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One Dose for Coughs
Children cough at night? Give them Ayer's Cherry Pec
toral. Often a single dose at bedtime will completely
control the cough. Good for any one with a cold or cough.
Good for easy cases, hard cases; good for acute cases,
chronic cases. Ask your doctor to tell you, honestly and
frankly, just what he thinks of this old standard remedy.
NO alcohol in this COUgh medicine. . C. A ier Co. , Lowell, Mass.
A lazy liver makes a lazy boy. An active brain demands an active liver. No better
laxative lor boys and girls than Ayer's Fills. Ask your doctor about them. He knows.
Flat Creek, Ala.
Sp.-ciiil In the Neivt
John Travis, of Pratt City, is here
this wflfk,
Dr. Thaxton. of Birmingham, was
here Friilay and Saturday.
Uncle Sam Hall visited John Cooper
Dr. Oxford went to Big Warrior riv
er fishing last week and caught a iwh
that weighed 00 lbs.
Mrs. Fred Hill wag visiting Mrs.
Maiden Saturday. I
Warren Cooker got hurt here Wed
nesday by falling slate, but he will be
able to be out again in a day or two. ,
Mrs. Oiny Tarks and children are
visiting at Empire this week.
Capt. Joe Kennedy is on the sick list
this week. Hope he will soou be out
The lniys of Flat Creek went to Palos
Saturday to have a ball game, and
were defeated 13 to 2.
Will and George Levan, of Coal
Crek were here Sunday.
Will Allen made a flying trip to Em
pire one day last week on business.
The baby of Mr. and Mrs. Archie
Grimes is very sick.
Rev. Mr. Harris, of Jasper, is hold
ing a protracted meeting here.
Leon Lewis and Will Lawson visited
ye writer Sunday morning.
Will Kelly was on Peneger Hill Sun
day. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hill visited Mr.
and Mrs. Frank Shadrick Sunday.
Mrs. Ida Maiden visited Mrs. Hearse
Sunday morning.
Luther Morris is on the sick list this '
week. Whistling Tim.
Eastland, Tenn.
Specwl to the News.
Dr. Breeden, of Ravencroft, was in
town Saturday attending the sick child
of Dr. Johnson, who is very sick with
Dr. Young, of Clifty, was in the city
Wm. Ingle left last Saturday for East
Tennessee to visit his parents.
Ed Taylor moved last week to Day
ton, Tenn.
The Eastland ball team went to
Pleasant Hill Saturday and played the
team at that place. The score stood
19 to 4 in favor of Eastland.
James Miller went to Pleasant Hill
Saturday to see the ball game well
Misses Kate Thorns, Bella Winings,
Loula Watley and Mrs. John Reed
went to Pleasant Hill Saturday.
Mat Rice was slightly hurt in the
mines at this place last week.
Mrs. Wm. Baltimore left Saturday
to visit her parents at Forest Hill,
near Whitwell.
Joe Gilliam, of Clifty, was a visitor
at Sunday school here Sunday.
There was singing at the school
house Sunday at two o'clock. Ike Ir
vin led the choir.
Gardens are looking line up here at
present, and the prospects are good for
a berry crop this ypar
Work is still dull here We are work
ing half time. Politicians said that if
Taft was elected times would get bet
ter all over the country, but the elec
tion of Mr. Taft hasn't taken any ef
fect yet in making times any better
Obey Watley still lingers. He has
been confined to his bed for several
months with little or no prospects of
ever getting any better, though he is
cheerful aud eats heartily.
Prof. Gracy and Shaw Maddox took
a walk to the river Sunday evening.
J. G.
TRACY CITY, Tenn.. May 20.
At a meeting of the bar of Grundy
County, including all visiting attorn
eys who reside in the third Chancery
Division, also county official and citi
zens of the county, resolutions were
adopted endorsing Chancellor T.M.Mc
Oonuell for Chancellor, an office he has
filled for sixteen years and in which,
the resolutions declare, he has proved
himself eminently fair and just.
The resolutions further declare,
"That recognizing the superior attain
ment, legal training, exceptional cap
abilities aud fitness of the Hon. R. M.
Barton, Hon. A. W. Chambliss and
Hon. Joseph C Higgina for the re
spective positions of Supreme Judge
and members of the Court of Civil Ap
tieals. the last two being candidates
from East Tennessee and Middle Ten
nessee, respectively, we endorse, their
candidacy. ' '
Kills to Stop the Fiend.
