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Scoaaclw Uallev new. ,J JOSEPH VASEY
"inchec, Marlon County, Tean.
SU3SCfiirTI0! PRICE. $1.00 A YEAR
All SiBscriptions Stopped an Expiration
Jui.y 3. 191
We caunot say that we are in favor
of issuing more bonds in this county
until there is a decrease in the amount
already outstanding. For instance
115,000 road bouds will be dne May 2.
1914. with interest accrued of $5,850
Of course it will be raid that tbe Sink
ing Fund will provide for this pay
ment as well as the other payments on
Road Bond Fund every five years up
to 1934, but the fact should not ba lost
flight of that this siuking fond must
also increase annually to make up for
the increased payments. Thus, fot in
stance, the annual sinking fnnd for
first series of roa J bonds was only I1
000, but for tbe 6th and last series .it
will have increased to $9,000 annually
There are a number of other liabili-
ties to come up daring this yeai, for
instance, bridge warrants to the
amount of $1,550. a small item, of
course. We do not know that tbe rock
crusher has been paid for or the coun
ty farm folly settled for. If they have,
so much tbe better.
A considerable number of school
buildings have been erected, but it has
been largely at the expense of the
children who have been deprived of
school advantages in order that these
buildings might be erected. This, of
. coarse, was unavoidable, and it was
really a good move to close the schools
for a while in order to get the child
ren into better and more hygienic
school buildings. Now taat this has
been accomplished, it is only the mat
ter of a year or two before funds will
be in sight for tbe longer teims desir
ed. Every community, as Whitwell
has done, should settle this question
of longer terms for itself by subscrib
ing fnnds fr a continuance of the pub
lic school in its midst, instead of al
lowing a bond issue to be made which
means interest on money to be paid, a
thing which will never benefit the
children. Apply the remedy locally,
nn 1 not isue bonds. If a commun
ity uoea uot care for education enongb
to continne its own school, let it
take what is due it from present tax
es. Let us not saddle a debt on an over-burdened
county for the sake of a
possible few districts which may be so
backward that they do not want to
continue their own school terms. The
present tax rate, with tbe increased
valuation steadily being meted out to
property owners is enongh and suffic
ient. From $t. 05 in 1896 to $1.90 in
1913 is a considerable increase in tax
with nearlv 50 uer cent, increase in
tax value accorded to most proprty
Let ns have no more bonds.
The Mothers' Day essays in the
''schools of Utah furnished several con
centrated ideas. One of them is: "A
mother has to slave for her children
for about twelve or fourteen yeais be
fore fhe tealizes any help.'' To this
might be added that in a few years af
ter she again commences to slave, for
their children.
If papers like the Chattanooga
Times would only fire the whiskey ad
vertisements from their columns, all
would be forgiven. They paint the
evilfl resulting from whiskey-using in
their news and editorial columns and
permit the insidious and alluring
whiskey advertisements to nullify all
the good they do. It is too bad.
When you get out your gun and set
out to do a little social blood-letting,
remember that the "bravest are tbe
teuderest, the loving are thedariug."
The paragraph h for the edification of
those who have the idea that a bird
was made by the Creator to be a tar
get for a .89 rifle.
A government clerk at Washington
paid $450 for a kiss the other day. He
kissed a girl clerk and got suspended
without pay for three mouths. Kiss
ing in Washington appears to be cost
ly. A series of religious meetings in a
town immediately produces a splendid
lot of religious discussion and argu
ment S'quachpe is parsing through
this sensation no, an J there is argu
ment galore. j
The Nashville Democrat is working
np a free ice fund for the city's poor
Good ! The Democrat has some good
qualities, even if we can't believe all
it says about tbe legislature.
The Tennessee courts seem to be get
ting some nniioly advertising just
now, judging from the debates in tbe
papers over the recent verdicts at
Chattanooga and NashvilK
EvMbody and the cook in these
divgius is wishing for rain. Tbe cook
especially, for if there isn't a change
shortly there won't be anything innch
to cook.
Tomorrow is the Glorious Fourth.
Celebrate it, bnt not with the assist
ance of stimulants.
Befrru going into further bonds,
ns 1 ay up for what we owe.
In West Virginia to Assistance
of Struggling Miners.
Joseph Vasey is ugain with tbe Nat
lonal Board of United Mine Workers
of America. Mr. Vasey formerly liv
ed in Whitwell, whither he came from
England when a mere boy. He was
assisted upward in life largely by
Capt. John Frater, now dead, who for
years was tbe most prominent coal and
iron authority in the valley. When
tbe United Mine Workers of America
formed their local at Whitwell Mr.
