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NO. 30.
jP" i' ii ji J JO
Last week your uncle Dooley vis
ited Jasper anil had the pleasure of
meeting Dr. N. 15. Moore. He cross
ed the street in good order to give us
a good warm hand shake and he had
that same good-natured old smile on
his face as long as a Cumberland
mountain fence rail but to think he
would wade mud shoe-mouth deep
to shake hands with a fellow with
his every day clothes on, was more
than I could make out until I thought
about him being a candidate. Well,
by the way, to say the least Boney is
one of nature's own good fellows al
though he has some wild ideas judg
ing from what he said to me. lie in
sisted on my getting over on the
Lord's side, having reference to the
democrats. Well, 1 am glad he told
me this as I had never heard of the
Lord being among the democrats. It
would have been the last place I
would have gone if I had started out
to hunt for him. Better be sure a
boutthis thing, Doctor,, somebody
may catch up with you about this yet.
I guess most people have heard
that Joe Templeton was rejected by
the Democrats because he could not
stand the examination. Joe answer
cd several questions but not overly
satisfactory and at last was asked,
'Well, Joe, this is general election
year. What can you do to help us
elect a full ticket?" Joe replied that
he could tell the truth. He was told
at once that the political situation
had begun to assume some very ugly
proportions and neither democrats
nor republicans could stand truth
telling this year and there remain un
til further developments. Goodbye,
Joe, you are a gonncr now.
Now we will return to the old sow
that was sent to me by express some
six weeks aero. I had to let her re-
main in the office until I hustled a-
round and got up kale seed to pay
the charges and take her home so
she stayed in the office some four
weeks without victuals or clothes and
when I went and antied up the chink
and demanded my sow the agent
looked plagued and did not take the
money. As soon as he could pull
himself together told me that the
starvation of four weeks had got her
down tolerable thin and she had got
got out of the cage at a crack left for
for an air hole. After this escape
from the cage she was still in the de
pot and on looking around for some
thing to eat and tinding nothing else
she ate up two kegs of railroad spikes
and a new Sears & Roebuck sewing
machine and thus having satisfied
her appetite she began to reflect on
what she had done knowing that the
agent might give way to passion and
murder her in cold blood when he
found out what she had done. She
thought she had better repent of her
sins and prepare for hog heaven so
she began to think over all she had
ever done. She thought of the dy
namite explosion that killed old Doo-
ley's mule and blew his barn down.
After she thought of all her wrong
doings and repented till she felt the
answer of a 'clear conscience in re
gard to her sins she was easy, only
she was still in prison. This gave
her some embarassment until she
happened to think about belonging
to a republican. Then she felt so
small she just slipped through the
keyhole in the door and transferred
her carcase to parts unknown. And
now the public has been sufficiently
notified that the said hog is at large
any and all persons are at liberty to
ute any means of violence necessary
for the safety of their persons and
property, acting on their own judge
ment as to the course to be pursued
for their own safety. I will not be
responsible for anything she does as
. . . t-i I, i . ,
she ha quit my oeu auu ooaru wun
out any cause. She must take the
consequence. Good day, old sow.
Lt week some one said wonder
if M. E. l. didn't frown us she read
Uocle Joe a Letter. Would like to
know what there was about Uncle
Joe's Letter to make anv one frown.
We have known Uncle Joe ever since
he was a child, and do not think he
would do anything to cause anyone
to frown, if he knew it. Uncle Joe
is a democrat and should be allowed
to preach democratic gospel. M. E.
G. is a republican and a lady, and
must be allowed to speak or write
according to the dictates of her own
conscience, and that settles it, and to
the inquiring parties we would kind
ly advise a consultation with the of
ficial census as given by Bill Dooley
last week and see ff there is any
thing !'frowny" about that.
With best wishes to all ana enmity
to none, I remain,
l ours truly,
Special to the Anvs.
Harry Symes, bf Chattanooga, arrived
here Thursday visiting Mr. and Mrs.
George Burgess.
Waltar Crozier of Sequachee, Tonn.,
arrived here Thursday evening. lie is
the yard foreman at Searles.
