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T am a candidate for the office of Circuij )Court Clerk at the electio
AUGUST SECOND, and respectfully dlk your vote and influence,
elected, to give you the best administrate
I am a young man, born and raised in Marion county, and have
life. I have never held a public position, but am now before the pe
tant office. My record as a citizen has not been questioned by an
qualifications are such as WILL ME A FAITHFUL A
Respect your vote.
Alec Lofty spent Sunday in Victoria.
Walter Handle visited in Sequachee
Cove Sunday.
Boss Carter and Miss Bertha McCall,
of So. Pittsburg, were at the cave Sun
day. Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Sartain, of Sd.
Pittsburg, were at the Blowing Spring
W. S. Pryor returned from a can
vassing trip to Whitwell mountain
Tom Weisner and Miss Gertrude Wil
hoite, of So. Pittsburg, visited the
cave Sunday afternoon.
Sol Scherer and Miss Allie Adcock
and Denie Garland and Miss Dovie
Scherer were visitors at the cave Sun
day. Mr. and Mrs. Shirley Wood, of Jas
per, were at the Blowing Spring Sun
day morning, enjoying the early morn
ing freshness.
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Campbell, Miss
es Nellie and Lena Campbell, Miss
Louise Spears and others of Jasper
were visitors at the Blowing Spring
A little love, a little wealth,
A little home for you and me;
It' 8 all I ask except good health,
Which comes with Rocky .Mountain
Miss Annie Roberts and brother,
Sam, of Hixon, Term. , and Miss Mary
Jordan, of Whitwell. were the guests
of their cousin, Miss Minnie Hamil
ton, over Sunday.
James Martin, of Whiteside, was
here Sunday. He returned to White
side Sunday afternoon, accompanied
by his sister, Miss Thula, who will
visit there a few days and then go to
Chattanooga to spend several weeks.
Among those visiting the Blowing
Spring Sunday evening from So. Pitts
burg were Walter Scherer, Miss Kate
Deitzen, Charlie Sherer, Miss Lula
Deitzen, Robert Smith, Miss Lillie
Norman and Mrs. Norman.
It has caused more laughs and dried
more tears, wiped away diseases and
driven away more fears than any other
medicine in the world. Hollister's
Rocky Mountain Tea. 3 cents, Tea
or Tablets. Ask your druggist.
Bob Alton went to Jasper today. A. W. Ferguson, of Jasper, who is a
W J Johnson of Jasper, was here ' candidate for Constable, was here Wed-
The News is glad to find the Whit
well Savings Bank has been reorgan
ized. It ought never to have been
S. W. Hogan, of Shelhnound, candi
date for Justice of the Peace, was in
where ! the city today. While in the city he
was the guest of Capt. Wilson.
this morning.
John Houts, of Etna Mountain, was
here Monday.
Mrs. L. A. McCullough is visiting
friends in Tracy City.
Murray Anderson left Tuesday for
Chattanooga, wher9 he has permanent
J. C. Gross, of Coalmont, was in
the city a few minutes Monday on his
way to Victoria..
Mrs. Scott Minter and baby ' spent t and your attention
Snndav at So. Pittsbure. returning claims.
Monday morning. . ,
Messrs. Adcock and Hudson, of So.
Pittsburg, enjoyed a spin on their
wheels over our pikes and a visit to
the cave Sunday.
Wm. Houts will move his family to
Chattanooga in about a month
he has secured a job hauling. '.
Geo. Mark Brown has contracted to
do hauling in Chattanooga with h is
fine equipment of mules; and starts in
this week. , . j
Henry Kent returned from Chatta
nooga Saturday night, and will re
main here two weeks, during which
time he will put a coat of paint on the
Town Hall, which greatly needs it.
Lacy Condra, formerly of Cedar
Springs, but who is now working for
a telegraph company In North Carolin
a, called in to see us Saturday. He
pitched the game for the Red Hill
team in the afternoon.
N. B. Truth, St. Taul, June ;u, '08.
I've lived so long, I remember well
when the Mississippi was a brook-. My
good health and long life came by tak
ing Hollister's Rocky Mountain Tea.
i)'t cents. Ask your druggist.
The Victoria Base Ball Club will
play the locals Saturday next on the
home grounds. Victoria is coming hot
to win and a warm game is expected.
Rome Albany and Miss Lovelace, of
So. Pittsburg, called at the Spring
Our Job Department turned out last
week an edition of the Dunlap Times,
a newspaper published by T. J. Sulli
van and devoted to the interests of
Dunlap and Sequatchie county. Mr.
