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y, Jane 16. Fair weather.
y at 4 45 a. m., and stop at
'r two hoars. Pass Tower
5 40 p. m; Devila' Back Bone,
Devil's Bake Pot, 5:05.
ittenburg at 0:13 for gaso-
nder way at 6:00. Moor for
6:55 p. m.
i day, June 17. Fair weather.
ncds'i waT a 6:30 a.' m. Stop at
in., at :3U; nnaer way again
Moor for night at 7.00 p. m.,
made 36 miles upstream from.
00 p. in.
.Fair weather,
m. Enter'Joach
Stop at Her
m. for mail ;
jt'riercnlanenm 5:25 p. , m;
At.lgbt at Sulphur Spring al
of'ing ran about 18 miles In 15 hoars
"I ...nrurinv. Jnne 19. Fair weather.
time way 5:40 a. ni. - Stop at Khne-
vfi k and the Captain and Pilot board -eda
train and went to St. Lcinia get
repairs for the engine; couldn't get
them and returned about 5. o'clock in
the evening. Left Kiroswick afc 5:00
I. m. to find better anchorage and
atop at 5:45 and moor for the night.
Friday, June 20. Under way. at
.4:20 a. m. Stop at 7:50 for water;
under way at 8:05 a. m. Pass Jeffer
son's Bai racks at 8:35 a. m. Come to
lower end of St. Louis at 8:50. Pass
T nnt.ir-n the advice to the Public of
Mr. J. T. Raulston, in the last issue
of tha News, as to the danger of over
indulgence in the matter of public ed
ucation. HitMUuccainbe to its
Jack of logic and its own oontradic-
Hons, and, destroying itself, needs no
refutation. However, I will take this
opportunity bf giving some attention
to Mr. Ranlston's statements, and say
ing something in favor of the proposed
boud issae. '
Mr. Ranlston gives us no enlighten
ment as to publio school conditions in
the county, and, if he is familiar wUh
them, he doesn't disclose it He ig
nores conditions and Indulges in a the
ory that tha borrowing of money for
public school purposes is never justi
fied, While saying a kind word for
the public school system, Mr, Raul
ston strikes at the very life of public
schools by declaring that it is an in
justice to impose upon the man who
has no children a part of the bnrden
of educating the children of bis fel
low citizens. Such reasoning plices
h twnuUv on cbild-rearice and, if it
bad obtained when the foundation of j
; good society was being builded, the
'public school bousa would be unknown
and those fathers and motblrs with
1 scarcely enough means to provide food
and raiment for their cbildrea, would
be foroed to see their offspring grow
np in ignorance, to become mpnaces to
society, for the laok of an opportunity
to be something better. The poor and
ignorant would be without hope for
themselves and their posterity. For
tuoately, society recognizes no higher
duty than the educating of its child-
ren, and has decreed thafthe corpora
tion, the young man and the family
without children shall hare the bnr
den of . educating, bis . children with
him who hath, and banish tbe nece-si
ty of those in moderate circumstances and maintain bouses. With this bar
mortgaging their homes to educate den removed from the county, we can
tbeir girls and boys. Marking tbe pro- have immediately a seven month's
gress of good govenuient, we all have school term. The issning of tbe bonds
noted tbe passing of the private school. ias proposad means $10,000 per year to
whose doors were open only to the tae school funds, and that means at
children of those of means, to make least two months additional tuition
room for the public school, whose
doors are open to the children of all
citizens alike, lich or poor. For the
common good, it is the duty of every
man, whether he be rearing children
or not, to aid in the maintenance of
such institutions. If not directly, he
is indirectly benefitted.
