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NO. 10.
To H. E. Cartland, of Ath
ens, Teuu.
t New Enterprise for Sequachee
Which Will Help Its
In an interview with A. S. Gus
tafson, Secretary and Treasurer of
theGustafBon Manufacturing Co.,
Chattanooga, Tenn., who ppent
8unday here, & Nxws reporter
learned thatjhe plant, boiler and
engine of the company, located in
this city, has been leased to H. E.
Cartland, who resides at Athens,
Tend., for the manufacture of the
shuttles, used in cotton and. wol
len mills for wrfi'ch there is a great
demand. Large quantities ol gum,
persimmon and dogwood will be
used in manufacturing them, the
two latter varieliei being practical
ly untouched in this ection.
It is not known how many hands
will be employed, but work is as
sured quite a number, which will
assist the growth of our pluck) lit
tie city materially.
Mr. Cartland is expected here
next week to make preparations
for manufacturing shuttles and
will ship suitable machinery to
this place from Clmtwinooga. It U
expected the plant will be in opcr
.yation in about thirty days.
Ridge Team Defeated In a Well Played
Although the base ball season has
closed in other parts of the country in
terest here U still high, .Saturday a
team was hastily oollected and went to
Victoria to play the Ridge team, and de
feated them in an exciting and interest
ing contest, 11 to 5. Many closo plays
were made, and the cheering and
ooaching of the spectators was vigorous
and enthusiastic
Martin pitched a fine game for Nequa
cbee and his delivery was ably band
led by Campbell, who caught finely,
liyrd at second carried off the fielding
honors, making a double play unassist
ed, and also doubled again by a throw
to Hill at first, A third double wag al
to made Campbell to Hill, and late?
by a lightning throw to Hill Campbell
caught the runner off first, Uood work
was also done by C. Martin and Houts
who made a fine catob of a high fly in
center. Lee, Lofty and YY. Martin did
" good work,
Lewis pitched a fine game until the
fifth Inning when Sequaobed bunched
its hits and won the gamo. Ho was suc
ceeded by Miller. Shumako, Vinzant,
Arledge and Alder made good plays.
The umpire was Chas. Qurtis, who of
ficiated in good style.
The score:
Innings. : 1335 0 7 8 9 .
Seauachee ....1 0 0 0 7,0 1 1 1-11
Rldgo.... 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 3 0-5
The same teams meet on the local
diamond Saturday, Oct, 10, and a warm
game is expected.
Gained Forty Pounds in Thirty Days.
For several months our younger bro
ther had been troubled with indigestion
He tried several remedies but got no
benefit from tbom. We purchased some
of Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
TahjeW Pe porameneoa wmng mem
and inside of thirty days he had gained
toft pound. in flesh. He is now ful ,
nred. We bae a good trade in
the Tablet. Hoi-lev Bitoa , Mer
Branch, Mo.
or sal" by Cc-ldweU Cbaudoi, and
from Oct- nth to 10th, Inclusive the
v,bvine. Chattanooga A Su Louis B'y
Imi .nil round-trip ticket to Nashville
OB account of the Horse Show at ONE
VARE. pl 25 cenU for the wod-trip-i
;...iimltrd lb Oct. l'Jib, V.m. Call
onTicktt Agent N.. C. & Su L. Ry.
00 W. L. DAN LEY,
Gea'l Pa. Agent,
Gustafson Bros. Contemplate Locating a
Branch Factory Here. .
Gustafson Bros.f who have a big es
tablishment at Chattanooga for the
manufacture of mining cars and mining
machinery, furnace coolers, tuyeres and
other equipment, while not contempla
ting an immediate return of a part of
their plant to this city, informed a
Nkws reporter this week that they were
contemplating moving a part of their
plant here some time later to resume
the manufacture of such articles.