The worst foe for 12 years of John
Deve. of Gladwin, Mich., was a rnn-
niiig nicer. He paid doctors over $400
wituont bt'iieht Then Uui Kien Ar
nica Salve killed the nicer and cured
him. C'nrvs Fever .Sores, BoiK Fel
ons, Eczema. Salt U'netiui. Infallible
f.w Pile. Bum. Snld. Cut. Corns
1150 at Whitwell Dmg Co s.
I Pleasant Grove.
Sjecialo the Neivs.
Mrs. R. G. Dobbins, of So. Pitts
burg, is spending the week with home
Miss Maude Dame visited Mrs. II.
H. Torbett one day last week."
Mrs. A. A. Rogers visited her
daughter, Mrs. W. R. Jones, Wednes
day. i Miss Alice Saylors visited Miss Net
tie Turner Sunday.
I Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Jones visited
home folks Thursday.
R. G. Dobbins, of So. Pittsbnrg,
j visited A. A. Rogers Saturday night
and Sunday.
I Miss Lillie Releford was on the sick
list last week, but she is some better.
: Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Torbett flient
Friday night with Mrs. J. VV. Dame.
We have a tine lot of strawberries on
hand now and they are certainly delic
: ions.
i Geo. Jones still makes his regular
trips to the lock and dam every morn
Frank Fox. of Jasper, visited home
folks Monday.
G. L. Roirers made a short call at
Polley Turner's Friday.
Miss Allie Rogers visited her sis
ter. Mrs. W. R. Jones. Friday even
J. W. Dame visited his mother, Mrs,
E. T. Dame, Thursday.
D. R. Rogers made a short call here
G. L. Rogers made a short call at
Sam Webb's Thursday.
Mrs. M. C. Webb visited Mrs. C. E.
Hancock Wednesday evening.
J. W. Dame made a short call on H
H. Torbett Saturday.
A. A. Rogers visited his sister, Mrs.
H. H. Torbett, Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Webb visited
home folks at Hoge's Crossing Sunday.
Walter Webb visited his aunt, Mrs,
M. C. Webb, Friday night.
Riley Jones and Mell Webb made t
business trip to Jasper Saturday.
Miss Ella Griflin visited Miss Nannie
Gorren one day last week.
Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Torbett spent
Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. George
Mr. R. G. Dobbins, of So.PitMrarg,
visited her sister, Mrs. W. R. Jones,
Sunday evening.
Misses Louise, Hazel and Milta Tate
visited Miss Maude Dame Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Torbett visited
their neice, Mrs. Bonnie Jones, Sun
day evening.
A. A. KOgers made a snort call on
George Quarles Sunday evening.
Luther Young and Geo. Saylors were
buggy riding on our pike Sunday.
Lonely Girl
Everybody is likely to have kidney
and bladder trouble. In fact, nearly
everybody has some trouble of thi
Kino, mat is tne reason wny you so
often have pains in tne back and groin
scalding sensation, urinary disorders
etc, that's your kidneys. The best
thing to do is to get some of DeWitt'
runney and tsiauuur mis right away,
Take them for a few days or a week
or so and you will feel all right. In
this way, too, you will ward off dan
gerons and possibly serious ailments,
iney are perrceny Harmless, ana are
not only antiseptic, but allay pai
quickly by their healing properties,
Send your name to E. C. DeWitt &
Co., Chicago., for a free trial box
They are sold here by Whitwell Drug
uo. anu o. v. eimp.son.
Special to the News.
Richard Layiie was visiting home
folks Sunday.
Luther Webb went down the road
peeping out of his collar Sunday.
George Saylor and Luther Young
made a short call at Mr. McCollum
Harbert Webb and family visited
Crit Webb Sunday.
Luther Webb and John Haley were
in So. Pittsburg Friday.
Arch Moore made short call at Mr.
McCollum's Sunday.
Miss Lee McCollum has returned
home after a long vifit at Victoria.
Lum Smith was in Jasper shopping
Saturday. Lonesome Girl.
A Livino Skeleton
is the final condition of any child that
has worms if it lives. Think of hav
ing something in your stomach that
eats all you take as nourishment.
Nine-tenths of the babies have worms,
maybe yours has. Be certain that it
has not by giving it White'i Cream
Vermifuge it exe)s all worms and is
a tonio for the baby. Price 't cents.
Sold by Sequatchie" Supply Store.
For Infants and Children,
The Kind You Hare Always Bought
Bears the
The News is only f0o a vear.
. Cole City, Qa.
Special tt the Newt.