No man's home has yet been fold to
aHfv a nnblio bond, bat,
nnblin bond, , bat, nevertue
less. Mr. Raulston would threaten ns
with such. Ha calls attention to the
present bonded indebtedness of the
county in each a manner as to make
us think it is stupendous. But, the
bonded indebtedness of t lie county is
w. thin nut and one-half per-cent. of
tbfl value pt. tbe property in the; coun
ty. Few counties can boast so low a
ratio. I regret as iunub ai any eiti
th Ina we have sustained in onr
road building experience,
but I hon-
ehtly bel'.'ve. Hrst t'"- R
p:tcr lo to
. im will 1 i , tli
( cm;
n '
St Louis yacht club at 13:55; pass un
der McKinley railroad bridge at 1:13
pass upper end of St. Louis at 1 :35 p,
m; Come to mouth of Missouri River
at 6:05. Moor for the night in Wood
Creek at 7:00 p. m.
Saturday, June 21. Weather cloudy.
Under wav at 4:20 a. m. Pass under
Alton draw bridge at 5:37. Stop at
Alton 5:35 and under way at 6:40.
Stop at Elsa 9 :5 for drinking water;
under way at 9:50. Stop 30 minutes
to fix leak in gasoline pipe. Pass Mar
tin s LandiDg 3:40. Anchor on ac
count of approaching storm; under
way at 4:40, Stop at 5:30 to inquire
fofgasoline; stop 5:25 for gasoline;
Under way at 7:00. Moor for night at
1 7:10. having fuu 46 miles in 11 hours
I upstream. . .
Sunday, June 22. Under way at
6:00; stop 7:50 to let large steamer
pass: under way at 9:50; Pass Clark
sville 3:45; stop 8:55 on account of
storm; under way at 5:45. Moor for
night 6:90. , t,
Monday, June 23. Stuck in mud
The reason Is the creek in which we
moored fell 6 inches;. Under way at
5:30 a. m. Onto a sand bar and off at
5:50. Stop at Louisana, Mo., at 6:30;
under way 7:35. Lose our row boat
but secure it again. Un a sand bai at
1 :10 p. in., but off of it in five minu
tea. Stop at Hannibal, M o., at 2:00
p. m.
can't have good roads and efficient
schools, then we can't hope for the
immigration of good people, and may
expect many of our good citizens to
leave uba they ha v done In the past
. Atone time sine my connection
with the public schools, -we were able
to have a term of six months. Tha last
month came, in winter, and, in more
than a dozen communities, the school
bad to-be abandoned before the end of
the term, because the bouses were not
sufficient to keep the school comforta
ble. This brought ns to a realization
of the fact that onr houses must be
put in good condition before we could
lengthen our school term . materially.
The prospect then was that it conid
not be done for several years. Howev
er, the present General Assembly not
withstanding the fact tbat the state
needed the money for other purposes,
increased tbe State appropriation for
schools from 25 per cent to 33 1 -8 per
cent, of the State's gross receipts. In
accordance with the authority of this
Act, the State Board of Education
wisely provides that this increase shall
not be distribued among the counties
according to the scholastic population,
but shall be distributed in such a wan
ner as to best stimulate action on tbe
part of tbe counties themselves, and to
make tbe school term in tbe different
counties of the .State of uniform
length ' To this end, the Board is in
vestigating the conditions in th dif-
ferent counties, and those counties
which are prepared . for the longer
term, will have their funds supple
mented sufficiently to guarantee the
desired length of term. Marion Coun
ty is not ready, an1 our getting ready
means as much as $5,000 per year, ad
' ditlonal from tbe State. We are now
spending, approximately $5,000 per
year from the school fund, to build
each year, for the 5000 children enroll
ed in tbe public schools. Tbis means
a saving of four years to tbem in ac
quiring a primary education Which
course, , then, is the more economic'
The school houe ought to be tbe
best faoase io the community, a model
of sanitation and ventilation, so that
its influence as influence it will have,
might be - for good in moulding the
student's idea of homemaking.