Vasey was a leading spirit, and later
became a Board Member, organizing
other locals. After the mining troub
le at Whitwell, wbich ended in tbe re
fusal of tbe T. C. & I. Co. to recognise
the union, and its defeat, Mr. Vasey
moved to Knoxville, where he accept
ed a position as member of advisory
board for some companies, bnt it
seems now that be has returned to his
old love,
The Kanawha, Charleston. W. Va.
Citizen, speaks of the work of Mr. Va
ey in that labor-troubled state. He
addressed a large number 01 miners
recently at Bancroft, West Va., and is
speaking at different points. Mr. Va
sey as an organizer and promoter of
miners unions is not a ranting speak
er, out a cool -beaded business man.
advising always to cool methods, bnt
advising steadily to persistent ad
vancement toward tbe point sought
He is in a seat of labor war where
trouble is very extensive and where
Congress has been asked to make an
investigation. In the New River field
where he is speaking ultimatum has
been given tbe operators that if they
did not give recognition to the union
by acceeding to tbe just demands of
tbe men, 15,000 would lay down theii
picks on July 1.
The following is from tbe Kanawa,
W. Va., Citize.i:
"An enthusiastic meeting of the coal
miners of Black. Betsey, Bancroft and
other places in that "vicinity was held
at Bancroft yesterday afternoon, and
addressed by International Board
Members Thomas Haggerty and Joe
Vasey. Tbe meeting was largely at
tended in spite of showers and clouds,
and tbe Red Men's ball was filled
with miners, accompanied in many
instances bv their wives and children.
"Mr. Vasey reviewed at length the
15 mouths of strike and strife in the
Paint Creek and Cabin Creek coal
fields, and of the efforts of 20 or 30
years to organize the state. He spoke
ot tne Baldwin- el ts mine guards as
one 01 the prime causes or all the trou
ble. And the difficulty in organizing,
be said, was due in large measnre to
tbe system of espionage maintained by
tne midwin-i eits men.
"Mr. Vasey warned tbe men to pay
no attention to tne ranting of tbe La
bor Argus concerning Mr. Haggerty,
whom tbe Argns has set about to dis
credit. Tbe speaker paid a fine trib
nte to Mr. Haggerty, telling of tbe
suffering endured by the dean of the
international board in his efforts to
improve the conditions of the miners.
and describing him as "tbe most
whole-souled, the most sincere and
toe most honorable leader and tbe best
fighter of whom the United Mine
Workrs have ever been able to boast.
"He told of the improved conditions
in states in wnicn tbe miners organ 1
zation have built np a working organ
ization, and showed by statistics what
such an organization would do for
the miners of West Virginia.'
Unsightly Face Spots.
Are cured by Dr. Hobson's Eczema
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tions. No matter bow long yon have
been troubled by itching, burning or
scaly skin humors, just put a little of
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Eczema Ointment, on tbe sores and
the suffering stops instantly. Heal
ing begins that very minute. Doctors
use it in tbeir practice and recommend
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Hobson's Eczema Ointment cured it
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lieve.or mouoy refunded. For sale by
WDitweii urng Co., Whitwell, Tenn.
Price 50c. Pfeiffer Chemical Co.,
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Si a'i k of Ohio, City of Toledo,
Lucas County, f88.
I' ii an k.I. Chknkv mAkes oath that
lie ts tin- senior partner of the firm of
F. J. Chknkv it Co., doing business in
the City of Toledo, County and State
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the sum of ONE HUNDRED DOL
LARS for ;auli and every case of Ca-
r a if 1 : 11 that cannot be cured by the use
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Sworn to before mi- and subscribed in
my presence, tuia tHh day of December,
A. I). 188.
' ' Notary Publie.-
UhII'w Latarrli cure Is taken internal
ly uml :ic in ilireut.lv on tbe blood and
ruin ous surface of tbo sysi.t-uj. Send
for ii stimonials, free.
V. .1. CHENEY & Co.. Toledo, O.
sola ny druggists, 75c.
Hull's Faini ly Pills are the lies'..
If you wish to buy a monument see
me. I can gtt von any design you
want at reasonable prices. Every grave
should be marked with a nice monu
ment and I have accepted an agency
for fine Monuments, so that I may be
able to help tbose wbp may wish to
Sequatchie, Tenu.
The News only 50c a year.