I will try this beautiful Sabbaih
morning to write a few lines from this
neck of the woods, ag I don't see any
thing from this flourishing little town
of two families. I am always clad to
get the News, for I see letters in every
issue from some I know. Hello, Belle
Bostain, I know you and a great many
more of the Cutty people. Do you
know who I am? I guess not.
Paul Basham and Mamie Price spent
Saturday right with Gns Holland.
Gardens are looking line.
Misses Ethie and Flossie Basham and
Miss Minnie Holland went down on
Sand Mountain last week, and had a
fine time.
Coal City has not started yet and ye
writer thinks it won't soon, unless, it
is straight np.
Times are hard here but we ought to
be glad they are not worse, for if we
had just wnat we deserve, i guess we
would be in a worse shape than we
are. When i iook around ana see so
much wickedness going on, I think it
no wonder times are hard, and it is a
wonder to me that this old world still
stands. People are not thankful enough
for what they have. They ought to
be glad they are alive and able to en
joy what they have.
It has rained here two or threo days
but the sun is shining to-day, and it
makes me feel glad.
Let everyone write to tne jNews, so
we can hear from each other.
I was glad to see Ethel Ferguson's
name in the News, for I know her and
would be glad to see her. Old Lady,
S fecial to the News.
Miss Lucy Patterson returned to her
home here Monday after an extended
visit to her sister Mrs. Portwood, in
Herrin, 111.
Joe D. Ruffner and Miss Gertrude
Stoned pher were quietly married at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Mon
roe Sunday, Rev.U. S. Maroney offic
iating. The bride is the beautiful and
accomplished daughter, of Mr. N. J.
Stonecipher, a prosperous merchant of
Coalfield. The valuable services of
Mrs. Ruffner were secured in teaching
in the Petros town school last year,
and the people regret very much to
lose her as an assistant this year, as
she had been given a place, but de
clines to teach.' The groom is a son of
Mr. S. Ruffner, a prominent lumber
man of Coalfield. He is at present the
day operator for the H. & N. E. R. R
at Coalfield, Tenn. Mr. and Mrs. Ruff
ner will make their home at Grays
ville, Tenn., where he accepts a better
position as operator.
Prof. J. F. Johnson, County Super
intendent of Public Instruction, at
tended the Farmers Convention at
Knoxville last week.
The people of the town will be glad
to welcome the new doctor who will
locate himself and family in our little
town within the next few days.
Capt. Huskins is supplying the local
market with some very fine strawber
ries. Stevenson,' Ala.
Special to the News.
Rain is the order of the day.
As I have come to this part only a
few days ago, 1 don't know of very
much to write, but this seems like a
nice place to be in, as there are plenty
of pretty girls here, and that makes a
good countfy, don't it.
Work seems to be fairly good, better
than I found anywhere and I have
been in five states in the last few days
and found work very dull.
I don't think this last settlement the
non union men got is very good for
the poor laboring men. I suppose they
will go somewhere else if it don't 'suit
them where they are, as they used to
say when they were breaking the
strike, but hold on, isn't it the same
everywhere you go, so don't start un
til some strike comes up and then you
can get transportation free.
Alabama Sum.
Religious View of the Mustache.
"The mustache bas a religious sig
nificance," said a clergyman in a Len
ten adJress. ''It forms, you see, in
company with the nose, a cross. In
the time of the Moslem invasion of
Spain mixed marriages rendered it
impossible to tell a heathen from a
Christian so the Spaniards took to
shaving all the face but the upper lip.
Thus every Christian countenance
bore a cross a cross part flesh and
part hair, rrom its religious view
mustache has come to have an eleg
ant significance purely. Men now
wear it not to proclaim their faitb.
but to magnify their beauty. Its
source, however, is in Christianity.
Before the Spanish invasion men
either wore full Wards or went clean
shaved. "-Charleston Post.
The type of Job Printing we turn
out is always the best possible. Care
is always taken to make thing look
right, and you know what that means
in printing more time consumed in
the work. Our price are always
reasonable, and prompt delivery.
Chlldrsn Cry
(Published by request. )
A sexton stood one Sabbath eve within
a bellfry grand,
Ringing signals for the church, with
bell rope in his hand.
As in the house of worship stood a
young and happy pair
To pledce their troth foreveriuore,
each other's love to share.
A noly man then spoke these words:
"Before you'll join for life,
Has any person here a word to say
against you as man and wife?"
Then down the aisle there came a man
with quick and eager step,
And pointing to the trembling bride
these words he quickly said:
Those wedding bells shall not ring
out; she is another's bride.
