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Thursday, Jane 13. Left Cairo.IH.,
at 11:20, aud entered Mississippi river
at 11:25. Had to stop engine as it
got too hot. Moored for nigbt at 5:30
at Greenleaf Bend. Had very good
lack today,
Friday, Jane 13. Note what fol-
lows, as it is Friday the 18tb. Under
way at 6:30. Stopped at 8:00 be
cause eugine got too bot. We have
had a naabearins nnt on tbe engine'
and it has not yet worked down to the
riirht shane. so we have to stop off and
on to let the engine :ool down. Un-
, tier way again at 11.25. Get stack on
sand bar for about 10 minutes bat have
pretty good luck getting off from it
Stop at Greenleaf Landing for water
at 19:30; start again at 1 :40 Stop
5:20 because tbe engine is too hot, and
as usual put tbe anchor down. When
engine bad cooled down enough the
crew started to hoist the anchor on
board and to their amazement found
' that they could not budge it. They
coaxed it and pulled it, but to no
avail, it would not come up. Oh, my
how they did poll it I Tbey tried every
wa thev could think of to tret it up,
but. no sir ! it would not come. The
Captain finally came to the conclnsion
that it would be best to start tbe en
gine, " and as it pushed forward have
the roiTe cut. letting the anchor loose,
and. we weut on anchorlesf. To get an
anchor was tbe next question. Will
try to get one at, Commerce. . Moored
fnr thH nitfht at 6:30. When tbe 2nd
engineer went out on terra firma hei
came bnok a-bopplng, saying toat tbe
mosquitoes were as big us elephants.
After all we were very lucky, con
xidering the day.
Tinsley, Ky.
s" Vyr'' to. the News.
" Hot weather is the order of tbe day
Jodie Anderson has been on the
sick list for a few weeks.
" Robert and Tom Anderson are work
Tug nights.
Would like to hear from old Tennes
see. What is everybody doing there.
Would like to see my father, Mar
tin Hartman. 1 am well satisfied up
here. I go to church and Sunday
school and prayer meeting.
Come on Kelly's Ferry, I would like
to hear from there.
I will get out of Jieart with tbose
sauctified folks down there if tbey
don't write to me. I am' still sanct
ified. Don't you all get out of heart
about me, for I am going to stay that
wav, but I will soon think you all
have back slidden if you don't write
to me.
Mat Anderson said he didn't want
his dog named in the News any more
until he got bis picture made to he
could have it put in iba News so ev
erybody could see it. He is a fine dog
He lays on a sofa pillow under tbe
pump all the time. He sure does get
the bird. ' .
Tom Anderson says be will have to
buy ice all tbe time now for his wife
nsee 200 lbs. a week.
We are all going out to see the mines
tbis evening. , ' '
Hello, "Mollis," of, Kansas City.
Come on with your pieces to the News.
I want the posoffice address of Chas. !
Hsrtinan and Jessie Hartman.
Black Eyes,
Sequachee Items.
. (Contributed.)
Picking blackberries is the onlef of
f ha rtov
Miss Pearl Harris visited Miss
Leland Tuesday afternoon.
. Miss Ruth Foster, of Foster Fan, is
visiting her cousins, Misses Martha
and Grace Fultz.
Miss Virginia Mosier. of Wbitwell,
spent the latter part of the week with
her cousin, Minnie Mosier.
Misses Nell Hall and Nell Robersoii.
t TaonAf VAN In Seauacbee Tuesday.
Miss Nell Leland spent Monday af
ternoon with Miss Mae Lasater.
A crowd of Sequachee boys went to
the abow at Jasper Monday night.
The ice cream aupper Saturday night
was a great success. Two Violets.
Bible Contest.
Sard is Sunday school will meet with
Caroline Chapel Sunday school at Car
oline Chapel on June 29, at 9 o clock
for the purpose of ascertaining which
Sunday scnool baa gained the most Bi
ble knowledge from the Sunday school
lessons during tbe present quarter. An
Interesting discussion is anticipated
Caroline Chapel, June 25. 1913.
For Infant and Children.
Tlia Kind You Have Always Bought
, Bears the
Signature of
Old fiwsprpers for sale at thin ffl-o
20c per 100, generous count.
of the
" . "Clara S."
