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Seqaa-chee, Marion County, Tenn.
HILL fc SON, Euitoi:s and Pi'uusmk
S vitcrlption Price, 50c a Year In Advance.
KaTSews and advertising matter to se
cure InHerllon must be handed In before
H o'clock each Wednesday, or it inay be
too late for publication.
The Nkws will not be responsible for
the opinions of its correspondents, nor
(or signed communications, and nothing
will be considered for publication which
li not accompanied by the real name of
(ha writer not for publication, jtut as
an evidence of good faith.
Fl.llU!?AHY 4. 1904.
We are authorized to announce Dr.
N. K. Moore, of Wbltwell, as a candi
date to represent the counties of Marion
and Franklin in the next Legislature,
subject to action of Democratic part-'.
Election in November, 1904.
We are authorized to announce Wil
liam J. llama ns a candidafe for elect
Ion to the office of Sheriff of Marion
County, subject to the will of the peo
ple. Election In August. l'.H)4.
We are authorized to announce David
McNabb, of Whltcsidn, as a candidate
for the office of Sheriff of Marion Coun
ty, subject to the will of the republican
primary or convention.
We are authorized to announce Dan
T. Thacb as a candidate for trustee of
Marion county, subject to the action of
the republican party of the county.
Everybody is now wishing they
had a few bales or cotton to sell
A bale sold in Alulmma Inst week
lor 1114.00.
The News, Montgomery w Va.,
it a new addition to our exchange
table. It is a debutante in jour
nalism, and we hope it will strike
a favorable match with Mr. Pros
perity. Thk adoption of the road meas
ure by the county court is a notice
to the world that Marion county
desires to join in the procession of
activity and progress. Let us aU
ways encourage enterprise.
Special to the News.
Mrs. S. S. Ferguson, of Pikeville, vis
ited ber parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. L.
Bracken Tuesday.
Mrs. J. S. Ferguson was the guest of
Mrs. J. S. Humble Wednesday.
Miss Hester Thurman was calling on
Miss Emily Lee Friday evening.
A. 13. Cranwell, of Pikeville, was
bere Saturday inspecting lumber.
I wonder when Laura Levan is going
to come to Let to help a certain young
nan clerk in bis store. Hurry up, Lau
ra.he is getting tired of waiting.
Mrs. Wyatt Thurman and sons, Rol
lie and Sam, were the guests of Mrs. R.
L. Humble Saturday night and Sunday.
L. L. Leo and sister, Miss Pallie,
were visiting at Mrs. J. L. Lee's Sunday
Mrs. Laura Bracken, who bas been
sick for some time, was able to attend
Sunday school Sunday.
Kay Bracken and Mrs. J. S. Humble
went to Pikeville Monday.
Miss Emily Lee called on ber cousins,
Johnnie and Freddie Lee, Monday af
ternoon. They are very sick with the
J. J. Kelly, W. A. Thurman and D.
F. Spring were in the city Friday.
Little Ega Humble is on the sick list
this week.
I wonder how Laura Levan likes to
shell corn to ship.
B. S. Smith, of Pikeville, was here
Tuesday inspecting lumber.
Miss Minnie Cain is sick with the
measles. Guess Who.
Special la the Nrws.
The biggest snow fell bere this morn
ing that bas fallen bere this winter.
Mr. Marlow of Georgetown, is sick
and reported very low.
Mr. Shipley of this place, who has
been spending a few months in Texas,
returned home.
Hon. R. A. Palmer, of McPberson,
sold a carload of mules last week.
Joe Teague of Wbitwell, has got
nice bunch of cattle at Mr. Hooper's.
The following were the guests of Mr.
Clemmie King Sunday evening: Messrs
Melton, Joe Cannon, Sam Graham and
Andy Mar.
C. H. and P. L. King, of near Fair
mount, who have been visiting home
folks bere, have returned to that place
i Mrs. Carter of this place, died Jan
lrttb, and was buried Sunday following,
We would be glad to bear of some
more of our friends subscribing for tbi
Rev. Rollin, of Georgetown will fil
his regular appointment here Sunday
Let us bear from Dollie ot Sidneyton
I bave used Chamberlain's Cougb
Remedy for a number of years and bave
no hesitation in saying that it is tbe
best remedy for coughs, colds and croup
1 bave ever used in my family. I bave
not words to express my confidence in
this remedy. Mits. J. A. Mookk,
North Star, Mich. For Sale by Cold
well & Cbaudoin. and Wbitwell Drug
Disfigured Skin
Wasted muscles and decaying bone.
