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rj,ft at
NO. 24.
At Owen Church Well Attended
in Spite' of Inclement
In spite' of the very inclement
weather, Owen CbnrcU was nearly fill
ed with people who came to witness
the Christmas program Riven by the
children of the Sunday School Friday
night, under charge of Miss Oraoe
Thomas. The decorations were very
liretty, holly was used Javishly.Cbrist
jnas bells hung over the platform, and
211 was in harmony with the spirit of
the season.
The children occupied three seats on
the right side of the platform, while
upon the right was erected a "Christ
mas Log Cabin", from which Santa
Claus appeared later in the evening,
bringing with him gifts for the
"good" children of the Sunday School,
and as all Sunday School children are
good, none were forgotten. The
'Christmas Log Cubin" was made of
slats, covered with paper painted , to
represent the "real thing", and cover
ed with cotton batting "snow".
The exercises opened with prayer by
Rev. G. O. Ganuoway, after which
the song. "Hail, the Sun of Right
eousness", was nicely rendered by the
children. Then followed recitations
by a couple of the smallest members of
the Sunday School, Marie Smith and
Lneile Fagg; and the recitation,
"Happy Christmas", in which four
teen boys and girls appeared. The
wng, "Loving Little Jesus", was act
ed in pantomime by three little eirls,
while the words were softly sung. Re
citations by Gladys Fagg and Robert
Blanton were next in order, followed
by the song, ""Wherever There is Glad
ness", by the chidreu, and Elizabeth
Deukins recited. A drill by seven
girls came next and recitations bv Jes
sie Oiveus, Dora Pryor, Briddie Mar
tin, Robert Barnett and Fannie Cop- '
linger, after which "Loving Hearts
for Jesus" was prettily rendered by six
girls The children followed with a
chorus, "A Merry Chime," after
which Eliza Martin and Jacob Blnntou
recited. "The Calendar for Decem
ber", by ill, who appeared in succes
sion until the entire month was repre
sented upon the stage, was an excel
lent feature. Recitations bv Sallie
Martin, Cbas. Fultz, Lena Lasater,
Harvey Smith and Lester Smith clos
ed the program, which had to be
somewhat curtailed on account of the
absence of several of the children.
Mr. W. S. Pryor, who had acted as
Master of Ceremonies, after expressing
his belief in "Santa Clans", or the
spirit of. love which infests, or should
infest the Christmastide, ann)unced
thr.t. Saiita was in Sequachee, and not
only fn Sequachee but in Owen
Church, and that he would presently
make himself known. Immediately
after Santa appeared from the top of
the chimney of the "Log Cabin", and
after a few looks around to see who
was there, descended' and emerged
from the "Cabin" bringing with him
boxes filled with presents for the mem
bers of the Sunday School, which were
distributed as quickly as possible by
Santa, aided by several young ladies
and children. With this the evening's
entertainment closed.
Miss Grace Thomas, who is Organ
ist at Owen Church, and has bud en
tire charge of arranging the program
anl training the children, des-rves
great credit for her efforts. The child
ren Rhowed careful training and all
rendered their parts well. About $17
was raise by the Sunday School, with
which wr.s purchased presents for all
the members of the Sunday School,
each person receiving a sack of candies
and frnits, besides another gift suited
to their age.
A New Year's Card
Now what is here?
A word of cheer
To herald in another year:
May all its days be free of blame
A little nobler than your aim;
May all its labors be confest
A little better than your best,
And all the joys within its scope
A little brighter than your hope;
And may each year be found, when
A little dearer than the last.
Arthur Guiterman in Woman's Home
Companion for January.
The symptoms of kidney trouble are
urinary disorders, weak back and
backache, rheumatism and rheumatic
pains and twinges, pains in the groin,
etc. Thero is nothing , as good for
kidney and bladder trouble as De
Witt's Kidney and Bladder Pills. You
may depend upon them to give entire
satisfaction. They are antiseptic, act
promptly and soothe pain. Sold by
Whitwell Drug Co.
Children Cry
The News, $1.00 per year.
Your BanKinp?
No matter how small,
No mailer how large,
Bank of Whitwell
Ourn Crismus.
(Hoot Owl BlaJe).
We had a bnlly time Crismus. We
done got that ar jug from 'Noogy jest
es we sad we were an we done our
level best too get full au be an orna
ment ter our kentry. We got outer
our ole grey muel and started out ter
exhibit ourselfs. At the Fust Babtist
Church we tuck er drink an fell off
our muel. At the Kumburrlund
Church, where they don't want no un
ion, we tuck another drink and sought
communion with the yearth agin. Er
feller citizen, en er subscriber, begosh,
heped us onter our muel once agin,
and like a storm tossed ship upon a
raging sea, we navigated on down ter
the Methodist Cbuch wha we felt in
dooty bound ter make the congregation
a speach. We made it from the heav
ing deck of onr-muel, which must hev
got drunk offen our breath and the
subject uv our discourse wuz "Hell an
Damnation" mostly damnation. We
told the dear people to howl fer teru
prunce an then send for there jugs an
be livin' exponents uv temprunce, jest
es we wuz an thereupon we fell frum
our muel for the thurd time. Ernuth
er frend wurked fer haf an our fer ter
git us onter our muel wuuoo ergin an
we rode off like Zerxes crossin' the
Hellespont. But, continoing our tem
prunce sarmint es we jurneyed down
the boollivard, an resortin ter gesticu
lation ter show how deerly we luved
temprunce, we lost our balence an
down we went, kerwollup ! This time
we staid down and the latest reculleet-
ion we have is uv walking down the
road, or rather uv being steadid down
the road, by two uv our frends who
were uv er prohibition nature like we
were, and yellin, "Crismus Gif, Mr.