Our publio school system is not
sufficient and I think that it is right
that the cotporation and tbe man who
has no children to send to the public
scoooi, hiiu WUo, couioineo, pay nearly
two-thirds of the taxes in the conDty,
sooaia neip mase rue system numo
ient Likewise, the next generation,
being the principal beneficiaries,
should hdp carry tbe boidpn.
In the building of school houses, tbe
money i- spent in our uiid-t for per- i
tnanent iinprowiBnt. Evtt rro-
,t M I '
connt" in tin' M.i't ' i- (ioing j
m t.'.' rr !:'. f ; !i, fr.r conn-
Higdon, Ala.
iitreial to the NeTt'S.
Hot weather aud rainy evenings is
tbe orJer of the day.
There is lots of sickness and deaths
now. ''One of tbe deaths was tbat of
Sherman Wallace who has been very
ill with the fever for fonr weeks. He
died at his borne near Trenton, Ga,
Saturday morning at 10 o'clock. He
leaves bis father and mother, three
brothers and two sisters,' wife and sev
en children to monrn bis los. Mr.
Wallace lived most of bis life on Sand
mountain. His family is well known
by a circle of syinnathiziug friends
His wife was tbe daughter of Mr. aud
Mrs. S. J. McUbee. He has been
known as a christian man and as
many others have done, lost hia relig
ion, but before be was taken sick he
went back to the church and was try
ing to serve God. He was 51 years
old. Interment was made at the
Newby graveyard on Sand mountain
Sunday morning, Jnne 29, about 12 o
clock. We all hope to meet hini in
better world than this.
Thefe wasn't very many at Sunday
School at Sbilob Sunday morning, on
the account 6f the funeral of Mr. Wal
Mr. Loach's infant class began prac
ticing Sunday for tbe Sbiloh picnic
about the 21st of - August They are
expecting to have a nice time this
year if they are piosperous and get
their pieces U. K.
Mrs. Alley Wbitzeii and family are
visiting bomefolks this week, Mr. and
Mrs. E. D. Lancaster, postmaster and
assistant of tbe Higdon postomee.
Most everybody has begun laying
by, getting readv to celebrate tbe
Fourth of July. '
There will be a picnic at Cureton's
Mill, near Trenton, Ga., the Fourth
and several people will attend from
the mountain.
John Lore got into trouble a few
days ago. Jim West knocked bini
down and liked to have stamped his
head into tbe ground.
Will Cameron and Birch Boidston
bad a fight the other day and Will was
seriously hurt.
Edgar Hawkins was riding a mule
Sunday. Wonder where his buggy
was. Violet.
Tinsley, Ky.
Special to the News.
Dry weather is the order of the day,
It has only rained one eood rain here
since I have been here, and you bet it
is hot
Robert, Tom and Mat Anderson have
made a trip to Four Mile tbis morn
ing to get some tools.
Jndie Anderson is better. , . -
HdtUe Anderson is trying to get ber
garden laid oy.
joun Anderson and wile went to
Sunday school yesterday.
Come ou, you Kelly's Ferry writers,
like to hear from there. I would
like to see Levi Massey and bear him
laugh. Would like to know what be
is doing now. The same old thing, I
gness. Are yon still playing ball.
Say, Allen Ale JN abb, you ought to
be np here and see tbis country, and I
guess you would go back the next day.
uuess juartm uartuian is laying by
his crop by tbis time.
Say. Sue Anderson, have you got a
job yet or not I will let you hear
from this place before long.
Mat Anderson says he is going to
give his dog away before be lets tbe
old bogs whip him He has been tak
ing him to the mines to teach him
tow to work. There is a queer noise
up at the mines and they are afraid of
it, and they take tbe dogs along and
when they start to run from it, the
dogs get tu fiont of them. Come on
you boys, and help tbem run it down
and catch it and see what it is.
Black Eyes.
A Beautiful Photo.
