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I 1
NO. 29.
Jit t'tl llClf
ii jficJi, I, i. it 1 i
jsLr r rsr
Special to the News-
'Possom hunting it the order of the
Ii. L. Hill made a business trip to
Kind readers. I am again on my own Cbattanooga Tuesday.
aide of Little Sequachee Rivor. I wan J. E. and T. T. Troxwell were the
caught on the opposite Bide from tho uost!) of thelf molhl.r Mrs. Jacob
aewi omce wee oeiore last aim u. - Troxwell Kunria.
1- aa t. m lr.t.t.Hi- to tho of- irolwe". Sunday.
ice until Tuesday, and the editor said Miss Hello Loving has been very 111
be did not know if be would nave space or the past, week. Guess she. sat tn toe
to nuhllnh It that week or not. As he Aan,,u,- ,.i..i , u.,.
r , .i-uiwiuw a i u i l iuw iuiiui
: : ; ;;f1 Miss Bettie Horn is visiting her sis-
r. - - - .. , 1 it I . ' ii i. .. 1 1 . : .1 . t u ; .
wrote it and took it to me omco anu it w, im. uiubuvuk, ui ihiujci
would have been there sooner if it bad woek.
not oeen lor mo uiku We read In Hot Summer's corres-
n.i. mlnHa unrn Rnh at pa so to Some I -
-T 1 juw i u,.,n ponuence last weeK thai "ii a woman
extent wqrh wo unntu nuu ... ...j-.. i -
had sailed for Europe, thinking our gets angry sue adds a new wriume 10
eyes would get a rest, and bis absence her face. This is a nice provision of
did do some good in the way of a rest to nature lQ , h wofld knQW wbat klnd
our eyes, but tnis morning the first
thing we saw on picking up a papor was uusuanu a woman w. u. v.
bis name and the next was that be ob- er band it is not a good way of knowing
iected to holding the Democratic Nat- what kind of a wife a man bas for there
lonai uonvention in new ium ui uj
where elae in the enemy's country, lie
kiti he enioved his trip highly, was en
thusiastically received in Europe by
the Czr, tho Pope, King Edward, Pres
ident Loubet, Tolstoi, and the Prince
of Denmark. He talks as if they put
their arms around him and called him
are always so many wrinkles on a man's
faoe that you would never notice a new
Hurt Alley was tracked in tbe snow
Sunday before last to tbe borne of D. F.
Loving and on bis arrival bo found Un-
tbeir dear cousin. Well, if be can make cle Dick Farris and Mrs. Fannie Loving
men think that they cure that much in the parlor dressed in beautiful at-
for him I would like to see nim, ana 11 , ,. .
this bo really true he had better go '" j" Call again,
back and stay there. I don't like to Mr. Hurt.
have anything to say in tbe columns of Little Flossie Loving has been sick
tbe Mew; about political BUi ..ow- be t k Uh oold
ing as I do that the News is a non-par-
tlzan paper, but still as I don't intend Ask Marie O'Neal if she wants
to trivn anvthinff but stubborn facts 1
iruess it will be all right.
Bryan is a sharp man, but sometimes
be tries to make men believe things
that are unreasonable, like Henry Wat
tersonof the Courier Journal.
Editor Wattcrson must have been
using using some of Bill Dooley's Lini
ment, or more likely he had been us
ing something of a decanter and glass.
It some times makes a man's bead one
sided to hear Buch things especially
when he savs tbe republican party has
lived partly on contributions levied up
on tbe manuiaciurers anu partly
to see
that Bridgeport fellow very much.
A certain fellow called on his best
girl Tuesday night and to his regret be
bad to chat with tbe old folks while his
girl satin tbe parlor with ber city
beau. It seems as though "city boys"
can sit in the parlor where the country
boys can't sit on tbe kitchen doorstep.
J. M. Williams who is working at
Noedmore, visited homefolks Saturday
and Sunday.
J. H. Loving, of Deptford visited re-
Special te t)u Nr.vs,
Although Sweet Mario stated that the
song lifted ibo roof off of Oakwood whn
we passed there a few days ago the old
bouse was still standing ready for more
Henry Witt is still running a hack
from Walden's to Hill City.
