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ScquaclKe Uallcy news.
Sequacbee, Marion County, Tenn.
HILL &. SON, fcirrous and Publishers
Subscription Price, 50c a Year in Advance,
tS n'i' ws and advertising matter to so
c iro insert ion nniHt be handed in before
1 2 oVlock fivcti Wednesday, or It may bo
too i ite for publication.
Tim Nkws will not bo responsible for
the opinions of Its correspondents, nor
for signed communications, and nothing
will be consider''! tor publication wblcb
is n t accompanied by the real name of
the writer not for publication, but as
an evidence of good faith.
January 19, 1900.
I hereby announce myself as a candi
date for the office of County Court Clerk,
subiect to tho action of the Republican
... c v T..
I hereby announce myself as a candi
date for re-election to the office of
County Court Clerk of Marion County,
Tennessee, subject to the action of the
Democratic party. J. M. thick.
I hereby announce myself as a candi
date for Register of Marion County,
subject to the action of the Republican
nartv when in convention. I feel that I
am qualified to till the office and, if e
loctud, will make an officer that yoa
will not bo ashamed of.
0. A. Quaiii.ks.
I hereby announce myself candidate
for Trustee of Marion County, subiect
to the action of the republican rmrtv.
I hereby announce myself as a candi
date for the office of Sheriff, subject to
the action of the Republican party.
II. M, Wkstmokelani.
We are authorized to announce Wil
liam A. I'rvor, of Jasper, as a candidate
for the office of register ef Marion coun
ty, subj"ct to the action of the republi
can party.
They are making so many useful
substances from the smoke and gases
which formerly were allowed to escape
from coko ovens, that companies which
are so far behind as to use the old-fash
ioned bee hive ovens will have to quit
fighting unions and use the money thus
save in building ovens of a more up-
to-date pattern to be in the commer
cial swim. The bee hive oven has
outlived its usefulness, and the by
products of coal, which formerly were
allowed to escape in the air, are now
taking important places n the commer-
cial arena. Southern coke burners will
have to abandon their antediluvian
methods in a few years to avoid con
stantly increasing loss. Their business
depends not so much on their ability
to down organized labor as ability to
grasp existing conditions and make
money out of them.
We have very poor opinion of a con
cern which pays its employes only $5 a
week, but we have such a one in this
county. The News has stood in need
of help hundreds of times, and has been
solicited for positions, but never felt
it right to employ anyone except at
decent price, and the editors have
worked many an extra hour because
they would not employ any one at
price lower than they would expect
themselves. The News is ' 'sorter set
on the matter of pay, and thinks low
wages and lots of work is the bane of a
The corporation idea is to keep the
hand of every man against his fellow
man. This is the ticket they expect to
win on.
The Southern Railway has not reach
eu bequaehee yet, though some or our
sanguine citizens are still expecting
Ana so the organ or the coal opera
tors says the printers strike will not be
successful. Just wait and see.
Have you had the grip yet? If not.
why not? Every chance has been in
your favor.
Criticises Action of Justice.
Jasper, Tenn., Jan. li, 190(5.
Editor News:
There are queer people in this coun
ty or rather in the uth district, or
they would never have elected a cer
tain man a Justice of the .Peace to re
present them, for since he has been in
ofhce lie seems to have gone against
the interests of his district in every
way. Just now we would like to
know what has been gained by having
the rates at Kelly s Ferry cut?
keeps money from being brought into
our county, which would circulate
among the people and help in the gen
eral public welfare. If be can bring
any reason for this action, on account
of the good that it does, we would like
him to bring it forward.
S1U0 KK WARD 8100.
The readers of this paper will be
pleased to learn that there Is at leas
one dreaded disase that science has
been able to cure in alt ita stages and
that is Catarrh. Hall a Catarrh Cure I
the only positie cure now known to
the medical fraternity. Catarrh being
a constitutional disease, requires a con
stitutional treatment Hall Catarr
C ire Is taken internally acting directly
upon the blood and mucous surface of
the Kvmtem, thereby destroying tb
foundation of the disease, and givin
the patient strength by building up tb
constitution and assisting nature to d
its work. The proprietor have
much faith in its curative powers, that
they oiler One Hundred Dollars for an
Cke that it fails to cure. Send for lis
of testimonials. Address.