From the studio of Spencer Judd,
Sewanee, Tenn.," comes a beautifully
created vitfw of Little Sequachee river
at the Beck Hole, a real Work of art
The little river lies mistily shimmei
nig in tbe early morning light, and
would make a splendid picture in col
ors. Mr. Judd is toe gentleman whose
article we reproduced recently from
the Nashville Banner relative to tbe
beauties of tbe little river. He says
another article will appdar in the Ban
ner before long, on other lines of local
interest, and with his permission we
'propose to reprint it.
Mrs. Glenn Ashburn.
WHITWELL. Tenn., June 30.-Mrs.
Glenu Ashburn died at Red -Hill,
Thursday of typhoid fever. She leaves
a husband and two children. Her re
mains were laid to rest in the family
burving lot at Red Hill Friday, Kev.
W. T. Evans, pastor of the "M. E.
Church, South, Sequachee, officiating.
She was about 42 yeais old.
Sardis Led in Bible Contest.
The Sardis Sunday school gained the
victory over the Caroline Chapel Sun
day school last Sunday in examination
on Sunday School work. Tbe Sardis
Sunday Sunrlay school baa had very
interested Bible students the past
quarter, beuoe their ability to take tbe
lea.l. y . j
Strawberry Cream.
There will be un ice cream supper
tomorrow night for the benefit of tbe
ball team. Stra.vberry cream will be
the attraction, the best obtainable.
Don't f nil to come out aud tfW8 the
boys a lift. It will b i hell in grovo
mvir Tliuaii's miilancp.
Oh Sid re r Cry
L t t r f;- r, !
f U S . y I
f OkiA
I don't believe that the people are
getting worse and worse. I think tbat
is a mistake and tbe reason I think so
is there are more people thinking and
actina- for themselves than ' we ever
knew before Then, again, we have
greater ideas and higher conception
of life than was ever known. True,
our would-be leaders have to keep in
gallop to keep from being run over by
the Droaressive ideas and thought of
the day.
Preachers who used to sway aud in
fluence great congregations have bad
to double their pace and tear up old
non-rrogressive sermons to keep in the
swim. Back number preacher are
not wanted anywhere. They are too
slow The so-called Evangelists are
losing their grip on on tbe people and
they can't fleece tbem at their will
and pleasure. This. I've notioed is
becoming quite prevalent. A preach
er wantiug a hnndied dollars to hold a
ten days' meeting is regarded as
grafter. People are getting their eyes
open along these lines. Grafters are
quite numerous in religion as well as
in other things, but don't for a mo
inent attribute this to any retrograde
movement among tbe people. People
are not being duped now like tbey
have been in the past. The evolution
and development going on in church
and state is wonderful. Tbe old stand
patters are goipg out of business. Par
ty lines and church lines are getting
so very weak and slender that no one
cares to acknowledge be is governed
and controlled by either. There is
vast amount of Independance among
tbe people. But while this independ
ant spirit is prevalent it can't last
very long. A better spirit is getting
stronger hold on tbe world. A cooper
ative spirit or idea, tbat is one of the
grandest Ideas ' tbe world has ever
known or ayer will know. Think of
real cooperative church, a real cooper
ative sysfepi of government. It is no
longer a theory as tbe enemies of the
idea would baya ua believe, but is a
practical idea and is being developed
and worked out day by day. Tbe so
clalists dream of it as a panacea for
all human woes and sorrows. The
christian prays for its coming as a per
iod of universal peace when all men
shall known God and to know God
means to help your brother. The so
cialist and the real christian believe a
better condition of things is near at
band. Christians will have to give np
their denominational selfishness and
pride. The socialist has no such sacri
fice to make, for already they realize
that a cooperative system of govern
ment banishes the selfish, covetuous
idea both in church and state. -
Our ideals are higher and better than
ever before.