E. 1'. Underwood wants a bottle cf
Bill Dooley's Liniment. He says be
has somu buff cochins that be can't
step out of tho bouso but what they fly
all over blm. They are In tbe meal
barrel, and on the table and every
where. '
Jim Hlxon says he wishes bis neigh
bors would take the Old Reliable. He
says they are there Saturday from mall
time till dark to borrow tbe paper be
never tires of reading.
Robt. Guess and Miss Maggie Levi
were out in their rubber tire Sunday.
A certain young man of Falrmount
wants to know if Hill Dooley bus any
medicine to remove freckles.
Oeorge Levi was lost the otber day
and bis father found him in a pair of
loggins up to his eyes.
Jim Guess watches tbe postofflce.
Miss Mandy Underwood smiles when
you mention Mr. Clinton.
Taylor Guess has been spending a few
days in Sequachee Valley visiting
friends and relatives.
Tllton Hoosier hitched his horse at
Mr. Woodhead's gate Sunday. Wonder
if he saw Miss Jennie.
Prof. Shannon visited our Sunday
school Sunday.
Two old republicans of this place say
thoy would liko a glass of M. E. G.'s
wine before thev eo to cast their vote
for Mr. Teddy.
Mr. and Mrs. William Guess spent
Sunday at Tbill Nixon's.
Ye writer called on his best girl Sun
day and found her sweet as ever,
The Rockwood Times Out in Meeting Con
cerning the Road Bonds.
Tho following from the Rockwood,
Tenn., Times is sent us with a request
for publication.
"We have spent in this county more
than 8200,000 in building less than 3A
miles of pike; now we are promised 101
miles for 9150,000; this proposition is
simply absurd and preposterous. It
might possibly pay for the engineering
of the right of way and tbe dlffere.nl
committees and plow up tbe roads, but
there it would stop; then we would be
asked for another $150,000 to put down
the macadam, and by that time toe
roads would have to be rnplowed snd
graded, another set ol engineers em
ployed and perhaps another set of
committees to be paid, which would
necessitate a third issue, making In
all about $450,000. A proposition to
build 101 miles of Dike with $150,000 is a
fraud upon tbe face of it and no half
sane man believes it oan be done; it is
simply thrown in as a vote catcher, but
tbe people ana tax payers ol this coun
ty have been fooled so often that tbey
are more in a state of rebellion when
bonds are mentioned. We say ttey
will not carry."
S. S. Kittrell Hangs Himself at Monteagle
While Mentally Unbalanced.
Monteagle, Tenn., Feb. 3. (Special.)
Our town was shocked yesterday by
tbe announcement that a man had
hanged himself. On investigation it
was proved to be true, and S. S. Kit
trell the party. He camo here a short
time ago and recently married Mrs.
Nancy Shutters. He acted some times
like his mind was unbalanced, threat
ening to kill himself. His wife became
afraid of him and loft home tbe nigbt
I he committed the deed. One of bis
'a . 1 , ,1.lf. ... ,-. . . I . .
Drotners were iouna in huiw wum-jr i ana Mr. tarn Moore paid us a visit sun
and came in time for tbe funeral. He jaTi
Spetial te the Xnvi.
'Possom and "taters" is tbe order of
tho diy.
As we haven't soon anything from
tbis part of Texas we will give you a
disertation upon it as best we can. It
is situated 5 miles northeast of Mineral
Wells and 18 miles north of Weather
ford, and reaches up in tho mountains
on which is situated Stag Prairie. As to
its soil it is from a sand rock to a bog
willowy musquite prairie, and is adap
ted to most all tho field crops. Most
all kinds of varmints are in tbis hollow
such as tbe wolf, polecat, opossora or
jackrabbit. It is hard to tell which
grows the rankest in 'Possom Hollow,
Johnson grass or tho pole cats.
Ye writer has to be very careful with
his neighbors for if be offends any of
them tbey just go up on tbe side of the
mountain and begin to roll rocks down
at tbe bouso and then I have to apolo
gize. Possom Hollow is sort of like tbe old
lady from Arkansas said. If you will
allow me I will tell you about it. She
came out bore and wrote back to a lady I the box supper.
