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C Hill was in Whitwell Toes
Jerry Fulfer went to Whitwell Tues
.. Sberiuan Smith, of Victoria, was
"hers Sunday.
Dork Burnett went to Jasper Satnr
- day evening.
i. D. ' Lewis, of Caroline Chxpel,
was here Monday.
Bom to Mr. and Mrs. .Terry Ful
for last week, a girl.
Donald Pryor went to Sontb Pitts
"borg Sunday afternoon.
Millard Layne of Wbitwell, was
on' the train going to Bridgeport Toes
day. Miss Davidson, of Whitwell, visited
Mr. John Condra from Saturday un
til Tuesday.
Marie, the little daughter of Mr
awl Mrs. S. R. Mosier is very ill with
typboia fever.
Mrs. Roy Smith and little daughter
returnd Monday evening from a visit
to relatives at Victoria.
Miss Clara Law son, of Binning
ham, Ala., is the guest of Mrs. Will
Harris, arriving Monday evening.
Mr. P. C. Patrick, of Whitwell, and
TJiss Clara Hutton, of Victoria, were
visitors at the Blowing Spring Sun
Tbo. McCormack, of Bucbner, 111..,
has been visiting relatives in the val
ley. They left on their return to Illi
nois yesterday.
Mrs. Tilman Walker of Dunlap,
was the guest of Mrs. John Condra ov
er Sunday, attending the meeting be
ing conducted by Rev. Moody.
Miss Eliza Martin went to Battle
Creek, Sunday to attend the Baptist
foot-wabing. She was acocompanied
by Bud Jackson, of Whitwell,
Rev. W. D Dew and Prof. J. R.
' Hakworth, of Jasper, were here to
inveigle the fish of Little Sequachee
. River to come their way Saturday.
Mr and Mrs. Chas. Handle and lit
tle son, of Whitwell, and Miss Rutb
Cannon, of Victoria, were here Sun
day visiting Mrs. Mary Randle and
Eugene Smith, of Dnnlap.is conval
escing from the fever, so we under
stand. "Gene" has lots of frienus
down this way who regret to bear of
his illness '
The series of meetings in the tent
near school bouse, conducted bv Rev.
Moody, a preacher of the Church of
Disciples, still continues with good at
tendance, and some interesing sermons
are being preached.
Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Minnis, Mr.
and Mrs. Hester, Mr. and Mrs. Cam
eron, and others fromSonth Pittsburg,
formed 'a jolly party that came up
from South Pittsburg Sunday and
spent the day at the Blowing Spring.
It is reported here that work on the
Durham Coal & Iron Co. 's railroad tip
.Little Sequachee Cove will commence
soon after August 1st This is not offi
cial, bat merely a report, and we do
mot vouch for its accuracy. It is to be
hoped, however, that this long-delayed
work will start then.
Quito a number of Whitwell gentle
men, among them J. H Nortbcut, C.
A. Rigby and S U Rogers, stopped
at the Blowing Spring Monday, re
tnrning from Jasper where tbey had
been to purchase horses, a carload of
them having been brought in. They
invested in seventeen out of twenty
seven on the grounds, which was buy
ing horse stock some.
Children Cry
Caroline Chapel.
Sftatl t the Nnvs.
Well, kind editors, as "Old Joe"
is still among toe living, and matters
of importance are happening most
every day and be feels very anxious
on some matters that are going the
rounds, be thought be would penri
few thoughts from his way of looking
at some tbings. Tbe one thing that
seems tbe most paramount on his mind
at tbis crisis is pertaining to our pub
lie schools. We certainly are or
should all be verv much interested in
matter of education, for the time has
come when a boy or girl is turned
oat in tbis cold world to battle for
tbeir own selves without an education.
that tbey are to heavily shackled with
ignorance, that tbty are almost a per
feet failare, and are as a rule no nse
or benefit to this country, only to be
come 'slaves to those that have been
more favorably blessed with tbe great
opportunities and .riVileges that have
been given them, or in other words,
that tbey have grasped, while they
bad tbe opportunities, we nave no
excuse now to grow up in ignorance
as tbe big-bearted men of our great
ttate have looked over tbe great fields
stocked with the poor of our land, and
considered their poverty and tbeir
meager opportunities to acquire tbe
knowledge that they were entitled to.
or deserved. Tbey lay great and
successful plans to bring us u p out of
this quagmiie of ignorance, and place
ns on more successful and higher
planes, and now after all tbis, ao we
giasp the privilege and opportunities
as we should? I say "Nay, verily
I say it is a burning shame to see tbe
great masses of the people of this
country (especially tbe people of Ma
rion county) so little concerned and so
careless about such an important mat
ter as tbe education of onr children.
