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Sequacbce Ualley news.
Sequ&chee, Marion County, Tenn.
HILL & SON, Editors and I'i'iimshkks
Subscription Price, 50o. a Year in Advance.
dT'tfows and advertising matter to se
cure insertion must he banded In before
12 o'clock each Wednesday, or it may be
too I ate (or publication.
The Nkws will not be responsible (or
tbe opinions of its correspondents, nor
(or signed communications, and nothing
will be considered (or publication which
is not accompanied by the real name o(
the writer not (or publication, but as
an evidence of good (alth.
THURSDAY January 25, 19(M.
I hereby announce myself as a candi
date for the office of County Court Clerk,
subject to t!ie action of the Republican
1 hereby announce myself as a candi
date (or re-election to the olllce of
County Court perk of Marion County,
Tennessee, subject to the action of the
Domoi'ratic. party- J- M. Flilf'K.
1 hereby announC" myself as a candi
date for Kogister of Marion County,
subject to tb action of the Republican
party when in convention. 1 feel that I
am qualified to 1111 the olllce, and. if e
lt'cted, will make an olllcer that you
will not be ashamed of.
C. A. Quaiii.ks.
I hereby announce myself candidate
for Trustee of Marlon County, subject
to the action of the republican partv.
I hereby announce myself as a candi
date for the otllce of Sheriff, subject to
tbe action of the Republican party.
We are authorized to announce Wil
liam A. Prvor, of Jasper, as a candidate
(or tbe office of register of Marion coun
ty, subject to the action of the republi
can party.
There is a steady attempt at ini
provement going on in this county
which is very gratifying. It is won
derful what a difference a fresh coal
of paint or the removal of an unsight
ly shack, or the rebuilding of a fence
makes to a place and it is all the more
gratifying that the effort .towards im
provement is not confined to the well-to-do
citizens, but those of humbler
circumstances are pushing on and up
wards. It is all along the lines which
the News is desirous of seeing ev
ery family owning its own home, and
taking pride in its neat and attractive
Why don't our farmers go into mis
ing peanuts for the markets? There
is lots of money to be made in raising
the peanut with its crackling shell
And then too , think of the influence
it plays making the circus a cynosure
of attention for the small boy, and
some people even think it plays a part
in politics the' peanut politician for
instance Let's have more peanuts
raised. A good price awaits the pro
The News cannot publish poetry un
less it is of recognized. merit.' We fre
quently are in receipt of productions
which have neither rhyme, rythm nor
meter, and of course, if wo were to en
dow the sentiments expressed with
those qualities we would be writing
the poetry and not the sender, and the
News positively can't write poetry.
It' s too tough a job.
Fruit men have been greatly alarm
ed during the mid-wintertorrid season
over the prospects for a crop, nor will
they fail to continue to be alarmed
for next week it may be so rip roar-
iously frigid that they will be afraid
t he fruit will be frozen way down in
to the ground. The only time you
cease worrying about fruit in this coun
try is when you have it on the table.
The South Pittsburg Hustler printed
last week a column of matter regard
ing athletic sports at the St. Louis
Fair the dispatch being dated Aug. 29.
The Hustler is living in an up-to-date
age, and probably has just found out
that the above said event was pulled
off about eighteen months ago.
If you don't receive your paper reg
ularly, there are a variety of reasons
behind it. Instead of conjecturing
what they are
write us a not.
! ;' you v.n-t th
n.:: in '.iv t'1;
ml cussing us
lilt mt it
inquiring the
paper, ami it!
i tt'im-e we a-k
vdii f have it
. iii1 r.iver- i
cell of t'r.e eeii
i.. ing for t'." it".
f Tellln-'SNn , '. ".'
. r -..uV 1 . -I
.' i lie K-! I i t
liuoi'I : t t; 1
.'iil.,1. .
