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The action of the heart de
pends upon the heart nerves
and muscles. When from any
cause they become weak or ex
hausted, and fail to furnish
sufficient power, the heart flut
ters, palpitates, skips beats;
and in its effort to keep up its
work, causes pain and distress,
such as smothering spells,
short breath, fainting, pain
around heart, arm and shoul
ders. The circulation is im
peded, and the entire system
suffers from lack of nourish
ment. Dr. Miles' Heart Cure makes
a heart strong and vigorous by
strengthening these nerves and
. muscles.
- "I had palpitation and pain around
my heart, and the doctors said itVwas
Incurable. I don't believe It now. for
after taking six bottles ot V. Miles
Heart Cure, three bottles ot theNervtne
and thre boxes of the Nervo and
Liver I'llls I am entirely cured, and
feel better than I have for five years,
and It Is all due to these remedies. I
want you to know that your medicines
cured me. It relieved me from the
firht dose, and I kept right on till the
pala In my chest was gone, and I kept
on feeling better even ,aftor I quit
taking It." JOHN H. fiHERMAN,
Belding, Mich.
Dr. Miles' Hsart Cure Is sold by
your druggist, who will guarantee that
the first bottle will benefit. If it fails
he will refund your money. t
Miles Medical Co., Elkhart, Ind
Hiram Maxim Says It Will
Come Soon.
But He Wants the Bntisli
Government to Put Up Mon
ey Necessary for Experi
mental Purposes.
DON DON". Sir Iluaui .Maxi m,
the celebrated inventor, is quite
convinced that we are going. to fly,
although he is of the opinion that
the "lighter than air' method can.
not be the right one. He does not
predict aerial omnibuses or sky
nahs. This is what he paid lo an
interviewer the other day.
"A balloon, in the very nature o
things, is of legs density than the
air, and that being so it has to be
much larstr and vwrv fragile. It
would be impossible to make a bal
loon capable of being towed
through the air by a engine that
would be putficiently light to float
therefore, anything in the shape of
Tho homes of this country aro filled high speed in such conditions is
witu women wdoso inais uirarij ue- i , i... i.. : :ti t? ,
the victims of female disorders and they of the balloons with engines and
do not cet relief, ana they are forced to ,, ., . . .
draff tbrouffh tbe weary years without propellers that have been con
the hope of better days. All such should etructed in tbia countrv have gone
Do auviatm to usn a iuw muiic) ui
The Trials of Women.
up and acted simply like balloons
they have floated in the air and
have come down to be carted back
to their respective starting places.
'I think Santos Dumont has
It plants hope in hopeless hearts, the
seeds of joy in joyloss minds, whose
fruition is the blooms of health on the
cheek of the perfect woman, to whom gone as far as it is possible to go
sue ma or ner loruiur t;xiiiruue ar how
the ro il zest of her pleasurable life,
Thousands of women all cvpr this land all the money he -wanted, and i
,.,.,! himself skilled in the construction
of his machines: He also had th
assistance ot trie best balloon ma
kers that France could provide, yet
he could not always come back to
Delicate women req uire a tonic. An
Iron tonic is Rood, but Sc. Andrew's
Wlno ,.i TJfr. R .-,,. la l.nt.tai- Whlla
toning up tho system, purifying the his place of departure, even ' in
blood and restoring exhausted nerves, carn.
jifcjeftuiait'S any aeranif:neni., ana
strengthens woman in toe moss sensi
tive part of uer oraii'Sm.
Price 81 00 per buttle.
Ask your drupztist for It.
Made only bv ANDREWS MFG. CO.,
Bristol, Term.
X wZp
&t sushis r n
Throat Coughs
A ticking in the throat L ,,
hoarseness at times; adeejj-.
breath irritates it; these;
ar' features of a throat
cough. They're very de
ceptive and a cough mix- ,.
'ture won't cure them.'.
You want something that ...
will heal the inflamed .
membranes, enrich the "
blood and tone up the
system .. .. .'. ,
Scott's Emulsion.
is just such a remedy.
It has wonderful heahn
power. '
cause or
cough and the whole
and nourishing
removes tnc
system is given new
strength and vigor .'.
Sen J far free sample
T fc? BOJVNE, ckmhts
.py-jjj Pearl Street, New Tori
JOfunJ $1.00. All drugghtt
"Your son is studying art, I believe,
Has he made much progress 1!"
"Oh, yes. He is able to talk the
langnagd quite fluently. "Judge.