The socialists claim they are the an
tbors and fathers of toe cooperative
thought. I doubt the. claim for tbe
reason millions are claiming to be pro
gressive in spirit and actions and pro
gresaiveness is sweeping the country
and he movement is so universal tbat
undoubtedly, there is an nnseen hand
directing tbe movements. Then there
is a master spirit abroad. None of ' as
need to doubt knowledge is increasing
and I believe the world at large is
growing better and not worse. These
grand and noble ideas are attracting
attention, and I can't agree tbat the
world is retrograding at all. My opin
ion is, meu are learning to get more
joy and pleasure out of life than our
fathers did. We are not so drastio as
they were. True, we are retaining the
best and discarding all the worst. We
can have a nice, social good time with
out the saloon and rum demon. Look
at the great reunion at Chattanooga
where there were thousands. ' How
many werj drunk in that vast crowd t
Veiv few. But back in the days of
the fathers there would have been
many and several fights. Hardly a
house raising, log rolling or corn
shucking without a fight or a drunk.
I say we are more temperate than our
fathers. If I remember rightly, and I
think I do, our social pleasures are
just as nice and genteel as ever and
conducted on a high moral plane. Our
boys seem to have lost some, of the
chivalry that characteiized their fath
ers and do not have tbe manners they
bad. The average young man of today
is deficient in manners when in tbe
presence of ladies. His cigarette hab
it spoils bis general makeup. If tbat
was cut out be would be almost on
par with tbe boys of 50 years ago. Onr
girls are not near so modest as their
grandmothers, but tbat doesn t say
they are not virtuous.
Overshadowing everything else tbe
cooperative idea looms up as one of
the most powerful. Men are beginning!
to undi'.ntantl the real ami true mean
ing of the two preat coraumndinr-nta as
never b-f.w. T. veil is b leg pnlleil
k r.iil i.i a i:ff! .!;; . th 5 mutt
he fs
Protection of
If you have money about your home let us offer you the protection
ot our safe and vault places of security that are built to store money
where it will be out of reach of burglars and fire, and always ready for
you when wanted. We want you to feel that this bank is for your use
and that our conveniences are for your use; to that end we iuvite your
account. It is our business to serve the people. The service we offer
will be an advantage to you. Others tell us of their satisfaction. This
makes us believe that you also will receive the same benefits from a
bank connection here. Talk over the situation with us, whatever re
quirements you may have we may be able to supply your demands.
Why not call today? ' '
4 par cent Interest on Time Deposits
now repudiated as a bypocrit. About
two men in every three have no con
fidence in anyone professing to love
God and never help their neighbors.
Cooperation is the extension of this
principle to the government When
wa get a pnre democracy we'll be very
near tbe ideal.
Tracy City, Tenn.
Trainmen on a switch engine with
several oars attached, which was a
backing to Richard City from this
city, were horrified yesterday wben
tbey noticed a small child ou the
track, and too late for them to stop.
Tbe car hit the child and burled it in
to the middle of tbe traok and . tbe
entire train passed over Its body, and
strangely, tbe child was not seriously
injured, and when the train was stop
ped and the trainmen hurried to the
child it was found lying between the
cross: ties, and other than a few minor
braises the little fellow was nona the
worse for bis experience and narrow
scape from being ground to pieces.
Tbe little fellow is a son of Mr. and
Mrs. A. B. Stewart, who lire near
Richard City.
Enjoyed Picnic at .
Blowing Spring
Mrs. Ruth DeSabla chaperoned a
party of youngsters in a picnio at the
B owing Spring Monday, in honor of
ber brother, Master Joe,jjeiand, wnose
location is now 004 James Building,
Chattanpoga. and whose favorite oc
cupation seems to be riding up aud
down in the elevators and making
friends with the ladies wben he is not
engaged in looking after the office dar
ing tbe absence ot nis ratner, Mr. t .
