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Scqaacftce Uallcy Htm.
faachec, Marion County, Tenn.
HILL & SON, Eimtok.h ami I'itkmsiikiih
Sikiorlptlon Price, 50c a Year in Advance.
K3Kw and advertising matter to se
cure insertion must be handed in before
1J o'clock each Wednesday, or it may bo
too late for publication.
Tiik News will not be responsible for
the opinions of its correspondents, nor
for signed communication!!, and nothing
will be considered for publication which
is not accompanied by the real natno of
the writer not for publication, but as
a evidence of good faith.
DKf kmiiki: 21. 1003.
"Uncle Tom," who writes for
Mrs. Grundy, of Tracy, is a serifU
ble old fellow as the following par
agraph witnesseth:
Young people, open air exercise is
conducive to your health and you should
all take dally exorcise and bo strong
and rosy. Girls better rotain your free
dom and play base ball and run foot
racea than surrender your health to
modern ways and ideas. You can be a
lady and retain your beauty much bet
ter by following the above suggestions
than by resorting to cosmetics. 1 have
known girls, 'way back in the no's and
CO'a to dance every sot throughout a
long winter night and many of those
glrli are living today, and stout, healthy
old ladies they are, too. It was oxer
cise and their manner of living that
gave tbem such a splendid constitution.
There Is a groat dilferonco between the
times of then and now. Fashion has
got In Its deadly work and cut off much
of the real pleasures of life. Parents
ought never to curtail the playful dis
position of their daughters nor their
rollicking qualities, for it is not unlady
, like, neither does it do any harm. Do
not.harness thom to the heavy wheel of
fashionable dignity, but let tbem be
jolly girls all their lives.
Mrs. Grundy, of Tracy City, is
11 A A I If .1 ft
-patting nerseit on me oacK ' as
(he expresses it, over the fact that
th merchants of her town are
waking up to the fact that the)
have a good advertising medium,
and are buying "spaee" of her lib
erally. The News is decidedly
lue opinion mat tiiey will never
lose anything by in zesting money
in space in such a neat, attractive
looking journal ns is now printed
in their town.
When it comes lo attendance at
Sunday school why is it that it in
creases at Christmas time, is
question which we hear asked quite
often. If the Sunday school can
attract at Christmas time, why
does it not attract the same the
year around. It would seem that
some folks are erratic in their act
ions. v
The Southern Turf poolroom raid
oems to stirred up a stink at Nashville.
Dunlap Tribune.
"Southern Turf." Seems to us
we have heard that name before.
Wasn't it connected with a whisky
advertising proposition to Tennes
see publishers.
There is more Catarrh in this section
of the country than all other diseases
put together, and until tbo last few
years was supposed to be incurable.
For a great many years doctors pro
nounced it a local disease, and proscrib
ed local remedies, and by constantly
failing to cure with local treatment,
pronounced it incurable. Science has
proven catarrh to bo a constitutional
disease, and therefore requires consti
tutional treatment! Hall's Catarrh
Cure, manufactured by F. .1. Cheney &
Co.. Tolodo, Ohio, is the only constitu
tional cure on the market. It is taken
internally in doses of from 10 drops to a
teaspoonful. It acts directly on the
blood and mucous surfaces of the sys
tem. They oiler one hundred dollars
for any case it fails to cure. Send for
circulars and testimonials.
F. .1. CHKNKY A CO., Toledo, O.
Sold by all drugtrlsis, T."ic.
Hall's Varclly 1'ilU nro the best.
A One-eyed Panel.
(New York World.)
"Jack" Steel used to be Sheriff
down in Representative Dougherty's
district in Missouri and Mr. Dough
erty tells this story on him:
"The County Judge was a man
weighing Iuu pounds. Steel, wl
kept the local hotel, summoned a jury
for a term, and not one of the jurors
weighed less than 2.0 pounds. On
the first case called Steel fed the
jurymen on a dinner consisting ol
plenty of onions, buttermilk and oth
er soporific fooK, with the result
that iu the afternoon all of them and
the judge went to ieep.
"jdieriif," said the Judge, n awak
ening, "this court is here lor business
In the future 1 want yuu to select a
jury with a single tye t justice."
"Yes, your honor,"' answered Steel
"The next panel Miniiiioni'd -oti.
sisted entirely of oue ejed into."
Impaired Digestion
May not be all that Is meant by dytjitix
now, but it will be if neglected.
The uneasiness after eating, fits of nerv
ous beaduebe, sourness of the stomach, and
disagreeable belching may not be very bad
now, but they will be if the stomach Is
suffered to grow weaker.