Visitor "Are there any fish in the
river?" - i
Native "Fish ! I should rather
think there was. Why, the water's
simply saturated with 'em." Punch.
Lady "Did the natives like the
perfumed soap I sent tbem?"
Returned Missionary' 'No, mad-
ame, they bit into it and threw it a-
way. " Detroit Free Press.
Sunday school Teacher "Why did
the Lord command us to love our
neighbors Y
Little Lilliaj-"! guess it was ho
cause we can get along with most
everybody else."
"Very 'well, sir, " cried Dr. Kwack,
after his quarrel with the undertaker,
"I'll make you sorry for this. "
"What are you going to do," sneer
ed the undertaker, "retire from prac
tice?" PhiladelphiaPress.
I H Al
w 'am
A yonr .le.V.or about It. Talc no s-jbsti-
tata, ii v. o aoud by mail on receiot ot price
A cinifk-tc slioe-polishinii outtit for 2S cents.
L.:Jici can polish their own shoes with liitla
or no tvoub'o, and it does not siuut or blaclc
t:i.j nki L:!. Centlemen who never before nol.
ijt.o l tiicir s'.ioea now we Shushhie. Can b
iirrkd in tha novket or srriD. Yoa can't siiill
it. KhurJiino cnumins no acid, shellacs cr ain
n:ioi ir., as liquid dressings do. tihushine is a
laatlicr p es?rvor for all kinds of leather, in-
cnwU'ie sinny leatners. enoes wear mucn
Iwij" 'ihed used exclusively.
Brockton, Mas-
Cream Vermifuge
Ballard-Snow Liniment Co
ori!bv Scoi a kiiik Uri'i'l.Y Ktoiik
KILLtk: couch
uo CUnC thi LUNGS
w Br. King's
New Discovery
Frt TriiL
Boreal and Qtutkeat Cur for U
'I" am firmly"' Convinced that
the time will come for the air to
ue navigated, and, mind you, it
will not' be at a very remote date,
oy meaus ot a machine, mat is
heavier tharf airr, The exceeding
ly high-powered engines that are
tne result ol the ueveiopment oi
the motercar business do ao enor
mous amount cf work fur thei
weight, and it is possible to make
them yet lighter still, without any
loss of efficiency. Scientific men
for many years have said, ''Give s
a motor light enough, yet suf
ficiently strong, and we will navi
gate the air.' It appears to me
that the motor so long awaited has
at last arrived, so that nothing
stands in the way of construction
ol a practical flying machine ex
cept the question of tne C"6t ol ex
"With regard to the aeroplane, I
am not at all wedded to that sys
tem, although I have carried out
numerous experiments with it. I
have studied the question for a
great number of years with the as
sistance of one of the greatest matji
ematiciaus in the world, and 1 am
now inclined to the belief there is
another an.d belter wayv
"I have been studying the move
ments of the wiu&a of large birds,
and 1 find that these may be close
ly imitated, and that without any
lever?, tau.e, conmcting rods or ar
ticulated joints. In short, I have
discovered a means of performing
the functions of tbe wings in a very
simple and direct manner."
"And your next flying machine
will be constructed on these princi
pie-? '
"I shall only tell you that I am
experimenting still, and that I in
tend to continue. I have spent an
enormouB sum of money In this
way. Up to three yeirs ago, when
I dropped my old theoiies and
demonstrated anew, I bad lost
$100,000. In France and Germany
the respective government have
advanced money for such experi
ments: all I will say now is that if
the English government will do
likewise I will undertake that we
will soon have a flying machine in
this country that shall ho he.vl .f
all others." .
' Alice "Were you introduced to him
the first tiuie you saw hliut". ;
Dollv "ISO. The fcrst tilue I saw
him was when the car lurched as
was standing up, and I sat down in
bv lap. " Somerville Journal
Sfniiilte the Kttvt: . i
If you will allow me I will write to
the Xews this evening as I am not do-
n(l anything this evening. I have just
finished reading the Xeww. I always
enjoy hearing from homo.
The people up in Pryor Cove must
never work any for they are all the
tiuie visiting. . .
Come on , l,Pal," I know who you
are hut I have you fooled.
I wan up at Memphis) last week and
took a vit'w of the Mississippi River.