I saw her at the altar rail, we stood
there side by side,
She cannot claim another's band, she
dare not break the law's command.
A guilty wife you see her stand, those
wedding bells shall not ring out.''
The minister was speechless and the
bridegroom stood amazed ;
The congregation spellbound sat and
thought the man was crazed.
The bride had not a word to say but
Bimply hung her head,
Who is this man?" the preacher ask
ed. "I know him not," she said.
Then ring the bell," the bridegroom
cried, the man knelt to intreat.
The sexton swung the chimes aloft,
the bells rung clear and sweet,
But scarce their music had begun
when forth there came a shout
"Stand back, I say they shall not ring,
those bells shall not ring out.
A shriek of woe, a guttering blade, a
lurch, a flash, a dart,
And like the lightning stroke the blade
had reached hjr heart.
"You've killed his bride! Ah God
they cried.
He swung the gleaming knife and
pierced his own heart as he gasped
"No not, his bride, my wife."
Two forms lay cold within the aisle
the husband and the bride
As once in life he claimed they stood
in wedlock side by side.
His vow was kept, the bells had ceas
ed, and with his dying breath
These words once more he murmured
ere his lips were closed in death:
"Those wedding bells shall not ring
out, I swear it on my life,
For we were wedded years ago and she
is still my wife.
She dare not break her vows to me,
she's mine through all eternity,
She's mine till death shall set us free
Those bells shall not ring out."
Special to the Ne-,vs.
Oh mv, the birds have about eaten
up all of our cherries.
A. J. Curtis robbed a bee hive last
week and the honey was right sweet.
Our potatoes look well.
I was out at Tracy City last week
to see that big gun, Albert Cannon
and he gave me a .22 rifle, and I have
killed several birds out of my cherries
with it.
The miners only get three days out
of a week.
The old lady made a cherry pie last
Sunday and I am feeling better now
Will, Jack and John Curtis were to
see us Sunday. John is the champion
squirrel hunter. No wonder his name
is John, his meat is locusts and wild
Mrs. A. J. Curtis says she set a hen
on Til eggs and she natcned fourteen
chicks. Beat it.
Willie Curtis set out some gooseber
ries three years ago and this year they
bore ganderberries.
The fice stays in the valley. I have
fallen out with him.
"The boys out here are getting up a
ball team called the Roaring River
The sun shone all day Sunday for the
first time in a week.
We all went to Castle Rock last Sun
day and saw the great city of Jasper
an the big Tennessee river.
We are living on cherry pie, if we
don't die, so goodbye. Cold Wave.
A Happy Father
is soon turned to a sad one if he has to
walk the floor every night, with a crv
ing baby. McGee's Baby Elixir, will
make the child well, soothe its
nerves, induce healthy, normal slum
ler. Best for disordered bowels and
sour stomach all teething babies need
it. Pleasant to take, sure and safe,
contains no harmful drugs. Price 2."ic
and 50c per bottle. Sold by Sequatchie
supply store.
Coal City, Qa.
Special to the News.
We have bad a nice rain and it w
good for gardens and potatoes.
Misses Ethei and Flossie Basham
visited Miss Minnie Holland Sunday.
Jumping the rope seems to be the
order of the day with the young folks
of Cole City.
Times are very dull here, bnt every
body seems to be enjoying themselves.
Come on, "New Writer," of Cedar
Springs. I like to read your pieces
and also those of "Fanner's Daughter,'
of Oklahoma. Come on, all ye Petros
Wish the News aud its reader snc
cees. Anut Millie.
Com i from well directed and thoroughly a.
imitated food. flood's Sarxaparllla toned the
direstire orrana. and thai builds up the
Mrenirth. If you are retting "run down,
hrcin taking Hood'i at onra.
Better Not Get
If you can help it. Kodol prevents Dyspepsia, by
effectually helping Nature to Relieve Indigestion.
But don't trifle with Indigestion.
A great many people who havel
trifled with indigestion, have been
sorry for it when nervous or
chronic dyspepsia resulted, and
they have not been able to cure it
'e Kodol ard prevent having
Dyspepsia. .
Everyone is subject to Indiges
tion. Stomach derangement follows
stomach abuse, just as naturally
and just as surely as a sound and
heafthy stomach results upon the
taking of Kodol.
When you experience sourness
of stomach, belching of gas and
nauseating fluid, bloated sensation,
enawing Pain In the pit of the
stomach, heart burn (so-called),
diarrhoea, headaches, dullness or
chronic tired feeling you need Ko
dol. And then the quicker' you take
Kodol the better. Eat what you
want, let Kodol digest it.