Mrs. Dollio Burgess went to Birming
ham Wednesday.
Prof. Steele and Mrs. Dollie Burgess
are getting up an Old Maid's Conference
and there are 10 ladies in the play.
There are quite a number of gentle
men taking part of bachelors and I
think there will be plenty of fun.
Walter Crozier and Mr. Patterson are
boarding at A. J. Cunningham's.
Mr. Powell was out walking Sunday
with bis best girl.
Guess wedding bells will ring here
Geo. Echols went to Birmingham
Geo. Burgess and ifarry Symes were
out walking Sunday.
lbe Central Coal & iron Co. have re
ceived new machinery lor their air
compressor. Whistling Rufus.
Editor News:
Below will bo found my choice for
candidates both State and National.
For President, Theodore Roosevelt;
for Vice-President, Walter P. Brown-
low; for one of the Electors for the
State at Large, Foster V. Brown, of
Chattanooga, and some other good and
able republican from West Tennessee
for the State at Large. I think it would
be prudent for Mr. II. Clay Evans to re
main at bis post of duty across the At
lantic. For Governor of the State,
Judge Shepherd, of Hamilton County.
As to Representative in Congress fbr
the 3rd district, and as I think the low
er house of Congress needs some light
both by day and night, I would let
Moon shine on. As to my choice be
tween McMillin and Bate for 17. S. Sen
ator, if I bad a vote I would cast it for
Gen. William B. Bate.
Editor News.
As Uncle Joe wants to know where in
tbe bible it was said that it was right
to pray in church, we refer him to tbe
following texts:
In Matt, 5: 44 he will find about pray
er. Matt. 14; S3, where Jesus went up
on the mountain and prayed. Matt. 6:
5 in reference to the manner of the hy
pocrites who love to pray standing in
the synagogues and in the corners of
tbe streets that they may be seen of
men. Matt. 5: 44 says to pray for them
that despitefully use you.
Read Luke 11th and IStb cbaptors and
vou will find much information on the
If I'ncle Joe will read the New Testa
ment through be would find much to
convince bim that praying in church is
all right. There are many other chap
ters we could refer bim too if we bad
space. A lui&ntu.
Special to the Navs.
James Newsomo and Mr. Claud Brown
were at the postoffico Monday.
Charley McNabb went to see bis best
girl Saturday and was all smiles Mon
Joo Hartman hud a smile on his face
as Ions as vour arm when be read bis
letter Monday.
R. J. Mussey went ' to Chattanooga
James Newsome is sick this week
T. II. Richie, of Stanley, went to
Chattanooga Saturday to see his best'
L. McNabb ,of Stanley was tbe guest
of his parents Saturday and Sunday
Mrs. R. F. Richie went to town shop
ping Saturday.
Miss Dovey Boatrlgbt was the guest
of Miss Amie White Saturday.
Miss Mattia llix was at the postofilce
Monday on business. Bill
Special to the News.
Misses ltettio Harris, L-ula Grant,
Stella Carlton, and Kizzie Richards vi
ited Whilwell last week.
Mrs. G. D. Smith was the guest of
Mrs. John Hall Thursday.
J. A. Pbelp is improving bis farm by
putting out 200 Ann peach trees.
G. W. Bryson, 11. C. Grayson, and B.
B. Alder made their regular trip to
Whitwoll Saturday to get their Arbu ck-
Miss Mona Phelps stayed at borne all
day Sunday and sang "la tut Sweet
Bye and Bye."
Mrs. M. J. Carlton and son, Euhoit,
were shopping in Wbitwell Thursday
of last week.
Miss Ada Pholps was horseback rid
ing one day last week, and judging
from the way her animal was traveling
it must have bad a dose of Bill Dooley's
Rev. D. M. McCracken will preach at
this place Sunday, Feb. 21. at 3 p. ro.
Arthur Harris wag all smilos Sunday.
MissSegil Milliard is visiting rela
tives on Loonoy'a Creek.
Wonder when Miss Kizzie Richards
beard from that fellow who has measles.
