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vol. xxviv,
Brief Story Telling of This Remark
able Character of Long Ago.
Mad "Johnny Appleseed" has
long since passed on . to join the
sweetheart whose death! robbed
him of his reason, &ays the - St
Louis Republic. But "Johnny
AppicBeea leu an immortal Heritage-
to Missouri,, according) to
" the venerable Joe Burnett,, of
Hanniba!,. one of Missouri's ear
liest editors. It was, "Johnny
Appleseed," savs "Mr. Burnert;,
"who was responsible for Mis-
' souri gaining the name of the
"land of the biarred aDDle."
A I . Jill it,
' 'John Kilgrove and Mary Dor
sey lived in the Jittle town, of
MurtreesDoro, ienn.,"Mr. Bur
nettvsays, "They ? were, lovers.
but Mary died on the even of her
wedding, and John lost his reas
bn over the bereavement. In
his delirium he was seized with
the hallucination that he was calf1
ed to the West, then a vast wild
erness, as a harbinger of peace,
and that his mission was to plant
appleseeds all along the way that
others coming after him might
enjoy the fruit of his sowing.
Obtaining larpe bag of apple
seeds he started on his journey.
The Indians have a supersti
tion that forbids them harming a
crazy man, and Johnny Apple
, seed, as he came to be known,
enjoyed immunity at the hands
rf fltn m ii a fr amroflrA fn'kae Ia.ii.n
dress, contracted many of their
habits, but remained loyal to the
white man. He never lost sight
of his mission, and by stream and
hill and clearing dropped his ap
ple sepds The seeds grew ,into;
trees, bore lucious fruit, and ii'i
the early autumn the emigrants,
now coming by -hundreds across
the great river, gathered the
apples as they passed,-pronouncing
benediction on their unknown
benefactor. Johnny sang as he
memorial $
Post 5$, 6.
Seflnacftce, Ccnnessee
At io a. m. the rost will hold its regular annual meet
ing at the Town Hall. .
At 12 ra. dinner will be served in hall.
At 1:30 p. m. procession will be formed at hall as fol
lows: ' .
. Children with flags and flowers.
Soldiers of the Great War.
Members Post 53, G. A. R.
Friends and Visitors. ,
March will be made to Owen Cemetery where the
graves of Union and Confederate soldiers will be decorated.
At 2. p. m. the following exercises will be held at hall:
1. America, " ' People
2. Reading of Orders, Adjutant
6. 7
S. 9
10 March,
Address . '
March-Song, . .
Address: . '. " ,.
Medley, - .
All ex-soldiers and ex-sailors and families and friends
are invited to be present. - r ' . :
Soldiers returned, from the Great VVar are requested to
be present in uniform and Organize a company for parade.. . .
Jljiose having flower's,, are reqjbestejf .tptfth'eni;;"
walked, and of tn, lying in their
wigwams at night, the .Indians
would listen fearfully i to the
chant from the forest, 'I sow
while others reap. '
- In time he was looked upon , as
a Drophetand was the', real fore
runner of the big red apple.
"t .
f iT. A. Williams,' Whitwell. or
ders the News continued to him,'
and takesaip with our.grand club
proposition of the Thricea-Week
Nf-Yi World and News for $1.85
for; 208 . papers. '. Nice proposi
tion, isn't it? And Mr. Williams
is the. first one to take it. The
N. Y. World is classed as an ad
ministration organ, but when
"the king does wrong" is not
afraid to say so. Just now it is
going after, Burleson, and it gives
all.the newa of the peace squab
ble, pro and con, regardless of
whether it is for the interest or
against the interest of the demo
cratic party to publish it. Its
foreign news is from its special
correspondentf who are on the
.now owns ; -v.. ;
IN. V. H. Walker now owns
the store on the mountain at
Marion known as the Marion
Coal & Lumber Commissary.
He purchased it about two
months ago.
Mrs. Pat Morrison, and three
children, of Shirleyton, were
here the first of the week, visit
ing relatives.
America Forever"
. Post Commander
4 4 When the Flag Goes By
. , -. ,. ,
: "Columbia"
- ... - .
American Patriotic Airs
n. R.
t!sacti AatLority Places Stamp of Approval on
Centenary Trombone Choir of M. E. Celebration
1.. V? JVA
ftpmmmtiai,wmmff4mmtt m&Mf,tH,. ttf.t.' W
AWON'DBRFULi organiaatioa . irf
100 trombone , players, to k
heard in concerts of - sacred, semi
sacred, and patriotic numbers, is, to
be one of the outstanding features
pf the Methodist Centenary Celebra
tion at Columbus, O.', June 20 to July
13. At first this unusual musical or
ganization was not taken seriously
by musical authorities. Investigation,
however, stilled all criticisms and
turned doubt into enthusiasm. -The
picture shows Dr. Edgar Stillman
Killey of Western College for Wom
en. Oxford, (X, composer of "New
Borland Symp&onj," "Pilgrim Prog
ress" and other orchestral composi
tions of world fame, congratulating
500 Dogs
Are Licensed
a. There are about 500 dogs licen
sed now in Marion county under
the new dog license law; ' Sever
al sheep owned by a farmer near
Whitwell have been killed recent
ly and it is supposed they will be
paid for out of this fund, if proof
is made bf their being' killed by a
dog or dogs. There are net ma
ny sheep in the county, and the
low price of wool is not an in
ducement to invest further in the
animals, w hich have lots of ene
mies other thin dogs, from mag
gots up to wildcats and 2-legged
theives. ' '
Will Burnett has: torn, down
the front portion of his house and
is rebuilding It. When finished
he will have a very nice residence.