Sullivan is in the real estate business,
and doing everything he can to pro
mote business activity in his town,
which as far as we can judge has a
bright future before it.
v..;.. i., it., a;.-,..
Tracy City.
nestlay. i
F. A. Kelly, candidate for Trustee, out in the vard where Mrs.
was here Monday and paid the News a Breeches" won't ask me
nloasunt cnll He is linst.lint? on his questions about who I am writing to
canvass ' an( wnit I &m writing for. Yon know
' Str..ial ta the X.ttts.
The rain has let up and I can get Tain wfiathftr ia tbe orJer of the
"Coperas h.,
SO many , Tlia ctmll nnftititfa ara minfll
are all big ones. .
What does it take to make a
Miss Lizzie Hopkins returned to her
home at Stevenson, Ala., Tuesday af
ter a pleasant visit at her brother's
here. ' I The beautiful rain has become fre-
tv,q r.uruiiistoa w nw.iiv rmv? quent and at regular periods but I
-i.,.... j t. tt T;il :. :; .
chased space in tbe News this week,
yi called to
a woman sometimes gets very jeaious hai)pyr Xhe flrat thing is this: To
and wants to know all aboiit what hathe pure underlie! religion. The
you are writing and especially who Lord gay9 .Seek ye first th killgaom
KM VJTUU ttllU XilO J JftlltCVunHDOC ci i-i v an
f these things shall be added unto you. "
. ( tij-tm fant i"itt ain thai liTnlr ff if
EiinTVtaa if will .1111V 11 1 n ti . nf fVia nvwl i ' . "
' of this Wet, nnall. Thfi pnnt.innp.il wt.
their weather is favorable to one class .of
1 . J? 1 1 .1 ii.i : . it. .i:.ia
uur iujks aim, mat, is uie canuiuaies.
They all claim to be running at a
fearful rate, and it is keeping the dust
' out of their eyes, and as they are
doubtful who it will be, they are fear
I lessly constructing the great ship of de
feat, that will start on its voyage up
the rough waters of Salt River early
-on the morning of the iird August
( and they are desirous of having a full
v ote m tnis election ror tne man or The Sequatchie Valley Association
the best moral character, and the best of the Missionary Baptist Church, has
qualifications. In this way you will just closed its session and have bad an
do your duty to your county.' interesting meeting with Rev. Austin,
Carlock, the energetic agent for Na- Moderator, an.oe Minton, Clerk.
, . tt , . . ?. Owing to some misunderstanding as
tive Herbs and other medicines, was to th tfm. of mpptjM tnfirB w,6T,ot.
in town Tuesday and reports excellent as large a representation as otherwise
success in his business. there would have been. Rev. W. C.
; Golden came in on the 10 o'clock train
and delivered an eloquent address on
Missions and left on the evening train,
i Sunday at 11 o'clock the Rev. T. F.
Hendon preached an able and eloquent
The Register's office of Marion County.
Therefore vote for S. C. Byrne, who is
fully acquainted with its duties. .
Don't make any change but when you
have a good man stick to him.
I have nothing to say against my op
ponent, but I feel the best interests of the
County demand my re-election.
By this I mean, that the register's books
are kept in first-class condition, with the
best attention 1 can give the public.
Vote for me, and you will continue these
pleasant conditions.
Jasper Road.
Speciut ' to th; Xt ws.
Buggy riding is the order of the day.
Miss Lina Alton was all smiles Sun-'
day. Guess she saw her best fellow.
If you want to see Miss Annie Know
len smile ask her when she saw Birdine
Alton last. s
A certain boy said that Bessie
Thrailkill was sure pretty,
t Miss Annie Knowlen said she liked
for Birdine Alton to feed her ice cream
with a spade.
A certain girl on the Jasper road
said that Birdine Alton was sure pret
ty. Ask Miss Annie Knowlen who help
ed her wash dishes Sunday at dinner
and watch her smile.
Mrs. Julia Ramsay and Mrs. Dixon
visited Mrs. Alton Monday afternoon.
Bill Palmer returned from Etna Sat
urday and went back Tuesday.
Jlrs. Hattie- Tate went to Etna Tues
day. Mrs. Julia Ramsay was all smilos
If yon want to see Mr. J. L. Ramsay
smile give him a newspaper to read.
There was an ice cream supper at
Mrs. H. Kent's Saturday night. A
large crowd attended and all reported
a nice time.