Almost every Legislature of our great
state enacts laws for the purpose of
bettering our state and county in tbe
way of e incation. They legislate more
money to be used for tbe educatiou of
the poor, and how unappreciative we
are for tbeir great love and sympathy
for us.
It will be ouly a very short time un
til our country schools open up, tbe
first Monday in August, and we io
hope that all parents and patrons of
onr schools will properly assert them
selves and discharge tneir whole du
ties as parents and patrons and make
out schools a grand success. Parent,
do you know that the failures that we
suftfei every year, you are principally
responsible for ' If you don't do your
duty iu tbe way of encouraging your
children at home you need not expect
them to succeed. It leaves tbe teach
ers powerless. You lay a solid, firm
foundation, and then the teachers will
have something steadfast to build up
on. Notice obildren who succeed and
you will find children that have had
the proper training at home. First,
start your children right and then it
will be but little trouble to keep it
right, and bring tbe child np in tbe
way it should go.
On tbe other hand, see a child that
is unruly, disobedient and contrary in
school, and follow that child home,
and yon will soon find the cause. Pa
rents, for your children's sake and
that they may prove an honor to yon
in your old days, and more that' tbey
may be able to call you blessed, train
them rigbt. Do not lay bad examples
for your children to follow and then
enrse and abase the teacher when
tbey bare to repremand tbem in
school for the very things yon have in.
cnlcated and distilled into tbeir very
lives and into tbeir little innocent
hearts or minds. Ob, what a gn at
mistake we do sometimes make and
then throw the blame on some one
else. Oh. what a sad mistake.
Well, I guess I hare said enough ou
the school subject for this time. Hope
no one will take any offence, even if
I have stepped on some of their little
Well, we bad a very lively time at
the Chanel Sunday. Tbe Sartlis Sun
day school came over to the Chapel .to
sbow ns "ignoramuses now to con
duct examinations or review of tbe
past three months of oar great inter
national Sunday school les-ons. They
came wltb every pomt fully dressed
and polished We do certainly delight
to see Deoplu take such an interest in
their Sunday school work, as "Old
Joe" is certainly a lover of Sunday
scboois wnen tbey are carried on prop
erly. I hope our superintendent and
also all onr students learned a great
deal and may derive wonderful bene
tits from the Sardis proceedings. Thera
were a or in the class who seemed to
show, or want to show, that they were
equal to all emergencies. Passing no
special individual or personal honors
on any of said class, we will say tbey
JlSJt 32 1 11' I . i . a i '
uiu Biieuuiuiy. ne nope mm toe re
suits will prove beneficial all around.
but to tbe Chapel class and also to tbe
Sardis class "Old Joe" may bave some
more to say about the review proceed
ings next week.
Well, it still continues dry. If it
doesn t rain in a very few days every
thing in tbe vegetable line is going to
die. Corn is suffering in our digging
to a damaging extent, bnt we do hope
oeiore tnis is read by tbe readers of
tbe News that we will bave had i
good rain
We bave some visiting in our vicin
ity. Mr aud Mrs. Sam Moore and
children, of Whitwell, are visiting in
our settlement this week, visiting
irienas ana Kinsfolks.
Dan Carson, who - has been off in
school for some time, has come borne
to spmd bis vacation and took in tbe
sardis review exercises Sunday.
I be Curley brothers, of near Be
qnachee, were among the visitors at
trie Chapel Sunday, and assisted tbe
choirs in tbeir siuging. Bovs, come
back to tbe Chapel again for wo wili
be giaci to nave you assist us in onr
vocal music.
Daniel Vinsant ' was at W. C.
Moore's the other day, looking after
his interest in the public school mat
Daniel Pitman, one of the ex-J. P.s
of tbe Chanel settlement, was ont Sun
day and enjoyed the review.