Organize to Protect Our Wild Life.
By W. 0. Houser
The organization of a Game and Fish Protective Association
in every Coifnty of the State, is the only way for uslff protect our
wild life.
It has been just a f ew years since the wild turkey and the
ruffled grouse; or native pheasant, could be heard in every section
of our State. Where can we hear them now? When did you see
the Greater Yellow Legs, the American Bittern, the Florida Gal
linule, the Snipe, and the Sandpiper, the Grebe, the Brant, or the
Wild Goose, or find a nest of the Woodcock?
Do you hear the Bob-White's call as often as you did when a
1 boy? Do you not remember a number of birds that you have not
seen fo yea rs?
, Shall our birds disappear, or will you help to- protect them?
' Will you not calrtogether a number of your friends and help to or
ganize an Association for the protection of the birds and the fish
in your County?
By co-operation alone can we hope to protect our wild life,
and if you are a farmer, a bird-lover, a sportsman, you ought to
be interested in the bird-life of your community, your County and
your State. - -
. Let's get together. and protect our remaining birds,: because
they afford the best sport to the sportsman, the most pleasure to
the naturalist, the most help to the farmer, and the most protect
ion to the health and wealth of .our community, man's be3t friend
the bird
Will you do your part?
A IT: '
IVank Mk Sutplien,- director ' of tat
trombone choir -on his great .success.
Dr. Kelly at once arranged to furnish
some special . s'corw; for the - trom
lione . choir. 'i On?the;ileft of Mr.
Kelley is. HermaDH BellHtedt. of Cin
cinnati, a .bandmaster of national
reputation, who. wa also .amazed at
the. work of :tba trombone choir. "Not
trombone spoken so wonderfully." he
since the , days of . Berliox has the
trombone -epoVen so wonderfully,',' h
says. Batween, Mr. Bellstedt ,andMj.
Sutphea. stands. H. B. -Dickson; organ
ising secretary of. the Centenary CeV
ebration, L wh.o .is , the . f at er of lh
trombone cWr idea ani who. had
faith in it, ibffore the musicians them-
, ColtbhTtanrler..
WhitwelLr Tenn,: May, 21,
Miss Myrtle . Colston; of Whit
well, and jMr. , Joe, Tanner, of
uthPiwbuV;. ere quieUy
married at Whitwell, May 17, at
7:30 by Hugh Rankin, justice of
the peace. Mrs. Tanner, is the
youngest daughter of J. C. Cols
ton, and the groom is the son of
Mrs. Mary Tanner, of So, Pitts
burg. Both have lots of friends
here and at Jasper also who will
wish them a long and happy Hie.
About 50,000 Nancy Hall and
Golden Beauty Sweet Potato Slips.
Will be ready from 15th to 20th.
N. F. THOMAS, -Jasper,
" John R. Rogers went to Jasper
this morning.
Capital Surplus and Profits $ 25,000.00
Deposits 1 23,000.00
We pay interest on time deposit. - '
. Combine absolute safty with satisfactory service.
Give particular attention to business of farmers.
.' Invite new accounts upon our merits for strength and superior,
A strong bank can accord liberal treatment to its patrons. Our
past policy and ample resources are our guarantee for the future.
We Want Your Business
Memorial Day Exercises This
Year To Be Interesting
-Veterans Few In
J. G, Lankeater of Jasper, who
is commander of, Post 53, and
who attended the meeting of G.
A. R. veterans in Chattanooga,
writes the News that., he has se
cured a speaker for Memorial
Day in the person of C, W- Lusk,
of Chattanooga who will deliver
the memorial address, . He is a
son of a veteran and a fine speak
er. . ., . . ... . :.V.? - ::
Indications are that an inter
esting meeting will be heldiPn
that date by the veterans.
It is to be regretted that Mrs.
J. E. Darr of Chattanooga, who .
for so long has always held a'
place on the memorial and reun
ion programs of the Post, may
hot be able to attend this year.
However, it is to hoped that ar
rangements can be made where
by she can be present.
There is inclination among the
members of the Post to hold their
annual reunion this year in Sept-
tember as usual. This a pleas
Jasper, Tenn.1'
', T. O. (7AHBKTT, VUt-Prtt.
A. ElLLT, Cashier
ing occasion which should not be
omitted. 4
The membership of the Post is
now few in numbers, and the at
tendance will ., be . largely from
Jasper and Dunlap, where most
of the members reside.
Sptcial t tfu Neivi.
Pretty weather is the order of
the day. , ,
There was meeting at Sulphur
Spring Sunday and a large crowd
attended.' : I
Mr. and Mrs. Dock Denison
went to Whitwell Friday.1 .
Mrs. Otsie Mclntyre and Miss
Myrtle Pickett visited Mrs. Min
nie Saynes Saturday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Saynf s spent
Sunday with Will Devan and
family at Hick's Chapel.
Wonder when Houston Powell
heard from his girl at Dayton. '
Willie Hoiloway has gone to
Victoria to . spend the summer.
He will be missed by his many
Oscar Thomas will leave Thurs
day morning for Paris, Texas,
Mrs. Minnie .. Saynes is sick.
Hope she will soon rpe ver.
: Henry Smith and chi dren were
ia, Whitwell Saturday. .
Lemar Powell and Wil ie Hollo-'
way seemed to be enjoy in? them
selves Sunday morning at the
Spring. ,. SweetKid.
sal I ractor

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