A wedding of interest to the people
of this section was that of Mr. Joe
Kelly and Miss Sammie filackman.
which occurred Wednesday evening of
last week. The bride's parents live
at Wartrace, where tbe ceremony oc
curred. Sbt is a very estimable
young lady. Mr. Kelly is now a resi
dent of Whitney, N. C. where he is
the employe of a lumber firm as man
age! of their commissary. He is a son
of J. F. Kelly, of Whitwell, the well
known member of the firm of Kelly
& Grayson. Mr. Kelly is a young
man of much promise, and a graduate
of New Market College, Ala., and in
addition to proficiency in his studies.
was honored by his college with tbe
captaincy of tbe ball team, a very suc
cessful organization. Shortly after
graduating from the college he accept
ed tbe position at Wbitney which be
now holds. He and his bride were the
guests of bis parents in Whitwell last
week, but left for Whitney Saturday
where they will go to housekeeping.
Tracy City.
Sfiecta o the News.
Dr. B. P. Key died Sunday evening
at bis home in Tracy City at about 5
o'clock. His body was sent to Nash
ville for interment. He was an ex-
Confederate soldier, being a member
of Forest Camp, of Chattanooga.
Brother lillett has been here for a
week conducting a meeting, bnt be
hasn't bad tbe cooperation of many
christians, yet we hear men and wom
en say, "What is the matter? JNotn
inc. only yon have let the world ont
strip you along the social line of lfie
Last Sunday was a great day, it be
ing tbe 5th Sunday in June. A large
crowd gathered at Grace s Chanel
Beersbeba Springs, for an all day sing
ing. Plenty to eat and lots of good
will one toward another, was on tap.
The 5th Sunday in August Hobb's
Hill will have tbe honor of entertain
ing the classes of tbe county. Every
body is invited to come and bring well
filled baskets aud also a heart packed
fnl of love for all your fellow creat
nres. The only people not wanted and
no room for are tbe old grouchy grum
biers and bypocrits who can't see any
thing good in these social song servic
es. Let all of Tiacy City act as one
and make tbe 5th Sunday in Angnst
one of tbe biggest, grandest and best
Tracy City ever knew. Charlie Pat
rick of Hobbs' Hill, president of that
class, should and ought to bave the
hearty cooperation of all tbe people,
and will, I believe. We want a good
time. Jnst two months and then
youth and beauty can bave the oppor
tunity of entertaining the old and
make them bave one day, if no more,
of social enjoyment and recreation,
such, as the worn and weary need.
On August 16 tbe people of Oak
Grove will clean the graveyard off.
Everybody come and bring a full bas
ket. .
On the Saturday before the 4th Sun
day in August the Baptist Association
will convene at Orange Hill. Let
everybody come.
Well, back to tne Beersheba sing
lag My lady friend, Mrs. Honey-
waddle, certainly kept her word re
garding "Uncle Tom's" dinnei. Sbe
had plenty and was free with it. Isn' t
it grand to bave such great, big heart
ed women living in a town or com
mnulty. lbeir value cannot be com
puted, Soloman said tbeir price is far
above rubies. Other great, big-heart
ed women were present. I didn't bave
any racket with anybody. I kind of
avoided that for I was out for a social
food time and not for a racket. Now,
tell you it is easier to be nice and
social and genteel than it is to be sur
ly aud grouchy. Another thing, if
you are too tired or lazy, or imagine
yourself too good to help make these
social song recreations a success, 1
don't know what the Lord will do
with you should yon get into heaven.
New, don't flare np for the man or
woman who has no social qualities
and don't try to bave any, will not be
permitted to euter the happy throng
that John saw and wrote about. Well,
a real genuine ballelnjab christian has
social qualities as big as the world it
self. Well, I'll close this letter by
saying, let ns have one of the jolliest
and liveliest song services we ever
bad, anil we can. This will be about
the last gathering Tracy City will
bave this year, and why not use ener
gy to make it gi and, and tbe way to do
it is to begin now. Reporter.
Splendid Offer.
THE NEWS and the Louisville.
Ky. , Home and Farm one year each for
85c. Regular price of both papers,
$1.00. tf
Chlldron Cry
Attorney -at - Law,
Will practice in any of tbe Courts.
- C. M. LAYNE,
Notary Public,
Certificate on Ble in Washington, D.
Office: j
T. layne & Co. Building,
Whitwell, Tenn.
Reasons Why Scheme Should Be
Opposed by Taxpayers.
The following is an interview w.th
Hon. John T. Ranlston and a repre
sentative of the South Pittsburg Hust
ler, relative to tbe proposed school
bond issue. It will appear in tbe
Hustler tomorrow.
