay you to buy it. Let us sell you
one pair of our 8ho(, we will then have
you for a regular customer.
lUvnjust received a new line of
YicU in the latest and best to?s they
are onlv.
8 Wist 'Jih Sr.,
B. L " . rl'd'c went to Victoria
There will bo a Sunday school pic
nic at Whitwell July 4th.
Ilev. L. D. Coggia preached last.
Sunday on the subject of Christian
J, B. Harris of Mineral Springs,
brought a large load of hay to the
city last week.
Dr. I, E. Shelton and his brother,
Garrett Shelton, of Sulphur Spring,
were in the city Friday.
Alvis Brown, of Sequachee, was at
the wedding of his brother, George
Mark Brown, Sunday night.
Misses Lou and Jennie Harris of
Sequachee, attended the Abies
Brown wedding Sunday night
Before the wedding ceremony Sun
day night at the C. P. church, Rev.
S. P. Angel preached a line sermon.
Misses lula and Hazel Ashburn re
turned from Centenary College on
Wednesday, the session having clos
Rev. J. A. Darr, of the Statesman
JDemocrat, was i:i the city on Wed
nesday of last week in -the interest of
the Democrat.
Mr. and Mrs. F. M. McCullougli,
of Jasper, were in tho city Sunday to
attend the mamae- of Geo. Mark
Brown and Miss Sarah Abies.
Rev. W. II. Sutton, of Sparta,
Tenn., will begin a series of meetings
at the Christian Church the first Sun
day in June. All are cordiallv in
vited to attend.
Arthur Norwood, a prominent
merchant of Pikeville, was in the
city part of last week. He is selling
the Deering harvesters and mowers.
There are other attractions, for him
in the city.
My attention was called last week
by some of those residing in the vi
cinity of J. C. Ealy's property to a
bridge between his property and the
business house of D. T. Layne & Co.,
which has been declared a public
nuisance. It is on one of the most
public thoroughfares is the city and
should be looked after, and it is also
suggested that 'Squire Joe Arledge
bring it to the attention of the Coun
ty Court when it meets in July.
For Those Who Live On Farms.
Dr. Berlin, Pana, Ills., writes: "I
have nscd Ballard's Snow Liniment; al
ways recommend it to my friends, as I
am confident there is no better made.
It is a dandy for burns." Those who
live on farms are especially liable to
many accidental cuts, burns and bruis
es, which heal rapidly when Ballard's
Snow Liniment is applied. It should
always be kept in tne house for cases of
emergency. 23c, ,r0u and 81.00 at the
Sequachee Supply Store.
WANTED Several industrious per
sons in each state to travel for house es
tablished eleven -years and with a large
capital, to cull upon merchants and
agents for successful and profitable line.
Permanent engagement. Weekly cash
salary of SIS and all traveling expenses
and hoti-1 hills advanced in cash each
week. Experience not ossential. Men
tion reference, and enclose self-addres
sed envelop. THE NATIONAL, 334
Dearborn St., Chicago.
Old papers for Bale at this offloe, 20s
por 100.
One Friend Tells Another,
r.nd so the good news
spreads. Merit always comes to the
top, no matter what it is over. It did
n't take these clothes of ours long to
get acquainted. Our people are quick
to r-ciigniie style, quality ana low pric-
I es. and they have gone live wildfire,
! Thero are some left, of course enough
for you and your friend. We'll expect
j y"U in tomorrow. Best values, best,
I prices is our standard and we stick to It.
i Two Piece Oulhiir Suits
85.00 S7.B0 810.00
1 1 l?fvV,C
The Ituady-to Serve Cerotl
inaites ona chumiry
with good sleep.
Wouldn't Believe at Fir.
"I wouldn't bellpve It Ull I tried It, hut
Force' in a cure for Inpomnta. I uswl lo.
ilay awake night after nlijlit. Now 1 cat a
bis bowlful of ' Force ' just before goiu lo
beil, aud sleep anil 1 have become good
frieniia again. "L. L. Kvans."
V 4
;wbW will W
-. i w aj a
.1 I i
Brown, SpiirlocK $ Raulston,
Will practice in all the Courts.
Phone No. 8. WHITWELL, TENN.
Read This!
Established 1798
50cts. a Teflr
Always Republican.
Always Reliable,
All tho news of the weok gathered
by the Associated Press nnd our mam
moth corps of correspondents in every
central point of tbe globo.
Forceful and Fearless Editorials.
Grand Serial Stories.
Some Attractive Features
Appearing each week are as follows:
Tbo Harness Horse. Tbe Farm
er's Leaf Timber Growing,
Pumpkin Growing, Etc.
Poultry, Live Stock anil Dairy,
KVnita V.Mt.Mn. Wira
. xp..u, ..v....-
rasciuating casbicns lor me
Fair, Fashionable Patterns at
Nominal Prices, the Confi
dence Comer, Kitchen Con
veniences and Absolutely the
Best Market Reports in the
You can't do without the Weokly
Gazette this winter. Price 50c.