A largo portion of tbu business of the
flrnAwas built up here, and necessarily
a largo portion of their trade came from
this section, and" hence they would find
cheaper and more economical to supply
it from a branch factory here than from
Chattanooga. Their plant at Chatta
nooga will bo employed in the manu
facture of their finer grades of work,
while the rough heavy work will all be
done bere. .
The coal mines of this section are be
ing so rapidly developed tbat Gustafson
Bros, appreciate the tact that a branch
factory will control the business better,
and bencu they will establish one here.
Coming With the Greatest Show on Earth.
Thousands of circus-loving people
will undoubtedly take advantage of the
opportunity to visit the famous liar-
nura & Bailey circus which exhibits at
Chattanooga, Octr. 13. This is the only
place in this vicinity where the big
show may bo seen during tho present
season, and special cheap excursion
tickets will bo sold on all railroads and
other lines ot travel. The bome-com-(
ing of the greatost show on earth, after
five years triumphal tour of. Europe,
has seed signalized by the organization
of the most novel and gigantic circus
ever scon in America. There is a cost
ly and elaborate spectacle and hundreds
of thrilling aerial, acrobatic and eques
trian acts never before presented in
tbis country. Cyclo, the Kinetic De
mon, creates breathless excitement by
tiis daring bleyclo ride on tho inside of
mammoth perpendicular circle; the
hippodrome presents the races of old
Borne with an exbileratlng "go" that
excites boundless enthusiasm, and hu
man "curiosities" from all parts of the
world, with a rcmarkablo display of
minature American warships, combine
with an unequalled zoological display
to interest and instruct the show's thou
sands of daily visitors. The free street
parade, which is brilliant beyond all
precedent this year, takes place at 10
M., prior to the opening performance.
Coupon tickets and a foot rest for every
seat are innovations that make a visit
to the Greatest Show on Earth especi
ally enjoyable,
Shockingly Injures Two Railroad Builders
Near Tracy City.
Tracy City, Tenu. Sept. 25. A. Stone-
king, a contractor, and D. S. Thompson,
foreman of a construction gang work
ing on the Nunnally Ridge extension of
the Nashville, Chattanooga & St. Louis
Baiiway, were terribly injured by a
premature explosion of dynamite which
they were preparing to set off. Stone-
king received wounds in the chest tbat
are painful but not fatal, while Thomp
son lost both hands and was so badly
Injured about the eyes tbat it is believ
ed bis sight has gone forever.
Special to the News.
Visiting Is tho order of tho day re
gardless of the dusty roads.
John E. Kicbio and family were visit
ing Mrs. lJolly Davis on Waldens Bidge
T. II. Ritchie and three of bin child
ren were visiting relatives at Albion-
Vfew, Hamilton County, Sunday.
Our school teachers. Misses Eliza and
Jennie Hale, of JWbitoside, returned,
Saturday to their home.
We regret yery much that pur- schools
baye beep sp shpru Pur school have
been very satisfactory! lbey re
too short.. i
Several people from this section at
tended the Sunday school picnic at
Mountain Crock in Hamilton County
Saturday and report a nice time.
is the title of a now document of thirty
two pages Just issued by the American
Protection League, and includes all ot
the reciprocity troaties now under con
sideration by Congress, the editorial
opinion of. the late Speaker Reed on
the Cuban treaty, and an exhaustive
treatise on tho Constitutionality of re
ciprocity treaties by former Representa
tive Sheldon of Caliiornia. Sent to
any address for four cent. Address V.
F. Wakeman. General Secretary. 33il
I Broadway, NcwA'ork, N, Y.
The new grounds and buildings of
Washington University, which are
to be used for exposition purposes at
the St. Louis World's Fair in 1904,
comprise 110 acres of land and ten
All these buildings are in the Tu
dor Gothic style of architecture as
exemplified in the college buildings
of England of the time1, of Henry
and Queen Elizabeth. All are built
of red Missouri granite, with quoins
or corners and ornamental courses of
cut stone. The granite is laid in
what the architect calls "broken
range rubble." The masonry is hammer-faced
granite with two level beds
and four irregular faces. This
makes the courses of the granite lev
el but breaks the blocks into irregu
lar' shapes.