Joe Davis startod to see bis best girl
Sunday evening and forgot whore she
Miss Mona Phelps went to Wbitwell
Friday shopping.
Arthur Harris was seen going east
Wednesday morning with a little red
rooster under his arm.
Miss Laura Kotnur of Wbitwell, is
the admired guest of Misses May and
Lula Grant.
Miss Kizzie Richards visited ber sis-
"oil fcv..v. , - J
Miss Mona Phelps called on Mis.e.
Stella and Dolla Carlton Thursday ev-'
Oscar Austin and Miss Virgie Harris
were out walking Sunday evening.
Why are lovers like apples. Because
they are often paired.
Misses Laura Ketner and Lula Grant
were horseback riding Sunday evening.
Little Miss Delia Jones is the guest
of her sister, Mrs. McCurry.
Miss Maggie Phelps called on Mrs.
Barker Friday evening.
Misses Bettie and Amanda Harris
visited the Misses Grant Sunday.
Miss Ethel Condra, daughter of John
Coudra, died Feb. 7, 1904, aged 12 years.
She was a good girl and loved by every
one. She leaves a father, sister and
brother to mourn her loss. We gay to
tbe bereaved ones weep not, she is not
dead but sleeping. Prepare to meet
ber in a brighter world than this,
where there will be no sorrow. We
should rejoice to know that ber loss
bore is gain in heaven.
Altbougb she is missed by all she
leaves a vacancy in tbe borne that can
never be filled. A voice, so sweet and
gentle is bushed in silonce and forever
stilled. We sympathize with the heart
broken family, and with thoso who on
ly weep to know that she is gono forev
er, but if we could speak a work of more
comfort than that she has gone to rest,
we would, although it should be en
couraging indeed indeed to know that
she has gone beyond the grave there to
rest with the dear ones who have gone
before, and join ber mother and her lit
tle Bister, and to walk upon tbe shin
ing streets of the celestial city. She
has gone where pains of human Ufa are
never felt, and where blossings of love
unmeasured are never withdrawn.
Tbe remains were borne to tbe Tea-
gue cemetery and there laid to rest.
We extend our heart-felt sympathy to
the bereaved family and friends.
Sulphur Springs, Tenn., Feb. 10, 1904.
Roof in Flames.
Friday evening the root of the bouse
occupied by R. L. Ivey in tbe row situ
ated on Massachusetts avenue was dis
covered to ba In flames, but by prompt
work on the part of tbe neighbors the
blaze was quickly put out. Tbe fire ii
supposed to bave started from a spark
in chimney, and quite a large hole was
burned in the root near it. The timely
and energetic aid rendered saved tbe
possible extinction of tbe whole row of
cottages, which would bave destroyed
tbe property oi nve or six families who
own the bouses they occupy.
Nearly Forfeits His Life.
A runaway almost ending fatallr.
started a horrible ulcer on the leg of J.
h. urner, rranimn urove, ill. ror
four years it defied all doctors and all
remedies. But Bucklen's Arnica Salve
had no trouble to cure him. Equally
good for burns, bruises. Skin Eruptions
and Piles. 25c at Wbitwell Drug Store.
I will be In Sequaohee Friday of each j
wAlr. All HcftiriniF liftn t 1 wnrV mt I
call on ma at the Hotel Marion.
Special to the Nrvs. j
Rabbit bunting is the order of the
day. Chat. Myers killed two and crip
pled another tbe other day.
The N. C. & St. L. Ry. is having a
new side track put In at Vulcan, tba
work being done by contractors.
Grover Morgan, a braketnan on ' the
N. C. Ry. is on tbe lick list tblt week.
Gues it be bad torn of Bill Dooley's
Liniment he would get all right.
Denis Brimer wag all iralleg Sunday.
II. M. Wells has been on the sick list
for several day, but we are glad to see
that he is out again.
Tom Myers is still wearing bis three
story collar. If ho is not careful he
will get lost in it.