Jas. lillis, superintendent of the Sar
dis Sunday school, aud better half
were with their review class Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Charley MiCnrrv and
little son, passed through going borne
from a visit Saturday night, visiting
the former's sister, Mrs. Carson, who
lives near abellmonnd.
Well, as the bet weather bas not
swatted" tbe dispisable housefly, and
tbey seem to bave taken on consider
able weight this bot, dry weather, and
they seem to crawl heavily aud it
keeps Old Joe knocking and fighting
so mncb, I guess it is best for himself
and tbe readers to close. Wishirfg tbe
editors and all tbe readers a happy and
joyous 4th, I am as ever the same.
Old Joe.
rftnr ir nr-tiiY' mr-nift r irirrr twiu "fit"" i -" : ir
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Made in Sanitary Plant
Hie Result of 14 Years' Experience as Makers of Pure Ice Cream
The Choice of Children and Grown-Ups
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Saved GirPs Life
"I want to tell you what wonderful benefit I have re
ceived from the use of Thedford's Black-Draught," writes
Mrs. Sylvania Woods, of Clifton Mills, Ky.
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Letter From "Cold Wave"
Well, tbe old lady set a ben ou guin
ea eggs and they hatched, and tbe old
ben sued tbe old lady lor damage. One
is wbite, two spotted' and tbe others
all sorts of colors. She set another
ben and we,nt ont to feed and water
tbe hen on tbe nest and the ben peck
ed ber. Tbe old lady flew mad and
beat tbe old hen with a piece of stove
wood, and mashed all the little chick's
bills perfectly flat. When tbey start
off to tbe branch tbey boiler, "Quack,
quack," so the old lady is in a bad
We are suffering for rain. We have
bad none since it quit.
We bave salt meat sop to soak our
potatoes in. . We have beans as long ai
yon can wander in Kentucky.
K. D C , I have only one chicken
left from the Silver Winged Wyan
dotte setting of eggs yon sent me and
I raised bim a pet. The rest died, but
come up, we bave plenty of Plymouth
kockb to try.
What bas become of W. D. C, the
bachelor trapper and turkey killer.
don't ever hear from him or John Cur
tis, the Wbitwell coal digger.
Cold Wave.
Land Show at Conservation
Exposition Will Set a
New Mark
While W. C. Moore and danghter.of
uaroune unupel, were returning from
tbe meeting here Tuesday night their
buggy was overturned by running into
a onto a bank The horse, however,
did not run away, and Mr. Moore and
daughter escaped with several bruises
and scratches. It was a close call
from a serious accident.
Lightning struck the northeast corn
er of the store of S L. Ketner, at
Victoria Sunday afternoon No dam
age was done beyond tearing ' off tbe
siding and shattering out some of the
Dr. J. L. Seay, Whitwell, kindly
settles subscription tbi week.
Mrs. S. L. Ketner. Victoria, cava
subscription tbis week.
Made A New Man Of Him
"I was suffering from pain in mv
stomach, head and back," writes H.
T. Alston, Raleigh, N. X,"and mj
liver and kidneys did not work right,
bat four bottles cf Electric Hitters
made me feel like a new man."
' Greatest of All Land Show.
At tbis early date this statement can
be made positively and without fear of
Land primarily is the basis of all
vealth. Much has been learned about
Irdg In recent years, many lessons of
Incalculable benefit to the tillers of
th" soil have been taught. Many les
sens remain to be learned; there is
still much in the land and in the meth
od!, of its best cultivation still to be
taught. Land shows are, compara
tively speaking, .a new institution.
They have done much to educate th
The conservation of the soil of the
United States is one of the greatest
projects undertaken in this twentieth
century of progress.
And the Land Show at the National
Conservation is going to exemplify the
most advanced thought along these
Building la All Ready.
The new Land Building on the beau
tiful exposition grounds of the Na-
lonal Conservation Exposition is com
pleted. It stands on a terrace; it is
beautiful In design, beautiful In execu
tion. In the rear of the building is an
auditorium that will seat 3,000 per
sons. The building is spacious and
vas constructed especially for the
Land Show and all that goes with It.