. ... .... ' l! ,U
Iriona telling ol an the gooa tnings
here and later the old lady went back
to Arkansas and met her friend and she
said ''and you have left that beautiful
and good country, have you?" "Yes,"
said the old lady, "I just tell you tbey
have more cows there and have less milk
and butter, bave more big meetings
and less religion, more clouds and less
rain than any country I ever saw."
We have some red wolves out here
and as Miss Martha Deaklns and Uinda
and Lula Deaklns were going to school
the other day tbey saw one and skinned
the tlmbor as tbey went through the
pasture. I'll describe It next time.
Mr. Sullivan and family, Prof. Neal
Special te the Arcs.
The order of tho day is buuamg
chicken wire fences and lb" next tblnjf
is rooster fights. ' ' - j
I had an old Tbomus cat that was bsd
to jump on tbu table so I tried Mr. Doo
ley's linimentnd it worked to perfeo- .
t on. ;l
Rufo Lusk and Goo. Smith bavosomo
bounds which are. bud to jump on tb t
table. 1 recommondod them to use Doo-.,
ley's liniment which thoy said tbey
ould at tbe earliest possibln moment.
Frank Brown is living In bU now
liouso no a .
Thursday uioriiing, Jan. 88 there was
asmall Are in Fairiuount. Mr. Shack-,
leford's b;iru was burned und, in it, one ,
of bis best cows. Frank Brown, who
lives near, was the first to see the Are
but was too late to save anything. The
loss is said to bo about $4U0. '
Miss Allie Brown has returned homo.
The box supper was quite aaucjeas.
for the boys wore thuir best girls.
John Brlmer was much dlsappolntod
because some girl didn't take him to
Is said to bave belonged to a good fam-
through the folly of the democrats, latlves here Sunday.
Tom r.iiHk nassed tbrouirh here tbe
. I ... .1 .L!1- 1. a ... . n
He Bavs I iiy. ll8 motnor aieu. wduh ho wm
has wandered
otber day with a dozen eggs.
but even at this rate It must long ago M a V--nifl T.vin H,vn. f()P her . . ... .i,..i,i-. nuita small, and ho
ii-i u i " - n . i wn nnn irni. i.rvn ii nr. Knu J i ni uuvniu iui 1 i
voto. If editor Waterson will take facts ' borne at Tracy City Thursday. om) doxen of ef,gg noWi and in Cleveland around the most of his life. He was
.A .,..oo thonpnima nf 11)011 in Jnhn Wilvin nd linn. Trnxwell. of I., u.i. . nnn,a. fn about 28 vears old. He Was buried
- m - - I LJIlirS UU .UUIUU B.vv u.v.- B ,
. 1 V . J 1 ! . ... 1 U . .... ... . . 'I 1 " I,
u pro oa unity wueu Uo "." Stephenson, vlsltea relatives in Bnage- . j. ,, oere.
leveled up he will see by looking, at s . , Ra.ndron. . " BB
v - - j .
Health in the Hollow is very good
with the exception of tbe mumps.
Long & Greasy
tbe census impartially that ho has
made a wonderful mistake in his as-
sertious. Any man who is familiar
wuu bun umwij u nw..vj pare TPMM
1800 un to 1904 knows that men are do- bAUt, itwn,
Ing better than they bave for the last Special to the News.
i-w.tta. w will firht D- D- Boyd's baby died last week and
. -,v,iio n,ith f ifta that oannnt. hn was buried at the Caele cemetery. It
denied, ana we propose to reiute your was sick only a snort time.
We had two excellent sermons here
Sunday of last week, one by Rev. Mor
gan and tbe otber by Rev. Coffelt.
It snowed out here last week to boat
tbe band. Bill Dooley s Chum
statement wltb tbe figures of Tacket
In tbe presidential election in l'JUO
the democrats carried 17 states and the
republicans carried 28. Ibo 17 states
that the democrats carried contain a
population of 25,216,040 according to the
census ol lviuu, a ntue less tuan a tuiru.
of tho total population of the United
States. These 17 states contain a col
ored population of 7,643,087, therefore
of the 17 states carried by the demo
crats in 1900 more than 30 per cent of
the population is colored.