What havoc I
Rcrofula, let alone, Is capable of all that,
and more.
It Is commonly marked by buncnes in
the neck. Inflammations In the eyes, dys
pepsia, catarrh, and fretieral debility.
It is alwayi radically and permanently
cured by
Hood's Sdrsaparilla
Which expels all humors, cures all erup
tions, and builds up the whole system,
Whether young or old.
"it.xMli 1111. ciirejlvcrjlh :thennn-lrrllnliii nd j
'only cathartic to iako with Howi't Btr.apiu-illiC
Special to the News.
Wading mud and ice is the order of
the day.
Our new preacbor preachtd bis firsf
sermon Sunday at Rose Chapel.
Tom Rose will soon have bis bouse
com Dieted.
Wo bare fresh meat at oar house all
the time. My husband kill rabbits
one day and squirrels the next, and the
next (Jay shoots at a turuey but tne
feathers is all be gets of them.
Mr. Swain is still building bouses,
and says it will lake him fourteen years
to get done.
Mr. Murpbey trave the young folks a
party ono night last week, and all re
port a nico timo.
Dan Dickson has gone to trapping
and hunting and bassuccoeded in catch
ing a coon and killing a snow bird.
Uuess he will get rich.
Misses Annie Dickson ana Jewel An-
dorson visited at J. li. linrklin's Sun-
Cold Wave is visiting us now ana bas
brought some snow and ice along with
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Walter Rose, a
girl Saturday night.
James Anderson returned irom l'erry,
Ark., Tuesday where be bas been at
work for the last two months.
What bas become of the Caroline
Chapel and Mineral Springs correspon
dents? Would like to bear from them.
There was a big fire in Cherry valley
the other night and several stores were
burned down.
Host wishes to Bill Dooley and the
editors. Arkansas Sisters.
Tendency of the Times.
The tendency of medical science is to
ward preventive measures. Tbe bait
thought ot the world is being given to
the subject. It Is easier and better to
prevent than to cure. It bas been fully
demonstrated that pneumonia, one of
the most dangerous diseases tbat medi
cal men have to contend with, can be
prevented by the use of Chamberlain's
Cough remedy. Pneumonia alwayi re
sults from a cold or attack of influenza
(grip), and it bai been observed tbat
this remedy counteract! any tendency
of these diseases towards pneumonia.
This bas been fully proven in many
thousands of cases in wbicb this reme
dy has beon used during the great pre
prevalence of colds and grip in recent
years, and can be relied upon with im
plicit confidence. Pneumonia often re
suits from a slight cold when no danger
is apprehended until it is suddenly dis
covered that there is fever and difficul
ty in breathing and pains in the cbest,
then is is announced that the patient
bas pneumonia, lie on the safe side
and take Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
as soon as the cold is contracted. It al
ways cures. For sain by Coldwell &
Cbaudoin, and VVhitwoil Drug Co.,
Special to the News.
We are having snow.
Rabbit hunting is tbe order of the
day and tbe boys are having a fine time.
Sunday IS. Ueakins made a trip over
to see bis old uncle, Frank Deakins, and
found him as well as common. He was
proud to meet him.
Mrs. M. D. Smith is on the slcK list
and Dr. Barker was called in to see
her. She bas been suffering great pain
something like rbeumatistoi. I hope
she will soon recover.
Well, Mr. Bill Dooley, I would like
to bave some of your liniment to use on
some of Thau's if you think it would
make them jump over the table when
they start to jump on it.
Claud Smith ana wile, of Munlap,
were down Sunday to see bis mother,
Mrs. Smith.
Mrs. Leona Smith and M. E. G. were
the guests of Mrs. W. L. Smith Sunday.
I would be glad to see warm weather
again so tbat I could get out and tlnd
something to write tbat would be of in
Republicanism and democracy are
both levelers but tboy work difierently,
The democratic party levels things
down while the republican party levels
things up, or in other words it nils the
treasury and reduces debt while the de
mocratic party empties the treasury and
increases debt.
Prof. Jones has a fine school at Dun-
lap. Mrs. Mattie Moore assists him.
Mr. Stewart Jobnson gave the young
folks a another big supper and party
last week. James Thurman also gave
them a big party this week. M. E. G.
How's This?
We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward
for any case ot Catarrh that cannot be
cured bv Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F. J". CHENEY & CO., Props.,
Toledo, Ohio.
We, the undersigned, have known F.
J. Cheney for the last fifteen years, and
believe him perfectly honorable in all
business transactions, and financially
able to carry out any obligation mado
by their firm.
Wkst fc Tmuax. Wholesale Druggists,
Toledo, Ohio.
