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J. F. Stephenson, of Inmna, was
here ye.sttrtlny.
J.'K. Hunts, of Etna, arrived here
Tuesday to soe his mother, who is very
Lester Shirloy and "Toady" Barber,
f Whitwell, wrru on cur pike Sun
day. Mrs. J. Ii. Joii-s t)T)t Saturday
night at Kimball, visiting the Martin
John Parker, of So. PitNbnrg, was
in town Saturday to nttend G. A. It.
Miss Juliette Hopkins went to Chat
tanooga Monday on a shopping trip,
returning Tuesday.
Wo invite you to call and examine
our line of holiday goods.
J. E. DARK & CO. Jasper, Tenn.
Quarterly conference of M. E.
Church, south, will be held in Owen
Church, Dec. 20th and 27th.
Misses Grace Kelly and Gene Rauls
ton, of Kimball, were in the city Sun
day, the guests of Mrs. J. R. Jones.
Revs. W. D. Dew and J. A. Clonce
will conduct a protracted meeting at
Owen Church sometime next month.
Good Shoes ! We keep them all
kinds for ladies, gentlemen and child
ren. J. E. DARR & CO.. Jasper. Cenn.
Miss Grace Thomas is instructing a
number of the young people in songs
and recitations for a Christmas enter
tainment. Mr. and Mrs. W. 0. Hill visited
Mrs. Hill's parents, Mr. and Mrs..
W. A. Chadwick, at Victoria, Sunday
S. H. Havron, of Whitwell, was
here Saturday getting advertising cir
culars for his big sale which commenc
ed Tuesday.
Mrs. John Lawson went to Victoria
Tuesday to visit her mother, Mrs. W.
A. Chad wick, who is suffering with
an inflamed foot.
Brown Roberson and J. E. Darr, of
Jasper., were here yesterday, distribu
ting circulars for the firm of J. E.
Darr & Co. , Jasper.
Judge J. K. Fry or, of Jasper, was
here Tuesday with copy for County
Report to be printed by the News job
department in pamphlet form.
John Lawson presented us witb a
nice "phat" 'cossom this morning,
the product of his 'possom farm on the
Bide of Cumberland mountain.
J. C. Floyd, of Whitwell, was here
Friday to get circulars advertising his
father's property for sale, as the fami
ly are moving to Monroe, Oklahoma.
There will be a meeting at Owen
Church tonight in the interest of the
vide prohibition movement. All
ipected to attend
yof Whitwell, pas-
it, preached at
morning. He
fclhapel Sunday
jngnams, per-
fi't, a complete
tees that will
lind see.
Jasper, Tenn.
with narrow
-colored shoes,
rted over his nose.
anu smoking a cigarette, addressed his
" nest girl thus: "If you was me and
was you, what would you do" She
hesitatingly said with a smile:
Would take off that hideous tie, put
that cigarette in the stove, part my
hair on one side, then pray to God for
brains. ' '
Neat Acrostic,
A friend of the News being inspired
by the wedding of our junior editor to
Miss Ruby Chadwiek Tuesday of last
week, like Silas Wegg, Dickens', fam
ous character, "relapses into poetry,'
and sends us the following acrostic,
which we consider very neat, and also
very nice of the gentleman. We ap
preciate the delicate way in which be
expresses his wishes for our future
wellfair. The acrostic is as follows,
the initial letters of each line forming
the names of the parties concerned.
C-npid, thy reign has now begun,
H-old these two hearts together,
A-lways guarl them that they be one,
D-oiug thy will forever;
W-eld them by thy adhesive iower
I-n a way so they can't sever,
C-ling them together each day and
K-eep them as one forever.
H oping your days nay be happy and
I-n your wedded life plenty and pleas
L-et all of your cares pass by as a song
L-ive a life of joy without measure.
T. J. Q.
Tracy City, Tenn.
Her Heart Wat Broken.
because her complexion was bad
sne mam nnu not n in if to clear it un,
Ladies: a bad complexion is caused by
an inactive liver. An inactive liver
will be put in perfect condition by
wising Mallard s Heroine. The nne
(mailed liver regulator. Sold by Se
imatchie Supply Store.
Advertisements under tbla bead Five
tenia per line per insertion.
FOR SALE-All my resident property
in niiwe ig tor sale; wouiu pre
ier to u m Milk.
rlR ALE 114 newapaper at this of-
ui-, ic per um.
ENVELOPE: luo nf low wtthvou
name and address printed thereon, 30c;
by mli. :i.ic. Cah witb order.