.'in i :
!'...'!' ii idw.tV! Sulllr 'in' 1 -it
!"iuni and rxi l.iiin :ii't-r an cntiTpi i,
i:. '' u pn.-l."l tl.nnili hy a i- :-i'-'.
i i : imii ii'uuil, "1 t M him s... "
V! y, in thunder, ciui't tin se fi-ll.-wn
take ailvant.iK'r f their own iih:i-. '.'
Until suit" expres suti-ifai tinu in the
N"'v York printers' ctrike. (ilad to
v sittisfui'tion 'i it moii n t hut it H-eins
.I tn tiie print win have the majority
. f the sati. -fai t inn.
Every mil and a while our capitalist
r-tn says (something nlmt the tfod
times we art; having in thin county,
1 ut the dollars (teem to le as hard to
.et a ever.
No, Judith, (tring lean are not yet
coming up, and we would ndvise von
not t' plant any for two month.
The only way to get rid
of pimples and other erup
tions is to cleanse the blood,
improve the digestion, stim
ulate the kidneys, liver and
skin. The medicine to take is
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Which has cured thousands.
The general impression now is that
the Southern Railway extension will
go up Gizzard Creek. This will leave
Sequachee out in the cold as it was nev
er left before.
The advantage of having coal has
largely increased in this section in the
last few days.
Special to the News.
Messrs John Kemball, J. D.
A. N. Ansloy, Samuel Stein, J. D.
Crooks, drummers from Bessemer were
around collecting this week.
Rev. Smith preached Sunday morn
ing and night.
Walter Nnnn is on the, sick list this
Dr. McXeal is stepping high now
days. It is a boy.
Foster Clemmons is doing some work
for the company, painting the engine
Mrs. Annie Burgess, of Sawmilltown,
visited Mrs. Thos. Burgess Wednesday.
J. W. Barwick and wife visited
Mrs. M. Rigby, Saturday.
Miss Mary Ann Nunn paid Mrs.
Edith Cunningham a visit Wednesday
Miss Roberta Mc Alpine was the
guest of Mrs. 'Walter Smith Sunday ev
John Parson gave a dance at his
home Friday night and everybody had
a nice time.
J. T. Bartclay is boarding at the
Messrs. J. M. Burchfield, George
Hill and John Kizzar joined the Red
Men Friday night.
Misses Nona Hayes and Bettie Hayes
visited Mrs. Alex Abston Friday even
Mr. Cain, is having all the houses
and machinery moved from Hewitt to
J. L. Burgess has joined the Knights
of Pythias at Searles.
Mr. Williams, the contractor, is
building fifty new coke ovens and they
ire nearly completed.
Miss Pearl Ogsblev, of Green Pond,
Ala., is visiting her sister this wee
Mrs. W. L. Deshazo.
Mr. Turnbnll. oi Urine, lenn. , is
visiting friends at Searles this week.
James Knight, the company s weigh-
nian, lumped on tne tippie innrsuay
evenintr and bruised himself badly
Miss M. Rigby was walking around
town onedav last week visiting friends
Dr. Will Sellers, of Kellerman, Ala.,
wits in Searles Friday.
Mrs. P. II. Meeblo visited Mrs. .Jos
eph Cain Sunday evening.
Mrs. Edith Cunningham visited -Mrs.
Joseph Cain Sunday evening. ,
John Presley went to Adger Satur
day and returned Sunday visiting
home folks. Whistling Rufus.
$100 REWARD 8100.
Ten readers this paper will be
pleased to learn that there is at lei.st
one dreaded disease that science has
been able to cure in ah its stages and
that is Catarrh. Hull's Catarrh Cure is
the only positive cure now known to
the medical fraternity. Catarrh being
a constitutional disease, requires a con
stitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh
C ire Is taken internally Acting directly
upon the blood and mucous surfaces of
tho system, thereby destroying the
foundation of the disease, and (riving
tbe patient strength by building up the
Constitution and assisting nature to do
its work. Tbe proprietors have so
much faith in its curative powers, that
they offer One Hundred Dollars for any
case that it fails to cure. Send for list
of testimonials. Address,
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O.