Dyspepsia Is such a miserable disease
that the tendency to It should be given
early attention. This Is completely over
come by
Hood's Sarsaparilla
which strengthens the joledigestivesystein
An educational meeting will be held
at South Pittsburg, Tennessee, on Fri
day, January 22, 1904.
Every teacher in Marion county is
earnestly request w oe present, ana
all who feel an interest in the cause of
public education are cordially . invited
to attend.
The State Superintendent, S. A. Myn-
ders, has accepted invitation to attend
this meeting, and will deliver an ad-
dress on Friday ovoning In the chapel
of the public school building.
The following is the program for the
day, the evening program will be print
ed later:
1. The Study of Arithmetic, Its Cul
ture and Utility. Opened by Prof. B.
O. Duggan. Discuboed by II. C. Adkins,
Miss Etta Rankin and Miss Bettio Pry-
or, each five minutes. Voluntary dis
cussion, nfteen minutes.
2. Public School teaching as a Pro
fession. Opened by Henry E. Tate.
Discussed by Thomas R. llackworth,
Miss Birdie Raulston and David C. Mar
tin, each five minutes. Voluntary dis
cussion, fifteen minutos.
1, The Public School Library and
bow to Use it. Opened by Edgar L.
Payne. Discussed by Miss Mary Smed-
ley, James Wells and Miss Estelle Cof-
felt, each five minutes. Voluntary dis
cussion, nfteen minutes.
2. Is the Daily Newspaper desirable
as an Educational Factor? Opened by
II. R. Gilliam. Discussed by Miss El-
len Donaldson, Miss Rena Raulston, I
Uenry U. Urayson, each live minutes.
Voluntary discussion fifteen minutes.
The program will be interspersed
with music and songs.
Let everybody attend.
Co. Supt.
Revolution Imminent.
A sure sign of approaching revolt and
serious troublo in vour svstem is ner
vousness, sleeplessness, or stomach up-
set. .iectric uitiors win quickiv Q's- i
member the troublesome Causes n
never fails to tone the stomach, regulate
tbe Kidneys and Bowels, stimulate the
Liver, and clarify the blood. Run
down systems bonefit particularly and
all the usual attending aches vanish
under its searching and thorough effect'
iveness. Eleetrio Bitters is only 50c,
and that is returned if it don't give per
feet satisfaction. Guaranteed by Whit-
well Drug Co.
Rev VV Billingsley, pastor; Meeting
every ora Sunday at 11 am. and 7 pm.
Prayer meeting every Wednesday
night at 7 pm. Sunday school every
. - 3 t i,..w, ' I Itl f
ouiiuay at v.ov am., u. tr. uusiain,
M R PHrTRCII. SOUTH M. J. ltntah.
er, pastor; preaching every Sunday at tne Major we leic Dy private convey -
iLa" ',?"iI:ftt n" nmndryrhh.rl l Victoria. We found on the
every Sunday at 9:30 pm., C C. Shir
ley, Supt. . way that the little Sequachee was
Sunday at 7 p. m. Sunday school 9:30
M. E. CHURCHS. P. Angel, pastor;
preaching 1st Sunday at 11:00 a. tn., never ueiore seen or neara oi uie
and 4th Sunday at e:30 p. m. Sunday Little Sequachee being frozen over,
school School every Sunday at 9:80 1 li
ft, m. T. P. Duff, Supt. but cold as it was we made the trip
C. P. CHURCH M. A. Hunt, pastor,
l).n..ni.in r. ,. n f 1! nnJ a n d J.,, Uomjlnn I
l ivuuiii o.w.j Hiiu buu -auu UUllUAJ
in each month, bunday school every
Sunday, W. 1J. Ketner, supt.
erica, No. 287, moets every Thursday
night at 7 p. m. M. T. Tipton, Presi
dent; J. J. Hooper, Vice President;
J. 11. Harris, F. Secretary; W. L. San
dors, C. Secretary; Mart Creek, Jani
tor. MONROE CONCLAVE, No. 32, Regents
of tbo White Shield: Meets every
Friday at 7:00 p. ro. R Hurgess,
R ('; .1 W Jlarwick, V K E; A Frisaell,
PR E; R Rigsbv, R Chaplain; Thos.
Williams R 11; R Abraham, R T; R.
Reeves, R Adj; Sam Colson, R J A; M
E Reeves, R tji W M Morrison, L L.
WHITWELL LODGE, No. 5(53, F. & A.