HILL A SON, Srquacoea, Taaa
Interesting services were held at
Owen Church Sunday in the iuterest
of the State-wide prohibition move
ment. The afternoon service at 3 o'clock
was devoted to a discussion of the
riioveuient, and a committee to solicit
members of Anti-Saloon League and
for tho purpose of collecting funds
was appointed with officers as follows:
Rev. W. D. Dew, president; Rev. J.
C. Clonie.of Whitwell, vice-president;
J. E. DeSublu, secretary; J. S. Deak
ins, treasurer. Interesting remarks
were Inade succeeding an address by
Rev. W. D. Dew.
At the evening service Rev. Dew de
livered a fine and scholarly sermon on
The Triumph of the Church Over
Evil Forces," txt from 15:16 Mathew:
Thou art Peter and uion this ltock
I will build my church, and the gates
of hell shall not prevail against it"
His sermon was evidently the result
of much research, and was heard with
close attention. A good choir composed
of Misses True and Nina Randle, Mrs.
Dew and Messrs. Randle, Blanton,
Sherman and Curtis, furnished the us-
al high-class song service. Mr. Blan
ton furnighed a solo, a new arrange
ment of words to the well-known air
of "Where is Mv Wandering Boy To-
Other members of the committee
named at afternoon service are as fol
lows: Thomas H. Hill. Chas. Curtis
and J. S. Bennett Among the mem
bers are the following: W, R. Thom
as. R. E. Blanton, G. W. Robbins, H.
L. Barrett, J. K. Barrett, Frank Law-
... .t i ; n T
son, W. . Wilson, nawm rryor,n,oui.
Owens, Byron Bennett, A. J. Hunt,
Mrs. E. S. Haynes, Mrs. J. R. Jones,
Mrs. W, D. Dew, and Misses Grace
Thomas and Louise Hill. A collection
was taken up and the treasurer in
structed to purchase a secretary's
book. The large attenduuee present
was very gratifying to those who were
behind the movement, as it showed
conclusively that Sequachee is strong
in prohibition sentiments, and that its
citizens are determined to. stand in
line atrainst !the drink evil, and the
harrowing train of curses that follow
in its wake.
Tonight another meeting will be held
at Owen Church, when it is expected
that the membership will be largely
increased that our town may prove a
pattern to outside places in its endorse
ment of state-wideism.
Rev Kilgore to His People.
If you will allow me space in your
paper, I will write a few lines to let
inv'friends know where I am. I am at
mv old home with my son-in-law and
daughter. Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Ro
gers. I feel like I was at home and
want my friends to come'and see me
for the weather is bad, and I can't
come to see you, and I want yon to
write me at Victoria, Tenn. I will
get your letters. Christmas is nearly
here and I want to give you two "chap
ters in the New Testament, 2nd Math
ew and 2nd Luke, "Where is he thai
is born king of the Jews, for I have
seen his star in the east." "Behold,
bring you glad tidings of great joy,
which shall be unto all people." Reli
gion was never designed to make pur
pleasures less. I want the people to
give one another nice presents on that
day and think on Christ who gave his
life to save the world, and we should
keep Christmas just as sacred as Sun
day, and not spend it in drinking and
gamming, i win tnanK all of my
friends for any present that they may
send me on that day, even if it is not
worth more than a nickle, and your
name so I will know who to thank.
A few words to Tracy City and
Lankfordtown: I want to know how
the young converts are holding out
and if Rev. John McBride is still
there. Are Cousin Lafayette Kilgore,
Cousin George Kilgore and Alexander
Layne still there, or have they taken
them each a wife and rnn away to Ok
lahoma. Is John Goodston, of Shad
rick Hill living right and gone to rais
ing yellow-legged chickens. If so. all
right. I will attend to the chickens.
I would like to hear from "Cold
Wave" and Dugin, and to hear if they
have killed all the wild ;shoats. If so,
end for W. E. Kilgore, for he likes
back bones and spare ribs fully as well
as he does chickens.
The junior editor of the News has
been eating chicken for the last year
at Rev. Chadwick's and now he has
taken his baby and goue. God bless
the editor and his wife, and may they
live a long ana nappy life.
Comfort ye one another with these
words. W. E. KILGORE.
Don't Be Hopeless.
about yourself; when you're crippled
with rheumatism or stiff joints of
course yon ve tried lots of things and
they failed. Try Ballard's Snow Lini
ment it will drive away all aches.
pains aim stinness ana leave you as
well as yon ever were. Sold by Se
quatchie Supply Store.
For Infants and Children.
The Rind Yon Hare Always Bought
Bears the
Lafayette Layne, Tracy City, orders
the News.
Sum McCoy, Tracy City, now reads
the News.