Ordinary pepsin "dyspepsia tab
lets," physics, etc., are not likely
to be of much benefit to you, in
digestive ailments. Pepsin is only
For sale by Whitwell Drug Co., Whitwell, and J. W. Simpson, Jasper.
Delinquent Taxpayers
Take Notice!
On the first Monday in June next
at the Court House in Jasper, Marion
County, Tennessee, 1 will offer for
public sale all the real estate belong
ing to delinquent tax payers for the
year, 1908. The following is a list
of such delinquents, the district in
which the property is situated, and
the number of acres in each tract, as
Anderson, Kate, 110 acres, tax $3.00.
Bryant lieirs, 100 acres, tax ft. 50.
Burnett & Coppinger, 100 acres, tax
Condra, B., 100 acres, tax $1.80.
Condra, H , 120 acres, tax SI. 05.
Condra, Wyatt, heirs, 10 acres, 15c.
Casper, W., 35 acres, tax 52a.
Cumberland Corporation, 8.0U0 acres,
tax $300.00. .
Dixson, Robert, 100 acres, tax $6.00.
Griswold, Dillard, 3 acres, tax 81.50.
Harris, Annis, 150 acres, tax $3.25.
Harris, Annis, 65 acres, tax i)8c
Harris, Kinney, heirs, 150 acres, tax
Killgore, Ike, 1)4 acres, tax $2.40.
Kilgore, D. A.. 10 acres, tax $1.50.
Levan, Chas., 1 acre, 75c.
Lay no, heirs, 150 acres, tax $4.50.
layne, L., 75 acres, tax $1.42.
Layne, L., 30 acres, tax $2. 10.
Layne, Dave, Sr , 50 acres, 75c.
Layne, Daniel, 430 acres, tax $11.00.
Lyue, Thomas, 50 acres, tax $2 25.
La'vne, Alex., 100 acres, tax $1.50.
Morrison, Lindy. heirs, 100 acres, $1.50.
McWilliams, J. C, 160 .acres, tax 83 00.
MuCov, Shdj, 6 acres, tax 3Sc.
SpHars, W. 1)., 2i)0 acres, $:i.00.
Spears, W. D., 02 acres, tax $1.35.
Bostain, Robert, 20 acres, tnx 90c.
Brown, D. U., 2 acres, tax $1 50.
Brown, Alson, 100 acres, $!).()0.
Barber, E. .1., 60 acres, 3 30.
Burnett, E. A , 26 acres, tax $1.80.
Burnett, E. A., 12 acres, tax 15c.
Burnett, E. A., 60 acrtss, $3.75.
Ballard, MarK, 1 acre, tax 81.13.
Condra, B , 93 acres, tax $14 20.
Condra, B. W., 37 acres, tax $4.30.
Cowan, J. S., 1 lot, tax $1.50.
Canyon, R. O , 37 acre, tax $5.25.
Daniels, J... L , 6.i acres, tax 98c.
Daniels. L. P., 163 acres, tax $25.50.
Eakin, Will, I acre, tax $2.25.
Urayson, P. C heirs, 50 acrnR, tax
Grayson, P. C, heirs, 400 acres, tax
Grayson, J. L , ten acres, tax 15c.
Grayson, J. A., Jr., 45 acres, tax $3.00,
Griffith, J. M., 5 acre , tax 75c.
Hartman, W. A., 60 acres, tax $6.75.
Killifore, P. H -i acre, tax $1.13.
Powell, W. M., 1 acre, tax 75c.
Raulston, J. W., 94 acres, tax $4. HH.
Raulston, J. W., 200 acres, tax $3.00.
Reel, Joe, 2 acres, tax 75c.
Riding, John, 8 acres, $1.50.
iraitb, Cleve, 13 acres, tax $1 80.
Smith, Cleve, 1 acre, tax 8c.
Smith, Cleve, 2 acres, tax 3lic.
Smith, Lee, 1 acre, 38c.
Smith, Lee, 2 acres, tax 45o.
Smith, Lee, 12 acres, tax $1 80.
Stone, William, 3 acres, tax $1.50.
Thomas, G. L., 1 acre, tax $2 25.
Ti-rry, A 15., 1 acre, tax $2.25.
lbarp. Geo., aces, tax $3.75.
Williams, J. N.t 30 acres, tax $2. 25.
lirown, John C, 48 acres, tax JM.00.