V. J. CHENEY Jt CO., Toledo. O.
oId br Druggists, T.Sc
Hall's Kami It I'Uls are the bsL
IUai the Neat :.
A Bad Stomach
Lessens the usefulness and mars the hap
piness of life.
It's a weak stomach, a stomach that can
not properly perform Its functions.
Among Its symptoms are distress alter
eating, nausea between meals, heartburn,
belching, vomiting, flatulence and nervous
Cures a bad stomach, Indigestion and dys
pepsia, and the cure is permanent.
Accept no substitute.
Special to the Niws.
Well, Mr. Editor, I thought since I
had been idle for some time I .would
try and come again. I see you have
received my renewal to the News all
right of which I am proud. I want
the readers to know that I am still in
the land of the living.
News is certainly scarce in this neck
of the woods. I know of nothing in
the way of news to write that would
interest the readers.
It seems raining or snowing is the
order of the day.
On January 1 the U. M. W. of A.
Local here gave an oyster dinner, af
ter which we had the pleasure of lis
tening to some good speaking and sing
ing. Those who spoke were Joe Vas
ey, I. N. B. M. oOhe U. M. W. of
A., and Gus Carter, G. M. of Glen
Mary Coal and Coke Co. , and Supt.
John Keone of said company, Chas.
Birch and Jesse Davis. All made good
talks and to the point. Bro. Vasey
held his audience for about one hour
and the greater part of his talk was on
organized labor and organization in
general. Bro. Vasey was well received
in Glen Marv. Too much cannot be
said in honor of him and the noble way
in which he performs his duty as an
official of the U. M. W. of A. 1 am
sure he is the right man in the right
place. We, the people of Glen Mary
are ready to receive and welcome Bro,
Vasey in our midst any old time and
Messrs Keene and Carter expressed
willingness open and above board to
wards working union men in lieu of
non-union labor, giving their reasons
for same. Everything went off nicely,
Bill Boyd and Clark Young returned
from Petros this morning where they
have been working for a few days,
They say there is nothing in loading
coal by the acre. They say they don't
want any more loading coal after ma
Well, Mr. Editor, the reason I haven't
written before now I have been wait
ing and watching to see what would
develop. I wanted to see how ."Watch
man' ' and More Anon' ' would make it,
"More Anon" used some very broad
assertions in the issue of the 11th. He
said the sooner the miners would learn
to lead themselves and not be led by
such ilks as John Mitchell and Debbs
the better off they would be. If
"More Anon" would send W. B. Wil
son, oi Indianapolis, lnu. , a dollar tor
the United Mine Workers' Journal for
one year and read his interview with
me he would be a better posted man
on unionism in the course of 12 months
than he even thinks he is now. If
"More Anon" will visit the White
House in Washington there he will find
the photographs of John Mitchell and
the chief ruler of the United States
hanging on the wall side by side. De
spite all that might be said about
President Mitchell he is honored by the
honor of the world.
The editor said eighteen months of
the strike had elapsed. Wonder how
many more the money men think it
will take before they can force men to
abandon their principles. He should
have said, how many more months will
it take for them to see their financial
Well, dear readers of the News, be
fore this goes to press the Internation
al Convention of U. M. W. of A. will
be in full session, which will be the
greatest convention on record. There
will be no less than 1.100 delegates pres
ent representing close on to 400,000 Un
ited Workers, besides the few delegates
that will be there representing the
Federal Labor unions of the American
Federation of Labor, which their last
official report showed a paid up mem
bership of 2,000,000, so you can infer
from this that the laboring people of
America don't lack so much of being
completely organized as you might
suppose. While there are several re
inaining outside of the organization
thejr are largely in the minoiity.
would to God that every laboring man
in America could see just for one mo
ment the position that he was in, the
few that he is standing with as against
the vast nnmlier who are in the or
ganization. He certainly and undoubt
edly would not wait any longer than
the first opportunity presented to "get
into the organization. For fear that
I might infringe upon a space for some
one else, I guess I had better ring off
for this time with a promise that, if
this misses the waste basket, I will try
and come again some sweet day. . ith
best wishes to the News and its many
readers, I remain, tar Away David.