Early Apple & Late Peach.
sermon. At nigot uro. ttendon occu
pied the pulpit at the Methodist Church
and preached an excellent sermon to a
densely crowded house. To all such
gatherings Dunlap extends a hearty
welcome and the Association was com
fortably taken care of by the good peo
ple of the town.
Miss Lula Hicks, of Cedar Spring,
who has been visiting her mother,
Mrs. B. F. Cowan, returned to her
home Monday.
Christ says, "Love one another even
as I have loved you. Greater love hath
no man than this, that a man lay down
his life for his friend. "
Well, "Bill Engine, I saw your
piece in the Itews. It is bad for a
man to hold a meeting as long ag that
noor fellow did in Altoona Zand with
out a profession. I guess the Lord was
not helping him and where that 18 the
case there is not much good (lone.
Well, "C. H, D," I saw your letter
and was glad for I haye been iiGre 28
years and I know you have written the
truth and that is the way to tell it.
"Bill Engine," I guess "Bear Kill
er" will have to do half of his grin
ning for his dog, Tip, is dead. He
will have to get another dog.
"King Fisher" is a candidate for
hugging girls but Bill Engine will
beat him hugging. '
I guess those frogs will get enough
rain. They still keep jumping.
Lee Lankford has gone in business
raising chickens.
T. B. Lankford and family have
been, visiting friends on Peak -Mountain
and had a nice time
C. H. Dykes killed a rattle snake
while on the Peak while going to
church, j
Well, I don't think that man and
that billy goat have got on the right
track of those folks yet. I haven't
seen them and I don't thingk I will,
for I think they went straight up and
goats can't go that way.
i "Bear Killer" and son have gone to
J. W. Davidson, who has been with cliuroh in Lankfordtown.
Ins family at Cedar Spring, fur the
last week, returned to work Monday
We are always glad to have Bud with
Circuit Court meets here today and
some of our law breakers -.vill hear
what Judge McReynolds has to kay
and very likely will'feel the weight of
his remarks in that part of their ana
tomy that is very near their hearts
their pockets. Coperas Breeches.
Modest Claims Often Carry the Mc&t Con
viction When Maxim, the famous gun inven
tor, placed his gun before a committee
of judges, he stated its carrying power
to be much below what he felt sure the
It is a good thing to go to church
if they go for the good of the meeting
but there are but few who go for that
purpose. Oh, if God's people could be
as one and come together. Christ
says, "I will gather my people togeth
er and they Rhall serve me." The Lord
says, "I am the way, the truth aid
the life." The xame writer says,
"One Lord, one faith and one bap
tism." I ask how can yon make three or
four out of one. the Lord says, "As
I have washed your feet ye also ought
to wash one another's feet." "Search
the Scriptures for in them ye think ye
have eternal life and these are they
that testify of me." Oh, what a clow
test it is for we must be judged accord-
to p-5
Himw trouble!
"i MWS" taken Internally, rid Die Woof.
j. iL3 iioiuunous mailer kud tciis fciiii
ate the dirf.ot causes of tbese diseases.
Applied externally It aflords almoet in-V:-.Sre!i9f
frcui pa'n. while a M-raiettrit
t being titected ty parijyine tte
llHVt"., illSolvilitJ tLe .O!(,OC0- f.itv
mi SiMMi'.: t it Uvm it: ijsiero.
1)8. 9. B. BLAND
Of :rT ton, Ga. writes:
..mi tju a nffer.-r for n:itnbor r yetrf
. . . ; V.?ct'43 tid hiifUtrVu!u in my fe.rr.jr
hi" 'nfu.Aiid irteiJ all th- rouitxet fcb&fc J c'-ail
tf'tcS-u fi ':n lacUlt'fti work, iio :K;ri(iulinl
. J t h 'i u't'.itbe r o!' IM let b' titclutii, tut foetid
t fflK X-itk tTftt the peilwf obtained from
W9 W3
A La -Ja afirvra t.ms
It i'CU r.ri n ""T'.'t t.UIi B!i.SXa!!(nT'
W'jir".'-, i. JK.I-.;wj 'f.'tciileiirtiij a n
'Jr;. JU'-t". .. !.. ;o bv fora tr'.fl holt'?
... "i-W.Ot-S.' iv I it yc.tvtiil.
.: v :: --.I Irlvc ' L-'if 't. "
i. inttft' ;. r:. cc.
' '.4
Old Chronic Sores.
