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NO 44
Discharged soldiers who have Section 3 of the act of Feb. 28.
not received their full travel pay 1919- The five cents per mile is
as hereinafter stated should ap-jaPP-'cableonly to cases of enlist
ply for same thru the Army Re-'ed men honorably discharged
cruitingStation.Knoxville.Tenn., since November 11, 1918, and re
If the soldier was discharged ,ates to travel pay from place of
since November 11, 1918, and re- j discharge,
ceived only 3ic per mile travel j
pay he is entitled to He addition-; Sufe CllTC
' al pay per mile, making a total
of 5 cents per mile from place of
discharge to place of original
muster into the service. -This
applies to so'diers honorably dis
charged as stated below in the
decision of the Comptroller of the
Treasury for the War Depart-'tience, a full bushell of godliness,!
For Everything:
One half pint of faith, half pint of
virt.ue, one pint of kaowledge, quart
. - L i - ii e
Ui temperance,, nan ganpn or. pa-
ment, dated April 17. 1919
"Upon discharge, an enlisted
marl should be paid five 'cents a
mile from "place of discharge to
place of original muster into the
Service, and if the place claim
ed to h that of his actual bona
fide home or residence is at a
greater distancd, he can present
a claim for the difference1 be
tween that amount arid the a
mount paid him on discharge.
Such claim should be made to the
Auditor tor the War Department
where the evidence as to the ac
tual bone fide home or residence
can be considered and such a
mount as may be fount! due- can
be certified for payment.
Men who were paid three and
one half cents per mile may now
be paid the difference of one and
one half cents per mile from
place of discharge to place of ac
;-ceptance for enlistment, enroll
ment or original muster into the
service. Those who claim pay
ment; to the place of actual bona
fide home or residence should file
a claim therefor I with the Audi
tor for the War Department.
An enlisted man who is not
dishonorably discharged nor dis
charged without honor; but is. dis
charged under honorable condi
tions, althothe word honorable is
omited from his discharge papers
may be said to be honorably dis
charged within the meaning of
brotherly kindness and charity, one
good resolution, well shaken togeth
er, to be taken tHree' times daily iu a
spirit of humility and prayer,
This remedy will cur.e rheumatism,
evil eye, blasphemy, grumbling, back
biting and talking about your neigh
bor, and take all the deceit out of
you, and make you tell the truth and
quit fibbing, will not take tua advan
tage of another's lack of information
and cheat him out of his rightful be
longings. It will restore the worst I
man, if be will use this prescription,
back ti manhood and respectability
with God and man, will make him
love his wife and children. If this
remedy is used in the homes of this
country, it will, cause the ladies to
wear full dresses, stop theatre going
and dancing, will cleanse from fn
bred sin, and preserve the soul blam
less. ', ,
Shake well before using, rub in it
until it affects the heart, and keep it
up 3G5 times the year, and if it does.
not cure and keep cured, .you can
bankrupt Heaven. Doctor.
l be above is handed us by our
friend, K. D. Curtis, of Jasper, who
appreciates the philosophy. The
doctor aforeside, however, failed to
include Ford cars in the category of
cures, and if it would euro themorat
least relieve their owners of brain
prostration or pocket depletion, all
would be well.
. : HOME
Cr-Tit ririr ITiriTTY
Salvation w' v. ..
army hty.
fr:'KX ipy
' I 1 " 1
- w
"A man may bo down, but he's never out," the Salvation Ar.-.iy slogan
furnished the theme for the official Home Service Fund Campaign poster de
signed by Frederick DuncanK the noted artist. From this he has evolved
striking artistic creation, typifying the hand of the Salvation Army reaching
out to rescue, those who are enshrouded in the clouds of poverty and vice.
Sulvation Army lass Is the principal figure, and the scarlet lining of her cloak.
thrown hnck as she enfolds those who are calling out to her in distress,, fur
nishes the poster with Its one spot of brilliant color. The background Is of
blacks, grays anil greens, indicative of the storm clouds of misery and wait.