Saturday Jane 14. Under way at
5:10. We all awoke tbis morning to
find oar nerves refreshed after onr
long night's rest. Stopped at Com
uierce at 12:30 to get gasoline and an
cbor. (Jet both and are on onr way
again at 3:45. Pass nndei Frisco rail
road bridge at 5:25; moored for the
night at 6:45. We have
I lack today than yesterday.
bad better
Sunday. Jane 15 Under way at
; 7:30. Pass Jower end of Cape Girar
' dean at 9.45; upper end at 10:38,
Moored for night at 6:45.
Monday. June 16 Undei way at
4:45. Stop at Neely's at 10:45. Leave
1:45. Stop at 4:00 to mail tbis log,
Names of some of the boats we have
seen :
St. Louis.- Pacific, No. 2. of Pitts
bnrir. Penn.. Alabama. Decatur No.
i. John Ross. C. W. Williams, Cbat
tanooga, Fred Huskey, Hnntsville.Lu
cile. America. U. SwS. Colbert, Tom
ahawk, Col. W. R. King. U. S. Ten
U. S. Tuscumbia. U. S
Dredge, Kentucky, McPberson, U. .
Tishomingo, Kentucky, Margaret,
I Hustling John, Mary N., T. R. Rob
! erston, Ohio, Blue Spot, Keystone
State. Nox All. Dick C. Pane, North
Star of Burlington Route, George Cow
Hoars. Lula A. of Paduoab. Ky., Con-
dot. of Cincinnati. Shilob. T. H. Dav
Ms, Cruiser, Henry Marouand, John
Summers. Minnetonka, Anx vases,
Oladvs. of Cairo. 111. and John
A. Wood, all steamboats, Betty Clnde,
Lady Claire, U. S. Launch Clinch. P.
.1. Taylor. Mayflower. Alice M., AI
ber Marie. Harry T. , Alfred T. and
Luck Pot, gasoline boats. We passed
the City of Florence which wa sunk
The Ice Cream Supper given by the
ladies Saturday nigbt for tbe benefit
of tbe M. E. Cburch. Soutb, was a
success. It was a first-class' affair at
tended by tbe second-class presuma
bly, as about tbe same crowd was pies
eut as on tbe former second-class oc
casion. Tbe cream was first-class,
tbe Japanese lanterns were first class,
and Capt. Thomas grapbopbone mus
ic was first class, and no counterfeit
money was taken in so that i suppos.
ed to have been first class. We got
hold of some fivt class cake, also. Tbe
'difference between a flrstclass and a
second class ice cream supper, says
Col. Bill Hamilton, who was a promi
nent feature of the occasion, is that
you pay 5c for cream at a second-class
sunner and 10o at a flrt class on: As
he iirouued about $3 on tbe game be
niUHt surely have been been attteuding
a hrt-class gatberiug lor tne consump
tion of refrigerated cow s product.
Tbe next fir-tc'lnss sniiiier will be on
thu night of July 4tli wben tbe 'ball
team will have one to assist in get
ting extra uniforms
Most Children Have Worms.
Many mothers tbiuk their' children
are suffering from indigestion, head
ache, nervousness, weakness, costive
nessi, when tbey are victims of that
most common of all children's ail
mentsworms. Peevish, ill-tempered,
fretful children, who toss' and grind
their teetb, with bad breath and col
icky pains, have all the symptoms of
! having worms, and should be given
jgickapoo Worm Killer, a pleasant
I candy lozenge, which expels worms,
regulates tbe bowels, tones up tbe
system and makes children well and
happy Kickapoo Worm Killer is guar
anteed. All druggists or by mail.
Price 25c. Kickapoo Indian Medicine
Co., Philadelphia and St Louis, Wbit
well Drug Co., Wbitwell, Tenn.
Mrs. Sarah Barrett. '
Mrs. Sarah Barrett died at her borne
on Grand Avenue, Alton Park, Chat
tanooga, Monday at 10 o'clock, after a
short illness She was 64 yean old.
Tbe remains were brought here Tues
day morning and interment made at
tbe Lasater graveyard tbe afternoon
of same day. Rev Evans officiating.