Hrumley, S. E., 2U acres, tax $15.00.
Brumley, S. E., 210 acrns, tax $15.00.
Brumley. S. E., 20 acres, tax S'J.uo.
Cooper, M. A., beirs, 3 lots, tax 45c.
Davis, Polley, heirs, 83 acres, tax SJ. J.".
Douplass, VV. M., 97 acres, tax g:i.(K.
Douplass, V. M., 40 acrea, tax 75o.
Durham. D. S., 43 acres, tax 75c.
Durham. Minerva, 43 acres, 75c.
Doyle, Ed, 1 aorn, tax St .50..
Exum, U. W., 160 acres, tax H 40.
Francis, W. A., 56 acres, tax f 1.50.
Folsom, 8., H cr, tax 15c.
Houts, John VV., 50 acres, tax $3.75
Henderson, Mrs. L., 45 acres, tax SSUH).
Keef, Jesse, heirs, 50 acres, tax 3.75.
Lewis, Jack, 1 acre, tax fa 25,
Leider-nan, W. II., H-2 acres, tax 1.50.
Masseneill, T. M., 10 acres, tax 1.13.
Massenjfill, Arch, 124 acres, tax SJ.25.
Maasentrill, Arcb, m acres, tax hc
Maftsenffill, Arch, 1(H) acres, tax $1.50.
Masse v, Mark, 1 acre, tax 75c.
Moss, J. B., 1-2 acre, tax $2.25.
Marshall, Robert, 5,000 acre, tax
Newsora, Isaiah, 145 acres, tax $7.50.
Price. James W., 1 lot. tax WW.
Pickle'g beirs, 1 acre, tax 3iv
Padirett, S. H., S acres, tax J.3i. a
Richie, John. 143 acres, tax $2.3.
Richie, Alex., 143 acres, tax $.2.25.
Robrrson, W., 1 acre, tax 75o.
Smith, Nathan, 1 acre, tax $2.25.
a partial digester and physics are
not digesters at all.
Kodol is a perfect dtKoster. If
you could see Kodol dlgestingevery
particle of food, of all kinds, In tha
class test-tubes in our laboratories,
you would know this just as well
as we do.
Nature and Kodol will always
cure a sick stomach but in order
to be cured, the stomach must rest.
That is what Kodol does rests the
stomach, while the stomach gets
well. Just as simple as A, B, C.
Our Guarantee
On Cn Vnnr rftnirro-lut tiwlftv mrn imi a
Ur bottle. Theu uflr you have utted tli
rutlr contents of tli bottle If you can
honestly y, that It linn not done you mT
Kood, return the bottle to the uruiririiit ami
he will refund your monev without que,
tlon or delay. We will then pay the druu
gM for the bottle. Don't taen!tate, all
oruKRlHts know that our ruarautoe Is good.
This offer applies to the lart-e bottle only
and to but oue In a family. The lnru bot
tle contains lift time on uiucu a tue fifty
cent bottle.
Kodol Is prepared at the labor
tories of E. C. De Witt & Co., Chicago.
Steel, Mrs., 100 acres, tax $2.40..
And if said sale is not completed
on the said first Monday in June, the
same will continue from day to day
until completed.
Crushed by Log.
COALJIONT, Tenn., May 2.
Thomas Hedrick was found in the
woods two and a half miles north of
here Thursday night, dead, his neck
and skull being crushed between bis
wagon and log he had evidently been
trying to load. The discovery of his.
body was made by Abe Hargis, hi
son-in-law. He lived near Gruetli and
was held in esteem. He had been
Biarried twice, bis first wife comingr
from Marion County.
Children Cry
Celebrated for style, perfect fit, simplicity nd
reliability nearly 40 years. Sold in nearly
every city and town in the United States and
Canada, or by mail direct. More sold than,
any other make. Send lor iree catalogue.
More subscribers than any other fashion
magazine million a month. Invaluable. -latest
styles, patterns, drcssmakimr, tiiilh..'ryt
plain sewing, fancv needlework, hairdressing,
etiquette, good stories, etc. Oilly 60 cents a
year (worth double), including a tree pattern.
Subscribe today, or send for sample copy.
to Agents. Postal brings premium catalogue
and new cash prize oilers. Address
THE McCJUX CO.. 238 to 248 W. 37th SU NEW YOU
Ballard-Snow Liniment Co
st. LOUIS, MO.
Sold and reommended by Sequatchie
Supply Store.
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trade Marks
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Scientific American.
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