Wai.uk.n. Kinnan A Mauvix, Whole
sale druggists, Toledo, Ohio.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internal
ly, acting directly upon tbe blood and
mucous surfaces of tbe system. Price
75c per bottle. Sold by all druggists.
Testimonials frep.
Hall's Family Pills are tbe best
I will be in Sequaobee Friday ot each
week. All desiring dental work may
call on me at tbe Hotel Marion.
Read the News. Oulj 50c a year.
3$hitit)cU Department.
GEO. W. LEWIS Aeent.
Snow fell all day Thursday.
Dr. S. C. Ellis made a business
trip to Chattanooga-last week.
Robert Browning, of McMinnville,
was in the city last week and bought
fourteen mules.
Mrs. George Cookston died in
Chattanooga Friday and was brought
here for interment and was buried at
the Teague cemetery Saturday.
James Vanhoosier and Miss Gerta
Hixson were married Wednesday, of
last week, liey. S. P. Angel officiat
ing. It was a Gretna-green affair.
If you want office why not let it be
known through the columns of the
News. The lucky man will be the
one who lets the people know what
he wants.
Preparations for the reception and
entertertainraent of all who wish to
attend the meeting on the 11 and 12
will be made. Everybody is cordi
ally invited to attend.
If you want a nice book to read
call at at Dr. S. C. Ellis's office and
get one it will not cost you anything
only you are expected to take good
care of it and return it after reading.
Dr. N. B. Moore is thinking of
buying a musical instrument that
will play any tune from "Jesus, Lov
er of my Soul" to "Old Dan Tuck
er," "Arkansas Traveler," and "Gwine
to Run All Night."
Special to ike News.
Rev. S. P. Douglas preached at New
Life Sunday morning.
Ask Oscar Griffith bow be enjoyed
his visit Sunday eve.
School closed at New Life last Tues
day on account of measles.
I wonder how Thomas Andes enjoyed
bis trip to Chattanooga.
Artbui Grlffltb is getting to be a
fine boy. He's going with tbe girls
Miss Nannie Hicks returned from
Chattanooga Friday.
Ask Comer Blair how she likes to go
with the girls.
Miss Carrie Griffith returned home
from Chattanooga Saturday where she
bas been visiting her sister, Mrs. El
Wonder if M. E. G. frowned when she
read Uncle Joe's letter. Write, again,
Uncle Joe.
Mrs. Geo. Cookston died at Chatta
nooga and tbe remains were brought to
tbe Teague graveyard.
Mrs. lloodenpyle, wife of Jesse
Hooden'pyle died Monday and was bur
ied at tbe Pickett graveyard Wednes
day. Marie.
Are You Restless at Night?
And harassed by a bad cough? Use
Ballard's Uorehound Syrup, it will se
cure you sound sleep and effect a
prompt and radical cure. 25c, 50c and
For sale by Sequatcbio Supply Store,
and Wbitwell Drug Co.
To the Republicans of Marion County:
A mass convention Is hereby called to
meet at the courthouse in Jasper, Sat
urday, Feb. 27th, at one o'clock p. m.,
for the purpose of electing a Chairman
and Secretary of tbe County Executive
Committee, and also to determine tbe
mode of selecting candidates for tbe
county offices, and to tend to such other
business as may come properly before
tbe convention.
Chairman Ex. Com.
Jan. 26, 1004. 4t
who feel that their money does not go far
enough in the clothes question.
Our Goods and Prices.
For instance, we refer to our
TROUSERS at $i 97 and $2.97
They are equal to the values sold by
our competitors at from $2 to $5. . .
in all the different fabrics either in blacks or
in fancysatfrom $7.50 to $20.00.
Just the kind you want from $5. to $25.
8 w. 9th st. STEWART BROS., chattanooqa.
The largest snow of the season
fell Sunday.
A. O. Ellis, of Georgia, is in the
city selling pianos.
(. P. Ilolloway has so far recover
ed from his injury caused by his mule
falling as to be able to go to Jasper
Everybody is cordially invited to
attend the Missionary to attend the
missionary meeting here on the 1 1 Lb
and 12th inst.
Rev. M. J. Butcher preached Sun
day and Sunday night at the South
ern Methodist church.
Mrs. Jack Ilolloway and Mrs.
Warren Gilliam have both been con
fined with severe sickness.
Quite a number went to Jasper
Monday to see what the county
would do on the bond question.
T. J. Quarles has been very low
with the measles but is some better
now and in a fair way to recovery.