The Sunday school here la progress
ing nice, and we are glad to see go many
Miss Alice Myers visited friends in
Whitwall last week, ana enjoyed the
visit very much.
John H. Cross is in tbe saw log
business up to bis neck.
Greea McBryer Is moving to Sootts
boro, where ha will reside.
Dave Hale and Linus Goeng made a
business trip to Whiteside Sunday.
Billy Bible and Mr. Brown, tbe not
ed bird hunters of tbia place, bad tbe
luck to kill three on their last round.
A party was given Saturday nlgbt at
tbe home ot Mr. and Mrs. Sam Lee,
which was greatly enjoyed. Those
present were:
Misses Jennie Morgan, Odessa Mor
gan, Katie Blevins, Cordelia Blevins,
Lula Blevins, Jennie Myors Ada My
ersj Edith Cyphers, Annie Morgan.
Messrs. Dennis Brymer, Geo. Myors,
Frank Hale, Barney Hale, II. M. Wells,
. ...... tvrti.
rn'a Hlem. T Moran "
Special to the Newt.
As it bus been several weeks since our
town has been represented I bave decid
ed to give the News a few sketches in
order to inform the people of Sequachee
vallev and elsewhere, that our town is
still in existence.
1 bave only been a reader ol your pa
per for a short time. I like it very
much, In fact I am glad to have tbe op
portunlty to glance over my old homo
paper again, which is go familiar to me.
If tbe editor is not crowded I would be
glad to join the circle of correspondents
Everything moves on as usual, al-
though soma of the miners complain of
the slack work, while others do not
seem to worry and say they will be fed
by tbe ravens.
Notwithstanding the bad weather
Sunday school and church ware held at
the different churches. There were a-
bout 75 who attended Sunday school at
tbe M. E. Church, south, but not more
than 50 stayed for church. -
The new railroad from Tracy to Coal
mont is almost completed.
Measles are still raging in town and
through tbe country.
The democratic convention of Grun
dy county will bo held at Altamont the
20th of February for the purpose, of
nominating for various offices.
T. B. Lasater and Grannie Lewis
made a flying trip to Tracy Monday.
Oscar Brown bag returned from In
dian Territory.
W. C. Abernathy, who runs a commis
sary about twomileg north-west of here,
claims to get lonesome. I am surprised
at Central'a negligence.
Our town was canvassed last week by
an agent selling fire kindlers. What
A monkey show passed through here
last week and created great excitement.
School at Shook oollege is getting a
long as well as usual. Zoe.
Special to the Arews,
Miss Lula Teagua spont Saturday and
Sunday with borne folks.
Mr. and Mrs. D. R. Deakins went to
Whitwell Saturday shopping.
J. W. Raulston made a businoss trip
to Chattanooga last week. .
Misses Gertie and Myrtle Grant visit
ed Misses Corienne and Clay tie Teagua
last week.
D. R- Deakins went to Sequachee
Cbarlia and Fred Raulston attended
preaching at Wbitwell Sunday.
Mrs. Sam Condra and children visited
Mrs. Joe Teague Tuesday.
Mrs. Joo Anderson went to Wbitwell
Thursday shopping.
Mr. Joe Teague returned Friday with
a fine bunch of cattle.
Mr. Sam Condra went to Whitwell
Misses Gertie and Myrtle Grant visit
ed Miss Mary Coffelt Monday.
Mr. and Mr. W. M. Barber is visiting
the latter parents, Mr. and Mr. Joe
Teagua tbia week.
Lutber Grant visited bom folks Sun
Mr. Jim Anderson visi&ea woe league
I lblirsaay
U No.
Read tba News. Only 50c & year.
Special to the News.
Rainy and cold weather is still hold
ing on. Health is very rood with the
exception of a few cases of the moaalrs.
Geo. Hale got bis foot mashed very
badly by the trip Friday by trying to
swing on.
Henry King wag accidentally shot and
killed the oilier day. King and two
others were out hunting and the ham
mer of Mr. Peary's gun was caught in a
limb discharging the gun the shot
from which bit King in the stomach.