So-and-So", at every individual we
met. The Muel hain't kum back yet
and we reckon he is layin in er cosy
korner drunk es er fule yit, fer he wuz
an awful drunk niyel an culdn't walk
straight ernutf far us ter stay on.
Ther consequences uv drink es awful
nn we should alius vote ter drive
whiskey an do an foller the noble
ample we sot Cristmus.
For Starting Up Work Making
Handles at Handle Works
Next Week.
Everything is looking favorable for
resumption of work at the Handle
Works next week, making bandies.
The long liiie of lathes have been prac
tically set np, and belted, and in fact,
power has been put on to test engine,
shaft and majhines. The grinding and
polishing machines are being set up
and shaft for them is in position. The
busting" machinery, and other saws
are being put ia place by other work
men. The chain conveyer for saw dust
has arrived and will be put in this
week. This conveys the saw-dust to
engine rootu to a huge bin with brick
walls convenient to furnaces. The
trough in main building, through
which this chain operates, was rut in
at the same time as concrete floor was
laid. The windows and doors are
about all in. These are large, giving
plenty of light, and room for going 'in
and out with stock. The heating sys
tem is being installed also, pipes being
placed on iron racks suspended from
overhead. Something over a mile of
iron pipe w.'ll be used iu steam heat
ing the bnilding. Machines are being
belted up ready for use, and every
thing begins to look like business. A
tins combination cut-off and rip-saw
for'the box-making department was re
ceived last week. The upright engine
for driving dynamo has been installed,
except pipe fitting, and dynamo is
here ready for installation. It is pro
posed to overhaul the old shipping
room and office building to render it
uniform with new buildings and more
Savings Department
In connection with our general and commercial banking depart
ment we have decided to open a new department which will lie known
as our Savings Department.
This department will be rim entirely separate from the other de
partments of the bank and on the same principle as regular Savings
This gives us three departments:
First The General or Commercial Hanking:.
Second Certificates of Deposit.
Third Savings Department.
Deposits taken from one dollar up it's not the amount but the
slart that counts.
F.larion Trust & Banking Go.,
How One Doctor Successfully Treats
I Jasper Department
Conducted bv J. J), M. . X
"In treating pneumonia," says
. J. Smith, of Sanders, Ala
Cool and Correct.
will 21
This messnrre
it careful attention
ipplies to al
.1. .1. DvKKS, President,
D. T. Lavnk, Vut-Presidtat.
R. E. DoNNKI.l,, Vi(e-l'r,'Siden
.1. R. Moi:iAN. Coshitr.
R. A. Dvki.h, Assist. Cd shier.
Prof. Robert Herrick of, the Uni
versity of Chicago, desired to point
out to a young sonneteer the differ
ence between the words "astonish"
and "surprise."
"Noah Webster," Prof. Herrick said,
"was once caught by bis wife in the
act of pressing the hand of the pretty
"The cook, blushing like a rose, fled
at once to her kitchen. Mrs. Webster
said, in a sad, tremulous voice:
" 'Why, Noab, I'm surprised.'
"But the philologist, frowning over
his glasses at his wife, answered, re
provingly. " 'Madam, you have not studied our
glorious language as you Bhould. It's
T who am surprised. You are aston-.
islied." "Washington Star.
only remedy 1 use for tne lungs is
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. While
ex" i of cour-e, I would treat other symp
I toins with differ nt meJiciues, I have
lu-ec! this remerly many tunes in my
medical practice and have yet failed to
to fin. I a case where it has not controll
ed the trouble. I have u-ed it myself,
as has also my wif) for coughs and
colds repeatedly, and I most willingly
and cheerfully rpcorumenil it as supe
rior to any other cough remedy to my
knowledge." For sale by Whitwell
Drug Co.
Attempted Suicide
RICHARD CITY, Tenn., Dec. 24.
Casey Daniels, an employe of the Dix
ie Cement Co., attempted suicide here
today at his home. Ha was in a maud
lin state from stuff from a near-beer
stand, and placed a pistol to his head
and fired, inflicting a serious wound.
His situation is critical. He has a
wife and small child.
Jasper wants that High School,
everybody work for it.
Farmers' Institute convenes
Saturday. Better come.