Masons meets 1st and 3rd Saturday
at 7 p. ro: N N Rush, W M; II V Ury
ant, S W; T M Walker, J W; EH
Uarker, Treas; II C Grayson, Sec.
O. F., meets every Friday night at
7:30 o'clock: C C Cantrell, N. G; W H
Cross, VU; N N Rush, Sec; T P Duff,
Treas; L S ICaumgartner, D G M.
pendent Order of Red Men meets ev
ery Tuesday night at 7 o'clock: Pat
McCoy, Sachein; Walter Copplnger,
S. S: Will Duke, P. R; J. 1). Skin-
ir, J. S; John Carl von, C. of R; H. H.
H. Turner, K. of W.
LAUREL LODGE NO. 98, K. of P.,
meets evry Mondav nijrht at 7:15.
W I. Barber, C C; SB Atlev, V C;
John Ballard, P; .1 R Morgan, M 11:
W A Lovan. K of R; E P Tavlor. M
E; TP Duff. Ml'; Io Bryant, IU:
D T.ayne, O G; George Smith, Janitor.
(H um ui ah ttii L J
L J Be ( .uib rui. lu'.na l tin fm
iiWritweU Department.
GEO. W. LEWIS Atrent.
The public school closed Friday.
James Alder, of Oak Grove, was
in the city Friday.
Prof James Wells, of Oak Grove,
was in the city Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. II. H. Mitchell of In-
man, were in the city Thursday.
A. K. Pryor, postmaster at Vic
toria, and James Thompson, were in
the city Thursday.
William Lcc, of Sequachce, was in
the c,ly lagt Friday nieht attending
mttin nf ,llfl I OOF
Misses Vera Shirley and Hazel
Ashburn, are home from Centenary
College, spending the vacation.
T. M. Morrison, of Dunlap, was In
the city the first of last week doing
some work for Col. J. W. Norwood.
L.B.Jones, U.S. Claim Agent,
of Soddy, was in the city Thursday
in the interest of the Volenteer Life
Insurance Co.
Misses Lula Angel and Nona Duff,
who have been attending school at
Athens, are at home spending the
Cupid got in good work last Sun
day. There were four weddings and
an equal number aro expected next
Married last Sunday, Mr. Lou Mc-
Cullough, of Tracy City, and Miss
Phoebe Abies, Rev. S. P. Angel offi
Married Sunday at the residence
of the bride's brother, Mr. Lee Bry
ant, Mr. Gus Duke and Miss Myrtlu
Bryant, Itev. M. J. Butcher, oftici-
There will be a Christmas tree or
its representative at the M. E. Church,
south on the night of the 24th. Of
course Santa Claus will be there and
on the night of the 25th he will visit
the C. P. Church.
It is said that Santa Claus will be
in town tonight with his famous
. j v . i
team of reindeer, distributing pre-
gcnt8 to the children if they hang up
..... ,T
their stockings. We expect so many
presents .ourselves that we will be
r . . , ,
troubled to find a place to keep them.
On Wednesday ot last week we
made a trip to Sequachee and found
that little city all right. Having on
a previous occasion offended the sen
ior editor of the News by calling him
the "venerable editor" we had to put
on our studying cap to get up a suit
able apology, so we thought to call
him the "youthful editor" on this occa
sion, which proved to be the panaca
and set everything in statu quo.
Not having much time to spend with
frQ,iea over above the county bridge.
I have seen the big Sequachee and
Tpnnpsspfi rivers frozen over but
, , , .
to Victoria safelv and then took the
train for Whitwell.
Jte waifs ccl;ln Mm ilews.
who feel that their money does not go far
enough in the clothes question.
Our Goods and Prices.
For instance,
1 1UU3C10
, 1 .
1 ney are equal 10 tne vaiues soiu Dy
our competitors at from $2 to $5. . .
in all the different fabrics either in blacks or
in fancysatfrom $7.50 to $20.00.
Just the kind you want from $5. to $25.
8 w. 9Tii sr. STEWART BROS., Chattanooga.
Miss l'ope is visiting .Miss Chastain
l'rof. Moore, of Jasper, was here
li. L. Arlodge was here from Hill
City Wednesday.
Miss Ellen Anderson is visiting
relatives in town.
Jas. P. Havron is confined with a
severe spell of sickness.
ur. ana jirs. liemure are in uie
Iv i-wr it .1
city the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Dr.
J. T. Raulston was called to Hat
tie Creek on professional business
John Pryor, who is attending
school at Hartselle, Al:i., is at home
to spend the holidays.
Mrs. Maud Keys, of Crossvillc, is
in the city visiting her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. S. L. Pryor.