The 28 states carried by the repub
James Simpson's baby died Thursday
and was buried Friday at this place.
Miss Alice Lockhart visltod at Gage
one day last week.
Geo. C. Tate, of Tarlton, was out here
last week and spent a day or so at J. II.
H. Boyd's.
R. C. Camn. of Cairle. visited at Mr.
-. r - -
Smith's one night last week.
Uncle Mac Lockhart passed through
here yesterday from Beersheba Springs
Seeial te the News.
Mrs. Tygart spent the evening with
Mrs. Joe Teague Sunday.
Miss Ellen Anderson visltod her sis- plenty to eateverywhere 1 went.
ter Mrs. Geo. Deaklns last week. not aak Bro. Hart as he came out of tbe
MissCallie Hudson visited at Whit- mines whether he was a wolf In sheep s
We are bavins lots of snow and mud well last Friday. clothing or a preacher tn miner s ciotn
" I
Special to tbe News.
Well, we bave been to Tracy City to
quarterly meeting and heard some ex
cellent sermons preached. We stayed
all night with K. D. Curtis and took
dinner with Rev. James Hart. I found
I did
Special te the News,
llcans have a population of 4'j;384,785 BOing to Uncle Bob Lockhart
j! . .1... nf limn 1 B B
according to the census of 1000, of which
1,045,163 are colored or a little more
than 3 per cent. This means that in
the democratic states out of every 10n
oersons more than 30 are colored, while
in tbe republican states out of every
100 persons a little more than two are
colored. A study of tbe official census
Alex Brewer was over from the stave
mill and sold our mail carrier, Frank
Johnson, his horse.
Newt Smith was very sick yesterday
but Is better now.
Januarv was a very cold month and
renort of 1900 will show that there are the ground was frozen nearly all the
. ' I ... v - ... ... ... r'
almost as many negroes in vuo state oi tjme
ueorgia . vurrD i ... TKn MbUoh U over from Dunlao
can .aw..
In tbe 17 states carrlod by the do mo- coal mines
crats there were 1,608,881 colored voters ye are glad to know Marion county
and cold weather continues to hang on.
Mrs. R. M. Payne who has been quite
sick Is better.
W. U. Richmond is able to be out.
Mrs. J. D. Smith is Improving.
Mrs. Sampley is better.
Work will commence soon on the
Rev. B. F. FaiHand has been spend
ing a few days with bis family here.
Mr. Lenaban is contemplating build
ing a business bouse soon.
Mrs. Williams Is still very sick.
Miss Emma Wllklns, of Duck Hill,
Miss., who has been here to see her sis
ter, Mrs. Williams, has returned home
with four of tbe children to keep wbile
their mother is sick.
Rev. Blackwell is improving slowly.
T. C. Stanley and granddaughter from
Manzanola, Colo., are visiting friends
here. Tbey expect to leave for home
Joe Teague Is visiting friends and ing. Yes, the road was muaay. vnn
relatives in Bradley county. I came back I found the old lady very
H. L. Deakins wont to Whltwoll Sat- sick. The flee welcomed me homo
iirdav Mr. 8 A. J. Curtis is a nine uener at
Misses Corrlne, Claytle and Bertba this writing.
Teague visited their grandfather, D. R. George Coppingers children are on
Duakins. Saturday and Sunday. the sick list.
Miss Florence Barber visited Mrs. Tlnk Wilkins is on the sick list.
Joe Teague Monday. WearoWnglng the old song "Kooi
T.m.i T..r, Dt.art.Ad to Mr. Teairue's hoir or die". Everybody is sicu out
and found himself at Mr. 's up the here.
J. W. and Fred Raulston made a busi
ness trip to Sequachee Friday
Miss Georgia Raulston is taking ad
vantage of Leap Year.
Miss Ethel Condra, daughter of J. S.