I a in glad to see Harry Eggert taking
such an interest in the Sunday school
near Pittsburg,' (5 a. I think Mr. Eg
gert is a nice man. I first knew him
at Straight Creek. Ky.
m sorry the strike ha been called
off at Tracy City and Whit well. That
will cause a great many to leave their
precious homes. It is not so hard on
myself as I am single. It is ilke the
verse. When yon aro single it is sug
ar and pie and when you are married
t is root hog or die. I am not much
acquainted V.'hitwell, hut I always like
to hear from there. '
Come on, "Reporter," I like to read
your pieces as I am your friend.
Oscar Haynes and Arthur Cunning
ham were out inspecting the water
here this morning.
Miss Cora Vickory took a orive this
evening on a hunt for some llfiowers.
What has become of our friend,
Bill Dooley. I guess he is in the
shingle business and hasn't time to
wri te.
I would like to hear from Wyoming
from the girl that was wanting to cor
respond with the Tennessee boys.
There was a dance at Overton Park
last week. Everybody seemed to be
enjoying life fine.
I wish I was at Machens, Mo. , and
could take a hunt with "BlacK-eyed
Boy", as he says - there are plenty of
game there.
Come on, ye writer from Lankford-
town, and let us hear who has been
Come on, Mt. Olive, and let us hear
how they are getting along dancing
and how the work is there.
Work is dull here at this writing.
I guess the company hasn't any orders.
I ain a miner and a union man but
the strike came up and ran me away
from home and I have decided to try
the shops a while, but I will hold up
for the union until I die.
Best wishes to the News "and its
many renders. Topique.
-JL! Don't you ever get any vacation?"
pityingly asked the slick jthorough-
bred.-, . .. . ... '
"Vacation !" exclaimed the " work
horse. "I can go out to the stable
yard and roll over, any day in the
week and I'll bet that's more than you
ever get to do." Chicago- Tribune.
Different Then "The Joneses are
crowing because their baby weighs
three pounds more .than ours, John."
"Well, never mind," replied John.
"Wait" till Jones has to walk the floor
nights with theirs, then maybe they
will hush up." Milwaukee Sentinel.
Had Tetter for Thirty Years.
I have suffered with tetter for thirty
years and have tried almost, countless
remedies with little, if any, relief.
Three boxes of Chamberlains Salve
cured me. It was a torture. It
breakes out a little sometimes, but
nothing to what it used to do. D.
H. BEACH, Midland City, Ala.
Chamberlain's Salve is for sale by Jno.
W. Simpson, Jasper, Tenn.
Hard Luck.
"Yes: her husband .robbed her of
every penny she had. " ;
"Poor dear! And all sh married
him for was because she wai afraid of
Sjcdii to th .V. ws.
Rain is the order of the day.
The infant child of Mr. and
Geo. Bailey 'died Wednesday.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Ash . Rawlins,
a girl. -
Hugh Layne and family moved to
Eastland Wednesday.
CWe Adkini was on our streets one
day last week.
Tom Ashburn is .in from Dunlap to
see his family.
Rev. Dick Moore went to Dunlap
this morning.'".
Mr. and I.Irs. Will Rankin will
leave fo Iti'o)- in few days. We
wish them success.
I .congratulate our editor for not
wishing to publish gugs, for if there
is anything I hate to see it is gags in
a newspaper.
Well, Mr. Eilitor, the strike is still
on. iiiey voted it ort once ami now
they have voted it on again. It look:
to me hko it could be settled one war
or another. It just looks to mo like
the men who voted it off could not get
work and then turned and voted it on
again. Huch business as that never lin
success, for it will keep the editor busy
typing the strike on and off. It sceins
to me that we ought, as a body of men.
to either vct8 it on and let it stay,
vote it off and not be all the time
an uproar. . tientlemen, 1 am a union
man from top to bottom, but I can
see any use of us doing like we do.
I vote the strike off and can't get work
I am sure that I won't get mad and
vote it on again because that won
help the cause. Let us all come to-
gether and decide which way we are
going to stand and all vote like, and
then stand that way. True Blue,
Pale, Thin,
Nervous ?
Then your blood must be in
a very bad condition. You
certainly know what to take,
then take it Ayer's Sarsa
parilla. If you doubt, then
consult your doctor. We know
what he will say about this
grand old family medicine.
TW I lh ttrtt qnratton jnnT orint would
ak: "Ar your buwrl rrriiiurT" H
II14I lUUjr i-tlon ,. the b"Wl ! hoiutlr
o.-rirml n iwowrr. Kf J"'ir Hrr
t. ur b-twrlt tn:r J Uk!uf lxu
it nr. n( Alor flllA.