Edgar Barrett, one of bei sons, was
summoned to Chattanooga last week
to attend bis mother whose illness was
very brief, - She is. survived by four
sons, Edgar, James, Henry and Arth
ur Barrett, tbe latter of whom abe liv
ed with in Chattanooga, and one
daughter. Mrs. George Bobbins, of
this place.
Box Supper and
- Ice Cream Supper
There will be a box supper at Vic
toria Saturday nigbt. June 28. at
Southern Methodist Church. Ice cream
will also be sold. Everybody is Invit
ed to come. It will be given for tbe
mimosa of eettinit un the benevolence
money and preaiber's salary. All the" i 0Uie 0,ie
girls have invitations to come anil j
bring boxes.
Editor News:
I understand that air effort will be
made at the July Term of our County
Court to bond MarionCounty for 5,000
to raise money to be used for school
purposes, and I fully appreciate the
tact that many of those who favor
this bond issue will say that anyone
who opposes it is opposing the ad
vancement of our public schools, but
I do not believe this is a correct posi
tion to take. I, myself, am in favor
of anything that will advance or pro
mote our public schools. If I bad no
other reason for it, my own experi
ence wonld force me to feel kindly to
wards this system because I think it
highly probable that had it not been
for the public school system, I would
have no education whatever myself,
having been reared far back in the ru
ral districts where tbe majority of the
people were unable to maintain a
school of any otber kind.
Aside from this, I know many good
people in tbis County at the present
time, who would be' unable to educate
their children were it not for the pub
lic schools, but because a thing is
good, is no reason why it cannot be
oveidone. It is a mighty good tbing
for us to support the ministry liberal
ly, and thus advance tbe cause of
Christianity, but nobody would insist,
that under ordinary circumstances, a
man should mortgage bis borne or sell
out everything he has in order to raise
funds to go to tbe church. There
might be some extreme cases where it
would be right to do this, but such
emergencies seldom arise. It is good
for a person to eat plenty ' of good,
wholesome food ; such aids in the de
velopment of the muscles and tbe act
ivity of tbe mind .and prolongs our
lives, but that would be no justifica
tion for people making gluttons of
themselves. What I mean is this: Be
cause the public school system is ben
eficial to almost everybody, is no
reason why we should carry it to .the
extent .that we encumber ourselves
with unnecessary indebtedness which
will not only burden the present gen
eration, but the next generation,
In the final analysis,, bond issue is
nothing more than a mortgage xm thw-
homes and property Of the - people liv
ing in the county, and becomes a Ha
bility for ttose who wvn property to
discharge. I never had mucb patience
with a man, who, everytime be felt
that he needed a little money, woul
rush out and mortgage his home.
know it is sometimes necessary to, do
this, but mortgage on top of mortgage
always seemed vey foolish to me.
Neither have I mucb patience with
tne moaern iaea tnat wnen funds are
needed for public use, to issue bonds
to raise them. The only difference in
the two, is that one is an individual
transaction and tbe other a collective
transaction. There are few people in
Marion County who are sufficiently in-
tetested in; the education of their own
families MS mortgage their homes and
farms to raise money to send their
children awav to school. When you
have; a bond jssue for this purpose,
you mortgage' EVERYBODY'S homa
for that purpose, and I do not believe
that it is right, I think it wonld be
much more consistent for a man to en
cumber bis own borne for the . benefit
of bis own family than it
would be
to force an ncumberance on all'
property for tbe benefit of only a part
of tbe people.
Personally, perhaps I would get
greater benefits from the bond issue
than my share of tbe burden would
be, but some of my neghbors have no
children, and tbe burden " must rest
just as heavily ou tbem as on me.
Furthermore, if we issue the bonds
and spend tbe money, we leave part of
tbe indebtedness for others to pay,
who will never receive any ' benefit
therefrom. That is, we band down
an indebtedness to a people that have
no voice in fixing the same and re
ceive no benefit whatever therefrom.
and this does not appeal to me, as be
ing right.
Onr county is now hjoavily indebted
on account of a bond issue for pike
roads. Our tax rate is now almost un
endurable, and with another bond is-1
ue, tbe taxes will be increased be
cause the bonds must be taken care of.'