Condra. died Sunday and was buried brewing
Mondav at tbe Teague graveyard. I have a notion I am in Dlorida un
Mr. and Mrs. Gus Duke, of Wbltwell, til spring. You see 1 am out or woou,
were out horseback riding Sunday. out of clothes, out of health, out of grub,
Mr. Luther Grant visited home folks out of tobacco and out of the valley,
Tbe widow Lane we understand has
moved to Thomas Burrough's, her brother.
Mr. Samuel, what do yon think of a
man who only goes part of tbe way with
bis girl tochurch when there is a storm
Sweot Marie was at the box supper
wearing his five-inch collar low-neon
shoes and striped socks and surprised
everyone by buying a box.
An exchange has found out when A-
dam was married. Of course It was on
his wedding Eve most everybody knew
that before.
The young men here are wearing
collars so high that tbey bave to stand
on tip-toe to see anything at all.
Well. I have boen studying about how
bashful I am for the past few days un
til I don't know which one of the boys I
am. You will know wby by the time I
am through with my sad little tale.
I was standing before the looking
glass admiring uiysolf, and saw before
me a Stately lOOKing yuung man wim
blue eyes, light bair and a fair skin,
wblch had been in tho habit of becom
ing crimson at the sight of a girl.
Wbile thus moditating I glanced out
the window and saw four girls coming
straight to the bouse as a shoop goes to
slaughter. Great Scott! what was I to
do? Nobody in tho room but me, and
must I meet all those girts? Law, not
Then 1 took a parting glance at tho
friendly old looklngglass and saw a
young man measuring six and one half
feet in length going at a fearful rate of
speed for the bacK door, but it waS lock
ed and my only hope was in going up
the back stairs.
How I longed for some of Bill Dool
ey's Rheumatism Cure, but did the best
I could taking three stops at a timo,
and never stopped till I was safely land
ed under the bed.
Mother let them in and ono of those
girls had cboek enough to ask whero
her darling Sweet Mario was. I never
heard what mother said for my heart
was beating like a trip hammer. . Fin
ally thev left and I crawled out from
under the bed, seated myseit at toe
foot and waited for the result. I didn't
have long to wait for I he.rd a light
footstep on the stairs which I recogniz
ed as mother's.
"Sweet Marie, where are you?" She
"Here I am, mother," I said in a low
voice that sounded like it camo from
China, and cracked china at that.
"It I was a young man like you, shav
ing every day trying to sprout a mous
tache which can be seen only with a
telescope, 1 would have more grit about
you than that. Sometime you will want
. . nr.fi that. "
; . ... m, - ( ntR tn vra(TO ., , ,., Here. iney expect to leave iur uuuia mr. uuiuoi in.- "
1W 0M coloVed voter. in every single is getting interested in good roads. We TuegJ We Ud to ha Sunday and came back with a grin on and as good as oat of m, head.
...o th democrats carried in luuu. " uy " """" b
There were nearly 100,000 more colored will follow its example.
voters in Georgia and Mississippi than
there were in tbe 28 republican states.
The republicans did not carry a single
state that had as many colored voters as
the state of Kentucky. Tbe republican
plurality In each of the twenty-eight
tit.es exceeded the number of republi
can voters except In Delaware and Ma
ryland. So it is absolutely certain that
the republicans carried 28 states with- to Tarlton today.
out tbe negro vote, no one win oay
that all the negroes In these states vot
A the republican ticket. Tbey bave
their colored democratic clubs and ora
iH In many places. If one half tbe
n.irroes in tbe south had voted the re
-nnVilican ticket in 1000 tbe democrats
-would bave lost the states of Georgia,
irulaiana, Mississippi and South Caro
lina even if there bad not been a white
republican In tboso states. The official
of 1900 also shows that tbe 17
J. II. H. Boyd got his duplicates 8at-
day and is ready for business.
Floyd Savage, of Boersbeba Springs,
was at Gage Monday.
Cleve Walker was over from Lan's
Chapel Sunday.
J. R. Boyd and D. D. Boyd bave gone
Wm. Lockhart was over Monday after
a load of bushes.
J. W. Denton has returned from Tarl
ton and gone to Cagle. Sambo.
them with us again.
Isaac McCoy, of Montana is here vls-
Itlnir relatives after an absence of 28
A very bard shower of rain fell here
Sunday accompanied by a violent wind.
