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NO. 48 -
c7he og of the
"Clara J."
The ancient mariners measured the) tbe middle of the river for a rest at
steed of their vessel by means of a log
let out astern with Hue attached,
which, K'ing played ont as fast as the
vessel moved showed in a few minutes
how many feet it was moving. From
this it was easy to compute the rate
of speed per hour and this was entered
on a book which was called the log
book, or dmply the "log." Gradual
ly other items were added, and the
whole made a record of the progress of
of the thip. The Scotield family
h greed to send us the log or account
of their progress and the following is
the interesting record of their travelH
from their start at 5:15 a. m. Wednes
day, Jane 4. to Monday, June 9, when
they bad passed Gilbertsville, Ky.,
470 miles from here. The letter was
postmarked from Cairo, the junction
of the Ohio and Mississippi riveis, and
instructions were to send their next
paper to Hannibal, Mo., above St.
Louis. The "log" was prepared for
us by Miss Muriel Scofield, one of
tbeir brigbt young daughter. It reads
Wednesday June 4.-The "Clara
S," a 80x8 full cabin, motor yaobt,
left the anchorage at the BJ6t of Gor
den Hill. Jasper, Tenn , for St Paul,
Minn. She had on board ten people.
She started at 5:15 a. m. and at 5:35
she was ou tha Tennessee river and
went down stream, passed to the right
of Burns Island, passed So. Pittsburg
ut 6:05 and went under the bridge at
Bridgeport, N., C. & St. L. R'y,
sighted Widow Creek at 7:10; Crow's
Creek bar at 7:56; Coffee's Ferry, 8:35;
B;ilfoutav Island, 8:44; White's Ferry,
8:53: Jones Creek, 9:20; McGunnis
Ferry, 8:25; Lower Section Ferry,
U:53; Rosebrry Creek, 10:07; Lark
iii's Ferry, 10:25, and stopped at
Guntdraville for gssoline at 13:40.
The hardware company which kept it
was three-quarters of a mile away,
but we got 0 gallons and got under
way at 1:03. Guntersville is 116 miles
from Chattanooga, and the point we
started from was about 40 miles from
Chattanooga. Passed Honey Creek at
3:50 and then we had the experience
of our lives. We met the "Hunts
ville" with the car ferry in tow, and
we, like greenhorns, crossed right be
hind them, got into the big swells and
bad to slow the engine down, which
can be done easily. Next we met tbe
"Guntersville," but we gave it a wide
berth, next the "Lucile" at 5:48, and
moored for the night in Indian Creek
atTrianna. Ala., at 6:30, making a
run of 103 milos under fdvorabl
weather in 10:03 hours, making over
'to miles per hour.
Thursday, June 5 We got wutir at
a little spring up tha creek some way?
and weighed anchor and were under
way at 4:50. We met the little U. S.
S. "Colbert," at 6:58. It was 155
miles below Chattanooga. We passed
the American, passed Decatur, Ala.,
and Bvrds Island, 7:28; Brown's Fer
ry, 7:55,. and tbeu we were at the Elk
Kiver shoals, and kept to tbe left bank i
and entered the canal at 8:01; passed j
. Miltou's Bluff at 8:42 and out of the j
'. canal at 8:40; entered another caual i
at 8:56 ami-entered our first lock at
' "Lock A" at 9:00, passing out of it at j
' 9:33 - Then we passed into "Lock B"
and it took us 27 minutes to pass
,. through it, tbe two making a drop of
least our engine thought it time for
eighteen minutes rest. We nagged un
der the railroad bridge at Florence at
0.17. We next stopped for tbe captain
to talk to Government Hat concerning
the new channel. We were under way
again at 11 00. Passed Buck Island
12:16 and lower end of Seven Mile Is
land at 7:35. Entered Colbeit Canal
1:55 and entered tbe lock at 3:05 and
left the canal and lock at 3:43. Stop
ped at mouth of Bear Creek at 4:4
on account of approaching storm. We
did not travel any more that day.
Saturday, June 7. Under way at
4:40, passed tbe state line island at
5:30, crossed the state line at 53,
and then we were back into dear old
Tennessee. Passed Boyd's Landing at
6:06; Adams' Ferry, 6:60; Duncan's
Ledge at 6:19, and Carolina's Ledge
at 6:42. We stoppod at Hamburg at
7:03 to get 5 gallons of gasoline, and
were under way again at 7:53. We
stopped at Sbiloh Battle Creek at
8:25, and started on our way again at
9:45. Stopped at 10:40 at Savannah,
Tenn., leaving that plaoe at 12:05.