Op the lower floor of the big white
building the land companies and the
land departments of the various rail
roads will have their displays. On the
upper floors will be the educational
exhibits, and these will include the ex
hitits of the different experiment sta
tions of the United States Department
of Agriculture In the Southern states.
Mr. Farmer, here are a few of the
things that are going to Interest you
when you pay your visit to the Na
tional Conservation Exposition and the
Land Show in the Fall:
You are going to be shown In a most
striking and convincing manner how
best to maintain and Increase the pro
duction of your land.
Lessons of the Show.
You are going to get ideas on how
to improve the grade and yields of
plant and animal products.
You are going to see the soil of the
Southern country, end so arranged to
teach you many valuable lessons.
You will see exhibits that have to
do with the impoverishment of the soil.
You are going to see the best and
most modern methods of crop rotation
You are going to see actual demon-
stiations of the way in which you can
pltnt and raise little known products
and thus increase the earning capacity
of your lands.
You are going to
What Is the lise of going farther?
The sentiment that the Land Show at
the National Conservation Exposition
will he the biggest and best ever held
st J 11 stands.
Tbe railroads are preparing to make
vury extensive exhibits the most ex
tensive they ever
Southern show.
Nothing Like Display in This Depart
ment of Big National Exposition
Ever Ha Been Attempted in the
Country Before Lessons for Farmers.
E D. Stratton, land and industrial
agent of the Cincinnati, New Orleans
tc Texas Pacific and the Alabama
Gieat Southern railroads, paid his first
visit a few days ago to the grounds
ujion which the big National Conserva
tion Exposition will be held in Knox-
vijle from September 1 to November 1
of the present year. He went to Knox-
villa with a party of other railroad
men. After his viEit to the grounds,
after he saw what had been done and
what was being done in preparation
for the exposition, he expressed hitn-
fcfcli in this wise:
'"To say that I was most favorably
iirpressed would be to put it mildly.
I had no idea that such a site for an
e: position could be found anywhere in
t!;ir country. I had no idea of the ex
tent and character of the buildings al
ready up, and I was delighted to see
such good progress being made in the
election of the big new buildings."
"Will your roads be represented by
a land exhibit? he was asked.
"They will," he replied, positively.
They could not afford to be unrepre
This was a hard-headed man of busi
ness speaking. He had seen. Tnat
was enough for him. His decision was
nave . made at a
The expositions of the past were as
songs of achievement at the end of a
good day's work. The National Con
servation Exposition will be a living
and tangible promise of a still more
glorious to-morrow foreordained by the
w ise action of to-day.
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and has been made under his per-
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Colic It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation
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Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep.
The Children's Panacea Tbe Mother's Friend.
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The Kind You Have Always Bought
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No. 400 Enterprise Canner
R ?4Sf Iff ' X
Especially designed for
Home Use and Can
ning Clubs.
Cans all Kinds of Fruits
Vegetables and
, Heats.
, Can your fruits and
- vegetables when ' they are
ready and getfancy prices
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selling them for half price
when the market i s
crowded. A fine oppor
tunity for industrious boys and girls to make money from
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waste on the farms. A complete list of trimmings with,
full directions for operating, and reliable recipes for can-,
ning all kinds of fruits, vegetables and meats accompany
each v canner. Full particulars and prices will be for
warctad ':.pon application.
We also have the largest and most complete stock of
canu n'nd preserving utensils of any house in the
Sou:a. ,ccu:i for complete catalog.
t.",! nr. f. cturers 'of Stoves, Ranges, Hollowware, Grates, Etc.
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Met.) SUt
Vectorial StkrO
IfKporiil Shinto
The four designs of Cortright Metal Shingles as shown above are
made in any of the following ways :
1 . Stamped from Tin-plate and painted Red.
2. Stamped from Tin-plate and painted Green.
3. Stamped from Tin-plate and Galvanized by a hand-dipping process.
4. Stamped from special tight-coated Galvanized Sheets. '
Each and every genuine Cortright Metal Shingle is embossed with this
Trade-mark, " Cortright Reg. U. S. Pat Off." s
For Sale by
J. W. SCOFIELD, Sequatchie, Tenn.
Spanking will not cure children of wetting the bed, because it is
not a habit bnt a dangerous dmeaoe. The C. II. Kowan Drug Co.,
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