MlssJunia Holcomb left for Texas
Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Holcomb, have
gone to Texas to visit thel: son.
Candidates are getting numerous and
will soon be numberless it they don't
quit popping up. Lookout, boys, some
one Is going to be left out. Rex.
hi. f. ! mw.mlll. All ve correspondents come to see me
a , . . . . . .,
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Cowan, of Dunlap, and bring something good to eat. say
were at tbe burial Monday. U. No. I ain't neighborly. Cachug,
Cold Wave.
Special te the News. THANS.
Plenty of snow and no wood is tho or- special te the News.
James Thaxton and sister, Mrs. ilix-
son, were over last Sunday on a visit at
Thans. We enjoyed their visit greatly
and were glad to meot them.
Mrs. Smith of Thans, is somewhat im-
IIopo she will soon
to tret married, and then"
"Married," 1 cried, jumping to my
feet, turning ovor a table and breaking
a lamp, ''W.hy mother, you must take
mo for a fool. Before I do that 1 will
go to bachelor's ball and live with the
two well known bachelors of tbis place.
Special te .'he News.
School which closed two weeks ago
domocratlo states with about ono third at New Hope on account of the meas-
0f the united otaies population contain . opened again tbis morning,
hout 65 per cent, of its illiterates, that ' r " . ,.
7. 11 toto ,ith mnra than RHHV. Mr. iOWWJU
Hackworth and wife
nn illiterates each and 9 ot them were visited Mr. Harmon and family or Dun-
v ... . ii.,.. ,i .
carried by the democrats. 1 he otber hap Jrom Saturday until Sunday.
two states. New ork and Pennsylvania Mf8 Marion Pickott, of Delphi, died
accounts . o, vu .a . ghe 1obV9S a hu8band
la, loft WUICU 18 UIUIO bUUU Uttl, kUll "
t tha 17 democratic states. Now broth
mT Watterson, you may fool some by
foedini tbem on soft corn but any man
who has tried to keop with the times
Will See mat IU rtpuuucnns uv iu
carry the negro on his crippled hip un
til the democrats get ready to use him
and as soon as be b as voted you throw
blm back to the republicans until tbey
want blm again and, to say tbe least. If
tbe democrats bad to start into a cam-
lgn without tbe expectation of any
help from the negro it would bo abont
discouraging as it would be for a
Man to start coon bunting on a dark
lDt Without a ui-K w uu u.s tn-eiQic-
While tbe ngro remains to be r
iitu-al tool of, any and all will use
zrZ .ha hapcx-n to bate him
i use
JJo-v.ssion whe they need such a tool
?y.v.ind. I close by wi-bing the
News and its many readers a long and
PP Your, truly.
and threo children to mourn her death
Ed Deaklns, of Delphi spent Sunday
niehtwith Mr. Burrel Condra.
Three of Mr. J. C. Howard s children
bave tbe measles.
We are glad tht M. E. G. thinks She
knows tbeidifference between republi
canism and democracy. If I thought
even half as much of our good president
as she does I would have his picture
enlarged and put up on the fireboard.
We democrats like drinks as clear as
water. We don't like republican wine,
It's for colored folks.
Miss Lou Hicks visited Mr. Maggie
Howard Monday nigbt.
Those who bave not bad tbe measles
are afraid to go anywbtre.
We would enjoy reading another let
ter from L'ncleJoe. Moon-eyes.
Special te the News.
Silas Anderson was the guest ot his
parents Sunday.
James Foster and J. W. Brown went
to Chattanooga Monday.
Will Newsome and Mrs. Kate Siglet, 1
of Decater, were the guests of Mr. and
Mrs. R, F. Eichey Sunday.
J. C. Bible called at tbe postofflce
Miss Ellen Anderson was the guest
other uncle, Mr. II. Anderson, last
I. Newsome and grandson went to
Cbattanooga Monday.
Mrs. Tbany Ellis is recovering from a
long spell ot sickness.
Miss Jennie Browning is very sick.
Mrs. Nancy Hicks Is visiting on Etna
this week.
W. M. McNabb lost a pocket book
with $50 dollars In it while on his way
to JasDer Mondav. We hope he will
succeed in finding It.