Passed Clifton, 8:23. Stopped for the
night at 5:55 at Perry ville, Tenn.
nunuay, June 8, Sunday is was a
fine day but windy and plenty of
white caps. Started at 5:15. Passed
White Oak Island at 11:30. Crossed
the Tennessee and Kentucky line at
8:10. Stopped at Gilbertsville at 6:15
for the night. ,
Monday, June 9. Left Gilbertsville,
5:25 with the wind on the east side of
us. Last night while at anchor abont
12:30 a large steamei passed within 40
or 50 feet of us. It nearly beached us
and woke everybody. After about 80
minutes all went back to tbeir bunks
vowing vengeance on the boat. Stop
ped for the night at 8:15. We are 470
miles from Sequatchie.
Looney's, Creek.
Special to the iVeier
Hello, all of ye writers, how are you
since tne reunion. Everything seemed
to get along nicely. I am at home
safe and sonnd.
Misses Myrtle Bridges and Claytie
Teagoe attended tbe ice cream supper
as wnuweii Tuesday nignt.
Misses Flora and Myrtle Holoway
nave returned irom a trip to Ubatta
Our Children's Day will take nlace
tne u Sunday or this month.
Mr Frank Shelton, of Chattanooga
i viMimg uome ioiks, jur. and Mrs
Jeff Di-fur.
Mis? Lou Hudson, who attended the
Commencement at Pleasant Hill, has
returned home.
Miss Georgia Lee Raulston has ra
mined from a visit to Whiteside.
Hnrvfi-'t time is here Farmers seem
to be very Invy WtatUr is very good
sjia year.
ilr, and Mrs. Joe Holoway have
go:;e to Chattanooga
We am haviug tome cool weather
this week.
Mr. Kay Hudson has returned from
school at Pleasant Hill.
Peaches & Cream.
We acknowledge tbe receipt of a
very interesting 33-puge booklet ou
fur-bearing animals, entitled "The
Farmer's Bet Friends," by Prof. Jno.
F. DrauKhon. Nashville Tenn.
From a volume of experience and as
a result of extensive observation the
author declares that fur-bearing aui
mals are tbe farmer's best friends; and
throughout the booklet bis declaration
is supported not only by experience
and and observation of farmers, hut
also by the statements of high autbor
ties such for instance as the Agricul
tural Department at Washington
which as the result of scientific ex
perimentation nas found that foxes,
skunks and the like render the farmer
a valuable service by destroying the
things that destroy bis crops. The
booklet reviews certain of tbe Agri
cultuial Department's bulletins rela
tive to its investigations of the matter
and gives tba department s warning
tnat ne growing of crops is sure to be
come difficult in proportion to tbe
destruction of these fur-bearing ani
mala; tbat tbe farmer s pests are sure
to increase with the decrease of the
animals that destroy these posts; tbat
with the otter extinction of fur-bearing
animals crops will be wholly at
the mercy of these pests.
Tbe department estimates tbat these
pests which constitute from 80 to 90
per cent, of tbe food of foxes and some
of the other fur-bearing animals de
stroy crops and frnit trees to an
amount in excess of EIGHTY MIL
LION DOLLARS each year; and its
estimates are based upon actual inves
tigations of the stomachs of fur bear
ing animals.
Tbe department's statements in re
gard to the fox and other fur-bearing
animals being of great value to the
farmer are corroborate! bv numerous
letters in the booklet letters from ex
tensive landowners, successful farm-
eis. In tbe booklet Prof. Drangbon
does not claim for fur-bearing animals
toat tney are entirely innocent or in
capable of wrong doing but he asserts
and his assertion is supported by
what appears to be incontrovertible
evdence tlat for every dollar's worth
of carnage done tbe farmer bv foxes.
skuuks and some other fur-bearing an
imals, the farmer is directly benefit
ted to tho amount of ten dollars
by reason of , these tame animals
destroying his pest?, such as field
mice, moles, pocket gophers, etc.
This booklet also gives a svnocsis of
the recently enacted Tennessee law
rugulating the setting of steel trans
and the killing with gun foxes -and
other fur-bearing animals. Tha pen
alty for each violation of this law is a
fine of $25.