.1. C. Floyd. Whitwell, takes the
News. ,
Chas. Marsh. Adger, Ala., renews
his subscription.
J. R. Hunts, Roope, Tenn., orders
the News.
Sj-tin to the News.
Our news is limited this week as ev
erybody is working and no one seems
to want to visit us.
Ye writer had an o possom come to
his house in some wise, and it wasn't
long until the stove could have said,
'"Now I'm on the outside of you,"
and can't say ye writer ato it all but
got a portion. The 'possom weighed
9 llw ifter it was dressed.
Miss Grace, of the Holcomlte firm,
was in Nashville one day last week.
Enock Cathcart, of Tracy City, was
in our town last week, lookiug after
thejleliveryof the cement shingles the
famnount college is being covered
with. They are furnished bv Werner
Bros,, of Tracy. I
The little baby of Mr. and Mrs. E.
Wooten, is very sick.
Bids are being let out for the re-cov
ering of the Monteagle Hotel.
Parten & Blackburn are doing some
building on on the Assembly grounds.
The girls have all gone from Fair-
Bish. Win. H. DuBose, and son, Dr.
Haskell, will spend the winter in Se-
wanee. Bishop DuBose may join his
two daughters, Misses May and Susie,
later on in Florida.
Frank Thomas has got the list and
all you voters of Marion and Grundy
counties must see him and sign it.
It's-a petition askig our "big men" to
pass a law that no alcoholic spirits be
sold in the state of Tennessee as a
beverage. How does it suit you? Your
writer's monogram adorns the first
page. Boys, be gentlemen and sign all
such papers and help us to get whis
key wiped out of our state.
Silas and Miss Emma Gregory were
visiting friends near Summerfield
Sunday evening.
John Scruggs is confined to his bed
with throat trouble and fever, and his
little daughter has pneumonia. Mrs.
Scruggs is in bad health also.
Dr. Hays and Mr. Hudson, of Tracy
City, passed through our town en
route homo after a three days hunt
near Providence. They killed 18 birds
each, and escaped a trip to Jasper.
Mrs. Ed Schaererj while at dinner
Monday had a stroke of paralysis, and
is in a very bad condition.
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Barns were call
ed to Tracy City by 'phone to attend
the funeral of their niece, little Perry,
who died there Monday morning.
Mr. Smith says "every man whq
signs the petition goes up this high,"
(holding up his hands as high as he
can get them) "in my estimation."
- The 'United Brotherhood preachers
closed out there meeting at Rose's
Chapel, and left an appointment for
the first Sunday of January and Satur
day night before.
Success to the News and its many
readers. Old Sox.
Special to the News.
Hello, boys and girls, now are you
all by this time'' I have nothing to do
just now and thought I would write a
few lines and let you know I am still
living. Today Has been like a spring
dav and I have enjoyed it very much
and hope everybody is well and enjoy
ing themselves.
Going to the cotton mill is the order
of the day. and singings are the order
of the night.
James iiingleton, of wren. Ala., is
visiting bis uncle and family, Mr.
Armstrong, at this place. Says he likes
our little town fine.
Clarence Phillips called at the post
office Sunday.
Miss Delia Underwood called at the
postoffice Sunday.
Mrs. Brooks is on the sick list this
Mrs. Armstrong has been very ill for
the past week, but is some better now.
Xmas will soon be here, but I expect
Santa Claus will say hard times at our
Miss Pearl Armstrong says there was
a post card destroyed at the post office
last week for her. The postmaster
sent her word that a postcard was at
the office and two cents was due on it
She called to get it and the postmaster
conld not find it He said he guessed
the other one had put it away. She
called azain and both of them were in
the office and it still couldn't be found.
Thev bad a few words about it She
said that it was not the first time ber
mail had been destroyed and she is
eettinir tired of it. and is going to re
port them the next time it happens.
Oh. Gee! lean rear will soon lie
gone and I am , going to be left sure.
I think I will marry ou the thirty -sec
ond day of Decemlier.
tVnne on. all ve writers as I like to
hear from yoo all. Pearl Button.
I an h-mIt arrrction from tha mueom
membrane, accompanied with ehrooie tnflam-
natioa. Hond a 8araparilla acta on tha mu-
roua membrane throarh Hi blood, and radi
cally curt all (Mt of catarrh. Take Hocd'a.
Empire, Ala.
Special to the News.
Christmas will soon be here. It is
the time when we should all lie hap
pier than at any other time. Xmas
time is when we should set all our
cares and worries aside and lie as hap
py and joyful as did the shepherds
when they heard the glad news that
the long expected Messiah was born.