The principal building is Univer
sity Hall. Its plan resembles the
capital letter "II." It stands facing
squarely to the east so that Lindell
Boulevard runs directly up to the
main entrance in its centre. This
centre entrance is the most note
worthy architectural effect of the
building. It consists of a massive
tower 77 feet high, topped by four
octagon towers, one at each coi ner.
The tower itself, as well as the oc
tagon corners are battlemented, with
elaborate holdings in cut stone en
circling the embrasures. The door
way in this tower is a magnificent
arch with a depressed archvault of
Gothic style. Through the entrance
appears what architects pronounce
one of the most magnificent groined
vaults in the United States, 25x38
in size. The vault is formed entire
ly of cut stone crossed by a number
of elaborately moulded ribs with
grotesque bosses at the intersections.
Most groined vaults of large span are
built of wood or plaster this is all
The facade of the tower is elabor
ately ornamented with canopied
niches and with strong courses on
which arrear the heraldic, shield bear
ing the University Coat ot Arms.
In front of this monumental en
trance stretches a terrace 50x'204.
Leading up to the terrace are steps
of cut granite 35 feet wide. The
terrace is surrounded by cut stone
balustrade of refined composition.
On the two wings of University
Hall battlements, oriel windows are
placed which accentuate the wings
effectively. Over all the windows,
both in University Hall and in the
Miners and Operators Fix the Terms for
District 19.
Knoxville, Tenn., Sept. 27. The
miners and operators of Kentucky-Ten-
nessoe district, No. 19, have reached an
agreement, and the kjd scale which
was submitted to the co.mlm,ittce,s of the
two has beon, rafted.
Three main concessions were secured
by the miner: An advance )i percent
fur piokera' wages and for day laborers,
semi-monthly piy days, aud the Jellico
acale fur tho entire district.
The miners are pleased and the oper
ators satisfied. Tbis agreement covers
more operators than any former agree
ment in the district.
The scale which was fixed to-day ap
plies from Sept 1, as bad been agreed
between the miners and operators.
The increase of T,' per cent, to min
ers and day laborers is based on the
Jellico day scale, which it is under
stood was the highest schedule in tbo
Take Laxative BromoQulnlne Tablets.
All druggist refund the money if it
fails to cure. E. VV. Grove' tignaturo
1 on each box. 25c.
The News 52 papers, 50a.
subsidiary buildings, appear hood
mouldings of cut stone.
Dusch Hall, the two Cupples Halls
and Ljggett Hall, are built of the
same material and in the same style,
though not so large as University
Hall. They open on a quadrangle
of considerable size, which is over
looked by a clock tower seven feet
in diameter, which holds a place on
the rear facade of University' Hall.
The buildings are fire proof
throughout, concrete flooring mat
terial beinz used instead of tile.
Through the centre of nearly every
building is a wide corridor on each
side of which are rooms which will
be used by the University for lec
tures and recitations. Liggett Hall
is the men's dormitory, and is divid
ed into "houses" to be occupied by
parties of students.
The Boiler House, where the heat
and light for the buildings will be
produced, is reached by an under
ground tunnel or subway, about
eight feel square in section. This
subway carries the steam pipes that
heat all the buildings and the big
wires that carry the lighting current.
This subway makes a number of
mysterious turns to avoid buildings
which will be constructed later by
the University.