A corv of this booklet should be in
the hands of everyone who desires in
struction and enlightenment npon this
inteiesting subject. Prof. Daushon.
tbe author, will send a copy, free, to
everyone who asks for it.
over 20 feet. As we started to go in
the mouth of the Mussel Sboala canal
we had to go aronnd a dredge and
were shown the wrong channel. Tbe
water was only 16 or 18 inches deep
and tbe mod 8 feet deep. The boat
draws 27 inches and we, got stuck in
the mud, bnt in about 30 minutes we
got under way and into Lock No. 1.
We went in at 11:54 and at 12:19 we
were on our way. The next lock was
two miles away. It took us nearly I
hours to go through it. On a little
further was lock No. 8, whioh we left
ut B:Q6. and two miles further we en
tered Lock No. 4, It was opened the
wrong way, so we had a little wait
from 2:20 nntil 4:00. When we got to
Lock No. 5 we fonnd that the lock-
tender bad gone fishing and would u t
be back nntil bight, but an obliging
Swede came along and let ne through.
It took ns two hours to pass through
and when we got to Lock No. 6 at 6:5
the man there let us through in a'bur-
' ry and we moored for tbe night at
7:00. Made 55 miles in 14 hours, weut
JASPER, Tenn., June 17. -Rev.
and Mrs. W. D. Dew and Miss Effel
Dew were guests of Mrs and Mrs C
H. Vann .'Sunday, where they were
served with a delightful dinner. Mr.
and Mrs. Vann are splendid entertain
ers, and everything was excellently
Sheriff Control arid Rev. W. D.
Dew, of Jasper, and Wni.Lee and son,
n'ill, of this city, spent Monday ou
little Sequacbee, fishing. Rev. Dew
captured 17, Mr. Lee 9, and Sheriff
Cantrell 1 . Tbey went up to river in
Sheriff Cantrell 's automobile, and thor
oughly enjoyed the day.
Most Children Have Worms.
through 8 locks and had tbe promise
of 5 more next day.
Fiiday, June 6. We were untie r
way af 4:50 a. m. and by 5:00 we had
entered Lock No 7; entered Lock No.
H at 5:4 and left it at 7:03. We nt
topped at Floreuce, AI.J, for gasoline j happy Kickapoo Worm Killer is
at 7(39, but cCuld find none. :
got into swift water anil ha.i hit r i
..work to moor. Our next stop was iu
Many mothers think tbeir children
are suffering from indigestion, head
ache, nervousness, weakness, costive
Hess, when they are victims of that
most common of nil children's ail
ments worms. Peevish, ill-tempered,
fretfnl children, who toss and grind
their teeth, with bad breath and col
icky pains, have all the symptoms ti
having worms, and should be given
Kickapoo Worm Killer, a pleasant
candy loz?nge, which expels worms,
regulates tbe bowels, tones up tbe
system and makes children" well and
anteed. All ilruir'risrq or bv- ninil.
Price 25c. Kickapoo lodinn Medicine
Co , Philadelphia and St. Louis, Whit
1 well Drng Co., Whit well, Tenn.
Mobbs Hill.
Special to the Newi. '
It seems like Summer will never
come up here, and tbe ladies still have
to wear tbeir coats.
The unexpected wedding which oc
curred here Monday night, wasthat'of
Air. Jno. Mcuovern and Miss Addie
Harrison. ' A large crowd was present.
Their many friends wish them much
Clarence Brown visiter! borne folks
at Coalmont Saturday and Sunday.
Miss Belle Harri-on visited Ella Har
ris Sunday.
Mrs. Arthur Caldwell is vlsitine
Mr. Caldwell's parents at Elora.
Messrs. Clareuce Brown and Isbam
Patrick and Misses Helen Tucker an i
Pauline Brown spent Sunday iu Coal
Well, come on, "Uncle Tom."
Have you changed any more since last
Satuday I wi?,h you would get on
your knees and axk God about dancing
and going to shows. If God knows
you, he will guide your steps to a
higher ani better life than you are
leading now. "Undo Tom." there
is fomething wrong with the man who
talks to young folks and advises them
to go to dances and shows instead of
trying to lead them to Christ, and to
leave snob things alone. I am very
young to a2vite an old man like you.
but if I were you I would talk to
Cbrist if my line wasn't broken clear
n two.
Come on, "Miss Sox," of G ani son
Station. I would like to see von.
Mrs. Will Kirk is verv low at her
home on Orange Hill.