A Jamiacan Lady Speaks Highly of Cham
bsrlain'i Cough Remedy.
."Mrs. .Micnaei Mart, wire or trie sn
lierinteiulent of Cart Service at Kings
ton, .Tamica, West Indies Islands, savs
that she has for some years used Cham
U-rlain's Cough Remedy for coughs,
croup and whopping rough and has
found it very lieneticiai. She has iw
tdirit confident in it and would no
I without a bottle of it in her home.
S11 by John W. Simpson, Jasper,
leun. .
IntwcU gciiartmcnt.
GEO. W. LEWIS Aeent.
' hiow not what
I tell it as 'twas
Stewart Bros. & Co.!
821 Market St.,
Speciality the News.
Miss Reba Porter, of Cowan, who
has been the charming guest of her un
cle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Will Mill
er, has returned home.
Will Bryant, of Chattanooga, visited
home folks here this week.
Ervin Grayson and Luthnr Grant
attended a party at Looney s Creek,
Wednesday night.
Miss Emma Harris visited her sister
here this week.
Miss Lula Teagne und cousin, Miss
Icye Hooper, were in town Wednes
Miss Nellie Hardin, who has been
hero for the past three months with
her aunt, Mrs. Holloway, will return
to her home at Tracy City next week,
much to the sorrow of her many
friends here.
Mrs. J. A. Heard has been at Whit-
well all tlie weeK m me ueusnie ui ner
father, W. B. Hilliard, who is serious
ly ill. Dr Lamb was called yesterday.
He reports the patient some better.
Dunlap Tribune.
Dr. Moore was up from hitwell this
week doing dental work. He still de
fends the course of the union miners
at Whitwell, and is for Patterson for
Governor. He says there is no doubt,
in his mind, of Patterson's nomina
tion. Dunlap Tribune.
Mrs. John Farmer, of Tracy City,
and children, have been visiting
friends here, after a visit in Dunlap.
S feet a I to the Nens.
Well, Mr- Editor, this is my first at
tempt to write to the best paper I ever
Mrs. W. M. Bellis is on the sick list.
We hope she will soon recover.
Nina Jordan is on the sick list.
Mrs. Lige Hollin died this week.
I don't know what the people will
do when they get to work for they
have had such a long rest and played
and had plenty to eat.
What has become of "Jolly" If
she hasn't starved to death I wish she
would write again I like to read her
pieces They are so fine.
Ye writer went to town today and
got a little ducking.
Well, "Nip & Tuck" I don't have
to go to church and get baptized for if
you just go up in town these days you
will get all the water you want.
Come on, Bright Light. I like to
read your letters, and hit "Jolly" an
other blow or two and I think she will
ring off and come over on the union
side and eat John Mitchell's grub a
gairi. Come on "Uncle John" and also
"Wild Bill."
Ye writer visited Nina Jordan today
who is some better.
Well, as it is getting late I will ring
off wishing the News and its many
readers success. Silver & Gold.
Special to the Ntus.
We are enjoying good health here in
Scabbtown. Whitwell is doing fine.
I am a union girl and have a union
father and two union brothers. My
father is working in Alabama and one
of my brothers is at Wilder. It is
hard for us to have to stay at home
and our fathers and brothers be away
from us but I hope that soon I can see
the scabs pick up their grips and start
like my father and brothers have had
Our Sunday School is gaining
there were twelve scabs present last
Sunday chewing their tobacco and
spitting on the floor. That is the way
the scabs do in our little town. The
preacher may be praying and a scab
will come stamping in and will not
even take off his hat That shows that
they have not been raised right,
have just been raised up by the
of the head. They are very polite
when a union girl passes them in the
Come again, "Coperas Breeches."
We like to read your letters. Darling.
A Grim Tragedy
is daily enacted, in thousands of homes
as Death claims, in each one, another
victim of Consumption or Pneumonia.
But when Coughs and Odds are prop
erly treated, the tragedy is averted.
F. G. Huntley, of Oaklandon, Ind.,
writes: My wife had the consumption
and three doctors gave her np. Final
ly she took Dr. King's New Discovery
for Consumption, Cough and Colds,
which cured her and today she is well
and strong." It kills the genus of all
diseases. One dose relieve. Guaran
teed at .10c and f l.iXi by all druggists.