Paris, Texas.
It will soon be time for
good old swimming hole. ' .
memorial $
. Scquaclw, Ccnnessee
At io a. m. the Post will hold its regular annual meet
ing at the Towu Hall. .
At 12 m. dinner will be served in hall.
At 1:30 p. m. procession will be formed at hall as fol
lows: ,
Children with flags and flowers.
Soldiers of the Great War,
Members Post 53, G. A. R.
Friends and Visitors.
March will be made to Owen Cemetery where the
graves of Union and Confederate soldiers will be decorated.
At 2 p. 111. the following exercises wilt .be held at hall:
America, People
Reading of Orders, ' , Adjutant
Sptciat lo the Newt.: '
I was treated to a very agreeable
surprise this- week. Wednesday
morning . C., Bracken at the
Chamber of Commerce received a
'phone call from W. A. Goode at
Dallas, Mtatin'g that Sam B. Bracken,
of the Motor Machine Gun Co., of
Columbus, Ga., was there on a, visit
and would come to Paris that even
ing. At 9:55 p. in. he got here.
Claud met him at the depot and
brought hitn out to the house in bis
car.' It is useless to say that I was
glad to see him. 1 had not seen him
since last igust. He stayed with
us until Friday morning and left for
"Tramp," p( Dallas, I ,was glad to
see and read your article in last
week's News. ,1 am always glad to
hear from my old friends. Your
comment on my eating and visiting
is easily explained. There are more
good things in Texas to eat and
more clever people to visit than any
place on earth, and as for talking
bout it- I never could enjoy such
pleasures and not say anything about
it. I will in June go on an -extended
visit to Dallas, Arlington, 'Ft
Worth and back by Grapevine and
to Denton Co. Will be gone two or
three weeks. I know every hour of
of the time will be filled with pleas
ure, I will see many good, jolly
menas like " l ramp. ' uome again,
I will look with interest for your let-
Dallas where he will visit until Mon-j tftrs. lam sure others will appre
day the 12th. TJien'he will return 0iate thera as I do..
to Colurjbusas he could .only get a; The peace prospects dorl't.look 'so
10 day furlough lie thinks' that bright now as they did. " I am afraid
they will get a discharge' ,by Sept- 1 there has been too much time wast-
"America Forever"
Post Commander
"VVhen the Flag Goes By"
American Patriotic Airs
All ex-soldiers and ex-sailors and families and friends
e invited to be present. I
Soldiers returned from the Oreat War are requested to
1 present in uniform and organize a company for parade.
. i Those having flowers are requested to send them. ,
". '" " ' " .. " (
i -.. ... ..-, - - - ,
ember and then return to stay.
I had a letter from T. S. Bracken
the 7th, stating that .bis two son's
from overseas would sail' for tlje U.
S. the -24th and would arrive about
June 10. They have been gone 'a-
bout two years. 1 will try to go
down there about that time. . I will
certainly be glad to see Sam and
Archie get home. Archie was on
the battle front 61 days at the Hin-
denburg line. They are in the 36th
division. I would love to see all
our boys get home and too their
loved ones.
TheVictory Liberty Loan is get
ting along fane. AH 1 exaa counties
expect to go over with full amount
this week.- Victory Loan County
Chairman E. C. Bracken is hardly
taking time to eat or sleep the last
ten days, be is so interested iu the
success of the campaign. He will
have some war tanks on exhibition
here today and tomorrow. One of
the exciting events of the day will
be when the tank runs over and de
molishes an automobile on the street.
The automobile is furnished by an
enterprising dealer. Of coarse it
will be one that is worn out and of
no use to the owner, but will ans
wer the purpose of advertising the
tank and the dealers', business just
aa well as a uw one would.
el in getting, ready to have the agree
ment signed, It would have been
much easier to have got all nations
to have signed six months ago than
now. " Every day it is delayed just
gives them moro time to formulate
more schemes to defeat justice.,
Hope to see many good letters in
the next paper. Best wishes of
" Lone Star.