Sold by Druggists, 75o.
Hall's Famllv F'lls are the host.
Special Mhe News.
Miss Loeta Gilliam, of Ketchal, is
visiting friends and relatives hjere.
Mrs. Geo. King, who has been con
fined to her room some time with pneu
monia, is able to v out again.
Mrs. J. W. Green and .Miss Bertie
Tin ker were iuTraevCitv Wednesday.
i me
. Ai-i
v v
dv lias lvtunie fr.ni Hot
.i i
a '.
1. 1' t'
! nek
lit '
i ':i
in T
Bryan h
in Flmiii
Ti at V i'
was on our Mivets Tuesday.
ti. ('. Tallin, of Sewmice, s nt Sat
urday here.
'Uncle'' Jin.. Tinker, who lias Ix-cn
in Dimiinham some time , has re
turned. A Holiness nuvtinj; liean at the Un
ion church Saturday niht
"Aunt Cindy" Martin is very ill at
the home of Mr. Jui. Parker.
Jim Gilliam, of Rising Fawn. !.,
is visiting relatives here.
Hall Turner, while ncuftliui; Satur
day evening, fell and broke bone in
hi let; just above the ankle ami also
upraiued hit ankle. Eaglet
TOtwclI Department.
GEO. W. LEWIS Aeent.
mm mmmi mmm JJmJJ-mm mm iiiii "
' hnow not what
I tell it as 'twas
Stewart Bros. & Co. I
821 Market St.,
Special to theNeivs,
Mrs. Sarah Rollins has been on the
sick list the past week.
Austin Coppinger was on the streets
of Whitwell Saturday.
Coleman Shelton, of Lahousage, Ala. ,
is visiting home folks here.
G. W. Cary was visiting in the Red
Hill settlement Sunday evening.
Lige Scott says Rosa Knox is the
prettiest girl he ever saw.
Two negroes got into a difficulty on
Negro Hill. The result was one shot
the other through the arm. Both were
non-union men.
A. D. Thomas, of Red Hill, and
John Looney, of South Whitwell, went
to Jasper Saturday.
Wm. Griffith, of near Cedar Springs,
was in Whitwell Saturday.
Charley Thacker moved to Jasper
last week
The people of Whitwell were consid
erably shook up by the big blast that
was let off at the Hoge mill place Sat
urday night
Mrs. Nancy Knox was visiting Mrs.
M. J. Girdley Tuesday.
Some one wanted to know how come
my little dog to be so smart. Well, it
is because he has a smart master. You
see if he had not been a smart dog the
bear would have caught him.
No, my toe-nails didn't come off
They were already off.
John Atterton has been on the sick
list for a few days.
Robert Atterton leaves Wednesday
for Eastland, Tenn.
Mrs. John King' and Mrs. John
Grimes visited Mrs. Nancy Knox Sun
day. There is considerable shooting going
on in and around Whitwell now days.
Sunday night there were several shots
fired on the side where there has been
some gambling going on.
What has become of Aunt Patsy?
We haven't heard iV-om her in a long
We notice there are several candi
dates out for office. We are for E. E.
Johnson for County Court Clerk and C.
A. Quarles. for Register if they get i
the nonination. W e think there should
r county
of regis -
somo chanties made in our
officers. The present ofticers
tor and county court clerk ha ve had
the office a long time. The register
ha had the office eight years and the
clerk four vears. Both men have made
a record as officers and are good men. ;
Dixie. ;
Special to the News.
Warm weather and rain has been the
order of the day.
Yesterday was pay day and everybo
dy seems to be enjoying themselves.
Searles is a good place to make mon
ey but there is always something to
spend it for. The banana car comes
every Saturday and you can get a
whole bunch for from 4.rc to 65c 1
have just brought home a nice stalk
and wish Bome of the good nnion peo
ple of Whitwell were here to help me
eat them.
When we lived at Whitwell we were
wanting Thursday to come so we could
get our "soup" as the scabs call it.