Trial bottle free.
the truth may he,
told to me.
Mrs. Elijah Holland died Wednesday
of last week of pneumonia.
A. G. Parker, of Etna, was in the
city Sunday.
James Harris' new store house in the
northern part of the city is about com
pleted. Chas. Furgerson, who accidentally
shot himself some two months ago, is
still in a very critical condition.
Quite a number from Etna mountain
have come here in the last few days in
search of work.
Mr. and Mrs. Murry, of Dunlap,
were in the city Sunday visiting their
son, Ed Murry.
Mace Young, formerly of this place,
now of Arkansas, is in the city.
Our merchants report last week as a
very dull week.
Can't our county candidates stir
around and get up some ' excitement.
e have two or three candidates in
this district and there is no reason why
they should not begin to hustle. If you
want to be sheriff or go to the Legis
lature, let it be known through the
columns of the News and you will be a
winner. '
Special to the News.
We are having more rain than sun
Bud Fanner, of S6. Pittsburg, made
a flying trip to Whitwell Sunday. Won
der what was his hurry.
Mrs. John King visited Mrs. Jack
Ridings Sunday.
Dr. Thompson has been very sick,
but is improving.
Land sakes! but didn't Dixie have
a fine Christmas! If I hadn't lived so
far I would have ate dinner with him
Wonder how come Dixie's dog to be so
smart. Guess he had gone to school
A negro shot another negro through
the arm on the hill today.
I think the Company has brought
the roughest set of negroes here that
could be found any where.
I am afraid the frost will get Morn
ing Glory for the Company has turned
him loose and he hasn't any hot house
to stay in now.
I notice that "Nip & Tuck" has ap
peared again. He says an education
is one thing we all need. I agree with
him there. Again he says let us not
have to work and slave like negroes,
but let us make ladies and gentlemen
out of ourselves. That is what we
want. If I was working like "Nip &
Tuck" I wouldn't call myself a gentle
man for I don't think a gentleman
would take another man's job from
him. I am glad that "Nip & Tuck"
has begun to think about Sunday
school. I think parents ought to send
their children to Sunday school and
public schools also and teach them not
to scab, not to try to take the rights and
privileges away from any onee.
Come again, Herrin, 111. , for I like
to read the news from all parts ot the
What has become of Dixie? I have
n't heard from him in a week or two.
Guess he ate so much Christmas that
his toenails came off.
Mrs. Jack Riding has been on the
sick list.
Ye writer has been on the sick list,
Best wishes to the News and its un
ion readers. Morning Star.
Special to the News.
Rain and mud is the order of the
G. B. Powell was in our vicinity
Friday of last week.
W. C. Shirley and J. Jr. liogers are
founding a saw and grist mill at Shir
levton where they will wait on the
The old man, who is 75 years of age
talks as though he could teach the un
ion something if they would listen to
him. I want him to know that the
union could teach him a great deal if
he would come up and listen to them,
Thev could teach him more about his
own welfare than ho has learned in all
his 75 years of existence. The old
J man's skull is too thin toteachthe un
! ion anything. I lie union is made up
Ul ill. 11 vi u.i. . . . . . -. ...... i " - , --. -
that will uohold the freedom and the
rights of the present and coming gen
erations. For all the old man has lived
75 years and can't see any farther than
from one day to another. He is like
j unto a grass-hopper that feeds on the
WeetlS. XI o llu junfc ncrj iivni uhd cri
to another.
I saw a rabbit today running might
lv fast. The reason he ran that way
was because he couldn't fly, and it is
reported by Charm Thomas that there
is a rabbit on the ridge near hitwell
that is bare of fur or hair, and has so
many shots in him that he runs
hw as a dog, and a liberal reward
will lie civen for his scalp. Hawk.
Uv J. A. Walker. Whitwell, Tenn
One Thousand Bushels, sound, dry
white milling iorn. Highest market
prices iail.
fcw tb ) 1 f- lisd Km Han t win Bct
Special to the News.