Miss Willie Mae Fultz. Tim Hamil
ton and Hilda Nunley visited Pauline
Brown Sunday afternoon.
Mrs. .1. .1 Mctiovern visited Mrs.
Philip McGovern Sunday.
Ye writer would like to see Misses
Carrie and Ssllie Merritt and Mrs.
Callie Tate, of Victoria, and all of the
Dnnlap girls. .
Miss Maggie Brown, of Beersbeba
Springs, is visiting relatives and
fiienos bere tbis week.
Misses Irene aod Marie Gross, of
Beemheba Springs, is visiting relati
ves and friends bere.
Ishnin and Cims. Patrick and Jno.
Cleek and Misses Josie Patrick and
Hessie Cleek attended Children's Day
services on Myers' Hill Sunday.
For Infants and Children.
Ths Kind You Have Always Bough:
Bears the
Since I last wrote uncle Nathan Mo
Elhany bns gone to the grave, there to
await until bis change comes.
1 don t euow wnetner anyone cares
much about what I believe or don't
believe. I believe in God the father
and in His Son. Jesus Christ, and
believe a whole lot of tbe church rules
and regulations are not in barmony
with the design and teachings of
God The Ten Commandmeuts are
the law and commandments of God
bnt men have added unto them until
about all the real social recreations
of this life are under the ban. Actu
ally some people believe if a christian
dances they ore very wicked and fal
len from grace. Now, I don't believe
any such thing myself. I bave heard
preachers say no ladies wonld dance.
well, l differ wltn tnein, and l guess
in David's day and time there were
plenty of ladies wbo danced, and they
danced because they were full of joy
and gladness. Dancing is a very an
oient mode of expressing joy and glad
ness and about the only real, true
method tbe human family has of ex
pressing tbeir joy. People don't dance
when sad or sorrowful. Think of it
anyway you rleaee and there is less
evil attached to the social dance tbau
any other social recreation among us.
Dancing is not forbidden in all the
Scriptures, as I can find. There are
two things tbat are soul and body in
epiring and tbat is music and danc
ing Good, lively music, sucb as
"Dixie," makes n fellow feel lively.
and there is no sweeter music than tbe
fiddle and many old grandmas will pat
tbeir feet when a good musician is
playing for them. If we had no inns
ic we would bave no dancing. I think
and believe a Sunday school picnic
should always be coupled with music
and dancing, but this is only an old
man's belief, and you can have it for
what it is worth.
Well, I spent Sunday at Foster
Falls. I attended Sunday school there
and was mrprised to find such a splen
did Snuday school and in such fine
working order. Homebody Las been
doing a splendid work and from what
1 could gather, my old comrade, r.
M. A i many, is the guilty man. 1 sus
pect tbe parents of those bright-eyed,
rosy-cheeked boys and girls are guilty
of being in a conspiracy with Bro. Du
Bose and Bro. Almany. Now, don't
you all deny it, people, for I believe
can prove' you guilty. The Sunday
school was fine and so was Bro. Du-
Bose' sermon, and now, youug people,
let me ca.Il your attention to bis abort
lecture at tbe close. Try to get as
much joy and happiness out of life as
you can. I wrote the first part of tbis
letter before I heard his sermon and
bad the thought on my mind, and
am confident there is no clash, only be
cautious and careful for there is dan
ger upon tbe right and upon the left.
He baptized one adult and one infant.
I've no criticism to make regarding
baptizing infants. I'll leave tbat for
people who have different opinions to
do. God, so far as I can learn from
tbe Bible, got tbe cbildien into his
fold before he had any organized
church, to-wit the children of Abra
ham. Well, after dismissal, we all
repaired to F. M. Almany'a for din
ner. The dinner was fine and there
was plenty for all. There were about
one hundred or more preent and ev
erybody seemed to be friendly and
kind. Comrade Almany's children
serin to take delight in honoring their
father and brought great boxes and
baskets of provisions for the occasion,
but tiie children in honoring their
father and mother did themselves
proud and I have no doubt, feel good
over what tbey did. Bro. DuBose and
Sister Almany were the last to quit
eating and I, well, I tried to do jus
tice to the well-cooked viands. One
lady insisted that I should try her
cake and I did and to tell the whole
truth it was tbe best cake I ever ate.