We have the same right to rejoice in
the birth of Christ as they did, because
He is the same to us as He was to
them. When Xmas approaches we
should begin to plan how to makt oth
ers happy. Every year there are hun
dreds of poor children who do not ac
tually know what Santa (Hans moans,
and the Xmas dinners of hundreds
does not consist of anything but bread,
and not much of that. Now, this year
let's see how many poor and destitute
people we can help by giving them a
nice present or two. A bag of candy,
toy pistol, knife or some fruit will
make any boy happy, and you too,
if it is given with the right spirit, and
a doll, work box, story book, or tea
set will be some nice things to give to
some poor girl. They. don't cost much.
If you don't want to buy them, maylw
some of your children have a lot of old
toys that they never play with.
Wouldn't it be putting them to a good
use if they are given to some jioor
child who never has a chance to hang
his stockings up on Xmas. If you
have an old shawl that yon never
wear, it would be a good gift for some
poor woman. A warm pair of mittens
will bring a joyful smile to her face.
An old jacket that you have 'discarded
will be welcome. A fur cap will be
nice to give to some destitute man or
boy. An old overcoat that your hus
band has thrown down will be an ex
cellent gift. Dear friends, we can all
do something for the friendless and
needy on Xmas, if no other time..
These little things don't cost much.
If you can'tbuy them there is always
some articles around our homes that
we dont' need and they will be deeply
appreciated by any poor person. Gath
er up a nice basketful of your Xmas
dinner, and give it to the children of
your town, who will not have anything
at all for their Xmas dinner but meat
and bread. Dear friends, let us all see
bow much good we can do this Xmas
toward making others happy. Put
your charity talents to work. There
is plenty of territory to work. Christ
says: "in as mucn as ye nave done it
unto one of the least of these, ye
have also done it unto me. By mak
ing gome other poor mortals hapny we
will make ourselves happy. Young
men, old men, boys and all, let me
whisper something in your ears,
Leave your Xmas toddy off this time.'
If you have any whiskey circulars or
order blanks for getting your whiskey
use them to start your hres in your
stoves some morning, rather than to get
the stuff to start these ruinous fires in
side your body. Take the money that
you will spend for whiskey and buy
some useful things and give to those
who will not have anything on Xmas
morning. Buy a basket of provisions
and send it down to widow so-and-so,
If you celebrate Xmas, do it in a de
cent way. Christ being born into the
world does not call for you to get
drunk and raise cain all around. Let
the stuff alone. '
Curtis Ellison returned from Dora
Monday where he has been visiting
James Allen and daughter returned
from a visit to friends at Flat Creek
The young ladies are spending their
leisure moments now in making Xmas
presents. They say that beats spend
ing them with the boys.
Prof. James Knight returned from a
visit to nis family at iiirnungbam
Geo. Parks has taken the position as
superintendent here. He has been
bank boss for several years.
Mrs. W. Bankston, who has been
visiting friends here, returned to her
home at Dora Monday.
Santa Claus is getting ready to dis
play his goods here. A car load of X
mas goods was brought in this week.
f rank JNeison, of liirmmguain was
at this place Tuesday.
Monroe Hill, a well-to-do farmer
who resides nearby, was here Tuesday.
J. L. Dill, of Creel, was at this
place Tuesday.
jur. and Mrs. tl. f eltman gave a
nice party Thursday night in houor of
Miss Dedie Filayaw, of Cordova, who
has been visiting them for several
weeks. Luncheon was served at 9 o
clock consisting of several kinds of
fruits, nuts, cake and different kinds
or canay. nenty or nice music was
rendered by several of the young la
dies. Some amusing and interesting
games were played. Among the
guests were Misses Myrtle Raynor, Ida
Hassel. May Smithers, Flora Thomas,
Pauline Marland, Pearl Ratcliff, Susie
and Hattie Allen, Losse Zeigler, Allie,
Lnda and Lotta Gallowav, Messrs.
Curtis Ellison, Cleon Hassell, Joe Bat
eler, Ora Argo, Cowan McFarland,
Everyone bad a nice time.
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Upton were in
Birmingham Saturday.
Tom McNabh, of Ivey Leaf, is visit
ing friends here.
Mr. ana Jir. n. r anlkaner gave a
dance Saturday night It was largely
Mr. and Mrs. S. Parks give a pound
party Saturday, night The boys
brought everything that wan good to
eat Everyone had a nice time. Among
the gnesta were Miwe Ruby and Mary
Speigle. Hatti and Sane Allen, Hes-
flr li ii i i in in un " ii
1 loMfpiW
A Year of Pleasure and Profit
The only National Mniniinad.Totd totha (Vmth-hcr Literatim-,
Art, Boifnne, Hintry, livanurrra and Proim-M. ,.,,.