William Patterson, who has been
at Petros for some time u at home
spending the holidays.
Mr. Craven Kilgore and Miss An
nie, Turner were married Sunday,
Joe Arledge, Esq , tying the knot.
r. ty i i i
JUC Puu, uu
i i.i r a. i. i .a. ...a 1 I
Aiauama lor uie last year, returned
nome last weeK. lie reports mat
With the addition of Joe Temple-
ton and Bill White to the democratic
party there will be no trouble in car
rying Tennessee in the coming pres
idential election if the democrats
do not nominate a gold bug
There were two accessions to the
Democratic party last week, the ven
erable Joe Templcton and W. II
White, Att-at-law. In the latter
case the committee to whom Ins ap-
plication was referred has not report-
edand he may bo rejected.
J. F. Mitchel, of Inman, was in the
citv Monday morn inc. He renorts
that his father-in-law, Mr. Stephen
Hicks, died Sunday nidit at his son-
in- law, Henry l cck s. .flir. iiickb
was one of the oldest men in the
valley being nearly 90 years old.
Take Laxative BromoQuinineTablets
All druggists refund the money if it
fails to cure. E. W. Grovo's signature
is on each box. 25a.
The Memphis park commission
ers will make extensive improve
ments. The city finance commit
tee reduced the 1904 budget at
Nashville $38,805.
T 1 l.:ll..J 1... ii.
i.,es'io 1'cimy ns miieu oy me
accidental discharge of a pistol at
Nearly one thousand farmers nts
tended- the Middle Tennessee insti
tute at Nashville.
Brown, Spurlock $ Raulston,
Will practice in all the Courts.
Phone No. 8. WHITWELL, TENN.
we refer to our
i. rt i rh
ai q 1 .97 ailU $2.97
.1 1 ii .
Mrs. Almand littrsl-y tiled st
Cannon A- Barker is a new mer
chandise linn at Duulnp,
Thrt Punlap Tribune "takes
Christmas" this week, not publit-h-
ing an isue.
L W. Conh-H ii ml family who
went to lexas rventlv, have re-
turned to South l'iltshurg.
Rev. Sims, a Baptist mis-ionary
from China, ltctured at South
Pittsburg about that country.
A blaze at the re.-idenee of J M
Jenkins near South Pittsburg came
near destroying several houses.
The Methodist and Baptist j
churches ut Pikeville observe'
Christmas with ChrUtmas trees.
The Campbell Coal it Cuke Co.,
at Orme, Tenn., now have an out
put of 500 tons of coal per dy,
Congressman Moon has been as
signed places on two committees
in congress, viz , territories, post
offices and railroads,
Christmas will be observed at the
M. E. church, South Pittsburz.
with a distribution of gifts by San
ta Claus
The Pikeville Banner hints that
the subscriber who owes it nmnev
Bh6uld not run the chance of ru
u bow-Wed carrvinir it around
0Q jong
The board ol trustees of Pivor In
Btitule made a favorabl(. report re.
earning rryor institute An ni
creased enrollment is expected
next year.
County Chairman Lambert of
the Democratic Executiva commit
tee, calls a convention at Jasper,
Monday, Jan. 4, 11)04, to select de'-
egates to judicial convention to be
held in Chattanooga.
Mrs. W. F. Park died at Tracy
City week. Her husband, Dr.
Park, died last fall, while a sister,
Mrs. Vira Bay Kelsoe, died only
recently. Interment was made at
the Stone cemetery near Bethany,
Sequatchie county.
VV. P. Curtis and sons of Van
Bureu county, were arrested in Se
quatchie county, for wantonly kill-
in? hogs. 1 he sons were remand
eu to next term l circuit court in
mat county l i . e evidence is re
ported entirely circu mstmilial.
Beautiful Calendar.
We aro in receipt of a beautiful cal
endar from the First National Bank of
South Pittsburg. Tenn. The design is a
beautiful reproduction by the 3-color
process of the painting "Tbo Fish
Girls," by P. Tescher, which shows a
typical French lisbinsr scene with a
.nnnlft nf hpiilt.hw vnnnir womftn njivu-
r j j c j
Mnir baskets of fish over the wet sands
from some fishing boats dim in a misty
A Costly Mistake.
Blunders are sometimes very expen
sive. Occasionally life itself is the
price of a mistake, but you'll never be
wrong if you take Dr. King's New Life !
fills for Dyspepsia, Dizziness, Head
ache, Liver or Bowel Troubles. They
are gentle yet thorough. 25c, at Whit
well Drug Co.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the i?