Sister Almany seemed to enjoy herself
though I am catisfied she worked like
a heroine to make the dinner a suc
cess, and I vote ber a compliment,
but you needn't tell her that I even
offered to pass any compliments, for
she didn't much want to speak to me,
but I didn't care for that as I was
present by special invitation and ex
pect to visit them again August 24th j
when Bishop Gailer puts in appear
ance, and just here let me say to tbe
Confederate veterans, yon all love tbe
Bishon. suppose we meet I.iui witb
well-filled baskets August 24 at tbe
Foster school bouse and spend tbe
whole dav. There are abont one doz
en of ns tbat can go if we try and I
shall insist on ns doing so. Comrade
Almany has a fine spring with lota of
Bhade and wonld be proud to bave ns
come and spend tbe day. So let ns go,
boys. Remember August 84th is tbe
time. Get ready. It's a big day. Ev
erybody prepare a basket and don't go
unless you tlo. If tbe bouse is too
small there is lots of room ont doors
and plenty of shade, and there will be
plenty of water named ou tne ground.
Get ready, comrades, pack your barer
sacks aud let ns meet our friends.
Mrs. Pearly Kirk, wife of Will Kirk
aud granddangbter of Uncle Cal
Dykes, is not expected to live at (his
Well, "Miss Sox." there is nothing
the mattei with your "Uncle Tom,"
only he has got a tolerable good case
of lazy indifference.
Mrs. Frank Tborp is not expected to
live. She is.it tbe sanitarium.
The Institute is going on here witb
I a very large attendance or wouid-De
; teachers present. j
j Work is regular hero, but the cost of
j living is so high tbe mtn (ion't ocket
: much extra cbang?.
I I hone tiro Willie Brown has not
grown infiiff-rent to the calls of hu
manity ami he is not waiting like some
other preacbeis I know of to be invit-
A check book docs not burn a hole in jour pocket like the actiia1
money. Signing your name to a check makes yon think. Yon don't
spend a check as readily and carelessly as yon spend ready cash. An
account at our bank would tend to restrict your spending. Trv an ac
count with us and pay all your bills with checks. We w ill gladly give
you a check book. If you will try this for one ye.ir you will be sur
prised at the money you will sve and you may then smile at all your
troubles. Make your bank account grow. It is recording your his
tory and telling a truthful story of your success. Open an account
with us today. Drop a little in the bank every week and its rapid
growth will surprise you.
4 per oentJUiterest OjTime Deposits JaSpST, Tenn.
ed to call ou the sick, attend funernls
and bnrials I am dinguvted and real
lv have no patience with a preacher
tbot never vibits people who are in
distress unless invited to do so. Tbeir
own narrow, selfish pride does more
harm than it does good. J. ell Bro.
Willie to go whethei invited or not.
and then if he is needed be will not
bave to be sent for. All the religion
we have in this world is for the bene
fit of hnmanitv. If there is auy other
real genuine pure religion I bave nev
er heard of it Pure religion means
something and does something, ac
cording to St. James, it aon t nave
to be sent for and a man or woman
who has cot it is most generally on
band ready to help his brother or sis
ter in all their sorrows, ae aoeen t
stand around on the Btreets and make
excuses for bis short comings and neg
lects. Pure religion is much biggor
than all else besides and causes us to
feel, know and realize our duties aud
Kansas City, Mo.
Sf,cia! to the Kewt
Pretty weather is the order of tho
Well, Sis, have you quit the News?
You bave not written in so long.
Guess you got your birthday present
all right Say, Bee. have you any
chickens large enough to eat? Let me
know, I am coming down before long
to see yon all. They have got tbe har
ness shop completed and gone to work.
Wish you were np here to go out to
the parks with na and have a good
time. What kind of .weather are you
all having down there" Do you still
have church. Would like to be there
and go with yon all. Sav. Ren. whin
have you seen Ollie H. Tell her tbab
boy up here talks about her all tbe
time. I won't give his name but she
can gutss. G. T. woula like to see
you all down there.
I wonder when Carrie Anderson is
obligations to all of humanity. It is going to Kentucky. Come on, Empire,
sunshine and joy to all. no tnen, peo- Ala. l like to read your pieces, and
pie wno ciaim 10 oe consmna suuuiu , hiho iuoso or "vaney tsird, ' "Kose
always be ready and willing to make
glad the city of our God, which means
some human beart and mind, we
urate abont heaven and such like, but
out beaven and our home is bere, and
why not make it grand and glorious"
Why do wo want to put on great long
hypocritical faces and make our fel
low cieatures who come into our pres
ence miserable? Let ns be merry and
lolly as it is possible for ns . to be and
help others to be likewise
I bave been very anxious for our
veterans to go to the Gettyburg Reun
ion. I nsed my influence to get some
money for their expenses, sewanee
Chapter D. U. C. V. scut me fao.00,
and the Monteagle Chapter gave $3.20.