Miss Louise Hill and Mrs.
Lawson were shopping here
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Moyers were
in South Pittsburg shopping Tuesday
of last week.
Mrs Wood, our fine violinist and
teacher, assisted Miss Moyers' muio
class at South Pittsburg in a recital
last week.
Lawrence Wilkerson, a student of
the University of Tennessee, Knox
ville, is spending the holidays with
home folks.
The Christmas-Tree , Friday night at
the M. E. Church, South, was very
nicely conducted, and thoroughly en
joyed by all.
Leslie R. Darr is now entitled to
hang out his shingle as a lawyer, hav
ing been admitted to the bar at the
last term of court.
Rev. L. B. Ellis filled the pulpit of
the M. E. Church, South, at Dunlap
Sunday. Ha was invited by the Ma
sonic fratsrnity of that town to deliv
er their annual sermon
Miss Willie Deakins has been visit
ing relatives in Chattanooga.
Miss Sallie Darr, of Monteagle is
spending the holidays with home folks.
Miss Mary Williams, who has been
attending school at Tracy, has returned.
Rev. D. C. Slagle has baen having
a severe struggle wita pnenmonia.
Dr. Griffith is attending him.
MisB Doll Simpson, who is attending
schhool at Belmont College, Nashville,
is home for the holidays.
Jasper is going to get that High
School. South Pittsburg isn't in it
with us as a factor. We have central
location and a good building, and will
get the High School.
The trade of our merchants this fall
has been phenominally good. Jasper
has regained her commercial prestige,
and is acknowledged to be the place to
find just what you want.
Kelly Darr Co. cut quite a figure in
getting up a big excitement in town
on the last days before Christmas.
Simpson's started the ball to rolling,
however, with their big circulars.
The local sheet, the Statesman
Democrat, takes a rest this week, and
we will have to' do without it. We
Pryor Institute students are publish- suppose the News will come out jnt
iiipt iiiiiipi i
1 1' - 1 Read the News $1.00 a year
Looking 0ne'88est.
It's a woman's delight to look- her
best but piniples, skiu eruptions, sores
and boils rob life of joy. Listen !
Bncklcn's Arnica Salve cures them:
makes ' the skin soft and velvety. It
glorifies the face. Cures Pimples,
Sore Eyes, Cold Sores, Cracked Lips,
Charged Hands. Try it. Infallible
for Piles. 2.V. at Whitwell Drug Co's.
The next time one of the children
catch cold, give it something' that will
promptly and freely but gently move
the bowels. In that way the cold will
at once be driven out of the system.
Kennedy's Laxative Cough Syrup
moves the bowels promptly and freely,
yet gently, and at the same time heals
irritation and stops the cough. It is
especially good for children. Sold by
Whitwell Drug Co.
ing a paper entitled "urange ana
Black." It is a four-column sheet of
four pages, and will be issued month
ly. The work is being done from the
press of the Statesman Democrat.
the same, so we
batch of items:
send in this little
Children Cry
III Health More Expensive Than Any Cure.
This country is now filled with peo
ple who migrate across the continent
in all directions, seeking that which
gold cannot buy. Nine-tenths of them
are suffering from throat and lung
trouble or chronic catarrh, resulting
from neglected colds, aud spending for
tunes vainly trying to regain lost
health. Could every sufferer but un
do the pat and cure tuat first neg
lected cold, all this sorrow, pain, anx
iety and expense could have been
avoided. Chamberlain's Cough Reme
dy is famous for its cures of colds,
snd can always be depended upon.
Use it and the more serious diseases
may be avoided. For sale by Whit
well Drug Co.
Alone In Saw Kill at Midnight.
unmindful of dampness, drafts, storms
or cold, W. J. Atkins worked as night
watchman at Banner Springs, Tenn.
Such exnosure gave him a severe cold
that settled on his lungs. At last he
had to give up work. He tried many
remedies but all failed until he used
Dr. King's New Discovery. "After
u ing one bottle" he writes, "I went
back to work as well as ever." Severe
Colds, stubborn Coughs, inflammed
throats and sore lungs, hemorrhages,
croup and whooping cough get quick
relief and prompt cure from this glori
ous medicine. 5oc and $1.00. Trial
bottle free. Guaranteed by Whit
well Drug Co.
Read the News, il.OO per
Children Cry
.MEflgaiaaiiMaJ arsons fk'a jrmjjuj.irwmjJ.w.iiugi
THIS is to notify you that I am a candidate for Sheriff of Marion County, subject to the action
of the Republican party in convention or primary to be held later on. As I have been a citi
zen of this county since my birth, I hardly deem it necessary to mention any of my past life to you,
however, should you feel inu rested it will afford me pleasure for you to ask any of the older citizens
of the county as to my honestly and integrity. I earnestly solicit your vote and influence, and, if
elected, 1 shall give you no cause for regret. I shall put forth every honest effort to conduct the office in
an honorable manner. I will appreciate your influence and support.
Yours very respectfully,

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