Now we want Saturday to come so we
can get the News. It is like getting
a letter from home.
There are several of the Whitwell
boys here, but we are coining back to
old Whitwell some of these days.
Ed Jones saVs he would like to get a
U tter from Whitwell.
i r ii w n,m,Hn baf.L's his li.it
i ' "
j the same old peg.
T-aii Burgess called on his Vs-t i 1
! tins afternoon.
' WMi the New
r i-li i success.
anil ii-- '
Tom Tin.:
.V . '.WT.'.t.
U.itoii folks ai r. ycttil, alon,-' Cue at
Whitwell. We an- p'ttin 1 lent;.- t
eat mid htiviiig j nice time. H"i"
those A!totma I toy will nave a mo
time and be sure and learn t" H.nuv:
John Yi'iiii;-':
should 't it partner nt the next danee.
We have heard that string band lots
of times and would like to hear it now.
Part of the luind is here now. We were
very ulad to hear from the Tennessee
Pumpkin Roller. Come aaiu-
Good luck to the New and its union
read-is. Nancy.
Uv J. A. Walker, Whitwell, Tt nn ,
OneTliousanii Bushels, sound, dry
white milling corn. Highest market
prices paid.
the truth may be,
tola" to me.-
Rev. Sanders preached at the C P.
Chrnch Sunday at 11 a. ru.
Mrs. Claud Lamb visited friends in
Victoria Tuesday of last week.
W. B. Hilliard is confined at his
house with a severe spell of Bright's
WesMoser, Will Moser and Than
Hooper returned from Altoona one day
last week.
J. F. Bowden and Pat Cary were in
Indianapolis, Ind. , last week attending
the convention of the United Mine
Workers of America.
Mr. and Mrs. Montgomery, of Ala. ,
arrived in the city Monday morning
on a visit to relatives. Mrs. Mont
gomery was raised here.
Mrs. S. L. Pryor went to Hartselle,
Ala., last week, being called there on
account of the severe illness'of her son-in-law,
Dr. H. C. McRee. . .
One hundred and twenty seven thous
and dollars have been spent here in
maintaining the strike, so says Sec.
Wilson, of the National unions, U. M.
W. of A.
There was a heavy explosion of some
kind Saturdav night about nine o'
clock. It is not certainlv known what
it was. Some think it was an explos
ion of dvnamite. and others that it
was an earthquake.
Special to the A'ews.
Cold weather is the order of the day,
Mr. and Mrs. Logan were visiting
their parents at Daus Saturday and
Tom Prvor. of Whitwell, visited
friends here Sunday.
Mrs. Lou Griffith is on the sick list.
John Tate, of Tatesville, was in this
vicinity one Sday last week.
Rebecca and Edith Harmon spent
Sunday with Verda Herron.
Mr. and Mrs. Hackworth took a fly
ing trip to Dunlap Sunday.
Mr. Gerron Layne will soon have
his new house completed and willmove
School opened at Liberty Monday
with 28 schools on roll. Miss Cora Da
vis is our teacher. We don't have to
wait to try Miss Cora for we know she
can't be beat for we have tried her be
There will bo singing at Liberty
Sunday eve. Everybody is welcome.
Ask Brents Layne how he enjoyed
Talking to his girl Sunday.
Mr: and Mrs. Mack Layne spent
Monday with the Missees Hicks.
Miss Eunice Chaudoin is spending a
few weeks "at Chattanooga with her
, aunt.
If you want to sea Miss Josie David
! son smile just ask her when she has
i seen that little fellow from Whitwell.
Mrs. Ellen Hackworth viisted Mrs.
! Iary Davidson Saturday,
1 S' G' ChHU(loin wU1 H(K"
soon be ready to
move in nis new House,
Tomps Andes was in our midst Mon
day. Best wishes to the News and' its
many readers. Catch-ine-if-you-can.
Speiial to the Nt-.cs.
Cool weather seems to be the order
of the day.