We were sorry to hear of vm
Mr. nett , at Jasper, seriously stabbin
Haynes. we ic luioriuo.i over the
. .
phono that Ilaynes opened up the
trouble by knocking Burnett in the
ead with a club, and Burnett ent
Hayncs seven or eight times in s,,f
euee. Burnett is a nephew of v
White, of this place, mid ellest son of
Dr. E. A. Burnett. His grandfather
was Robt. N. White, deceased, whose
name is not yet forgotten through 0t
the county. Burnett is respected by
all up here and never was in anv trin,'
ile in his life before he left home to go
to So. Pittsburg to learn the moulder's
trade. From there he went to Chatta
nooga where he and John Tate worked
some four or five months. Burnett
and Tate had just returned and had
taken a contract with D. M. Tate, the
latter' s father, at tho timo this trouble
arose over a small turnip patch that
was outside enclosure. The boys hap
pening to pass through part of it with
their log wagons is what started the
I want to congratulate my friend,
'Nip & Tuck. His wherealmuts
have been unknown for months past
but at last he steps forward and lifts
his hat and salutes the News and staff
by saying he wishes them success, and
all the News readers, which you know
up here is atleast two-thirds union,
and if you mean what you say I want
to take you by the hand and extend to
rou the right hand of union fellowship
I believe, from reading your letter,
that you have professed Christ, from
the good advice you give on Christian
ity, morality and education. All the
members of Local 287 unanimously en
dorse your lecture on that subiect.
That is the fundamental principal that
unionism is based on, education, Chris
tianity and morality, and let me con
gratulate you, "Nip & Tuck," on
your good advice. Hope you will con
tinue to preach this same doctrine and
meet me at the Red Men's hall next
Saturday week, and confer the honor
on me of introducing you as a conver
ted man, .as a peace advocate for law
and order, for Christianity, and moral
ity, education and temperance. I
know you will accept this proposition.
Its fair and reasonable and for the best
for all classes of laboring men. Will
yon come? Let your answer be, "Yes
I'll be there."
The T. C. I . Co. has relieved itself
of a great burden by discharging about
twenty -five guards that have cost them
a great deal of money and trouble.
Doubtless, in my mind, it has been the
instigation of the bulk of crime that
hs been committed here. If they will
all adopt "Nip & Tuck's " advice
peace is at hand. Let us hoist the
white flag of peace, the battle is over,
the baby is born, its name is union,
its daddy is the U. M. W. of A. with
Pres. John Mitchell in the chair.
Those whore not natural born Amer
ican union sons, the daddy of thetJ.M
W. of A. will receive by adoption in
to the union family.N
Following is the Justice of the Peace
court record for last week: State vs,
Will Cross, charged with getting mon
ey under false pretenses; S. L. Hav
ron, prosecutor; J. T. Rauslston, At
torney for the State: W.H. White, At
torney for defendent. Case dismissed
and Cross went free.
State vs Jimmie. Ridge, Joe Wimber-
ly, Elijah Grayson, Joe Reel, Robt.
Vandergriff, charged with misdemean
or refusing to work the public high
way for the year 1905. J. W. Morri
son, attorney for state ; W. H. White
attorney for defendents. The defend
ents were cleared by Attorney White
and discharged.
State vs Jas. Rogers charged with
misdemeanor; J. W. Morrison, attor
ney for state; W. H. White, attorney
for defence. Case was dismissed by
the defendent paying $2. 75, costs. Was
legally discharged and allowed the
privilege of going homo instead of to
G. C. Thomas vs Tobe Cox charged
with being an unlawful detainer. Cox
case settled outside the court house by
a committee of three as arbitrators to
settle the litigation. The following
named gentlemen were, appointed by
the court: N. B. Moore, Jas. Drake
and Thomas Hambrick.
Sarah Higgins vs John Thomas
replevy suit. . W. H. White, attorney
for Thomas. Case dismissed. Cost
taxed against plaintiff.