Q. I presume you bave seen our last
issue of the paper and see that Profes
sor Kelly says you are not familiar
with the school situation of this Coun
ty? A. Yes, I bave read what tbe Pro
fessor has to say, and of course, you
could not expect that a man of my
profession who devotes his exclusive
time to his business, would know all
tbe details of a matter which is in no
wise connected with bis business. For
instance, I don't know tbe exact num
ber of children in Marion County,
neither do I know tbe exact amount of
fnnds available for school purposes,
but I think that in a geueral way, I
have a pretty good knowledge of th
situation, and am fairly well acqnain
ted with tbe financial condition of the
County, the tax rate, etc., and I know
that it wonld be outrageous for Ma
rion County to, at this time, burden
ittself with an additional $50,000.00
Q. But Professor Kelly insists that
the school system of tbe county should
be bettered independent of these con
A. That reminds me of tbe doctor
who would kill bis patient to .stop the
ravages of a disease. If you so burden
the people with taxes that they can'
feed and clothe tbeir children and
buy books for tbem, then you totally
destroy the school system. In other
words, if you so impoverish a man that
he is not able to send bis children to
school, be gets no benefits therefrom
even if he has a commodious school
bouse within 100 yards of bis own
house, bnt Mr. Kelly gets off on this
in order to obscure the issues in tbe
case. There is nobody tbat 1 know
anything about who Opposes tbe prog
ress of onr public schools, but what 1
am insisting on is tbat we keep with
in tbe limit of our means. To 111ns
trate, as I have heretofore said, we
should deal with public affairs like we
deal with our private affairs. It is all
very nice for a man to be able to dress
his family in expensive clothing, pro
vided be is able to pay for them, bnt
I have no sympathy with the piactice
of some of mv neighbors who t
their families at tbe expense of tbe
merchants aud make debts tbey will
never be able to pay.
Q. Bat Professor Kelly seems to
think tbe school houses in the country
districts are not sufficient; what do
you think about it, Mi. Ranlston1'
A. At a general rale, he is ia error
as to this. He knows jnst as well as
tbe people know that yon cannot main
tain a school in the country districts
after cold weather begins. Children
can't go two or thiee miles through
mud and rain to school during the
winter months. So far as I know, the
Louses are amply sufficient in most
districts for summer and fall schools,
and this is all tbat can be had in these
rural district, even if $10,000.00 hons
es are bnilt in every precinct.
Q. Possibly you , are right about
that, but tbe Deptford district is
wholly without a eonool bouse of any
A. Yes, this is trne, and they had
house worth anywhere from $1,000 to
2,000 in my estimation, wbich was
recently sold for $350.00. If a mistake
has been made in tbe Bale of this prop
erty in this particular district, must
the whole county be involved to the
extent of $50,000 to correct this one
mistake? If this is the purpose of the
bond issue, and I think it highly prob
ably tbat it is, I wonld rather con trib
nte something out of my individual
means to help the people of that dis
trict build a school House, and 1 am
sure a great many others wouia oe
willing to do likewise.
Q. What do you know about the
general sentiment among the people
tbrongbout be county on this ques
A. Well, t know a great deal about
it, and I will venture this assertion
Tbat if it were left to the people, it
would lose anywhere from three to ten
to one, and I now make tbe advocates
of this bond issue this proposition: If
tbey will submit it to the people and
it does not lose three to one, I will not
Q. Do yon think they conld at once
sell the bonds if they were issued, Mr.
A. I feel tbat everyone who is at
all familiar with the bond market
now knows they could not sell them
on any kind of a reasonaoie Dasta.
Tennessee recently failed to sell her
bonds; Memphis has failed to sell
hers; Chattanooga, Baltimore and a
great many other cities have failed to
sell theirs, because there is no market
at the present time for bonds. What
conld Marion County do with this
bond issue in Wall Street' Nothing,
bnt sacrifice them to tbe extent tbat it
would be rninons to tbe people of tbe
Tbe questions now in controversy
are these:
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bartain Drug: Co.,
on guarantee, and
J. W. Simpson.
- A J r r"V y"
write xo ur. u. uariinKie, suv om
Ave., North, Nashville, Tennessee.
Sequachee Water Works.
RESIDENTS of Sequatchie have all the privileges in connection with
with water service equal to any firsOclass city. The supply is tak
en trc 1 Cumberland Mountain from springs 85o feet in elevation.
Three miles f piue are now laid.
is famous for neat, nice work, promptly delivered, and at lowest prices
Let us figure on your work. HILL & SON, Sequachee, Tenn.