Lawrence White and family, of Del
phi, visited relatives here Saturday
and Sunday.
Bowl Smith is on the sick list this
Miss Zeenia Lockhart was the guest
of Miss Flora Brown Sunday evening.
Ernest Layne, of Delphi, was in our
community Sunday.
Phaton Smith went to the mountain
Sunday. Wonder if he went out there
to smile again. .
If you want to see Lizzie Dykes
smile ask her who ate the cake Satur
day night.
Harrison Hatfield and Isaac Hobbs
went to Mt. Erie Sunday.
Tom Long and Mason Land, of
Land's Chapel, were in Dunlap Satur
day. Miss Flora Brown spent Saturday
night with Miss Zenia Lockhart.
('"iim on, '
Vf liiirt to I''
hool Boy, ' ' i
your le'tci's.
hear '" . i ( ".
,";is all -mile
- bi-t -irl.
Win. iioi.'lis
f ltd Hill
; i
M r.
.I fi."
i i;u
: ' . i v .
md Mr.-,
r friends
l!t. ',1,1:11-
Sal 11 1'.l.iv ii 'i,t
'Ii' - ires..
White. Flora
;'il ..nil f.i
r 1 1; . -,', n. !. .;;v
.i'.'m il'.lii.'.. i
:';' and )'':
" time.
v.'-th a
sses T.el!.ia.
:z:e Ih'ait
..les-l'S. i 1 1 ' I i ' i . I
Photon Smiiis.
11 aliiei'l. Jim 'r
Ail it P'.i't il !lie
A-k .Iim ' '"ivi
It lie ever '"
( T.
! ,
Sickening, Shivering Fits
of Anne and Malaria can lie relieved
i ami cured wiin niecrric iiiiiers. iins
is a pure tonic medicine of especial
jlienctit in malaria, for it exerts a true
'curative influence on the dlM-ass-. driv
' inc: it entirely out of the system. It
i is much t be preferred to quinine,
; having none of this drug's hail alter
'effects. K. S. Mnnday, of Henrietta,
jTe.v.. writes: "My brother in. very
! low with malarial fever and j mndice
l.intil t.M.lr l-lti'tl-te t,.srt..r ,-lii..i
svsl his life. At all druggist: price
"site, guarantrtsl.
Red the Xes ."HJc
Special to the News.
Cutting wood seems to be the
nf the day here.
Kelly Qnarles called here onedav W
week on business.
Mr. Turner was here one day last
Tom Quarles was here Saturday.
Ye writer visited at the Switch Sam-
Mr. Barlew caiieu nere hunday.
John McGuirt and wife and children
were at the Switch Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Turner visited at Mrs.
Donihue'8 Sunday.
Geo. Condry called on Mr. Turner
Brown Rogers passed by here Sun
Mr. Lawson, or Jasper, passed bv
here Sunday.
Groyer Donihue passed by Monday
going to Jasper.
Miss Nellie Barlew and best fellow
were out walking Sunday.
H. Hancock passed by here Sunday.
Geo. Hudson called here Friday.
Duch Myers made a short cull at this
place Friday.
Mrs. Mary Hancock spent the even
ins: with Mrs. Turner Friday.
Miss Efiie Myers was out walking
Sunday eve.
Mell Webb called here Saturday.
Mr. Boden was in Jasper shopping
Morris Westmoreland was in Jasper
shopping Monday.
C. A. Quarles from Shelhnoiiml.
called here Wednesday.
D. O. Hoge, of Warren county, is
spending a few days with his grand
father here.
Alax Quarles, of Pleasant Grove,
was here Monday night.
H. H. Hancock and wife and daugh
ter visited home, folks Sunday at Pleas
ant Grove.
Dutch Myers called here the other
day and got left
Playing checkers is all the go now.
Mrs. Zeb Barlew visited Miss Lena
Hoge Saturday.
Misses Irene Adams, Effie and Lettie
Myers,' Myrtle Hudson, Messrs. George
and Bob Hudson, Will Banks, and Jim
King were the guests of Maggie and
Zebedee Barlew Sunday evening.