I think we should deal with publie
matters in the same way that we band
die onr private affairs. If I am cor
rect in this, I do not beileve tbe peo
ple of the county will ever stand for
tbis bond issue. If I were as heavily
udebted.in proportion to what I have,
as Marion County is, I certainy would
not remortgage my property unless I
were compelled to do so, and I believe
that most of our citizens would feel
the same way about it. -
Tbese are my individual views ex
pressed without any desire to dictate
to anybody, but thinking tbat some
sngge-t:ou made might be of value to
Well, "Charlotte,' you in common
with a wboie lot of other folks, would
like to out out all tbe social recrea
tions of life, unless tbey suited your
own peculiar notions aud whims. God
Almighty bas created men and women
according to bis own divine plan, bat
we have a lot of old puritanical moss
backs who would if they could deprive
human beings of every vestage of tbeir
social qualities and do It in tbe name
of religion. When I speak of dancing
I am not referring to tbe rumsbocs
and dance halls of tbe devil, but 1 am
talking of good music, nice and gen
teel dances engaged in by nice and
genteel people. Yon. my little lady,
seem to have a very low conception of
lire and its enjoyments. If I was you,
before I would rush into print and
condemn things promicuously,
would try to inform myself and see if
there was not a God-given plan or
method by which people gave express
ion to tbeir joy and gladness. I be
lieve when you thoroughly inform
yourself yon will and tbe method was
by music and dancing Of course tbe
devil has tried to put a reproach on
the exercise, so tbe young people ot
the church, may be led from the
cbarch to his own ungodly dance halls
to find their amusements and enter
tainments tbey yearn for. We are all
social creatures and love society, but
we've put tbe ban on so many things
tbat a christian boy or girl has very
little enjoyment Ue can t go to
picture show or any kind of an enter
tainment without having his religion
criticised, and wbo does it but some
old, long-faced hypocrit wbo never
helped anybody in their life to enjoy
tbe sunshiny sidn of life. I ll tell
you, my young friend, there is more
in a sunshiny life tban there is-' to
any otber kind of life in this world.
like the warm-hearted, genial cbris
tian who can whistle, sing, bop and
skip.. Wby should we be slaves to
sonietbidg contrary to our very na
nre 1 don t propose to be a slave to
any dogma or creed not in harmony
with theLord and His teachings.
Well, "Pedro," if your old maid
has a soul for music and a heel for
dancing, she is doing fine and enjoy
ing a little Of life, while tbe other
gang puts in tbeir time criticizing
and throwing slurs and insinuations
at tbeir betters. A lively, jolly lady
generally is very popular in tbe com
inuuity. Being a widower J mustn't
say too much about tbe ladies either
way for I am more dependant on them
now tusn4ormeny.,
T'rVnde'rstaod my old comrade, J. C,
Wall, is sorter looking around for a
partner. I know of a lady he might
make a tiade with. She owns a farm
and has some money and is good look
ing. She intimates that she could be
reloaded to marry again.
In regard to dancing, "Pedro," I
was trying to figure out how long ago
it has been I sines was at a dance. I
can't get the exact time, but it has
been about '20 or 25 years ago. Quite
a while. I used to go regularly but I
auit. As. to picture shows 1 go wben
ever I get ready and feel like it, and
I believe I eujoy some of tbe pictures
and some I do not. Some are very in
teresting, others are a little too sug
gestive, I believe. But be tbat as it
may, I am enjoying myself tolerably
well and not running around criticiz
ing others because tbey are having a
good time. Some people are very good
at church, while in their feomes tbey
ars spit fires, snarling and snapping at
the rest of tbe raimiy. JNot sauco re
ligion wbere ill temper prevails. , Not
as mucb as tbere is in a dance ball or
nicture show. Ob, deliver me from a
sour, groucby, hypocritical person, and
we have tbem. xney can pray louaer,
whoop and cry over penitents and
when tbey at borne it is all forgotten.