First. Is there any present neces
sity for a $50, 000, bond issue for school
purposes in Marion County?
Second. Is Marion County finan
cially able to stand such a bond is
sue Third. Are the people willing that
tbe bonds be issued and sold at a time
when there is no market for them.
Fourth. With a $125,000 bonded in
debtedness over the people, are they
going to stand by and let an addition
al indebtedness be put upon them?
These are tbe questions to be deter
mined and I appeal to every tax payer
who is opposed to this bond issue to
at once go to bis magistrate and pro
test against it.
I appreciate the many nico things
wbich have been said to me about
my former article on this subject, but
it think it better for yon to go tell
your magistrate, who will vote on
this proposition next Monday bow
you feel, than it is to tell me about
it. Many inducments will be held out
to the magistrate to get him to vote
for tbe bond issue; commodious school
houses near the door of every patron
will be pictured, and tbey will be told
that there are only a few constant
kickers opposed to this anyhow. 1 1
make mention of these things that you
may see the importance of every tax
payer taking a position.
! Is it not trne tbat there are cer
tain people in this county, who are
opposed to anything that you and a
few others stand for?
A. I regret to advise you tbat I be
lieve this is true, but a man who is so
narrow-minded as that is absolutely
pathetic. I am sorry for any citizen
who cannot take a position on the mer
its of any question ; but this is noth
ing new to me. This crowd has
punched me from the beginning, and I
know of no reason why they do so, ex
cept tney nave not attainea tne suc
cess themselves that tbey feel tbat
they should have obtained ; for they
are certainly neither envious or jeal
ous of any success I ' have bad. My
life bas been a straggle an tbe way
through, and it w6uld be bard for me
to believe that anybody thinks I have
accomplished anything to which I was
not entitled, bnt all this bas nothing
to do with tbe questions involved.
. Did you notice, Mr. Ranlston,
that Professor Kelly suggests tbat this
burden would have to be borne largely
by the corporations'
A. Yes, and that was amusing to
me, too. When the pike roads of this
county were built, I was told tbat
Wall Street would have to bear tbe
larger part of tbe burden, bnt now the
$150,000 is gone: we have no pike
roads and tbe farmers and small tax
payers are tbe people npon whom tbe
heaviest part of this burden has fal-
a very little cost
at $1 per bote
in Jasper by ll
For testimonia,
f mm m. y .1
Q. I am under the impression that
some of the corporations in this coun
ty feel that you are unfriendly to
A. They surely don't feel this
way1. As a lawyer, I represent per
haps the largest corporation in tbe
county. J feel tbat a corporation
should be dealt with just like an I in
dividual; tbat no additional buieu
should be cast npon them because of
the volnme of their business or ' the
amount of capital tbey control, but
at' the same time, I feel that they
should not expect immunities at the
hands of tbe people, such as cannot be
extended to other concerns or individ
uals. But I have gotten off onr .sub
ject again.
The thing the people waut to know
is whether or not we are going to have
this bond issue. If you favoi it, tell
your Magistrate so; if you oppose it.
protest against it, and then like a
man, abide by the results.
Order the News,
50c cash only ,
gets it for a year.
rtman r lnaliv KsrAvsn
Ffom Nervous Breakdown
Impoverished nerves destroy many
people before their time. Often be
fore a sufferer realizes what the
trouble is, he is on the verge of a
complete nervous breakdown. it
is of the utmost importance to keep
your nervous system in good con-,
Jition, as the nerves are the source
of all bodily power. Mrs. Anna
Kounz, ?ii Mechanic St., Pueblo,
Colo, says:
"For many years I suffered from
nervous prostration; I was unable
to do any house work and doctors
failed to help me. Remedies I
tried from druggists did not do
me a particle of good. A neighbor
told my husband about
Dr. Miles' Nervine
and be procured a bottle. After the
first few, doses 'I showed a marked
improvement and after taking two
bottles I was entirely cured. I have
been perfectly well for years and
cannot praise Dr. Miles Nervine
too highly."
If you are troubled with loss of
appetite, poor digestion, weakness,
inability to sleep; if you are in a
general run down condition and
unable to bear your part of the
daily grind of life, you need some
thing to strengthen your nerves.
You may not realize what is the mat
ter with you, but that is no reasoa
why you should delay treatment
Dr. Miles' Nervine
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orders for thirty years, and merits
a trial, no matter how many other
remedies have failed to help you.
Sold by all druggists. If Drat bottl
falls to benefit your money Is returned.
MILES MEDICAL CO., Elkhart. Ind.

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