As a dressing for old chronic sores
there is nothing so good as Chamlier
lain's Salve. Vhile it is not advisable
to heal old sores entirely, they should
be kept in a good condition for which
this salve is especially valuable. For
sale by Jno: W. Simpson, Jasper,
gun won'U accomplish. The result of i mg as our works may oe. "Ye fer
tile trial was therefore a great surprise, pents, ye generation of vipers. How
instead of disappointment. It is the I can ye escape the damnation of hell."
same with the manufacturers of j Christ says, If you love me ye will
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Di- keep my sayings."
arhoea Remedv. They do not publicly! I Iira Ctod's blessings on us all, that
boast of all this remedy will accoin- when it is his will to call us out of
plish, but prefer to let the users make this world we may be ready to go with
the statements. What thev do claim him. How happy every child of- God
W. R. ROOHKrt S : r.-.-rJ "t - 'J.y..
I .a: '" 1 have -i-r-! J! '.':. . t.. p t i
I Jii-d:arvh ofth , .. -.i .t i...
g iviiittfy I cvei ui.i:. l .u ivi
the lr.mitttlur lu u'A mnViM-v'.' i
i :
A BOX of 'L'A X.;:.:-.
J- Ilctbs is a f.i'i'i" y C-.c-tor
always i:i the ho:i6.
! I'.s i:-c 1'rc-vents i.nd cr.rs
Lonstipaf.cn, Dj.s-
Lii,.j j-tpsia. Kidney ar.d
l l ATi V Uvt-r TrcV.i !e, Skin
Wants, Tcr Sale, etc.
AdvertUenoents inserted under this
bead at r; per line: no advertisement
accepted for less than 25c first insertion.
FOR SALE-Washington Hand Press
for 7-coi fulio newspajier: in good con
dition Applv to the News, Seqnachee,
FOR SALE Old newspapers,
cents per WO at this office.
Local Agent for
" High-Gridi Tailoring
at Popular Prlcis....
tff"Writ rc if you lb to b roia-urt-d
tot Spr.Kf or Sututner mrar.
is that it will positively cure diarrhoea.
dysentery, paius in the stomach and
bowels and has never been known to
fail. For sale by Jno. W. Simpson,
Jasper, Tenn.
Spttiol io !he Xf.us, '
Buggy riding is the orth r of the day.
Jim Alder and Miss Icie Kelly were
buggy riding Sunday.
Al SjH-ars passed hi re with his bt-t
girl Sunday.
D. C Lane, called on Mr. Walker
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Dick Lane
Friday a fine girl, and Mr. Lane w-u
down the road singing. "live low, Ba
by." Clint Ln-k wearitiar his bent bib and
tucker, wax teen pitting on the grade
Will Bennett and friend wer driv
ing on the. pike Snndav. . Simon.
In aa ieef ertia from th looroo
nrfttliiMe, arenmpanled with rhroaie infant
maliMi. Hmd'a fanaparilla art tbe ia
tinn mewikraM Ih rough the M4, a4 ralt
, nllf rmm all mil of catarrh. Tak Na4'a.
who feels his sins forgiven should be.
If every one would try to do right
God would help them to do so. 1
Union Woman.
3 " C
tism LV.i n;r.n-.-
r,lj'i di.c'a.st. It is jr.re'.y
vecefi'c ct.r.taii'.s r.o r.::i-
The Texas Wcnder. .
Cures all Kidney, Bladder and Rheo
nmtic tronblfs: sold by all druggists;
or two month's trefttnipnt. by mail for
ll.oo. Dr. E. AV. Ha:i, 9'.' Olive
street, St. Louis. Send for Tennes
see testimonials.
tr.il tjU'i-'on r.:ui is t'rt-
I'owtltT fon.i. DOSES
i;i i.:i I)!)l!;:r l-oxti c I n
T. D. Smith and BrntirJ B. Cram
er, ret renting the CiC(li;liited Por
trait Company, of Chicago, who have
Iteen in the city for aonie deys, left for
Pikeville Tneday evening.
Prof. H. 1. Simpton, of jKajier, was
in the city Tm-sday evet:irg. He join
ed the yorftig men in a t-mne of lull,
ami detnoustrateil that he is no 'baa
Vcn" in diamond circles i
O JX. Z-i. X .A. .
Innu. yj V.i lu te lum umn Batja
.'.;'.i n Gnn.rtie to
cu r-r.i)ii..-y 1 ;; k. (.:: 3:
ir.-i .Inanac te'.!i:i;; l;.w t'
-.-. t ::;.' sci.t tn r.r.tt.
. v r.: : 1 i.-.o'i'u'i.v i '.'
.. PtUibuTg. Tern.,
. I '': LO61i. ELISS CO..
U !. 1. U , f it - IN

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