Clr.mbeKain's f oh Remedy One of the
Best on the Market.
For many years Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy has constantly gained in fav
or and popularity until it is now one
of tbe most staple medicines in use and
has an enormous sale. It is intended
especilly for acute throat and lung
diseases, such as coughs, colds and
croup, and can always be depended
upon. It is pleasant and safe to tuke
and is nndoubtedlj the best in tho
market for the purposes for which it
is intended. Sold by Jno. W. Simpson,
Jasper, Tenn.
Mal fry J. O. Arm Co-, t-trv.ll, Xm
A HI I Ct!R.
Wireless Whispers.
Mrs. Windfall Just imagine, Hi
ram ! One of the sailors just totd me
that this boat is now in communica
tion with her sister ship. I wonder
what the conversation is about.
Mr. Windfall-Homph! Most likely
each is asking the other if her cargo
is on straight! Pock
An Ounce of Prevention-
is worth a ronnd of care. There Bre
nmDT i-oor sufferers. Consumptives,
who'aie liop-lem of getting well who,
if thev had taken cars of themselvet,
would now le well A cough is the
foundation of Consumption. Ballard
Horehound Svrup will enre that cough.
Mra. S. . Urrat Falls, Montana,
write: "I hare used Ballard'a Hore
hound Sttup in my family for years
.k;L h sntTA with vin n
a 111 ruipiirii , i . . .
' S.!.1 T Mrtnt. ?77 tre.
&7rf r rr-Si' fx -A
Tho Kind You Ilavo Always Bought. nml which has been
ia uso for over 30 years, has borno the signature of
ttiul lias brcmnurto under bis pcr-J;-jL&T'.-f,
sonal supervision since Its infaney.
ACAMK Allow no one to deceive you In this.
All Counterfeits, Imitations and " Just-ns-good'" are but
Experiments that trillo with and endanger tho health of
Infants and Children Experience against Experiment.
Castoria Is a harmless substitute Tor Castor Oil, Pare
goric, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is Pleasant. It
contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic
substance. Its ago is its guarantee. . It destroys Worms
nnd allays Fevcrishncss. It cures Diarrhoea and Wind
Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation
and Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates the
Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep.
The Children's Panacea The Mother's Friend.
Bears the Signature of
The Kind You Have Always Bought
. mm . .a k
In Use For Over 30 Years.
pnpniiiMffMHWjmBB w
ilktt"'-iiiiiMk W
Cr - To obtain Illustrated catalogue of then utovet, write "vV J
f r ca postal card, "tend detail of ad 620," in oox III
13 aa:ne and addresc and mail to us. Ill
Tn September. I8S5, 1 bought from local dealers one of your New
Enterprise S loves.
"Though ucd continuously, Jt Is to-day, after 19 years of hard use,
a better cooking stove than seven out of ten in the settlement.
Mv daughter and grand children are cooking on the KnterpHse."
Missionary Valley, Texas. TOM FU&D.
are a fixture "n that f.imily, as In every family which has once
used one. Madeof ko"3. first-grade iron, strongly put together. Con
venient and attractive points are oven doer kickers, side and out
. side ovea shelf, strong ornamental base skirt, nickeled towel rod
' and coffeepot shelf, and, if desired, capacious warming closet, or
handsome portable copper reservoir returned inside, or tjoth.
If fire-back burns out in less than 15 years, it will be replaced free ,
of charge, prepaid to destination.
Sequachee Water Works,!
Office: Murion House. !i
T SIDENTS of Sequatcliie hav- all the privilppes in connection wi f
L ,x,u ,.. 0i tr. nnr rlrPt L-lasfi citv- The Kuuply is tali i
1 ffn trom Cumberland Mountain from pring 3d0 feet in clevatiori
Three miles of pipe are now laid.
Notary Public,
Ceitiliciate of App'Jintmen- filed
in U S. Pensio t Offices .
Correfpondence Kolicited frVmi persons ilcHiring to purchase land fo
residence or farming purposes 1 Uies carefully examinea.
Worms! vs-RFiiFucEii
For 20 Years Has Led a',1 Worn RaiasHes.
PrwKtby m. JAMES F. H ALLARD, St. Louis
GOOD, ACTIVE AOKXTS in evfry ctmiintiniiy ' solicit gubs-i
criptiona for THE EVS. Libera, c'ommi-sioii iaid. rit to uf
fur further information.
nr. r. . 4
m t i
J'. V. A

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