He only lived three or four hours after
ward, lie leaves a wife and two child
ren to mourn bis loss. Two of bis boys
died vory suddenly u bout a year ago.
J. II. H. Boyd, wife, son and daughter
stopped at my house for supper on
their way home from Dunlap. He told
mo be bad sold out to John Andregg
and Joe Stokes. He will ba missed in
his neighborhood. We all feel that be
has hurt himself unless he can find a
location near tbe railroad. Mr. Boyd
bad sevoral hundred dollars worth ot
that ought to bave been on tbe market
some time ago, but on account of not
having duplicates be could not ship
them. Ho got tbe duplicates but said
they were no good to him. I do not see
why ho could not get justice. I stayed
with Mr. Boyd two yoars and Mr. Mar
tin did not even stay all nigbt and be
seen or beard or found out more than I
did. Of course be had more senso than
I bad. I like to see everybody bave
justice. Iam in favor of doing unto
others as you would wish to bo done by
and if there is any justice in our laws of
Tennessee I think he will come out all
W. B. Ilickey and Peurcu Green spent
part of the day with ye writer. Tboy
are always ready to trade and so am I.
I like to see a person when I think they
are on a trade.
Ye writer went to Dunlap yesterday,
everything was cool and quiet. 1 think
Georgo Standifer was doing the the big
gest business of any-man in town. He
is -a shaver yet bejs a man. By boing
a shaver I mean be runs a barber sbop.
T. J. Hickey bought two fine pigs
and toted them home in a sack and bo
also bought a tine coil Lovi.
Special to the News.
Mrs. Lou Griffith gave a quilting last
Miss Liza Moore went to Wbitwell
shopping Saturday.
Sheridan Harris called to see bis best
girl Sunday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Standifer Backer, of
Dunlap, visited the latter's mother,
Mrs Caroline McLain Saturday and Sun
day. Ab Deakins, of Delphi visited bis
daughter, Mrs. Laura Condrn, tbe past
Tomps McLain came borne Saturday.
He has been helping do some surveying
near Whiteside.
Ed Deakins, of Delphi, attended the
party Wednesday nigbt.
Tbe people bero are very much in
favor ot having Dr. N. B. Moore for re
presentative and a large crowd from
bare to go to the convention Monday.
The people feel sure he will make a
good representative.
- Misses Mattie and Laura Sanders vis
ited at Red Hill Saturday and Sunday.
Tho lads and lasses of this place bad
a party At Mr. Wash Prices. Music and
games were indulged in until a late
hour. t
Several of the boys from here attend
ed a party at Mr. James Slatton's Sat
urday night.
Special to the Net's.
Floyd K. Mitchell spent Saturday
nigbt and Sunday in Wbitwell.
Mrs. Kizzie Richards and Emma
Bryson, of Sulphur Spring spent Satur
day and Sunday bero the guests of Miss
Allie Richmond.
Mr. and Mrs. Al Ketner. of Bridge
port, are visiting the former's parents
bere this week.
Miss Hallie Lasater, of Dunlap, who
bas boon visiting ber aunt, Mrs. G. II.
Alder, returned home Monday.
Miss Allie Richmond entertained tbe
young folks Saturday night with a so
cial. All report a pleasant time.
Charles Ketner, of Bridgeport is visit
ing home folks this week.
Jessie Carson, of Shellmound is visit
ing his parents here this week.
Dr. and Mrs. K. Sbelton passed
through hern Saturday en route to Sul
phur Spring wbore tb doctor took tbe
second degree in Masonry.
E. II. and J. A. Prigmore bought sev
eral bead of fine cattle from Daniel
Halo on tbe Tennessee river ibis week.
Charter Granted.
Tbe Secretary of State bas granted a
charter for the "Our Store" company of
Pikeville, with $10,000 capital. J. Q.
Ketner of Whitwell, is interested in
tha enterprise.
Special to the .Win.
Mr. Ediior, with your permission I
will enter your sunctum and give you a
few dots from ibis neck of the woods.