Distinguished Entertainer
. Coming
The public will be pleased to
learn that the Well known enter
tainer. Miss Beulah Elwood Mc
Nemar, will give her popular re
cital, "Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage
: ' Patch'
in the Marion County High School
Assembly Hall, on Monday night,
May 19, auspices of Ladies Aid
Society, Baptist Church. V.
Miss McNemar is a platfbrmist
of rare ability, who always charms
her audiences.
This, program is a favorite a
happy combination of ' Wit, Wis-
dow and Philosophy, which never
fails to please young aricjold. .
Adults ic. . .
Children under 14-lSc
& H. Alkxamdrh,;V. "ft o. Carrztt, lue-Prn.
V. A. KeI.LV, Cashier .
Capital, Surplus and Profits,.. $ 25,000.00
Deposits, ..' ; 133,000.00
We pay interest on time deposits.
Combine absolute safty with satisfactory. service.
Give particular attention to business of farmers.
Invite new accounts upon our merits for strength and superior
A strong bank can accord liberal treatment to its patrons. Our
past policy ajid ample resources are our guarantee for the future.'
We Want Your Business
Tracy City, R. I.
Special t the Neivs. ,
Sunday was a big day with
the Baptists at this place.
'' Gardens are looking fine, but
we are afraid we will have more
trost. '
Robert Childress went to Pal
mer Saturday to locate a job. '
Ella Vaughn was visiting rela
tives in White City this week.
School is stlirgoing on at Coal
mont. The school at this- place
will start pretty soon. We have
a hew "school building. ,
One of my neighbors got a
card from Roy Ray, who is still
in France, and he said it would
be a long time before he would
g'et to see America.
George Barth, of Tracy City,
is farming very successfully this
. . .
Ihe moving picture show is
Still going on at Coalmont. -
Callie Vaughn was the guest
of Mrs. James Vaughn Thursday.
Mr. 'nd Mrs. John Childress
have moved to Coalmont.
Charlie Nunley, who has just
returned 'from France, is going
to return to the army.
Evangeline Booth, rwnmander of the
Salvation Army in the United States,
explaining the purpose of the cam
paign for 113,000,000 which will be
conducted from May 19 to May 26 for
the Salvation Amy Home Service.
Fund, said :
"The Sulfation Army has been toll
ing on the upward trend for more
than half a century, doing just what it
did In France, nil In the same spirit
and manner, but you did not happen
to hear of It, perhaps.
"The war depleted onr forces and
our finances at home. .. There must be
not only a rehabilitation now, but we
must rise to the new high-tide mark
and equip ourselves to maintain here In
the United States the contracts we
were privileged to rnnke on both sides
of thetsca because of the war."
The Salvation Army Home Service
Fund campaign for 113,000,000 will be
conducted during the week of May 10
20. Its success will enable the Salva
tion Army to practically double Its
efforts among the poer.
The Salvation Army returns from .
the trenches of France to take up Its
half century old battle In the trenches
of'poverty ln the United States. Re-,
member the Salvation Army Home
I Service Fund campttigp for $ 13,000,00 '
May 19-20. . '
Dr. Hayes was called to see
the little girl of Mr. aqd Mrs.
John Powell. Blue Eyes.
Graveyard Cleaning.
No ball team in Sequachee this
season? What's the matter;
boys? . ' , .
There will be a graveyard
cleaning at the .Laater grave
yard the fourth Saturday in May.
Those interested are invited to
come and clean off the graves of
! the dead.
i v M. E. Walker,
Jasper. Tenn.
Universal Tractor
Cultivates as well
as Does All Other
Jasper, Tenn.
Tullahonx TennJ
. 0

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