Signature of caZ JUCU4
Read the News 50c a year.
Is F.ndorsed bv the Medical ami
Dental professions. For internet
and external use. It Is guaranteed
to relieve and cure
Catarrh, Colic. Dyspepsia,
Diarrhoea, Fever, Gastritis,
Grip, Indigestion, itching,
Inf tarnation, Skin Diseases,
' Rash, Scalds, Sores, Piles,
It gives prompt relief iu Throat
and Luii affections.
It is soothing a:n1 healing.
Use it for the children.
15i-ware f imitations le sure
the linim; JlfgV up; cars mi tile
t, c IvrtiU'. 1'i.t rp in two .sues :
J.a:gt; .00 ; 1;, .-jr.
NjMifi t-riri Cktmlsts
F' Si ,'- V .- If: Hi 'is
Grim Grasp Caused
Heart Disease.
Could Not Lie
Left Side.
Dr.Milcs'Heart Cure and
Nervine Cured Me.
Mri. II. R. lobe, (innifrlv of liirmincham,
Ala., writes from lildredL-e, the same tate,
as lolioub:
"It is w ith the qrratest pleasure that I rec
ommend 1'r. Miles nervine ann iiemri
Cure. I only wish that 1 could tell every
sufferer how much good they have done me.
1 at winter I had a severe attack of
Grippe, which left my heart in a very bad
condition. I could not lie down for the
smothering spells that would almost over
come nie and the feeling of oppression
around my heart. I had not been so that I
could lie on my left side for a long time. I
?ot your Heart Cure and toon wree Domes,
have no trouble now with my heart and
can lie on my left side as well as my right.
formerly 1 had sunerea tor years witn nerv
ous prostration. 1 had tried so many rem
edies that I had got clear out of heart of get
ting anything that would help me. The
nerves of my heart were so affected that
sometimes it would lose beats so it would !
seem to stop altogether. It was on the ad
vice of a lady friend that I tried your Restor
ative Nervine. I felt better after the first
few doses and two bottles of Nervine and
one of Heart Cure made me feel like a new
person. Mv heart is all right and my nerv
ousness is all gone. I never fail to recom
mend it to others afflicted as I was."
All rirnrmsts sell and guarantee first bot
tle Dr. Miles' Remedies. Send for free book
on Nervous and Heart Diseases. Address
Dr. Miles Medical Co, Elkhart, Ind.
Special to tbe News.
Measles is increasing horo.
Cbas. Kelly, of Sparta, is spending
Christmas here.
Miss Callie Simpson ot Belmont Col
lege, Is spending tbo holidays here.
Miss Vera Alexander, wbo is a stud
ent at a college at Macon, Ga., is borne
for Christmas.
Miss Grace Spears is visiting her sis
ter, Mrs. W. D. Wright. In Knoxville.
Vance Alexander, Andy Thach and
Will Price, our Vanderbilt students, ,
are spending tbe holidays here.
Tbo boys are throwing boomerangs
all around the town.
Rev. W. T. Dale and family have re
moved to Middle Tonnessoe.
Miss Norma Connally, of Trenton,
Ga., is visiting bore. ,
Will Bonnott spent Sunday in Chat
You Know What You Are Taking
When vou take Grove's Tasteless
Chill Tonic because the formula is
plainly printed on every bottle show
ing that that it is simply Iron and Qui
nine in a tasteless form, No Cure, No
Pay. 50c.
Bears ths si 11,8 Ma I Always BOtlgM
Read This!
Established 1798
50cts. a Year
Always Hepidlican.
Alwa Keliablk,
All the newH ot the week iratbered
by tbe Associated l'ress nnd our mam
moth corps of correspondents In every
central point of the globe.
Forceful and b'eark'Ha Editorials.
(Jraud Serial Stories.
Some Attractive. Features
Appearing each week are as follow
The Humes Horse. The Farm
erV Lvur Timber Growiug,
Pumpkin Growing, Etc.
Poultry, Live Stock hii1 Dairy,
' Fruits, VfgctuhluB, Flower
Ku8citiiitit Fhnhions for tbe
Frtir, FHpiiioi.ab'p Pa! terns at
Nominal Prices, the Uonli
il'-nce C r!r, Kitchen Con.
veiiii-iiccg nii'l Ansclufely the
lie-t Market Kejiorts iu the
Oo'i try.
You can't do itbout lln Weekly
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Weekly Gazette, Cincinnati, 0.
ttliei' it conies to iloing
!' I'riiitiiitf tirmiititlv
ai d i.tatly.
i r - - j

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