Work on tho Baptist church is. pro
gressing finely undor the supervision of
M. I). Manfteld nnd T. W. Morrison
and as soon mm the lumber is on the
ground will ho pushed to completion.
When finished it will bo quite an orna
niont to the town.
The many friends of Mis. Henry lllco
who was taken lo the West Ellis Hos
pital at Cbat.tuiiooga soitio ten days ago
and had :in operation performed on the
litu i list. , will be glad to know she is
doing well under tho skillful care of
Dr. Ellis.
B. F. Cowan w.is i it Chattanooga sev
eral days last week MUirnliig Friday.
W. B. Hilliard came up Siturday to
visit his children at this pluco, return
ing Monday morning and on account of
his visit tbo Dr. is wearing a new pair
of shoes this week.
EJ McCurry and family, of Suiphur
Spring, came up Saturday to visit Mrs.
McCurry's father, Mr. Walter Jonee,
Come again, Ed.
The Methodist people bad a very in
teresting entertainment at the church
Saturday night. It was an old time ,
singing skule. Every one enjoyed the
evening and a neat littlo sum was the
Mrs. B. F. Cowan is visiting friends
and relatives at Cedar Springs.
We are sorry that the correspondent
at Coalmont has melU'd and disappear
ed. Assume a name, Snowfiake, that
tbe warm weather won't -ffoct and
como again.
Several of the miners aro leaving bere
for other parts. Tom McCarmack and
James Keys leaving this morning for
Batelle, Ala. T.J.Smith, presidentof
district No, 19, was bere over Sunday
on his way to Tracy City. Ho reports
the district as being in good shape.
Bill Dooley If you havo another batch
of figures like the last shoot them at
them Bf;ain they are more powerful than
tho liniment.
Now my advioo to St John and Uncle
Joo is to call off their dos and shake
bands for outside of helping to build a
log school bouse, neither ono ever gave
more than one-tenth what tho law de
mands. Coperas Breeches.
Special lo the News.
Miss Cora Parkins visited relatives at
Delphi last week.
Grady Levan has been visiting bis
father at Pelham who has been very
poor health.
Mrs. B. F. Reeves bas the measles
and there is but little hope of bor recov
ery. Jim Hale got bis foot mashed nearly
off last Friday. He was trying to catch
to the trips and lost his hold and fell
under the car. His foot may yot bave
lo bo taken oft.
Miss Myrtle Price Is visiting friepds
and relatives at Pikeville.
Bob Hoodenpyle is very low with the
James Eisenhower and son, Willie,
have bought out L. B. Merriman's gro
cery storo and will run a full grocery
store of their own.
Miss Amy Cain is sick with fever and
Miss Jennie ByrJ has been very sick
with measles the past woek but is able
to be up again.
Waiter Cain has the measles.
There was a concert given at tbe M.
E. Church Saturday night for tbe bene
fit of the preacher.
Work bas begun on tbo new Baptist
church and it will bo one ot the nicest
bouses in town when finished.
Special to the Xtws.
Mr. and W. H. Simons were guest o
A. M. Simons and wife Sunday nigbt.
Jack Nixon went to town Saturday.
Will give the readers a description
of myself. My bair is black, my eyes
blue, am just a little hump-backed,
knock-kneed, pigeon-toed, and deaf on
one side but ran bear an explosion of
dynamite on tbe other side if it is in
front of me. The girls say I am the
sweetest boy in town.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Henry Morgan a
boy, and parents are much delighted.
Rev. Scbrudder preached nt O ik wood
Sunday to a goodly crowd.
Rev. J. J. Coffelt will preach at Oak
wood Saturday nigtit, Sunday at 11 a.
ir. and Sunday night.
Drs. Witt and Ellerbr ok of Fair
mount, bave dissolved partnership, and
Dr. Witt called on a young lady Sun
day. Miss Jessio Woodhead
Iio;i folk.
is visiting
Would like for Mr. Dooley to tnd us
aome of bis liniment as we want to rub
a certain fellow and tbe white horse and
turn them lootto without any tag.
As it is raining new W acurce.
Good Luek.
The News 52 papers, GOz

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