I. tbank God I never was ill to my
wife and children, and tried- to give
my children a good time in tbeir own
borne, and never weuld allow tbe boys
and girls to fuss, growl and fight. ,
A religion tnat isn t sunsniny isn i
worth a fig. Tbe pute stuff will pro
duce joy and gladness and makes a fel
low feel good all over, so mucu so ce
can sing, nop ana snip nice a ismo.
Give me the jolly, live man and wom
an, and I'll show you a man and wom
an everybody likes.
Well. Pedro,'' ten your om maia
"Uncle Tom" likes .vomen I never
knew the time when I didn't love
them. It is nitqrsl and I can't help it,
and ain t going to try.
Doctor Tillett, from Decbard, be
gins a meeting here Sunday: I aim to
attend some as I like a good old fash
ioned meeting splendid.
Now. -in conclusion let me say to
"Cbailotte. "don't you get it into yout
noggin that there is no enjoyment in
this life for a christian, for Paul de
clared all belonged to a christian. The
only trouble is tbe churches so-called,
don't nrovide tbe proper amusements
for the young and let tbem go to tbe
world hunting pleasure. Even some
oarents with a houseful of girls aud
boys never seek to choose the amuse
ments aud associates of tbeir children.
Well, such parents are not of the faitb
and are worse tban infidels, Providing
fot the family means more than meat
and bread. Meat and bread is not all
tbe food a human being needs. The
social life must be looked after and
Cared for and that is tbe life that is
worth most. Now, "Charlotte," I be
lieve in developing and bringing outi
tbe very best there is and I am sure
dancing under ' proper rules and re
strictions has no equal. So, I am for
tbe best amusements, and nothing
equals mu.tic and dancing, and the
downfall of boys and girls don't orig:
inate from a nie gentwl dnce hall,
but from the place of a low grade,
and wbttt I mean by a lo.r grade is a
mixture of th bad with the better. If
people trooli be more careful in pro-
Smooth Gentlemen.
There are a lot of smooth gentlemen in this country who smiling
ly inform us that a sucker i born evey minute, that few die, and none
ever stop sucking. These so called "suckers", they tell us, have their
savings deposited in a savings bank, and are content to receive a mea
ger pittance of 4 per cent. The thing to do, according to their theory,
is to show them how to make their money earn 4percent. a week or
a minute (the amount being limited only by the imagination of the
promoter) and then you get the sucker on the string. Our theory is
that the man who has his money invested in a bank as safe as this one
better leave it there, because whilt the rate of insurance is but 4 per
cent., the rate of security is one hundred per cent, and the latter fea
ture is by no means to be ignored in deciding where to place your mon
ey. Don't thtnk that some grafter who never saw you, has more in
terest in you than your home banker. The former is after your money
only. Look out for him. Come to us and gel the facts regardiny any
scheme which may be presented to you.
4 per cent. Interest on Time Deposits JaSpGT, Tnil.
N., C. & St. L.
Tbe Industrial Division of the Nash
ville, Chattanooga & St. Louis Rail
way's Traffic Department is preparing
to issue in pamphlet form an earnest
appeal to the farmers operating along
that Company's lines to sow all grain
lands to a well adapted cover crop.
Thousands of acres of com, cotton,
wheat and other grain lands along
that company's lines of railway have
for years been allowed to lie in idle
ness and exposure during tbe winter
months that should be yielding profit
to tbeir owners. Under the system of
farming tbat has for so long been in
vogue in tbis section of tbe South, im
mense areas of valuable land have
grown up in brush or washed into ad
jacent creeks aud rivers. These con
ditions, together with continued one
crop farming, have robbed tbe soil of
its essential plant food elements, ni
trogen, lime, phosphoric acid and pot
ash. Generally speaking, tbe soils of
tbe South are fairly well supplied with
potaso and phosphoric aoid, although
much of it badly needs tbe latter; but
large percentage of the cultivated
lands along tbe N., C. & St. L. R'y,
in Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama and
Georgia,, are distressingly deficient in
lime and nitrogen.
Tbe best, quickest and cheapest rem
edy for tbis dearth of soil fertility,
without doubt, lies in deep plowing
to conserve moisture and tbe growing
and turning under of green winter
cover crops.