Mrs. Sophia Phillips spent Monday
and Tuesday at Jasper.
John Condra and Alex West visited
Mr. Turner Monday.
Tom Forrester spent Monday in Jas
per. Zebedee Barlew is. tending the Blue
Spring mill for a few days.
Tom Forrester had a working Friday
and got a good day's work done. They
cleared about five acres and you bet
they had a tine dinner and the best
dance that night that has ever been in
this county. They danced from twen
ty minutes past six until three o'clock
in the morning. Everybody that was
there enjoyed themselves.
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Turner spent
Saturday with Geo. Graham.
Mr. Turner and Mr. Balew are get
ting their winter's wood.
'Merry-go-round seems to he wor
ried because Will Hudson and Oscar
Forrester take the cross tie ticket to
wards Jasper and don't stop at the
Miss Myrtle Hudson and Mr. Jim
King looked sweet while walking down
the railroad Sunday evening.
Oscar Myers, of Innian, visited home
folks last week.
I reckon 'Merry-go-round didn't
have anybody to watch her wash kettle
and she had to wash by her self.
Will Hudson, was in our nmlst one
Say, Mr. "Hardscrabble" if you go
to ''Wild Bill" to get clothes to wear
you won't get anything fit for a dog,
let alone for yourself, for when "Wild
Bill" getsthrough. with them no one
else can wear them, so you had better
go and buy a new suit and then you
know that yon wUl have them. Lida.
Special to the News.
Bain and mud Is the order of the day
I was at Sunday nchool Sunday and
saw three young ladiea. They looked
to me like they wanted fellows.
I think "Wild Bill" is pettint,' it
hack on "Hardscrabble." Hardscrab
ble had better do about or Scrabble
lutrder and Wild Bill will have him
in tin; backwoods.
' S. M. Torbeit and H. 1! T ei:
will l,'o to town tonight.
It w he and Sam Toi'." " ' 1 i '
a U"ol time f .f 1 kno" -run
all the way to t" n.
I hiivn tc 't ' ni' more v.- .'"
lli.i.K, iai.1.1
'iter an.l Wi,
on him t'o:
ami 1 kr,
Me h.
. as it is
,'cttilli.' :
wishes t'
ut. Bes
A Jamrcan Udv Sneaks Hmy i
berlain's Cough Remedy.
Mrs. Michael Hart, wife , i ii a
porintetident of Cart Sii.e ; Kings
ton, Jamicu. West Indies Nlaud-. ays
that she has for sisnn years n-' d Ch.nn
lierlain's Cough KenKily f r coughs,
croup and whopping cnuh a'-d has
found it very beneficial. H " i- '4
plicit coiitidencH in it and w ..li U"'
1m without a Ixittle of it in I."' h. in-.
Sdd hy Ji.jm .simp'ii. ei-r.
Buttu xj In Lttvtt Yea Ha Bccj'a
Pleasant in Taste" and Easy to Take.
A purely vegetable Compound. Free
from all ntlm-nil poison. Cleanses all
bilious derangements and impure blood
from the system. Restores caUcncd
Constitution. Tones the Nervn and
creates an appetite. Money cheerfully
refunded if not found perfectly satu
Ailnlts: One Tablet nit;ht and n.ornln.
Children, 4 to 12 years old : 'i of ft tiito.el ho
f.ire retiring. 1'i to 16 yer: ! tubK't iilffht
anrt mnrnliiK. K found too i trong, alter lirnt
dose, reguhiU! to suit tbu system.
S Sites, SOc, 2Co. C Wo. per box.
12 Dose fee 10 vonlo.
Buffalo, fJ. Y.
Slu fHustrtan
Jl Monthly Journal Devoted to tin IntcruU
of MuOc .
T THE MUSICIAN mhndi the
Llst ideal, gained by e xiierience. of
the lradrrt in the niunc.l world, lite
general articles treat on Current topic.,
while tor ihe piano, voice, organ, violin,
nnd orcheilra ihere arer-pecial department.