Hearst for president; Bate, for U
S. Senator; Moon for Congress; Fraz-
ler for governor; Payne for state sen
ator; and Moore for representave is
the crv of the democrats of Whit-
Editors News:
Hope you will please correct two
statements published in your columns
recently to avoid death and destruction
in our littlo town. We believe in the
News and wish to holp it all we can,
but since tbe issue of Jan. 21st thirteen
deaths from heart failure have been re
ported on account of your paper stating
that J. W. Morrison and W. U. While
bad entered into a law partnership
together. No such partnership has
been formed that we know of and no
such office can be found. Those who
searched for the office and found it not,
regard the affair as only a joke.
' Another statement in tbe News tbat
John T. Raulston was attending the
session ot Supreme Court in Nashville
where the tbe case of J. A. Walknr et
al. vs. the T. C, I. A R. B. Co., was ex
pected to come up for decision, was al
so another error. We are informed
tbat Mr. Raulston was in South Pitts
burg that week staying there one night
and as tbe Supreme Court does not sit
at night but only a tow hours during
the day time, of course he could not
bave been there.
Our people do not wish to woar out
thousands of dollars worth of shoes try
ing to find ficticious law firms or weary
their brains reading mistatements,
which bave caused a wonderful amount
of excitement in our town.
Wbitwell, Tenn., Jan. 28,1004.
We regret the Inaccuracies of the cor
respondents, but are delighted to find
tbe News such a valuable advertising
medium. Editor.
The eyes of all the world will be turn
ed toward St. Louis during the year 1004.
Everybody will want to get from first
hands, the news of the greatest World's
Fair which the world has ever seen.
Our readers are advised, therefore, to
subscribe for tho greatest St. 'Louis
newspaper a newspaper which ack
nowledges no equal or rival in all the
West, and which stands in the front
rank among the great newspapers of the
world. Subscribe for tho ST. LOUIS
GLOBE-DEMOCRAT and get all tbe
news of tbe World's rair, all ihe news
ot all the earth. See advertisement
elsewhere in this issue. J 31, fit
For Infants and Children,
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the
1 The Latest Thing in our Store I
this veek is
LADIES' SHOES, New Styles $1.00 to $2.00
MEN'S SHOES, New Styles, $1.35 to $5.00
Our $4.00 and $5.00 Shoes are the finest Vici and
Patent Vici, and the Best of Materials throughout.
Why can't we sell you your next shoes?
The Celebrated
Your Interest Is
. . . ..........
Spring City District M. E. Churcb, South,
Whitwell, Tenn.,Teb. I (land 12.
9 a. m. Opening service and organiza
tion, by Kev. U. 11. Casstday.
9:30 Missions as a spiritual force, Rev.
M. J. Butchor.
9:1)0 Our missionary periodicals, Rev.
J. A. Ellison.
10:10 New territory, how to develop it,
liev. A. B. Hunter.
10:30 Missions tho business ot tho
church, liev. Frank Jackson.
10:55 Sermon, by Rev. A. B. Hunter.
p. m. Opening Service, Rev. G. S.
2:20 Is tho missionary spirit trrowing-
in the district? Rov. J. H. Wagner.
2:40 Tho holy spirit, tho agetit in mis
sions, Rev. J. M. Mosier.
3.00 The American Bible Society, Rev
Dr. O. D. French.
8:20 The benevolent collections, when
and how should they bo taken, Rev.
E. E. Wiley.
3:40 Prayer and Missions, Rev. Sam P.
4:00 Tho Christian and bis money, by
Rev. J. II. Oreeniiig.
7:00 Sermon, by liev. Dr. O. D. French
9:00 a. m. Oponing service by Rev. W.
L. Norwood.
9:15 What part should the Sunday
school take in the missionary move
ment. Rev. Sam V. Morrell.
9:30 The value of missionary litera
ture in securing ttio benevolent col
lections, bv Rev. J. M. Jimison.
'.1:50 What our Church is doing in tbe
foreign field, by Rev. J. I. Guy.
10:10 Suggestions for greater efficiency
in the district, by Rev. J. M. cren
10:30 The layman and missions, by
Prof. M. M. Dossett.
10:50 A revival in every charge, and
how this may be brought about; Kev
J. A. Greening.
11:05 Sermon, by Rev. E. E. Wiley.
2:00 Opening sorvice, Rev. D. McCrack-
3:15 Some objections to missions: bow
I meet them, by Rev. W. L. Norwood.
2:30 The league and missions, by Ruv.
R. C. Camper.
2:45 Tbe importance of observing
Children's Day, Rov. A. B Hunter,
3:00 The Sunday school as a mission
ary society, llv. J. M. .Ilmison.