This Boiler House is to receive a
boiler and generator equipment,
built at a cost of about $50,000 to be
supplied by the General Electric Co.,
and to be an exhibit during the ex
position. In the western end of the Univer
sity ground will be located a large
amphitheater and gymnasium, which
will be used for the Physical Culture
Exhibit and Exercises during the
Following are the names, dimen
sions, cost and purposes of the sever
al buildings:
University Hall, 325x118, $250,
000, Administration Building; Busch
Hall, 292x100, $115,000, Depart
ment of Works; Cupples' Hall No. 1,
203x113, $115,000, Anthropology;
Cupples' Hall No. 2, 207x80, $115,
000, Jefferson Guard; Work Shop,
207x03, $30,000, and Liggett Hall,
90xG3, $100,000, use undetermined;
Power House, 120x50. boilers and
machinery; Library Building, 258x
144, $250,000, Educational Congress-
es; Dormitory and Dining Hall, 209
xl50, Service Building; Gymnasium,
94x181, $140,000, Physical Culture
! Exhibits.
Headquarters Post h U, A. R
Sequachee, Tenn., Sept. 2, 1903,
At special meeting held this day the
following committee was appointed to
prepare aftd publUb. resolution on. the
death ol Comrade Jackson Lee, and
hereby report,
Whereas, (jod in his Infinite mercy
has removed our worthy and esteemed
Comrade, Jackson Lee, by death and
made a vacancy in our ranks, therefore
be it resolved
That this Post by this action desires
to show its profound sympathy to the
widow of Comrade Lee and his children,
and to evidenco their appreciation and
respect for a worthy and faithful com
rade. Thomas H. Hii.i,
Wvmk Paiikki:,
j Oko. V. Hiikwki:,
! Oko. II. VViskmax,
1 Committee.
Let, Tenn., Sept. TJ (Special.) Mr.
Howard Bracken of tbis place was mar
ried to Miss Annie Belle Solomon Wed
nesday night, Sept. 23rd, at 0:30 o'clock
Rev. J. A. Greening performing the
ceremony. A number of friends and
relatives were present to witness the
rite. We wish them a long and happy
Jackson Lee Dies Suddenly from Heart
Jackson Loo diod at bis homo Thurs
day night vory suddenly. Ho had gone
to bod about 7 o'clock when ho was
seized with coughing and went outside
to got air. His wife heard him and got
him into tho bouse, but ho went out a
second time, and with groat effort his
Hon-in-law, Wm. Cruzo, got him back in
to the house and bed, and bo diod about
45. Dr. Turner, of Jasper, was sont
for, but on bis arrival found him dead.
Jackson Lee was born in Monroe coun
ty, Tenn., in 1810. Ho enlisted March
15, 1SG2, in company H, 4th Ky. Inf.,
was wounded at Joneshoro, Gi., anddis-
charged May 15, 1S('.", having nerved 3
years and 2 montliR. In 1K67 he was
married to Miss Caroline Parton at
Ball Play, Monroe county, and to the:n
were born two sons, Win. M. Lee, and
John Loe and ono daughter, Mrs. Win.
Creuzo, who with their mother survlvo
him. He was a cbartor member of Post
53, G. A. R.
His funeral was held Friday at Owen
Cemotery, Rev. J. VV. Robertson, of Jas
per, joining in tho G. A. R. ritual which
was performed at the grave by Post 53
under Commander Hill. A very numer
ous assemblage was present, the service
was solemn and impressive.
Tho sudden death of Jackson Loo is
sincerely regretted by bis follow citi
zens who esteemed and respected him.
Miss Elin Gustafson left yesterday
for Albion, Mich., where she will enter
Albion College as a student in German,
elocution and fencing, in order to con
tinue under the instruction of Dr.
Chaco, who resigned his position as or
ganist and choir director at Christ
Church, Nashville, in order to accept a
similar position with Albion Colloge.
Dr. Chaco gets a salary of $:j,()00.0() per
yoar for this position, and is considered
leading organist of tho country. Al
bion Colloge is under the control of the
Methodist Episcopal Church and was
founded in 1801. Last year'-1.') studonts
attended, and wore under tho caro of
twenty-six instructors. A library of
15,001) volumes is attached to tho insti
tution. There have been 850 graduates
of tho institution.
Cures Winter Cough.