It. oonUliia the flnit work of Houthurn Artist anrt w
tho most prt-gnant exprtwstorw of Southern Leadore aiiU Btawwmc
Prica-i 1.50 pr
CI.i niMNf:
It Ib the pood fortune ot this pniwr to lie able to on''"", K,' Th
Rout hern Mapurfno, in eoinuvtUm With out own jwrioaioni,
for one year for the low price of
Our pnper will rI va Tor all the loeel new and topic of Jna7
The Taylor-Trotwood Magazine irivii you the etory '
Whole 8outli-its patriotbiii. ltn uplift, in eourn. ou cannu.
afford to mine either one. tit-tior Bubaoribe now. Auare
The Modern Farmer
The Daily Paper
TIih American fHrmer hiis caught the spirit of the ire and l no long
er tailing along behind tlio procession. H.- is rinlit in th from ranks
and everybody must hustle to kep up with bun.
The farmer is learning to make more monv out of the land and
with bis mental expansion be want the better things of life.
He wants, among other things, his daily paper in bis mail box before
noon of the day it is published.
newHp.iper in East Tennessee which h-h.-Ii'-h in mihscribers on ibo (d;it
of publication. It is a clean, up-to-date publication, Hiving ALU THE
In addition to the regular neH. we print a farm pnge in' a week
edited by men who have devoted ttinir lives to learning ho to lin-l b't
ter ways of doinif things on the farm. This tasre 1m iU voted to timely
mat ler about stock raising, seed sel
the agricultural exDeriment station.
farmers realign its value.
Send in your subscription todav. AtJENTS WANTED EVERY
WHERE. Write to tbo Journal and Tribune for full Information.
Notary Public,
Certificate of Appointment filed
in U S. Pension Offices.
Correspondence solicited from persons desiring to purchase land for
residence or farming purposes. Titles carefully examined.
ter Robins, Pearl Adkins, Eula Level,
Flora Thomas, Messrs. George Parks,
James and Demps Ward, Walter Smith
ers, Clay Wilson, Curtis Ellison, Curt
and Henry Enus and Cowan McFar
land. Empire's social season is in full
sway now. Have a good time wnue
you can but have it in a decent way.
A largj crowd attended church serv
ices Sunday night. Rev. F. A. Vann
preached an interesting and scholarly
Hello, "Pedro," have you quit wri
ting altogether t Ethel.
Four Mile, Ky.
Special to the News.
Working is the order of the day and
going to church the order of the night.
Robt. Powell and Ed Saynes made a
flying trip to Big Hill, Ky., and took
dinner with Richard Duke.
The Order of Red Men gave a box
supper at tnis place Saturday ingnr,
There was a large crowd attended and
everybody reported a nice time.
I wonder what has become of all the
Looney's Creek girls. I wonder if.we
could get up a dance over there about
Xmas time.
I wonder if John Christian is board
ing Foster Powell.
Richard Duke and family are going
to leave here about Saturday for Whit
well to spend the holidays with home
Ikie Oakley and best girl were out
buggy riding Sunday afternoon.
Mack Betherme called on Miss Susie
Cottonwood Sunday evening. Rastns.
Eat all the good food yon like. Quit
dieting. You don't have to diet to
cure dyspepsia. In fact you cannot
cure dyspepsia or indigestion that way,
but rather you must auu strength to
the weak stomach by taking something
that will dget the food which the
stomach cannot digest. Kodol is the
only thing known today that will do
this, for Kodol is inaue oi natural ui
gestive juices found in a healthy stom
ach, and it digests all food completely.
Kodol is pleasant to take, and is guar
anteed to give relief in any case of
stomach trouble. Sold by J. W.
Simpson, Jasper, Tenn.
Beat weekly paper in tho United
StUM: The Chattanooga Weekly News.
More than lO.OOO news items In each la-
sue. otlunif like it in the whole coun
try. The Chattanooga Weekly News
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while you have tbe chance.
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"" torn m. Fry
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liver tbiuir ia practical and
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mnON mci Ca. CKaIb. HL , Xanna City. Ha.
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ilrt trad
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Jinn r.iww rwii vm tnm mirin roW1f
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brra. Oil and Chtmirala. (ioaraatd i
yeara. If twit l-aWreaoBH (apply yo, ac
cept bo other, but writ aa ai4 aama will
raodT prompt atteauoo.
Cwntabtd, Ki
StOUMlrlEt, II
Heavy. Wip3&0eS
4 tt Ka SOc tor S3 14 u.

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