State vs Alec Vanhooser charged tv
lonipus assault with a gun, attempt to
commit murder in the first degree. J
T. Raulston, attorney for the state,
Byron Tatnm for the defendant. Wai
ved examination to the grand jury, de
fendant s bond was fixed at 500 by
L. Havron, J. P.
I want to say that W. H. White, the
newly elected road commissioner of the
Third district, will do the clean thing
for the people and the roads of the
third district by appointing clean
men as road overseers. The following
is a list appointed tip to this date: On
the west side of Sequacbee river An
drew D. Thomas, Sam B. White. On
the east side, R. C. Pickett. Geo. Van
dergriff. On the Chattanooga motin
tain road. Green P. Powell. On cross
roads from near New Hojie to Seqna
chee river. Dock Smith. From east
valley road to company mill at Seqna
chee river. S. H. Gravson. Frm
month of lane on back valley road, J.
Hudson. There will lie an entirely
new road svstem adopted here to what
was adopted last year. Everyjoverseer
appointed nnder W. H. White, the
present road rommi sooner, will be
charged to the letter f the law. Any
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral
quiets tickling throats, hack
ing coughs, pain in the lungs.
It relieves congestion, sua-
dues inflammation.
our Jo
explain tiit
to v v.'.. i .
all about this
Wo have im.'
f il tin v ( ,
Aver's Pills creativ atci
Purely vegetable. Kentlv laxative.
overseer on any road in the 3rd district
willfully failing or refusing to warn
any road hands assigned, to his section
of road will be indicted for a misde
meanor in office and negligence of offi
cial duty. Under the order and in-.
struction of tho road committee just
passed out. of office, the district lost
le labor of thirty men. His road ov
.... . i j., .
erseers will swear that no oruereti inem
not to warn part of tho men at all be-
uise some of them were working for
ie T. C. I. Co. , and so was lie. Now
f he did this who is responsible for
about $112.50 due from those delin
quents to our district? If this is a
act and he caused this amount to la-
ior to he lost to this district are nus
he and his bondsmen responsible to us
or the amount of money and fs not
he subject to an indictment for mis-
emeanor in office? It is reported that
the stub book shows something likoio.v-
r $100 issued and a certain road over
seer got got something iiKe fso al
though the law sets out what they
shall receive and that $00 was paid to
certain party to haul saw. dust over
the pike road when he was to rut grav
el or crushed stone. This is the way
the road funds of the iird district were
gobbled up. It won't do anybody any
wrong to have an investigation if all
official business is rightly done. Only
the guitly parties would suffer.
Sickening, Shivering Fits
of Ague and Malaria can be relieved
and cured with Electric Bitters, lhis
is a pure tonic medicine of especial
benefit in malaria, for it exerts a true
curative influence on the disease, driv
ing it entirely out of the system. It
is much to be preferred to quinine,
having none of this drug's bad after
effects. E. S. Munday, of Henrietta,
Tex., writes: "My brother was very
low with malarial fever and jaundice
until he took Electric Bitters, which
saved his life. At all druggists; price
50c, guaranteed.
Special to the News, v .
We see one of our Tennessee boys
from Ft. Slocum, N. Y., signs his
name "Rookie," and I think I know
him. We notice he speaks bravely in
favor of the union, yet he don't spat
at the non-union men very hard and
that is my way of doing business. I
don't believe in jumping on a man un
til you have showed him the error of
his way. We people here in the south,
should remember and bear well in
mind that we can't build up here in
five or ten years what it took other
countries a hundred and fifty years to
buildup. So come on "Rookie" and
will ask our noble editor to publish
your letters. I think such -letters as
you write will bring forth good fruits
in the future, and if I am not mistak
en in who you are, you are fully able
to come right along with some thing
good every .week.
Sorry to note that Charles Furguson,
who shot himself about seven weeks
ago, is no better at this writing. He
may go to Chattanooga for treatment
if the weather will permit.
Mr. Taylor is on the sick list this
R. F. Ashburn was the guest of Geo.
Cary Monday evening. Russell liken
to talk over old times.
Two young men went sparking Sun
day and one wanted to stay and hunt
the hen's nest.
Miss Rose Knox looked sad Sunday
but said there will be another day.
Come on, all of you correspondents,
with your little, sawed-off names. I
like to hear from you.
Pat Cary left Saturday to attend the
miners'convention, which is said to
be the largest ever held in Indianapo
lis. There will be not less than 1000
delegates at that convention.
Well, as I am the oldest man that
ever lived and for fear this will strike
the waste basket, I will ring off wish
ing succesH to the News and its many
readers. Methuselah.
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