J. E. Gover, 101 M. Main St., Ottawa,
writos: "Every fall it has been my
wife's trouble to catch a severe cold
and therefore to cough all winter long.
Last fall I got her a bottle of llore
bound Syrup. She used it and has been
able to sleep soundly all night long.
Whenever the cough troubles her, two
or three doses stops the couifh and she
is able to be up and well. 'J5c, 50c, $1.
for sale by Sequatchie Supply Storo,
and Whitwell Drug Co.
Eldridge Roborson and Miss Emma
Byrd, two well-known young people of
this city, were happily united in tho
holy bonds of matrimony Sunday at 12
m., 'Squire Harris officiating. The
ceremony took place at the homo of the
brides parents, Mr. and Mrs. li.F. Byrd.
The happy couple loft for Chattanooga
Monday morning on their honeymoon
Read the News 50c for 5'3 cooies.
Mathews, Hoke & Co., otal., vs. E. T.
Robards, Executor et al.
To E. T. Robards, Executor, Mrs.
Mary T. Robards. E. T. Robards, Jr.,
Julia Robards, l'rank Robards, Cathar
ine Robards, David Robards, and Ida
B. Robards,
It appearing from the allegations in
complainant's bill, which is sworn to,
that the abovu named are defendents to
said bill, that they are non-residents ot
the State of 'i'ennesseo so that the or
dinary process of law cannot be served
on them, and their property in Marion
and Grundy Counties, Tennessee, is at
tached in said above slated causo. It is
therefore ordered that publication be
made for four consecutive weeks in tho
Sequacheo Valley News, notifying said
defendants to appear on or before the
1st Monday of Nov. next, and make do
fcnsoto said bill, or tho allegations
therein will be taken for confessed as to
them, and tho causo set for hearing ex
This Npt. 21, V.W
Clerk & Master.
J. VY. Miller vs. Amanda Miller.
Divorce Bill in the Circuit Court of
Marion County, Tenn.
It appearing from tho allegations of
complainant bill, which is sworn to
tbat the defendant's, Amanda Miller's,
residonco 1 unknown after diligent
search, it is ordered that publication be
made for four succesnive weeks in the
Skojvw iikk Vai.i.ky Nkws, a newspa
per published in Marion County, Tonn.,
requiring thn said Am and M il ler to ap
pear before the juage oi itio ircuti on
the nrst Nona? in wwmwr, r.iej,
next, to make d"fenct to caid Bill, or :
same will be taken fr confessed and
proceeded with rr.ir.V a to her.
Tbis Sept. 14tb, l'.'O.T i
VU, S-Voo. L. It I.a nk, Clork. 1
In tho Circuit Court at Jasper:
WiiiiwKi.i. S.vviM.s Hank,
II. Win i n.
I!y virtue of tho order of salo which
has been issued from tho Circuit Court
of Marlon County, Tenn., in the cuso of
tho Whitwell Savings Hank vs. W. if.
White, commanding mo to sll the said
W. II. White's land to satisfy a judge
ment that the said Whitwell Savings
Hank obtained against him before V. L.
Price, J. P., and tho said land being
condemned in tlio Circuit Court and or
dered to be sold, I will, on tho
sell tho same to tho highest and best
bidder for cash in hand on date of salo,
tho said land sot out in tho levy,
in front of fhit south door of tho
court house in Jasper, Marion coun
ty, Tenn., bptweclh tbo legal hours as
prescribed) by law.
In the abovo styled causa Execution
came to my hand the same day issued
and I made diligent search and did not
and could not tind any personal proper- .
ty in my County subject to execution, I
tberetoro liavo and do hereby levy the
oxecution in this case, hereunto attach
ed, upon tin; following described real
ostato, the samo being and lying in tho
Srd. civil district of Marion County,
Tennessoe, and more particularly des
cribed as follows, viz:
Tn act No. 1.
Beginning on the oast corner of A.