3:15 Prayer and consecration servico
led by Ruv. E. II. Cassidy and Rev.
J. T. Guy.
7:00 Sermon, by Rev. Frank Jackson.
Let everybody come. All are wel
Special to tbe News.
Visilintr w.-.s not the order of the day
Sunday as tbe ground was covered willi
such a nico white carpet tbat not many
liked to walk on it.
Mi.s Bello Ilolloway returned borne
at Looney's Creek Sunday after spend
ing a week with her aunt, Mary Richie.
Mr. Dan Combs, of Hamilton county,
was tho guest of his son-in-law, Alex
Massengale, Saturday night.
Thero wi'l be good times in this vi
cinity or mighty bad ones for every
body and his wife are getting out aw
Isiah Newsomn of Kully's Ferry, was
here Tuckday cu dome imltnown busi
ness. T. II. liichio was a Chattanooga visit
tor Saturday.
News is not plentiful this week, it all
got covered up with the snow.
Take Laxative BromoQulnineTablet.
All drug?ists refund the money if it
tails to cure. E. W. Grove's signature
it on earn box. 25c.
Tho No Uonly 50c a year. Ued it.
are our kind.
Looked After.
a a a js.
Rov W Billingiley, pastor; Meeting
every 3rd Sunday at 11 am. and 7 pm.
Prayer meeting every Wednesday
night at 7 pm, Sunday school every
Sunday at 9:30 am., O. W. Chastain,
M. E. CHURCH, SOUTH M. J. Bufcb-
cr, pastor; preaching every Sunday at
11 am., and 7:00 pni: Sunday school
every Sunday at 9:30 pm., C. C. Shir
ley, Supt.
Pastor. Meetings Saturday before 4th
Sunday at 7 p. ro. Sunday school 9:30
M. E. CHURCH S. P. Angel, pastors
preaching 1st Sunday at 11:00 a. m.,
and 4th Sunday at 6:30 p. m. Sunday
school School every Sunday at 9:80
a. m. T. P. Duff, Supt.
C. P. CHURCH M. A. Hunt, pastor.
Preaching every 2nd and 4tu Sunday
in each month. Sunday school every
Sunday, W. B. Ketner, Supt.
erioa, No. 287, meets every Thursday
night at 7 p. m. M. T. Tipton, Presi
dent; J. J. Hooper, Vice President;
J. 11. Harris, F. Secretary; W. L. San
ders, C. Secretary; Mart Creek, Jani
tor. ,
MONROE CONCLAVE, No. 32, Regents
of tho White Shield: Meets every
Friday at 7:00 p. ra. R Burgess,
R C; j W Barwick, V R E; A Frizzell,
PR E; R Rigsbv, R Chaplain; Thos.
Williams R Ii; R Abraham, R T; R.
Reeves, R Adj; Sam Colson, R J A; M
E Reeves, R y; W M Morrison, L L.
WHITWELL LODGE, No. 503, F. fc A.
Masons meets 1st and 3rd Saturday
at 7 p. ra: N N Rush, W M; H P Bry
ant, S W; T M Walker, J W; E H
Barker, Treas; B C Grayson, Sec.
O. F., meets every Friday night at
7:30 o'clock: C C Cantrell, ft. G; W E
Cross, VG; N N Rush, Sec; T P Duff,.
Treas; L S lUumgartner, DOM.
pendent Order of Red Men meets ev
ery Tuesday night at 7 o'clock: Pat
McCov, Sachem; Waltor Coppinger,
S. S: Will Duko, P. Ii: J. D. Skln
er, .(. S; John Carl von, C. of R; H. H.
II. Tumor, K. of W.
LAUREL LODGE NO. 08,' K. of P.,
meets every Mnml iv nigl.t at 7:15.
V L Barber. C C: S B Alley, V C;
John Ballard, P: .1 R Moraran, M 11;
W A Levan. I of R: E P Taylor, M
E; T P Duff. M F; Lee Bryant. I Gj
D T Layne, O G; George Smith, Jan
For tho Cure of
Liver and IGtlncy
Endorsed by hundreds of people
it has cured in its home city.
Has won a REPUTATION !
to be proud of.
A trial will convince you of its merit.
for you will le benefitted
from the first doc.
Write to us for Free Sample and Book
let of Testimonials.
Price $ I, a bottle, six bottles S.
Sold by your druggist, or address,
Cleveland, Ohio.
SANO PILt CURE Work t wBltr. Phc ioc
Co., Wbitwell.

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