I. Newsome returned home Monday
from a three days hunt and aaid be is
roloff aeain as soon as the weather
I clear. BilL
der of tbe day.
Miss Ethel Condra is very low, meas
les and fever.
Mr. and Joe Defur spent Saturday
and Sunday with F. M. Powell
Joe Duke, of Wbltwell, spent Sunday pr0Ted this week
at France Powell s. be better.
It you want any drug of any kind call yery 8ad to pen tbe death of Wm.
on J. C. Powell. Walker. He was brought to the old
J. D. Dempsy called on Brit Thomas stone graveyard for burial
one day last week much to the delight Lida Smith is now moving over to the
ot a certain girl. Kell place near Cbapsl Hill. They
Wash Barber visited at Brit Thomas' gay tDeT w;ji jM VDe atore and post
Saturday and Sunday. office being so close to them
Mrs. J. C. Powell visited at W. H. VV were verv elad to read St. John's
Powell's Sunday. ... l.tiAr a it baa been a Ion time since I
l.ncin 11 1 nillllU 9JU aiiv m
Turner visited J.C. Powell Sunday.
Maynard Powell visited at neasure
Gap Sunday.
Long remember ana never iorget mat
thn News has manv friends in Tennes
see yet.
To tbe Republicans of Marion County:
A mass. convention Is hereby called to
meet at tbe courthouse in Jasper, Sat
urday, Feb. 27tb, at one o'clock p. m.,
fnr the nurDOse of electing a Chairman
and Secreurv of the County Executive
fnmmlttee. and also to determine tbe
mode of selecting candidates for tbe
county offices, and to tend to such otber
business as may come properly before
tha convention.
Chairman Ex. Com.
Jan. 2, 1004. 4t
had tbe pleasure ot reading one of bis
inurBtinir letters. Write often, wo
enjoy reading your letters so much. ,
Would like to bear from Albion lew
again. We like to read tbe correspond
ents' letters so well.
Mr. Rigsby has moved over onto the
James Henry farm. His health was
bad. and he could not attend the mill
Special to tlu News.
Attle Lewis, who has boen Visiting
here, has returned to bis home at St.
Elmo. .
J. P. Kelly, of Jasper, who has been
bere overseeing tbe hauling ot the ma
terial for the bridge has returned home.
Joe A. Richmond, of Coal City, Ga.,
spent Sunday bere with borne folks.
Miss Jennie Ketnor and Mr. Rigsby
and children, of Wbltwell, spont Mon-.
day here with Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Ket
ner. Mrs. II. Alder and children are very
sick with measles.
Miss Allie Richmond spent Tuesday
with her aunt, Mrs. Robert Richards, at
Sulphur Spring.
Roy Mitchell entered school at Pryor
Institute last week.
Mrs. E K. Hamilton is very sick this
Miss Celia Lay of Birgln Green, is
visiting her brother, George Lay.
1 Read the Newa. Only SOc a year.
To tbe Democrats of Marlon County:
Tbe democrats ot Marion County are
hereby called to meet in mass conven
tion at tbe courthouse, at Jasper, Tenn.,
Mondav. Feb. 22. 1004, at 1 o'clock d. m..
We were sorry to have him loave as he for the purpose oi selecting delegates
. i,i4iK to the Gubernatorial Convention, and
was such a good miller and kind neigh- j select delegates to attand the Sena-
bor. torial convention (to represent tbe
There bave been a good many mov- counties of Marion, Franklin, Grundy
tbis week. Mr. Kell moved to ; and warren i wnicn mcots at wcMinn-
vine. reu. iw-t, tun iu uuuiinaie a
candidate for Floater from tbe floterlal
Chatunooga and W. L. Smith moved
Mr. Rigsby. Tbey all moved tbis week
and moving has beon the order of tbe
News is very scarce, and bard to get.
M. E. G.
The News 52 pspera, 50s
district composed ot Marion and Frank
lin counties, and such other business a
may properly come before tbe conven
tion. J. C. LAMBERT,
Chairman Ex. Com.
Feb. 4, IWl. Secy. Ex. Com.

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