The Tracy City daughters got np some
where about f'J'-i.oo. Aitamont gave
$4.50 and Feff D. Fulta gave about
two transportation tickets and T. B.
Roddy gave one a suit of clothes and
transportation ticket, and I think Mr.
Francis Stepp gave something extra.
so yon see I started tbe ball rolling
and tbe "Mountain Herald" and tbe
daughters uid tbe rest. Now, don t
yon know I love and appreciate these
people more than 1 can express, xes,
daughter, I like our great reunions for
tbey allay bitterness and strife and
are doing as much to bring about
peace and good will among men as
your denominations are doing. Ai
res oy the nat has gone rortn lor a re
union of the Blue and the Gray on the
battlefield of Gettysburg July 1. I ex
pect to go. We can decorate the
graves of the 11 ne as well as tne
Gray. The old soldiers are far in ad
vance of your secret orders and de
nominations, and are showing the
true spirit tbat Christ came to teach.
We are trying to leave to onr child
ren something bitter than wbat we
nbented. a wiping ont of all strife
and confusion, and universal peace is
our object. In other . words, a real
brotherhood. -
Tracy City, Tenn., June 14. 1018
Graveyard Cleaning.
Eil i tors News:
I would like to say through the
News, peradveture someone might
not be conversant witb the fact, that
tbe graveyard cleaning at the Enox
graveyard near Caroline Chapel will
not be until the 3rd Saturday in July.
Heretofore we bave been having it tbe
3rd Saturday in June.. Hope every
body who is or may be interested in
the matter will take notice. Let
everybody wbo feels disposed to, come
and help ns and bring tools suitable
to work with, and also well-filled bas
kets, as we want to make an all-day
working. Let not tbe living neglect
tbe dead. as we all are subject to death
and are proud to think tbat our graves
will be looked after ana carea ror Dy
the living.
Caroline Chapel. June 16, 1913.
hud" and "Blue Eyes." Let us bear
from you all every week. Wonder if
Martin Hartman is coming to Kan
sas City to see his girl. We are still
looking for him.
Will Wright aud Paul Varuett, of
Slator. Mo., were here Friday and
Friday night.
N H. Nofis silent Thursday until
Saturday witb his mother in the lower
par of Missouri. He says be sure had
a nice time in the country.
Mrs. Varnett and daughter, Vesper,
Varnet. spent Sunday in Swakes Park.
It is sure a cool place ont there.
Mr. and Mrs. Art Williams spent
Sunday at the ball park aud had a
nice time.
Come on, Robt. Anderson, of Tins
ley, Ky. Let ns bear from you again.
Guess you have not gone back to Ten
nessee yet.
Chas. Crow says be would like to see
his partner before he goes off to Ken
tucky. Wish them a joyful trip and
good luck in their new home. Mollie.
To Protect the Fish.
There will be a meeting at the Town
Hall, Sequatchie, Saturday, June 81,
to form an association, to protect tbe
fish of Little Sequacbee River from
dynamiting. All interested in the
preservation of the fieh are requested
to attend. Meeting will be called at 2
p. m. Be sure to attend.
Meal freshly ground from good corn
always on hand for sale or exchange
at our mill, Hoc per bushel.
During tbe absenoe'of J. W. Scofield
& Hon iu the north this summer, we
will represent for them tbeir Cort-
rivht Shingle interests iu this county.
Write ns for estimates and prices, or
call andsee samples,
tf HILL & SON.
TION, Knickerbocker, Texas. Exclus
ive resort for the treatment of tuber
culosis, scientific iiittlioils. Altitude
8:M) f jet. Ideal climate. Moderate
rates. Write for particulars.
Your Banking?
No matter how small,
No matter how large, .
Bank of Whitwell
will give it careful attention.
This message applies to all.
J. Di KKS, Pretttient.
T. Lavnk, Vue-PresidiHi.
E. DoJtJiEl.1, Vice-President
R. Mohoa.X, Cashier.
A. Dtkes, Assist, Cashier.
mmimiimm ii r iinnii m im i iwi miTi m lijiiiiiiiiiii 1
? f 'i
41; , .

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