W. White's tract, thence northwardly
with M. J. Burnett's lino to the forks of
tho ditch to t uo Burnett line, thonco
with Grayson and White's line to tho
north corner, thence with said While
and Grayson's lino to tho south corner,
thence a straight line to tins beginning.
Tk act No. 2.
Beginning on a stake in ihn centre of
the lanu on the Roharts and White line,
thenco north (iil W. 7 1 J poles to a stake,
thence west U'i poles to a red oak, thoncu
north t7 J a' W. 7:tj' poles to a white oak,
thenco north 23 poles to a stake and
pointers, thenco with W. II. and G. W.
White's lino 147,'i polos to a stako at
tho irate, thence south IV degrees east
'J J poles to a stake, I, hence south ol deg.
West 173a polos to tho beginning. .
Tit act No. 3.
Beginning on a white oak corner,
thenco S(i deg. W. 18 poles to a staktf
and a water oak and post oak pointers,
thonco north 'J deg. IS. 73.'i poles to a
stake at the ro;id, thence south 78 deg.
W. south S7,'.j W. 17,''a poles to a red oak,
thenco 50 d"g. VV. IS poles to a boeoh,
thenco north :'AH deg. W. IS polos to a
corner with persimmon, sweetgum and
dogwood pointers, thence astraigbl line
(jti polos to a stake with red oak point
ers, thenco with Grayson's and White's
lino 11 poles. Thence south 7 deg. 15.
24 poles to the road at gate, thonco east a
straight lino U poles to a largo'sweot
gum corner, thenco south 8 dog. VV. (
poles to a large swectgum corner,
thence south S deg. W. 0 polos to a
stake and pointer to W. II. White's
north corner of another tract and G. VV.
White's west comer containing
acres morn or l.iss.
The same being described in Hook
FP, pages 571 and 572, in the Register's
Oitice of Marion County, Tenn.
The following describod tract of land
being deducted from the three aforesaid
tracts of land in making 'this levy and
Beginning on a swoot gum corner at
tho edgo of the public road, thenco
north 713i dog. west polos to a stake
at tho gate, thenco north 73 deg. west
21 poles to a red oak, thonco north 11
poles to a stake, thence south 75 deg.
west poles to a swootgum, persim
mon and dogwood pointers, thenco
southeast witli tho meanders of tho
road iii poles to a hickory corner,
thonco south with Jane Burnett's line
to Joe Grayson's corner (a rock,) thenco
eastwardly a straight lino to a rock
corner in G. W. White's line, thonco
north to a sweet gum corner, tho begin
ning. Said Real Estato being levied on sub
ject to whatever homestead rights the
said Defendant may be entitled to un
der the law.
Tbis Sept. !), I'.mi:!.
Printer's Foe, 20.00.- Siikiuff.
State of Tennessee, Marion Co.
Whitwell Savings Bank,
W. II. White, G. N. Vanhooster, and H.
M. Doyle.
Before F. L. Price, a Justice ot the
Peace in and for Marion County, Tenn
essee. In this cause it appearing by allidavit
that W. 11. White is justly indebted to
the plaintiff as joint maker of a note
and is a non-resident ol the State so that
the ordinary process of law cannot be
served op him and an original attach
ment having been levied on his proper
ty, it is therefore ordered that publica
tion bo made in the Sequacheo Valley
News, a nowspaper published in tho
town ol isoquachce, iunii., tor lour suc
cessive weeks commanding the said VV.
II. White to appear before me, or some
other Justice of ihe Peace, at my house
in tho 3rd civil district of said county
on the loth day of October, I'.hj:;, anil
make defense to said suit against bim,
as it will ii proceeded with ci fartt as
to him. This Sept. 1st, I'.KKi.
Pf., ?'. 50. F. L. PRICK, J. P.
For Infants and Children.
! The Kind You Hare Always Bought
Bears the
Signature of
The Nows ic;jy ooc a year. Read iL.
Nashville, Tenn.

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