Based nnon actual dennmHtratinn
and experimental results, a combined
rye and crimson clover cover crop
advocated, it should be sown on corn! lottoa iana may be handled like
land at tbe rate of one and one half coin land if a good season happens to
bushels of rye to twelve pounds of tbit before the cotton gets too Jaree to
crimson clover seed to tbe acre, if it
is Intended to graze it in the anting:
if not, a ratio of one bushel of rye to
ten pounds of clover seed is advised.
Some sow at last cultivation of corn.
but unlefs tbe season is favorable and
tbere is ample moisture in the soil,
tbe best results are not realized. The
viding the amusements for the young,
but very few would go astray. My
point is, tbe young must have amuse
ments or be social dwarfs. What kind
is tbe bestr I say the dance. There
is less danger tban in any other amuse
ment. Others may think different. I
am for tbe church and people who love
the young well enongb to help them to
enjoy life. ;
Sunset, Ala,
Special to the Newt. ,
Plowing is tbe order of tbe day.
G. W. Bremington got over bis crop
the first time today. William Jackson
s going over bis crop tbe second time.
Everybody is getting along well with
tbeir crops.
Beans and Irisb potatoes.bave come
u at last Everybody is trying to get
Our peach crop will be a failure
this year. We have about one-fourth
of apple crop. Blackbeiries are begin
ning to torn red. Tbere will be plen
ty ot them. We have about one third
of a crop of huckleberries.
' J.. M. Cboate, tbe stave mill man,
ran everything tbat had a bole in it
about his engine chuck full of babbit
and then sent Charles Evans? to the
blacksmith shop and had a band made
to put around it.
My old cat brings in from 1 to 4
ground squirrels every day. How is
tbat for ground squirrels''
We bave not had a wedding here for
8 or 10 days. . I don't see what is tbe
matter unless R. A. La t son failed to
pay toe boys off last week and tbey are
out of money and cannot buy the li
cense. L PR.
TION, Knickerbocker, Texas. Exclus
ive resort for tbe treatment of tuber
culosis. Scientific methods. Altitude
2300 feet. Ideal climate. - Moderate
rates. Write for particulars.
Children Cry
Advises Farmers i
better method is to cultivate tbe corn
crop shallow and frequently until as
late as possible to keep it free from
grass and weeds, and wait until from
the middle of August to the middle
of September in tbis section cf the
South. When the season arrives, sow
the seed broadcast and barrow in with
a V barrow. As said above, if sown
at last cultivation of corn, in the ab
sence of a favorable season, in tbe act
of maturing the corn will draw too
heavily upon tbe moistnre supply and
tbe cover crop might e choked out.
, Wheat, oats and other grain land, .
not previously sown to grass, should be
turned immediately after harvest to
the denth of from ten to fourteen in
ches, eighteen would be better, and
should be disked every two or three
weeks to control foreign growth until
tbe arrival of a favorable season. Two .
tons of crushed limestone to the acre,
disked in before seeding, especially on '
sandy land such as the Cumberland
Plateau and tbe Tullahoma Highland
Rim belt, would result in untold ben
efit.in tbe way of adding a necessary
plant food element and correctingacid
ity in tbe soil. Just before seeding,
run tbe roller to form a firm seed bed,
and harrow in the seed. In the "
spring this cover crop may be grazed
lightly and then turned under. It is
believed that .the adaption of these
suggestions by the farmers will pre- i
vent washing of tbe soil by its aboil- 1
tion to absorb and bold excess rainfall.
and that much needed "humus" will '
joe added to the soil, and ereatlv in-
increased fertility will be tue result.
allow passage of seeding implements
between the rows. The pamphlet will
be mailed to every fanner along the
N..C. & St. L. R'y, but in the mean
time the farmers are "urged to prepare
their cotton and grain lands or winter
cover crops.
We will sell to you 12 lbs of fresh
ground meal at tbe mill for 25c un
til further notice.
Sequachee, Tenn. '
Your BanKino?
No matter how small,
No matter how large, 1
The ' '
Bank of Whitwell
will give it careful attention.
This message applies to all.
DVKKS, President.
LATHE, Vice-President.
DoXNKM Vice-President
Morgan, Cashier.
Dvkks, Assist. Cashier.

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