M. Leland. March was taken to the
Blowing Spring about 9.00 a. m. and
the day was spent very pleasantly by
the children and older persons assem
bled. At noon a splendid dinner was
spread and everyone ate until they
couldn't eat any more, and then wish
ed tbey could sit down and do tbe same
thing over again. Those participating
in the event were: '
Eliza, Sallie, Byrtle and Edward
Martin, Jim Martin, Jonnie and Jam
ie Coridra, Fred, Nell, Joe, Paul and
John Leland, Roy and Mildred Curtis,
Alton Thornton, Temple Wall, Gladys
Pryor, Clark Minor, Mrs. - Til man
Walker, Mrs. F. W. Leland, Mrs.
Ruth DeSabla and baby.
There is a general shutdown of coke
ovens in tbe valley. Those at Dunlap
operated by Chattanooga Coal & Coke
Company were closed down Tuesday,
and those at Victoria, which were to
have been operated by the same com-
i l i mi
pany, will nor ne put in Diasi. xue
ovens of tbe Tennessee Coal, Iron &
Railroad Company at Whitwell, have
also been closed down.
For Cuts, Burns and Bruises
In every borne there should be a box
of Bucklen's Arnica Salve, ready to
apply In every case of burns, cuts.
wounds or scaias. J. u. iroianco,
valle, Tex , K. no. a, wrues: - jjuuk-
bMTs Arnica Salve saved my mtie
girl's cut foot. No one believed it
could be cured." Tbe woTld's best
alve, Only 2i5c. Recommended hy
Whitwell Drug Co , of Whitwell.
TION, Knickerbocker, Texas, fcxclus-
ve resort for tne treatment or tuner-
ulosis. Scientific uisthotls. Altitude
:M feet. J-tl tiiniat. Moderate
: lit
ll.in't. tif.ri'pm- t(if Al'.fc flill'. o')C' J t
Jasper, Tenn.
Tomato bugs are appearing on tbs
farm of W. H. Martin. This . is an
unusual cilcumstance in entomology,
and no remedy has yet ' been found.
Mr. Martin has five or six acres so in
fected, and serious damage may yet be
done. - They resemble a lightning bug
without tbe lightning feature, aad eat
the leaves same as potato bugs eat tbe
leaves of tbat plant. Application will
be made to tbe State Experiment sta
tion at Euoxville to learn about tbe
insect, and how to control it. Mr.
Martin's plauts are in fruit, and ar
senical preparations cannot be used.
It is an unusual circumstance for any
thing of tbe bug variety to attack the
leaves of a tomato plant.
Most Beautiful Fishing Stream .
By posters scattered over the coun
ty, the lovers of the finny tribe have
called a meeting of all the interested
citizens to be held in the Town Hall
at Sequatchie, for the purpose of or-'
ganizing to prevent tbe dynamiting
of fish in tbe streams of Marion .
County. Rev. W. D. Dew. , of Jas
per, a fisherman of great prowess, is
the leading spirit .in the movement
There is more or less dynamiting for
fish in tbe county, especially in tneV
mountain recesses of the Little Sequa
chee river, the most beautiful fishing
stream in the south. Mrs. Grundy,
Tracy City., Tenn.
W. L. Kelly.
W. L. Kelly, of Sequatchie Connty,'
died at tbe home of bis sister, Mrs. -Wm
L. Swafford, in Pikevile, Satur
day morning, aged 88 years. He bad
been in ill health for some time with
cancer of the stomach. He leaves a
wife and two small children. Inter
ment was made at the Smith burying
ground in lower Bledsoe county Sun
day, Rev. T. R. Baker, of Pikeville,
conducting tbe funeral services.
We will sell to yon 13 lbs of fresh
ground meal at the mill for 95c un
til further notice.
Sequachee, Tenn.,,
Your Banking?
No matter how small,
No matter how large,
.. The
Bank of Whitwell
will give it- careful attention.
This message applies to all. .
DVKKB, Frestdent.
LavNK, l"ue-President.
PoNN Kl.f, Vice-President
Mouoan, Cashier...
DYKKS. Assist. Cashier.
(1 'Hi))
) it
' X'
. . ... -..s-d
7 r'l

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