Weekly Gazette, Cincinnati, 0,
Stale YvV rants,
Execution SJes,
Warrantee Deeds',
DeUiuer Attion and Bond,
Oil and Gas Leasee,
Affidavit aud Proof of Debt,
Magistrate's Vrrraiite,
State Warrants,
Always it Lati 1
ut reasonable
prict .
Se'iuacLee, Tenn.
Jim Dumps had scarcely slept a
All night he'd toss about and
But that's all past he'll ne'er
Insomnia. He's found a cure 1
Tis "Force." At night, when
lights are dim,
It soothes the nerves of "Sunny
mrsr:.Mtsius sci'j
From Factory to Home '
i i i.i jav3 Jw0 profits.
Beautiful Hantels
Hake Beautiful Homes
Our mantels combine variety in the highest
degree, with best material and workmanship.
" High Grade " is our motto, and we live up
to it. Mantels delivered free east of the Mis
sissippi or south of the Ohio River : freight
equalized to points beyond. Write for cata
logue No. lo and other information.
McClararoch Maotel.Co., Greensboro, N.C.
Rev W Billingsloy, pastor; Meeting
every !5rd Sunday at 11 am. agd 7 pro.
Prayer meeting every Wednesday
night at 7 pm. Sunday school Ttvery
Sunday at U::10 am., O. W. Chastain,
gin, pastor; preaching every Sunday at
11am., and 7:30 pin: Epworth League
2:00 and 3:00 pm., every Sunday: Sun
day school every Sunday at 9:b0 pm.,
C. C Shirley, Supt.
Mt. Olivet llrd Sunday at 3 pm; Sunday
school every Sunday at 0:30 am. Itich
ard Rigsby, Supt.
Red Hill, preaching 4tn Sunday at 3 pm
and Sunday school every Sunday 9:30
Pastor. Meetings Saturday before 4th
Sunday at 7 p. m. Sunday school 9:30
M. E. CHURCH S. P. Angel, pastor;
preaching 1st Sunday at 11:00 a. m.,
and 4th Sunday at 6:30 p. m. Sunday
school School every Sunday at 9:30
a. m. T. H. DtiFK, Supt..
C. P. CHURCH W. T.Dale, pastor.
Meeting aro hold on every third
Sunday on cacli month at 11 am. and
7 pm. Sunday school every Sunday
at 9:30 am. W. A. Kem.'y, Supt
erica, No. liiSJ, meets every Thursday'
nipbtatl p. m. (1. W, Jorden, Presi
dent,; Matt llrilBth, Vice President;
E. S. Dulce, R. Secretary; W. L. San
ders, F. Secretary; J. S. Hooper,
Treasurer; Put Gary aud L. R. Layne,
Bank Committee.
MONROE CONCLAVE, No. 83, Regents
of tbe Whito Shield: Meets every
Friday at 7:00 p. m. R liurgoss,
R C; j W Barwick, V R E; A Frizaell,
P R E; R Rigsbv, R Chaplain; Tbos.
Williams R R; R Abraham, R T; R.
Reeves, R Adj; Sam Colson, J A; M
iii ueeves, it y; w m Morrison, u u.
Masons meets 1st and 3rd Saturday
at 7 P: .m.: lA A"?h... W M: II P Bry-
anti s NV. T M walker, J W; tl II
Barher, Trens; I! C Grayson, See.
O. F., moots every Friday night at
7:30 o'clock: C C Cantrell, N. G; WE
Cross, VU; N N Rush, Sec; T PDuff,
Treas; L S Baumgartnor, D G M.
POW11ATTAN TRIBE, No. 24, Inde
pendent Order of Red Men meets ev
ery Tuesday night at 7 o'clock: Pat
McCov, Sachem; Walter Copplnger,
S. S: Will Duke, P. U; J. D. Skln
. r, .1. S; John Carl von. C. of R; II. II.
H. TnrnT. K. of W.
meets pv'.-rv Mondnv nicht at 7:15.
W L Harb-'r, C f; S H Alley, V C;
John Ballard, P; J R Morcran, Ull;
WA Levan. K of R; Ep Tavlor.-M
E; T P DulT, M F; Lee Bryant, I G;
D T Layne, O G; Georgo Smith, Jan
itor. EO YEARS'
Trade Marks
kn Designs
'Mltv Copyrights Ac.
Anyone spnfllfij r nketch nd c!wr1ption muf
qnlrlclf nflrMrtain our opinion free writhtr u
tti?nttn m probnhlf puteni ht, Ct tnmmntra.
ltoftpirictlyooiiii.ioininL HANDBOOK on fainl
Mit fre. ttl t.'Ht NL'ttcy t.r nwurtnf pe-n(.
I'uipnifl taken through Munn A Co. receira
Scientific Jlmerlcan.
cuWtum of fcny driTititJ )un.iaJ. Term $.i m
yor: fwir ftiontus, L rfyid by hi I neww)'4m.
IMUNN & Co Now fork
ilraucri OUic CS T St, V."hlllo!i. I. C.
w-heii it cmiieN lo uuinp
J)l) I'lintiiifj jTotnptly
wrul Den 1 1 y...
Read the News.
r-i d

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