" Club Progtarru from All Nation! " ii s
new Department intended npecially for
musical cluU. Diographiei of American
composer will be s special feature, and
Slce will also be devoted to public school
music. Many excellent illustrationa are
included. Each issue contain, twenty
four or mora pages of new vocal and
instrumental music, which, if purchased
separately, would coat in s year at least
$25.00. No teacher, student, or lover of
music should be without The Musiaan,
because it contain, information suited to
the daily needs of all.
Price, I Sc. per copy; Subscription price,
$1.50 per year.
liorr Etta on GJampang
Boston, Mass.
V cAr till cr. we,
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac
Anvnne sending a sketch snd clesrrintion may
quickly ascertain our opinion free whether all
Invention la probably rmtent utile. Ooniniunicn.
tloiiHHtrictlycoiitiilciitiiii. HANDBOOK ou Patent
sent free. Oldest Hiiency for sci urlnu pulents.
l'nlents tiikon throuirh Munn A Co. rocely
tpeciul notice, without chsrire, In tbe
Scientifsc JAnericait:
A hnndsomclT Illustrated weekly, t. unrest clr.
filiation of nnv siMentUlc Journal. Terms, f.i It
venr: four months,.!, ctolcl Oyull iiewsil'Kiler.
flfiUNN & Co.soib'osk,-' New Ycrfr
Hnmcli O'.lli o. tiii P St., Washiairtoti. I).
$6o Cash.1 ' :
will 1 u y a 7-col u in a folio Wash--,
inot'in lliuid Press, which is guar
anteed in good condition. Just,
tin; tiling i, r paper of small circu
lation. Applv to
Sequachee. Tenn
Special to the News.
Mr. and Mrs. Isaiah Newsome went
to Chattanooga Monday and returned
home Tuesday.
Tom McNabb was out riding Mon
day. Guess he was thinking of his
best girl and did not know it was rain
ing. Clias. Hartman was all smiles Sun
day. Misses Minnie Hartman and Emma
Troxler were the guests of Misses Phe
mia and May Newsome Saturday eve.
J. L. McNabb was in our vicinity
John and T. J. Sxton went to Chat
tantxiga Saturday.
Chiis Copeling was at the Ferry shop
ping Saturday.
J. B. Ellis and Joe Sexton called at
the tiostofKce Snndav
St. week
I sv
tlid enjoy your
voter in tho Oth
elected that
w 'try
. : ii.o l. .
r...l was ?
ii-ainst !.
cross t';
's in 1, in
V nil i
Tiie r.-i. ..
" there v,-a.
i'.i- ht'lpcd
.1 i"'i'! day
Ferry Unit
t':,it, boat a.-r-MM
-i'.; had a icrse.
fii-d at her hojurt
'ks' sn"Vring.
f John Hurt.
I Mai:i:i is
I'.roa, lead y.nir
I', ; !:,y ufivr --v i v
sii was a ii.iU-hT'-;'' f ;
Jll.UI Wi'.ep 11.. t ! ,Ve
I,..! (l' .el but Sl-e i;.g
ii:-',- ch:ldr.-n lik- li.i.i
has started
,ii'-m ..nil try to t'-... i.
did She Inure, a ::
children to mourn her
pathise with the dear
tin i.i like i.miiH
x.iiud and live
loss, yi,.
r-vther and child-
Greatly in Demand.
Nothing is mor- -j .1 i,i.-.nl
ine.licin which me. ;, m.-b rii ' eipiire
liiellt for a blNl and ;tem cleaner,
such as Iir. King s N-w Lif ViU.
They urn just what y .u t ,.nr,',
stomach and lirer troubles. Try tic
Ai an urugigsts, 'i r, giutrantwl.
Sucribe now .')c.
m ii it i1 1 1 fg uji
V I V -ksnrjuaiiMiisisiMisii. mi.

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